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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ it doesn't take a superhero to help save the planet. small decisions make a world of difference. ikea. june 15th vaccinated people in california can go without a mask in most situations. once you're vaccinated, you should feel like you shouldn't have to be masked up a little strange, but i guess it has to happen eventually. state officials today outlined what life will look like. on tuesday, 13 months after the first mask mandates here in the bay area. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and i'm andre senior in for frank, today's guide into lines with the cdc,
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but there are some exceptions. everyone will still be required to wear masks in some situations, regardless of vaccination status, including on public transportation in k through 12 schools and healthcare settings, shelters and in correctional facilities. at an emergency meeting tonight, cal osha debated the rules for workplaces and ktvu jana katsuyama george us now with how that board meeting ended jenna andre. the meeting lasted some four hours with some very emotional public comment. the bottom line here is that cowl osha was not able to vote tonight on any changes because there wasn't enough public notice, but they are planning to have some meeting next week with a possible vote. california health officials announced they'll align with the cdc masking guidelines when the state reopens june 15th and let some people go mask free, indoors and outdoors, fully vaccinated. people can resume everyday activities without
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wearing a mask except in a few limited settings, the cdc's in states say others will need to keep their masks on indoors. individuals who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear. mask in indoor public setting. the news wednesday was welcome to sum. it was kind of a goal to get vaccinated. so you know, once you're vaccinated, you should feel like you shouldn't have to be masked up because not you're already protected from everybody. still others say they plan to transition more slowly, and i really don't feel comfortable going into a crowded in interior with a lot of people in a small office. there was a lot of people i think would be just like i've been restored. i'd still wanted to social distancing and maybe we're a match. after a while the question of whether masks will be required in the workplace remains undecided. cal osha standards board held an emergency meeting wednesday night board members discussed three main issues whether masks should be required indoors whether employers would need to provide n95 masks eraser masks
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for employees who want the extra level of protection and whether businesses will be required to verify vaccination status of the public and employees, so they're balancing the safety of the workers in one hand, and the ability to impose made the guy that lines you see hastings law professor dorit reiss says federal and state laws require cal osha to consider more factors than the health department your right to go into a business without the mask don't necessarily trump the right of the workers there to be safe. rice says. cal osha must consider allowances for people with religious exemptions or conditions under the americans with disabilities act, employers have to give accommodations to workers with disabilities. the relevant disability here would be a medical condition that prevents being vaccinated or medical conditions that prevents wearing a mask. tonight the cal osha board voted to push pause and not forward last week's rule changes to the office of administrative law. that's because they expect to have new rules that could better aligned with the cdc and state when
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they have their next meeting on june 17th now at that time if they vote to approve those new rules, it would take 10 days and they would go into effect on july june 28th. andre we'll see what they do that, jenna thank you so much. meantime san francisco will require some workers to being vaccinated. city health officials say people working in close living settings such as skilled nursing homes, acute care hospitals, homeless shelters in jails will have to be fully vaccinated against covid-19. the requirement will go into effect after the fda gives full approval to one of the covid vaccines, which currently are under emergency use authorization. the city did not say what will happen if a worker declines to get vaccinated. with the states. reopening just around the corner, many business owners on the peninsula are celebrating san matteo county plans to reopen with few restrictions. ktvu is amberleigh live now in daly city and amber, you went to businesses today, they say they plan to keep some safety measures in place. julie were
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inside a bowling alley here in daily. see that's been here since 1985. the owner tells me there will be changes starting june 15th. but that does not mean safety precautions. and on that day. lot more classic bowling center in daly city, is now operating at 50% capacity. the business scored a strike with this patron who bowls here once a week since it finally reopened, may 3rd after the long pandemic shutdown. i'm all for it, getting back to the normal seeing everybody again come june, 15th, the owner tells me he'll be able to fill every lane with coolers. you can get back to the things that we like to do. like hosting group parties, corporate events because there's such a large facility 50,000 square feet with 60 lanes, the owner says plastic partitions will remain and employees will be required to wear a mask. for the
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foreseeable future. at maria montessori house, a daycare facility in south san francisco, the owner tells me she's teaching six children half the number prior to the pandemic, she says. the return to normal will be great. gradual we're gonna transition into our usual activities. that means adding one additional child a month into the daycare children will still be required to wear a mask but an in person graduation is planned for the end of july, and special events such as halloween may resume. i'm being positive. about looking at a brighter future. mm. parents picking up their children are not allowed inside, and that's not likely to change until fall. if you don't take baby steps, we can get a full blown outbreak again. timoteo county are vaccination rate is it about 86% border supervisors, president david cannabis, says june 15th marks a new chapter
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two goals and covid. we're getting there to stimulate the economy. back at classic bowling center. the weight for elaine can take up to an hour, but at 100% capacity, the owner hopes that will change quite frankly miss the sound of pins crashing so we can't wait until the day that these lanes are all full with people in sama tail. there are few restrictions, the full reopening and that includes large concerts and the airport. julie yeah, on a wednesday night, it looks like that bowling alley. is the place to be amber. thank you in the napa valley weddings that were cancelled during the covid crisis are back on the books and that has the hospitality industry, hoping it can keep up with demand. weddings are worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the economies of napa and sonoma counties, and with covid restrictions now lifting one event planner says about 90% of the weddings planned for 2020 are now being rescheduled for
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this year and into next, but some say a prolonged labor shortage could slow the recovery. cater that might have been able to do five events over a weekend now is fighting they can staff up for two other larger events, such as the anniversary. parties and corporate meetings are also returning, but not as quickly, according to the sonoma valley chamber of commerce, county health departments currently require each guest to wear a mask indoors and proved vaccination status or show a negative covid test. seattle says it is the first major u. s city to reach full vaccination of 70% of residents aged 12 and older. this is the level some health experts say, conveys herd immunity, preventing the virus from spreading further. the first confirmed case of covid-19 in the u. s was in washington state just north of seattle. san francisco is just behind seattle was 69% vaccination, city officials say san francisco is recovering or recording rather only about 12 new cases per day. new details now in a brazen theft thieves
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with high end taste dealing more than $100,000 in handbags. it happened at the louis baton store at the stanford shopping center in palo alto, ktvu. azenith smith joins us now live and azenith smith, the same group may be linked to a similar burglary. yes julia police are trying to determine if this is the same group that stole from a neiman marcus last month. police say this group knew exactly what they were doing a retail theft expert says the reason it's so prolific. high profit low risk outside the louie baton store at the stanford shopping center. shoppers will see more security after thieves made off with three dozen luxury handbags totaling $100,000, which shoppers won't see boarded up windows from shattered glass. police say the thieves just walked in. no way. what what that's insane. that literally gives me the chills that's like crazy. i can't even wrap my mind around that the high end highest top in money. day at 5
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30 at night, a group of 11 people ran into the store and swiped 36 designer handbags, then took off. one witness snapped photos of one of the thieves as she left hand bags and toe. it's such a nice shopping center where you don't really hear things like that happening, so it's just shocking to me, but it has happened before on may 19th at the neiman marcus. a few doors down from louisville, aton, a group of at least 10 people stole 43 handbags worth $150,000. police are trying to determine if it's the same group. the getaway cars were different. i'm surprised about not being surprised about this. i think there's too much inequity and people are trying to make up and narrow that gap, according to clear a national coalition of law enforcement and retailers that deals with organized crime theft, shoplifting has gotten significantly worse since the pandemic where the bags will end up likely amazon or other online marketplaces, the nonprofit working on federal legislation. regulated i've
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been to a bunch of places where you know they have security. they're holding it back. but obviously that isn't working. so i'm not quite sure what they could do. last year, security cameras captured burglars using river rocks to smash jewelry cases at bloomingdale's $83,000 gone in a minute and 20 seconds. then there's this scene from six years ago, a stolen car drove through the bloomingdale's window and a smash and grab shoppers worry. who's next. any of these stores are on right? start sounds like. well, police say the suspects left in five different cars. no weapons were used. no one was injured. police described the suspect as being young people in their late teens, early twenties, all wearing face coverings. julie wow in five different getaway cars. we saw security guards there in your story. azenith smith also stanford shopping center talked about maybe stepping up security in the wake of these thefts. we tried to talk to
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them all. we did not hear back from them, but we did see a large presidents of not only security guards from the mall, but also paulo alto pd. julia azenith smith reporting live tonight at stanford shopping center. thank you. pleasant hill. police say a woman is under arrest tonight after she tried to take a baby from a mother during an attempted carjacking. it happened this morning in the parking lot of the best buy store, located on buskirk avenue in pleasant hill. according to police, the woman tried to take the car by using force and tried to pry the baby from the mother's arms. the suspect was unsuccessful and ran to a hotel parking lot next door, where she was arrested by police. two million people in the south bay now under mandatory water restrictions after the break why officials say the situation is dire at a very weather a bit of a cool down over the past couple days, temperatures could soon be trending up. we'll have more on your forecast coming and
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marching for change at 10 30, we will introduce you to the group of young activists walking hundreds of miles from butte county to the bay area, and it's all to raise awareness about climate change. our generation feels urgency. more than ever, and that each year that we don't act the crisis gets worse and worse and
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county's largest water provider, unanimously voted for 15% use reduction as ktvu is an rubin reports. officials are concerned that could run out of water by next year. water it's something pacific hand car wash in san jose needs to operate and something they use carefully. we just want to make sure that you know we handle water safe properly, making sure we can still get cars washed. it's you know, a tough time when the drought is going and with this drought there dreading water restrictions in santa clara county. so our residents like rudy costello, what i have started doing is not watering my grass. um i you know, i just grew it out. and then we have this drought wednesday. santa clara county's largest water provider, took drastic action in a unanimous vote valley water declared a water usage emergency along with that they're implementing
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a mandatory 15% use reduction over 2019 levels. 33% over 2013 levels. we're seeing the perfect storm building up and it's right in front of us. officials say their water allocations are low and the cost of purchasing outside water is sky high. plus they had to drain. anderson reservoir, their biggest for a 10 year. seismic retrofit. they say this like a plane crash is a real emergency. there's always folks out there that went away to the plane's going to almost crash into the ground, and i think this is right, but it will be painful bp because people are going to go well, the tap is still working. why can't we wait till later? the reason they say a real risk of running out of water? late 2022 residents are nervous. here we go again with the drought. there is no rain. it's sad and it sucks right now, but because we need it, it remains to be seen what specific rules will be implemented, whether it's limits on lawn watering pool filling or washing cars at home. that, of course, might
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send more people to pacific hand car wash, which is just fine with them will help us as much as we can and making sure that we can, you know, save water and wash cars. at the same time valley water is now calling on santa cleric county to declare a local emergency in the hopes that that might get them on the state's emergency list as well. valley water is also beginning a big education campaign to help get residents on board. and reuben ktvu, fox two news firefighter is in lake tahoe or monitoring a small brush fire that started this afternoon. the fire is burning near rubicon bay along highway 89. north tahoe fire says crews have stopped the fire from spreading fire burned nearly three acres and is now more than 50% contained the cause still unknown, but cal fire says it was fueled by gusty winds today. strong winds also hit the bay area again today. this is what it looked like in the north bay. the. this afternoon. you can see clear skies, plenty of sunshine and a lot of wind. many cities throughout the bay area have
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reported gusty winds over the past several days. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with the current look at the conditions, mark. either julie other still a windy pattern. in fact, it's kind of been a daily deal all every day this week, but, of course, the strongest winds a couple days ago on monday when we actually had that wind advisory in place, take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon, of course, at all. sure wind having a big impact on temperatures and we're not warming up too much. you can see no nineties, no eighties, the warmest occasions only in the seventies out towards fairfield in antioch, oakland, 60 to san francisco. top down 61 degrees, and what's interesting. we actually had some sunshine over us today, but you can see some showers and some thunderstorms up to our north. around reading and she ecosystem instability for that portion of the state. as we check out the current winds, still a bit of a breeze out there not as strong as earlier this afternoon. that's a fairfield southwesterly 17 miles an hour and sfo is backed off quite a bit out of the west at about 12 miles an hour
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current numbers for tonight for the 10 o'clock, our most areas have dropped off into the fifties and get ready for a chilly start tomorrow morning. most areas will be in the forties. here's a live camera looking out toward sfo, where we do have part the cloudy skies. some patchy cloud cover is already starting to resurface near the coast and near the bay. so wolf wake up to at least partly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the forties and then into the afternoon hours. most areas will be just a little bit warmer. coming up, we'll talk more about your forecast highs for tomorrow and some warmer temperatures. in fact, in your weekend outlook, all that coming up in a few minutes. well. earlier this afternoon, the san jose police chief, continue the tradition of raising the rainbow pride flag in front of police headquarters. it's to show support for lgbt department and community members here. sam liccardo, council members and lgbt leaders attended the ceremony. two years ago, san jose police became the first big city
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police department to raise the rainbow flag during pride month. i'm proud to continue the tradition of diversity and inclusion today. this flag shows the world our pride and our lgbtq. plus officers, dispatchers and professional staff and the members of our lgbtq plus community who we serve, the department says the flag is just one of many lgbt initiatives, including having a community liaison program and making policy changes for interactions with transgender people. police make a drug and fireworks bust on the peninsula. also ahead tonight why the mayors of california's largest cities say it'll take a billion dollars a year to tackle the state's homeless crisis, and president biden makes his first trip overseas. how he's preparing for key meetings with europe's biggest leaders, including
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spell from the 30th floor of an apartment building. it happened at the building on 17th and broadway when a projectile hit a window. it's unclear if anyone was hurt by the glass, but ambulances did respond to the scene. firefighters say the projectile only broke the outer pane of glass and was recovered by the building's managers. new attend tonight teamwork by two bay area police departments led to a big bust of illegal fireworks and the arrest of a suspect south san francisco police. has assisted east palo alto police in executing a search warrant on c street in south san francisco last friday. police say they found £170 of fireworks 37 explosive devices to guns and some drugs. they also arrested at 37 year old man. well. today, the mayors of california's largest city is officially back to major state budget proposal it would spend a billion dollars every year on the homeless crisis as ktvu christian captain, reports, the mayor's say they need the money
10:24 pm
for long term solutions. the mayors of the 13 largest cities in the state say homelessness consistently ranks as the most important issue in the wednesday video conference, the mayor saying that the state has a once in a generation surplus, and now is the time to invest four billion $10 amounting to $1 billion for each of the next four years for flexible funding direct the local communities that are grappling with large on housed populations. and needing resources to be able to nimbly respond as our cities have the mayor's say 59% of the state's homeless live in the biggest cities. those cities they say, have been innovating solutions based on what works locally, including tiny home villages and converting hotels into transitional housing. now, they say, to maintain those programs for long term success. they need a long term commitment that includes of funding source that allows us to also. fund operating reserves at these new buildings
10:25 pm
that we are purchasing. we cannot wake up five years from now and have dilapidated buildings that have not been maintained. we have to deliver on our promise of dignity. the mayor say. despite years of working to battle homelessness, they've never received the funding they truly need for a long term solution. they're saying they need bold plans with accountability and transparency, sacramento's mayor, saying the ultimate goal is permanent. housing but there are significant steps from many people before. they can succeed in permanent housing, and that is to get them off the streets into either congregate shelter or tiny homes or even safe ground environment or safe parking. lawmakers are already working on the state budget and a final decision on this $4 billion.4 year. homeless spending proposal should come in the next few weeks. christien kafton ktvu fox two news, a lodge in oakland that
10:26 pm
has been providing emergency housing during the pandemic is now full city leaders marked the milestone today they say 90 people are now staying at the lake merritt lodge. many have medical conditions and are over 65 years old, which puts them at risk of serious complications from covid 19. the residents get three hot meals a day and are provided navigation services to help find permanent housing. oakland's covid housing program is partially funded. through fema, but mayor libby schaaf is hoping for funding to make that program permanent. still to come tonight, they're walking hundreds of miles over the course of several days. the message these young activists have about climate change next and good news if you got the johnson and johnson coronavirus vaccine, the new study that shows it's effective against variance and later in sports, a brilliant major league debut for a young giants pitcher out of sacramento, but was it enough to get the giants into the victory column? president biden is gearing up for high stakes meetings with allies and
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adversaries. i'm mallory bear in washington with what he told us troops overseas. yes, are mar0
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miles right now to try and grow support for civilian climate corps. the corps would create thousands of jobs to combat climate change. ktvu deborah villalon is live in santa rosa, where the walkers have made it so far. deb audrey there, overnighting here in the coffee park neighborhood. they started in butte county and will finish monday in san francisco, raising awareness along the way. tonight they sing tomorrow they'll walk seven women aged 16 to 29 are on a two week trek with blisters to prove it. we're marching 266 miles from
10:30 pm
paradise, california to san francisco to demand good jobs for everyone so that we can fix this climate crisis that jobs they're talking about are in president biden's civilian climate core part of his infrastructure plan. c. c c would hire young people to work in parks, forests and public lands, much like the conservation corps after the great depression, having a program in which we can fund and we can have good paying union jobs to stop the climate crisis is so important in this country. we've got to be careful with it. this is the final leg of their walk passing now through sonoma county, where three marchers live. i'm 16 and i don't remember. fall without wild fires fires year after year make their activism very real. i want a future where i don't have to leave my home every year where i don't have to pack evacuation bags where fires don't destroy my community trusted. you hit that hand completed it. an early stop was the state capital,
10:31 pm
joining up with other members of the youth led sunrise movement for me. i've been organizer since i was like 12 years old, um. i never done something so fun and cool like this getting to know one another, and it's been adventure and we're all here with the same goal, so it's been very empowering on this march and through this activism. i've just i see so much power in my generation. and even though time is running out, i'm really inspired and actually very hopeful. they walk up to eight hours daily and mostly camp out as they pass through rural areas. it's so incredible being able to slow down and walk through communities that you would normally just like drive through there in encouraged that even in some conservative counties, reactions have been positive. they would ask us what we were doing and we said we are fighting for good jobs to stop the climate crisis, and they were all for it. the marchers also meet with other activists and politicians on their journey. tomorrow. they continue south with a event at the marin civic center sunday
10:32 pm
at noon and andre monday they get across the golden gate bridge and into san francisco young activists walking for a change, deborah thank you so much. meantime plant for the keystone xl pipeline, which environmentalists charge would have accelerated climate change are now scrapped. tc energy of calgary, pull the plug on the contentious $9 billion project today. disturbed protests and debate for more than a decade, the line began construction last year under president trump. president biden. they'll cancel the permit the day he took office backers say the pipeline would have moved more than 830,000 barrels of crude oil from canada daily and created thousands of jobs. president biden said the united states is back and ready to embrace global alliances on his first foreign trip as commander in chief. he and the first lady arrived in the uk today. fox news madeline rivera has more now on the president's agenda ranging from battling the coronavirus to standing up to russia and china. democracies of the world are standing
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together to tackle the toughest challenges and the issues that matter most to our future by reaching towards american allies, president biden is moving away from former president trump's america first policy his schedule for his first trip abroad is packed with four summits over the next week, he'll first gather with leaders of seven of the world's biggest economies before participating in two summits with nato allies and the eu. he will end with the one on one with russian president vladimir putin, with whom he says he intends to let him know what i want him to know one of the issues topping the president's agenda when he meets with leaders of the g seven is a coronavirus, and he'll address climate change, which he calls one of the greatest threats in the world. this is not a joke. others see china and russia is the biggest international threats to the u. s. and they'll be watching to see how he stands up to them. china is looming over all of this one revelation after another about coronavirus, the origins of that terrible virus that has
10:34 pm
killed more than three million people around the globe. the president's meeting with putin comes in the wake of recent russian linked cyber attacks targeting the country's infrastructure, a point he is expected to address. these are state sponsored attacks because they're happening in vladimir putin's country. he doesn't allow things to happen unless he knows about the. president will meet with british prime minister boris johnson on thursday, and he'll meet with queen elizabeth at windsor castle over the weekend as well in washington. mala rivera fox news. a new bipartisan team is taking on the wavering infrastructure talks in washington, d. c. this comes after president biden pulled the plug on talks with the lead republican negotiator in the senate. republicans are focused on roads, bridges, ports and broadband. in addition, democrats want to see investments in schools and childcare today, president biden underscored the importance of finalizing a package during his international first trip as president. and now we need to modernize our lives. investing
10:35 pm
our critical infrastructure. our cyber capabilities. keep us secure against every threat. we finished on the last decade. democrats say if a deal is not reached, they will push ahead with a non bipartisan deal, but keep in mind. they need all 50 senators on board to achieve that president biden signed an executive order today revoking of trump era order to ban apps like tiktok, and we chat. the biden administration says it will conduct its own review of the popular apps. the previous administration said there were security concerns due to the apps connections to china and how they collected user data. a new executive order directs the commerce. apartment to determine whether there are any national security risks with these apps manufactured, supplied or controlled by china, chipotle just got more expensive later tonight why the company says it was forced to raise its prices and a barrier whether we have been tracking that shower chance for later in
10:36 pm
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buy 500 million doses of the pfizer covid vaccine to share with other nations around the world. it's part of a global effort to help poor countries where vaccinations are lagging. 200 million doses are expected to be distributed this year and the other 300 million will be distributed in the first half of 2022. researchers say the single shot johnson and johnson vaccine is effective against different variants of the coronavirus. the harvard study says the vaccine produced immunity against four main
10:39 pm
variants as well as the original strain of covid. the shot offered protection in 86% of study volunteers in the u. s health clinics have provided more than 11 million doses since the vaccine was approved for emergency use. now, public health officials are warning about another covid-19 strain. the delta variant first detected in india is responsible for more than 60% of new infections in the u. k government figures today show the uk recorded more than 7500 new infections, the biggest daily since february. the u. s. is seeing more than 6% of cases involving the delta strain, public health officials say the threat of variances even more reason to get the vaccine now that the covid shortened school year has come to an end, many students are catching up on lost learning in summer school. some school districts say they are saying about three times as many students in summer programs this year compared to previous years in sacramento county, one school district says about 20,000 elementary, middle and high school students
10:40 pm
are in summer programs this year compared to 6400 in 2019, this is way better because it didn't person and you get to see friends that you haven't seen in a long time. i was getting really bored of staring at a screen, so i'm like, why not come and do interactive activities before summer school was mainly intervention based for students who were falling behind. but now many schools are offering enrichment programs on things like fitness. and band. would pain, ridiculous amount of money to get a qualified person in here. i would hire 15 people today while the construction industry feeling the labor shortage, how it's impacting the housing supply in the north bay, and today was the coolest day of the week, meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us about the warmer weather heading our way.
10:41 pm
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for workers. prices have gone up across the menu by about 4% chipotle says it's important to invest in its workers with higher wages as other fast food restaurant chains have done now, the company is in the process of hiring 20,000 more employees with an average hourly wage of $15 an hour target costco and
10:44 pm
mcdonald's have taken similar steps to bump up salaries as well. on wall street today, stocks were lower. the dow was down 152 points. the nasa that slipped 13 points and the s and p lost seven. bank and industrials led the led companies or lead the companies on the downside, but several healthcare companies saw salad games. there is a labor shortage and many industries across california, but one industry in particular is feeling the shortage shortfall. rather ktvu tom baker tells us contractors around the bay area are looking for construction workers. though the pandemic slightly slowed down. construction work, worker shortages remain rampant. the situation is dire. there was a worker shortage tom before the pandemic, and before our tragic fires from three years ago, it was bad then as a problem now it's a full fledged crisis. this will slow down housing growth. there's very few weeks ago by that our organization doesn't hear from. our 1000
10:45 pm
plus members about workers. do you have any workers entry level experience? they are really in short supply. many parents discourage their children to take up construction careers, and there are far too few women, though some contractors will hired a train, the builders exchange has two programs to get people shovel ready in an industry where the pace starts higher and goes up quicker. for every five workers retiring. only one is coming in exchange. workforce development director robin barf alot heads up the north bay construction corps, a program for high school seniors building skills that we know are really important to any entry level employee, and so we work with them over the 4.5 to 5 months to instill those basic skills like how to read a tape measure. basic construction math how to use power tools. the exchange also works very closely with santa rosa junior college. to teach more
10:46 pm
sophisticated skills, techniques and technologies to speed placement and career advanced films. i would pay a ridiculous amount of money to get qualified person in here. i would hire 15 people today, but contractor michael wolff says ads produced no results, and many qualified workers prefer to stay at home on stimulus or double dip by working under the table unless you have a strong work ethic and a desire to get out there and do something, why would you. and so the shortage will last for quite some time, and that would give advantage to people who get in now to become senior earlier as others backfill later, tom vacar ktvu. fox two news. well, barry weather we have been dealing with this cooler pattern over the past few days. temperatures kind of bottoming out today with a slight to warm up as we head into your thursday, but it begins are warming trend that will continue into friday. and into the weekend. here's a
10:47 pm
satellite interesting that we actually have lots of clear skies over the bay area. in fact, we had lots of clear skies earlier, but some showers and thunderstorms up to our north right around chico right around reading as well. some instability for that portion of the state. of course, the winds have been have been the recurring issue each and every day right now it's still a bit of a breeze, but the winds haven't backing up. we could see from around 10 to 15 miles an hour out toward sfo westerly at about 12 miles an hour not asked wrong and half moon bag and san jose northwest winded 10 miles an hour tomorrow will be breezy once again with winds approaching 25 miles an hour. here's a live camera looking out toward sfo for tonight for your wednesday night. we do have partly cloudy skies, some patchy cloud cover, trying to resurface and temperatures right now in the fifties. we'll start out tomorrow morning on the cool side. once again, coolest spots will be in the forties, so definitely want to bundle up first thing tomorrow morning to start out your thursday the forecast models. pick it up on some patchy fog
10:48 pm
first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and near right around right around the bay and the bay shoreline and then into the afternoon hours, partly cloudy skies for the beaches more sunshine for the rest of the region and temperatures, not at your dramatic change from today's readings, but still a little bit warmer all because this guy this cool pool of air kind of settling in over northern california, we are watching this other system offshore. it is a week cold front that comes on board friday, but don't get too excited about in fall looks like the bulk of the rainfall is up to the north of the bay area with maybe some drizzle or that most a few sprinkles maybe an approaching tsunami county by friday night. now here's the plan tomorrow, a little bit warmer for your thursday and then we are tracking that front. kind of fun to a trace of the cold front this time you here this time of year, but we'll definitely bring in some more clouds by friday afternoon, up in the north bay shower chances to the north of the bay area, and once again that slight chance of a sprinkle or some drizzle right near the immediate cause. slide, especially up toward the sonoma
10:49 pm
county in mendocino county. here's the forecast molly can see on friday and look what happens better. better. some showers up to our north right around cape mendocino right around your rica. but if this does move a little bit more to the south, that means we bump up the shower chances up in the north bay, but at least for right now looks like that's not going to happen. highs for tomorrow, more spots will be approaching the mid seventies. mostly sunny skies a little bit warmer after some patchy cloud cover, and here's a look ahead. your five day forecast and you will see temperatures trending up a little bit each and every day into the weekend weekend should be fairly nice with warmer temperatures. but thankfully we're not talking about extreme heat, not much in the way of nineties. just the warm spots approaching the pleasant eighties. looking pretty good. all right. thanks so much mark. well, san rafel based nonprofit that trains guide dogs is taking it. first big step to return to full operation help those in need guide dogs for the blind got 12 puppies ready to hit the road in their special van. today the puppies are going to salt lake
10:50 pm
city in colorado, where people will help raise them. the band will also pick up young dogs that are between the ages of 15 and 20 months. look at those cute faces so cute and bring them back to the campus or formal training. what our puppy raisers do is they do all the hard work of training these guys with their house manners how to walk on a leash. how to settle in public and then um, when are those when these pups served between 15 and 18 months of age, they come back for their guide dog training. too adorable. the dogs learn all of their skills to lead someone who is blind or visually appeared at the center and all the services by the way it guide dogs for the blind are free. a new species of jellyfish has been discovered by a grad. do a student at hawaii pacific university, along with her professor. the new species is about the size of a human hand, and it has a black ring around the bell with 53 tentacles. it also has
10:51 pm
fluorescent qualities under ultraviolet light. it was discovered by hawaii pacific university associate professor of biology brendan holland and graduate student anita harrington. they had been doing work on the dna sequencing of another type of jellyfish found off the coast of japan. when they made this discovery. well, coming up the 49ers called audible on the off season program. sports director mark albania's will tell us why we won't be seeing them back on the field until july, then on the 11 o'clock news, another sign we can expect and historic fire season. how pg and e says it is preparing weeks ahead of schedule.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
a's you get the arizona diamondbacks away from home, and they are a million miles from nowhere. how about 19 consecutive defeats on the road that's just threw away from the record, the mets set back in 63 last two losses, courtesy of. you're oakland a's this afternoon. he you need a little sun and fun and, of course, sunscreen. lather it up, dad, like nobody's business right there scoreless in the second, and here's the key play of the game, mark can feel deep. the center of matt peacock can tell marty a looks like he's made a sensational catch with two out the end of any, however, if you know your major league baseball rules, you have to purposely take the ball out of your glove. and he did not that ball drops after he ran into the wall. they rule it. no catch next batter, jed lowry, right back to the mound, peacock get by a break. he put his hand on it injured his fingers. he left the game. it goes for an r b. i
10:55 pm
single for jed lowry. and that was plenty for sean manaea best hair in baseball, a pretty good fastball breaking pitch to two on two out of six. badly the sun and fun and tony kim, making the catch to end the threat by the d backs for the final fifth win of the year for sean manaea, who went six scoreless, gave up only two hits. all right, the san francisco giants played indoors in that rather new stadium down in texas, but they still were hit by the perfect storm. everything that could have gone wrong form did in the late innings, ruining. what was going to be just a fantastic story. you heard about this sammy long in his major league debut out of belcampo high school in fair oaks, same schools, dusty baker out there, and he whipped seven of the 1st 10 batters he faced to the major leagues and what are beginning? nasty left hand step. he went four innings gave up only one run. one hit, and his
10:56 pm
whole family was there to see it, and he looked like he was going to be in line for a victorious giants break up a scoreless game in the fifth. jason basel, er cranked one off the fair pulling right up. kyle gibson one nothing. they go back to back as chadwick trump solo job to left to nothing lead. it was not enough. tyler rogers came onto the ninth protecting a 21 lead. didn't better get a break, and dulles garcia little pop the light. add it falls in there. the infield was in trying to protect the run at third as a, uh, minor paleface scores and it's 2 to 33 in the 11th. two out, manage second and brock hole with two strikes out of two outs, winds up winning it. jake mcgee takes the last giant fans who showed up a little bummed out. she'll get over it. 43 texas four game series
10:57 pm
starts tomorrow in d. c for the san francisco jets. you know, golden state's draymond green. he thinks he is. the defensive player of the year every it's a great mindset, but he actually finished third in the voting for the people who matter and rudy gobert, the utah jazz a center is your defensive player of the year. they say centers are dying greed in the nba, but the m v p #### alike. yokich is the most valuable player. just ask chris paul. it's a guard's league. the watch. yeah, man right there, setting up fellow guard devin booker smooth with three. he had 18 check calls handles here. you think he's healthy again and dived. tory craig paul at 17 assists and 15 point, shoutout warriors, no turnovers as the nuggets losing their shirts so far the series duke aims to the get your shirt on, kids. they're going in phoenix. do nothing lead over
10:58 pm
denver. you can't really blame the san francisco 40 niners for basically unplugging their off season program no more until they hit training camp in july. of course, if you've been paying attention, they sustained two key injuries to reserve players that in fact they were injured during practice sessions and will miss the rest of the year. for the last of the ota workouts was cancelled by coach shanahan given his explanations. today. we're totally done. we really finished up wrecks of meetings today. really with everybody was going to keep the rookies around here for a little bit, some more than others. having 89 guys here and get in seven. oh to practices in, um i felt great about it. you know, my plan was to get eight. um but after our seventh practice with those two injuries, and just the aura gave to it, i wasn't going to come back and do one more just to do one more. we've all played the fantasy out a million times in the backyard when we were kids first major
10:59 pm
league game bottom of the ninth inning, a chance to win it. how many of us get to do it in real life? check this out. fly ball left field already is going back toward the wall. did creep into everybody's mind to luke williams, philadelphia phillies two out part of the ninth two run homer with his family in the stands his first big league, omer. and in his first major league start a dream come true right there. you think that kids excited certain. put the bases right there. his parents want nothing loss. he turned it into a 21 victory bottom of the night that he just like he dreamed it up. that's the sporting life for right now, guys expect you'll see a little bit dream come through. wow, mark. thank you. next at 11. it was kind of a goal to get vaccinated. so you know, once you're vaccinated, you should feel like you shouldn't have to be massed up
11:00 pm
after more than a year of masking up vaccinated. californians are now just six days away from no longer having to wear mass in most situations. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. so vaccinated people in california will no longer have to wear mass starting june 15th. except when it work. hello again. i'm andre senior. frank is off tonight and i'm julie julie haener at an emergency meeting. cal osha discussed new recommendations from top health officials. but for now, people at work will still have to mask up. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with more on that board meeting. janna. it was a long board meeting, julie lasting some four hours with some very emotional public comment now the board couldn't vote on any changes because of public notice rules, but they did decide to consider changes at their next meeting. california health officials announced they'll align with the cdc masking guidelines when th


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