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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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and then we'll hear public comment. state health and human services secretary dr marc galle reiterated that stance in a news conference earlier today, ktvu political reporter greg lee has the details on what vaccinated and unvaccinated people will be asked to do. greg julie. good evening. dr galley also said he's not pushing cal osha for one outcome or the other. as for the state's guidelines, as we have been saying, starting on june, 15th if you are fully vaccinated, you can go most places without a mask. california health officials say we're well on track to fully reopen the economy on june 15th. on that day, the state will also align masking guidelines with the cdc fully vaccinated people can resume everyday activities without wearing a mask except in a few limited settings, um, that are required by federal and state rules. those settings include public transportation and
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transportation hubs indoors in k through 12 schools and childcare centers. health care settings and long term care facilities, correctional facilities and homeless and emergency shelters. unvaccinated individuals and indoor public settings and businesses continue to be required to wear a mask. health and human services secretary dr mark galli said the risk of covid infection remains as children under 12 are not eligible for the vaccine yet. the state also provided guidance for businesses. when it comes to masks, they must provide information to all patrons and guests to, uh maybe in attendance or visiting the venue. uh, stipulating what the requirements are, galli said business owners have three options face masking on vaccine, self attestation or an honor system. implement a vaccine verification system or require all customers to mask up. no person can be prevented from wearing a map as a condition of
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participation in an activity or entry into a business. we asked ucsf infectious disease expert dr monica gandhi on the four about the updated guidelines, but it's going to be very difficult for businesses to know if someone's unvaccinated or not, um, because there's no also vaccine passports in our state, so i know is going to be some confusion. now dr. galley also said as the cdc makes any adjustments to its guidelines, the state will follow suit by reviewing them and making changes if necessary. reporting live. greg lee ktvu box two news all unchartered territory, but good territory to be in right now, greg, thank you other changes we can expect on tuesday, there will be no capacity or physical distancing restrictions. the exception will, of course, be at large events like concerts or professional sports games. restaurants will also be able to people back inside at 100% capacity. this has some restaurants scrambling to get
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staff ready and rearrange dining. i personally i'm short 16 chairs because we're using our inside chairs outside and nobody can get chairs. i was on the phone with miami today, and they're like it's on a container ship from you know, god knows where california's color coded tier system is also set to be dissolved up in the north bay event. planners are getting ready for the return of wine country weddings ktvu is rob roth tells us it could be a busy summer for our local wineries. yum this bride to be spent much of wednesday with her parents. sampling potential menu items for her upcoming wedding. oh my gosh, it's to die for it really is katherine moresco booked her wedding for november had visa to be winery in saint halina, my fiance and i have been together seven years, so it's time mariska. her groom in many other couples are making up for time lost to the pen. endemic shutdown to the napa and sonoma county economies was reduced to almost
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nothing in the past year. but with restrictions now lifting weddings are returning in visa to, he says they are no longer reserved for weekends only august through early november. we do have weddings booked, often four or five days a week each week, one event planner says about 90% of the wedding scheduled for 2020 are being rescheduled for this year and. did next, and the guest lists are growing from what they've been the past few weeks, but folks that are planning going forward into the summer and into the fall we're seeing headcounts are climbing appreciate late because everyone's happy to get together. other larger events are also returning, but not as quickly, according to the sonoma valley chamber of commerce, corporate meetings, anniversaries, other events, things along those lines as well. um, those a lot of the time end up being indoor meetings, so they are coming back a little bit slower because i think there's a little bit of hesitance from people to gather with large crowds indoors. one problem hampering the recovery is a
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labor shortage cater that might have been able to do five events over the weekend. now is fighting they can staff up for two county health departments currently require mask wearing indoors and proof of vaccine or a negative covid test within 72 hours of the event for each guest. but what about after june 15th california's restrictions will loosen to align with the cdc. many in the industry don't expect to return to pre pandemic days until next year. rob roth ktvu fox two news, the number of californians fully vaccinated for covid-19 is now above 53% now, state health officials say more than 18 million people, 12 years old and above are immunized for the coronavirus, nearly 12% close to four million more have received. one shot of a two dose vaccine across the country, the cdc says 141 million people aged 12 and over are fully vaccinated. that is 50.3% of the us population. now the u. s. is
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set to announce a plan to buy 500 million doses of the flies are back seat to share with nations around the world. it's part of a global effort to help lower income countries. 200 million doses are expected to be distributed this year and the other 300 million will be distributed in the first half of 2022. president joe biden is expected to make the announcement official before the start of the g seven summit. france is back in business as a tourist destination for foreign visitors from the united states, britain and elsewhere. travelers to france must be vaccinated against the coronavirus with vaccines approved by the eu. they include the pfizer, moderna, astrazeneca and johnson and johnson vaccines. that means tourism is likely to be slow to pick up from china and other countries that use vaccines not approved by the eu. new covid-19 infections continue to decline across the u. s. but public health officials are warning about another covid-19 strain. the delta vary it first detected in india is responsible for more than 60%
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of the new infections in the u. k government figures today showed that the uk recorded more than 7500 new infections, the biggest daily increase since late february. the u. s is saying more than 6% of cases involving the delta strain. public health officials say the threat of variances even more even more reason to get vaccinated. well tonight. president biden is in britain, where he's beginning his first overseas trip since taking office. the president planning to meet face to face with a number of european union leaders, but all eyes are on his planned talks with russian president vladimir putin. ktvu alex savages live now with more on the president's agenda. alex and andre, the president is looking to strengthen us alliances with european countries to push back against russian aggression and stand up for democracy around the world. and mr biden is framing this moment as an inflection point. s world are standing together to
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tackle the toughest challenges and issues that matter most to our future that we're committed to leading the strength. after arriving in europe. president biden spoke there two american troops and their families at a british airbase. the president will meet with british prime minister boris johnson ahead of the g seven summit with wealthy democratic nations. the leaders will discuss a wide range of issues, including the coronavirus, global terrorism and climate change. and then next week, mr biden will attend the nato summit in brussels. then he will sit down for a face to face meeting with russian president vladimir putin. the meeting comes after a suit series of major cyber attacks blamed on russian linked hackers, including that one on the colonial pipeline, right expected, fruitful life able to work out any kind of self understanding with you on the cyber attacks. you can use. who knows if it's going to be a subject department preface.
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what i'm worried about is how will how will putin view? uh biden will biden bring up the issues that that really do matter? president biden says he does want a stable relationship with russia, but he made it clear the u. s will respond in a bro bust way if russia takes threatening actions in his meetings with world leaders, mr biden will also be discussing the long term challenges posed by china's growing economic success. and there was a bit of a strange start to this trip. reporters traveling with the president to europe were delayed for about seven hours after their chartered plane was overrun by cicadas. even the president himself was seen on the tarmac. they're swatting away. one of those noisy insects that have overtaken that part of the country. now the president will wrap up his overseas trip one week from today and then returned to washington. andre alright alex. average reporting for us live in the newsroom. alex thank you. coming up the car plunges 300 ft off mount hamilton road in the south bay will show you the
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effort to rescue the driver. and it's official. mandatory water restrictions placed for customers of santa clara county's largest water provider. what those new rules mean for you and a barrier weather temperatures haven't cooling off a bit over the past few days today one of the cooler days of the week, but we will eventually warm things back up. we'll have your forecast coming up and we are monitoring a wildfire in south lake tahoe near rubicon bay. the quick response that's keeping this fire small and back here in the bay area at 6 10. you're taking a live look at the san mateo bridge traffic flowing smoothly in both directions. ktvu news in both directions. ktvu news at six. this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them.k? making us one of the safest cars in the us.
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plunged nearly 300 ft. down mount hamilton road. this happened around 12 30 this afternoon just west of lick observatory, sky foxx overhead as a person was loaded into a rescue helicopter, which then met up with a medical
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helicopter to fly the driver to the hospital. so far, there is no word on what caused the crash or the condition of the person who was rescued. cal fire crews are looking for hot spots in morgan hill tonight, where a grass fire burned dangerously close to homes today. sky foxx flu overhead while crews put out flames spreading on a hillside. that fire started around 11 a.m. near sunnyside avenue and west edmondson court. it's forward. progress was stopped about an hour and a half later, flames destroyed part of one properties. backyard fence. cal fire says 10 acres burn. no injuries were reported. and still no word yet on what caused that fire. firefighters in lake tahoe have stopped a small brush fire from spreading. the fire started shortly before three this afternoon near rubicon bay along highway 89. north tahoe. fire says it's nearly three acres and right now about 20% contained the cause of the fire is still unknown, but cal fire says it was fueled by gusty winds. mandatory water restrictions are now in place in the south
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bay, with another drought setting in and reservoir construction, santa clara valley's largest water provider, has declared an emergency ktvu and reuben tells us water officials fear potentially running out of water next year. water it's something pacific hand car wash in san jose needs to operate and something they use carefully. we just want to make sure that you know we handle water safe properly, making sure we can still, you know, get cars washed. it's you know, a tough time when the drought is going and with this drought there, dreading water restrictions in santa clara county. so our residents like rudy costello, what i have started doing is not watering my grass. um i you know, i just grew it out. and then we have this drought wednesday. santa clara county's largest water provider, took drastic action in a unanimous vote valley water declared a water usage emergency along with that they're implementing a mandatory 15% use reduction over 2019 levels. 33% over 2013 levels. we're seeing the
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perfect storm building up and it's right in front of us. officials say their water allocations are low and the cost of purchasing outside water is sky high. plus they had to drain. anderson reservoir, their biggest for a 10 year. seismic retrofit. they say this like a plane crash is a real emergency. there's always folks out there that went away to the plane's going to almost crash into the ground, and i think this is right. but it will be painful bp because people are going to go well, the tap is still working. why can't we wait till later? the reason they say a real risk of running out of water? late 2022 residents are nervous. here we go again with the drought. there is no rain. it's sad and it sucks right now, but because we need it, it remains to be seen what specific rules will be implemented, whether it's limits on lawn watering, pool filling or washing cars at home. that of course, might send more people to pacific hand car wash, which is just fine with them will help us as much as we can and making sure that we
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can, you know, save water and wash cars at the same time valley water is now calling on santa clara county to declare a local emergency in the hopes that that might get them on the state's emergency list as well. valley water is also beginning a big education campaign to help get residents on board and ruben ktvu fox two news. oh okay, well, we once had some hope that we could actually talking about some rainfall here in the bay area for later in the week. it looks like the bulk of the activity will be up to our north with with maybe a few sprinkles or maybe a very light showers. chance moving into, uh, sonoma county. as far as today. there are lot to sunshine. you probably noticed temperatures have been cooling off, especially for the morning hours. so it's chilly. start this morning temperatures this afternoon. most areas in the sixties warm spots right around 70 degrees lower seventies from earlier today, between about three and four o'clock now the overall trend we are expecting temperatures to warm up a little bit in most areas tomorrow and then more warming as we head toward friday and
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into the weekend, so warming trend headed our way, but we're not talk about any major. so soe weather here just outside of chriu can't pick out on the maps and even some thunderstorms. so we're tracking those clouds and showers up to our north and even some clouds out to our east right around the sierra this afternoon and into the evening hours. the winds have kind of been a constant right and the wind right now it's still windy out toward fairfield. that is a gust of up to 39 miles an hour. some more reports for you with sf. oh, gusting to 25 miles an hour. current numbers in the fifties and the sixties so heading into a somewhat be a cool evening out there, and here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco where we do have for the most part clear skies, but a few clouds already moving over the bay for tonight. we'll start out tomorrow morning on the cool side temperatures in the forties and the fifties and we begin to warm things up just slightly. here we are showing you some overcast tomorrow morning and then into your
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thursday afternoon, a little bit of a warm up compared to it today with the warm spots on track to reach reach the mid seventies. coming up, we'll talk more about that slight showered chance for later in the week and we'll have your weekend outlook all coming up with your full forecast in a few minutes. mark thank you. pleasant hill. police say a woman is under arrest after she tried to take a baby from a mother during an attempted carjacking. it happened this morning in the parking lot of the best buy store, located on buskirk avenue in pleasant hill, according to police. the woman tried to take the car by using force and then tried to pry the baby from the mother's arms. the suspect was under successful and ran to a hotel parking lot next door, where she was arrested by police. police in palo alto are looking for 11 suspects who swarmed into the louisville thanh store and stole $100,000 in handbags. police released this photo of one of the thieves. the theft happened at the stanford shopping center at about 5 30 monday evening. police say the group ran into the store grabbed 36 handbags and then took off running through the mall. witnesses describe the
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suspect as black men and women, possibly in their late teens or early twenties. fortunately no one was hurt and no weapons were used. police in mountain view investigating after a woman was found dead outside of a business early this morning. police say the woman was found near the showplace icon theatre on california street around 6 20 this morning, a runner noticed the woman was not moving and called police. the woman's name has not been released, and her cause of death is unknown at this time after the break, pulling the plug on the keystone xl pipeline project after nearly a decade of contact. see coming up why the developer is backing out, plus, if you need a job and have any construction skills at all, this is the time for you because there's such a shortage of people in construction
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may be ending for good tc energy based in calgary, said it will terminate the proposed 1200 mile pipeline after president biden canceled its us permit. it was intended to move oil from canada to nebraska, but it has long been delayed due to opposition from environmental groups and tribal leaders. construction resumed under president trump last year. president biden canceled the project, saying it will contribute to climate change a new bipartisan team is taking on the. wavering infrastructure talks in washington, d. c this comes as president biden pulls
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the plug on talks with the leader, the lead republican negotiator in the senate republicans are focused on roads, bridges, ports and broadband now. in addition, democrats want to see investments in schools and childcare. the bud administration says the game plan remains on changed and the president sees progress. he's quite familiar with the fact that this process can take it takes some patients at times that they're going to be moments where we're near death, and then it comes back. the senate leadership continues to struggle over who has the upper hand here, but the white house says president biden will continue to be engaged with his domestic agenda, especially infrastructure throughout his eight day trip overseas as the nation works on its infrastructure. california is scrambling to build enough homes to meet demand, but a lack of construction workers could be standing in the way ktvu is, tom baker tells us there are programs here in the bay area to get workers ready in an industry where the pay starts high and goes up quickly. though the pandemic
6:24 pm
slightly slowed down construction work. worker shortages remain rampant. the situation is dire. there was a worker shortage tom before the pandemic and before our tragic fires from three years ago, it was bad then as a problem now it's a full fledged crisis. this will slow down housing growth there's very few weeks ago by that our organization doesn't hear from. our 1000 plus members about workers. do you have any workers entry level experience? they are really in short supply. many parents discourage their children to take up construction careers, and there are far too few women, though some contractors will hired a train. the builders exchange has two programs to get people shovel ready in an industry where the pace starts higher and goes up quicker for every five workers retiring. only one is coming in exchange. workforce development director robin barf alot heads up the north bay construction corps, a
6:25 pm
program for high school seniors building skills that we know are really important to any entry level employee, and so we worked with them over the 4.5 to 5 months to instill those basic skills like how to read a tape measure. basic construction math how to use power tools. the exchange also works very closely with santa rosa junior college. to teach more sophisticated skills, techniques and technologies to speed placement and career advanced them. i would pay a ridiculous amount of money to get a qualified person in here. i would hire 15 people today, but contractor michael wolff says ads produced no results, and many qualified workers prefer to stay at home on stimulus or double dip by working under the table unless you have a strong work ethic and a desire to get out there and do something, why would you. and so the shortage will last for quite some time, and that would give advantage to people
6:26 pm
who get in now to become senior earlier as others backfill later, tom vacar ktvu fox two news coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. san francisco officials get ready to resume towing cars with multiple unpaid parking tickets. why homeless advocates call them poverty toes and say the practice is unconstitutional, plus a big announcement from the mayors of california's 13 biggest cities says they jointly endorse a massive spending proposal to combat homelessness and later in sports major shake up to the 40 niners off season plans why they decided to cancel everything between now and training
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will align with the cdc recommendations on june 15th. now this means fully vaccinated. people can resume everyday activities without wearing a mask except in places where mess are required by federal and state rules. individuals who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear mass at indoor public settings. santa clara county's largest water provider, has issued mandatory water cuts. valley water says customers must reduce water by 15. the cuts come as in the other drought is setting in. plus, the company says they have to drain their biggest reservoir for a seismic retrofits. president biden is in the uk for his first overseas trip as commander in chief, the president and first lady spoke with u. s troops and their families today. they will
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meet with queen elizabeth and other leaders from the g seven summit before traveling to belgium and then to switzerland. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 in san francisco. advocates for the homeless are fighting back against the city towing cars with unpaid parking ticket. protesters say homeless people live in their vehicles and the policy unfairly targets them. ktvu head really tells us more about the controversy that some are calling on constitutional. hey, hello, poverty and tell us that got two protesters gathered outside sfm to headquarters on wednesday. they're upset because san francisco will once again tow cars for unpaid parking tickets, which they say unfairly targets the homeless. we're here today to tell the mta to stop killing people's homes, stop poverty toes. protesters say the city had suspended these types of toes during the pandemic, but we're once again tow cars with five or more unpaid tickets in a couple of weeks, people have no place to live with the vehicles
6:31 pm
and they have no place to park those vehicles because the empty i won't stop giving them tickets and towing their homes away, stealing their belongings. cities decision to resume poverty tones. it's shameful and it acts as a barrier for low income communities of color. to get back on their feet during shelter in place. city officials say they are sympathetic to those who have to sleep in their cars. in a statement, the city attorney's office said in part, homelessness is a difficult issue that the city works tirelessly to address every day at the same time, homeless or not, if you have a car and park it on city streets, you have to park it legally, the same rules apply to everyone. these aren't for the health and safety of the community. these are for debt collection. these are, um not essential to the functioning of the city. tory larson is one of the attorneys representing the coalition on homelessness, which has a pending suit against the city over the towing issue, she says towing cars belonging to the homeless is a violation of the fourth amendment against unlawful seizure. she's seeking a court order barring the practice. we're not asking them to apply the law unequally were saying that nobody deserves to
6:32 pm
lose their vehicle for this reason, even if your house even if you have the means to big of a punishment for a non crime, the city says there are payment alternatives for those who can't afford to pay their tickets and that just letting them pile up isn't an option. san francisco resumes towing cars with unpaid tickets on june 21st henry lee ktvu fox two news, the lake merritt lodge in oakland, which has been providing emergency housing for vulnerable homeless people, since the start of this pandemic is now full. today, city leaders marked the milestone 90 people are staying at the lodge. many have medical conditions and are over 65 years old, which puts them at risk of serious complications from covid-19. the residents get three hot meals a day and are provided navigation services to help find permanent housing. we've done so much, and this is a huge step forward, but we have so much further to go. we need 100 spaces like this to deal with the growing homelessness crisis and the number of people that are living on the streets like this is a different country,
6:33 pm
oakland's covid housing program is partially funded through fema mayor libby. schaaf says she's hoping for more flexible local funding. so buildings like this one can be purchased and operated permanently to help ease the homeless crisis. today, the mayors of california's biggest cities officially back to state budget proposal to spend a billion dollars a year to battle homelessness. as ktvu christian captain tells us, those mayors say flexible funding is what cities need to address this problem. the mayors of the 13 largest cities in the state, say homelessness consistently ranks as the most important issue in the wednesday video conference, the mayor saying that the state has a once in a generation surplus, and now is the time to invest $4 billion. amounting to $1 billion for each of the next four years for flexible funding. direct the local communities that are grappling with large on housed populations. and needing resources as our cities have the
6:34 pm
mayor's say 59% of the state's homeless live in the biggest cities. those cities they say, have been innovating solutions based on what works locally, including tiny home villages and converting hotels into transitional housing. now they say, to maintain those programs for long term success. they need a long term commitment that. includes a funding source that allows us to also fund operating reserves at these new buildings that we are purchasing. we cannot wake up five years from now and have dilapidated buildings that have not been maintained. we have to deliver on our promise of dignity, the mayor's say, despite years of working to battle homelessness, they've never received the funding they truly need for a long term solution. they're saying they need. old plans with accountability and transparency, sacramento's mayor, saying the ultimate goal is permanent housing, but there are significant steps for many people before. they can succeed
6:35 pm
in permanent housing, and that is to get them off the streets into either congregate shelter or tiny homes or even safe ground environment or safe parking. lawmakers are already working on the state budget and a final decision on this $4 billion.4 year. homeless spending proposal should come in the next few weeks. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. coming up one dozen puppies from the north bay hit the road today as the sandra fell based nonprofit guide dogs for the blind returns to full operations, plus keeping people safe during an emergency like a wildfire. after the break, we'll tell you about a new tool to help firefighters worn residents
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this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them.
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this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us. and this year, iihs has awarded a top safety pick+ to all 2021 volvo models. one of the biggest challenges is communication and getting life saving information to the community fast, but now there's a new system designed to kick in when a wild fire breaks out. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo shows us how it works. the parched hillsides are already showing more than a hint of an extremely challenging fire season at our doorstep. i don't like being at doomsday guy, but in my 30 plus year career, this is the most uncomfortable i leao growing fear a new tool is emergingo they can actually put a point on the map, use the current wther and get an estimate of where
6:39 pm
the fire will go. charlie crocker is the ceo and co founder of zone haven, a real time internet platform. form that is designed to be the go to place for setting out and receiving information during hazardous events during an actual event, there's every city and county is putting out different press releases. you've got news channels coming in, you know, stuff gets out of date communication gets missed. how can we have one place one common operating picture? one alert scenario where people can go and find out what's happening. while the platform was initially rooted in wildfire evacuations, it is equipped to deal with different hazards ranging from earthquakes to tsunamis to flash floods, the key to push it out. the targeted information relies on a zone system during a wildfire. a specific zone is linked to critical messages that may include evacuation orders, traffic management and update to community warning systems. we bring in of huge amount of data, geography, historical weather patterns historical disaster patterns, number of
6:40 pm
structures, population traffic flow simulations. all that stuff we bring in nate, are strong, is a deputy chief with cal fire and felton. his introduction to zone haven with during a firefight last summer. this tzu august lightning complex. we had approximately 77,000 residents evacuated between san mateo and santa cruz counties. the paper map has been the starting point for first responders to devise a firefighting plan. that map is now on a screen and chief armstrong walks us through a simulation in the next one hour. the systems expecting that fire to impact these two zones, and that gives us a population, a total acreage and the number of structures in there the projections lead to quick decisions that could trigger evacuations. this animation shows the growth of the seas. eu august lightning complex in red dots and. tsion of evacuationones and red boxes. people rapidly became familiar with it. they were getting into the system registering with it,
6:41 pm
finding out what zone they live in, and they were watching that daily, although zone haven was in its infancy during last year's fire season, it was an instant game changer. a new fire season could lead to new opportunity and zone haven is expanding its presence. mark brown is the executive director for the marine wildfire prevention authority zone haven is new to marin and will soon be live well. also only had our wild on urban interface areas mapped and zone haven is coming in and mapping our entire county. this map shows the areas where zone haven is already live. the coverage will be quickly changing as more counties come on board this summer zone haven will be that tool because you know fire was don't care about jurisdiction. they just go over county lines as zones continue to roll out over the coming weeks. it is crucial to find the zone that you live in. this could be the first line of defense if a large wildfire flares up. which unfortunately could be. a reality. and those zones are
6:42 pm
being ironed out each and every day and each and every week, so to find out your zone, you can check out the link on ktvu. com under web links so you can find his own haven linking type in your address, and eventually you will have the zone across most of the bay area, and that could be key to know if wildfire any other hazard kind of breaks out. talk more about fire danger and also your forecast coming up a little bit of a warming trend forecast coming up in a few minutes. ktvu heather holmes joins us now she's in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus, julie new tonight there may be fewer power shutoffs this year during fire season. how pg and e says it is better prepared to keep the lights on. also class is in session. the covid closures have led to a big demand in summer school with one school district, seeing triple the number of students that just two years ago we'll have those stories and a lot more coming up. live at seven over on ktvu. plus we'll see you then. all right, heather see you then. but first after
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the break, a proud tradition continued in the south beach today, the sandals, a police chief, raise the rainbow flag. we will tell you about the significance for that significance for that department. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. being done by the california racial and identity profiling advisory board, or ripa. bonta spoke this morning during a rip a board meeting. the board analyzes and makes recommendations on vehicle and pedestrian stops by law enforcement agencies in the state in its most recent report, it found that out of four million vehicles stopped by 15 agencies. black people were searched 2.5 times the rate of white people even though white people were pulled over more often. there were more
6:46 pm
individuals who are perceived as black, who ended up being searched, detained on the curb or in a patrol car, handcuffed or removed from their vehicles. and that is something we have to address. we might not be able to speak to precisely what causes that to happen, but nevertheless, it is a disturbing picture, and it's something that we have to work to change, bonta says. by next year, nearly all law enforcement agencies in california will be required to collect detailed information regarding their traffic stops and searches an election to recall governor gavin newsom. is expected to cost $400 million. and tonight there are questions about who will pick up that tab exactly. one year ago, organizer started gathering signatures to recall the governor well, now was planning for the election gets underway. some counties are wondering who will pay for it. as of right now, funding isn't in the budget, but state senator on a caballero, who chairs the subcommittee overseeing the part of the budget. dealing with the recall, says the state will be taken care of the costs. the state has never not stood up
6:47 pm
and helped counties to make sure that we pay for elections. it's one of the state's responsibilities and quite frankly, we take it very seriously, so i wouldn't worry about it. we're going to take care of it. lawmakers have one week to pass a balanced budget, but lawmakers say funding for the recall election can be added later. oh well, barry weather is still one of those cooler days of the week. in fact, lots of sunshine out there but still that cool breeze, you probably noticed that breeze developing throughout the afternoon hours. temperatures they will eventually trend up, but we're not expecting a huge bouncing temperatures but still trending the gradually gradually warmer, each and every day. so here's our thinking a little bit warmer near thursday, a little bit warming your friday and that trend continues into the weekend as well. now, today we actually have some showers and thunderstorms just outside the bay area. you can see some lightning strikes, detectives. year approaching chico this evening, so some showers and thunderstorms across the northern portions of the state even closer to a yuba city on
6:48 pm
the radar right now, as far as the wind speeds, it is a windy evening in a few spots. fairfield gusting approaching 40 miles an hour sfl, you can see augusta 25 miles an hour, so we had that breeze setting up and that's having an impact on temperatures. no nineties. no eighties, the warmest locations today in the seventies and current numbers out there and only in the fifties and the sixties. here's a live camera looking above san francisco, where we do have some patchy cloud cover already so partly cloudy skies for tonight around the bay. we're gonna wake up to some areas of fog near the coast near the bay shoreline tomorrow morning and then partly sunny skies mostly sunny skies for your thursday afternoon temperatures will be just a few degrees warmer and most neighborhoods compared to what today here's overhead. it begins out of townr thursday so after that cooler start, we begin to warm things up a little bit and then there's this next front. it's going to fall apart, but by friday, we could see a few north bay clouds and shower
6:49 pm
chances primarily to the north of the bay area, which we could bring in some more real rainfall here but not the case. you can see the forecast model into thursday and then on a friday. this is friday afternoon. some showers right around eureka and cape mendocino. at most, we could have a light shower for the sonoma county coast line up in the north bay. but. that's just about it with increasing chances, and mendocino county and up in humble county highs for tomorrow will be in the sixties and the seventies. once again some cloud cover in the morning, clearing back to a near the coastline for your thursday afternoon and the look ahead. we are staying mild into your friday temperatures warming up a few degrees into the weekend, and it looks like a quiet weather pattern will continue as we head into, and next week we'll have another forecast. check coming up on the 10 o'clock news. all right, we'll see then mark. thank you. sandra fell based not profit that trains guide dogs is taking its first big step to return to full operations guide dogs for the blind, got 12 puppies ready to hit the road in their special truck. today, the puppies are going to salt
6:50 pm
lake city in colorado, where foster families will help raise them. they're so cute. the van will also pick up young dogs that are between 15 and 20 months old and then bring them back to the campus for formal training. well this afternoon in san jose, the police chief continued the tradition of raising the rainbow pride flag in front of police headquarters. now, it shows it's a show of support, rather for lgbt members of the department, mayor sam liccardo city council members and lgbt leaders attended the ceremony. two years ago, san jose police became the first major city police department to raise the rainbow flag during pride month. i'm proud to continue the tradition of diversity and inclusion to take this flag shows the world our pride and our lgbtq plus officers and ther lgbtq plus community who we serve, the department says. the flag is just one of many ways
6:51 pm
the lgbt community is being recognized, including having a community liaison program within the department and making policy changes for inter. actions with transgender people coming up next in sports. 49ers colin audible on the offseason programs for director marco baniyas will tell us why we won't be seeing them on the practice body is with you tonighe
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
vinyl room, the oakland a's doing exactly what you've got to do against the lowly in the major leagues. you got to pick on him and the arizona diamondbacks turning into and historically bad team. i get this. they've now lost 19 consecutive games on the road in the last two, courtesy of the a's. summer alert. get that sunscreen, lathered and layered on dad's good at it all the time. second inning. we got a scoreless game. mark canha lays into one of matt. he packed in a deep can tell martok will inte bit. the ball is loo. he's trying to sell it like he got it. two runs are in and you look at the replay. he did not take that ball out of his glove voluntarily. so after the replay, it's ruled a two run
6:55 pm
triple for canada. next hitter is jet larry smacks one back at peacocks, who can't get a break ball hit his hand. that's an infield r b, i can a scoring peacocks level ballgame after an ending in two thirds. meanwhile down, benigna baffles arizona two on flap situation in the sixth asdrubal cabrera pops out to end the threat. cesar all over that, even in the sun and the breeze the final four nothing. they've won six out of seven. sean manaea by the way six innings, gave up just two hits, no runs. he gets the victory the royals are in for four games this weekend in oakland. now the giants they took care of their business early today, down in texas, playing in that new indoor stadium, but they still got hit. by a perfect storm, everything that could go wrong did in the final inning. zollo early on, it was looking like a great story. i've heard about this kid sammy long, making his major league debut out of
6:56 pm
they'll camp ojai and fair oaks, california, sacramento dusty baker size school. by the way, he whipped seven of the 1st 10 hitters he would face in the major leagues would beginning nasty left hand stuff went four innings, gave up only one run and one hit. his family is pumped. up about it, and the giants looked like they're going to provide him with enough offense for a win. jason vossler cranks one in the fifth of kyle. i'm not five gibson one. nothing they go back to backer has chadwick trump, the backup catcher goes deep to left to nothing. it wouldn't be enough tyler rogers trying to save it. the ninth inning runs into trouble. 21 lead dulles garcia infield is in and the outfield too deep to catch the little. pop up there. it falls in isaiah kind of belief, but we'll score to two ballgame onto the 11th 33 giants. just not hitting two out for texas
6:57 pm
man at second, and jake mcgee gives up to strike two out single to center field, and that is it a bummer for the giant fans who traveled down there. 43 texas and four game series in washington d. c for the job. it's as the road trip continues. tomorrow you cannot blame the san francisco 49 ers at all for this, basically scrapping the rest of their off season plans because of what's transpired over the past couple of days if he hadn't heard a couple of key reserve players suffered season ending injuries, and in practice this week, so why risk any further damage? the last otas organized team activities workout was canceled and the team bonding proceeds. how. we're totally done. we everybody. we're going to keep the rookies around here for a little bit, some more than
6:58 pm
others. having 89 guys here and get in seven. oh, to practices in, um i felt great about it. you know, my plan was to get eight. um but after our seventh practice with those two injuries, and just the aura gave to it, i wasn't going to come back and do one more just to do one more. can't blame him for that. all right. we've been talking about great women's softball that's been happening lately nationally and we had a view are we always invite our viewers to send their their videos? so check this out? got a good one here? 13 year old mckenna, velika injured her leg. she broke her leg she's ever been in a casco working on this trip shot. that is a for team. oh, my goodness. wow. yeah, she's got the with football and then you've got to look at carefully. i know i didn't notice that the first time but then the second time i saw she hit the yeah. look at that. yeah wow. yeah yeah, that's beautiful. she's from san bruno. and we thank them for bruno. and we thank them for sending that in g
6:59 pm
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