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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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expected today and the mandatory cuts that could be headed to customers, plus, the state of california set to reopen in less than a week. the preparations underway in the confusion and concern for some business owners. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone i'm mike mibach garcia is on assignment. we do begin with some breaking news out of the state of texas and air force base in san antonio went into a lockdown just about an hour ago. due to an active shooter, warning. we're now learning that there was a shooting outside one of the gates at joint base. san antonio lackland, according to base officials in a tweet. no one has been injured and right now san antonio police are searching for a shooter. we will continue to monitor this story and bringing the latest information. as it becomes available back here in the bay area. we're also following some breaking news, this time out of the city of morgan hill, cal fire currently on the scene of a grass fire. this is a photo
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from alert avenue in west edmondson avenue in morgan hill. this is on the west side of highway one. so far, we do know that this fire has burned 10 acres. cal fire is saying that it is growing at a moderate rate of speed and is also requesting two additional type three engines. this is threatening at least one structure. sky. fox is in the air headed this direction as soon as it establishes a signal. we will bring you that live picture and as we get more information about this fire burning and morgan hill, of course we will bring it to you during this newscast in less than an hour from now the senate clara valley water district will meet to discuss whether or not to declare water emergency and as cities in the south bay to impose mandatory water restrictions on customers as ktvu alley, rasmus reports this decision about how much to cut could depend on public input. the vice chair of the santa clara valley water district board says their staff is going to recommend a 15% cut in water use. but whether the
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board decides to go with more or less than that may depend on public comment at their meeting this afternoon. one thing that is certain the supply of water for santa clara valley water district is that critically low levels it's because of several factors. extreme drought, fast melting snowpack. also anderson dammed the utilities largest reservoir had to be drained earlier this year for earthquake repairs expected to last a decade. the federal government ordered us to do it, and we don't want to have a catastrophic dam. all year. all of that means the water district will recommend cuts to water use at its meeting to date, santa clara valley water district is the largest water supplier in the south bay with more than two million customers. they sell water to south bay cities from gilroy to san jose, and if cuts are recommended today, it would be up to the municipalities to enact and enforce them are retailers. the city's actually are the ones who have enforcement powers, not us. they can send out water cops, they can turn people's water off. they actually have
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the legal right to do that. we do not but board vice chair gary kremen says he hopes it doesn't come to that. he says he and others on the board are open to suggestions. one good idea. yeah. is that maybe we should the retailers should look at who's how many people are in the house and how big the houses and give a budget based on that. water again. the water utilities meeting is scheduled for one o'clock this afternoon. the public is invited to listen in and comment on their proposal. ali rasmus ktvu fox, two news and another city in the north bay now declaring an official water shortage, the city council in sonoma unanimously voted this week to enact the initial phase of the city's water shortage. contingency plan the stage one water shortage declaration. as for voluntary conservation from customers, all sonoma residents businesses school. rules and city facilities are being urged to cut their indoor and outdoor water used by at least 15% we are now less than a week away from june 15th the target date
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for california to fully reopen the state will no longer use that color coded tier system and businesses are making last minute preparations to get back to full capacity. ktvu is elissa harrington has more on the plan in san francisco. we are finally moving back to some level of normal. we are getting back to where we need to be at a small business. webinar san francisco mayor london breed said yes, the city will align with the state on reopening guidelines. we are ready to go along with the state and reopen san francisco on june 15th. that means no more capacity restrictions for your business is no more distancing requirements. yes, some rules will remain around really large indoor events. starting tuesday, there will be no capacity restrictions and no physical distancing restrictions. the exception will be at large events like concerts or professional sports games. attendees must be fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative covid tests before entering for outdoor events,
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proof of vaccination or negative test is recommended face coverings will still be required inside, including on public transportation and restaurants can bring people back indoors at 100% capacity. laurie thomas with the golden gate restaurant association, said they need a lot of guidance. moving forward for businesses to open successfully. some restaurants are scrambling to get staff ready and rearrange dining rooms. i personally i'm short 16 chair. there's because we're using our inside chairs outside and nobody can get chairs. i was on the phone with miami today, and they're like it's on a container ship from, you know, god knows where. mayor breed said she is also working to keep park let's an outdoor dining permanent in the city. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. fighters now testing its covid-19 vaccine on children. 5 to 11 years old kaiser facilities in oakland and santa clara are taking part in the vaccine trials and more than 4500 children are being tested around the world at 98 different medical facilities
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does is probably about the one thing that is different, but other than that, in terms of the sign they come in, they get the blood will get they're getting so swap for baseline. get the vaccine. data from the trials could be available by the end of summer. the next phase of testing will be on children between two and four years old. cal osha is holding a special meeting tonight to once again reconsider mask regulations in a marathon meeting just last week, the standards board ruled california workers could go masculine at work, but only if everyone in the room was vaccinated. but the state's health officer sent a letter to the board reiterating that the state plans to do away with most masking and social distancing. requirements for vaccinated people starting next week. on june 15th today, cal osha's standards board will reconsider its guidance and take action if needed. we're learning more about the arrest of a san jose mother accused of killing her seven year old son. the young boy was found dead in
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the desert just outside the city of las vegas, as ktvu azenith smith explains, we now know a little bit more about the days leading up to the boy's death. a memorial for seven year old liam, who stead at the park across from the apartment complex in south san jose, where he lived. i have a seven year old and then his heart. knowing that this could happen to an innocent child, heartbroken father sharing photos of him and his son. this photo taken at the complex pool the weekend before liam went missing police in las vegas with help from the fbi, announcing the arrest of liam's mother, 35 year old samantha moreno rodriguez. at a denver hotel tuesday morning. the arrest comes 11 days after a hiker discovered liam's remains in mountain springs, nevada, investigators say back on may 24th, the boy's father found liam and his mother's belongings gone from the family home. a message left behind, she specifically tells him quote. i'm sorry i had to do it
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like this. she says she was planning to get a house for her and liam, there was nothing suspicious in that message that would lead the father to believe that liam or samantha was were involved in any kind of foul play. the boy's father called police a week later but held off on filing a report. we had no knowledge on june 1st about this body and liam being found in las vegas. it wasn't until samantha's friend alerted authorities, liam resembled the sketch of john little lion dough in las vegas, according to liam's grandfather, leo went to a learning center for children with autism and a statement. liam's grandfather rights, something went home. horribly wrong with cm and liam has unfortunately taken away apprehending sam to face. what her actions have done is great. she needs to be held accountable. however, it doesn't make a difference for my son. he is devastated by the loss of liam azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. he's president joe biden is on an eight day trip to europe. he touched down just about 10
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minutes ago in the uk it's his first international trip as president of the united states, with some its plan with g seven e u and nato leaders as well as a much anticipated meeting with russian president vladimir putin, caroline chiefly as the story on his agenda. stopping the cicadas. i just got one from the got me the delayed departure of the press charter due to cicadas in the engine is hopefully the only event that bugs the first trip overseas for joe biden as president, his administration acknowledges. there's nothing like face to face diplomacy that ending the alliance make it clear to putin and to china to europe and the united states are tight. g seven is going to move ahead of meetings with leaders such as british prime minister boris johnson and g seven e u and nato summits. there's a wide range of issues to discuss restaurant china. global terrorism, uh, cyber threats. uh and also the security consequences of climate change, but all eyes are on the planned
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talks with russian president vladimir putin in geneva. the meeting comes after a series of major cyber attacks, the department of justice clawed back much of the ransom. paid in bitcoin by colonial pipeline to the russian linked hackers. dark side that led to panic buying of gasoline while the attack on meatpacking firm jbs raised concerns about the food supply. i think there's no better time for president biden to make it clear in person to president putin exactly what he intends to do to push back on russian aggression, but biden isn't making any predictions. on what message the russian president will listen to the president. at the vertical was able to work out any kind of understanding with you on the cyber attack. who knows, where it's going to be a subject department president, president biden begins his trip in great britain, meeting with prime minister johnson ahead of the g seven summit in cornwall. caroline scheidler ktvu fox two
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news still to come in noon. it's been two weeks since the mass shooting at the vita rail yard in san jose. the changes coming next week to accommodate passengers, while light rail service remained suspended, plus community comes together after a walnut creek mother says her pride flag was stolen more than once the emotional connection to the flag following the death of her daughter, and it's pretty cool out there across much of the bay area's we give you this live. look at the hills down in the south bay. we're going to check in with ktvu meteorologist kyler grogan, who has the forecast for your has the forecast for your neighbor need better sleep? try nature's bounty sleep 3 a unique tri layer supplement, that calms you helps you fall a sleep faster and stay a sleep longer. great sleep comes naturally with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty
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the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. soon after neighbors gifted the walnut creek mother with replacements, but in a matter of weeks, someone stole one of those flags. ktvu is amber lee reports. this is what our neighborhood stands for two pride flags are flown outside christine harley's home in walnut creek. i um, you know, definitely identify as an ally, a, um for the community, and, um, was always very supportive of my daughter. her. she lost her daughter asia last year in february two suicide does she identified as bisexual? um and she was very open with people about that. for more than a
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year, harley had flown a pride flag that belonged to the 19 year old in honor of her memory, but it was stolen last month, harley shared with me this video of her daughter who was accepting of everyone. it warms my heart to have had. getting a replacement within 24 hours. the replacement flag was a gift from this neighbor. whenever we insist on sameness, no one wins because sameness is an impossibility. harley received two more pride flags from neighbors, but just weeks later on, may 31st someone's to one of those flags flying outside, they actually ripped the screws out of the fence post. despite the thefts, harley tells me. plans to continue to fly the pride flag, she says. they have become a symbol of welcome for the l g b t q community. young adults have actually come to my tour to use my phone, or, you know,
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asking for help because that flag made them feel safe. on sunday, asia sister and friends painted the fence in rainbow colors. the fence is, um. you know that that is not as easy to steal. that would be much harder to take harley suspects hate is behind the thefts since june is pride month, she has installed surveillance cameras and signs defiance in the face of hate in walnut creek, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news and with pride month underway, we hope you will show your pride by sharing your favorite selfies or group photos. just visit ktvu. com slash bride to share your best pride memories one. to get back to that breaking news we mentioned at the top of the news guess this one in morgan hill cow fire on the scene of a grass fire is burning near sunnyside avenue and west edmondson avenue or court, 10 acres have burned. one structure was threatened. it was drawn at a moderate rate of speed just about 2030 minutes
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ago of spread of spread. i should say two additional type three engines were requested. initially as you can see in this photo here. a number of homes are scattered in those hills and those hills obviously. very dry and brown as we saw in that live picture of mount diablo just about 10 minutes ago and to bring in our meteorologist kyla grogan. obviously it's been very windy out there over the last couple of days there. what how we looking right now in the south, based specifically? yes well, you know, we're breezy, and that is probably the one thing that they're going to have to deal with mike things on their side are the fact that our temperatures are not very warm today and a relative humidity levels are actually looking pretty good, too down in the south. i'm going to show you that in just a minute, but we are breezy out there and it is because the low pressure center him that is still influencing our weather. right? you've got that onshore flow going, so take a live. look here at sfo. you can even see towards the front of your screen. you can see kind of the trees there that are wrestling around and also a few clouds that are kind of hanging out. we don't have a lot of cloud cover, but we do have it along the coast. so that's where we're seeing it kind of hang on today and that
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again as i mentioned courtesy of the low pressure system that's been bringing us this cooler moisture. air mass now that will be helpful for firefighters today that we have that cooler, moister air masks. this part not so much you can see we do still have wind out there. so 20 mph napa were gusting over that in nevada and conquered and as we take it down to the south bay, you can see certainly some wind down there as well. hayward right now. 23 mph san jose 18, but this is kind of the better side of it. all right. i just pulled up morgan hill. you can see there are 43% relative humidity. that means the air is relatively saturated, right? we don't have single digit dryness like we see when we get offshore wind. this is onshore wind, so that is certainly going to help out and temperatures right? 65 degrees right now in san jose 56 in san francisco. i mean, we had a pretty cool day yesterday, well below average, and we're going to see that again today, so we're in the sixties around the bay and down in the south bay as well. in fact, if you look across the state, this low pressure system influencing most of california, with the exception of pumps rings, they're just sitting in the nineties, but santa barbara at
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72 right now, ella sitting at 67, so you know we do have a pretty cool pattern happening right now. so that's why today we will once again. and see temperatures similar to yesterday. where you know we've struggled to get up to 70 degrees. it looks like today the only two spots that will make it two or three. uh fairfield, antioch and morgan hill. but even that well below average 59 in san francisco about 65 in fremont, santa rosa, looking out for 69. so again, this is all courtesy of this low pressure system that's been hanging out. it will start to track over to the east as we move through the next 24 hours, but today it will keep us mild and breezy. we're gonna get a lot of sunshine out there to again with the exception of the coast, which is kind of hanging onto the clouds, then as we move towards the weekend, we have another system rolling our way and this one is going to bring some showers to the far reaches of northern california, but unfortunately really want bringing and bring anything to us and to show you a future cast, and i just want to point out first that some unsettled weather up in places like lake county, you know, further north towards reading, and you can
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see a little pop on the radar there even in like tahoe that they could get. a little stormy action today. not much, but then there's our thursday. i'm going to take you into friday, and there's the system that's rolling in. and as you can see, it just kind of falls apart. so unfortunately, what that means for us is maybe the north bay gets a sprinkle or two, but probably not much of anything to speak of. certainly nothing that would help us in our drought situation. but we are going to stay cool. we will start to warm up as that low pressure system moves away and we head towards the weekend again. we'll have some clouds with us, and we'll start to get back into the eighties inland as we head into saturday and sunday mike pence. alright kylie. thank you still to come this new time, a town hall meeting hosted by congressman jared huffman gets heated in sandra fell more in the conflict between the audience and some p
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california.
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so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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not go the way it was planned. a group of demonstrators made sure their voice was heard loud and clear. upset that a vaccine card was needed for people to attend. ktvu is deborah villalon reports. okay now medical freedom. the chant at the sandra fell community center has been it was in the seventies and the voice shouting to be heard congressman jared huffman, who had about 100 people rsvp'd to his first in person town hall in a year. his audience ended
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up in face to face clashes with protesters. i apologize to everyone who came here to try to have a civil. respectful conversation. demonstrators were upset that vaccination cards were originally required for admission, and that capacity was limited for social distance. we are the taxpayers, he is our servant. it doesn't go the other way around, people offered their vax cards, although it did end up an honor system, but hoffman didn't get to his first topic before protesters poured in. hoffman clearly frustrated, please respect the distance of others in the masking rules, but i think. see you're not. at one point, a protester stuck her tongue in a man's face trying to rip off his mask, which she later defended. civil disobedience is not going to look pretty all the time. the idea is that you're disrupting the flow of the day today, folks, please don't get physical with each other afghan implored protesters to calm
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down and to see it on my doorstep. uh yeah, they're entitled to their opinions, but do it in the civil approach. this was just ugly. hoffman thanked his constituents who strained to hear about the issues and those interrupting. he called outrageous and a page from the donald trump playbook just because you're really loud and rude and disruptive doesn't make you right and it doesn't make you. the majority in sandra fell deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. state attorney general rob bonta is acknowledging the critical work being done by the california racial and identity profiling advisory board or rip up. bonta spoke this morning during a rip of board meeting. the board analyzes and makes recommendations on vehicle and pedestrian stops by law enforcement agencies in the state and its most recent report. it found that out of four million vehicle stops by 15 different agencies. black people were searched 2.5 times the rate of white people even though white people. well,
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we're pulled over more often. there were more individuals who are perceived as black who ended up being searched, detained on the curb or in a patrol car handcuffed. or removed from their vehicles, and that is something we have to address. we might not be able to speak to precisely what causes that to happen, but nevertheless, it is a disturbing picture, and it's something that we have to work to change. in the most recent, bonta says, by next year, nearly all law enforcement agencies in california will be required to collect detailed information regarded their traffic stops and searches still to come at noon, the cdc has updated its guidelines for international travel. what it could mean for your summer vacation plans, plus, the biden administration announces new plans to get people vaccinated ahead of a july 4th deadline. um johnson, syrian
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♪i'm leaving today♪ ♪i want to be a part of it♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪it's up to you♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪new york♪ when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference.
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that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. that forward progress has been stopped on this 10 acre grassfire again burning and morgan hill right near sunnyside avenue and west edmondson court popped up just about an hour ago. multiple engines responded to the scene. firefighters got on the ground and hit this one hard making sure that they were able to knock this one down before any of the elements. you can see a number of homes there in the area. the hillsides avery windyo
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it looks like cal fire did a great job getting out there. forward, progress has been stoppedlike it is growing anymot this time, if we do get more information about this one, we will bring it to you. we are now less than a week away from june 15th, which is the target date for the state to reopen and the state is getting rid of that color coded tier system and businesses are now preparing to return to full capacity. however some business owners were holding off on making changes just to make sure the city of san francisco and the state we're on the same page. but san francisco mayor london bridge says they are. she said. the city is coming alive and that san francisco will fully reopen next week. we are finally moving back to some level of normal. we are getting back to where we need to be. starting next week, the governor and no physical distancing restrictions. the exceptions will be at large events like concerts or professional sporting events for large indoor events with
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more than 5000 people. attendees must be fully vaccinated or have proof of a negative covid-19 test before getting inside for outdoor events of more than 10,000 people proof. of vaccination or negative test is recommended, but not required. restaurants can bring people back inside at 100% capacity. states are trying to ramp up vaccinations ahead of july 4th deadline set by president biden and as jonathan serrie reports, the white house is now introducing several new measures to get people their shots. so far, 14 states have met president biden school of administering at least one covid-19 shot to 70% of their adult population. cdc data show. about a dozen more states are on pace to meet the july 4th deadline. the white house covid response team announcing plans to ramp up vaccinations with pop up workplace vaccine clinics. and free rides to vaccination sites. we want to give everyone in the country as many free transit options as possible. there are multiple ways to get
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to and from your shot for free public health officials say. vaccine hesitancy remains a problem more than 170 employees had a houston texas hospital were reportedly suspended for not getting a covid-19 vaccine employees could be fired within two weeks if they don't meet the requirement at a walk out on monday. some say they are waiting for full fda approval. i feel that this vaccine has not been researched enough. it's unfortunate that they're willing to let us go over something like this instead of giving us more time. meanwhile on thursday, fda advisers will meet to discuss the safety of covid-19 vaccines and children. both pfizer and moderna are testing their formulas in children under 12 with results for 5 to 11 year olds expected by september, health experts say vaccinating children will be key to reaching herd immunity. there have been seven real million children in this country who have been affected by covid and several 100 of them who have died so kids
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certainly can carry the virus that can transmit the virus. pfizer says it will begin testing its vaccine on infants as young as six months within the next few weeks in atlanta, jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news. santa clara county. public health officials say they have an abundant supply of covid-19 vaccines. that's due in part to the fact that demand for the vaccine has slowed and there are more places offering the vaccine, including pharmacies and doctors offices, the county says 78% of people 12 and older i've had at least one dose officials are hoping to hit 85. in contrast to what the situation was back in january, you see that there is a robust availability of vaccination sites throughout the county. all of these sites are open and available to everyone in the community. santa clara county is home to 1.9 million people, people 12 and older living in santa clara county. i've had a total of 2.4 million shots. so far, the state department is easy and it's travel advisories for
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dozens of countries, 58 countries are being moved from the level four do not travel is to level three. which means people should reconsider travel japan, france, italy, spain, greece, switzerland, canada and mexico are among those countries. the state department says it's making the changes after the cdc updated its own. criteria to determine risk level for travel during the pandemic. salesforce says it expects more than half of its employees to continue working from home even after the pandemic is over. in an interview with cnbc this week, ceo marc benioff said 50 to 60% of staffers will likely work from home up sharply from about 20% before the pandemic hit. benny off suggested that some of its unused leased space will be used for events, training facilities and what he called cultural and get treatment centers. apple employees have reportedly launched a campaign to push back against tim coach plan for a widespread returned to the office. last week, cook sent a memo to staff saying workers should be in the office
12:35 pm
at least three days a week by september, but according to an internal letter obtained by the new site, the verge employees are demanding more flexibility and accused management of ignoring their stands on working from home. president biden has ordered an intelligence review of the origins of the coronavirus. the 90 day review. will try to determine whether the virus was spread naturally to humans through animals or whether it leaked from a research lab in wuhan, china, biden administration says china needs to be held accountable for its failure to cooperate with investigations into the origins of covid-19. there needs to be accountability for what happened and there needs to be accountability for the failure to cooperate, including making information available. the chinese government accuses the us of spreading misinformation about the lab leak theory. people who live in allah meter contra costa counties are about to see an increase in their water bills after the board of the east bay municipal utilities district, east bay mud voted to increased rates. the 4% rate hike will start
12:36 pm
july one, and another 4% increase will take effect next year. the revenue generated will be used for improvements such as replacing old water pipelines and palms as well as work on water treatment plants. east bay mud says the increases not because of the drought, and that more increases could be on the way. we thought, uh, dry day fund. essentially, that will help us right now, as we look to purchase water, and so we're not asking for anything extra today. um but if the drought gets more severe, and that need is there, there is the ability of the board to put additional drought searches on surcharges on which could pay for the additional costs of buying additional water. east bay mud provides drinking water to 1.4 million customers and wastewater treatment for 740,000 customers. the drought is affecting the quality of california's fruit crops such as peaches, plums and prunes. conditions are so bad right now near sacramento that the soil is dried out, and trees need about a third more water than usual. farmers say there is no.
12:37 pm
water to spare. we're running the pumps more and we're trying to get. uh electric builder. higher pump to coming from pumping from deep and pumps are growing up. growers in the sacramento area say there are more troubles ahead. come this winter because young trees are vulnerable to frost. if there is not enough water in the ground two weeks after the mass shooting in san jose, santa clara vita announced that it will make service changes. light rail service is still suspended, suspended right now, until further notice. however starting on monday, vita will operate a new weekday peak hour shuttle between the dear daan station and santa clara valley medical center. the shuttle is designed to meet caltrain album. on quarter corridor express and bus services at the station. the vita is also making schedule changes on dozens of bus routes that it says are based on recent ridership trends. people have been forced from their homes by a wildfire in yuba county are now being allowed to return. this started northeast of the town of wheatland yesterday
12:38 pm
afternoon and has burned 1.5 square miles. cal fire says at least one home was destroyed, the fire managed to cross onto beale air force base where fire crews battle those flames. no one was hurt and the at last check was 45% contained. firefighters say they are making progress, but there's still concerned about the wind that's been kicking up in the late afternoon hours. sonoma county is live streaming assumed community briefing today on preparations for this fire season. topics include this year's outlook, evacuation zones, vegetation management and signing up for emergency alerts. firefighters say the danger this year is made worse by two years of not a lot of rain. you can see the briefing by just going over to the ktvu web links starting at five o'clock tonight. the fines will be bigger and contra costa county for having illegal fireworks. a new ordinance just approve says property owners can be held liable for anyone using fireworks on their property with a fine of $100 for the first violation $200 for the 2nd and $500 for each additional violation within the
12:39 pm
same year. 30 people in antioch, where recently displaced by a fire in two apartment buildings caused by illegal fireworks, and a 25 $100 reward is now being offered by the city of richmond. for every report that leads to an us or a fine for illegal fireworks. last year, richmond police received more than 2500 calls, but they only issued one citation. oakland's police chief, is calling on the community to help reduce gun violence. the police chief spoke after two women were shot and taken to the hospital with serious injuries yesterday morning. the shooting took place in brookfield village. this is right near 98th avenue. chief armstrong says law enforcement is focused on violence prevention, including getting guns off the streets. ceasefire strategy continues to be effective. we continue to recover firearms. at a record patient city of oakland were over 400 recoveries at this point and will continue to try to address the guns in our community. the chief also says he supports alameda county
12:40 pm
district attorney nancy o'malley, who expressed outrage after a federal judge overturned the state's ban on assault weapons. the state is now appealing that decision, oakland's public safety committee has unanimously passed a proposed ordinance to place restrictions on militarize police equipment. the ordinance would require the police department to submit detailed reports on military style equipment that it plans to buy to the citizen led oakland police commission for review coalition or organizers and vice mayor rebecca kaplan, who is the primary sponsor, expressed the urgent need for this ordinance. the oakland city council will consider the plan at next tuesday's meeting. members of san francisco's asian american community are expressing concern today over efforts to defund the police department. asian seniors and community leaders held a rally just this morning on the steps outside city hall. they say, cutting funding and police staffing puts the api community at risk, especially while there is a rise in hate crimes. yesterday, i learned that a
12:41 pm
group that is proposing to take $6.8 million more from the police department. but a homeless we have a serious problem with the homeless. taking more money from the police department is not the answer. the group plans to deliver letters to the board of supervisors, urging them to support mayor. london breeds budget plan which protects police officers staffing still to come this noontime, a nonprofit in the north day, getting back in business with a very important road trip up next, where 12 special puppies are headed right now, all in an effort to help the visually impaired. plus, it has been pretty much a cool day across the bay area, not just yesterday, but today as well as to give you a live picture out at san francisco internet. some clouds out there in the distance going to check back with kyla grogan for the forecast in a massive takedown o0
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
suspects. ktvu is jana katsuyama reports on how federal agents pulled off an unprecedented operation. this stunning law enforcement sting within the past two days has led to more than 500 criminals arrested across the globe. some 32 tons of drugs. 250 firearms and nearly $150 million seized as agents quickly closed in on criminal rings this week that they had been monitoring for years. documents showed that the plan started back in 2018
12:45 pm
canadian company phantom secure that was providing encrypted devices allowing criminals to communicate the fbi in san diego tuesday announced that under operation trojan shield. the fbi created a replacement device marketed to the criminals for the first time the fbi developed and operated its own harden encrypted device company. called an, um, an fbi map shows how the anim devices quickly gained popularity more than 12,000 encrypted devices sold to more than 300 criminal groups in more than 100 countries, every single person who used an, um used it for a criminal purpose. nicholas weaver, a computer science expert at u. c berkeley, says the coding for the devices was not the hard part. it's a brilliant example of taking advantage of, uh, social weaknesses with tech. cynical exploitation, actually building the cryptography necessary to do this would be something that would be a reasonable homework
12:46 pm
assignment, doing the integration needed and the social aspects needed to get this adopted and used by thousands of criminals is the true brilliance of this operation, experts say. the fbi sting shows a new frontier for cybercrime investigations and herbert limb of stanford university says the fbi faces challenges, though in recruiting. talent. if you say i don't want anybody who's ever done anything illegal, whether it's penetrating computer without authorization, or, um, uh, never taking drugs or something like that. um, then you're gonna cut yourself off from a lot of talent. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news senator fell based nonprofit guide dogs for the blind, is taking its first big step to return to full operation and help those in need this morning. organizers received 12 puppies and got them ready to hit the road in their special van to go to people who will help raise them in salt lake city in colorado van will also pick up young
12:47 pm
dogs that are between 15 and 20 months old and bring them back to the campus in sandra fell for formal training. what our puppy raisers do is they do all the hard work of training these guys with their house manners how to walk on a leash. how to settle in public and then um, when are those when these pups served between 15 and 18 months of age, they come back for their guide dog training. the dogs learn all of their skills to lead someone who is blind or visually impaired at the center all the services at guide dogs for the blind are free. let's check back in with meteorologist kyler grogan right now, little day baseball out of the calls, see him pretty nice day to take in some ball. yeah, it is. i mean, we're going to be a little bit windy out there. certainly breezy. we're not going to be, you know, wind advisory level, but it'll be breezy out there. so if you're headed out, you want to take a jacket with you for sure. and in fact, i wanted to just starass fire that was in morgan hill and thankfully, that has now they've got control of it. but
12:48 pm
just to show you, you know, there's a little wind out there it is onshore wind, but you can see 16 mile per hour wind there in san martin. so on sure means that it's bringing in a cooler, moister air mass, and that is helpful. but it is still breezy, and that does help. you know, pass any fire along if a spark starts so you can see 24 mph at sfo. hayward 23 san jose about 18. and as you move to the north may also little wind their napa now 20 mph nevado very gusty. stephen conquered both at 26 mph. but the good news is our relative humidity levels are relatively high because we do have that moisture air flow that's coming in and you could see morgan hill of 43% you know, san francisco, looking at same story about 47% so that you know you have to always be careful with win when it comes to fire. however we are in a better scenario today, then we are if we have offshore flow, and we get the dry air coming our way. we are in the sixties, all across the bay, with the exception of san francisco, taking a live look at sfo, where the clouds are definitely hanging on. they've been hanging on at the coast today,
12:49 pm
but we also have an awful lot of sunshine out there. so if you're not at the coast, you're likely starting to bask in the sun and that should continue as we go throughout the afternoon. so this live pressure system ultimately is going to track towards the east and again. that's what's keeping us cool and breezy and why the temperatures are so far below average. you're looking out again today for very few spots in the bay, making it up to 70 degrees, probably anti oxford. field in morgan hill. we should get close to it in santa rosa, but san francisco just 59 mostly is gonna be sixties. and as this system starts to move away, would you have another one that's going to track our way towards the weekend. so today mild and breezy. and then we'll get towards the weekend. another system comes in. we're hoping this might be bringing a little bit of rain our way to td at best, probably if you for ankles in the far reaches of sonoma county, so as you can see, when i take into future cast a little bit of action north of us today and over in like tahoe as far as a little bit of rain coming down, maybe a thunderstorm or two pop up
12:50 pm
with unsettled weather, but for us, it's really going to be sunshine and clouds and breezy conditions. this is the system that comes our way on friday. i'm taking you here to friday midnight and you can see it just kind of falls apart doesn't really hold together, which is pretty common for this time of year that we're not going to get anything that's going to make it in here as you can see models showing 1 1/100 of an inch possible and i think that might. even be overstating a little bit. so as we look at our extended forecast, it's gonna be cool. today we do start to warm up tomorrow we get some sunshine and there again and then we really begin our warmup back to some more average temperatures as we get into friday, saturday and sunday, we'll also see the marine layers start to return as we head towards the weekend as those temperatures pull up, mike back to you. alright, kyla. thank you. the united nations is reaffirming its goal to ending aids, eliminating the disease as a public health threat by the year 2030. the u. n is holding a three day high level meeting in new york countries. are adopting a political declaration to end aids inequalities around the globe, especially in third world countries. the declaration calls on governments to make sure
12:51 pm
treatments and prevention programs are available to at least 95% of those who are high risk. inequalities in power in status in rights and voice are driving the hiv pandemic. inequalities kill. the u. n says covid-19 is causing hiv infection rates in some countries to go back up, and doctors say they're concerned about children, especially girls in africa, still to come in new housing prices keep rising here in california, but will there ever be a crash by more californians are now turning to the
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
fire was first reported around 4 45 this morning near clayton road. the flames did spray to the grocery store, however, there was only minimal damage. there were no injuries and the
12:55 pm
cause of that fire not yet known. the lake merritt lodge in oakland, which has been providing emergency housing for vulnerable homeless people, since the start of the pandemic is now full 90 people are staying at the lodge. many either have medical conditions or are 65 years old or older, which puts them at high risk of serious complications from covid-19. libby schaaf says the lodge owner has made millions of dollars and modifications to the building to accommodate the people who are staying there. oakland is determined to end the moral outrage of homelessness on our streets and in any street of america this year has been one of particular challenge as we know that our unsheltered neighbors have faced particular vulnerabilities and risk. risks while fighting this pandemic, oakland's covid housing program is partially funded through fema mayor says she's hoping more flexible local funding so
12:56 pm
buildings like this one can be purchased and operated permanently to help ease the homeless crisis. the ceo of colonial pipeline says he had the public interest in mind when he paid more than $4 million in ransom. cybercriminals joseph blunt told lawmakers on capitol hill yesterday that he had to if he had to, he would do it again. he went on to say he used bitcoin to pay the hackers. the justice department says it has recovered 85% of the ransom. lawmakers argued that when one company though, pays, it makes all us companies a target. but the ceo of colonial said he didn't have a choice. the hat cause gasoline shortages on much of the east coast last month. san francisco 49 ers are already down two players for the upcoming season on the offensive line just in school. tories hcl on monday and then safety to various more toward his achilles. neither player were an established started, but both were expected provide pretty good depth for the first nfl season that we're going to
12:57 pm
have with 17 games. even with those injuries, the 49ers defense is looking to make the leap to one of the best defenses in the league. ktvu sports anchor joe fonzi gives us a behind the scenes look at all the work. being done this offseason. they're able to stop. but even again, the quarterback position has been the focus of most of the offseason attention about the 40 niners. but what happens on the other side of the ball deserves to be equally appreciate it. it starts with the defensive coordinator to mico ryan's who replaces the very successful robert saleh. ryan's is already well respected by his players. i want to make me go look good, and i'm i'm a team player, always since i've been in the lead i've been in team players so. if i got a man coverage if i got ah, playing the post and to make the team better than that's what i do, sampson ever com is a newcomer to a unit that remains largely intact. the defensive players are impressed with him even seem more comfortable talking about the guys lining up next to them, like, ever come on last
12:58 pm
year's first round draft choice, given qin law. these huge man. he's a monster. i feel like he's definitely going to have a all pro year ken law returning the sentiment, another great guy. very explosive very fast. very uh, technical, you know, um he's going. he's going to be a great addition to this team. the 49ers secondary comes back largely intact and with an increased sense of confidence as a unit kk, jimmy don t like well and tart like we're all around the same age. we all came in the year came into the nfl around the same year, so we all got a decent amount of experience. i'm in this game, so. um i felt that is showcasing out there. the camaraderie in the chemistry that we're building and you know, we just want to transform that to the season defense wasn'tbout much during draft time. but that unit will need to excel for the 40 niners to fulfill their goal of getting back to the postseason. joe fonzi ktvu fox. two as
12:59 pm
housing prices continue to surge in california. so our questions about a possible crash in the real estate market a report in the orange county register reveals google searches for housing bubble were up 250% from march of last year and almost double the 15 4019 average and last month californian search for key housing market. and crash terms at a 69% rate above the 17 year. average concerns seem to be at the highest level since the crash in the mid two thousands. but housing and finance experts say there's no sign of a bubble at this point. well, if you're looking ahead to black friday, you can cross best buy off your list of places to shop the day after thanksgiving. the electronics giant says no one will need to start their holiday shopping season by waiting in line outside its stores. instead the company is expected to offer many of its black friday deals online. target and wal mart had already announced that they won't be opened the day after thanksgiving. and that is that
1:00 pm
thanks for watching the news at noon, everybody our next news guys is coming up at four o'clock. of course, we always have coverage for you online at kgb dot com. dr. ross start comn and crispy.. dr. ross start comn they are your freezer staple more than ever. chicken nuggets. but they are not all created equal. >> is this the equivalent of pink slime? dr. oz: you should be eating the best. >> 20 minutes a day takes up a year of your life. dr. oz: it's the 20 minutes a day challenge that will transform your health. coming up next. ♪ ♪ dr. oz: they are a freezer staple in every home in america, chicken nuggets. every mom knows no matter thebee


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