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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 8, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a light at the end of the tunnel. for many of those restrictions we've endured. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre senior in for frank san francisco had among the strictest public health rules in the country. but that will fall off next week tonight. leaders confirmed that the city will align with the state guidance in most cases, and that means most businesses will be able to operate at full capacity inside and the city will also drop it in. indoor mask requirement for fully vaccinated people. city officials say. there will also be some restrictions on so called mega events with more than 5000 people gathered indoors or 10,000 outside governor. newsom announced plans to widely reopened california more than two months ago, but it's been unclear until recently whether bay area counties would be fully on board with this, but now that san francisco mayor london breed has said the city will align with the state businring p for reopening by trying to find enough. employees, so you know and roll back to full capacity with the outsource outside as
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well. it seems a bit overwhelming, so i just don't know that where we're going back to 99 capacity inside. you know, it's just we don't have the staff. a lot of places looking higher. all federal law and workplace guidance may still dictate masks be worn in some settings, including on public transportation. the cdc is updating its travel guidance, allowing americans to travel to more country 62 countries, including mexico, italy and france, dropped from covid-19 very high level four d covid-19 high level three, notably japan was downgraded from level four to level three as the country gets ready to host the tokyo olympics starting in late july. the cbc's guidelines are changing as vaccination rates in the u. s continued to climb. across the country, the cdc says just over half of the population aged 12 and over is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus that is more than 140 million people here in california, the state says 53% of people aged 12 and older are
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now fully vaccinated. that is more than 18 million people. another 12% are partially vaccinated. well now to the arrest of a saying it was a mother in the killing of her seven year old son. today authorities captured samantha rodriguez in denver, and it came just one day after her son was identified as a young boy found dead in las vegas. ktvu as a smith is live in san jose in as if we know a little more now, about the days leading up to the boy's death. yes andre today, investigators revealed the boy's mother left a message for the father saying she was planning to leave him and take liam liam's remains were there. found four days later, a memorial for seven year old liam, who stead at the park across from the apartment complex in south san jose, where he lived. i have a seven year old and his heart. knowing that this could happen to an innocent child, heartbroken father sharing photos of him
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and his son. this photo taken at the complex pool the weekend before liam went missing police in las vegas with help from the fbi, announcing the arrest of lee his mother, 35 year old samantha moreno rodriguez, at a denver hotel tuesday morning. the arrest comes 11 days after a hiker discovered liam's remains in mountain springs, nevada, investigators say back on may 24th, the boy's father found liam and his mother's belongings gone from the family home. a message left behind. she specifically tells him quote. i'm sorry i had to do it like this. she says she was planning to get a house for her and liam, there was nothing suspicious. yes, in that message that would lead the father to believe that liam or samantha was were involved in any kind of foul play. the boy's father called police a week later but held off on filing a report. we had no knowledge on june 1st about this body and liam being found in las vegas. it wasn't until samantha's friend alerted authorities, liam resembled the
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sketch of john little lion dough in las vegas, a corneal liam's grandfather, leo went to a learning center for children with autism. in a statement. liam's grandfather rights something went horribly wrong with sam and liam has unfortunately taken away apprehending see him to face. what her actions have done is great. she needs to be held accountable. however it doesn't make a difference for my son. he has devastated by the loss of liam. and family friends have set up a go fund me for the family. a vigil is planned for this thursday nights at liam's favorite park and san jose. police are not revealing how liam died, andre that family no doubt searching for answers tonight azenith smith reporting for us live as a thank you. meantime today, the orange county district attorney announced charges in the shooting death of a young boy. the shooting happened on the 55 freeway on may 21st. now, prosecutors say, marcus anthony you res five. wired into a vehicle hitting this six year old boy, aiden leo's who died
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from his injury you reads is charged with murder and shooting at an occupied vehicle. his girlfriend, this woman here you see on your right hand side of your screen, charged with accessory after the fact and concealing a firearm, the prosecutor explained the details of least possible prison time. her exposure is three years in state prison and an additional one year for the firearm. that's a misdemeanor, and so her expert. was your obviously is significantly different as an accessory after the fact as opposed to somebody who is being charged with murder, you read you read faces 40 years to life in prison if convicted on all counts, anti vaccine and pro trump protesters stormed a congressional town hall in marin this afternoon, and representative jared hoffman tried to carry on. despite that disruption new tonight ktvu deborah villalon live in san rafel, where that confrontation happened, deb? julie politicians host these town halls to keep constituents
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current on what's happening in washington, but this one was from the start. yeah. medical freedom. the chant at the sandra fell community center has spanish. there's the seven and the voice shouting to be heard congressman jared huffman, who had about 100 people rsvp'd to his first in person town hall in a year. his audience ended up in face to face clashes with protesters. i apologize to everyone who came here to try to have a civil. respectful conversation. demonstrators were upset that vaccination cards were originally required for admission, and that capacity was limited for social distance. we are the taxpayers, he is our servant. it doesn't go the other way around, people offered their vax cards, although it did end up an honor system, but hoffman didn't get to his first topic before protesters poured in. hoffman
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clearly frustrated, please respect the distance of others in the masking rules, but i think see you're not now either. at one point, a protester stuck her tongue in a man's face, trying to rip off his mask, which she later defended. civil disobedience is not going to look pretty all the time. the idea is that you're disrupting the flow of the day today, folks, please don't get physical with each other afghan implored protesters to calm down and to see it on my doorstep. uh yeah, they're entitled to their opinions, but do it in a civil approach. this was just ugly. hoffman thanked his constituents who strained to hear about the issues and those interrupting. he called outrageous and a page from the donald trump playbook just because you're really loud and rude doesn't make you right and it doesn't make you the majority. sandra fell. police stood by throughout the event, but hoffman did not want them to intervene. because he feared
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the protesters would play themselves up as victims if they were removed. julie hoffman insists that debate is welcome, but not the way this was delivered. deborah villalon live in san rafael tonight, deborah thank you a remarkable rescue in santa rosa, where firefighters rescued a man who is in a tight spot for quite some time he somehow got stuck inside a piece of farm equipment. on a piece of private property along pioneer road. authorities say the trespasser had been trapped inside that tight space for two days, sheriff's deputies discovered the man inside the fan shaft after someone reported his abandoned car nearby. the man did require medical treatment. he was not arrested by the sheriff's office and is recommending charges of trespassing and drug possession. water will soon cost more for customers in alameda and contra costa counties. today, east bay mud voted to increase their rate. it's 4% rate hike takes effect july 1st. that's followed by
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another 4% increase next year. he's made mud officials say the increase is not due to the drought. the money will be used for capital improvements like replacing old water pipelines and pumps and work on water treatment plants coming up hundreds of arrests plus guns, weapons and more seized how the fbi snared suspects using a messaging device the suspects thought was secure up next. an update on that. wind driven grass, firing yuba county, at least one home burned where
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county this afternoon have been lifted tonight and the good news is no one was hurt. in that fire. the fire broke out northeast of the town of wheatland at about two this afternoon. tonight firefighters say they have stopped the forward progress of the fire and have it about 40% contained. reporter emily maha has the details. everything from the n tanko fire showing no mercy as it burst through dry grassland, a rural week neighborhood. we saw the fire started over there, and the wind was so strong that we could just see it coming in. and so we got the hoses and tried to fight it. the houston family is safe, but the fire burned their home to the ground. it was just too fast, and i mean it just was literally over there and then it was burning our house within a matter of like, 10 minutes or less. so it was. it was pretty intense. that intense fire burning extreme. family close
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to other homes as well. kip watkins, feeling grateful his home is still standing. first thought was relief and then um, obviously my neighbor lost her house but saddened to hear about neighbors home. it's relieved that my house was that, you know, it's one of those things where it's if a happy, sad moment. another neighbor, octavio, a steel helped douse kips property with water. as flames approached. i don't feel like a hero. i just do what i can. that's all cal fire says it has stopped the progress of this fire and as it works to fully contain the flames, the investigation into the fires cause is underway. our investigators are here actively working on an investigation and trying to determine the cause. but at this point it's still undetermined for the cause. neighbors in this area, saying they'll be keeping an eye out for each other. as fire season progresses, they say it comes with the territory of living in a rural area like this. we understand the danger of living out here and it it's something
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that we're aware of, and that we always try to keep in the back of our mind. if something like this happens, you know, we all got each other's numbers, and we'll give call out. the houston family. meanwhile trying to stay positive in the face of all they've lost, it felt really good to get everybody out, you know, just be like, all right, you know, i mean, this is it's really sad, but at the same time, it's an opportunity to start new. so you know it's one of those things that you just go well, life gives you lemons. it. that was emily ma. how reporting for us applicants are now our applications rather are now being accepted for families in an east oakland neighborhood who are eligible for the first phase of the city's new guaranteed income program. 300 randomly selected low income families will receive $500 every month. the payment will be made over the span of 18 months, and they have no strings attached here. people living in a one square mile area between international and macarthur boulevard are eligible. the program called oakland resilient families is a collaboration. between
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nonprofits up together and mayors of for a guaranteed income. this innovative intervention to interrupt the racial wealth gap. to interrupt. what have been below living wages for our families and to interrupt the devastation that covid-19 has had on the well being of oakland, ear's and especially families. applications for phase two of the program will open citywide, the summer and another 300 families will be randomly selected. then oakland's police chief addressed what he called an epidemic of gun violence as police investigate yet another shooting today sky. foxx was over brookfield village near 98th avenue, where the chief said two women were shot and wounded this morning. both are in the hospital tonight with severe injuries, chief laurent armstrong said. a combination of law enforcement and violence prevention is needed along with community involvement are
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ceasefire strategy continues to be effective. we continue to recover firearms. at a record patient city of oakland were over 400 recoveries at this point and will continue to try to address the guns in our community. the chief also said he supports alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley, who criticized the overturn of california's ban on assault weapons. the state is now appealing that decision, details about a major drug seizure that happened last week in oakland, san francisco police states started as part of an investigation to intercept deadly drugs earmarked for the tenderloin on thursday. san francisco officers served three search warrants in oakland that resulted in five arrests and nearly £30 of drugs, including 16. pounds of fentanyl. they also called a hazmat team to one of the locations, a motel on macarthur boulevard because of the drugs during the investigation. police also recovered two semiautomatic ghost guns and over $45,000
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today, the san francisco board of supervisors unanimously approved at least for the city's first drugs, sobering center, the site known as the summa ries center, will be located at 10 76 howard street. it will serve people at risk of drug overdoses from methamphetamine fed. mel and other substances. it will provide a safe place where they can come inside, get off the streets and receive care. the center is expected to open in the fall. still ahead tonight, the stern grove festival is back. the lineup just announced and when tickets go on sale, first global crackdown on organized crime, the takedown of staggering proportions and how authorities boiler suspects using a message device. another cool, breezy day in store for your bay area wednesday. i'll have a look at the numbers for tomorrow and the warming trend coming our way after the break tl
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sting operation. authorities also seized weapons cache, cryptocurrency and drugs. ktvu jana katsuyama spoke with a cyber crimes expert tonight and has more about the messaging device behind the massive fbi takedown. this stunning law enforcement steam within the past two days has led to more than 500 criminals. arrested across the globe, some 32 tons of drugs, 250 firearms and nearly $150 million seized documents showed that the plan started back in 2018 after the fbi took down a canadian company phantom secure that was providing encrypted devices allowing criminals to communicate the fbi in san diego tuesday announced that under operation trojan shield. the fbi created a replacement device marketed to the
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criminals for the first time the fbi developed and operated its own harden encrypted device company. called an, um more than 12,000 encrypted devices sold to more than 300 criminal groups in more than 100 countries. nicholas weaver, a computer science expert at u. c. berkeley says the coding for the devices was not the hard part. it's a brilliant example of taking advantage of, uh, social weaknesses with technical exploitation. actually building the cryptography necessary to do this would be something that would be a reasonable homework assignment, doing the integration needed and the social aspects needed to get this adopted and used by thousands of criminals is the true brilliance of this operation. experts say. the fbi steam shows a new frontier for cybercrime investigations and herbert limb of stanford university says the fbi faces challenges, though in recruiting talent. if you say i
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don't want anybody who's ever done anything illegal, whether it's penetrating computer without authorization, or, um, uh, never taking drugs or something like that. um, then you're gonna cut yourself off from a lot of talent. lynn notes that in this case, the fbi paid an insider $120,000 and made a deal for a reduced sentence to help create and distribute the encrypted devices. the fbi says they were able to prevent many crimes as a result of this sting, jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. oh around the bay area this evening. a partly cloudy conditions. i think. tomorrow morning we'll start out with partly cloudy conditions a little bit of fog along the coastline and then into the afternoon. a near repeat expected with the cool, breezy conditions lasting for at least one more day. here's a look over a san francisco beautiful view for you there. here's a look at some of this afternoon high storm today. rather cool, especially inland upper sixties in livermore, low seventies and
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napa well below average for this time of year. meanwhile along the coast 60 degrees in pacifica today 60 in san francisco, the temperatures outside right now fifties over areas of san francisco half moon bay. you go inland more of the same 53 walnut creek and in the north bay pair of 50 three's for a santa rosa as well as napa. the onshore breeze continues with us not quite as windy today but still very breezy in many areas, okla reporting a sustained wind. 16 right now. fairfield 13, and i think we're going to have that breeze with us tomorrow as well. storm tracker to they're showing, you know rain to speak of, but we do have clouds overhead. we are going to wake up with the cloudy skies and when it comes to the rain for the pacific northwest will get another shot at some. it looks like friday morning, even dipping into northern california. but for us, we're likely to remain dry. we are going to see warmer weather as we head in toward the weekend, but the cooling trend will continue for one more day into your area wednesday that afternoon breeze picking up
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once again temperatures tomorrow morning 40 degrees to start your day in santa rosa for the inner east bay upper forties and livermore and upper forties still low fifties around the bay 50 in oakland, as well as san francisco your afternoon highs for tomorrow. i notice a lot. like what? i just showed you. we've got 60. degrees expected for san francisco. lot of sixties around the bay upper sixties in redwood city, you go inland 69 in livermore and then in the north based 67 expected over napa of good 5 to 15 degrees below the seasonal average your extended forecast on thursday. temperatures do rebound a little bit warmer on friday back into the upper seventies for inland cities, and then as we get into the weekend, mid eighties in the forecast for inland communities. seventies around the bay at low sixties at the coast back to you, all right. sounds good, rosemary. thank you. san francisco stern grove festival, the longest running free outdoor music festival in the bay area released its lineup today for the upcoming concert season. the festival is set to kick off on june 20th with grammy winner
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let us see iconic punk rockers x on july 25th, joan jett and the blackhearts on august 1st, then thunder cat and two legendary oakland artist tower. power and too short guest must register in advance to reserve a spot for each concert with initial online reservations, opening 12 days in advance of each performance, alright, coming up a special night for brandon crawford in texas sports director marco banderas tells
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the year and his teammates down in texas, where the giants always like to go because it reminds them of their 2010 world series victory. let him come out onto the field alone. in honor of him. plain is 1300 game at short steps. for the giants, and he was just a little bit upstaged early on by his teammate mike stockman came to the plate and spaces loaded. fight the big slump six or 44. that is a grand slam that puts the giants in front. 6 to 4 abandoned that guy ever need to hit it been slumping, big time pumped everybody up. crawford, who had homers earlier in the game, is second ticket to ride. this one comes with two on salts it away for the job. it's his 14th of the year nine for the final giant picked up the game on the padres, who lost to the cubs swing it to oakland, where, like the giants, the a's pick, donna downtrodden team, the diamondbacks, like taking
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candy from a baby, you might say is arizona's last 18 in a row at home. the a's. didn't muscle up on these guys in a five run fourth, just slapping a lot of singles like chad pinned. you came up in a pinch hitting role and knocked in a run to put the a's in front for good at 2 to 1, and they're waiting for matt chap and this guy here to break out of his season long funk came at 206. there's a single to left. cleanly done little fetch mitch moreland and a 31 lead eventually scored two more in the inning, making it easy for chris basseterre went seven. gave up only four hits, two runs, wins his sixth and the a's take the ball game 5 to 18 straight losses for the diamondbacks on the road, nikolai your kids to the surprise of probably nobody is the most valuable player in the nba. wondered about steph curry. well, he finished third in the balloting, although in my opinion he is the true most
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valuable player in the strictest. sense of that phrase. we had a game one up in utah tonight. that's the mailman, karl malone's one of the all time great jazz and, uh, paul, george and company clippers going at it. they had a big lead early. they blow it. it's a plug donna with a nice three right here, and they came back and eventually want it against the clippers. great defense. by rudy gobert to block a shot by a marcus morris there at the end, 1 12 19 is the final downward mitchell by the way at 45 points as the jazz take a one oh, lead in that series and philadelphia even if their series back east with the atlanta hawks at a game of peace that is the sporty live for right now, get it back to you, andre and julie. all right, mark. sounds good. good stuff. thank you. and thanks everybody for joining us tonight, andre. nice to having nice to have nice to be here.
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julie. appreciate it. you can always find the news online at ktvu. com and the ktvu news at modern family's next. all modern family's next. all right. good night, everybody. (cameron) this week, the world lost a great man, and i lost a mentor. for nearly 60 years, professor ringmaster al uzielli helped young hopefuls like me find their clown persona. "professor ringmaster"? it's a very prestigious title at clown college. one step below piemaster general. where's lewis? who knows? okay, guys, it's just us. lift on three. (honks horn three times) ♪ (slide whistle slowly descends)
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