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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 8, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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so we expanded our product line to include electric cycles. we used the unlimited 1.5 percent cash back from our chase ink business unlimited ® credit card to help purchase tools and materials to build new models. and each time we use our card, we earn cash back to help grow our business. it's more than cycling, it's finding innovative ways to move forward. chase for business ® . make more of what's yours ® . always had capacity rules for gatherings. we've always had common sense limits on gatherings. and i'm sorry. i'm sorry that some of it rubs you the wrong way. but it is not a civil right. it is not apartheid. it is not the holocaust. a congressional town hall in the bay area tonight, stormed and disrupted by anti vaccine and pro trump.
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protesters, hold their all there. ruckus 90 minutes in marine. good evening. i'm andre senior in for frank and i'm julie julie haener representative jared huffman struggled to carry on despite that disruption to attend tonight. ktvu is deborah villalon live in sandra fell with the town hall and reaction from the congressman deb, julie. congressional town halls are generally very tame, even dry policy discussions. but that was before covid and before the. election, medical freedom the chant at the sandra fell community center has spanish. where is the second and the voice shouting to be heard? congressman jared huffman, who had about 100 people rsvp'd to his first in person town hall in a year. his
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audience ended up in face to face clashes with protesters. i have. apologize to everyone who came here to try to have a civil, respectful problem. ization demonstrators were upset that vaccination cards were originally required for admission, and that capacity was limited for social distance. we are the taxpayers, he is our servant. it doesn't go the other way around, people offered their vax cards, although it did end up an honor system, but hoffman didn't get to his first topic before protesters poured in. hoffman, clearly frustrated. respect the distance of others in the masking rules, but i can see you're not at one point of protesters stuck her tongue in a man's face trying to rip off his mask, which she later defended. civil disobedience is not going to look pretty all the time. the idea is that you're disrupting the flow of the day today. bugs please don't get physical with each other after an employed
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protesters to calm down and to see it on my doorstep. ah. yeah, they're they're entitled to their opinions. but do it in the civil approach. this was just ugly. sandra fell. police stood by throughout, have been preferring to slog his way through. you don't want to bring in police and get all heavy handed. you know they're going to claim that their victims he thanked his constituents who strained to hear about the issues and those interrupting. he called outrageous and a page from the donald trump playbook just because you're really loud and rude and disruptive, doesn't. make you right and it doesn't make you the majority. a sign of things to come for future congressional town halls. maybe but congressman hoffman says he won't quit on his public forums or abandoned public health guidelines. julie deborah villalon reporting live for us tonight in san leandro. deborah thank you. evacuations for a wind driven wildfire that started in yuba county today
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have been lifted tonight that fire broke out northeast of the town of wheatland at about two this afternoon. tonight. firefighters say they have stopped the forward progress of the fire. cal fire says the flames charred about 950 acres and destroyed at least one home at one point today. nearby bill air force base was forced to call for some evacuations as the flames threatened the base. some nearby homes were also evacuated. we're told everyone has now returned home, and no one was hurt. officials say the fire is now 28% contained well tonight. the san jose mother accused of killing her seven year old son and dumping his body west of las vegas awaits extradition back to vegas. samantha rodriguez was arrested at a hotel in denver this morning. ktvu as a smith is live in san jose with what authorities are saying about the days leading up to the body's death. yeah, well, andre, um, outside the family home in south san jose, where a memorial is growing for liam today, investigators revealed a message left from the boy's
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mother to his father. she said she was planning to leave him and take liam with her. the father, not realizing he'd never see his son again. a community in mourning a memorial for seven year old liam, who stead at the park across from the apartment complex in south san jose, where he lived. i have a seven year old and then his heart. knowing that this could happen to an innocent child, heartbroken father sharing photos of him and his son. this photo taken at the complex pool. the weekend before liam went missing police in las vegas with help from the fbi, announcing the arrest of limbs, mother 35 year old samantha moreno rodriguez at a denver hotel tuesday morning. well, the outcome is heartbreaking. there's a sense of closure that liam who stead will no longer be referred to as a john doe. the arrest comes 11 days after a hiker discovered liam's remains in mountain springs, nevada, investigators say back on may 24th, the boy's father found liam and his mother's
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belongings gone from the family home. a message left behind, she specifically tells him quote. i'm sorry i had to do it like this. she says she was planning to get a house for her and liam, there was nothing suspicious in that message that would lead the father to believe that liam or samantha was were involved in any kind of foul play. the boy's father called police a week later but held off on filing a report. i want to emphasize that when dad called us on june, 1st leon's body had already been discovered on may 28th. we had no knowledge on june 1st about this body and liam being found in las vegas. it wasn't until samantha's friend alerted authorities, liam resembled the sketch of john little lion dough in las vegas, a corneal liam's grandfather, leo went to a learning center for children with autism and a statement. liam's grandfather rights, something went horribly wrong with cm and liam has, unfortunately taken away apprehending sam to face. what
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her actions have done is great. she needs to be held accountable. however it doesn't make a difference for my son. he is devastated by the loss of liam. and a go fund me has been set up for the family of egil plan for this thursday night alliums favorite park in san jose. police say they had no prior contact with the family. no signs of use. police believe that liam was killed on may 28th in law in mountain springs. him liam and his mother were spotted at a las vegas hotel the day prior. police not releasing how he died. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. the fbi announced a global sting operation today that led to a massive takedown of 800 suspects. authorities also seized weapons cache, cryptocurrency and drugs. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live after speaking with cybercrime experts about the messaging device behind this unprecedented fbi operation, janna. julie, this is
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fascinating. it's being called unprecedented because usually the fbi is going and chasing after the criminals. in this case, they helped create an app and these encrypted devices and the criminals actually bought and use them to discuss money laundering and other crimes. this stunning law enforcement sting within the past two days has led to more than 500 criminals. arrested across the globe, some 32 tons of drugs 250 firearms and nearly $150 million seized as agents quickly closed in on criminal rings this week that they had documents showed that the plan started back in 2018 after the fbi took down a canadian company phantom secure that was providing encrypted devices allowing criminals to communicate the fbi in san diego tuesday announced that under operation trojan shield. the fbi created a replacement device marketed to the criminals for the first time the fbi developed and operated
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its own harden encrypted device company called an, um, an fbi map shows how the annum devices quickly gained popularity more than 12,000 encrypted devices sold to more than 300 criminal groups in more than 100 countries. every single person who used an, um used it for a criminal purpose. nicholas weaver, a computer science expert at u. c. berkeley, says. the coding for the devices was not the hard part. it's a brilliant example of taking advantage of, uh, social weaknesses with technical exploitation, actually building the cryptography necessary to do this would be something that would be a reasonable homework assignment. doing the integration needed and the social aspects needed to get this adopted and used by thousands of criminals is the true brilliance of this operation. experts say. the fbi steam shows a new frontier for cyber investigations and herbert limb of stanford
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university says the fbi faces challenges, though in recruiting talent if. you say? i don't want anybody who's ever done anything illegal, whether it's penetrating computer without authorization, or, um, uh, never taking drugs or something like that. um, then you're gonna cut yourself off from a lot of talent. and lynn notes that in this case, the fbi paid an insider $120,000 and a reduced sentence in order to help them create and distribute these devices. julie yes, it is really incredible. a global sweep of criminals involving some 16 countries. how are they able to handle the legal aspect of this operation? well you know, we were actually said that was another thing that was so brilliant here is that they were very meticulous. list. they actually had the message is decrypted outside of the united states, and they only sent in the message is that the fbi would legally be
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allowed to see. yeah, it's fascinating and impressive, janna. thank you. well the u s senate passed a measure today meant to boost us technology development in the face of competition from china. bill allocates $50 billion in emergency funding for semiconductor development and manufacturing. it increases spending overall by $250 billion over five years. this comes as the world is facing a shortage of computer chips. south bay congressman ro khanna is the lead sponsor of the bill in the house, where it is working its way through committees. marin county school superintendent has been arrested on suspicion of child molestation. robert rains is the superintendent of west marine shoreline unified school. district, the county sheriff's office says he was arrested today and booked on one count of lewd and lascivious acts against a child younger than 14, his linked in profile says he has been with the district since 2000 and 16 and worked as a principal and superintendent in other districts in marin and sonoma county. for the last several
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years, the marine county office of education released this statement today, reading in part, the health safety and well being of all of our students is our most important important priority. pardon me. the district took swift and immediate action, notifying the marine county sheriff's office and placed mr raines on leave coming up at 10 45 a symbol of pride and unity stolen. why a flag missing from an east bay home held special significance and how neighbors are now showing their support. our unseasonably cool weather is going to last into your bay area wednesday. we'll check in on your current conditions and show you what you can expect for tomorrow. coming up up next reopening california one week from today, new details from san francisco tonight on exactly how the city plans to welcome everyone back.
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you know and roll back to full capacity with the out sort outside as well. it seems a bit overwhelming, so i just don't know that we're going back to 99 capacity inside. you know, it's uh, it's just we don't have the staff, federal law and workplace guidance may still dictate mass be worn in some settings, including on public transportation and at some large events to more counties are moving to the least restrictive level on the state's tier system just one week before the state of california drops it all together. alameda and napa counties are headed to the yellow terror starting tomorrow. restaurants and james can increase capacity and bars conserved drinks without offering food movie theaters. places of worship wineries. breweries in food courts can operate at 50% indoors. pfizer is expanding testing of its vaccine for children ages five through 11 up to 4500 children will be enrolled in the clinical trials in the u. s finland, poland and spain. adults and kids 12 up are getting 30 micrograms advisor
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says that younger children need just a third of that, and the dosage for babies and toddlers will be even smaller children are still getting two shots a few weeks apart. some states worry they will have to throw away vaccines before they can be distributed in ohio officials are rushing to administer about 200,000 doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine before they expire in two weeks. the governor says they have no legal options to send them to other states or countries. arkansas says they have 60,000 doses that are about to expire, the white house says, even if the shots are not used, they represent only a tiny fraction of doses sent to the states. lawmakers. released a report today detailing widespread breakdowns in security and communication and the police response to the right of the capital five months ago as caroline shively reports from capitol hill, it lays out immediate changes to be made. new senate report lays out multiple law enforcement failures leading up to and during the january 6th capital riot what was telling to me
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with the intelligence community. they said they weren't able to put out a warning because they weren't sure whether or not this was related to violence or if it was free speech. well why were they questioning the credibility of what we were all seeing on the internet? the report blames a series of missteps by capitol police and other agencies. had caused officers to plan for the event as if it was just another trump rally, even though activists were openly calling to storm the capital in online posts. five people died and more than 140 were injured. sadly it was the front line officers who were left to defend us to defend our staff and to defend democracy. the report also found fault with the fbi and homeland security for not giving specific warnings about intelligence that they had gathered. but leadership failed. there was an addict. what equipment? there was an adequate training. there wasn't adequate protocols when it came to getting the national guard to respond to help the police on the capitol grounds. capitol
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police released a response to the report tuesday morning, saying that no agency knew that thousands of rioters were planning to attack the u. s capitol. the known intelligence simply didn't support that conclusion. the report also details more than 20 recommendations to secure the capital that senators say can be implemented immediately. little hill, caroline shively, ktvu fox. two news well finds for illegal fireworks are going to be more expensive this year for people living in contra costa county under a new ordinance approved today, owners can be held responsible for anyone using fireworks on their property. the sheriff's office can now find them $100 for the first violation, 204, 2nd and 500 for each additional violation within the same year. this comes as 30 people were recently displaced by a fire that burned two apartment buildings in any attack that fire started by illegal fireworks in an effort to stop illegal fireworks. the city of richmond is offering a 25 $100 reward for anyone who reports any reports rather that lead to
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the arrest or fine of people who are using them, richmond police said last year they received over 2500 calls but issued only one citation. fireworks are illegal in richmond and anyone possessing, selling, storing using or giving them away can be fined up to $1000 and get six months of jail time. several other bay area cities cracking down. on illegal fireworks. yeah yeah, especially dry out there as we know and no rain in the forecast. we do have the cooling trend that will continue through your bay area wednesday. a live look here across the oakland estuary and over towards the san francisco this evening where it's a pretty one out there. we do have partly cloudy skies. i do expect the low clouds. to return very similar to what we had this morning, so partly cloudy for tomorrow morning. the temperatures outside right now 51 degrees in san francisco 56 in santa rosa upper fifties in oakland and livermore, san jose, also checking in in the fifties, most areas within a degree or so of where we were
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yesterday, so it feels a lot like yesterday and the winds are onshore. oakland reporting 20 mph. fairfield reporting 13. there's a vantage point from up above or you can see we're partly cloudy to partly clear over areas of these central and south bay mostly clear over areas of the north bay. so the cool down will continue, perhaps even a tad cooler as temperatures bottom out tomorrow. better details on your numbers for tomorrow and the extended forecast into your weekend. coming up in just a little bit. all right. we'll see you a little bit later. thanks rosemary. coming up at 10 30, a bay area water agency raises its rates and in two minutes the search for an armed person at a bay area mall after two cars are riddled with bullet holes outside, plus a wave of violence, prompting san jose's mayor to talk gun restrictions. the proposal he is vowing to take to city council.
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foxx flew overhead this afternoon. police say they responded to a call of shots fired outside the mall shortly after two pm, they found two vehicles in the parking lot with bullet holes, but no victims. police say the shooter may have entered the ball, then left through another exit. so far, no word on any arrests. the mall remained open for business following the deadly shooting rampage at the vita railyard, the mayor of san jose is working to crack down on gun violence. mayor sam liccardo believe the citizens of san jose cannot wait on the federal or state governments to act ktvu is jesse gary tells us the mayor is proposing restrictions believed to be the first of their kind in the nation. our families feel the toll firearms every day in their neighborhoods, and we need to take action. standing in front of a memorial for the vita shooting victims. san jose mayor sam liccardo recounting the 11 gun crimes in the city over the past two weeks. then he and other elected leaders and community stakeholders made
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the push for change. data and research shows the common sense public safety laws can reduce gun violence at the june 16th, the city council rules committee. mayor will propose an ordinance requiring gun owners purchase liability insurance, pay a registration fee to legally own a firearm in the city of san jose and banned the possession, assembly and manufacturer of so called ghost guns, weapons without traceable serial numbers so we can use these approaches to mitigate gun harm as well. and we need to be all of these actions will save lives. these proposed changes first floated in 2019. at that time, the national rifle association remarked. criminals are already ignoring california's more than 800 gun laws. so it's doubtful many of them would rush out and get liability insurance. this is another tax on law abiding gun owners. we already do pay for gun violence. it's just a question of who picks up the tab. david ball is a law professor at santa clara university school of law. it
10:25 pm
makes sense to me to actually, you know, remove the public funding of the social safety net as regards the harms of gun violence. um rather than pick somewhere else to do it like public schooling. we can't stop all the violence, all the gun violence, but we're going to do everything in our power to reduce gun violence in the city. the mayor also wants this city and others to join a call for an injunction against a federal court's ruling. removing california's assault weapon ban if the mayor's ordinance makes it out of the rules committee, it could go before the full city council june 23rd outside san jose city hall. i'm jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, the san mateo county board of supervisors approved an ordinance today regulating the sale of firearms in the unincorporated areas of the county. under current law, gun dealers are licensed by the state with minimal requirements. the county's new ordinance requires gun sellers to have a
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locally issued license, maintain liability insurance implement in store security measures and imposed restrictions for operations in or near residential neighborhoods. the measure requires a second reading and vote. the pride flag has a particular meaning, and, um, and it has a little more intention behind it. she does not think the theft of her pride flag not once but twice was a prank. still ahead when east bay mother says, flying it as part of her daughter's legacy, plus the ceo of colonial pipeline defends a decision to pay a multi million dollar ransom, like he says the company had no choice. also a grand night for the giants in texas. that story a little later. in sports up next a rate hike for many east bay water customers, the increase starting next month and why the water agency says the drought
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alameda and contra costa counties. today the board of east bay mud voted to increase rates that means of 4% rate hike begins july 1st and another 4% increase will take effect next year. the revenue generated will be used for capital improvements like replacing old water pipelines and pumps and work on water treatment plants. east bay mud says the increase is not due to the drought. we thought, um, uh, dry day fund. essentially that will help us right now, as we look to purchase water, and so we're not asking for anything extra today. but if the drought gets more severe, and that need is there there is the ability of the board to put additional drought searches on surcharges on which could pay for the additional costs of buying additional water. east bay mud provides drinking water to 1.4 million customers and
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wastewater treatment for 740,000 customers. infrastructure negotiations between president biden and a group of gop senators officially ended today as they continue to disagree on the size of that spending plan and a statement, white house press secretary geoff osaki said the president was disappointed while he was willing to reduce his plan by $1 trillion republicans increased their proposal by only $150 billion. the latest offer that we had seen from senator capitals group did not meet the essential needs of our country to restore broads and bridges. prepare us for clean energy future and create jobs. well now the white house is shifting its focus toward a proposal from a bipartisan group of 20 senators. supporters say the $878 billion proposal would be paid for over the next 5 to 8 years, but they haven't released more details about it. dozens of websites went down briefly around the globe today after an outage at fastly, a san francisco cloud computing service company, the sites that
10:31 pm
could not be reached include some amazon pages. the financial times, reddit cnn, the new york times and britain's government homepage. fastly has servers around the world to speed access to websites, no matter where in the world a user is located. just think of it as like a branch office if you had a factory in detroit, but you had offices all over the country. you could get your products a lot easier than if you drove to the local store versus ship, something all the way from detroit. well service was restored in about an hour, the company said in an emailed statement that the average was a technical issue and not related to a cyber attack. it also apologized for the problems. the ceo of colonial pipeline said he had the public interest in mind when he paid more than $4 million in ransom to cybercriminals. the ceo told lawmakers he would do it again. the hat caused gasoline shortages on much of the east coast last month. lawmakers argued that when one company pays it makes all us companies at target, but the ceo said he didn't have a choice. we've got
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the pipeline restarted on wednesday. the absolute right this decision to make and i'll do it again under the same circumstances when critical infrastructure is run by a private entity that there need to be some rules and some frameworks to make sure that the interests of the american people are served. the justice department said yesterday it had recovered 85% of the digital currency that colonial pipeline paid to the hackers. the fbi tracked down more than $2 million worth of bitcoins paid his ransom. ktvu tom baker tells us agents say they hope that recovery sends a signal. in any ransom demand even online, the most dangerous part for the criminal is getting the payment without getting caught. colonial pipeline, paid the ransom online and send it to a specific address. the fbi cyber crime squad in san francisco began to trace that payment because all bitcoin transactions are recorded on a widely distributed public ledger. though the bad guys can
10:33 pm
endlessly transfer the money in whole or in part, two other online addresses to cover their tracks. the fbi relentlessly followed them, u c. berkeley computer and cyber scientist nicholas weaver. it's very easy to trace bitcoin, but it's actually very hard to seize it. when the fbi traced most of the bitcoins gathered and deposited into a single account, perhaps to pay off conspirators. the fbi got a federal seizure warrant. most critically, the fbi somehow acquired the digital combination code to open it now whether the fbi got that from an informant. digital bounty hunter or hat and filched it directly from the russian criminal group. the dark side $2.3 million was recovered. this is a very clever disruption of the money, but only for one affiliate. and
10:34 pm
one of their targets. we will continue to use all of our tools and all of our resources to increase the cost and the consequences of ransomware attacks and other cyber enabled attacks. veteran tech analyst larry maggot says. another theory has it that the f b i really did recover all the money, the money that was recovered is a lot less than what was paid. partially because they don't have it all but largely because cryptocurrency has gone way down in value, and it does fluctuate dramatically. one of the reasons it's gone down in price is because people who are using it to hide their transaction there now worried. that perhaps it's not as crypto and they thought it was. but this will continue unless companies protect themselves far better and refused to pay. it's just business. you don't pay. your data gets dumped and your backups destroyed. the fbi minced no words. there's no place beyond the reach of the fbi to conceal illicit funds that will prevent us from
10:35 pm
imposing risks and consequences upon the malicious cyber actors. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. well companies looking to hire big time the record nine million jobs available as the economy reopened in april, and how many employers actually filled. our unseasonably cool powder will last a into your bay area wednesday. i do see a warm up in time for the weekend, though better details coming up up next vice president kamala harris is trip to latin america as she tries to focus attention on the root causes of migration to the us, then it must be a priority. for us to understand why people us to understand why people leave. all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it.
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first international visit in her new role, centering on diplomacy and curbing the surge of migrants at the border. harris laid out plans for improving economic conditions that often drive people to the border and dismissed criticism that the administration still has not made a trip to the us mexico border. ktvu political reporter greg lee explains. i strongly believe that we are embarking on a new era vice president kamala harris spent the day in mexico city on the second leg of her first overseas trip, trying to tackle the root causes of a surge in central american migrants. the u. s southern border if it is a priority to us to be concerned about what is happening at our border, then it must be a priority for us. to understand why people leave paris and mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding to establish greater cooperation between the two countries on development programs in honduras, guatemala and el salvador. he knows how
10:39 pm
to get up and we will touch on that touches councils, but. addressing the fundamental root positive vp. harris also held meetings with women, entrepreneurs and labor leaders charged with leading efforts to curb migration from central america. she is focused on improving economic conditions that often drive people to the border. the two leaders also discussed border security and anti smuggling efforts. there are many factors at play when we look at migration historically and currently. it is also an issue that we must tackle them at every level. harris dismissed criticism that the administration has not made a trip to the us mexico border yet. listen i've been to the border before i will go again. but when i'm in guatemala dealing with root causes, i think we should have a conversation about what's going on in guatemala monday from guatemala, she told migrants thinking about making the trip
10:40 pm
do not come, adding, they'll be turned back. democratic congresswoman. alexandria ocasio cortez pushed back tweeting. this is disappointing to see seeking asylum at any u. s border is a 100% legal method of arrival. greg lee ktvu, fox two news. job opening surged to a record 9.3 million in april. that is up 12% from march, according to the labor department. however employers only hired six million people meaning jobs are opening up faster than they can be filled hotels and restaurants reported the biggest increase in jobs, the number of americans quitting their jobs was up 11% almost four million in april, the highest number going back to 2000. wall street stocks closed mixed today. the dow was down 30 points. the nasdaq was up 43 points largely due to gains in a handful of big tech companies and the s and p ticked up a fraction of a point. well, wal mart says it will be closing its doors on thanksgiving day. the company says the closure is a way for walmart to think its employees
10:41 pm
for their hard work during the pandemic. this will be the second year in a row that the retailer has closed on the holiday target and best buy also say they will be closed on november 25th. the senate. claire evita is making several service changes starting next week. beginning monday, vita will operate a new weekday peak hour shuttle between the dura don station in santa clara valley medical center. the shuttle is designed to meet caltrain ultimate quarter express and bus services at the station, and the shuttle will provide seven nonstop trips from dear don to the medical center in the morning, and in the afternoon. the vita is also making schedule changes on dozens of routes. now, officials say the changes are based on ridership trends and are not. related to the recent mass shooting at the railyard coming up new attend a pride flag stolen from a family's yard. why they say that flag held special significance and how neighbors have rallied to show their support since the theft, and meteorologist mark tamayo is back with his full forecast, he will show us
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memory of her late daughter, and it was stolen. neighbors generously gifted her with replacements. but in a matter of weeks, someone stole one of those flags. ktvu is amberleigh.
10:45 pm
now with why the mother says she isn't giving up. this is what our neighborhood stands for two pride flags are flown outside christine harley's home in walnut creek. i um, you know, definitely identify as an al a for the community and. um was always very supportive of my daughter. she lost her daughter asian last year in february two suicide does she identified as bisexual? um and she was very open with people about that. for more than a year, harley had flown a pride flag that belonged to the 19 year old in honor of her memory, but it was stolen last month, harley shared with me this video of her daughter who was accepting of everyone. it warmed my heart to have had gotten a replacement within 24 hours. the replacement flag was a gift from this neighbor. whenever we
10:46 pm
insist on sameness, no one wins because sameness is an impossibility. harley received two more pride flags from neighbors. but just weeks later on, may 31st someone's to one of those flags flying outside, they actually ripped the screws out of. the fence post. despite the thefts, harley tells me she plans to continue to fly the pride flag, she says. they have become a symbol of welcome for the lgbtq community. young adults have actually come to my door to use my phone, or, you know, asking for help because that flag made them feel safe. on sunday, asia, sister and friends painted the fence in rainbow colors. the fence is, um. yeah, that that is not as easy to steal. that would be much harder to take holy suspects hate is behind the thefts since june is pride month, she has installed surveillance cameras and signs
10:47 pm
defiance in the face of hate in walnut creek, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. how another cool, breezy day around the bay area. we're going to continue with us. unseasonably cool pattern for one more day before we do begin to rebound in and around the bay area at this hour. partly cloudy skies and temperatures are cooling off. here's a look at some of the afternoon highs from earlier today, well below the seasonal norm, especially inland. dropping off several degrees, even from yesterday's cool numbers, upper sixties livermore this afternoon in the north based 71 reported about 6n francisco today, low sixties in areas over oakland. and if a lot of sixties around the bay mid to upper sixties for the east based shore as well as the peninsula. temperatures outside right now, 53 degrees in san francisco. i'll fifties in our inner east bay of concord, 58. in the north bay, 54 over napa.
10:48 pm
the onshore breeze remains with us. it was breezy out there today. not quite as windy as yesterday yesterday that wind advisory and that was allowed to expire last night, and today we continue with the cool pacific air moving through areas of oakland reporting 20 mph. nevada reporting a wind gust to 24 into tomorrow. temperatures are going to be similar today. perhaps even a tad cooler as we are bottom out with this pattern here. here's a look at what's going on outside our doors. the spanish point of the satellite view showing you part least clear to partly cloudy in and around the central and south bay in the north bay. we are partly cloudy to mostly clear. getting into the future cast. we do have the pacific northwest that continues to pick up a little bit of scatter shower activity. there's a look at friday morning. looks like northern california will even get in on this, but for the most part, we are looking dry throughout the weekend. the future cast model all pics also picks up on some accumulation out there. you could see perhaps a little bit of drizzle over our area. san francisco coming in with 1
10:49 pm
1/100 of an inch or so by sunday night again, this is just a future cast model, and that's what we will go with, at least for now, as we get a little bit closer that will continue to change temperatures tomorrow morning. 40 degrees santa rosa 50 in san francisco and upper forties to start your morning in santa rosa. your afternoon highs for tomorrow. going to be on the cool side, upper fifties in pacifica to upper sixties and livermore. upper sixties in napa. the extended forecast, though, shows you we will begin to see some changes as we get a little bit closer to the weekend opera seventies, too. low eighties in the forecast once again for inland communities, upper sixties to low seventies around the bay upper fifties to low sixties at the coast back to you, rosemary, do not look like market. all my apologies for that tease earlier. thank you so much. no problem. a special service was held today by conservationist group who were calling for greater protections for whales in the bay and along the california coast. the conservation has held what they called it. wake at crissy field to mark the deaths of a dozen whales that have washed up on bay area shores. this year.
10:50 pm
they see whales are facing a lot of threats both man made and natural and action needs to be taken to protect them. there are new hazards for these whales that we need to address. the ship strikes the entanglement in fishing gear. and changes to the environment, particularly the arctic environment right now due to global warming, conservationists say limiting the speed of ships will help save whales lives as well as using ro pless fishing technology instead of crab lines along california's coast for new dog breeds will compete in this year's westminster kennel club dog show, barbet. fever terrier, belgian lack in wa and diogo, argentina will all be making their debut this weekend. the breeds were eligible to compete after the american kennel club officially recognize them on it's pure bred dog registry. the dog show is usually held in february at madison square garden. due to the pandemic, it was moved to
10:51 pm
the outdoor grass lawns of lyndhurst estates in terry town, which is north of new york city. the show won't be open to the public this year, but fans can still watch on tv. beginning friday. resistance with faces all right after the break a special day for brandon crawford in texas sports director marco banias with the story next, then on the 11 o'clock news, a central valley grassfire grows quickly and burns of families home what they saw as that fire advanced. [hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani]
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[cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪
10:53 pm
tonight. no one in the history of the giants, new york or san francisco has played more games at shortstop brandon crawford. i would argue no one's played more and no one's played better keep this guy lifetime giant. he wasn't just going to go out there and play is 1326 game and
10:54 pm
do nothing. teammates honor of by letting him run out on the field alone in the bottom of the first down in texas, popular and talented team mate that he is. and like i said he wasn't just showing up. he wouldn't smash solo 13th in the sixth inning gives the giants a 21 lead, however, come the eight pitting the giants find themselves down. 4 to 2 to the rangers. two out 31 count on mike stockman in a six for 44 funk, lashing a grand slam. the right thing left the yard about 2.3 seconds. that's the first grand salama of his career and. the giants take us 64 lead. everybody's pumped. it just changed the complexion of the entire ball game in the ninth inning, giants break it open. who else crawford two on picking to ride his 14th 94 final giants pick up a game on the padres, who got dumped. 58
10:55 pm
chicago cubs. and just like the giants, the a is also able to pick on a bottom feeder, and i'll tell you what month for now, no one's even gonna remember this game was played. not a lot of. historic moments by any means, but these are the games you have to win and the a's. do send the diamondbacks to defeat can like sweet cut kid getting to play. the diamondbacks have last 18 in a row on the road. like i say, no long ball the usual for the a's just let nick max in a five run fourth inning, and it is chad pinder. pinch hitting, reaching down and scooping a single to left field got himself an r b. i and the rally was on matt chapman hitting the 206, starting to come through looking like it anyway. liner to left that'll fetch mitch moreland 31 lead. they had a couple more in the inning, making it all the easier for chris bassett, who turns in another nice out eating what? seven indians gave up just four
10:56 pm
hits, two runs. solid victory, six to uh, is his record 52 is the final the days when it absolutely no suspension with regard to the who was the m v in the nba? that would be nicola yokich center for the denver nuggets in the true sense of most valuable player, i got to give it to steph curry. not trying to be a homer, but come on. think about what most valuable player is. he finished third in the balloting up in utah. that's the mailman karl malone, game one clips and jazz along with paul, george and company short rest coming up their win over dallas. sloppy play turnover. jazz it, snatch it and motion bogdanovich will drain the three and that is an early lead erased in the final moments. markets morris blocked by the defensive player. year of the year. rudy gobert and the clips
10:57 pm
led by 13.5 wind up losing donovan mitchell at 45 1 12 19 is the final game one goes. to the jazz. all right, man. the, uh, the guards that rule over injuries and the nfl not kind at all to the san francisco 40 niners, particularly last year. nick bosa, jimmy g topping the list, but again, it looks like the injury bug plaguing them down in santa clara today, the final day of their practice sessions down there and they get some bad news out of the ota is important reserves suffering a season ending injuries. believe it. offensive lineman justin schools torn a c l and safety tar various more a torn achilles. all this happened during practice drills, and they will be out for the coming season. they have got to get a break or to with regard to health. all right, you know
10:58 pm
that old saying in baseball. touch them all when you hit a home run. what you gotta do it, actually, check this out. it happened in the dodgers pittsburgh pirates game this evening. the pirates keep ryan hazed. nice swing right here against walker buehler ball will leave the yard. he thinks he's hit a home run and crosses the plate. but watch the replay the dodgers eagle eyed they spotted it. he missed for space that replay it won't want to get away that. it is embarrassing, got a little excited there and missed the bag at first, and they call them out. all right. i want to get away. well maybe he wanted to get away to the waterfront property of clay thompson spotted today, channeling his inner beast mode as he goes into the water and his dog rocko upon the dock. they're taken on klay thompson, who seems to be rehab white five
10:59 pm
from the achilles heel injury look forward to seeing back on the court making the plane that is the sporty life right now. he's recovering. it was so sad today to hear about those 49 or injuries. mark just terrible to happen like now. yeah, when you think last year nick bosa, jimmy g. the list went on and on and to think that that's going to happen again. it's pretty hard to take. they deserve a break. see what happens the rest of the way, but they cancelled their workouts today. uh you know, just making sure no one else gets hurt, so we'll send it back to you guys. andre and julie crossed fingers crossed. we did not need any guarantees on that gotta be better than that. appreciate it. all right. next at 11, california is set to reopen one week from today. and tonight. we know that san francisco will drop its covid restrictions along with the state, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox to start exactly. it's been a long 15 months with many ups and downs during the pandemic, but tonight there is
11:00 pm
a light at the end of the tunnel. for many of those restrictions we've endured. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre senior in for frank san francisco had among the strictest public health rules in the country. but that will fall off next week tonight. leaders confirmed that the city will align with the state guidance in most cases, and that means most businesses will be able to operate at full capacity inside and the city will also drop it in. indoor mask requirement for fully vaccinated people. city officials say. there will also be some restrictions on so called mega events with more than 5000 people gathered indoors or 10,000 outside governor. newsom announced plans to widely reopened california more than two months ago, but it's been unclear until recently whether bay area counties would be fully on board with this, but now that san francisco mayor london breed has said the city will align with the state businring p for reopening by trying to find enough. employees, so you know and roll back to full capacity with the outsource outside


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