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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 8, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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of closure that liam, who's dead will no longer be referred to as a john doe. police said the boy had not been referred to social services. there is nothing that indicates there was any type of long term abuse whatsoever. san jose police say officers had no previous contact with the family until a week ago, when the boy's father called to say he didn't know where liam and his mother were. at that time, he was not sure if he wanted to pursue any type of, you know, child stealing parental abduction charges on mom. the father had no idea his son had already been killed. a family friend came forward days later, saying the composite sketch of the book looked a lot like liam las vegas police detective flew to san jose to get liam's pillow. an item was provided to them with dna that they were able to match in a statement to ktvu, liam's grandfather, chris, whose dad wrote apprehending sam to face what her actions have done is great. she needs to be held accountable, no matter why it happened. however it doesn't make a difference for my son. he is devastated by the loss of liam. now las vegas police say
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the boy's mother was with another male at the denver hotel, but he is not suspected in the boy's death. the mother faces extradition to nevada. andre troubling story to be sure, all right, thank you so much and rank the live. report a glitch at a san francisco tech company overnight led to dozens of website outages around the world. ktvu is james tourist tells us about the company at the center of the issue and what experts have to say about the widespread outages from streaming service. is two handful of other websites like pinterest all down this morning for about an hour, a block from here along brandon street in san francisco, is a company called fastly, a small problem there created a big problem worldwide. from retail websites to streaming services, even britain's government website, according to the attorney general's twitter page down for about an hour this morning, internet safety expert larry maggot explains what happened and once in a while and intention of making the software better,
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actually causing the problem that seems to be the current. sense of what happened. fastly as san francisco based content delivery company, the center of it all. in basic terms. they have servers all around the world to give you easy, fast and efficient access to your favorite websites. no matter where in the world you are. just think of it as like a branch office if you had a factory in detroit, but you had offices all over the country. you could get your products a lot easier than if you drove to the local store versus. ship something all the way from detroit. i reached down to fastly and they offered this statement we identified as service configuration that triggered disruptions across our p o. p s globally and have disabled. that configuration. our global network is coming back online. this was a technical issue triggered by a service configuration and is not related to a cyber attack. the outage only lasted about an hour. it had a widespread effect and could easily happen again. but maggots says it isn't something to worry about. but we are so on edge. right
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now, because of what's been happening with these ransomware attacks, but i think any glitch in the web is going to get our attention. and perhaps maybe a little bit of an overreaction right now reporting in san francisco i'm james torres, ktvu, fox. two news more than 18 million californians are now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to the state's vaccine dashboard. that's over 53% of the population aged 2012, and over now another 12% of partially vaccinated, the state's clinics have nearly seven million doses on hand. and they are averaging about 127,000 shots per day and today, two more bay area counties moved into the least restrictive yellow tear in the states color coded system, alameda and napa counties can both increase indoor capacity at restaurants as well as other businesses. starting tomorrow. bars also do not have to offer food to be able to serve drinks one week from today, the state will eliminate the color coded tier system as a pandemic eases. san francisco board of supervisors committee approved legislation making outdoor park clips that have been set up
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during the pandemic permanent more than 2200. businesses in san francisco, received approval to set up park less in the past year. the legislation to make the park let's permanent now goes before the full board of supervisors on june 22nd and with california fully reopening next week, businesses are getting ready. ktvu christian captain joins us now live and christian. some businesses still have a lot of work to get done before that reopening date. that's exactly right. a lot of work and a lot of questions right now there is a webinar underway as we speak in san francisco with the aim of answering some of those questions at the same time, as you said restaurants and bars are saying that they're going to need a lot of guidance going forward to make reopening a success. businesses are gearing up for june 15th the target date, governor gavin newsom set for a full reopening of the state's economy. but laurie thomas, who runs a number of restaurants in san francisco, and heads up, the golden gate restaurant association, says she needs clarification if what the state says will be the law
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of the land or if there will be different restrictions on the local level. we hope to hear that we're going to reopen, so we know that the state sets its guidance, and then the city gets to weigh in if they're going to match that or be stricter, and so we're hoping they're going to match that. in the meantime, she's gearing up and looking for staff without door and indoor dining at 100% she and other restaurants are scrambling to get some of the basics in place. i personally i'm short 16 chairs because we're using our inside chairs outside and nobody can get chairs. i was on the phone with miami today, and they're like it's on a container ship from, you know, god knows where duncan like owns the bar, soda pop, pinsky and a number of other businesses in san francisco, he says. he's also hoping that the state and city officials can get on the same page and offer clear guidance on june, 15th will work. but he says, for now, some things to which we've become accustomed during the pandemic will remain in place. our staff is going to continue to mask um, we're
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going to continue to, uh um just kind of do things the way that we have been doing them until we get really concrete guidelines for what we should be doing, he says one of the big issues for him and other small businesses remains getting staff in place. so you know and roll back to full capacity with the outsource outside as well. it seems a bit overwhelming, so i just don't know that we're going back to 99 capacity inside. you know, it's just we don't have the staff. now we have been monitoring the webinar that's being offered by the san francisco office of economic and wars workforce development that webinar underway as we speak. just a few minutes ago, the mayor said. san francisco will join the state in fully reopening, but she said there will still be some rules in place for large scale events and some restrictions as well for medical facilities reporting live christian captain ktvu fox. two news. everybody looking forward to that date, christian. thank you. marin county school superintendent has been
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arrested on suspicion of child molestation. robert rains is the superintendent of the shoreline unified school district in west marin, marin county sheriff's office says he was arrested today and booked on one count of lewd illicit sex acts against a child younger than 14 is linked in profile says he's been with the district since 2016. and worked as a principal and superintendent in other districts in marin and sonoma county. for the last several years, the marin county office of education released this statement today. reading in part, the health safety and well being of all of our students is our most important priority. it is the mandate of all schools to follow all relevant laws with regard to any allegations of child abuse, the district took swift and immediate action notifying the marine county sheriff's office and place mr raines on leave coming up, vice president kamala harris. with leaders in mexico on the last leg of her trip south of the border. also ahead, the east bay communities toughening fireworks ordinances ahead of the fourth of july still to come tonight. the new
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in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. shooting in or near the stoneridge mall, sky foxes overhead late this afternoon. it's unclear at this hour whether anyone has been hurt. police are asking people to stare clear of the area while they investigate. funeral service was held this afternoon for one of the people killed in last month's mass shooting at the vts vita rail yard in san jose. alex fritch was
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transported to the hospital where he would later die in the arms of his wife, terror. she called him the rock of the family, saying he worked the graveyard shift so we could be with his family during the day. the 49 year old grew up in ben loman, he leaves behind his wife, two teenage sons and a 30 year old daughter. in the wake of that vta light rail yard mass shootings. jose's mayor is revisiting the issue of reducing gun violence. ktvu is jesse gary live now at san jose city hall with the mayor's proposal and possible push back to it, jesse middle. accardo believes the citizens of san jose can't wait for you to the state or the federal government to act, so he's proposing what he believes to be the first of its kind of the nation. restrictive measures aimed at reducing the emotional and financial costs of gun violence. our families feel the toll firearms every day in their neighborhoods, and we need to take action. standing in front of a memorial for the
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vita shooting victims. san jose mayor sam liccardo recounting the 11 gun crimes in the city over the past two weeks. then he and other elected leaders and community stakeholders made the push for change. data and research shows the common sense public safety laws can reduce gun violence at the june 16th, the city council rules committee. mayor will propose an ordinance requiring gun owners purchase liability insurance, pay a registration fee to legally own a firearm in the city of san jose and banned the possession, assembly and manufacturer of so called ghost guns, weapons without traceable serial numbers so we can use these approaches to mitigate gun harm as well. and we need to be all of these actions will save lives. these proposed changes first floated in 2019 at that time, the national rifle association remarked. criminals are already ignoring california's more than 800 gun laws, so it's doubtful many of them would rush out and get liability insurance. this is
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another tax on law abiding gun owners. we already do pay for gun violence. it's just a question of who picks up the tab. david ball is a law professor at santa clara university school of law. it makes sense to me too. to actually, you know, remove the public funding of the social safety net as regards the harms of gun violence. um rather than pick somewhere else to do it like public schooling. we can't stop all the violence, all the gun violence, but we're going to do everything in our power to reduce gun violence in the city. the mayor also wants this city and others to join in a call for an injunction against a federal courts. uh court ruling that removed california's assault weapon ban now, if the mayor's ordinance for this city actually makes it out of the rules committee next week, it could go before the full city council as early as june. 23rd relies outside san
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jose city hall in san jose this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, we'll head back to you. all right, jesse. thank you, a southern california man was charged today with the murder in connection with the roadway shooting that killed a six year old boy. 24 year old marcus arias and his girlfriend, 23, year old winnie lee made a brief virtual court appearance today in orange county. lee was charged with accessory after the fact concealing a firearm. authorities say they believe lee was driving a car on the 55 freeway in orange county last month when series fired the shot that killed six year old aiden loki. it has but during a road rage conflict between his mother and the two suspects, the judge increased areas bail to $2 million leaves being held on $500,000 bail is set to return to court june 18th for arraignment. water will soon cost more for hundreds of thousands of customers in alameda and contra costa counties. today the board of the east bay municipal utilities district voted to increase rates. it's a 4% rate
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heights starting july, 1st and another 4% increase next year. the revenue generated will be used for capital improvements like replacing old water pipelines and pumps and work on water treatment plants. east bay mud says the increase is not due to the drought. we bought a dry day fund. essentially that will help us right now as we look to purchase water, and so we're not asking for anything extra today. but if the drought gets more severe, and that need is there there is the ability of the board to put additional drought searches surcharges on which could pay for the additional cost of buying additional water. east bay. mud provides drinking water to 1.4 million customers and wastewater treatment for 740,000 customers are well. cal fire crews are on the scene of a fast moving grass in yuba county. it's burning northeast of wheatland, which is about 20 miles north of roosevelt. some homes have been evacuated, and yuba county sheriff's deputies are actually going door to door, telling people to be ready to
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leave. at a moment's notice. at least one structure has been destroyed. cal fire says more than 300 acres have burned and the fire is not contained at all. and it's too early to know how. this fire started. and whether we have windy conditions here in the bay area and windy conditions out toward the yuba county as well. in fact, i just put together this map of the weather conditions around the fire zone, and it is breezy as we take a look at the current reports out there and you get an idea of the layout. so there's interstate 80 in the bottom right portion of your screen leading up to fairfax and not fairfax, colfax and then up to up to a grass valley. and then you can see the observations kind of surrounding the fire and the winds are up there around 12 to 16 to 24 miles an hour, so i'm sure that is a big challenge for fire crews. those winds going to have a southerly component. we're not talking about any major heat, but we still have those gusty winds in place for that portion of the estate back here in the bay area, as you can see lots of clear skies looking out toward the golden gate bridge right
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now, lots of clear conditions. here's the satellite and the radar where you can actually see some clouds and some showers up to our north is becoming closer to the burial. check out some of the current numbers out there. san francisco right now. 58 degrees. we have some seventies out toward fairfield livermore checking in 66 san jose 66 half moon bay, still a bit windy out toward the immediate coastline with temperatures in the upper fifties, close to a 60 degrees for your wednesday, i'm going to start things off with some cloud cover some breezy conditions into the afternoon hours with winds. around 15 to 25 miles an hour. temperatures have definitely been trending down and tomorrow, probably one of the cooler days of the week with the warmest locations struggling to reach the 70 degree mark. we will eventually warm things back up, and also we'll talk about that little bit of a shower chance or a sprinkle chance showing up at the five day forecast. we have the full update coming up in just a few minutes. all right, we'll see you, then. mark thank you. a special service was held earlier today by conservation
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groups who are calling for greater protections for whales in the bay and along the caliph. oranje coast, the conservationist held what they called awake at christie field to mark the deaths of a dozen whales that have washed up on bay area shores. this year. they say whales face a lot of different threats, which are man made and natural and action needs to be taken to protect them. there are new hazards for these whales that we need to address the ship strikes the entanglement in fishing gear. and changes to the environment, particularly the arctic environment right now due to global warming, the conservationists say, limiting the speed of ships will help save whale lives as well as using ro pless fishing technology instead of crab lines along california's coast. well coming up. oakland's police chief speaks out today about what he sees calling an epidemic of violence in his city. also ahead, coming up on ktvu news at six, raiders owner mark davis buys a luxury condo in las vegas for more than $5
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airport temporarily closed the garage for a time today, the fire broke out at about 6 30 this morning on level four of the domestic hourly parking garage. eight cars were damaged by that fire. the driver of the car that caught fire was treated at the scene for difficulty breathing and then released. the garage has now reopened and there was no impact on the terminals or flights. oakland police chief addressed what he called an epidemic of gun violence as police investigate yet another shooting today, the sheriff said that two women were shot and wounded this morning in brookfield village near 98th avenue. both are in the hospital with severe injuries,
5:22 pm
chief laurent armstrong said that a combination of law enforcement and violence prevention is needed along with community involvement. with 57 homicides. those are not just numbers. those are families. those are individuals that are no longer in our community and as sad and so my heart goes out to the families of the victims of these crimes, and i say we don't want 58 or 59. well the chief also said he fully supports alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley, who said she is dismayed by the overturn of california's ban on assault weapons. the state is now appealing that decision applications are now being accepted. from families in east oakland neighborhood who are eligible for the first phase of the city's new guaranteed income program. 300 randomly selected low income families will receive $500 monthly payments for 18 months with no strings attached. people living in a one square mile area between international and macarthur boulevard are eligible. the program called oakland resilient families is a
5:23 pm
collaboration between nonprofits up together and mayors for a guaranteed income. this innovative. intervention to interrupt the racial wealth gap. to interrupt. what have been below living wages for our families and to interrupt the devastation that covid-19 has had on the well being of oakland, ear's and especially families. applications for phase two of the program will open citywide this summer, and another 300 families will be randomly selected. vice president kamala harris travels south of the border to mexico coming up the commitment she's making to help stem the migration north to the us plus fighter expands its covid-19 vaccine trials and younger children. i'm steve harrigan. that story ahead and stock in wendy's fast food chain sword today, coming up what's driving the
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wrapping up a trip to latin america, harris first overseas visit in her new role, centering on diplomacy and the surge of migrants at the border. it is a political tight rope for the vice president. our political reporter greg lee, is here now to explain greg. julie andre good evening, vice president harris called her meeting with the mexican president. productive they discussed vaccines, migration and border security, but many
5:27 pm
of the questions for her centered around the situation at the border to which she said there is not a quick fix. i astronomy believe that we are embarking on vice president kamala harris spent the day in mexico city on the second leg of her first overseas trip, trying to tackle the root causes of a surge in central american migrants. the u. s southern border if it is a priority to us to be concerned about what is happening at our border, then it must be a priority for us to understand why people leave harrison mexican president on dress manuel lopez obrador witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding to establish greater cooperation between the two countries on development programs in honduras, guatemala and el salvador. let me get up there and we will put combat suchet councils but always addressing the fundamental roots positive. vp harris also held meetings with women entrepreneurs in labor leaders
5:28 pm
charged with leading efforts to curb migration from central america. she is focused on improving economic conditions that often drive people to the border. the two leaders also discussed border security and anti smuggling efforts. there are many factors at play. when we look at migration historically and currently. it is also an issue that we must tackle them at every level. harris dismissed criticism that the administration has not made a trip to the us mexico border yet. listen i've been to the border before i will go again. but when i'm in guatemala dealing with root causes, i think we should have a conversation about what's going on in guatemala monday from guatemala, she told migrants thinking about making the trip do not come, adding, they'll be turned back. democratic congresswoman alexandria, ocasio cortez pushed back tweeting. this is disappointing to see seeking asylum at any u. s border is a 100% legal method of arrival. now. during the
5:29 pm
visit, harris made new commitments to mexico, including loans for affordable housing. $130 million over the next three years to support labor protections for mexican workers in studio greg lee ktvu fox two news, greg, the vice president has been a lot under pressure to visit the border. and when pressed in a recent interview, she said, we've been to the border. that's a false claim. at some point you think she'll go, joe, as you saw in that story. she's been asked that question multiple times in the last 24 hours and beyond that, again pressed in the line. last couple of hours, she said. she will go to the border and soon we should point out. she obviously has been to the border when she was a california senator, but certainly not in her new role as vp. all right, greg lee reporting live for us tonight, greg. thank you. well, vice president harris has reportedly invited the 24 women serving in the u. s senate for a dinner next week. it will be held at the vice president's residents at the u. s. naval observatory. according to politico. the group includes 16 democrats and eight republicans. the dinner is used to happen four times a
5:30 pm
year. but political says the grew or they get togethers have become less frequent. starting a few years ago, public health officials in santa clara county had good news for county leaders on the covid vaccine front. today vaccines remain in good supply in the county, though the demand for shots has slowed. there are now more places to receive a shot to about 170 retail pharmacies are now offering covid shots in santa clara county and nearly 100 doctors offices are providing vaccinations to those 12 and older, the county has a cold, cold goal, rather of giving 85% of those 12 and older. at least one shot leaders say they are moving forward toward that goal with 78% of eligible residents receiving at least one shot. in contrast to what the situation was back in january, you see that there is a robust availability of vaccination sites throughout the county. all of these sites are open and available to everyone in the community. santa clara county has administered more than 2.4 million covid shots and is well
5:31 pm
ahead of the national average of 61% for vaccinating its residents and good news for public library uses in san jose, eight branches of the library system reopened yesterday with limited indoor services. the systems 25 branches had been branches had been closed for offering limited services because of the pandemic, and they open at 50% capacity. they are basque, um east san jose carnegie educational park, edenvale hillview. pearl avenue and seven trees and also violent library customers will be able to browse e book shelves, check out materials, access public computers and receive support from librarians. library hours will be limited for the time being. state officials are warning about a scam involving california's new vaccination incentive program. it's called backs for the win, and it will hand out more than $116 million in prizes to people who get vaccinated before june 15th. first drawing was held on friday in just hours afterwards, people started reporting scammers contacting them. they received calls, texts, emails
5:32 pm
and social media posts and asked to provide bank account information or told they needed to pay fees to collect their prizes. state public health officials will not ask winners for money or bank information. visor is expanding his trials and children from 5 to 11 years old in hopes of getting the vaccine approved for the younger group. fox news, steve harrigan tells us this comes, says the u. s. appears unlikely to meet the goal of having 70% of americans partially vaccinated by independence day. younger children could soon be lining up for covid-19 shot. pfizer announced it will begin testing its vaccine on a larger group of children under age 12 in an early stage of the trial, the drugmaker's selected a lower dose for this age group up to 4500 children will be enrolled at clinical sites in the u. s. finland poland and spain been minimal side effects. from my understanding, so i was very prepared to have them participate with little
5:33 pm
concerns possible nationwide. the vaccination rate has slowed to less than one million shots per day, cdc data shows just 13 states have met president biden's goal of vaccinating 70% of adults with at least one shot by july. 4th places where we haven't reached that goal yet. we were made very focused on helping those states. i would not say. that we feel like someone hasn't quote unquote done their jobs. meanwhile more lawmakers are calling for an independent investigation into the origins of covid-19, according to the wall street journal. a classified report from last year found it was possible the virus escaped from the wuhan china lab. the may 2020 study came from a government backed laboratory. i think it's on a number of levels incorrect the trump administration. it's my understanding had real concerns about the methodology that that study the quality of the analysis, bending evidence to
5:34 pm
fit preconceived narratives on intelligence review into the origins of the virus is expected to be released this summer in atlanta. steve harrigan, fox news on wall street stocks closed mixed today, largely due the gains in a handful of big tech companies. now the dow closed down 30 points. the nasdaq was up 43, the s and p. finished the day up about one point, wendy's has become the latest meme stock shares in wendy's jumped almost 25% today. the company has joined the list of businesses and have gained the attention of a group of highly active individual investors. now the other companies include clover health investments, amc entertainment, blackberry and gamestop. the fourth of july is less than a month away. coming up coming up the new ordinance in one bay area county, limiting the use of fireworks, and with no deal inside, will the infrastructure impasse be broken? the latest on the talks from washington and new information on the colonial
5:35 pm
pipeline hack coming up the broader implications of how the fbi managed to recover most o
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public interest in mind when he paid more than $4 million in ransom to cybercriminals. the ceo said he would do it again if he had to, fearing the consequences of a lengthy shutdown. the hat caused gasoline shortages on much of the east coast last month. lawmakers argued that when one company pays it makes all us companies a target. but the ceo said he didn't have a choice. we've got the pipeline restarted on wednesday, the absolute right decision to make and i do. again under the same circumstances when critical infrastructure is run by a private entity that there need to be some rules and some frameworks to make sure that the interests of the american people are served yesterday,
5:38 pm
the justice department said it had recovered 85% of the digital currency at colonial pipeline that it paid to the hackers and experts say the recovery of most of the ransom sends a signal to cybercriminals that digital currency is traceable and recoverable. ktvu tom baker baker explains how the fbi tracked down more than $2 million worth of bitcoins. in any ransom demand even online, the most dangerous part for the criminal is getting the payment without getting caught. colonial pipeline, paid the ransom online and send it to a specific address. the fbi cyber crime squad in san francisco began to trace that payment because all bitcoin transactions are recorded on a widely distributed public ledger. the bad guys can endlessly transfer the money in whole or in part, two other online addresses to cover their tracks. the fbi relentlessly followed them, u. c berkeley computer and cyber scientist
5:39 pm
nicholas weaver. it's very easy to trace bitcoin, but it's actually very hard to seize it. when the fbi traced most of the bitcoins gathered and deposited into a single account. perhaps to pay off conspirators. the fbi got a federal seizure warrant. most critically, the fbi somehow acquired the digital combination code. to open it now whether the fbi got that from an informant, a digital bounty hunter or hacked and filched it directly from the russian criminal group, the dark side, $2.3 million was recovered. this is a very clever disruption of the money, but only for one affiliate and one of their targets. we will continue to use all of our tools and all of our resources to increase the cost and the consequences of ransomware attacks and other cyber enabled attacks. veteran tech analyst
5:40 pm
larry maggot says another theory has it that the fbi really did recover all the money, the money that. was recovered is a lot less than what was paid partially because they don't have it all but largely because cryptocurrency has gone way down in value, and it does fluctuate dramatically. one of the reasons it's gone down in price is because people who are using it to hide their transaction there now worried. that perhaps it's not as crypto and they thought it was. but this will continue unless companies protect themselves far better and refused to pay. it's just business. you don't pay. your data gets dumped and your backups destroyed. the fbi minced no words. there's no place beyond the reach of the fbi to conceal illicit funds that will prevent us from imposing risks and consequences upon the malicious cyber actors. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. a new report alleges executives at fisher price repeatedly
5:41 pm
ignored safety warnings about the company's once popular rock and placed sleeper. that's even after several infant deaths were linked to this product. the investigation by a house committee found fisher price did not conduct adequate safety checks before putting the sleeper on the market. the company is also accused of ignoring the safety concerns before the product was finally recalled back in 2019 still ahead tonight why one bay area counties tightening rules on fireworks coming up what you need to know. ahead of july 4th and whether lots of sunshine today with still some windy conditions, another relatively cool day for your wednesday, but then
5:42 pm
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[goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ leave for europe tomorrow for his first international trip as president of the united states. the president will first fly to the uk where he is meeting scheduled with prime minister boris johnson and queen elizabeth. mr biden will be meeting with other world
5:44 pm
leaders, many of whom will be at friday's g seven summit in cornwall, england, are in cornwall, england. it will also attend a nato summit next monday in brussels. infrastructure negotiations between president biden and a group of gop senators officially ended today as they continued to disagree on the size of the spending plan. in a statement, white house press secretary jen psaki said that president was disappointed that while he was willing to reduce his plan by more than $1, trillion, republicans increased their proposal by only $150 billion latest offer that we had seen from senator capitals group did not meet the essential needs of our country to restore broads and bridges. prepare us for a clean energy future and create jobs. now, the white house is shifting its focus toward to propose mosul from a bipartisan group of 20 senators. supporters say that $878 billion proposal would be paid for over the next 5 to 8 years but haven't released more details. officials say the withdrawal of troops from
5:45 pm
afghanistan could be completed by july. 4th the final removal of equipment and u. s troops will likely be done later in the summer, but the target is still independence day. the top u. s commander for the middle east is expected to speak with the defense secretary this week regarding military options for securing the u. s embassy in afghanistan and providing counterterrorism support from outside the country. well hundreds of accused criminals in more than a dozen countries have been arrested, fixed to a sting led by the fbi, the fbi and law enforcement agencies across the globe developed the messaging app for criminals and eventually tracked them down. foxes bendable hall has more now from washington. it sounds like a movie plot, but in reality, it was an unprecedented worldwide sting operation spearheaded by the fbi that took down dangerous crime rings by exploiting an encrypted phone app used by the suspects, the very devices that the criminals used to hide their crimes for actually a beacon for law enforcement. the
5:46 pm
operation known as trojan shield, led to police raids in 16 countries, resulting in more than 500 arrests. the seizure of more than 30. two tons of drugs, hundreds of guns and nearly $150 million. the encrypted phones used by the gangs couldn't make coles or browse the internet. instead, they were a platform for secure messaging so members could openly discuss criminal plans following the takedown of two other widely used encrypted platforms. the fbi began working with a collaborator who developed a new secure messaging platform for the criminal underworld called no. um every single person who used an, um used it for a criminal purpose. phones were distributed by middlemen to more than 300 gangs operating in more than 100 countries, and over the past year and a half users who thought the app was safe, disclose their plans for illegal activities, including details of drug shipments, money laundering and planned killings. however the app was
5:47 pm
secretly run by law enforcement who read more than 20 million messengers from nearly 12. 1000 devices. the fbi received a copy of each and every message originating outside the united states that crossed our platform similar to a blind copy of an email. authorities say the on a map was most widely used in australia, germany, the netherlands, spain and serbia. in london. benjamin hall, fox news. well illegal firework finds are going to be more expensive this year for people living in contra costa county under the new ordinance, owners can be held responsible for anyone using fireworks on their property. the sheriff's office can now find them $100 for the first violation, 200 for a 2nd and 500 for each additional violation as 30 people were recently displaced by a fire that burned two apartment buildings in any shock that was started by illegal fireworks. the contra costa county board of super advisors is focusing on preparations for wildfire season the supervisors heard
5:48 pm
from experts earlier today at the board meeting the contra costa county fire protection district showed them a new map where extreme fire danger exists in the county. the areas in red represent the highest danger area. there were also presentations from the sheriff's office of emergency services and the national weather service. grass fires are always an issue. any time it gets breezy. we're going to light off grassfires if we have a spark, and that's one thing. i definitely want to hit on hard for everybody is the only natural cause for fire starts as lightning. everything else is human caused. so whether it's somebody flicking a cigarette out the window dragon chains on their trailer mowing their lawn. anything like that can start a fire. so contra costa county fire says its crews are preparing for fires by doing trail maintenance to improve access to harder to reach areas where fire danger exists. it's also doing weed abatement and enforcement with other agencies. well merryweather, of course,
5:49 pm
we are talking about those gusty winds, which kind of keeps that fire danger elevated, of course, right here in northern california, the bay area, at least the heat is absent so somewhat of a break from the nineties, even the eighties, the worse spots today only in the seventies. we haven't getting excited about a shower chance later in the week, but it looks like our excitement is kind of going to have to fade away quickly because the shower chances going away as well. as we take a look at the maps right now we are showing you the rain forecast model. at least it's nice to talk about a range chance here in northern california in the bay area, but as you can't see, this just really falls apart. so at most, maybe trace amount or a few sprinkles up in northern sonoma county as we head into a friday night and into saturday morning. here is a look at our live camera right now looking out towards san francisco, where we do have lots of clear skies tonight. partly cloudy skies. still some gusty winds not as strong as yesterday, but still winds are up there. tomorrow. some patchy morning fog still cool and breezy and the weekend we are expecting temperatures to trend upward, especially as we head into sunday. here's a
5:50 pm
satellite as you can see, we have some clouds up to our north up towards redding's even a few showers starting to develop. so when those showers here, but up to our north looks like we have some instability producing those showers for us here in the bay area, lot to clear skies some areas of fog this morning around the coast and near the bay, but things have cleared out. we're checking out a few will wind reports and sf faux. that's a westerly wind at 22 miles an hour. you can see that to wind a bit stronger out toward the immediate coastline, at least near portions of the barrier coastline. current numbers, no heats, not a not a major heat day at all the warm spots right now only in the mid to upper sixties cool spots, actually, in the fifties, we'll start out tomorrow morning on the cold side, so definitely want to bundle up. it might take you by surprise. a few a few spots could be possibly in the upper thirties to right around 40 degrees up in the north bay, but widespread forties and or fifties to start out your wednesday morning and some patchy fog as well as we put this forecast model into motion the clouds clear back to when
5:51 pm
near the coastline, so with that, partly to mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper fifties to right around 70 degrees cool system for today that the next system offshore that's going to fall apart. that could move in last we've been tracking later the day friday and into saturday morning tomorrow, though one of the cooler days of the week and then that the weak front kind of just falls apart. it's kind of fun to what trace in a cold brought this time of year, but real no real signs of any significant rainfall for us just a few clouds and temperatures in fact, trend up as we head into the weekend highs for tomorrow. warm spots will be right around 70 degrees. cool spots out toward the coast toward the half moon bay and pacifica. here's look ahead, your five day forecast, you'll notice that definitely temperatures going up as we, especially by the weekend. by the weekend sixties, seventies and eighties. with that shower chance we have been talking about pretty much fading away quickly, so it looks like just a few clouds moving into the bay area by friday night. all right, that's too bad. all right, mark. thanks so much. well, people in the northern part of colorado or picking up
5:52 pm
the pieces left behind from a tornado that touched down sent debris flying and even killed farm animals. monday storm system wreaked havoc along a roughly 14 mile area just outside of denver, the twister rather smashing through homes, toppling trees. and power lines and sending debris flying. lightning inhale accompanying the store made matters worse, the system, leaving behind a big mess for residents to clean up shakes you up, i'll tell you. i've never been through nothing like this in my life. i'm safer were alive that we did not get hurt. tornadoes claimed at least 76 lives last year and four catches are warning people to prepare for potentially rough season in 2021 as this year's storm fronts are expected to be worse, san francisco stern grove fest free outdoor music festival in the bay area, released its lineup today for the upcoming concert season. the festival is set to kick off on june 20th with grammy winner let us see who has ties to oakland. iconic punk rockers x on july 25th,
5:53 pm
joan jett and the blackhearts on august 1st then thunder cat and two legendary oakland artists, tower of power and too short, the exact executive director of the festival, says he looks forward to bringing this iconic music festival back to the city this year, and i think the pandemic has lasted a long time and been hard for a lot a lot of people, and i think that enjoying live music with other folks is good tonic for the soul, and we're just happy to be another benchmark in san francisco's reopening. although the event continues to be free for all attendees, guests must register in advance to reserve a spot for each concert with initial online reservations opening at two p.m. 12 days in advance of each performance. new senate report lays out a series of failures by law enforcement in the deadly january 6th riots. i'm caroline
5:54 pm
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newsom to take their name off that petition. political analysts don't expect many people to remove their names and certainly do not not enough rather to stop the recall. election organizers collected 130,000 signatures beyond the amount needed to qualify for a recall election. no date has been set for the election, but it could be held in late august or early september. lawmakers released a report today details widespread breakdowns of security and communication in the police response to the capital right five months ago as caroline shyly reports from capitol hill. that report lays out immediate changes to be made. a new senate report lays out multiple law enforcement
5:57 pm
failures leading up to and during the january 6th capital riot what was telling to me with the intelligence community. they said they weren't able to put out a warning because they weren't sure whether or not this was related to violence or if it was his free speech. well, why were they questioning the credibility of what we were all seeing on the internet? the report blames a series of missteps by capitol police and other agencies that caused officers to plan for the event as if it was just another trump rally, even though activists were openly calling to storm the capital in online posts, five people died and more than 140 were injured. sadly it was the front line officers who were left to defend us to defend our staff and to defend him. democracy the report also found fault with the fbi and homeland security for not giving specific warnings about intelligence that they had gathered, but leadership failed. there was an adequate equipment. there was an adequate training, there wasn't adequate protocols when it came to getting the national guard
5:58 pm
to respond to help the police on the capitol grounds. capitol police released a response to the report tuesday morning, saying that no agency knew that thousands of rioters were planning to attack the u. s. capitol. known intelligence simply didn't support that conclusion. the report also detailed more than 20 recommendations to secure the capital that senators say can be implemented immediately on capitol hill. caroline shibley fox news. this is ktvu fox. two news at six. a school superintendent in marin county now arrested on suspicion of child molestation accused of acts against a child younger than 14 years old. today, the marine county sheriff arrested the superintendent of shoreline unified school district in west marin. good evening. i'm andre senior and for frank, and i'm julie julie haener. investigators say it all started last week at with the report of possible criminal allegations. that's when robert rains was immediately put on administrative leave by the
5:59 pm
school district pending the outcome of the investigation. and then today he was arrested and booked on one count of lewd and lascivious acts against a child younger than 14. according to his linkedin profile rains has been with the district since 2016 and worked as a principal and superintendent in other districts in marin and sonoma counties for the last several years. the marin county office of education believes this statement today reading in part. the health safety and well being of our students is our most important priority. it is the mandate of all schools to follow all relevant laws with regard to any allegations of child abuse. the district took swift and immediate action notifying them or in county sheriff's office and placed mr raines on leave. a mother from san jose is under arrest tonight on suspicion of killing her seven year old son and dumping his body in the desert outside las vegas. the investigation spanned three western states with the mother tested this morning in colorado. ktvu crime reporter henry lee
6:00 pm
has more on how police detectives were able to solve this crime. samantha moreno rodriguez was arrested without incident at a denver hotel by a task force led by the fbi. she's accused of killing her seven year old special needs. son, liam, who's dead. the arrest came two weeks after she took off from san jose, with all of her and her son's belongings and left the boy's father a message. quote i'm sorry i had to do it like this. she also goes on to say that i'm going to try to get a house for liam and i. liam's father got the impression that rodriguez was leaving him. there was nothing suspicious. in that message that would lead the father to believe that liam or samantha was were involved in any kind of foul play, but liam's body was found days later in the las vegas desert at the time, known only as john doe. police aren't saying how liam died or provide a possible motive. well, the outcome is heartbreaking. there's a sense of closure that liam who stead will no longer be referred to as a john doe. police said the boy had not been re


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