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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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to as a john doe from ktvu, fox two news. this is the fourth for days. investigators were unable to identify that boy who was found in the desert. he was known simply as john doe, but a sketch and eventually dna evidence from the boys home in san jose helped police figure out who he was welcome everyone to the four i'm alex savage and i'm heather holmes. we have been following developments in this homicide case ever since yesterday. that's when authorities there in las vegas revealed that the boy was indeed from san jose, and that his mother was suspected of killing him. our prime reporter henry lee is live now after learning henry that the mother was tracked down and arrested. they're in denver. heather still unknown as a motive, but just a couple of hours ago, las vegas police did give an update about the arrest of that boy's mother, samantha rodriguez. samantha moreno rodriguez was arrested without incident at a denver hotel by a task force led by the fbi. she's accused
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of killing her seven year old special needs. son, liam, who's dead. the arrest came two weeks after she took off from san jose, with all of her and her son's belongings and left the boy's father a message. quote i'm sorry i had to do it like this. she also goes on to say that i'm going to try to get a house for liam and i. liam's father got the impression that rodriguez was leaving him. there was nothing suspicious. in that message that would lead the father to believe that liam or samantha was were involved in any kind of foul play, but liam's body was found days later in the las vegas desert at the time, known only as john doe. police aren't saying how liam died or provide a possible motive. well, the outcome is heartbreaking. there's a sense of closure that liam who stead will no longer be referred to as a john doe. police said the boy had not been referred to social services. there is nothing that indicates there was any type of long term abuse whatsoever. san jose police say officers had no previous contact with the family until a week ago, when the boy's father
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called to say he didn't know where liam and his mother were. at that time, he was not sure if he wanted to pursue any type of, you know, child stealing parental abduction charges on mom. the father had no idea his son had already been killed. a family friend came forward days later, saying the composite sketch of the book looked a lot like liam, las vegas police detective flew to san jose to get liam's pillow. an item was provided to them with dna that they were able to match in a statement to ktvu, liam's grandfather, chris, whose dad wrote apprehending sam to face what her actions have done is great. she needs to be held accountable, no matter why it happened. however it doesn't make a difference for my son. he is devastated by the loss of liam. now the boy's mother was with another male at the hotel in denver, but he is not suspected. in this case. the boy's mother is being held at a local denver jail and faces extradition to las vegas reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox studios. all right, henry, thank you very much. there are some serious questions about how some of the biggest websites in the world
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went down earlier today, including cnn. the new york times, amazon spotify and pinterest. it all had to do with a technical issue at a san francisco based company. the ktvu james torres explains what went wrong from streaming services to a handful of other websites like pinterest all down this morning for about an hour block from here along brandon street in san francisco, is a company called fastly, a small problem there created a big problem worldwide. from retail websites to streaming services, even britain's government website, according to the attorney, general's twitter page down for about an hour this morning, internet safety expert larry maggot explains what happened. and once in a while an intention of making the software better actually causing the problem that seems to be the current. sense of what happened. fastly as san francisco based content delivery company, the center of it all. in basic terms. they have servers all around the
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world to give you easy, fast and efficient access to your favorite websites. no matter where in the world you are. just think of it as like a branch office if you had a factory in detroit, but you had offices all over the country. you could get your products a lot easier than if you drove to the local store versus. ship something all the way from detroit. i reached down to fastly and they offered this statement we identified as service configuration that triggered disruptions across our p o. p s globally and have disabled. that configuration. our global network is coming back online. this was a technical issue triggered by a service configuration and is not related to a cyber attack. the outage only lasted about an hour. it had a widespread effect and could easily happen again. but maggots says it isn't something to worry about. but we are so on edge. right now because of what's been happening with these ransomware attacks, but i think any glitch in the web is going to get our attention. and perhaps maybe a little bit of an overreaction right now reporting in san francisco i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. while the
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ceo of colonial pipeline told lawmakers today on capitol hill that he had the public interest in mind when he paid more than $4 million in ransom to the people who hacked his company computers. the ceo said that he would do it again if he had to, fearing the consequences of a lengthy shutdown that had caused gasoline shortages on much of the east coast last month. lawmakers argued that when one company pays it makes all us companies a target. but the ceo said he didn't have a choice. we've got the pipeline restarted on wednesday, the absolute right this decision to make and i do it again under the same circumstances when critical infrastructure is run by a private entity that there need to be some rules and some frameworks to make sure that the interests of the american people are served. yesterday it had recovered 85% of the digital currency at colonial pipeline that colonial pipeline had paid to those hackers all right to get some more
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perspective. now on these stories, we're joined now by ahmed ben arfa, adjunct professor of general engineering at san jose state university. always good to get you on here, professor. let's start first with the colonial pipeline cyber attack. it is pretty rare for a ransom like this to be recovered. talk about how federal authorities were able to get this $2.3 million in bitcoin back. well, i mean, it's uh, it's a mistake by the by the cybercriminals. uh they left the bitcoin in something online, which is something we call the. the hot wallet, usually, what the criminals will do is just transferred to, uh to a usb, especially usb and take it off line. so even if you trace it, you cannot get to that wallet. and this is why the fbi got to, you know, get to that that money. what are the implications moving forward? do you think of the colonial pipeline attack? does the recovery of the ransom money serve as a deterrent to hackers? or does this potentially invite even more of
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these ransomware attacks? well, it's a good thing, you know, you know that the fbi, you know, trace them down to that online wallet. it shows that we have the technical skills to find out who took it and where it went. which is a good good sign. i mean, there are multiple steps taken recently, like labeling. there are somewhere act of terrorism that going to deter a lot of those. you know criminals from even thinking about it jobs, you know, fearing the consequences, all right, i want to shift to the other big story we talked about today and that that is the issue with the company fastly. dozens of large websites went down today because that san francisco based company had an outage. it's a cloud computing service. and this essentially is what's called a content delivery network. i want you if you could professor to sort of outlined how important these networks are, and whether you think we might be making a mistake by having just a small number of companies host the web traffic for so many big sites. well you know, alex,
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it's easy. you actually touch on the in the real problem. we created a solution to a problem but down the road, we have another problem. the whole story about the content delivery network is to make sure that there is no delay when you're trying to get to our website, so we have a few of them that managed to give us this kind of multiple copies of the same content in different locations, so there's a heavy traffic at one location. they can just switch you. but it's now this is coming from internal where when they upgrade or did some kind of update. it just affected everything companies usually what they do they have plan b in situation like that. yeah, i was going to ask you, professor. what do you think the companies with the website so what can they do to prepare for the potential of these sorts of outages in the future? what's the game plan they should have in place. this is this is you know an anticipated, you know, glitch could happen. you know whether it's internal or external like a hack. so when you talk about preparing for the future, you should have a plan b for this, which is if this. i'm
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going to switch to another provider until this one is, you know as fixed, it's going to cost money, but it's worth it instead of having all this trouble, and i'm talking about government like the u. k government, and they have the resources and the big companies like amazon or new york times or cnn. they should have a plan b. it's rebecca blind. just in case something like this happened to the cdn. all right, so i mean, you heard obviously, fastly said that it didn't take them that long to come up with a fix for this outage, but how certain can we be that this is going to be a long term fix that we're not going to see similar outages like this in the future? i think the attention you know, they got because of this one will force them to be more careful in the future to have you know, some kind of a backup and quiktrip respond. two things like this because they don't want to be in the news for a reason like that, and we have only a few companies and with these in the east coast, we have akamai here and this because we have they'ra big chunk has to be
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protected and always have the backup plan. just in case something like that happen. yeah real learning moment for a lot of companies out there always appreciate your time. and your insight professor ahmed bin alpha from san jose state university. thank you. thank you. thanks. families in in east oakland neighborhood can now apply for the first phase of the city's new guaranteed income program. 300 randomly selected low income families will receive. $500 monthly payments for 18 months with no strings attached. people living in a one square mile area between international and macarthur boulevard are now eligible. program called oakland resilient families as a collaboration between nonprofits up together and mayors for a guaranteed income. this innovative. intervention to interrupt the racial wealth gap. to interrupt. what have been below living wages for our families and to interrupt the
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devastation that covid-19 has had on the well being of oakland, ear's and especially families. yeah applications for phase two of this program will open citywide this summer, and another 300 families will be randomly selected that one more week to go until june. 15th that is the date that california is expected to fully reopen its economy. so you know and roll back to, uh, full capacity with the outsource outside as well. it seems a bit overwhelming up next here on the four. why some of your favorite places may not be able to go to full capacity even if the state city and county allow it and a merryweather. lots of sunshine. today we're still dealing with somewhat of a cooling trend that will continue in your wednesday forecast, and we'll have that coming up after the break. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right.
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or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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according to the state's vaccine dashboard that's over 53% of the population aged 12 and over another 12% are partially vaccinated. the state's clinics have nearly seven million doses on hand, and they're averaging about 127th shots per day. two more bay area counties are now in the least restrictive yellow tear as the state gives its last update on the color coded system, alameda and napa will be allowed to lift more restrictions. on indoor dining another activity starting tomorrow. one week from today, the state wolf put aside the tier system altogether and end most of the regulations that were put in place to slow the spread of covid 19 and with the state said to fully reopen next week, businesses are getting ready and it's proving to be a little bit of a challenge for some of them. ktvu christian captain joins us now live and christian as we mentioned we are now just one week away from no more capacity limits or social distancing requirements. we're talking about some big
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changes here, and that's right. those businesses around the bay area around the state have a lot of work, but they also have a lot of questions. now in san francisco, they're going to be starting a webinar. just about 15 minutes, hoping to address some of those questions. meanwhile bars and restaurants in san francisco are saying they're going to need a lot of guidance going forward if they're going to make reopening successful. businesses are gearing up for june 15th the target date governor gavin newsom set for a full reopening of the state's economy. but laurie thomas, who runs a number of restaurants in san francisco, and heads up, the golden gate restaurant association, says she needs clarification if what the state says will be the law of the land or if there will be different restrictions on the local level. we hope to hear that we're going to reopen, so we know that the state sets its guidance, and then the city gets to weigh in if they're going to match that or be stricter, and so we're hoping they're going to match that. everyone in the meantime, she's gearing up and looking for staff with outdoor and indoor dining at 100% she and other
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restaurants are scrambling to get some of the basics in place. i personally i'm short 16 chairs because we're using our inside chairs outside, and nobody can get chairs. i was on the phone with miami today, and they're like, oh, it's on a container ship from you know, god knows where duncan like owns the bar, soda pop pinsky and a number of other businesses in san francisco, he says. he's also hoping that the state and city officials can get on the same page and offer clear guidance on how june 15th will work. but he says, for now, some things to which we've become accustomed during the pandemic will remain in place. our staff is gonna continue to mask um, we're going to continue to, um, just kind of do things the way that we have been doing until we get really conked concrete guidelines for what we should be doing, he says. one of the big issues for him and other small businesses remains getting staff in place. so you know and roll back to full capacity with the outsource outside as well. it seems a bit overwhelming, so i just don't know that we're
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going back to 99 capacity inside. you know, it's just we don't have the staff san francisco's office of economic and workforce development is set to begin that webinar aimed at getting businesses. more information about what to expect as the city and state fully reopened, reporting live christien kafton ktvu. fox two news. a lot of things to prepare for christian. thank you san francisco businesses, meantime, are now one step closer to keeping those outdoor park clips that were a pandemic fix more than 2200. restaurants and shops expanded their outdoor footprints as a way to stay afloat the last year and a half a board of supervisors committee has now voted to make these outdoor spaces permanent and the full board of supervisors will vote on the park lit legislation. in a few weeks. a car fire in a parking garage at san francisco international airport temporarily closed that garage for a short time this morning. his fire started about 6 30 in the morning on level four of
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the domestic hourly parking garage. eight cars were damaged by this fire, the driver of the car that caught on fire was treated at the scene for difficulty breathing and then was released. the garage has since reopened and there was no impact either the terminals or two flights. water will soon cost more for hundreds of thousands of customers in alameda and contra costa counties. just a few minutes ago, the east bay municipal utilities district born east bay mud voted to increase rates. it's a 4% rate hike starting july 1st and another 4% increase next year. the revenue generated will be used for capital improvements, such as. replacing old water pipelines and pumps and work on water treatment plants. east bay mud says, though, that this increase is not due to the drought. the, uh planned rate increase is essentially are 4% of 4% both on the water side and on the wastewater side. i would like to note that this is what we have proposed representing it to the board this afternoon and they will
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take a board action either. yes or no. eastman mud provides drinking water to 1.4 million customers and wastewater treatment for about 740,000 customers again. those rate increases have been approved. and a barrier weather lots of sunshine. today, the wind still somewhat of a factor not as strong as yesterday. but still some breeze is kicking up just over the past a few hours, especially near the coast and right around the bay. and even in this backyard as well. the winds have been picking up. we're showing you the satellite where we actually have a clear skies over a good portion of the bay area this afternoon, except if you look up to the north, some clouds and even a few showers to the north of reading or right around reading and approaching mount shasta, so some instability for that portion of the state all kind of linked up to the cool pattern. we have been dealing with her tracking over the past couple days. we still have that onshore breeze. we still have those breezy conditions out there having an impact on temperatures and the wind speeds right now, fairfield that's a stronger gusts of up to 29 my was an hour and last
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check. few more reports as we check out sfo westerly at 20 miles an hour, so another breezy to windy afternoon, but we do not have a wind advisory in place like yesterday. current number is definitely a cooler pattern out there. the warm spots only right around 70 degrees, basically the upper sixties for the inland neighborhoods. san francisco 60 half moon bay in the upper fifties 59 degrees. it's confidence rescue set up with the fog kind of being cleared out. the beaches warming up a little bit, but the overall cooler pattern having a big impact on those temperatures and live. we're not talking about any major heat for today. here is our live camera looking out towards san francisco out toward the marin headlands in the clear we'll start out tomorrow morning with partly cloudy skies. most areas a cold start tomorrow morning. especially up in the north bay right around 40 degrees, so definitely want to bundle up to start out your wednesday morning and the forecast models picking up on some patchy fog first thing wednesday morning and then into the afternoon hours increase in sunshine. partly cloudy skies for the
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coastline, another kind of cool day in the forecast for tomorrow, and tomorrow should be the last of that, because things eventually warm up to the five day we'll have that coming up with your full forecast in just a few minutes. okay look forward to that, mark. thank you. people in colorado are picking up the pieces today after a tornado touched down in the northern part of that state, destroying homes, sending debris flying and killing farm animals. this storm yesterday afternoon wreaked havoc along roughly 14 miles in an area right outside of denver. this tornado smashed through homes toppled over trees and power lines and sent debris flying lightning and hail accompanied the storm and made matters worse, but as cleanup crews are now underway or clean up effort. it's getting under way. a lot of folks there are counting their blessings shakes you up. i'll tell you i've never been through nothing like this in my life. i'm safer were alive that we did not get hurt. tornadoes have claimed at least 76 lives last year, and forecasters are
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warning people to prepare for potentially rough season in 2021 as this year's storm fronts are expected to be even worse up next here on the four tons of drugs and millions of dollars recovered all of this done by the fbi who cracked a global crime ring by exploiting an encrypted phone app that suspects were using more details up next. dozen countriese
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world have been arrested all thanks to a sting that was led by the fbi, the fbi and other law enforcement agencies all across the globe developed a messaging app for criminals and eventually tracked them down. we get more now from fox's benjamin hall, it sounds like a movie plot, but in reality, it was an unprecedented worldwide sting operation spearheaded by the fbi that took down
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dangerous crime rings by exploiting an encrypted phone app used by the south. expect the very devices that the criminals used to hide their crimes for actually a beacon for law enforcement. the operation known as trojan shield, led to police raids in 16 countries, resulting in more than 500 arrests. the seizure of more than 32 tons of drugs, hundreds of guns and nearly $150 million the encrypted phones used by the gangs couldn't make coles or browse the internet. instead they were a platform for secure messaging so members could openly discussed criminal plans following the take down of two other widely used encrypted platforms, the fbi began working with a collaborator who developed a new secure messaging platform for the criminal underworld called a nom, every single person who used an, um used it for a criminal purpose. phones were distributed by middlemen to more than 300ries, and over the past year and a half
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users who thought the app was safe, disclose their plans for illegal activities, including details of drug shipments, money laundering and planned killings. however the app was secretly run by law enforcement who read more than 20 million messengers from nearly 12,000 devices. the fbi received a copy of each and every message originating outside the united states that crossed our platform similar to a blind copy of an email. authorities say. the in our map was most widely used in australia, germany, the netherlands, spain and serbia. in london. benjamin hall, fox news, addressing the root causes of illegal immigration, what the vice president said today before one on one meeting with the president of mexico, plus a wildfires burning right now north of sacramento and coming up, we'll get the latest details on where this fire is burning and who's affected here. plus we're going to be chatting with the division chief from cal fire to talk about what is being done to
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prepare for the upcoming fire season. this is the silence volvo never wants you to hear. so we're as committed to protecting you in an accident, as we are in preventing them. this is volvo on call. is everyone okay? making us one of the safest cars in the us. and this year, iihs has awarded a top safety pick+ to all 2021 volvo models.
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second leg of her first overseas trip since taking office foxes brian dennis, with more now from mexico city. vice president kamala harris, arriving at the presidential palace ahead of her one on one meeting with mexican president obrador. mexico city is the second stop of the vice president's first foreign trip since taking office, the main focus stemming the flow of migrants to the u. s border on tuesday. officials signing a
4:30 pm
memorandum on developing economic opportunities in el salvador, honduras and guatemala. part of the biden administration's effort to address what it calls the root causes of illegal immigration, the united states and mexico long relationship family's influence strict share borders based on shared his kids. but the vice president is facing criticism for not visiting the u. s border as illegal crossing spike, with some saying she is sending mixed messages to migrants, telling them on monday not to come to the u. s, while also refusing to make enforcement. at the border a top priority for her to say not to come. it's kind of hypocritical. i mean, actually going against what the president kind of wanted by just his actions. the administration says there will be a focus on increasing border enforcement and cooperation between law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border, but with illegal crossings at a 20 year high, some say more concrete action needs to be taken. this crisis
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is growing, and they're being released after 48 to 72 hours, and they're putting huge pressures on our. a local communities. the vice president is also taking part in business and labor round tables before taking off to washington on tuesday night in mexico city, brian dennis fox news. oakland's police chief addressed what he called an epidemic of gun violence in his city as police investigate yet another shooting there. the chief said that two women were shot and wounded just this morning in brook field village near 98th avenue, and both are in the hospital. we're told with severe injuries. chief laurent armstrong said that this should be a call to action for everyone in the community, saying that law enforcement and violence prevention strategies are both needed are ceasefire strategy continues to be effective. we continue to recover firearms. at a record patient city of oakland were over 400 recoveries at this point and will continue to try to address the guns in our community. the chief also said
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that he fully supports alabama county district attorney nancy o'malley, who said she is dismayed by the overturn of california's ban on assault weapons. the state is now appealing that decision. in honor of pride month. we're featuring organizations that support the lgbtq community every week and today we're highlighting the oakland lgbtq community center and for more. we're joined this afternoon by the ceo and co founder joe hawkins. joe, it is great to have you on this afternoon. appreciate the time it looks beautiful outside. it's beautiful, happy pride month, everyone happiness a great day. to be clear. it's a great day to be queer in oakland. absolutely. hey, happy pride month to you really appreciate it. let me talk about the center here. this opened up four years ago. how when you look back at that time, what kind of an impact have you made
4:33 pm
in the community here in the east bay? well you know, alex. i am also co founder of oakland pride. so the vision for this center started a long time ago. but once my co founder jeff myers, and i. opened the center. we knew that there was a huge void in oakland. oakland was the only major city at the time within the state of california. with no l g b t q center, so we knew that there was a huge void here. and since we've opened the center, we've been able to help. uh individuals, youth, queer youth families, people who were during the pandemic, who were in need of emergency rental and housing assistance and we opened up the glen burke wellness clinic, which for in oo was the first major league
4:34 pm
baseball player to come out as gay and the oakland a's this friday will be fundraising for the clinic at the game this friday. so we just so amazing. that is fantastic. how how did you you bring up the pandemic in the last year? how did. the last year with covid-19 change the priorities for the center and the types of services that should provide and the need in the community. well actually expedited things because we were at the time preparing to launch our new emergency rental assistance program. but once the pandemic hit the community so many individual donors, corporations stepped up to the plate and supported. our efforts to keep our community house are trans community is so marginalized and not accepted and too many shared housing situations and not into many
4:35 pm
situations at all. so we were able to provide support to members of that of the trans community as well as our youth who are who are disproportionately unheard house because they have been sadly rejected by family members, so we really expedited. we were doing. we never closed down. we stopped our support groups in our drop ins, but we maintained our direct services. we partner with the fox theater, and we were able to feed hundreds of people. so it really just put put us into wort mold and you bring up how difficult the pandemic it has been for lgbtq youth, in particular with the isolation how have you been able to reach young people during this? really difficult and stressful time, you know, and young people have reached out to us. so people who are in homes where they are treated or
4:36 pm
told that they should be called a boy when they know who they are, or people who are told that they shouldn't love another person of the same sex and you're stuck in the house and a family scenario like that you know, people will find the help people would show up on our doors just just to talk to someone, or they definitely call into our youth program regularly just to get some level of counseling or or support for their own mental health. alright so, joe, what? what are the celebrations going to look like for pride month in the east bay, where folks going to be out and about and what can people expect? so covid-19 has. it's still you know which everyone's waiting for june 15th to get clear guidelines from the public health department. but there are some things that are happening. we will be hosting a, uh, hiv, uh,
4:37 pm
testing day at the lake at lake merritt on friday, june 25th, and there will be we'll have fun and games and all types of stuff out there, and actually, we're going to be working with the oakland a's for special celebrity guest who is going to be out there with us. and also this, uh, we are grand marshals for san francisco pride this year, so we are we are going to be, uh, we have been were being celebrated with the other grand marshals. they they have an event in san francisco and oracle park that's coming up this friday. we will also be this friday at the oakland a's for glenn berg. pride night. the a's renamed their pride night, glen burke pride night in honor of their alumni, so alright, really great, so there's a lot going on. yes, there are despite the pandemic, that we hope we're moving
4:38 pm
beyond here. lots of ways to celebrate pride month whether it's in the east bay or whether it's in san francisco greatly appreciate your time. joe hawkins, the ceo and co founder, and alex yes, one thing, alex. and if people are in need of support, please reach out to the center. i mean, that's why we're here. absolutely that's the main message that i really want to get out the lgbtq people in oakland. we have support so reach out to us and find out how we can support you. thank you, alex. absolutely thank you, joe. i appreciate it. and once again happy pride month enjoy the celebrations. happy pride. all right, take care and enjoy the sunshine to gorgeous out there. joe. take care reminder here to our viewers. you can participate in this week's giving day drive. if you want to support oakland's lgbtq community center head to our website, ktvu dot com slash giving day. all right, as we all know, it has already been a very busy year for fire crews, and it is not even summer yet
4:39 pm
in fact, right now, cal fire continues to work on that fire that we told you about just a few minutes ago north of the sacramento area that fire is happening right now we're going to talk with a cal fire deputy chief about that fire and also about the preventative measures that are underway when we come right back. and a barrier weather bit of a cooler pattern over the past couple days that will continue into tomorrow. but the weekend we're eventually gonna warp things back up. will have your forecast update coming up. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed
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♪ when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ from yesterday backed off a little bit, but we still have some windy conditions out there but not reaching the levels we had yesterday. with that wind advisory in place. we've kind of been teasing this chance of a few showers later in the week, and unfortunately, the forecast models kind of backing off on those chances. quite a bit as we take a look at the updated maps and we're showing you this.
4:42 pm
we're nice to talk about the chance of a few showers, especially this time of year. you can see what happens as we take this into the weekend. the bulk of the rainfall will be up to our north, maybe point no. one in mendocino county and maybe some drizzle or a few sprinkles up in the sonoma county as we head into friday that will be friday night and into a saturday morning, but for most part, it looks like a dry pattern for us. and in fact temperatures eventually trending back up once that system moves out of town tomorrow, some patchy morning fog, mostly sunny skies. your wednesday probably one of the coolest days of the week as the system kind of just sets up over northern california for tomorrow, here. the satellite was interesting. we actually have some instability clouds up to our north, so right around reading right around mount shaft up some clouds and even a few showers detected on the radar this afternoon as we check out the bay area satellite, of course, we are in the clear and the current numbers out there. no one major heat in no nineties, no eighties, not even seventies, showing up the warm spots in the upper sixties right now out
4:43 pm
toward concord in fairfield and the coast, mainly in the upper fifties to ride around 60 degrees. here's our live camera this afternoon. looking out toward the golden gate bridge, the marin headlands in the clear, so looking pretty good out there tomorrow morning for your wednesday will start things off with patchy fog. partly cloudy skies. definitely a cool start tomorrow morning. most areas will be in the forties. he'll definitely noticed a chill in the air first thing wednesday morning into the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny skies, so cool system we've been talking about this over the past couple days and another one that moves in on friday. now at least for tomorrow, one of the cooler days the week and still breezy winds around 20 to 25 miles an hour and then later in the week that front exciting to at least trace in a cold front. here on this map, it basically falls apart for us, but with that will bring in a few extra clouds in sonoma county, especially northern sonoma county into mendocino county. for your wednesday some cloud cover to start things off more sunshine
4:44 pm
into the afternoon hours. we could have some patchy fog coast side warm spots will be right around 70 degrees cool spots out toward the coast in san francis. go upper fifties to right around 60. here's look ahead, your five day forecast and those temperatures they do trend up into thursday and into friday and the weekend definitely warming things back up, especially by sunday temperatures inland could be approaching the mid eighties, so warm up in sight. unfortunately the shower chances are kind of a fading away quickly. just maybe a few sprinkles up in the north bay by friday nights. alright mark. thank you, cal fire crews right now we're working on a fast moving brush fire in yuba county. this is burning northeast. wheatland which is about 20, miles north of roseville. an evacuation warning is in effect in that area, and yuba county sheriff's deputies right now we're going door to door, telling people they need to be ready to leave. cal fire says so far, 300 acres have burned and the fire is 0% contained. one building has been destroyed by the flames. at this point, it's too early
4:45 pm
to know exactly how this fire started. all right. we want to get an update right now on that fire and yuba county with cal fire deputy chief jonathan cox and jonathan thank you so much. much for joining us what is the latest with the firefight there in yuba county? what are the concerns right now? yeah so that fire up in yuba counties over 300 acres now, with some active fire activity on both flanks, with evacuations going on in some structures that are threatened right now, what we're working on is really ensuring that our aircraft are in the air and getting good drops in place. as our ground forces reinforced the fire line and get some perimeter control. as you can see by the footage that you're wearing right now, this is really a wind driven fire. are those winds that we've seen coming from? the northern part of the state are really pushing this fire and reminder just how dry these grasses are across much of the state. yes, we mentioned that this fire is moving really quickly. at what point did it did it break out, and at what point did you realize this was indeed going to move really fast? yeah so broke out a few hours ago. up in that area of
4:46 pm
yuba county. you know, our conditions right now are really being dictated by the weather as they tend to be all summer long. we knew that the current winds that we had in place that this fire had potential, and that's why we augmented the resource order so significantly, including those aircraft. yes, as we take a look at this aerial shot, you can see that there is a pretty large burn area, but not a whole lot of structures. it appears as though every effort is being made to try to save those structures. jonathan, we know that clearing out brush is a key part of fire prevention. i want you to explain some of the projects that are underway right now. by cal fire. yeah. so we have projects going on across the bay area at the moment, some of the ones on the peninsula that are going on include up on highway 35 above the woodside area, and the other thing to note is really throughout the barry. a lot of smaller projects. a lot of our parks departments throughout the bay area in the east bay on the peninsula in the south pacific are really taking projects at a local level into place. the state legislator has put a lot of money this year
4:47 pm
towards grants and making sure that projects are getting funded throughout the bay area in california in general, and that's resulting in all of the cruise that you see out there in these wild salmon urban interface areas, um, putting him putting in shaded fuel breaks and really trying to get vegetation away from the roadway. yes really, you know, fuel reduction projects. construction of this fire lines, building containment, all the things that you're working on right now. jonathan are there specific areas that are most concern? you know, i wish we had just one area of concern were concerned about a lot of the northern parts of the state right now. what we're seeing at the moment is fuel moistures drier now than we've ever seen at this time of year before. that just means that we have the likelihood should we get the weather that also comes in for high and very high fire severity across the northern part of the state, but we do know is areas that are intermixed with vegetation are very at risk. you know that includes the east bay hills
4:48 pm
that includes the peninsula that includes marin county, santa clara county. really nobody is immune to this problem, and it really takes all of us to put effort forward kind of defensively before those fires start. yeah we know that cal fire and then obviously the county agencies all working together to try to mitigate the fire risk, jonathan, though, before i let you go. i just want to go back to that fire in yuba county, because as we were coming to you, we saw bulldozers in place outside near some of those structures. again do you expect more evacuation orders to be to be implemented here because of this fire? you know evacuations are constantly evaluated as the fire moves and behaves. it will dictate the evacuations. i wouldn't be surprised if there were more, however, looking at the fire itself. it's burning and relatively white, flashy fuels the good thing about light, flashy fuels as they burn hot and fast, but they also are a little bit easier to contain them. the heavier brush and timber fires we see and then what? about resources.
4:49 pm
jonathan do you expect to call in more resources for this firefight? yes. so i imagine there are additional resources that are inbound both aircraft and ground crews not will include cruise staying out there overnight to ensure that any hot spots that are there will be contained and mopped up. it is one of only a few fires burning across the state right now. so resource depth is pretty substantial, which are both good things at the moment. yeah good to know that those resources are available, but obviously sad to report that at least a couple of homes have been lost there and you the county. thanks again. jonathan cox of caliph. i really appreciate it. thank you. and of course, fires like that a big concern for a lot of folks that contra costa county board of supervisors is focusing on its preparations for the wildfire season, the supervisors heard from experts earlier today at their board meeting the contra costa county fire protection district. show them a new map of where extreme fire danger exists in the county. the areas you see in red represent the highest fire danger. there were also presentations from the
4:50 pm
sheriff's office of emergency services and the national weather service. grass fires are always an issue. any time it gets breezy. we're going to light off grassfires if we have a spark, and that's one thing. i definitely want to hit on hard for everybody is the only natural cause for fire starts as lightning. everything else is human caused. so whether it's somebody flicking a cigarette out the window dragon chains on their trailer monitor lawn. anything like that can start a fire, so that's it. contra costa county fire says its crews are preparing for fires by doing trail maintenance to improve access to harder to reach areas where fire danger exists. it's also doing we debate mint and enforcement with other agencies. visor expands its covid-19 vaccine trials and younger children
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
11 years old with more young volunteers now getting the
4:53 pm
shots. fox's steve comes as thes appears unlikely to be mm of having 70% of americans partially vaccinated by independence day. younger children could soon be lining up for covid-19 shot, pfizer announced it will begin testing its vaccine on a larger group of children under age 12 in an early stage of the trial, the drugmaker's selected a lower dose for this age group up to 4500 children will be enrolled at clinical sites in the u. s. finland poland and spain been minimal side effects. from my understanding, so i was very prepared to have them participate with little concerns possible nationwide. the vaccination rate has slowed to less than one million shots per day, cdc data shows just 13 states have met president biden's goal of vaccinating 70% of adults with at least one shot by july. 4th places where we haven't reached that goal yet. we were made very focused
4:54 pm
on helping those states. i would not say. that we feel like someone hasn't quote unquote done their jobs. meanwhile more lawmakers are calling for an independent investigation into the origins of covid-19, according to the wall street journal. a classified report from last year found it was possible the virus escaped from the wuhan china lab. the may 2020 study came from a government backed laboratory. i think it's on a number of levels incorrect the trump administration. it's my understanding had real concerns about the, uh, the methodology that that study the quality of the analysis bending evidence to fit preconceived narratives on intelligence review into the origins of the virus is expected to be released this summer in atlanta. steve harrigan fox news. road rage shooting in southern california leaves a six year old boy dead n court as prosecutors lay out
4:55 pm
court as prosecutors lay out what ♪start spreading the news♪ ♪i'm leaving today♪ ♪i want to be a part of it♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪it's up to you♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪new york♪
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4:57 pm
murder in connection with that road rage shooting that killed a six year old boy 24 year old marcus every said his girlfriend 23 year old win, lee made a brief virtual court appearance today in orange county. lee was charged with accessory after the fact and concealing a firearm. authorities say they believe lee was driving a car on the 55 freeway in orange county last month when aries fired the shot that killed six year old aidan leo's it happened during a road rage. com conflict between his mother and those two suspects. the judge increase to raise his bail to $2 million lee is being held on $500,000 bail. the two are set to return to court on june 18thment. a new senate report is now laying
4:58 pm
out multiple law enforcement failures leading up and leading up to and during the january 6th capital riot, the report blames a series of missteps by capitol police and other agencies that calls to officers to plan for the event as if it was just an other trump rally, even though activists were openly calling to storm the capital in online posts, five people died and more than 140 people were injured. capitol police released a response to the report tuesday morning, saying that no agency knew that the u. s capitol would be attacked. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. police in colorado arrested san jose woman suspected of killing her own son and leaving his body investigation spanned three western states with the suspect arrested in colorado. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre senior and for frank, crime reporter henry lee is here and henry police just gave an update this afternoon. tell us about it.
4:59 pm
yeah, andre still unclear as any motive for killing this little boy, but las vegas police did reveal a message his mother gave to the boy's father, but again no hint of the violence that would later unfold. samantha moreno rodriguez was arrested without incident at a denver hotel by a task force led by the fbi. she's accused of killing her seven year old special needs. son liam, who's dead. the arrest came two weeks after she took off from san jose, with all of her and her son's belongings and left the boy's father a message. quote. i'm sorry i had to do it like this. she also goes on to say that i'm going to try to get a house for liam and i. liam's father got the impression that roger miguez was leaving him. there was nothing suspicious in that message that would lead the father to believe that liam or samantha was were involved in any kind of foul play, but liam's body was found days later in the las vegas desert at the time, known only as john doe. police aren't saying how liam diet or provide a possible motive. well, the outcome is
5:00 pm
heartbreaking. there's a sense of closure that liam, who's dead will no longer be referred to as a john doe. police said the boy had not been referred to social services. there is nothing that indicates there was any type of long term abuse whatsoever. san jose police say officers had no previous contact with the family until a week ago, when the boy's father called to say he didn't know where liam and his mother were. at that time, he was not sure if he wanted to pursue any type of, you know, child stealing parental abduction charges on mom. the father had no idea his son had already been killed. a family friend came forward days later, saying the composite sketch of the book looked a lot like liam las vegas police detective flew to san jose to get liam's pillow. an item was provided to them with dna that they were able to match in a statement to ktvu, liam's grandfather, chris, whose dad wrote apprehending sam to face what her actions have done is great. she needs to be held accountable, no matter why it happened. however it doesn't make a difference for my son. he is devastated by the loss of liam. now las vegas police


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