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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 8, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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company how it led to dozens of website outages around the world and a possible rate increase could be headed to east bay mud customers the reason behind it and just how high your bill could go. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon and good afternoon, everyone i'm mike mibach i'm gasia mikaelian san jose mother accused of killing her seven year old son and leaving his body and in nevada desert has been arrested. the muslim weather was arrested more than 750 miles away in denver, colorado will bring in ktvu zahle. rasmus you've been following these late developments. alley gassy. it was members of a task force with the denver fbi who found and arrested 35 yearsanthy for the murder of her seven year old son, liam, houston. the child and mother had been living in san jose went on. may 24th they left town witnesses
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had spotted them in laguna beach in victorville. liam's remains were found on may 28th on a trailhead. in the nevada desert near las vegas. the next day, his mother's vehicle was seen on interstate 70 near grand junction, colorado, and on may 31st moreno rodriguez checked into a denver area hotel room alone now as late as last night, las vegas police were still searching for her. they put out a call for more witnesses to come forward. they offered a description of her minivan this morning, the fbi found and arrested marina rodriguez. she is facing one count of open murder for the death of her son. investigators say liam's father is not a suspect in this case, and the father had no reason to believe his son would be harmed by his own mother. this has been an emotional last 10 days for myself, all the investigators that have been working on it, and we're just glad we're able to get for liam and then hold the person responsible for this crime accountable. in a statement to ktvu, liam's grandfather, chris houston, wrote quote were devastated. liam was a happy,
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sweet, innocent child who adored his father. it is a complete tragedy. liam was a special needs child at a disadvantage and dependent on others. kindness unfortunately, his mother took that away and quote las vegas police have not said how the little boy died or why they suspect his death was not accidental. investigators have planned a news conference to reveal more information and answer questions in this case. two o'clock this afternoon. that's with las vegas police and we have just learned that san jose police will also have an update on this case in the next half hour, so we'll be updating this story throughout the afternoon. ali rasmus ktvu box to me. alison. learn more. ali. thank you. a funeral service will be held this afternoon for a man killed during last month's mass shooting in san jose. alex frit railyard. the 49 year old was where he would later die in the arms of his wife. terror she called him the rock of the family. the funeral for the father of three will be held at three o'clock this afternoon in san jose, an issue at a san
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francisco tech company overnight led to dozens of website outages around the world. ktvu james tours tells us about the company at the center of the issue and what experts have to say about the widespread outages from streaming services to a handful of other websites like pinterest all down this morning for about an hour, a block from here along brandon street in san francisco, is a company called fastly, a small problem there created a big problem worldwide. from retail websites to streaming services, even britain's government website, according to the attorney, general's twitter page down for about an hour this morning, internet safety expert larry maggot explains what happened and once in a while an intention of making the software better actually causing. sense of what happened. fastly as san francisco based content delivery company, the center of it all. in basic terms. they have servers all around the world to give you easy, fast
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and efficient access to your favorite websites. no matter where in the world you are. just think of it as like a branch office if you had a factory in detroit, but you had offices all over the country. you could get your products a lot easier than if you drove to the local store versus. ship something all the way from detroit. i reached down to fastly and they offered this statement we identified as service configuration that triggered disruptions across our p o. p s globally and have disabled. that configuration. our global network is coming back online. this was a technical issue triggered by a service configuration and is not related to a cyber attack. the outage only lasted about an hour. it had a widespread effect and could easily happen again. but maggots says it isn't something to worry about. but we are so on edge. right now because of what's been happening with these ransomware attacks, but i think any glitch in the web is going to get our attention. and perhaps maybe a little bit of an overreaction right now reporting in san francisco i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news water may soon cost more for hundreds of
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thousands of customers in alameda and contra costa counties, the east bay municipal utilities jokers district is discussing water rate increases. public hearing is taking place today on a possible rate hike. east bay mud is proposing a 4% hike starting july for first and then another 4% increase next year. the revenue generated would be used by much needed water because of the drought to replace old water pipelines and pumps and to pay for extra work on water treatment plants. the planned rate increases. um, essentially are 4% of 4% both on the water side and on the wastewater side. i would like to note that this is what we have proposed representing it to the board this afternoon and they will take aboard action, either. yes or no. east bay mud provides drinking water to 1.4 million customers and wastewater treatment for 740,000 customers or exactly a week away from when our state is set to reopen and the state is going to get rid of its color coded re opening system.
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still today to more bay area counties moved into the least restrictive yellow tear. alameda and napa county can now both increased capacity for inter services starting tomorrow. bars also now don't have to serve food more than half of all california residents are now living in county listed in the yellow tear. contra costa solano and sonoma counties remain in the orange. state officials are warning about a scam involving california's new vaccination incentive program. the program is called backs for the wind, and we'll hand out more than $116 million in prizes to people who get vaccinated before june 15th. the first run was held on friday. then just hours later, people started reporting scammers were trying to contact them. they got calls, texts, emails, even so, social media posts asking them to provide bank account information or telling the need to pay a fee to collect a prize state public. health officials will not ask any winners for money or any bank information at all. lawmakers in washington, d. c are focusing in on a classified report from the
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lawrence livermore national lab as they look into the origins of the coronavirus and secretary of state. anthony blinken is appearing before a senate appropriations committee today. lauren blanchard has the story. secretary of state antony blinken, facing more questions from congress today over the role a lab in wuhan, china may have played in the covid 19 pandemic. this is a critical moment for the united states and for our global leadership. we have major tests, including stopping covid-19 on monday, secretary blinken did not rule the theory out to u. s. officials have said they need china's government to provide access and data from the beginning of the outbreak in order to determine where the virus came from. but so far china has work. refused to grant an independent investigation and said the world health organization's initial study was complete despite international criticism. there is going to be a an increasing international demand that countries including china, meet their responsibilities when it comes to providing
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information, access and transparency on global health, uh, including covid. lincoln's appearance comes amid growing scrutiny over the origins of covid-19 on monday new details about a u. s government report that concluded the lab leak theory is plausible this, according to the wall street journal, the may 2020 study came from a national laboratory in california and based its conclusion on a genomic analysis of the virus. the state department reportedly referred to the report during an inquiry into covid-19 origins toward the end of the trump administration. there are very strong clues. several of them that conclusively point to the fact that this thing was manipulated and devised in the laboratory. china has said they will not allow any other investigations into their labs following the w. h o investigation and has urged other countries to be probed instead in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. families in part of east
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oakland can now apply for the first phase of the city's new guaranteed income program. 300 randomly selected low income families will receive $500 monthly payments for 18 months. no strings attached. the eligibility area is about one square mile, mainly includes the area from havens court boulevard, 94th avenue between international macarthur this morning, oakland mayor libby schaaf announced the launch of oakland resilient families this innovative. intervention to interrupt the racial wealth gap. to interrupt what have been below living wages for our families and to interrupt the devastation that covid-19 has had on the well being of oakland, ear's and especially families. phase two applications will open citywide later in the summer and another 300 families will be randomly selected still to come at noon. vice president kamala harris continues to visit in mexico
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how she hopes it will lead to a slowdown in the surge of migrants at the southern border. plus a new senatey 6th . i'm caroline shevlin capitol hill. i'll have details straight ahead. and it's a cool, breezy day for most of us here in the bay area, ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo meteorologist rosemary oroczo has your ♪start spreading the news♪ ♪i'm leaving today♪ ♪i want to be a part of it♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪it's up to you♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪new york♪
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and in las vegas. i want to emphasize that when dad called us on ju 1st leon's body had already been discovered on may 28th so, uh, obviously a lot to share that will come from las vegas on this whole investigation in this case again, very, very tragic event.
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as soon as you know, we were alerted that this might be him. we had no knowledge on june 1st about this body and liam being found in las vegas. it wasn't until june. 4th that you know, this person came in with the sketch from las vegas that we immediately. started to get the ball rolling and reached out to those authorities there in las vegas. so without any questions. called in about sunday investment. did he mentioned that the child with special needs or that mother? they said that the mother had packed up the car of a lot of belonging. was the mother moving or leaving? did anything about nature? you know, i don't have any information on what specifically said, nor i think i can share. it's you know, a police report now that's associated to this homicide. i just know that he reported them is gone missing and talk to them. what's still not even sure at that point that he wanted to pursue any type of charges against mom for parental abduction, etcetera. so you know, we took the report, he felt it was important enough to come and reported and have
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us documented, however, he was not sure. what charges he wanted to pursue, if any, did he say when the last time was he had seen the child. i don't have that information. we know. um is there what any report of domestic violence prior to being in the mother. we don't have any police contacts with them regards to family issues. you know anything like that at all. so it's you know, we don't know. and i'm sure las vegas metro is digging their heels in deep to figure out what happened here. he did not want to file any charges or make anything more formalizing. maybe just explain a little bit more about the process that he asked for our viewers just simply alerting. i think he was just simply letting us know. i mean these types of cases. they're not out of the norm where one parent you knowu know, the other parent took my kid without my permission their out of state, you know? yeah, we'll certainly take a child stealing parental abduction report. um, but, you know, very just
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unusual circumstances. with this, he felt it was important enough to contact us and report it. he just wasn't sure what he wanted done. did it go down as a child stealing report? you know, i don't know what it was officially titled, i mean, it was taken on tuesday and a couple days after that on friday is when we got the other information so that immediately classified it into something else where we reached out to las vegas. it was. cape that he was worried about the child safety or anything to suggest that. you know, i didn't talk to him. i didn't so i don't know what his exact words were. but i mean, concerned enough to contact the police, right? i mean, if he wasn't worried or anything, that he probably would have never talked to us and waited for them to show up. but it obviously was concerned him enough to contact the police. what their arrangement was in terms of custody of leah. you know, i don't. i don't know. i think they both show that common address in south san jose. but i don't know what type of, you know. domestic arrangement or partnership. they had her father mentioning not wanting to get the mother. i would
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imagine. that's why he was kind of wavering, whether or not to pursue any type of criminal charging. it's mom. so that's why there was. hey, i want her arrested or want charges for child stealing or parent ab know why the mother went to las vegas. you know, she was apparently, you know. all over the neighboring states here, and that's something that las vegas is investigating and handling and will probably be able to share later. joint custody of the child. i don't know what what that arrangement was. be there. yeah. participation in the fisher. we're going to help them with whatever we can. you know, as soon as we were alerted to the fact that this, uh, deceased boy they found in vegas might be somebody connected to san jose. we immediately reached out to them provided. any and all possible aid we could. we made arrangements for them to get, you know an article that had some dna that they were able to match and we're going to continue to work with them in a system in any way we can.
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please go with las vegas officers to the home to collect the items. and if so, what are the items that were collect? i don't think i can discuss that. nor do i know the details on how and when that happened. i do know that an item was provided to them with dna that they were able to match. i don't know. don't know it. again. that's a question for las vegas metro. if anything, did this boy turned a little i don't have that information either. be i mean, eight years old covid. i don't know what his situation with schooling was. anything else? submit a can request a formal missing first. it wasn't even a missing persons. it was. hey, i haven't seen them. this is, you know mom, this is my son. i don't know where they're at. i want to report it. so we's a child sg
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things you have custody paperwork. like i said, that's not out of the ordinary call for us to take, you know, family disputes, etcetera. one person takes a child out of the county out of the state without permission. and it's. lot of family court stuff, so i think at that time, he his sure probably was not sure what he wanted to do, but was concerned enough to report it. did he learn? how long. sense since he was concerned. how long had it been? i don't have that information. how long has it been since he'd seen them or talk to them before he contacted us on june? 1st obviously, he, uh they discovered liam on the 28th. so it had to bend sometime before then. you're saying that they all live together, so i do know they have that anderson common whether or not they live there. i don't know. any video surveillance. they call for example, because i know the last time but. there and the kids were thing together. yeah,
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that's subject to that's las vegas is handling all that. we don't want to share any information that it's going to affect their investigation. all i wanted to share was what we knew prior. uh, you know to the stuff coming up. yep. i think that a lot in espanol. and, uh, you know, 10 seconds. okay all right. you've been listening to san jose police sergeant christian camerino, giving us an update on that two week investigation out of san jose. the headline here is that 35 year old samantha rodriguez has been found in the city of denver, colorado. she is in custody and has been arrested accused of killing her seven year old son, liam houston, said the two were last seen back on may 26. they left the san jose area. we responded a couple days later in southern california in laguna beach and victor ville, and then on the 28th. that is when the boy's body was found at a trailhead. near or in the city of las
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vegas and then on june 1st as we heard the sergeant talking for the father of the young man went to police and said, i haven't seen my son. i haven't seen his mother in quite some time. they were concerned about that. and then today on this june 8th. indeed samantha rodriguez was located by a task force in denver. and she is now in custody, waiting extradition to las vegas. right. let's switch gears quickly here and talk about the very weathered awfully blustery start to this tuesday resume. roscoe is joining us now to talk about the winds and temperature change for tomorrow. yeah. so the temperatures continue to fall. garcia michaela to both you the winds have led up, although still breezy out there. no wind advisory so not quite as strong as yesterday. here's a live look at what is happening outside our doors at this hour. we do have blue skies. over areas of sfo, but you will notice partly cloudy skies there on the backside woke up with a little bit of cloud cover along the coastline and inside the bay and still at
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this hour, looking at partly cloudy conditions. meanwhile it's a cool day over areas of half moon bay 57 degrees right now 59 in the city of san francisco around the bay low sixties 60 and hayward 60 for palo alto. you go inland. also in the sixties, it wasn't that long ago that are inland cities. we're well into the eighties, even approaching 90 degrees or so and today, not the case, 60 degrees in nevada for the inner east base 64 in livermore, and that's where we are continuing to see the bigger temperature drop off down by 15 degrees right now in santa rosa from 24 hours ago. down by five in livermore in in the south bay down by four. so moving forward, temperatures are going to remain below average. not only for today, but tomorrow before we begin to see them rebound and the onshore breeze is still quite robust or fairfield that on chabris gust 31 mph concrete reporting open guts to 17. we've got some breezy conditions over napa as well and in our hills, the winds continue to blow. 20 at mount diablo 20. oakland south middle peak reporting almost 20 mph
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storm tracker to they're showing you we've got to just the partly cloudy skies, the dry conditions in place and we are likely to remain partly cloudy to mostly clear through, at least about sunset. but then it's beginning to the evening hours. notice the timestamp there this evening around 10 o'clock reduced an increase in cloud cover. and then for tomorrow morning, likely to wake up with conditions very similar to today, we'll go with partly cloudy skies along the coastline and inside the bay, including ari space shore, and then is beginning to the afternoon. another mostly sunny one with temperatures remaining on the cool side. here's the comparison from yesterday into today, santa rosa 72 expected for you upper sixties valeo. 72 conquered 72 expected over areas of gilroy. i better look at some of these afternoon highs for today. 65 sam, a tail and for the inner east based 72 in antioch, so a cool to mild one out there for most again with a little bit of an onshore breeze, especially along the coast and through the delta this afternoon temperatures will begin to rebound us and
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get a little bit closer to the weekend. i'll have a look at the extended forecast. us if you're going to see the a's play later today, we'll take a look at that as well. more on this coming up. all right. see you soon. rosemary thank you. federal authorities say an air force sergeant accused of killing two california law enforcement officers belong to a right wing militia that plan to launch a war against police court documents filed by federal prosecutors accused steven carrillo of being with an anti government group. grizzlies scouts, investigators say members had weapons training and research protests as part of a plan to attack law enforcement. ray low, is charged with killing a santa cruz county sheriff's sergeant and a federal protective officer in the city of oakland. oakland police are still searching for the gunman who shot five people at a house party in a drive by shooting. this happened sunday night, right near 51st and ignacio avenues. as a citizen app video from the scene. one victim is listed in critical condition, while the other four victims are expected to survive, witnesses told police at least one shooter fired shots from a car. filled with several people. we don't have a fixed
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motive yet. we're still working with getting information from oakland police department. oakland police say tracking down suspects in cases like this one from sunday night shooting is always challenging because there's just little evidence. officers say there are a growing number of violent crimes across the city, with very few witnesses willing to step forward. happening today. the oakland city council is considering an ordinance that would place restrictions on the use of military equipment by oakland police. it would require opd to submit detailed reports on the military equipment it intends to buy. the citizen. led oakland police commission for review. oakland police say that armored vehicles are needed because they can protect officers from bullets in high risk situations. in the north bay of private school in marin county, is facing another sexual abuse lawsuit. a former student at the branson school in ross says the school failed to protect her from sexual abuse by an assistant between the years of 1987 and 1991. pursuit is the second
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against that private school in two months. the plaintiff was one of several women who reported the sexual abuse after the school's investigation in 2018 revealed allegations ranging from the late seventies. to the 2000 and teen years a judge has ordered a former san francisco public works director to undergo a mental health evaluation following his arrest at a food bank mohammed new room was taken into custody while volunteering last week after another volunteer accused him of pulling out a knife to the man he hand over his potato chips. nauru was cleared of all charges after a witness said it was a joke. last year, nauru was charged with bribery while working as san francisco's public works director. investigators are working to determine the cause of a house fire that destroyed a home west of santa rosa. this fire started at about six o'clock last night on haul road east of sanford road. santa rosa fire department captured this video and tweeted it out. no one was hurt in the fire, just about a half acre of crops were destroyed by the blaze. a
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person is in critical condition at a hospital after fire at a duplex yesterday in san francisco, this is citizen video from the scene. the fire was reported at 40 clock yesterday afternoon on monterey boulevard near congo street. strong, gusty winds did make it difficult for firefighters to get this one under control still to come into the show of support for the family of a firefighter killed in southern california. how cruz in napa county are stepping up to help with financial support. also, drought conditions only continued to worsen across the bay area. we'll take a closer look at the restrictions that could be coming to santa clara county. celebrate pride month with a donation to the oakland l g b t q. center visit. katie view .com/ giving day. let's get started. bill where's your mask? i really tried sleeping with it, everybody now i sleep with inspire inspire. no masks, both who's just sleep, inspire, learn more at inspire sleep. bie
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asleep at mia. it's slept with this thing. he struggled with the big time i ended up having to sleep in my bed now i'm back. thanks to this. no mask, no hose, just leap inspire, learn more at inspire sleep calm. in the south bay, santa clara county's largest water provider, is about to take drastic action in response to the drought, k tvs and ruben tells us about the mandatory reductions in water use for santa clara valley water. this is an emergency, according to valley water in santa clara county. water storages down, prices are up and drought conditions have come on fast. it's a combination of very bad things happening at the same time. not to mention the anderson reservoir, the county's biggest for drinking water has been drained for a 10 year seismic retrofit project and so valley water says drastic times call for drastic reductions in water usage. they're hoping to drop about 15% from 2019 levels
12:30 pm
about 33% from what it was back in 2013 as we see this coming, we're now asking our retailers to make mandatories. those water agencies will then decide what rules and enforcement may look like it could involve restrictions on watering lawns. filling pools are washing cars at home. it could mean the return of water. cops and rates may be on the rise, but officials say they'd rather offer incentives than punishment. so there are rebates and freebies you can get. you can get free nozzles, low flow shower heads for free. you don't even have to pay shipping. totally cool, and then there's lawn busters, a program through nonprofit our city forest in conjunction with valley water, low income people. they want to be part of the solution, but they can't necessarily afford it. this program helps replace lawn with drought tolerant plants. and they're already making an impact. we're saving over five or six million gallons of water a year already just through this humble program, valley
12:31 pm
water says now is the time to act because while this year is bad they expect next year to be worse. it will be dire next year with a capital d. valley waters board will vote on the change on wednesday. they're also hoping santa clara county will declare a local water emergency and ruben ktv you fox two news. other water districts in the bay area may also implement tough drought restrictions soon. in fact, some already have. latest u. s. drought monitored map shows marin sonoma napa, solano, contra costa and alameda counties are all in the exceptional drought category. san francisco san mateo santa clara county is a bit better off but still there in and extreme drought. contra costa county board of supervisors is focusing on preparations for wild virus season the supervisors heard from experts just this morning at their meeting. contra costa county fire protection district showed them this new map where extreme fire danger exists within the
12:32 pm
county. the areas in red represent the highest danger. there were also presentations from the sheriff's office of emergency services and the national weather service. grass fires are always an issue. any time it gets breezy. we're going to light off grassfires if we have a spark, and that's one thing. i definitely want to hit on hard for everybody is the only natural cause for fire starts as lightning. everything else is human caused. so whether it's somebody flicking a cigarette out the window dragon chains on their trailer mowing their lawn. anything like that can start a fire. so contra costa county fire says its crews are preparing for fires by doing trail maintenance to improve access to harder to reach areas where fire danger exists. it's also doing we debate mint and enforcement with other agencies. an investigation is underway in downtown los angeles after a major fire broke out overnight. firefighters arrived to find flames and explosions coming from this three story 23,000 square foot central building, located in the little little tokyo neighborhood. because of
12:33 pm
that fire is not yet known, and no injuries have been reported now to napa, where firefighters are turning heartbreak into help. ktv is deborah v alone shows us how large flag made of old fire hoses will help the family of a los angeles firefighter who was shot and killed by a co worker last week. in this napa garage, a family run flag factory. this is the flag size that we're going to auction off for the fundraiser, fire captain ryan shay goni in collects firehose is no longer needed. it was either taken out of service because it was burned or because it was it's expired. he turns them into wall art american flags, each a six hour project. he made his 1st 17 years ago when he completed fire probation. as a gift to a station for taking me in and showing me the ropes and. um kind of just grew into something else. and to this day i think we've raised over $100,000 for various charities, making making these flags. now he's raffling one off for the family of tory carlin, a
12:34 pm
veteran firefighter shot and killed by a colleague who also wounded the captain at their los angeles county station and then killed himself. investigators say it was the culmination of a work dispute that escalated over time every single firefighter in the country. has heard about it and probably felt heartbreak over it, and napa felt compelled to turn that heartbreak into help. we really do care and, uh, you know, there's no better way than just to bring awareness and show support to the family and. the entire family of the l. a county fire department. fire families know the dangers of the job, but don't expect anyone to die at the firehouse a second home. mental health is a real thing, and hopefully we can bring that to light and make sure this doesn't happen again in the future. firefighter carlin was married with three daughters and his eldest, graduated high school, escorted and cheered by hundreds of la firefighters. she wore her dad's coat, accepting her diploma. that was kind of special to see. you know that he was there with her.
12:35 pm
tory carlin's family now goes on without him. with help pouring in from napa and beyond fire service more than a career but a bond when someone has affected anywhere, uh, in the fire service family, we want to do whatever we can to help. in napa. deborah v alone, ktv you, fox two news. special service was held this morning by conservation groups who are calling for greater protections for whales in the bay and along the california coast. the conservation has held what they called awake at crissy field to mark the deaths of dozens of whales that have washed up on bay area shores this year. sei whales are facing a lot of threats, which are man made and natural and action needs to be taken to protect them. there are new hazards for these whales that we need to address the ship strikes the entanglement in fishing gear and the changes to the environment, particularly the arctic environment right now due to global warming. conservationists emphasise that
12:36 pm
they want to limit the speed of ships and that will help save whales lives as well as using ro pless fishing technology instead of crab lines along the california coast. not to the covid pandemic. napa county reports of fully vaccinated woman has died of the coronavirus. medical officials will only say the unidentified woman was over the age of 65. the l a times reports that she received the moderna vaccine. getting her second dose at least 30 days before testing positive. officials say that she had underlying medical conditions. the county public health officers said that while no vaccine is 100% effective, they do provide exceptional protection against death and illness and protect family and friends with compromised immune systems. vice president kamala harris is wrapping up a two day trip in mexico city right now meeting with mexico's president. the two leaders stood side by side for a photo op after signing a memorandum of agreement to work together to address the problem of mass migration from central america. the us mexico border.
12:37 pm
guatemala's president yesterday. the biden administration's immigration plan released earlier in the year. calls for $4 billion in investments in central america. over the course of four years to create jobs and discourage people from leaving. vice president harris spoke about this in an interview with nbc this morning. there's not going to be a quick fix. we're not going to see an immediate return, but we're going to see progress. the real work is going to take time to manifest itself. will it be worth it? yes well, it takes some time. yes. during her visit yesterday, the vice president told the guatemalan people thinking of coming to the united states not to come. some refugee and immigration advocates and fellow democrats criticized that statement is being overly harsh. republicans in congress, meanwhile, criticised vice president harris for visiting central american nations before making a personal trip to the u. s side of the border. bipartisan report from lawmakers in d. c
12:38 pm
reveals new insight into the january six attack. the u. s capitol and some of the security breakdowns that occurred caroline shively as the story from capitol hill. new senate report lays out multiple law enforcement failures leading up to and during the january 6th capital riot what was telling to me with the intelligence community. they said they weren't able to put out a warning because they weren't sure whether or not this was related to violence or if it was free speech. well, why were they questioning the credibility of what we were all seeing on the internet? the report blames a series of missteps by capitol police and other agencies that caused officers to plan for the event as if it was just another trump rally. even though activists were openly calling to storm the capital in online posts. five people died and more than 140 were injured. sadly it was the front line officers who were left to defend us to defend our staff and to defend democracy. the report also found fault with the fbi and homeland security for not
12:39 pm
giving specific warnings about intelligence that they had gathered, but leadership failed. there was an adequate equipment there wasn't adequate training, there wasn't adequate protocols when it came to getting the national guard to respond to help the police and the capitol grounds. capitol police released a response to the report tuesday morning, saying that no agency knew that thousands of rioters were planning to attack the u. s capitol. the known intelligence simply didn't support that conclusion. the report also details more than 20 recommendations to secure the capital that senators say can be implemented immediately on capitol hill. caroline shively ktv you. fox two news a car fire in a parking garage at san francisco international, temporarily closed the garage for a short time this morning that fire broke out around 6 30 on level four of the domestic hourly parking garage. eight vehicles were damaged by the fire. the driver of the car that cod fire. was treated at the scene for some breathing problems, but was never
12:40 pm
transported to a hospital. the garage has since reopened, there was no impact to terminals or flights, a committee of the san francisco board of supervisors voted in favor of legislation making outdoor park let's set up during the pandemic. permanent more than 2200 businesses in san francisco, received approval to set up park let's in the past year, the legislation to make the park that's permanent now goes before the full board of supervisors. june 22nd still to come in noon, a critical report against fisher price more on the claims the company ignored warnings about sleep safety. babies plus outside here in the bay area. cool, breezy day we're going to check back in with meteorologist rosemary roscoe is going to talk about a warm up as we approach the weekend. your father 77 children so far, a shocking look inside the m one on ktv you fox.r after my accident, but i didn't
12:41 pm
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12:43 pm
vital role as part of the transportation backbone of the bay area, plus hate crimes on the rise in san francisco words feeling heat and big blue letter or single lot of these hate crimes are coming out of ignorance and fear. download the ktv you fox two news app. this is the second year apple is hosting its worldwide developers conference online instead of in person, but as katie views, demagogues reports, other large tech conventions are eyeing a return to the bay area. on monday, apple unveiled new software to make virtual communication feel more intimate, creating the sound field that helps conversations flow as easily as they do face to face announced in its mega showcase of the year, held online, a sign of the times, but not necessarily of the future of bay area conventions, says the president and ceo of the san mateo silicon valley convention and visitors bureau. next year, we'll be back more forcefully. he said venue bookings would normally be sold out already for next year's conventions. instead companies
12:44 pm
are dipping their toes back into in person events with fall bookings are we 100% is everything solved today. no, but wow, we are in such a better place than where we were a few short months ago. in september, the mosconi center will host dream force salesforce's massive four day technology convention for us to have the ability to bring people together in person as part of the reopening for san francisco. we were all in that meant scaling down the size from 140,000 to 5000 in the mosconi center. and new this year, simultaneous in person events in new york, london and paris, while also offering free online access. we knew that we couldn't do 140,000 people in san francisco. it's not the right thing to do, but we to crr us to connect safely in person, so we looked at our other markets. and decided to gather people there. the san mateo county event center will host a three day worldwide software
12:45 pm
conference this september as well faster annual the first major booking there since the pandemic. expensive multimillion dollar events, making a slow comeback and perhaps recognizing that in person conventions payoff that upcoming san matteo convention will be in person only capped at 5000 people while dream forest plans to keep their hybrid model not just this year, but into the future. magus king tv you, fox two news. today's the last day for anyone who signed the petition to recall governor gavin newsom to take their name off that petition. if they'd like political analysts don't expect many people to remove their names and certainly not enough to stop the recall election from moving forward. organizers collected some 130,000 signatures beyond the amount needed to qualify for a recall election dates been said, but the election could be held in late august, possibly early september. a new survey shows that a majority of california school districts will open for in person instruction this coming fall. california's safe schools for all, says 99% of school districts that
12:46 pm
participated in their survey plan to fully reopen for the fall term. data also shows that 89% of participating school districts will offer summertime learning opportunities, including. learning acceleration, enrichment and mental health services. visors testing its covid 19 vaccine on children as young as five years old. health experts say families will not know for possibly up to six months whether the vaccine is effective. that could change it could be sooner. pfizer vaccine for children, 12 to 15 was approved just about a month ago. it could take several days to clear all the damage left by a tornado near denver touchdown in weld county tore up power poles overturned homes, cars and trucks. people live there used to tornadoes see more twisters hit and world county than any other in the country. but still, they were surprised by the power and the noise of this storm. spring in the rocky mountains. you could have a tornado. you could have a blizzard get have hail. you could have 90 degrees. something we don't have here right now. rosemary. the 90 degrees. no 90 degrees around
12:47 pm
here. you're right. hi garcia. hi mike. we are looking at temperatures below average, and we're going to remain that way, at least there wednesday before things start to change up a little bit. in addition to the cooler weather, we have quite the breeze out there once again for today. no wind advisories, but still very, very breezy as we take a look over san francisco there and you can see. the city skyline their way in the backdrop and farther back the east bay hills. here's a view of storm tracker too. so the system that brought us the cooler conditions yesterday and the wind advisory continues to push off to the east. but a trough is digging in and that will keep us below average. at least for the next couple of days. we're looking at upper sixties in and around some of our inland cities by tomorrow, upper sixties and mph livermore reporting it onshore breeze at 10, but we've got gusts reported at 18. and in the last half hour, we showed you a pretty good wind blowing through areas of the delta. the north bay's breezy outside right now and offshore.
12:48 pm
we have winds anywhere from 13 mph off our north of a coastline there to about 16 mph off the san mateo county coastline yesterday those winds were 25 to 35 in our hills gusting to 45, so there is a slight improvement. temperatures continue to fall, though we're five to even 15 degrees cooler. finland today than we were 24 hours ago. and here's a look at some of the cooler spots in the north based 61 right now in novato, the inner east base 64 in livermore and then closer to the bay. 60 hayward, 64. oakland upper fifties san francisco upper fifties over half moon bay, which is cool, but not a lot of change from yesterday and the day before along the coast, meanwhile, are inland cities. dropped off considerably. so for your bay area tuesday noticed how much cooler we are than where we should be. for this time of year 72 per santa rosa normally you know we're about 80 degrees or so upper fifties in san francisco 64 in oakland, 70 livermore, 68 san jose. if you're going to see the a's play a little bit later today, you're going to want a
12:49 pm
jacket. we'll take a look at that forecast in just a moment. here is a look at some of the afternoon highs expected upper fifties to upper sixties from the coastline into at the bay as well as areas like the leo going to 66 are warmer spots only into the low seventies, 72 for santa rosa 72, a ac 72 in morgan hill. for the a's game a little bit later today at the onshore breeze will be with us a 60 degrees expected at game time. six forties so you'll want the extra layers, perhaps even a blanket. if you like to do that. here's a look at the extended forecast temperatures fall off a little bit more as we get into your bay area wednesday looks to be the coolest day and then we see a rebound into thursday and through the weekend. upper seventies to low eighties expected saturday into sunday for inland communities low seventies around the bay low sixties expected at the coast back to you, rosemary. thank you, u. s officials say the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan could be complete by july 4th. final removal of equipment and troops will most likely be done later in the summer. the target is still
12:50 pm
independence day, the top u. s commander for the middle east is expected to speak with the defense secretary this week. regarding military options for securing the u. s embassy in afghanistan and providing counterterrorism support from outside the country. a new government report alleges. executives at fisher price repeatedly ignored safety warnings about the company's once popular rock n play sleeper. it's even after several infant deaths were linked to the product. the investigation by a house committee found fisher price did not conduct adequate safety checks before putting the sleeper on the market. the company has also accused of ignoring the safety concerns before the product was finally recalled in 2019. to come at noon. many workers worried about returning to the office as more businesses begin to reopen. coming up the new system some companies have adopted to make sure others know your comfort level. does your vitamin c last 24 hours,
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ago, san jose's mayor sam liccardo, unveiled new proposals to help produce gun violence in this city. this announcement comes two weeks after the deadly vita railyard shooting mayor liccardo 10 point plan includes requiring fingerprinting for ammunition purchases. it also enacts controversial measures that would require gun owners to carry liability insurance. and retailers would have to video record their firearms sales. with council approval, says they would become the first city in the united states to require every gun owner to have liability insurance coverage for their firearms. to incentivize safer behaviour from gun owners and importantly, to compensate injured victims. mary liccardo said he wants the city to adopt the ordnance by september. gun rights advocates are already threatening to take san jose to court if the councils the mayor's plan, a new trend is on the rise as more people return to the office for the first time since the pandemic started more
12:55 pm
than a year ago. some bosses are adopting a. signaling system through plastic bracelets or signs so employees can check with each other's interaction. comfort level, for example, wearing a red blaze bracelet would mean no contact. yellow means elbow handshake only and green. means hugs are welcome. park in san francisco's bayview hunters point, as reopened to the neighborhood after a major renovation. ktv is tom baker was at the celebration at shore view park and tells us it's a sign of hope for families living in the area. hey, boy recreation and park department spent a whopping $3.3 million to turn this one small for lauren park. into what it calls a family friendly oasis with an adventure playground. we actually putting our dollars. we're putting our resources we're putting our energy and our time where our mouths are. it comes complete with the state of the art climbing apparatus, benches, barbecues exercise. there's some classes
12:56 pm
about nature and the environment. san francisco represents. the densest neighborhoods east of new york city. and we have the least amount of open space. it's a far far better sight than what the children had to put up with before here's would find a lot of pleasures out of playing with the dumpsters because there was anything in the community that they could do. there was nothing that provided in the community that was fun for the children department says. this is the first and only skybridge in any park in california and look at this kids are running around here. this is nice and soft and what that means, maybe a little hurt pride but no broken bones. but does it pass the all important mom test? this is what we need. you know, we need more. more spaces for kids to feel like they're free because i feel like we live in a city that's so compact. nowadays it gives them hope, and it gives them ambition. and i think it's important that if they could see that this happens, you know they could do anything. and what about the great
12:57 pm
grandmother test? we need to see samples so we can feel comfortable. our younger generation and, of course, the acid test. what do the kids say? it's a very good playground, and i like it and they and they get a they did a very good job on it. it's really fun. i like hard to designing. that's why goes about 400 mph, a wonderful addition to the community, perhaps decades late, but wonderful nonetheless. tom baker. katie view, fox two news. familiar voice of the san francisco giants will be undergoing chemotherapy. twain kipper played a couple seasons with the giants and has been broadcasting for the team now for 35 years, he still plans to announce games this year but will miss time because of the undisclosed medical condition. kipper celebrates his. 71st birthday. this coming june 19th, a longtime assistant coach with the warriors, is leaving the team. jarron collins has been part of the staff for the past seven seasons, joined the warriors as a player development coach later became
12:58 pm
a defensive coordinator. previously interviewed for head coaching jobs with the bulls, grizzlies, hawks, collins and his twin brothers start at stanford before playing 10 seasons in the nba. nba is finding the philadelphia 76 ers and the team's president or recent tweet about stephan curry, the 70 sixers and daryl morey were both fined $75,000 for violating the league's anti tampering rules. morey's tweet came a day after the 76 years closed out their playoff series with the washington wizards. you posted a screenshot of curry's post praising his brother seth, for the wind. then more, he added, quote. join them. tweet was viewed as maury trying to recruit stefan currie to philadelphia. san francisco stern grove festival, the longest running outdoor free music festival in the bay area, released its lineup for the upcoming concert season. today. the festival kicks off june 20th with the grammy winning singer legacy. iconic punk rockers x come july 25th. you'll see joan jett and the blackhearts with me on august 1st, then thunder cat and two legendary oakland artist tower
12:59 pm
of power and too short. spoke with bob fielder, the executive director of stern grove today on the ninth about all the excitement in bringing the musical festival back this year to san francisco. i think the pandemic has lasted a long time and been hard for a lot a lot of people, and i think that enjoying live music with other folks is good tonic for the soul, and we're just happy to be another benchmark in san francisco's reopening. although the event continues to be free for all attendees, guests have to register in advance to reserve a spot for each concert with the initial online reservations opening at two p.m. 12 days in advance of each performance, so, mike, i know you've been disturbed group mark your calendar to make sure you get a ticket. joan jed, you say we do you say yeah, i'll be there picnic. a puffy jacket. you know, somewhere in the city she was at the marine county fair. not too long ago. did you see her? i did not. but i would go to stern grove and see her. no problem. i'd go see any live music right now. yes, cravings. yes thanks for watching everybody have a great rest of
1:00 pm
your afternoon. our next newscast is coming up at four more coverage always online for you, katie view dot com dr. raj is coming up next. he's shocking. you fathered 77 children. so far and controversial. i never turned anyone down. inside the mind of a serial sperm donor. do you think you're narcissistic and the woman who want his babies your child's gonna have over 100, half siblings. so how do you plan to explain this? plus one very big question should this has to be legal. that's coming up next. today i am joined by three women three women of 14 that are all currently pregnant by the same man.


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