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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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who is accused of killing her own son, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now that seven year old's body was found in the nevada desert three days after he and his mother left san jose by car, and tonight there is an arrest warrant out for her arrest. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage. and tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener. authorities say they linked the boy's death to a missing persons case out of san jose ktvu azenith smith is live now outside the family home with the latest on this investigation as napa julie police say there were no signs of abuse and the motive is unclear. the boy and his parents lived here in south san jose, the boy's grandfather tells us the boy was autistic. his parents were never married, but they all lived together here until may, 24th. las vegas metropolitan police identifying the remains of a seven year old boy found by a hiker near mountain springs, west of las
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vegas. back on may 28 belonging to liam, who stead the break in the case happened after las vegas police received a call from authorities in san jose. they believed they had a potential victim. they are missing person who they believed may have been our victim. liam was reported missing by his father on june 1st, who stated liam left with his mother, samantha, marina rodriguez, on may 24th from san jose. he hadn't heard from them since a family friend of samantha also alerted authorities after seeing a composite sketch of a child in las vegas detectives flew to san jose, where they were achieved. liam's clothing and a pillow, a scientist came into the forensic lab and began working on. processing dna evidence to confirm that the victim was in fact, the seven year old child, police say, after liam and his mother left san jose, they were in laguna beach and victorville on may 26 lands remainseen on
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interstate 70 near grand junction, colorado, may 31st she chucked into a denver area hotel room alone? he was just a little boy like just a little boy. he seems sweet to me. before liam and his mother lived here in south san jose. they lived at this apartment complex on coleman road. a neighbor says they kept to themselves. she never saw any trouble. in a statement to ktvu, liam's grandfather, chris, who stead wrote, we are devastated. liam was a happy, sweet, innocent child who adored his father. it is a complete tragedy. lean was a special needs child at a disadvantage and dependent on others. kindness unfortunately, his mother took that away. samantha's car is a 2000 and seven dark blue dodge caliber with a california license plate. six w l h 211. police say it was packed full of belongings. anyone who has any information urged to contact
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authorities. julie yeah, she traveled to so many different places. so as not the only place she was spotted her car. she hasn't been spotted. but you said that her car was spotted at least once during the time she's been missing. she was last seen checking into a denver area hotel that was about a week ago. um and they saw her check into this hotel. her car was last seen driving to the colorado area. so anyone who has seen this car seeing her strongly encouraged to contact police right a lot to still go through azenith smith reporting live for us tonight in the south bay as a thank you. authorities in southern california have arrested two people in connection with last months. road rage shooting that killed a six year old boy 24 year old marcus harris and his girlfriend, 23 year old win. lee are now in custody, bringing the nearly three week manhunt to a close. police say aidan leo's was shot and killed on the 55 freeway in orange
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county during a road rage conflict between his mother and those two suspects. was unequivocally clear with them. turn yourself in. turn yourself in, and they didn't and they didn't. and so now it's time for the system to do what it's designed to do, and that is hold people accountable. investigators used license plate technology and information from tips stemming from a $500,000 reward to track down the suspects. in napa, firefighters are turning heartbreak into help. large flag made of old fire hoses as being auctioned off to help the family of los angeles firefighter who was fatally shot by a co worker last week. ktvu is deborah villalon tells us those who are helping out no that fire services more than a career. it's a bond. in this napa garage, a family run flag factory. this is the flag size
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that we're going to auction off for the fundraiser, fire captain ryan shay ghanian collects firehose is no longer needed. it was either taken out of service because it was burned or because it was it's expired. he turns them into wall art american flags, each a six hour project. he made his 1st 17 years ago when he completed fire probation as a gift to a station for taking me in and showing me the ropes and, um, kind of just grew into something else. and to this day i think we've raised over $100,000 for various charities, making making these flags now he's raffling one off for the family of tory carlin, a veteran firefighter shot and killed by a colleague who also wounded the captain at their los angeles county station and then killed himself. investigators say it was the combination of a work dispute that escalated over time every single firefighter in the country has heard about it and probably felt heartbreak over it, and napa felt compelled to turn that heartbreak into help. we really do care and you know
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there's no better way than just to bring awareness and show support to the family and the entire family of the l. a county fire department. fire families know the dangers of the job. but don't expect anyone to die at the firehouse. a second home mental health is a real thing, and hopefully we can bring that to light and make sure this doesn't happen again in the future. firefighter carlin was married with three daughters and his eldest, graduated high school, escorted and cheered by hundreds of la firefighters. she wore her dad's coat accepted her diploma. that was kind of special to see. you know that he was there with her. tory carlin's family now goes on without him, with help pouring in from napa and beyond.r, but a bond when someone is affected anywhere in the fire service family, we want to do whatever we can to help in napa deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news, new details tonight on the fda approval of a new alzheimer's drug. maybe the first drug to slow the
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progression of the disease and people in the early stages, but as ktvu sandra lee reports, the fda approval was controversial on a number of levels and not everyone is sold on. its use. she got lost. she had trouble playing cards, paul committee shows me a photo of him and his wife, carol, while they were on a cruise eight years ago, shortly before she was diagnosed with alzheimer's, i just broke down and cried, and then i got to work. he got to work caring for his wife of 50 years. on this day he heard about the latest treatment. the fda approved a new drug. add uchenna mob. it may be the first drug to slow the progression of the disease and people in the early stages, he says. carol is in the mid to late stages of alzheimer's, but that the drug gives hope that i can't get it to do more for carol at this time, but when it can, i'll be very happy. it's intravenous. once a month, dr peter lu bank cove is a
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dementia specialist with ucsf's memory and aging center at mission bay. the drug has been given to patients participating in the clinical trials conducted here. it certainly is a big paradigm shift for the field, and i'm excited about that. and, uh, we now have a disease modifying drug that the fda has approval monday was controversial. potential side effects include brain inflammation and bleeding. there are mixed results from the clinical trials and an independent panel of experts recommended against fda approval. it certainly is unusual to have a. fda approval. um with one negative andtive trs very exciting, and, uh, but we'll have to wait. it's the only way you can be realistic, right. the doctor says it will likely take a few months for the drug to be given to patients as a treatment. biogen the maker of the drug says it would charge $56,000 a year per
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patient without insurance in san francisco, amber. lee ktvu, fox two news lawmakers are focusing on a classified report from the lawrence livermore national lab as they look into the origins of the coronavirus. cnn says the paper was drafted in may of last year, it reportedly finds that it is possible that the virus escaped from the lab in wuhan, china, but it also says it could have developed in the wild and gone from animals to humans. secretary of state antony blinken said the white house is looking at both scenarios. so it's i can't put a percentage on it. i think there are two possible um and like scenarios. one is the one you just described that it emerged from the laboratory. the other is that it was naturally occurring. the energy department and lawrence livermore are expected to play a role in the intelligence community review on covid's origins ordered by president biden. now it's a napa county where officials there say a
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woman died of the coronavirus more than 30 days after being vaccinated. authorities say the woman had received the moderna vaccine. she was over the age of 65. officials say she also had underlying medical conditions she had tested positive for the alpha variant, formerly called the uk variant, which is more easily transmissible still ahead tonight, new information about a former air force sergeant who was accused of killing to bay area law enforcement officers last year, plus some democrats are going after one of their own, saying one man could be blocking the president's agenda. i'm caroline shyly in washington. i'll have deta
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. hackers in the colonial pipeline cyber attack last month. fbi agents in san francisco sees 67.4 bitcoins that were being stored in a digital wallet worth more than $2 million. colonial paid about $4.4 million in ransom in bitcoin to the dark side network to bring the oil pipeline. back online. today we turned the tables on dark side by going after the entire ecosystem that fuels ransomware and digital extortion attacks, including criminal proceeds in the form of digital currency. the pipeline had to shut down operations for about a week, causing a gas shortage along much of the east coast. president biden and his fellow
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democrats have ambitious plans to pass an infrastructure package of. voting rights bill, police reform and other legislation but in a 50 50 senate, they need unity and moderates like joe manchin or making it clear they don't have it yet. foxes caroline shively reports tonight from washington. with a sentence split right down the middle. president biden needs every single democratic senator to back his legislation to get things through congress, and for the most part, they're falling in line except for this guy, moderate senator joe manchin of west virginia is getting blowback from some fellow democrats this week after announcing on a sunday op ed that he would not vote for their sweeping election reform bill. or to end the filibuster. it seems that he is relishing being the person to block biden's agenda. and it is unclear why he relishes that the white house says they'll keep pushing to make voting rights a priority. clearly senator manchin has stated his point of view in his opinion
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piece over the weekend in terms of the path forward and what that looks like, and the mechanics of. how it moves forward in congress. the president is quite open to and willing to work with anyone to enact common sense reforms that benefit the american people. mansion says any voting bill should be bipartisan. in fact, he thinks any important legislation should have support from both sides. i think it's the wrong piece of legislation to bring our country together and unite our country, and i'm not supporting that, because i think it would divide us further. some republicans are praising mansion, saying his stance may force democrats to work with the gop when joe biden promised that he was going to unite and work with everybody. he's out there, undermining people on his own side because joe manchin says he wants to help president biden fulfill his promise of working with people. bigger picture without mansion president biden's entire domestic agenda could be stalled from infrastructure to gun control in washington. caroline shively fox news at 11 tonight, the air force sergeant accused of killing two law
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enforcement officers last year, was said to be part of a right wing militia known as grizzly. scouts according to court filing. stephen korea was part of an anti government group that held firearms training, scouted out protests and laid out terms of war against police. corio has pleaded not guilty to killing santa cruz. sheriff's sergeant damon guts, willer and federal protective officer dave underwood in oakland last summer. police in oakland are investigating a drive by shooting at a house party last night that left five people wounded. this happened around 9:20 p.m. near the quarter of 51st and seo avenues shot spotter, the city's gunfire detection system reported eight or nine rounds being fired. one of the victims is in critical condition tonight. four others are expected to survive their injuries. witnesses told police the shooter fired from a car that was carrying several people. we don't have a fixed motive yet we're still working with getting information from. oakland police department. this
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shooting comes as oakland is seeing a significant jump in homicides, shootings and carjackings this year. as of last week, shot spotter activations were off 119% compared to the same time last year. after the break big changes in store for customers of santa clara county's largest water provider. the call for water use reduction because of the drought and our windows side. the advisory has expired. we do have cooler temperatures on the way i'll have details coming up.
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sometimes they say, "it might work, it might not work." and so i ask myself the question, like, "why even get the vaccine, if it can also harm you?" for me, it's like taking a 50/50 chance. hi andrea. some say that the vaccine is harmful or that it might not work, but that's not true. millions of people have been vaccinated with no ill effects. and i can tell you that getting the vaccine is far safer than not getting it. water use because of the drought, and that may mean some big changes for customers coming up this summer. valley
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water wants to reduce water usage by about 15% from 2019 levels at about 33% from what it was back in 2013, that could mean restrictions on watering lawns, filling pools or washing cars at home, but officials say there are rebates and freebies. you can get to help you save water, you can get free nozzles. low flow shower heads for free. you don't even have to pay shipping totally cool, valley water says now is the time to act because while this year is bad they expect next year to be even worse. flames tore through a home and charred about a half acre of vegetation near santa rosa. this evening fire broke added about six o'clock tonight on haul road east of sanford road that's just west of the santa, rosy city limits the santa rosa fire department captured this video of the fire while assisting sonoma. a county fire and knocking down this blaze. no one was hurt and no word yet on what caused the fire, and a fire started at a duplex in the
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sunnyside neighborhood of san francisco. today, this fire was reported around four o'clock this afternoon on monterey boulevard between congo and forced her street. the street was closed in both directions as crews dealt with winds of up to 30 miles an hour, one person on the second floor was rescued and taken to the hospital in critical condition. still, no word on a cause. well, people who were out and about today they did their best to hang on as gusty westerly winds blew through the bay area this afternoon and into the early evening hours. despite those wind gusts, we saw several people out and about on market street in the financial district. one person just lost their hat right there. they told us that just getting from point a to point b was tough. it's ####. anything almost blew me over back there, you know nothing. i have never experienced like this screens. you know that hanging in there barely blown hours? yeah that wind is just howling. we also saw people walking along ocean
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beach today, but stern grove was empty, and that's because the city put out signs saying the area was closed due to inclement weather. fortunately, the winds have died down tonight now that that advisory has expired for more, let's get over to ktvu meteorologists kind of grooving with the latest on our weather. thankfully the winds have let up a bit, kyla. yeah, they have a look at the video of that guy who was a bike writer, and i just thought, wow. yeah you don't want to be on a bike going in the wrong direction, right? when the wind is blowing like that, um, it is good that we have started to see that wind ramp down and it'll get even better for us as we head into tomorrow, but a little bit freeze will be with us over the next couple of days. just not to the extent that we will need an advisory. so let's take a look at some of the gusts that we had out there today. i mean, it was pretty impressive. we had some up in elevation and some down at the surface. big rock 56 mph al timon, the altamont pass got really breezy as expected. 55 sfl about 45, diablo 43 mph and you know we were thirties and atlas peak.
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mount tam napa oakland, there was a lot of wind kind of all across the bay and now we do see kind of a little bit of that. residual but not, you know, upwards of 40 45 mile per hour gusts like we were seeing earlier, so certainly a step in the right direction. as far as the wind is concerned, and that you know came our way because we had a low pressure system. this kind of tracking through that was that to the north of us, so right now we're pretty comfortable temperatures out there in the fifties across the bay. you're going to get a little cool in some of our valley tonight. we could see the north bay get down into the low forties, even upper thirties possible we had that this morning, so we have relatively clear skies right now, but we did have the. low pressure system to the north of us has been tracking through. that's what brought us the wind, and that's also it's helped to drop our temperatures but notice we also have had, you know a break from the marine layer that has to do with the setup that we have a low pressure system also to our south, and that's helping to mix that marine layer out that one over l a right now, a little bit weaker. so tonight temperatures as i mentioned can be pretty comfortable around the bay fifties. we'll see a few forties out there in the
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north bay and then temperatures as we roll through. you know, i'm gonna take santa rosa is an example where average 80 degrees, right. we were 86. seven on sunday. 82 today tomorrow high of just 69. you can see how cool we're saying on wednesday before we start to kind of finally gradually warm up as you get into thursday so tomorrow cooler temperatures, especially those of you inland you can see sixties all across the bay and you know a few people might crack those seventies but that's about it and we will start to warm up again as we get into thursday, another system rolling our way friday into saturday looks like it's just going to bring us the return of marine layer and some clouds as we start to warm up into next weekend respect to you. kyla. thank you. san francisco's condo market appears to have recovered from the pandemic, a report by the real estate agency compass says. there were more than 1300 sales between march and may of this year. that's up from about 400 sales during the same period last year. condo prices, however, are still down from the pre pandemic highs. compass says prices for high rise
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condos are down about 9% and low rise condos are down more than 5. coming up next in sports tonight. kevin durant leads the nets with 32 points, but was it enough to beat the bucks sports director mark avandia's will be marquis. bonnih
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you in the vital room tonight. i don't see any team right now. that's going to be able to knock off the big three in brooklyn. the nets look unstoppable, and i should say the big too, because james harden the bearded one on the bench again with a hamstring issue. no problem at all against the bucks early on,. bl. watch blake griffin. looks like he is definitely found his niche with brooklyn and turn
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back the clock and so doing a couple of possessions later watch k d take care of yannis entered the campo and show off his serious game face on the way back down the other end. bump brooklyn up by 19 in the second quarter again, blake griffin on the baseline and i didn't have to tell you man. when he went to brooklyn, it was like took care is no big deal. other guys got nothing left. he's proven everybody wrong just to ramp up 28 warrior fans. you know you missed this. watch k d all the way back from the achilles issue to score the bucket. he had 32. this thing wasn't a game 1 25 to 86 brooklyn are. core right now. they are serious. they lead the bucks two games to none. talk about serious, serious fan ege in phoenix 90% capacity 16,000 fans watching devin booker smoove, then fouled. he had 21
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points and the sun's march on in game one against denver fans are pump now up. 13 chris paul. took a little break. had a couple of days he looks healthy makes it fall. 21 points, eight assists. bands hungry for playoff basketball there. it's been a long time. moments later. turnover transition. cameron payne, get it up top for corey craig and the sun's dominate denver in game one in that series, 1 22 15 still haven't seen anybody that can be brooklyn, yet one of the most popular broadcasters in bay area history one of the most talented certain late dwayne kipper and concerning news with regard to his health today as the giants relief, a statement indicating duane's going to miss games over the summer and the release, cape was quoted as saying after some tests visit with his doctor, he was diagnosed with a medical condition that's going to require him to immediately begin chemotherapy treatment, adding that he expects to
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benefit from the time off, and broadcast some games before it's over with his great partner, mike crew co. certainly wish him a quick return to health stanford. well, the long road to the college world series, taking a turn for the better for them against u c. irvine win or go home, seven run first inning explosion fuelled by tim tallow is great, both seasons, two run homer 11 8, a wild one. that's the final onto the super region. little texas tech up next for stanford, looking good in the postseason at school has brought home some national championships. that scare that is the sporting life for right now. we'll get it back to you, alex said. julie exciting for stanford. congratulations to them. all right? absolutely mark. thank you. and thank you. everybody for joining us tonight. good night, can i ever tonight. good night, can i ever wanted.
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honey, what is all this? hey! hey, mom? i'm trying to write this stupid college essay question, and i really don't even know where to start. okay, what's the question? tell me. "what's the biggest obstacle you've ever had to overcome?" didn't my third grade teacher say i had, like, a.d.d. or something? oh, no, honey. she said you couldn't a-d-d, and she put it that way because she also knew you couldn't s-p-e-l-l. wait, slow down... ohh! sweetheart? what's this? we talked about this last week. i said i'm building luke a tree house. you said "fine." you know, sometimes i think you just tune me out. i never told her. she just would have said "no." i don't remember agreeing to this, phil. this is like the time you backed down the driveway with a hang glider sticking out of the car. if you'd let me keep that, those geese would have followed me to the wetlands. you would have died. (whispers) a hero. (laughter)


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