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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 7, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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looking for a 35 year old mother from san jose, the prime suspect in the death of her seven year old son ruled a homicide. i'm shocked. i wouldn't think that, you know, i wouldn't think any mother would want you have anything to do with their child's death. police say samantha moreno rodriguez was last seen at a denver area hotel last monday
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and tonight a warrant is out for her arrest. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank, the remains of her son, liam, who's dead were found near a hiking trail outside the las vegas valley 10 days ago. authorities linked the boy's death to a missing persons case out of san jose. ktvu is asking this smith live outside the family home tonight with the latest on this investigation, azenith smith. well alex. the boy and his parents lived here at this gated apartment complex in south san jose, the boy's grandfather says the parents were never married, but they live together here until may 24th when the mother samantha, left with liam, las vegas metropolitan police identifying the remains of a seven year old boy found by a hiker near mountain sprin on may 28 belongg to liam, who stead. the break in the case happened after las vegas police had a call from authorities in san jose. i received a phone call from a sergeant with the san jose
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police department, who stated that they believed they had a potential victim of the our missing person who they believed may have been our victim. liam was reported missing by his father on june 1st, who stated liam left with his mother, samantha, marina rodriguez, on may 24th from san jose. he hadn't heard from them since a family friend of samantha also alerted authorities. after seeing a composite sketch of a child in las vegas detectives flew to san jose, where they were chewed liam's clothing and a pillow. a scientist came into the forensic lab and begin working on processing dna evidence to confirm that the victim was in fact, the seven year old child, police say after lehman, his mother left san jose, they were in laguna beach and victor ville on may 26th liens remains were then found on may 28th the next day, samantha's car was seen on interstate 70 near ground. junction, colorado, may 31st she chucked into a denver area hotel room alone? he was just a
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little boy like just a little boy. he seems sweet to me before liam and his mother lived here in south san jose. they lived at this apartment complex on coleman wrote. a neighbor says they kept to themselves. she never saw any trouble. it's horrific. i mean, you know, i have a i'm a mother of two children, and i can't imagine that anybody would do anything like that. her child. in a statement to ktvu, liam's grandfather, chris ustad wrote. we are devastated. liam was a happy, sweet, innocent child who adored his father. it is a complete tragedy. liam was a special needs childa hers. kindness unfortunately, his mother took that away. some have. this car is described as a 2000 and seven dark blue dodge caliber with a california license plate. six w l h 211. it was packed full of belongings. police are asking anyone if they saw the car, or
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liam or his mother in the las vegas valley on may 27th or 28th to contact them. alex yeah, still a long ways to go in this heartbreaking case, as in a thank you, oakland police are asking for the public's help. in finding a 37 year old man who disappeared three weeks ago. the family of michael robertson says he went missing on may 17th after leaving his home for a walk. he was last seen on east 31st street near highland hospital today. his mother got emotional as she shared photos of her son. she said he has been diagnosed as bipolar with asperger's syndrome and was not taking his medication when he disappeared. the mother made a plea to the public to keep an eye out for her son as she teared. shared a message for him if he scissors. i want him to remember that we love him, and, uh, i hope he comes back home. michael
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robertson is known to frequent the areas around lake merritt and the trestle glen neighborhood. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police now to a big breakthrough in treating alzheimer's. today. the food and drug administration approved the first new alzheimer's drug in 18 years, and it comes and made a fierce debate over whether it even works. ktvu sam burly spoke with a couple coping with the disease and a doctor who is administering this drug to patients participating in clinical trials. amber. alex ucsf here at mission bay is among the testing sites for this new drug. there is mixed reaction among those who have first hand experience with this disease. got lost. she had trouble playing cards, paul committee shows me a photo of him and his wife, carol, while they were on a cruise eight years ago, shortly before she was diagnosed with alzheimer's, i just broke down and cried, and then i got to work. he got to work caring for his. wife of
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50 years. on this day he heard about the latest treatment. the fda approved a new drug at duke in a mob. it may be the first drug to slow the progression of the disease in people in the early stages, he says. carol is in the mid to late stages of alzheimer's, but that the drug gives hope that i can't get it to do. more for carol at this time, but when it can, i'll be very happy. it's intravenous. once a month, dr peter lu bank cove is a dementia specialist with ucsf's memory and aging center at mission bay. the drug has been given to patients participating in the clinical trials conducted here. it certainly is a big paradigm shift for the field, and i'm excited about that. uh we now have a disease modifying drug, but the fda is approval monday was controversial. potential side effects include brain inflammation and bleeding. there are mixed results from the clinical trials and an independent panel of experts
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recommended against fda approval. it certainly is unusual to have fda approval, um with with one negative and one positive trial, inspired at the institute of aging monday. mark the first day of in person programs resuming since the pandemic shut down the program director for dementia services says so far families of alzheimer patients have expressed optimism they have sort of said, where do i sign up? how soon can i get this? it's very exciting. and, uh, but we'll have to wait. it's the only way you can be realistic, right? the doctor says it will likely take a few months for the drug to be given to patients as a treatment. biogen the maker of the drug says it would charge $56,000 a year per patient without insurance. alex a lot of controversy surrounding this
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drug, but obviously a lot of people see hope here, amber thank you. flames broke out at a duplex in the sunnyside neighborhood of san francisco today. the fire was reported around for this afternoon on monterey boulevard between congo and forster street. one person on the second floor was rescued and taken to the hospital in critical condition. firefighters say today's wind was a challenge. as you can see, wind is a huge factor here is we have about 30 mph gusts. it's not assisting us in our efforts. monterey boulevard was closed in both directions. no word on what caused that fire and those who dare to go outside. today they did their best to hang on his gusty westerly winds blew through the bay area this afternoon into the early evening. despite the wind gusts. we saw several people out and about on market street in the financial district, and they told us just trying to get from point. a to point b was not easy. it's hell. anything almost blew me over back there, you know, not fun. i have never experienced
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like this screens in my life hanging in there barely blown on. it looks rough out there. we also saw people walking along ocean beach, but stern grove was empty. the city put out science. saying that area was closed because of the inclement weather. fortunately the winds have died down now that the advisory has expired, we want to get over now to ktvu meteorologist skylar grogan for the latest boy, those folks in san francisco they were hanging onto their hats for dear life. yeah they really were and you know, it really started earlier for them today. that way did it kind of lasted longer, too, but i'm happy to say we are making some progress. so we did drop the wind advisory. now the national weather service has let it expire. so that's some good news. but we did have some pretty impressive win and we're still there. be a little breezy over the next couple days. let's take a look at some of the peak gusts that we had today in different spots around the base, a big rock 56 mph because he 55 at altamont. we got over 40 at sfo and mount diablo about tam 36 atlas peak. also in the thirties, napa 36
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mph in oakland about 33. here's a look at our picks right now, and you can see there's plenty of wind still mount diablo, you know, i mean, just under 50, mph and same story at middle peak. when we bring it down to the surface, we're starting to see some improvement, one spot. particular nevada has just been incredibly gusty. today gusting upwards of 40 mph just a couple hours ago, and now you can see it's really calmed down quite a bit. fairfield though still a little bit windy, and as we move a little further south, you know we're doing much better places like hayward and oakland. so the good news is that it is going to ramp down. but as i mentioned, we are going to stay a little breezy as you can see here in future cast over the next couple days, i'll have more information about that. and also how long these cool temperatures will last one come back with your extended forecast for nelson it back to the best. okay, kyle and look forward to that. thank you. santa clara county's largest water providers about to take drastic action because of the drought. valley water is calling for mandatory reductions in water usage, which may mean big changes for customers this summer, ktvu said. ruben with more now on what we can expect, this is an
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emergency, according to valley water in santa clara county. water storages down, prices are up and drought conditions have come on fast. it's a combination of very bad things happening at. same time, not to mention the anderson reservoir, the county's biggest for drinking water has been drained for a 10 year seismic retrofit project and so valley water says drastic times call for drastic reductions in water usage. they're hoping to drop about 15% from 2019 levels about 33% from what it was back in 2013. as we see this coming, we're now asking our retailers. making mandatories. those water agencies will then decide what rules and enforcement may look like it could involve restrictions on watering lawns. filling pools are washing cars at home, it could mean the return of water, cops and rates may be on the rise, but officials say they'd rather offer incentives than punishment. so there are rebates and freebies you can get. you can get free nozzles.
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low flow shower heads for free. you don't even have to pay shipping totally cool, and then there's lawn busters, a program through nonprofit our city forest in conjunction with valley water, low income people. they want to be part of the solution, but they can't necessarily afford it. this program helps replace lawn with drought tolerant plants, and they're already making an impact. we're saving over five or six million gallons of water a year already just through this humble program, valley water says now is the time to act because while this year is bad they expect next year to be worse. it will be dire next year with a capital d. valley waters board will vote on the change on wednesday. they're also hoping santa clara county will declare a local water emergency and ruben ktvu fox two news, east bay mud is set to hold a public hearing tomorrow ahead of a vote on a proposed 8% rate increase. the agency is proposing a 4% rate
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hike for both water and wastewater. starting july 1st and another 4% increase to begin next year. they say the money will go to upgrade ageing pipelines and other vital in infrastructure. east bay mud provides drinking water to 1.4 million customers in alameda and contra costa counties. still ahead tonight, two people are in custody, accused of killing a six year old boy in southern california during a road raid shooting how investigators tracked down the couple, plus the north bay firefighter using old fire hoses to create american flags, and now he's raffling one off to raise money for the family of a fallen colleague and the justice department sees a is more than $2 million in bitcoin. it was paid as the ransom in last month's cyber attack on last month's cyber attack on the colonial pipeline ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore
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death by a coworker. that tragedy happened in los angeles county. but departments everywhere are showing their support to attend. ktvu is deborah villalon is joining us now, with more on the effort underway in napa, deb. alex. it's a raffle for a one of a kind flag made of fire hoses. the money will go to the family of tory carlin, who was laid to rest over the weekend. in this
10:16 pm
napa garage, a family run flag factory. this is the flag size that we're going to auction off for the fundraiser, fire captain ryan shay ghanian collects firehose is no longer needed. it was either taken out of service because it was burned or because it was it's expired. he turns them into wall art american flags, each a six hour project. he made his 1st 17 years ago when he completed fire probation as a gift to a station for taking me in and showing me the ropes and, um, kind of just grew into something else. and to this day i think we've raised over $100,000 for various charities, making making these flags now he's raffling one off for the family of tory carlin, a veteran firefighter shot and killed by a colleague who also wounded the captain at their los angeles county station and then killed himself. investigators say it was the combination of a work dispute that escalated over time every single firefighter in the country has heard about it and
10:17 pm
probably felt heartbreak over it, and napa felt compelled to turn that heartbreak into help. we really do care and you know there's no better way than just to bring awareness and show support to the family and the entire family of the l. a county fire department. fire families know the dangers of the job. but don't expect anyone to die at the firehouse. a second home mental health is a real thing, and hopefully we can bring that to light and, uh, make sure this doesn't happen again in the future firefighter. carlin was married with three daughters and his eldest, graduated high school, escorted and cheered by hundreds. she wor dad's coat, accepting her diploma. that was kind of special to see. you know that he was there with her. tory carlin's family now goes on without him, with help pouring in from napa and beyond. the fire service more than a career, but a bond. i'm sure he bro passion for the craft. um so i
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can only imagine what those guys are feeling down there right now, as well as his family. there is also a go fund me and we noticed today the liver more pleasant and firefighters foundation made a 25 $100 donation. their flag raffle tickets are $10. you can find them on the napa fire facebook page or ktvu dot com. just look under web links, alex. yeah, just a remarkable show of support for one of their fellow firefighters. deb thank you. authorities in southern california arrested two people in connection with last month's road raid shooting that killed a six year old boy 24 year old marcus eras and his girlfriend, 23 year old windley are now in custody, bringing the nearly three week manhunt to a close. police say aidan leo's was shot and killed on the 55 freeway in orange county during a road rage conflict between his mother and the two suspects. i was unequivocally clear with them. turn yourself in. turn yourself in, and they didn't
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and they didn't. and so now it's time for the system to do what it's designed to do, and that is hold people accountable. investigators used license plate technology and information from tips stemming from a $500,000 reward to track down those two suspects. fbi agents in san francisco played a key role in recovering part of the ransom that was paid by colonial pipeline in the hack attack last month. investigators say they reviewed bitcoins public ledger, which led them to civic, digital wallet, foxes. madeline rivera tells us how much of that ransom was returned. today we turned the tables on dark side. on monday, the department of justice announced it was able to see 63.7 bitcoins valued at roughly $2.3 million from dark side, the russian linked group targeted colonial pipeline last month, sending panicked people to the pump. over fears of a
10:20 pm
fuel shortage. the money the doj recovered is about half of the ransom colonial pay the hackers to get their pipeline back up and running. we identified a virtual currency wallet that the dark side actors used to collective payment from a victim using law enforcement authorities. victim funds were seized from that wallet. it's the first such seizure, the recently launched ransomware task force has undertaken the colonial pipeline incident, just one of a series of recent high profile file cyberattacks president biden plans to raise the issue to russian president vladimir putin. will they meet at their summit in geneva next week? it is an obligation on the part of any country to do what's necessary to stop it frets part, colonial says as the investigation into its attack goes on, it will continue its transparency and sharing intelligence and learnings with the fbi and other federal agencies, but the doj warrants it may not always guarantee a similar outcome and retrieve
10:21 pm
proceeds, telling private companies to take actions to protect themselves. pay attention now invest resources now on tuesday, colonial pipeline ceo was scheduled to testify at a senate homeland security and governmental affairs committee hearing about the cyber attack. he'll then appear at a house committee hearing on wednesday. washington mahler of air fox news. san francisco's former public works director, has been ordered to be evaluated by a mental health professional following his arrest for armed robbery. mohammed nauru was arrested last week on accusations of trying to steal a man's potato chips with a kitchen knife at the food bank, where he volunteers, nero said, the whole thing was a joke, and the charges were dropped, but he was ordered to undergo or mental health evaluation. newer was charged last year with bribery and lying to the fbi. if convicted, he could be sentenced to up to 20. five years in prison coming up tonight. five men wounded
10:22 pm
during a drive by shooting outside in oakland house party. we'll have the latest on the investigation and tell you why. police say cases like this are so challenging, plus the team in the heart of silicon valley becomes the first in the nhl to accept crypto currency payments. what you can purchase with bitcoin.
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hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see you volvo retailer for details. wounded. ktvu is henry lee tells us the victims were all attending a house party when they were shot video posted on the citizen app shows oakland police and fire at the scene of a drive by shooting at a house party. two paramedics already left yellow tape. it happened at about 9 20 sunday night near the corner 51st agnosia oh avenues in east oakland shot spotter, the city's gunfire detection system reported eight or nine rounds, officers arrived and found five men, all oakland residents suffering from gunshot wounds. one victor and was reported to be in critical condition. the others are expected to survive,
10:25 pm
witnesses told police the shooter fired from a car carrying several other people. we don't have a fixed motive yet we're still working with, um, getting information from. oakland police department here. moses paris as chief of oakland's department of violence prevention. he says the victims are latino men speaking generally, he said, it can be difficult to prevent burst of violence like this. it is challenging because he really means being embedded. every nook and cranny of every neighborhood in oakland. the shooting comes as oakland is seeing a significant jump in homicides, shootings and carjackings this year as of last week, shot spotter activations were up 119% compared to the same time last year and sometimes. the sad part of my job is that when we prevent something you don't hear about it. you only hear when we did not prevent something, and this was a horrendous his sick. oakland is no stranger to mass shootings in may, two teenage girls were shot and killed on a party bus and sources tell me that shooting was in retaliation for the shooting deaths of 2 17 year old boys. just two days
10:26 pm
earlier, henry lee ktvu fox two news. a deadly shooting in east san jose early this morning is the city's 20th homicide of the year. the call came in just after three a.m. from the area near do bert lane and santee drive. police got there. they found a man with a gunshot wound, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities say no arrests have been made, and they are searching for a motive in this killing. still ahead a deadly breakthrough case in the north bay. what we know about the death of a fully backs nated woman from napa, also. california state officials released new guidelines on coronavirus testing for people who are fully vaccinated. the new exemptions for those who perceive their shots also ahead tonight, one of the voices for the san francisco giants announces he will be undergoing chemotherapy sports director marco baniyas will have the details after the break and several new improvements to apple software announced today. we'll tell you about the upgrades unveiled at apple's worldwide developers conference
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so, let's get out there and get those footlongs. now at subway®, buy one footlong in the app, and get one 50% off. subway®. eat fresh. the unidentified woman was over. 65 officials say she had underlying medical conditions. the county public health officer said. while no vaccine is 100% effective, they do provide exceptional protection against death and illness and protect friends and family with compromised immune systems. today, the state department of health released new guidelines saying fully vaccinated people will not need to be tested for the coronavirus in most circumstances. those guidelines apply to workplaces, with the exception of jobs in health care, the update says fully vaccinated. people do not need testing before entering live performance venues, sporting events in theme parks. the state is following cdc
10:30 pm
guidance, saying fully vaccinated people do not need to get tested before or after travel within the u. s more than 38, a half million doses of coronavirus vaccines have now been administered here in california, according to the latest data, there are now an average of 120,000 shots a day being given out across california. that's about 30,000 fewer than at this time last week, still more than 53% of californians are now fully vaccinated and an additional 12% have received at least one dose, bart added more service to its system today to make getting around the bay area a little easier. that means trains will arrive more frequently, especially during the busy morning and evening commutes. monday through friday, bart added. 26 trips to the red, green and yellow lines from antioch to sfo. barry s a to daly city and richmond to millbrae. we are seeing writers start to come back. and because of that, we want to make sure that we're offering them the opportunity to get to their job
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to get it wherever they're going as quickly as possible. barr says ridership is at about 70% compared to pre pandemic levels. these editions will result in trains on the busiest lines arriving at least every 15 minutes in san francisco city hall reopened today for the first time in 15 months at as ktvu is christian captain reports the reopening was marked with weddings and a flag raising ceremony. on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. i as the mayor declare the entire month of june sf pride month in the city and county of san francisco, san francisco's mayor, london breed reopened city hall just in time to celebrate pride. the rainbow flag hoisted from the mayor's balle cane, and even though the signature parade will not be happening, some in person events will be welcoming the public, including a film festival friday and saturday night set oracle park, however, before the movies even begin. we are bringing the spirit of
10:32 pm
the pride parade to oracle park, so come on down. there will be grand marshals there will be dragged. there will be performances. there will be the dykes on bikes, so everything that you are missing. you will see their organizers say with all the fun that pride represents. there's still a lot of serious work to do. lawmakers and organizers speaking out about the importance of securing housing for aging members of the lgbtq community and to protect transgender youth from what they say is discriminatory legislation. we need to show up for transgender kids and say that these bills do not determine your worth. we need to show these beautiful trans kids that we are fighting for a world that doesn't just let them live, but lets them strive. we are gathered here in the presence of witnesses for the after 15 months being closed to the public, the once common sight of weddings in the city hall rotunda are now back. i now pronounce you spouses for life. you made the first happy couple saying after a year of
10:33 pm
lockdown, getting married is a life affirming step. yeah it's incredible. it's incredible girl. lucky blast bank fall really vehicles everyone in the city's maybe it's possible and you can see another happy couple right here on the steps of city hall. it has been like this all day, getting back to pride. organizers for pride say that it will look different this year, but it will continue and organizers are already saying that they're working on a major celebration for next year, including, they say. the return of the pride parade in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news, apple's worldwide developers conference is happening this week online it kicked off today, with apple unveiling new iphone and ipad software updates and, among other things, apple announced plans for updates to maps, weather and wallet apps as well as a new way of handling notifications on the iphone. other changes include updates to face time and apples texting system i message. there will also be camera improvements, including a feature called live
10:34 pm
text that can automatically identify and scan text in photographs. today. our photos are full of rich and useful information from photos of places we visit to handwritten notes of family recipes and now live text unlocks this information in a way that's really natural. with apple's worldwide developers conference runs through friday, and this is the second year the apple worldwide developers conference was a digital event instead of being in person. as ktvu demagogues reports. it's not the only large tech convention that remains online. sour on monday, apple unveiled new software to make virtual communication feel more intimate, creating the sound field that helps conversations flow as easily as they do face to face announced in its mega showcase of the year held online, a sign of the times, but not necessarily of the future of bay area conventions, says the president and ceo of the san mateo silicon valley
10:35 pm
convention and visitors bureau. next year, we'll be back more forcefully, he said venue bookings would normally be sold out already for next year's conventions. instead, companies are dipping their toes back into in person events with fall bookings are we 100% is everything solved today. no, but wow, we are in such a better place than where we were a few short months ago in september, the mosconi center will host dream force salesforce's massive four day technology convention for us to have the ability to bring people together in person as part of the reopening for san francisco. we were all in that meant scaling down the size from 140,000 to 5000 in the mosconi center. and new this year, simultaneous in person events in new york, london and paris, while also offering free online access. we knew that we couldn't do 140,000 people in san francisco. it's not the right thing to do, but we want the ability to create space for us to connect safely in person.
10:36 pm
so we looked at our other markets and decided to gather people there to san mateo county event center will host a three day worldwide software conference last september as well. faster annual the first major booking there since the pandemic expensive multimillion dollar events, making a slow comeback and perhaps recognizing that in person conventions payoff that upcoming sandwich te'o convention will be in person only capped at 5000 people while dream forest plans to keep their hybrid model not just this year but into the future. my gosh, ktvu, fox two news. coming up a ruling from the supreme court today prohibiting some immigrants from applying to become permanent u. s citizens and keeping an eye on our weather. of course, the window advisory has expired. but those cool temperatures are with us for a while. i'll have your extended forecast next.
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the prospects of higher inflation and interest rates. the dow dropped more than 126 points after briefly reaching a record high during trading today. nasdaq gained 67, the s and p lost about three points. us. oil prices have now hit $70 a barrel for the first time in nearly three years. the rising price of oil is tied to a growing demand for gas and jet fuel as the pandemic winds down, and more americans travel that demand is also pushed us. house prices to a seven year high bay area drivers continue to pay the highest gas prices in the country with an average of $4.40 a gallon. in a unanimous decision today, the u. s supreme court ruled that some immigrants living in the country for humanitarian reasons cannot apply to become
10:40 pm
permanent. u. s citizens, justice elena kagan wrote for the court that federal immigration law prohibits people who entered the country illegally and now have temporary protected status. from seeking green cards to remain in the country permanently. the designation applies to people who come from countries ravaged by war or disaster, and it protects them from deportation and allows them to work legally. there are 400,000 people from 12 countries with temporary protected status. vice president kamala harris had a strong message for central americans during her visit to guatemala. the folks in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous track to the united states mexico border do not come. do not come. during her first foreign trip, harris urged the people of guatemala not to migrate to the u. s. southern border. that's where more than 127th guatemalans have been apprehended so far this year.
10:41 pm
the vice president also responded to republicans who criticized her for having not yet visited the border despite the ongoing crisis. this is. one of our highest priorities, and i will continue to be focused on that kind of work as opposed to grand gestures. the vice president outlined an economic plan to invest $4 billion in guatemala and the northern triangle countries to create jobs and disincentives to mass migration. new details tonight on how former president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, reportedly pressured the ukrainian government to investigate joe biden. cnn has obtained audio of a 40 minute phone call between giuliani at a senior adviser to the ukrainian president in july of 2019. giuliani. he tells the advisor. he should announce investigations into corruption by biden, who was then a candidate for president giuliani is under federal investigation over his dealings with ukraine and whether he illegally lobbied on behalf of
10:42 pm
foreign officials still ahead tonight, a renovation costing more than $3 million to upgrade a park in san francisco. why families in the neighborhood say it gives them hope and even ambition and we'll take you outside right now. here on this monday night a live look at downtown. oakland skyline, the winds have finally died down coming up. we'll check back in with our meteorologist kyla grogan, for what you can expect grogan, for what you can expect in your i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available
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after a major renovation. ktvu tom vacar tells us families say the opening is a big new ray of hope for the neighborhood. help me the recreation and park department spent a whopping $3.3 million to turn this one small for lauren park into what it calls a family friendly oasis with an adventure playground. we actually putting our dollars we're putting our resources. we're putting our energy and our time where our mouths are. it comes complete with the state of the art climbing apparatus, benches, barbecues exercise. there's some classes about nature and the environment. san francisco represents the densest neighborhoods east of new york city, and we have the least amount of open space. it's a
10:46 pm
far far better sight than what the children had to put up with before. here's what find a lot of pleasures out of playing with the dumpsters because there was anything and that can community that they could do. there was nothing that provided in the community that was fun for the children department says. this is the first and only skybridge in any park in california, and look at this kids are running around here, but this is nice and soft and what that means. maybe a little hurt pride but no brooklyn bones, but does it pass the all important mom test? this is what we need. you know, we need more more spaces for kids to feel like they're free because i feel like we live in a city that's so compact. today's it gives them hope, and it gives an ambition and i think it's important that if they could see that this happens, you know they could do anything. and what about the great grandmother test? we need to see samples so we can feel comfortable for our younger generation. and, of course, the acid test. what do the kids say? it's a very good playground and
10:47 pm
not like it, and they and they get they did a very good job on it. it's really fun. all icardi designing. that's goes about 500 mph, a wonderful addition to the community, perhaps decades late, but wonderful nonetheless. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. and it looks like a lot of fun was had by all there today. little breezy out there. i noticed in some of the interviews. you see people's hair kind of flying around a little bit of the wind advisory that we had throughout the bay area today has expired. however we do still have some breezy conditions out there, but not too bad. also temperatures cooled down today, especially if you were inland. big difference in temperatures. let's take a look at the highest today. you can see san francisco. not such a big difference, right? 60 degrees for you. but livermore just 71 today conquered 76 70 in san jose 82 is santa rosa. so there was a little bit of warmth out there live. look outside right now, and this is oakland. we're taking a look at and you know,
10:48 pm
we do have a few clouds out there. but for the most part, it's a relatively clear night. kind of nice out there. we're going to get a little chilly in parts of our valleys as we get to the overnight tonight, but right now pretty comfortable, all sitting in the fifties. so we want to take a look at the wind and i mentioned that the wind advisor expired. so this is a northwest flows were watching it kind of come in over the water, and you can see as we look at the buoys that were below 20 mph there, so that's an indication that we started to calm down a bit, and it carries into the surface. we look at sfo, which disgusting upwards of 40 mph earlier tonight, now, not bad. just 21. not too bad, also has moved up two places like nevada that we're definitely above 40 45 mph gusting now just 14 mph sustained wind little wind still in fairfield and in napa, but that's kind of the usual but we should be seeing some more improvement as we get into tomorrow. so again, we have this clear night out there tonight and we do have the cooler temperatures and also, you know we didn't have that winds courtesy of low pressure system. that's up to the north of us. that's bringing rain to seattle. but there's also a
10:49 pm
smaller, low pressure system sitting over los angeles right now in the combination of the two is kind of set us up to be able to have a less of a marine layer to contend with, and that is going to be the story as we get into tomorrow, so we're going to call it a mostly clear night tonight. temperatures again. i'm a little chilly in the north bay about 43 in santa rosa, but 51 in san francisco, you can see fifties around the bay and then things are gonna get kind of interesting. you santa rosa is an example. here, right? if you look at temperatures were at 87 on sunday, 82 on monday tomorrow high of just 69 when the average is 80, and you can see we won't even get close to that until we get to thursday, so the temperature drop continues for those of you inland and you can see sunny and cooler tomorrow and most places will struggle to get out of the sixties and refused. what's morgan hill conquered fairfield antioch. you may see some seventies but that's about it so we will serve. see that wind improve again as we get into tomorrow, but a little breezy throughout tuesday and wednesday, thursday, we will start to warm up and then friday. we've got a system coming in. but unfortunately,
10:50 pm
guys, it's just going to bring us some fog and some clouds and we were hoping might bring us little rain, but it doesn't think that's going to happen. not unusual for this time of year. no, we're used to that by now, kyla. thank you. in colorado, a tornado touched down in a rural area outside of denver tonight. this tornado hit weld county about 35 miles from denver. just before 5:30 p.m. a news helicopter was following this tornado and took this video the tornado lifted about 25 minutes after touchdown. at least one home was damaged by a fire ignited by a downed power line. there were no reports of any injuries. the national weather service said. it was not immediately clear how strong this tornado was. but they're obviously working to determine that and they'll do so in the coming days to wildfires about a mile apart have burned roughly 109,000. hundreds of people are under evacuation orders and roads are closed until further notice. telegraph fire is 0%
10:51 pm
contained and it's burned roughly 56,000 acres right near the southern edge of the tanto national forest. the mass cal fire is 8% contained and has burned roughly 52,000 acres in the mask. al mountains, the standards a sharks are set to become the first nhl team to accept crypto currency for large and recurring payments. starting june 15th. the sharks will accept cryptocurrency for season tickets, suite leases and partnerships. the team says it may decide to accept the payment method for single game tickets, food and beverages and merchandise down the line. the sharks joined the dallas mavericks sacramento kings, oakland, a's and other professional sports teams in accepting cryptocurrency coming up tonight in sports, kevin durant and the brooklyn nets continue their strong playoff run as they take on the milwaukee but sports director mark ibanez has saw the highlights after the break. then on the 11 o'clock news, the search is on for a san jose woman wanted in connection with the death. of her seven year old son, the latest on the
10:52 pm
investigation and what neighbors remember about the family. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see yo for details. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation.
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room tonight, got to admit, as an nba fan. i didn't really want to see the brooklyn nets and their big three just blow by everybody with no sweat, figured a yanna santa the couple of the box probably have the best chance of slowing them down in the east. it's sure not turning out that way, even without james hard news that hamstring issues. no problem in game two early kyrie clanks of three, but watch blake griffin, just turn back the clock right here. i don't think he had that left in him. he's got some spring left rocket home. and you tell me if kd doesn't look like he still has. it is all
10:55 pm
the way back serious game face working for him to a bump or brooklyn up by 19 in the second half again, blake griffin baseline. nobody tonight could do anything with him down underneath again. let's say i didn't think he had that left just to wrap up 28 warrior fans missed this right. be, uh, no worries at all about that achilles. he's got the moves the points with 32 1 25 to 86th of the final and the nets, easily leaving that series two games to none over unionists and the box. fast forward to normal. that must be what's going on in phoenix, full capacity just about 90% they had 16,000 fans to watch devin booker smooth as always, he's fouled. it counts. he hit the three and the fans go bunkers
10:56 pm
for book or 21 points. fourth quarter now up, 13 chris paul will drive for his usual stuff in the lane. plus he's fouled. 21 points, eight assists. the fans hungry for winner there. moments later. denver turnover. paul millsap and the transition cameron payne up top corey craig, and let the party continue in phoenix. they dominate denver in game 11 22 to 10 clock. so the one oh, seriously lot of the postseason awards, starting to stream in and to the surprise of no. one tom thibodeau is the coach of the year in the nba helped the next get back to serious basketball it, man. madison square garden. there have been fun back there again in the mecca. they improved by 20 winds made it the playoffs, but they have been eliminated. i don't need to tell bay area fans all how fortunate we've been over the years decades really have some of the greatest announcers bring us the play by play over the decades. i mean, going all the
10:57 pm
way back. russ hodges, lon simmons, bill king, hank greenwald and right up there at the top of that list, of course, is dwayne kipper and the giants. some concern news today released the statement that indicates dwayne's gonna miss some games this summer for the giants in the release, cape was quoted as saying after some tests and a visit with his doctor, he was diagnosed with a medical condition that requires him to immediately begin chemotherapy treatment, uh, adding, uh, his expertise to the broadcast is something i hope giant fans that don't take for granted and it's going to be a while before he gets back together problem. with his great partner, mike crew, co. crew and cape has become a definite thing in the bay area, all right in san diego, they're living it up the cubs split town and went to the padre land's been such this embarrassing moment for anthony rizzo foul ball off the back of
10:58 pm
manny machado completely loses it over a little embarrassing, but it gets worse as machado in the same at bat, loses one over the. wall in rights instead of an easy pop out, he hits a home run, and at last check, the cubs were batting in the ninth inning and trailing the padres. 94 which means they'd be about a game and a half back of the giants in the western division. sure, hope kite gets better and the real near future. he got some time to check this out. if you will. steve kerr enjoying the off season with the former president at pebble beach, a little spare time and a golfing with barack obama and showing off his swing. i know kers, uh political animal, and i know that obama's a basketball fit. so the to get together for a two summer forced them and
10:59 pm
we've got an interesting story here. former nba player chris matthews. he's a viral sensation, calls himself the lethal shooter. now get this. he's developed a way to perfect. your shot wouldn't basketball that he puts nails on the backboard and the rim and the ball gets punctured if you don't hit a perfect shot, got to be all that that's yeah, that's pretty that's pretty hardcore, but he continues to perfect it as he put up quite a few shots that went right in and i guess, and he lost a few basketball's along where? how many basketballs did he go through in the process? it's a different thing when he says he nails a shot. there you go. a whole new meeting to nailing it. all right, mark. thank you. that's the sporty life. alright and next at 11, we obtained an arrest warrant. nationwide extradition for open murder for samantha marino rodriguez, the search is on tonight for a 35
11:00 pm
year old mother from san jose, who is accused of killing her own son, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now that seven year old's body was found in the nevada desert three days after he and his mother left san jose by car, and tonight there is an arrest warrant out for her arrest. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage. and tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener. authorities say they linked the boy's death to a missing persons case out of san jose ktvu azenith smith is live now outside the family home with the latest on this investigation as napa julie police say there were no signs of abuse and the motive is unclear. the boy and his parents lived here in south san jose, the boy's grandfather tells us the boy was autistic. his parents were never married, but they all lived together here until may, 24th. las vegas metropolitan police identifying the remains of a seven year old boy found by a hiker near mountain


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