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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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his mother, 35 year old samantha moreno rodriguez. authorities have issued a warrant for her arrest. police say she and her son left san jose in a blue dodge caliber on may 25th three days before the boy's body was found. i spoke with the father about 60 minutes ago before i came out here because i didn't want him to see this press conference without me, explaining what was about to transpire. i will tell you, it's a heartbreaking conversation to have. this has been an emotional last 10 days for myself, all the investigators that have been working on it, and we're just glad we're able to get some closure for liam and then hold the person responsible for this crime accountable. police was le denver area. the clark county coroner's office identified the boy using dna. the cause of his death has not been released. ktvu is asking the smith is working on this story, and she will have more details coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news back here in the bay area.
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oakland police are investigating a mass shooting last night that left five people wounded. ktvu henry lee tells us the victims were all attending a house party when someone drove by and opened fire video posted on the citizen app shows oakland police and fire at the scene of a drive by shooting at a house party. two paramedics are you left yellow tape. it happened at about 9 20 sunday night near the corner of 51st ignacio avenues in east oakland, shot spotter the city's gunfire detection system reported eight or nine rounds, officers arrived and found five men, all oakland residents suffering from gunshot wounds. one victim was reported to be in credit. cool condition. the others are expected to survive. witnesses told police the shooter fired from a car carrying several other people. we don't have a fixed motive yet we're still working with, um, getting information from. oakland police department. guillermo suspenders as chief of oakland's department of violence prevention. he says the victims are latino men speaking generally, he said, it can be difficult to prevent burst of violence like this. it
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is challenging because he really means being embedded. every nook and cranny of every neighborhood in oakland. the shooting comes as oakland is seeing a significant jump in homicides, shootings and carjackings this year as of last week, shot spotter activations were up 119% compared to the same time last year and sometimes. the sad part of my job is said when we prevent something you don't hear about it. you only hear when we did not prevent something, and this was a horrendous, he said. oakland is no stranger to mass shootings in may, two teenage girls were shot and killed on a party bus and sources tell me that shooting was in retaliation for the shooting deaths of 2 17 year old boys just two days earlier, henry lee ktvu fox two news. berkeley police say two homeless men were found dead in civic center park within hours of each other. yesterday at about noon, a 52 year old man was found dead near a tent on the west side of the park, emergency personnel say another man inside that tent was unconscious likely of a drug
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overdose. he was given narcan and taken to the hospital. about three hours later, a 42 year old man was found dead in a tent on the east side of that park. both deaths remain under investigation tonight a deadly shooting in east san jose. early this morning is the city's 20th homicide of the year. the call came in just after three a.m. from the area near do bert lane and santee drive. police arrived to find a man with a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities say there are no suspects in custody, and they are now searching for a motive for the killing. another big step today in san francisco's reopening city hall is now back open for the first time in 15 months. ktvu is christian captain has more from san francisco. where the reopening was markedceremony ony and county of san francisco. i as the mayor declare the entire month of june. sf pride month in the city and county of san
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francisco, san francisco's mayor, london breed reopened city hall just in time to celebrate pride. the rainbow flag hoisted from the mayor's balle cane, and even though the signature parade will not be happening, some in person events will be welcoming the public, including a film festival friday and saturday nights at oracle park. however before the movies even begin, we are bringing the spirit of the pride parade to oracle park. so come on down. there will be grand marshals there will be dragged. there will be performances. there will be the dykes on bikes, so everything that you are missing. you will see their organizers say with all the fun that pride represents. there's still a lot of serious work to do. lawmakers and organizers speaking out about the importance of securing housing for aging members of the lgbtq community and to protect transgender youth from what they say is discriminatory legislation we need to show up for transgender kids and say that these bills do not determine your worth. we need to show these beautiful trans
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kids that we are fighting for a world that doesn't just let them live, but lets them strive. we are gathered here in the presence of witnesses after 15 months being closed to the public, the once common sight of weddings in the city hall rotunda are now back. i now pronounce you spouses for alive. you may 1st happy couple saying after a year of lockdown, getting married is a life affirming step. yeah, it's incredible. it's incredible. lucky blast bank far really grateful to everyone in the city's maybe it's possible and you can see another happy couple right here on the steps of city hall. it has been like this all day, getting back to pride. organizers for pride say that it will look different this year, but it will continue and organizers are already saying that they're working on a major celebration for next year, including, they say the return of the pride parade in san francisco christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. apple's worldwide developers conference is happening this week online
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kicked off today. with apple unveiling new iphone and ipad software updates, among other things, apple announced plans for updates to maps, weather and wallet apps as well as a new way of handling notifications on the iphone. other changes include updates to face time in apple's texting system. my message. there were also be camera improvements, including a feature called live text that can automatically identify and scan text in photographs. today our photos are full of rich and useful information from photos of places we visit to handwritten notes of family recipes and now live text unlocks this information in a way that's really natural. apple's worldwide developers conference runs through friday, and this is the second year in a row. the apple worldwide developers conference was a digital event instead of being in person as ktvu sam agus reports. it's not the only large tech convention that remains online sour. on monday, apple unveiled new
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software to make virtual communication feel more intimate, creating the sound field that helps conversations flow as easily as they do face to face announced in its mega showcases. the year held online, a sign of the times, but not necessarily of the future of bay area conventions, says the president and ceo of the san mateo silicon valley convention and visitors bureau. next year, we'll be back more forcefully. he said venue bookings would normally be sold out already for next year's conventions. instead companies are dipping their toes back into in person events with fall bookings are we 100% is everything solved today. no, but wow, we are in such a better place than where we were a few short months ago. in september, the mosconi center will host dream force salesforce's massive four day technology convention for us to have the ability to bring people together in person as part of the reopening for san francisco. we were all in that meant scaling down the size
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from 140,000 to 5000 in the mosconi center and new this year, simultaneous in person events in new york, london and pay serious while also offering free online access. we knew that we couldn't do 140,000 people in san francisco. it's not the right thing to do, but we want the ability to create space for us to connect safely in person, so we looked at our other markets and decided to gather people there. the san mateo county event center will host a three day worldwide software conference this september as well. faster annual the first major booking there since the pandemic expensive multimillion dollar events making a slow comeback and perhaps recognizing that in person conventions payoff that n only capped at 5000 people while dream forest plans to keep their hybrid model not just this year but into the future. my gosh, ktvu, fox two news. the coronavirus, mass vaccination site at san
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francisco's moscone center is now allowing drop ins vaccines are available to anyone who lives or works in the city. age 12 and up between 10 a.m. and six p.m. officials say you can drop in to get your second dose even if you got your first. oh, somewhere else. other sites, including san francisco general and the southeast health center, are also giving shots without an appointment more than 38, a half million dollars as of covid-19 vaccines have now been administered here in california, according to the latest data, there are now an average of 120,000 shots a day being given out in the state. that's about 30,000 fewer than at this time last week, but more than 53% of californians are now fully vaccinated and 12% more have received at least one dose across the country more than 300 million covid-19 shots have now been administered. but the vaccination rate has slowed to less than one million shots a day. that is down more than 60% since april. public health officials are now hoping to get more children vaccinated after
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a cdc study found that rising hospitalization rates among americans ages 12 through 17. when i think about the vaccine and recommending the vaccine, i'm thinking about it for all of us. i'm thinking about it for my patients, but i'm also thinking about it for my kids. fda advisers are scheduled to meet this week to discuss the vaccine safety in children, 11 or younger. dr anthony fauci says he is optimistic that all children will be eligible for vaccine by the end of this year. a new survey shows that a majority of california school districts will open for in person learning in the fall. california's safe schools for all, says 99% of school districts that participated in their survey plan to fully reopened for the fall. term. data also shows that 89 per set of participating school districts will offer learning opportunities over the summer that will include learning acceleration, enrichment and mental health services for students coming up. the fda approves the first alzheimer's
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drug in decades coming up why the medication is controversial. also the bay area utility calling the drought conditions of water emergency, the mandatory restrictions that millions of people are facing. and we are still under a wind advisory. we'll talk about when that will expire in the swindle ramp down and how long these still temperatures will last, and bart writers may have already noticed the difference. coming up the changes to bart schedule and taking a look now at the monday night commute a live look here at the east shore freeway, interstate 80 coming through emeryville headed toward berkeley. there you can see the folks they're headed in the eastbound direction on the freeway. they are all backed up there on a monday night, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. passengers to be fully vaccinated against covid-19, including cruises that sail from to florida ports. the requirement appears to be in defiance of florida law, which
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bans businesses from asking customers for proof of vaccination. under that law, companies that require proof could face a $5000 fine for each violation. norwegian is slated to begin seven night caribbean cruises from miami beginning august 15th. in a controversial decision today, the fda approved. first new alzheimer's disease drug in nearly 20 years, the agency approved the use of the experimental drug called ad you can you map it's being used for early phases of alzheimer's disease. the approval comes despite an fda advisory panel concluding that there is not enough evidence to support the effectiveness of this treatment. drugmaker biogen says the treatment slows cognitive decline in patients earlier today on the floor and disease experts said she believes the drug will help slow the progression of the disease. this drug focuses on one of the characteristics of alzheimer's, which is called amyloid or plaque. you may have heard it referred to that. and this drug is what's called a monoclonal
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antibody, so it uses antibodies to clear the brain of this amyloid plaque. and by doing that it slows the progression of a whole cascade of events that occur in the brains of people with alzheimer's. the drug treatment would cost about $56,000 a year. that is the list price, not the price paid by patients with insurance, santa clara county's largest water provider, is about to take drastic action in response to the drought. valley water is calling for mandatory reductions in water usage, which may mean big changes for customers this summer. ktvu san ruben has more on what to expect. this is an emergency, according to valley water in santa clara county waters. georges down, prices are up and drought conditions have come on fast. it's a combination of very bad things happening at the same time, not to mention the anderson reservoir, the county's biggest for drinking water has been drained for a 10 year seismic retrofit project
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and so valley water says drastic times call for drastic reductions in water usage they're hoping to drop about 15% from 2019 levels about 33% from what it was back in 2013 as we see this kind i mean, we're now asking our retailers to making mandatories. those water agencies will then decide what rules and enforcement may look like it could involve restrictions on watering lawns, filling pools or washing cars at home. it could mean the return of water. cops and rates may be on the rise, but officials say they'd rather offer incentives than punishment. so there are rebates and freebies you can get. you can get free nozzles. low flow shower heads for free. you don't even have to pay shipping totally cool, and then there's lawn busters, a program through nonprofit our city forest in conjunction with valley water, low income people. they want to be part of the solution, but they can't necessarily afford it. this program helps replace lawn with drought tolerant plants, and
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they're already making an impact. we're saving over five or six million gallons of water a year already just through this humble program, valley water says now is the time to act because while this year is bad they expect next year to be worse. it will be dire. next year with a capital d valley waters board will vote on the change on wednesday. they're also hoping santa clara county will declare a local water emergency and ruben ktvu fox two news. yeah unfortunately, you know, it is one of those things that all communities are going to have to consider, because as we know, drought can come in a stretch right? it could be more than one season, so we're gonna have to see how it pans out. but we'll hope for the best. um today we are dealing with wind and we were dealing with cooler temperatures. he had a front that rolled through and that kind of brought the wind in, but it also knocked temperatures down, particularly for those of you inland so. santa rosa right now, about 12 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. 11 degrees difference in nevada and fairfield around the bay. not
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quite as dramatic but still pretty much a little cooler across the board live. look outside at san jose, and you can see the blue skies have prevailed throughout the day today. no doubt about it. um you know, still a little cool, though. out at the coast you can see in san francisco right now. sitting at 54 degrees were in the seventies in santa rosa about sixties in oakland, livermore and san jose with a few clouds out there, but the big story tonight has to be the wind. we're under a wind advisory. can see it's gusting 31 mph out of sfo above 25 in hayward and liver more. we have the ultimate past. that's kind of helping to usher some of that wind and then take a look at nevado just incredibly gusty. all afternoon. 44 mph you see wind in oakland. you see it in fairfield. i mean, it really is, for the most part bay area wide. so we're under that wind advisory until eight o'clock tonight and again expecting some of those gusts as we're seeing to get upwards of 45 mph. the good news is this does expired eight o'clock tonight? however i'm gonna show you future cast even though it won't be wind advisory levels. we're still gonna have a little wind with us as we go through the first part of this week, so i'm going to taking through.
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this is midnight tonight. you can see things get a little bit better still very gusty out at the coast. we wake up tomorrow and now we're down below 20 mph so again, it's going to be breezy tomorrow, but it won't rise to the occasion of an advisory like we have right now and you can see as we get into tuesday night, things get a little bit better, even still so overnight tonight not too much. for the way the marine layer we should do. okay temperatures low forties to the mid fifties across the bay and tomorrow temperatures rolling back even further and again, that wind will pull back a little bit. so our inland spots that warm up shouldn't get above 75. degrees out of the coast will be in the fifties and sixties around the bay, and this is well below average. so if you look at, say, for instance, santa rosa 80 degrees average will be 69 tomorrow. same story. livermore right there noble in the eighties, looking out for high sixties tomorrow, so a little bit of a different run for us with temperatures and that's going to stick with us for a little bit of the week. so here's a look around the bay. lots of sunshine out there and again those breezy conditions i will be back in just a little bit. we're going to talk about your extended forecast for now, send it back to the desk, kyla.
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thank you. coming up details on some major changes to bart schedule as managers increased service on some popular routes are seeing writers start to come back. and because of that, we want to make sure that we're offering them the o majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california.
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so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. ♪start spreading the news♪ ♪i'm leaving today♪ ♪i want to be a part of it♪ ♪new york, new york♪
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♪it's up to you♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪new york♪ come more frequently, especially during the busy morning and evening commutes. ktvu is james torres has more on why the transit agency is
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stepping up service. you usually only have to wait for a bart train about every 15 to 30 minutes. for the most part, writers say the transit system is efficient. despite the limited trips available. you're usually here. it's on schedule. yeah, today we noticed it was exactly 67 is the schedule, it suggested, and we wanted to give ourselves a little bit of time. so right at six, was evident pulled out. mark and lynn childers are headed to hawaii today, taking the bart from under the 24 freeway from lafayette. to sfo trips like these will be happening more frequently. we are seeing writers start to come back. and because of that, we want to make sure that we're offering them the opportunity to get to their job to get it wherever they're going as quickly as possible. monday through friday, bart is adding 26 trips to the red, green andel les from antioch to sfo. barry s a to daly city and richmond to millbrae. i think it's great news. i think it's going to be
6:24 pm
heard her for people who commute traffic is more so they really great when it does start up again. ridership is now at about 17% compared to pre pandemic levels. that's about 70,000 people a day. these editions will result in the busiest trains coming no later than every 15 minutes. in terms of trains, traveling through downtown oakland and san francisco, we're talking about a space of only 4 to 15 minutes, depending upon the time of day. that's a really big upgrade, and we think our writers are going to notice. personally, i ride my. bike to school. most of the time, and so i'd like more public transportation. i'd like to see buses. i'd like to see more transit. i'd like to see more access. bart says it plans to operate at pre pandemic levels once again by the end of august. at that point, all trains will come about every 15 minutes in lafayette, i'm james torres ktvu fox. two news. well, the city of fremont tops a new list of worst cities in the country
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for staycations. this is according to a study from the personal financial site, wallet hub, among other things, it cited an average rating on swimming pools per capita alot of availability of nightlife, entertainment options and museums and the lack of ice cream shops and affordable restaurants. now we did reach out to the city of fremont for an official response. we have not yet heard back. we should also point out that this year wallet hub did rank fremont number two in the country on its list of best places to raise a family. migration top the agenda for vice president kamala harris is trip to guatemala. i'm mother of era in washington with the details on the proposed solutions next and coming up later in sports, nascar returned to the bay area over the weekend. we will hear from fans who saw racing in person at sonoma raceway for the first time in about two years. and the cost of oil is hitting highs not seen in years. coming
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all of this started when we discovered the benefits of local, raw honey for our family. and then we said "hey, you know what? this is a business right here." we went out and started to sell it. to help us get going, we got the chase business complete banking ℠ account. it's more than a bank account. it comes with quickaccept, which lets us take card payments anytime, anywhere, and get same-day deposits at no extra cost. it's more than honey. it's about building something for our family that will endure. shooting last night in east oakland left five people wounded. one person is in critical condition. the drive by shooting targeted people attending a house party at 51st indignation avenues. so far, no word from police on arrests or a motive. police in las vegas say the body of a child found in the desert 10 days ago. it's
6:29 pm
now been identified as seven year old liam, who stead of san jose hiker discovered the body on may 28 3. days after he and his mother 35 year old samantha moreno, left san jose in a blue dodge caliber. rodriguez is now being sought on a murder warrant. federal regulators today approved the first new alzheimer's treatment in almost 20 years. the fda says the drug ad you can you map targets the underlying cause of the brain destroying disease rather than just manage its symptoms. the approval comes despite contradictory findings from the agency's independent advisors, who said it does not adequately help patients. you're watching ktvu fox two newst vice president kamala harris is on her first foreign trip since taking office. she was in guatemala today and she will be in mexico tomorrow to focus on the root causes of illegal immigration. fox news madeline ribera has more now, including details about the vice president's meeting with the president of guatemala. in her first foreign trip as vice
6:30 pm
president, kamala harris told guatemalan president alejandro giamatti. they have the same priorities when it comes to stunning the flow of migrants of the u. s southern border. the president and i discussed a fundamental belief that most people don't want to leave home. the vice president is highlighting several economic and humanitarian initiatives to keep people from leaving. these include working with the private sector to increase investments in guatemala and launching a task force to combat human smuggling and corruption in central america. one of the los puntos is one of the items is to create sources of employment, so migrants don't leave if they can't find a job because i'm sure that if they had opportunities, many central americans would stay in their country. but questions remain as to how to ensure help reaches those who need it. most president jammeh has faced criticism over corruption within his own government, despite his insistence that his country is ready to serve as a
6:31 pm
reliable partner to the u. s but we believe that we can started very simple process. to allow people to migrate regularly to the united states. many republicans also say it's the biden administration that's to blame for the surge in migrants calling its policies week. starts with this president, and it starts with the vice president they need to reverse their policies immediately. vice president harris will head to mexico on tuesday, where she is expected to meet with female entrepreneurs and participate in the labour roundtable before heading back to d. c in washington. mala rivera fox news by each monday night, we'd like to take a look at the week ahead in politics, providing a heads up for the stories that will make headlines in the days to come to do this. we're joined now by our political reporter greg lee, with more on some of the issue. is that we're keeping an eye on greg? yeah alex. good evening, not to sound like a broken record here. we say this often every week with some key negotiations
6:32 pm
underway in washington d c but first we want to start the state of california, another key checkpoint in the recall election process tomorrow. june 8th is the last day for anyone who signed the petition to recall governor newsom to remove their name. analysts don't expect there to be too many withdrawals and certainly not enough to change anything. organizers collect. had 130,000 more valid signatures than they needed to qualify. newsome picked up the support of another union in the california teachers association on friday, but he's been criticized by republicans after he told reporters the state may be reopening on june 15th. but the state of emergency will not be lifted, in part, allowing his broad expanded powers during the pandemic to continue. newsome defended the move by saying the disease has not been distinguished. and stressed the situation could still change in d. c. the haggling over president biden's infrastructure plan rolls on. some democrats have said this week could be the end of the
6:33 pm
road towards bipartisanship on this issue. on friday, biden rejected republicans latest counter offer, the president met again with republican negotiators today. the two sides are still very far apart, and the left is urging the president to move forward without republicans. this week, the house will begin work on a surf. this transportation bill potential first step towards doing just that. i asked house speaker nancy pelosi last week if democrats were prepared to go at it alone president has been clear. let's agree on what is infrastructure that has come closer on the number. if we don't we'll go another route. but even if we do, we are not abandoning the families plan and all of the human infrastructure aspects of it. now, finally, as we've been reporting, vice president harris is on her first overseas trip with stops in guatemala and mexico. president biden will also make his first
6:34 pm
foreign trip, leaving wednesday for europe. he is scheduled to meet with prime minister boris johnson and the queen will also participate in the g seven summit and the nato summit. the president will wrap up his foreign travel in geneva with his first bilateral meeting with russian president vladimir putin. a lot of eyes on that leg of the trip. in an op ed over the weekend, the president wrote that this trip is about realizing america's renewed commitment to our allies and partners. obviously, we will keep a close eye on all of these stories and bring you any developments as they happen. reporting live gregory ktvu. box two news busy week for the president and vice president, greg, thank you. u. s. oil prices have now hit $70 a barrel for the first time in nearly three years. the rising price of oil is tied to a growing demand for gas and jet fuel. as the pandemic weinstein and more americans travel that demand has also pushed us gas prices to a seven year high. bay area drivers continue to pay the highest gas prices in
6:35 pm
the country with an average of $4.40 a gallon. now, here's a look at wall street stocks were mixed today as investors started off the week weighing the prospects of higher inflation and interest rates. the dow dropped more than 126 points after briefly reaching a record high during trading today. nasdaq gained 67 and the s and p lost about three points. the airline industry is dealing with a growing number of travelers carrying fake covid-19 health records. the international air transport association says it has tracked fake certificates from several countries, including france, brazil, bangladesh and afghanistan. airlines say they aren't equipped to police the needed certifications and worry the problem will worsen this country start demanding proof of vaccination right now. 120 countries, including the us. acquire overseas flights to verify that passengers have a negative test result or evidence of recovery from the coronavirus. coming up tonight
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hackers in the colonial pipeline cyber attack last month. the justice department
6:39 pm
says a warrant was issued today by the u. s district court in san francisco to seize bitcoin that was being stored in a digital wallet. the georgia based company had to shut down operations for about a week after hackers broke into its computer system, causing a gas shortage along much of the east coast. we will continue to use all of our tools and all of our resources to increase the cost and the consequences of ransomware attacks and other cyber enabled attacks. agents say they recovered 63.7 of the 75 bitcoin that colonial paid in ransom to the dark side network. bitcoin has now fallen in value since the attack that recovered coins are now worth $2.2 million. authorities in southern california have arrested two people in connection with last month's road rage shooting that killed a six year old boy 24 year old marcus aries and his girlfriend 23 year old win. li are both now in custody, bringing the nearly three week manhunt to a
6:40 pm
close, police say aiden leo's was shot and killed on the 55 freeway in orange county during a road rage conflict between his mother and those two suspects in orange county. we protect our crime victims and we do not stop until we solve our cases. investigators use that license plate technology and information from tips stemming from a $500,000 reward to track down those two suspects. they also recovered a bullet matching a weapon that police saw aries using on social media. oakland police are asking for the public's help tonight and finding a 37 year old man who disappeared three weeks ago, the family of michael robertson says he went missing on may 17th after leaving his home for a walk. he was last seen on east 31st street near high island hospital today. his mother got emotional as she shared photos of her son. she said that he has been diagnosed as bipolar with asperger's syndrome, and
6:41 pm
it was not taking his medication that he was supposed to be on when he disappeared. the mother made a plea to the public to keep an eye out for her son, as she tearfully had this message for him. if he says us. i want him to remember that we love him and uh, i hope he comes back. cool. michael robertson is known to frequent the areas around lake merritt and the trussell glen neighborhood. anyone with information is asked to contact oakland police. and we are still under a wind advisory this evening. we'll talk about when that will end and how long these clear temperatures relaxed coming up. let's go to ktvu heather holmes. now she's in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus, well, julie new tonight's and people living in the east bay may see changes to their water bill in the future. the proposal that one agency is making that could raise weight rates and when, plus boy
6:42 pm
mayweather goes head to head with youtube star logan paul. lot of people are talking about last night's big matchup. we'll have more on that and a lot more coming up on the seventh over on ktvu. plus, i'll see you then. all right, heather. thank you, but first coming up after the break tonight, a celebration today to open a san francisco park after a multi million dollar renovation, the attraction that's a first for california playground and we'll take another live. look outside from our roof camera tonight. looking over the oakland estuary on this monday evening looks beautiful out there right now. a little windy today. we'll be right ba ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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harry announced over the weekend. the baby arrived friday at a hospital in santa barbara. they have named her little bet. diana mountbatten, windsor or lily. for short, little bet has been queen elizabeth nickname since childhood. and of course, diana is the baby's grandmother. the late or diana is for the baby's grandmother, the late princess diana. lilly joins big brother archie, who turned to last month and is the most senior royal in the current line of sight. session to be born overseas. california teachers may soon have more flexibility when it comes to the test they are required to take to earn a credential, the state's assembly and senate budget committee subcommittees rather on education are recommending lawmakers approve a proposal allowing candidates to earn a teaching credential without taking two tests that are currently required. if it is approved, candidates wouldn't have to take the california basic educational skills test or the california subject examinations for teachers if
6:46 pm
they have earned a grade of b or better in qualifying course work or tests that applied toward requirements for a degree park in san francisco's bayview hunters point neighborhood reopened this morning after a major renovation. ktvu tom vacar was at the celebration today at shore view park and tells us why it's a real ray of hope for family. in that area. julie haener recreation and park department spent a whopping $3.3 million to turn this one small for lauren park into what it calls a family friendly oasis with an adventure playground. we're actually putting our dollars. we're putting our resources we're putting our energy and our time where our mouths are. it comes complete with the state of the art climbing apparatus, benches, barbecues. exercise there's some classes about nature and the environment. san francisco represents the densest neighborhoods east of new york
6:47 pm
city, and we have the least amount of open space. it's a far far better sight than what the children had to put up with before. here's what find a lot of pleasures out of playing with the dumpsters because there was anything in the community that they could do. there was nothing that provided in the community that was fun for the children department says. this is the first and only skybridge. any park in california and look at this kids are running around here, but this is nice and soft and what that means. maybe a little hurt pride but no broken bones. but does it passed? the all important mom test? this is what we need. you know, we need more more spaces for kids to feel like they're free because i feel like we live in a city that's so compact. nowadays it gives them hope, and it gives them ambition, and i think it's important that if they could see that this happens, you know they could do anything. and what about the great grandmother test? we need to see something so we can feel comfortable for our younger generation. and, of course, the
6:48 pm
acid test. what do the kids say? it's a very good program and not like it day and they get a, uh they did a very good job on it. it's really fun. they all like how to designing. that fly goes by 500 mph i a wonderful addition to the community, perhaps decades late, but wonderful nonetheless. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. hey that slide looks like an awful good time and the sky bridge to pretty cool. enjoy that kids. we've had a pretty windy day, but lots of sunshine to enjoy today. temperatures definitely pulled back a little bit. let's talk about what the highs were today. then we'll get to when the wind is going to calm down and how long we're going to stay this cool. these are the highest today so around the bay we had sixties seventies in the east bay conquered places like vallejo. livermore. look at living. we're just 71 80. two up in santa rosa. that was kind of my highest number on the map today of the north bay. we've got plenty of sunshine out there is you take a live look at san francisco. you might notice that that cameras
6:49 pm
bounced around a little bit, and that's because we had just incredible wind rolling through san francisco today and all across the bay. in fact, check out nevado 39 mph gusts can see fairfield at 33, oakland at 32. there are very few spots that aren't being touched by the wind right now. i mean out at sfo. it's 31 mph half moon bay, not doing too badly. but you know, it's been that kind of gusty day and that's why the wind advisory is out temperatures right now. 55 degrees in san francisco. we still got some seventies on the map in cocker in santa rosa, but we're supposed to the sixty's around the bay at this hour. so taking a look at the radar, you can see that we have relatively clear skies and kind of an interesting setup because to the north of us is a low pressure system. that's been the impetus for the wind to come in today that northwest wind and also for the temperatures to drop down as a front passed us by, but to the south of us right over l. a is another low pressure system, and the combination of those two is so it's been helping to kind of mix out the marine layer so that we get the sunshine and a little bit earlier rather than later like we do, sometimes right,
6:50 pm
particularly out of the coast. so tonight we're going to call it mostly clear and breezy temperatures will be forties to you know, low fifties out tonight, little little chilly up there in the north bay 43 degrees, so that's going to be you're going to feel in that tomorrow morning, and this morning we saw some spots in the north. they get down to the thirties. tomorrow we'll start off with a few of the low cloud san francisco could see around the bay and then we're going to work our way up into another beautiful, sunny day. now san francisco your temperature is going to be pretty consistent, but if you head inland, that's where we're going to see, uh, pull it cooler temperatures pulling back even further so tomorrow likely to not even get out of the sixties in the north bay looks like love. a few seventies in the east bank. san francisco 60 as i mentioned fifties out at the coast as we look at our extended forecast, going to continue the cool down as we get into wednesday, that should be our coolest day of the week. wind will ramp down tomorrow but still be a little breezy as we go throughout the next couple of days, and then we'll start to warm up again on thursday, and we have another system coming our way friday into saturday that looks like it's going to bring our marine layer back and some clouds. i
6:51 pm
was hoping maybe for a sprinkle or two in the north day, but right now the models just don't look like. that's going to happen by the time we get to sunday, we're heading back to more average temperatures, guys back to you, kyla. thanks. we'll see you later tonight. one of the voices for the san francisco giants announces he will be undergoing chemotherapy sports director mark ibanez will have all the details after the break, and here's a look at the ktvu primetime lineup for tonight at eight o'clock, it's hell's kitchen that will be followed by housebroken at nine and then duncanville at 9 30, of course, stick around for the 10 o'clock news and the 11 o'clock news all. right here on ktvu marquis. bonnie is with youn
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
the vinyl room tonight. well i don't need to tell barry a sports fans. we have been so fortunate over the past several decades really, to have some of the greatest broadcasters in history. bring us accounts of the games. you think a lon simmons hank green wall? of course, bill king and belonging right up there near the top, of course, is the name dwayne kipper. some disquieting news with regard to this popular and talented broadcaster, the giants released in a statement today that indicates dwayne is
6:55 pm
going to miss some games in the near future in the release type was quoted as saying that after some tests he was diagnosed with a medical condition that's going to require him to immediately begin chemotherapy treatment, adding he expects to broadcast giant games this season, of course, with his also ever popular mike kruk, of course, crooked skype. just two of the best at what they do. one of the most talented professionals and just great guys around certainly wish him the best in a full recovery. i could tell you that guy is so good and does it so effortlessly. he'll be missed that jack games but just for a little while, as you probably know, if you follow the golden state warriors, this is going to be an off season of change and on and off the court really, and some of those changes begin today with the news that one of their long times assistance. jarron collins will not be returning with steve kerr is crew is a assistant, the former stanford star. as a matter of
6:56 pm
fact, he was also after stanford basketball in the nba for 10 years. people forget that then with the warriors and as an assistant since 2014 he aspires to be a head coach at some point. so, he said. this move is all about personal growth and let it not be said that in the vinyl room, we don't have an album for all occasions. richard petty, but you didn't know one of the kings of stock car racing had an album out and we put it up tonight in honor of what transpired over the weekend. at serious point says racing returns on the nascar circuit and sonoma raceway. the place limite about 30% really, but those on hand to witness this a little bit of history. i'll groups kyle larson wins his third events of the year, his first ever that sonoma and fans enthused or maybe fueled up as a better word to be back at the track at
6:57 pm
serious point in our photojournalist randy tyvek inner producer jason tubes able to capture some of the sights and sounds from this weekend, you, man, i just love all the noise. the crowds, tigers, it's the ultimate team experience. the thrill in the noise just does something and it gets me all excited inside. it's my birthday today and the only race in california and i really wanted to go. so we went. we're just so excited to be here this year. it's our anniversary today, so it worked out great. it's just so much fun. i mean, some of the best times i've ever had in my entire life have been at the racetrack. it's kind of a family affair. you know, people everybody gets along. it's a fairly diverse crowd, and everybody has a great time. being here. you've never been in nascar is i think that you really should try it one time. time you have to
6:58 pm
experience it live. it is. not like it is on tv. if it doesn't have wheels that just a ball game, so i like that. it doesn't have wheels. it's just a ball game. all right, alex. julie got to get your opinion of this. i don't know what to make of it. all right. you got to check this out, possibly the most unusual gender reveal i've ever seen. this is melanie rodriguez's left the £95 and she cleared. is it and then she will let it go and to reveal feel she's having a girl. it's a girl. all right, congratulations to her. that's £95. he is supposed to be doing that if you with the baby, that's pretty remarkably, i wanted your opinion. in fact, you guys, you know, unique. that's a unique way to interesting ways to like. yeah, reveal alright that that piece from sonoma raceway was great from sonoma raceway was great stuff. i love seeing that m well, i must say, leonard, when i first heard
6:59 pm
your idea for giant jenga, i was skeptical. i can't blame you-- tiny twister was a complete bust. no, i was wrong. the looming threat of being crushed under a pile of lumber does add a certain spice. i've never felt so alive. (knock on door) oh, hello, alex. uh, let me go get you last night's recordings. what recordings? well, you remember when you told me i talk in my sleep? well, it occurred to me that, like most things i say, it's probably pure gold. so i started recording it all, and now alex gets to comb through eight hours of what i like to call "sheldon after dark." hey, leonard. hey. just playing a little giant jenga here. oh, i know-- i'm the one who had to buy him the helmet. so, do you have any plans this weekend? well, most of saturday's gonna be figuring out
7:00 pm
where to put this game when we're done. how about you? oh, i'm gonna go see kip thorne give a lecture on subatomic space-time. ooh. that's his take on john wheeler's quantum foam. that should be great. well, if you want, you can come with me. ah, i'd love to, but i'm supposed to hang out with penny. well, bring her. well, she's not really into that kind of stuff. yeah, okay. well, if you want to hear about the lecture, i can tell you all about it at work, or, you know, over dinner sometime. what? jenga, i win! ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪we built the pyramids♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪ ♪ that all started with a big bang ♪ ♪bang!♪ captioned by media access group at wgbh


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