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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 7, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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boy using dna. the cause of his death has not been released yet ktvu is azenith smith is working on this story. right now. she will have much more coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news, santa clara county's largest water provider, is about to take drastic action due to drought. valley water is calling for mandatory reductions in water usage, which may mean big changes for customers this summer. ktvu is an reuben is live now, with what we can expect an. it's right valley water is calling on their customers to cut back to consider turf reduction, rain barrels, even shorter showers. they say if nothing is done, their supply will be in jeopardy. this is an emergency, according to valley water ines p and drought conditions have come on fast. it's a combination of very bad things happening at. same time, not to mention the anderson reservoir,
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the county's biggest for drinking water has been drained for a 10 year seismic retrofit project and so valley water says drastic times call for drastic reductions in water usage. they're hoping to drop about 15% from 2019 levels about 33% from what it was back in 2013. as we see this coming, we're now asking our retailers to making mandatories. those water agencies will then decide what rules and enforcement may look like it could involve restrictions on watering lawns, filling pools or washing cars at home. it could mean the return of water, cops and rates may be on the rise, but officials say they'd rather offer incentives than punishment. so there are rebates and freebies you can get. you can get free nozzles, low flow shower heads for free. you don't even have to pay shipping totally cool. and then there's lawn busters, a program through nonprofit our city forest in conjunction with valley water, low income people. they want to be part of the solution, but they can't necessarily afford it. this
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program helps replace lawn with drought tolerant plants. and they're already making an impact. we're saving over five or six million gallons of water a year already just through this humble program, valley water says now is the time to act because while this year is bad they expect next year to be worse. it will be dire next year with a capital d. covid waters board will vote on the change on wednesday. they're also hoping that santa clara county will declare a local water emergency. julie yes, if you think it's bad now, like he said, wait until next year. hope it changes and thank you. drought conditions remain high here in california and across the bay area. the latest u. s. drought monitor shows that marin sonoma napa solano contra costa and alameda counties are in an exceptional drought with san francis. cisco, san mateo, santa clara and santa clara county in extreme drought, so santa clara county will probably not be the
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last to put in those tough restrictions. i now pronounce you spouses for live you make san francisco city hall open for business once again with weddings happening there for the first time in 15 months. it's another big step today in san francisco's recovery from covid-19 city hall is now back open for the first time since the pen. de mick hit ktvu christian captain, joining us now live from san francisco and christian officials marked the reopening with the weddings and also a flag raising ceremony. yes that's right, alex as you well know, you covered san francisco plenty of times, you know that weddings are commonplace here at city hall, but for 15 months, they were put on hold now, with the pride flag hanging in front of city hall. the city is celebrating love. on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. i as the mayor declare the entire month of june in the city and county of san francisco, san francisco's
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mayor, london breed reopened city hall just in time to celebrate pride. the rainbow flag hoisted from the mayor's balle cane. and even though the signature parade will not be happening, some in person events will be welcoming the public, including a film festival friday and saturday nights at oracle park. however, before the movies even begin. we are bringing the spirit of the pride parade to oracle park, so come on down. there will be grand marshals there will be dragged. there will be performances. there will be the dykes on bikes, so everything that you are missing. you will see their organizers say with all the fun that pride represents. there's still a lot of serious work to do. lawmakers and organizers speaking out about the importance of securing housing for aging members of the lgbtq community and to protect transgender youth from what they say is discriminatory legislation. we need to show up for transgender kids and say that these bills do not determine your worth. we need to show these beautiful trans kids that we are fighting for a
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world that doesn't just let them live, but lets them strive. we are gathered here in the presence of witnesses for after 15 months being closed to the public, the once common sight of weddings in the city hall rotunda are now back. i now pronounce you spouses for life. you made the first happy couple saying after a year of lockdown, getting married is a life affirming step. yeah it's incredible. it's incredible. what he blast bank paul, really nichols. everyone in the cities. and it's possible coming back to our live shot. we were talking about those weddings underway. you can see a bride and groom here in front of city hall. right now. it has been like this all day. that is usually what it's like now getting back to pride organizers for pride this year so while it may look different this year, it will continue and organizers are saying they're already working on a major celebration for next year, including, they say the return of the pride parade reporting
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live in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news, all right, nice to see the happy couple getting that photo op there on the steps of city hall. christian thank you, a mass shooting last night in oakland. five people were wounded in a drive by while attending a house party. the gunfire erupted in east oakland just before 9 30. last night. now authorities are trying to track down the shooter and also identify a motive. our crime reporter henry lee joins us now, with the latest on the investigation, henry well, julie oakland police aren't releasing too many details about the shooting, including a possible motive, but they say one of the victims is now in critical condition. video posted on the citizen app shows oakland police and fire at the scene of a drive by shooting at a house party. two paramedics already left yellow tape. it happened at about 9 20 sunday night near the corner of 51st thing, nacio avenues in east, okay. one shot spotter, the city's gunfire detection system reported eight or nine rounds, officers arrived and found five men, all oakland residents suffering from gunshot wounds. one victim was reported to be in critical condition. the
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others are expected to survive. witnesses told police the shooter fired from a car carrying several other people. we don't have a fixed motive yet we're still working with getting information from. oakland police department year moses paris is chief of oakland's department of violence prevention. he says the victims are latino men speaking generally, he said, it can be difficult to prevent burst of violence like this. it is challenging because he really means being embedded. every nook and cranny of every neighborhood in oakland. the shooting comes as oakland is seeing a significant jump in homicides, shootings and carjackings this year as of last week, shot spotter activations were up 119% compared to the same time last year and sometimes. the sad part of my job is said when we prevent something you don't hear about it. you only hear when we did not prevent something, and this was a horrendous they sick. oakland is no stranger to shootings with multiple victims. in may, two teenage girls were shot and killed while they were on a
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party bus. social sources tell me that that shooting was in retaliation for a shooting that killed 2 17 year old boys just a couple of days earlier reporting live the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox two news, henry our police releasing any description of the shooter or the suspect's vehicle. they have not released anything about these shooters or the vehicle at this point, but they are asking anyone with information to come from work. all right, henry lee reporting live tonight. thanks henry. one person is dead following an early morning shooting. that happened in san jose today. officers responded to the area of do bert lane and santee drive. just before three o'clock this morning, they arrived and found a man suffering from at least one gunshot wound. police say he was pronounced dead at the scene. this case marks the city's 20th homicide of the year. that's compared to 15 homicides in san jose. this time last year. we have an update now on a body that was found near a parking garage at san francisco international airport. that discovery was made on saturday at north link and north mcdonnell roads not
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far from the sfo. bart station. coroner's officials have identified the victim as 35 year old juan korea. rodriguez, a resident of san leandro, san mateo county sheriff's officials say the investigation is ongoing, but suicide is suspected. anyone who has information on this case should put into. called to the sheriff's office. i want to be clear to focus in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous track to the united states mexico border do not come. do not come a clear message from the vice president during her first trip abroad. she made that strong warning while visiting with the president of guatemala today. the trip is aimed at getting to the root causes of migration as the biden administration tackles a surge of illegal immigrants crossing the border. fox news malin rivera is in washington with more now on today's meeting. her first foreign trip as vice president kamala harris told guatemalan
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president alejandro giamatti. they have the same priorities when it comes to stunning the flow of migrants of the u. s southern border. the president and i discussed a fundamental belief that most people don't want to leave home. the vice president is highlighting several economic and humanitarian initiatives to keep people from leaving. these include working with the private sector to increase investments in guatemala and launching a task force to combat human smuggling and corruption in central america. one of the los puntos is one of the items is to create sources of employment, so migrants don't leave if they can't find a job because i'm sure that if they had opportunities, many central americans would stay in their country. but questions remain as to how to ensure help reaches those who need it. most president jammeh has faced criticism over corruption within his own government, despite his insistence that his country is ready to serve as a reliable partner to the u. s
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but we believe that we can started very simple process. to allow people to migrate regularly to the united states. many republicans also say it's the biden administration that's to blame for the surge in migrants calling its policies week. starts with this president, and it starts with the vice president they need to reverse their policies immediately. vice president harris will head to mexico on tuesday, where she is expected to meet with female entrepreneurs and participate in the labour roundtable before heading back to d. c in washington. mala rivera fox news. the vice president, not the only one taking their first international trip since taking office coming up the very busy schedule for president biden as he travels to europe who he'll meet with and what he's doing up next plus, san francisco turns us so park in a troubled part of town to a virtual adventure paradise for a lot of
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kids, and he was forced to abandon his kayaking journey from the bay area to hawaii. not long after it began coming up here from the cut. actor about his rescue. the reason he had to call it quits and the one thing he still needs to figure out and i'm keeping an eye on the weather. very windy out there. we are still under a wind advisory cooler wind advisory cooler temperatures, ♪start spreading the news♪ ♪i'm leaving today♪ ♪i want to be a part of it♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪it's up to you♪ ♪new york, new york♪
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of muslim residents of california alleged the fbi targeted them for surveillance because of their religion. it's the second case the court has accepted for the fall involving a government claim of state secrets. the idea the government can block the
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release of information it claims would harm national security. if disclosed. the court didn't comment today beyond saying it will take up the case. a district court dismissed the case after the federal government invoked the state secrets privilege. but an appeals court reversed that decision. president biden will travel overseas this week for his first international trip as president of the united states, but as fox news douglas cider tells us as the white house shifts its focus to international issues, its domestic agenda is facing some serious challenges. vice president kamala harris in guatemala and mexico. this week, president biden preparing for his first trip to europe on wednesday, but the biden agenda on capitol hill, maybe languishing in the summer doldrums and yet count west virginia democrat joe manchin as an optimist. i still have all the confidence in the world, chris, we're gonna get there as a moderate democrat in an evenly divided senate. imagine maybe the most powerful figure in the chamber and he sees real progress, he says on efforts to pass a huge infrastructure. bill despite
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the skeptics, senator manchin said. he's very confident they can reach a bipartisan bill. if he's very confident he is the only one in washington who feels that way. i think we are moving toward a party line vote on it, but on other fronts, like eliminating the filibuster and passing a bill now under consideration that would usher in sweeping changes to election laws, democrats are stymied by joe manchin, who was against both efforts. i think it's the wrong piece of legislation to bring our country together and unite our country, and i'm not supporting that, because i think it would divide us further and then that is creating more and more frustration among mansions, fellow democrats who say he's playing into the hands of republicans and we can't just leave this up to the whims of mitch mcconnell and ted cruz to do the right thing. i'm sorry. and there is this sense among democrats that time is running out, especially as everyone begins to look ahead now to the midterm elections in washington. douglass ader fox news. a man from marin county, trying to become the first person to
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kayak from the bay area to hawaii by himself pulled out of that trip over the weekend. cyril d. eramo called off the journey about 70 miles west of santa cruz early yesterday morning technical problems with a piece of equipment on board, the kayak forced him to end the trip. just six days in a u. s. coast guard helicopter hoisted him to safety. he had to abandon his kayak and is now trying to figure out how to recover his boat. once i have her own land have to fix her because there was water swamping inside the cabin and see if i can still make the window to go this year, dara mo says he can't wait too long to possibly restart the trip because hurricane season is coming soon. if he doesn't resume the trip this year, he will plan to try again next year. we have some breaking news right now. in colorado, where a tornado has touched down in a rural area outside of denver, the tornado hit well county about 35 miles from denver, just about an hour ago. a news helicopter is following the tornado and took this video.
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i mean, look at the size of that. so far, no reports of any injuries or damage, but authorities are warning residents to take cover as soon as possible. there are also reports of lightning and hail in the area, along with strong winds due to the storm that is producing this tornado. yeah, remarkable pictures there, and ktvu meteorologist kyler grogan has been tracking this tornado in colorado. other things stand right now. is it is it still posing a threat to people in that area? cala? yes. absolutely it is. i mean, they've had one touchdown, but you can see what a monster of a storm this is. this is, you know, as you mentioned about 35 miles north of denver, and when you have a situation like this, all you can do basically is warned people to get into an interior location of their home low interior portion with no windows. and ride it out. there's really nothing else you can do. and when you see something like this, i mean, you know, we'll find out tomorrow what this will be rated when the national weather service goes and does a survey on the ground, but i got to
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tell you having covered many tornadoes when i was at the weather channel. uh i don't see how this ends anyway. other than tragic, it looks like a monster of a storm. so. you know, my blood pressure is going up just looking at that, and my heart just breaks for people that are in colorado right now. so we will hope for the best there, but i have a big concerns big concerns. that is rough. we are very fortunate that we don't really have that type of weather here in california for us today. we have just been dealing with cooler temperatures and of course, wind. we're under a wind advisory. let's talk about the temperatures first. this is the difference in temperatures between 24 hours ago, and now you can see santa rosa 15 degree drop 14 and fairfield, 10 and livermore. certainly a lot. bit more moderate around the bay just a couple degrees in san francisco. notice this cameras kind of bouncing around a little shaky out there because the wind is just really ripping through san francisco today, we've had gusts upwards of 40 mph. san francisco right now. 54 degrees still, the seventies in santa rosa red full sunshine all day sixties right now in oakland, livermore
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and in san jose. so here's a look at the winds were gusting as you can see 37 mph at sfo 31 in hayward 25 in san jose. some some of that winds starting to work its way in and expecting it to pick up a little bit as we get later in the afternoon and into the early part of the evening. and again look at nevada right now gusting 44 mph fairfield, 41, even oakland at 36 mph. it's just a little rough out there right now. so do be careful if you're gonna be outside. um this does expire at eight o'clock tonight. the wind advisory. however the wind is going to be with us a little while just not as much right as we're going to see as we go through this evening, so it is for the north bay mountains, the east bay hills and valleys also the coast all the way from stone county down through moran down through san mateo. you know, and that does, of course, include the city of san francisco. so let's look at future cast for the wind just can show you how we're gonna get some relief from this and it's not really until we get into tomorrow. so this is 11 o'clock tonight. he's still the coast is still very, very active. and there's tuesday morning. you know things
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wrapped down, but we are going to stay breezy. it just won't rise to the level. that's tomorrow afternoon of a wind advisory, but just be aware it's gonna be a little bit of rough ride with the wind as we go throughout the evening, so tonight we won't see much in the way of fog because our marine layer is going to mix out again like it did overnight last night. so temperatures low forties to mid fifties as we get into tomorrow noticed, temperatures are going to roll back even further than they did today. so we're going to see some low seventies and places like up in the north bay. looks like the east bay will be a little bit warmer, but overall, we're going to see temperatures well below average. so santa rosa looking out for high of just 69 degrees, when the averages 80 u c sixties across the board there, so livermore, you, too, will be struggling to get out of the sixties. so another cool day on tap as we start off the day tomorrow in san francisco, uh, we're going to see maybe a few low clouds. that's about it, but 57 out at the coast 64 around the bay about 71 inland and again some spots. i think the north bay won't even hit the 70 degree mark, and then we have another
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system kind of trying to roll our way as we head into the weekend next weekend. we'll talk about that when i come back in a bit, with your extended forecast, for now, send it back to the desk. right, kyla. thank you. starting today, bart is offering more trains. the
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe come more frequently, especially during the busy morning and evening commutes. ktvu james torres has more now on the changes. you usually only have to wait for a bart train about every 15 to 30 minutes. for the most part, writers say the transit system is efficient. despite the limited trips available. you're usually here. it's on schedule. yeah, today we noticed it was exactly 67 is the schedule, it suggested, and we wanted to give ourselves a little bit of time. so right at six, was evident, pulled out. mark and lynn childers are headed to hawaii today, taking the bark from under the 24 freeway from lafayette. to sfo trips like
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these will be happening more frequently. we are seeing writers start to come back. and because of that, we want to make sure that we're offering them the opportunity to get to their job to get wherever they're going as quickly as possible. monday through friday, bart is adding 26 trips to the red, green and yellow lines from antioch to sfo. barry s a to daly city and richmond to millbrae. i think it's great news. i think it's going to be heard her for people who come here because you're traffic is more so they really great when it does start up again. ridership is now at about 17% compared to pre pandemic levels. that's about 70,000 people a day. these additions will result in the busiest trains coming no later than every 15 minutes. in terms of trains, traveling through downtown oakland and san francisco, we're talking about a space of only 4 to 15 minutes, depending upon the time of day. that's a really big upgrade, and we think our writers are going to notice. personally, i ride my. bike to school. most
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of the time, and so i'd like more public transportation. i'd like to see buses. i'd like to see more transit. i'd like to see more access. bart says it plans to operate at pre pandemic levels once again by the end of august. at that point, all trains will come about every 15 minutes. in lafayette. i'm james torres ktvu fox. two news. well our conventions coming back, apple held their conference virtually today, but others may soon be in person. the timeline in which groups may come to the bay area to spend their money up next, and public health officials shifting focus to get more kids and teens vaccinated coming up. next have more and more teens are being hospitalized for covid public health officials now for covid, we'll be right back, boy. oh, my also we want to tell you about this. an effort to return rerun to his owner, homeless vietnam veteran will tell you how a california sheriff's
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developers conference today, users will notice some big changes with the ios 15 update. new features and upgrades have been added to face time notifications, photos and messages and apple's worldwide developers conference was once again a digital only event for the second year in a row. and
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it's not the only large tech convention to remain online. ktvu demagogues joins us now, after speaking with industry experts about what the future of conventions looks like emma. julie a hybrid version of in person and online events could become the new industry standard for conventions as more tech conventions returned to silicon valley in the fall sour on monday, apple unveiled new software to make virtual communication feel more intimate, creating the sound field that helps conversations flow as easily as they do face to face announced in its mega showcase of the year, held online, a sign of the times, but not necessarily of the future of area conventions, says the president and ceo of the san mateo silicon valley convention and visitors bureau. next year, we'll be back more forcefully, he said. venue bookings would normally be sold out already for next year's conventions. instead, companies are dipping their toes back into in person events with fall bookings two months ago, otar
5:31 pm
said, hotels and convention centers were seeing zero bookings. are we 100% is everything solved today. no, but wow, we are in such a better place than where we were a few short months ago in september, the mosconi center will host dream force salesforce's massive four day technology convention for us to have the ability to bring people together in person as part of the reopening for san francisco. we were all in that meant scaling down the size from 140,000 to 5000 in the mosconi center and new this year, simultaneous in person events in new york, london and pay serious while also offering free online access. we knew that we couldn't do 140,000 people in san francisco. it's not the right thing to do, but we want the ability to create space for us to connect safely in person, so we looked at our other markets and decided to gather people there. the san mateo county event center will host a three day worldwide
5:32 pm
software conference this september as well faster annual the first major booking there since the pandemic. the product launch you could. accomplish that, through a photograph the individuals meaning and then deciding to collaborate. on that next project that next solution, uh of an apple product or whatever product whatever the organization is. that's where the big payoff is in all of this expensive multi million dollar events, making a slow comeback and perhaps recognizing that in person conventions payoff. reporting live and magus ktvu fox. two news, emma. thank you more than 38, a half million doses of coronavirus vaccines have now been administered here in california, according to the latest data, there are now an average of 120,000 shots a day being given in the state. that's about 30,000 fewer than at this time last week, but
5:33 pm
more than 53% of californians are now fully vaccinated and 12% more have received. at least one does. fox news. jonathan's jerry tells us the us vaccination rate is slowing down as some unvaccinated adults wait for full fda approval of a vaccine more than 300 million covid-19 shots have now been administered in the us and life is returning back to normal in many parts of the country. today, new york governor andrew cuomo announced all covid-19 restrictions will be lifted after 70% of adults in the state received at least one dose of the vaccine. we're at 68.6. almost there. this isn't horseshoes gonna be 70% but nationwide, the country's vaccination rate has slowed to less than one million shots per day, declining more than 60% since april, public health officials say vaccinations are lagging the most across the south and midwest. kaiser family foundation report finds
5:34 pm
nearly one third of unvaccinated adults are waiting for full fda approval before getting their shot just because someone is hesitant to give vaccinated doesn't mean they're you know, they're anti vax. it just means they really want to make sure it goes through the right checks and balances. public health officials are now shifting focus to getting more children vaccinated after a cdc study found rising hospitalization rates among americans ages 12 through 17. fda advisers are scheduled to meet this week to discuss the vaccine safety in children 11 or younger. when i think about the vaccine and recommending the vaccine, i'm thinking about it for all of us. i'm thinking about it for my patients, but i also think think about it for my kids. dr. anthony fauci says he's optimistic. all children will be eligible for a vaccine by the end of this year in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news, the white house is defending dr anthony fauci from calls by republican lawmakers that he should be fired or resigned. that criticism has become more intense since the
5:35 pm
release of emails that show dr fauci and other leading scientists discuss the possibility that the coronavirus escaped from a research lab in wuhan, china. white house officials say they have no interest in dismissing dr fauci. they say the lab leak theory was never rolled out and that the majority of scientists still believe covid-19 was transmitted from animals to humans. i can't put a percentage on it. i think there are two possible, um, and light scenarios. one is the one you just described that it emerged from the laboratory. the other is that it was naturally occurring. last month, president biden ordered the intelligence community to review the data on covid origins and report back to him within 90 days. the administration says it's also pushing the world health organization to open a new investigation with or without china's cooperation. some say it is a game changer for treating alzheimer's. while other experts say this new drug is not worth the risk of some of the dangerous side effects coming up next, we'll hear from an expert about this new drug.
5:36 pm
also one northern california realtor has found an interesting and fun way to get people interested in his listings. the game he's playing and how people can win prizes. hey, boy, uh what? by talking, and it is a story that is making a lot of people's smile. a vietnam vet lost his beloved dog, but a california sheriff's
5:37 pm
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treatment, but some medical experts say the drug is unlikely to benefit patients. ktvu heather holmes is in the newsroom and heather earlier on the four today you talked with the disease expert about this new drug, and julie she's hopeful that this new drug will in fact help while it is not a cure and does not reverse the diseases progression, she called it a big day for patients. but as we mentioned
5:39 pm
the approval is controversial. this is the first though new treatment for alzheimer's and almost 20 years. the fda says the drug which is called as you, can you grab targets the underlying cause of the brain destroying disease, rather than just managing the symptoms. drugmaker biogen says the treatment slows cognitive decline and patient's. the fda approval, though, comes despite contradictory findings from the agency's independent advisors that said the drug had not shown to help treat the disease now, earlier on the floor, i spoke with elizabeth edgerly. she is the executive director of the alzheimer's association, northern california and northern nevada chapter, and she understands the questions over the clinical evidence but believes this drug will help to slow the rate of cognitive and functional decline. so this drug focuses on one of the characteristics of alzheimer's, which is called amyloid or class. you may have heard it referred to that. and this drug
5:40 pm
is what's called the monoclonal antibody, so it uses antibodies to clear the brain of this amyloid plaque. and by doing that it slows the progression of a whole cascade of events that occur in the brains of people with alzheimer's. it is administered through an i v infusion, and that would take place for about 45 to 60 minutes once a month and hopefully as a result of that people will see improved cognition, or at least they will be able to stay intact for a longer period of time. obviously it's not ideal. we wish that everyone give it two thumbs up and said yes, this is strong data. but for the fda what they said loud and clear is that there was enough strength in the data to approve it going forward. but they also added that we need to do more research on this drug, so they required that it undergo page four. testing in a clinical
5:41 pm
trial so as it's available to the public. they will continue to gather more evidence and so hopefully it will show that in fact it is effective and will be able to see not only this drug, but maybe even additional ones entered the market in the future. now there are also questions about the cost, which would be about $56,000 a year. now, keep in mind. that is a list price, not the net price or the price paid by patients with insurance. so, julie how much patients will pay out of pocket for the drug will, of course, depend on their insurance coverage. the association though, and elizabeth, they're telling me that they will begin educating people on this drug and also ensuring access to it. and heather. are there any other drugs available right now? well there are julie, but they're designed to preserve memory by balancing certain neurotransmitters in the brain. but the problem is that. the effects fade over time. so again, they're hoping that this drug which will really treat the symptoms on the at the onset will be much more
5:42 pm
beneficial. but again, it is yet to be seen. alright heather holmes reporting live for us tonight, heather. thank you. california sheriff's department went above and beyond to get a homeless vietnam veteran, his beloved dog back to him after the dog got lost rerun disappeared a week ago, and when the king county sheriff's office found out, they put out a call on social media. family then came forward, saying they found the dog and took him in thinking he was abandoned. that family took rerun on a trip to the sequoia mountains and gave him a bath before returning free run to his owner. what a great story, all right, coming up a park in san francisco receives a makeover at the cost of more than $3 million, and it's in a neighborhood where families say it was desperately needed. we'll show you that transportation still ahead, transformation still ahead, plus living in a lighthouse on the bay. with no power that's been the reality for one woman for a couple of months now, but tonight that might all change
5:43 pm
and we are still under wind advisory temperatures, much cooler. how much longer are they going to last and stay below average when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online.
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brother lighthouse light station, i should say in richmond, a piece of decades old underwater cable broke off the light station in april, killing its main power source enforcing the historic bed and breakfast too close in the last couple of days and electrician spliced what's left of the broken cable and restored power. for now, tonight, the light station board will meet to determine if the temporary power source is sufficient to reopen the bed and breakfast by the end of this summer, or if it new $200,000 cable is needed to move forward one way or another. i think we're going to open up one way or another. we're gonna get some power one way or another. there's a future for each brother light station. at tonight's meeting the board will discuss if solar
5:46 pm
power could work as an alternative to the very costly new cable. shore view park in san francisco's bayview hunters point reopened this morning after a major renovation ktvu tom baker tells us families say the opening is a big new ray of hope for that neighborhood, okay. won't recreation and park department spent a whopping $3.3 million to turn this one small for lauren park into what it calls a family friendly oasis with an adventure playground. we actually putting our. dollars we're putting our resources we're putting our energy and our time where our mouths are. it comes complete with the state of the art climbing apparatus, benches, barbecues exercise. there's some classes about nature and the the densest neighborhoods east of new york city. and we have the least amount of open space. it's a far far better sight than what
5:47 pm
the children had to put up with before here's would find a lot of pleasures out of playing with the dumpsters because there was anything in the community that they could do. there was nothing that provided in the community. that was fun for the children department says. this is the first and only skybridge in any park in california and look at this kids are running around here, but this is nice and soft and what that means. maybe a little hurt pride but no broken bones. but. does it pass the all important mom test. this is what we need. you know, we need more more spaces for kids to feel like they're free because i feel like we live in a city that's so compact. nowadays, it gives them hope, and it gives some ambition and i think it's important that if they could see that this happens, you know they could do anything. and what about the great grandmother test? we need to see something so we can feel comfortable for our younger generation. and, of course, the acid test. what do the kids say? it's a very good playground and not like it, and they and they get a they did a
5:48 pm
very good job on it. it's really fun. they all like hardy designing. that's why it goes about 400 mph, a wonderful addition to the community, perhaps decades late, but wonderful nonetheless, tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. that is so cool. i love seeing kids out and about it's nice to see kids back on a playground to right now that we have less restrictions, and they can do that. so enjoy. okay so today we had some pretty nice weather with the accepted the fact that it was really windy out there and still is temperatures much cooler today, especially inland. not a big difference around the bay. right so san francisco 60 degrees today, but check out livermore. they only got up to 71. we did have a little heat out there. santa rosa up at the snow. a county airport got up to 80 to san jose about 70, but noticed hayward, redwood city, san vito, all in the low sixties. today live look outside shows you that we got those blue skies and it is pretty much bay area. why today we had that marine layer really mix out and allow that sunshine
5:49 pm
to get in there early today, which was nice, but, man oh, man, is the wind blowing look at the gust right now in nevado 40 mph 41 in fairfield 33 napa 36 in oakland. it is just all across the bay area that we're seeing this north northwest wind roll in and you know, it's kind of making it into some of those passes and gaps as well. you can see sfo right now about 37 mph gusts. it's making it over to. hey, we're there there above 30 mph. so it's windy and you know, we are still under that wind advisory until eight o'clock tonight. current temperatures right now 56 in san francisco. we do have a little workout. they're still conquered santa rosa still in the seventies mountain view about 64, but it really is the wind. that's kind of the stories we go into this evening. now we have relatively clear skies, but it's kind of an interesting position that we're in because to the north of us is the low pressure system. that's kind of driving this temperature drop and also bringing in that northwest wind and you can see it brings rain into places like portland and seattle. but to the south of us as well. we have low pressure that is sitting right off the
5:50 pm
coast of los angeles. now that combination is actually what's helped to mix that marine layer out so that we didn't have, you know, pervasive cloud cover this morning, and that will be with us again tomorrow as well. so tonight we're to call it mostly clear, some breezy conditions out there downright windy. in some spots. temperatures will be, you know, low forties if you're up in the north bacon a little chilly up there 51 in san francisco, mostly low fifties around the bay tomorrow. if you low clouds could make it into the bay, but i don't think it'll be much similar to today and san francisco. you should be looking at some nice sunshine. in fact, sunshine for all as we get into the afternoon highs across the bay, jamar will be cooler than today. so check out the north bay where we probably won't get out of the sixties could see a few seventies places like concord, fairfield anti knock maybe morgan hill, but san francisco are going to hold steady there at about 60 degrees, and we'll keep those sixties right around the bay. here's a look at your extended forecast and continue to cool down as we get into wednesday. that'll be our coolest day. we're gonna be a little breezy. we're going to lose the wind advisory tonight, but that breezy condition will kind of
5:51 pm
stick with us, just to a lesser degree as we go through the first part of this week, then we start to warm up on thursday, friday and saturday. another low pressure system coming in that i was hoping might bring us a few north based sprinkles, but the models now pulling back from that it looks like that precipitation is likely to stay north of us. of course, i will certainly keep an eye on it. but that's where we stand. little windy and a little cool this week. julie back to you. yeah that wind is strong out there in places, kyla. thank you. well france is sending a new statue of liberty to the u. s a smaller replica version is being gifted by france to mark our independence day. the bronze statue is about 10 ft. tall it's all packed up and will travel on a container ship to ellis island, arriving just in time for the fourth of july. 10 days later, the mini lady liberty will go on display outside the french embassy in washington, d. c to commemorate this steel day. the original lady liberty was gifted by france to the u. s in 18 85. amazon founder jeff bezoza has announced he is going to travel
5:52 pm
into space next month in an instagram post today, beso said he, his brother and the winner of an ongoing auction will all be aboard. blue origins. new shepard spacecraft when it launches on july, 20th beso said in early february. he was stepping down as ceo of amazon to spend more time focusing on other things, including blue origin. today, he said he's wanted to go to space his entire life. gets the price guesses from about 400 something all the way up to somebody said 1.8 million, but i think they were joking. real estate prices all across northern california while they are no joke, we'll tell you about the gimmick by one realtor. that's getting a lot of attention and coming up at six. what's behind find a new push to get teenagers vaccinated against covid and the latest on the vaccines being approved for younger kidst of oil is hitting highs not seen in years. coming up at seen in years. coming up at six. what's driving
5:53 pm
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made to hackers in the colonial pipeline attack last month, the justice department says a warrant was issued today by the u. s district court since san francisco to seize bitcoins being stored in a digital wallet. a georgia based company had to shut down operations for about a week after hackers broke into its computer system, causing a gas shortage along much of the east coast. colonial paid roughly $4.4 million ransom in bitcoin to the dark side network to bring the system back on. line today we turned the tables on dark side by going after the entire
5:56 pm
ecosystem that fuels ransomware and digital extortion attacks, including criminal proceeds in the form of digital currency. the justice department says the dark side network had been digitally stalking us companies for the better part of last year. another shortage felt all across the country being blamed on the pandemic. people looking. to move may have to wait. longer moving companies are struggling to find people to drive the trucks. how long can people who are moving? expect these delays? well normally we're seeing delays 3 to 4 weeks in the industry, but everyone's working diligently to reduce those times those transit times. fortunately we were saying schedule without throughout the summer. most movers are expecting demand to continue, even though the pandemic is now coming to an end. it is no secret. the real estate market is busy almost everywhere. and now one northern california realtor is using a unique strategy to attract potential buyers. fox
5:57 pm
news genie win brings us the story of guess the price. this house in elk grove is up for sale. yes the price and steve heard is the realtor, three bedroom, two bath house in el grove built in 2014. rather than going the traditional way of trying to get attention to his listing. he came up with a fun game called guess the price. i'll describe the house show a couple of pictures and then i say winner gets a $20 gift card. this is about the third time heard has taken this approach. and he says it's always a success immediately. people started guessing with more than 400 comments on this house. heard says the guesses have a wide range guesses from about 400 something all the way up to somebody said 1.8 million, but i think they were joking. one of those guessers ken smith, from fulsome, everybody that was responding seem to be responding to false, um, prices. and i said, no, that's not good and commented with his final answer. well, that's why i put my number in at 5 20. i
5:58 pm
say. i also made a comment that you know if it was in false might be over 600 the correct answer, $520,000 is the list price on it, making smith the winner. i thought that's great. i did it right this time. alicia guzman, foal stir is another realtor representing an interested buyer. she showed up to her. it's open house today and believes heard will have plenty of offers. with or without his game. this market you really don't need a technique because all the homes are selling for, you know, most likely above the asking price, all in good fun hurt, says he plans on continuing to ask people to guess the price. it's an inexpensive way to market myself and the property. genena win fox news. house prices aren't the only prices going up and up, according to car gurus used car prices continue to go through least 11 brands have seen their used prices increase, including ram ford, chevy, gmc and dodge. as
5:59 pm
you can see, they're all up anywhere from 35 to 40% the highest increase is ram car growers says they found the cars with the lower price points are the ones going up the most in price? this is k. tv fox two news at six a. a young boy found dead in nevada more than a week ago, has now been identified as a seven year old boy from san jose. this has been an emotional last 10 days for myself, all the investigators that have been working on it. and the mystery is intensifying as investigators look for the suspected killer, the boy's mother. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank. we'll get right to that. developing news. we're following out of nevada police in las vegas say that body was discovered in the desert by a hiker back on may 28th. this was the body was found off state route. 1 60 that's between las vegas and peru up. the child has been identified as seven year old liam houston.
6:00 pm
police believe he was killed by his mother, 35 year old samantha moreno rodriguez. authorities have issued a warrant for her arrest. police say she and her son left san jose in a blue dodge caliber on may 25th three days before the boy's body was found. i spoke with the father about 60 minutes ago before i came out here because i didn't want him to see this press conference without me, explaining what was about to transpire. i will tell you, it's a heartbreaking conversation to have. this has been an emotional last 10 days for myself, all the investigators that have been working on it, and we're just glad we're able to get some closure for liam and then hold the person responsible for this crime accountable. police was le denver area. the clark county coroner's office identified the boy using dna. the cause of his death has not been released. ktvu is asking the smith is working on this story, and she will have more details coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news back here


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