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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 7, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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oakland from ktvu, fox two news this is the four a mass shooting sunday night in oakland. five people wounded in a drive by as they were all attending a house party. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm alex savage. and i'm heather holmes that gunfire erupted in east oakland just before 9 30 last night. authorities this afternoon still trying to track down the shooter and also identify a possible motive. our crime reporter henry lee live now in the newsroom with what he's learned about what took place last night, henry well, heather, it was a drive by shooting house party in the east, oakland and now, police say one of the victims is in critical condition. video posted on the citizen app shows oakland police and fire at the scene of a drive by shooting at a house party. two paramedics or you left yellow tape. it happened at about 9 20 sunday night near the corner of 51st thing. nacio avenues in east oakland shot spotter the city's gunfire detection system reported eight or nine rounds, officers arrived and found five men. all
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oakland residents suffering from gunshot wounds. one victim was reported to be in critical condition. the others are expected to survive, witnesses told police the shooter fired from a car carrying several other people. we don't have a fixed motive yet we're still working with getting information from oakland police department here most suspicious as chief of oakland's department of violence prevention. he says the victims are latino men speaking generally, he said, it can be difficult to prevent burst of violence like this. it is challenging because he really means being embedded. every nook and cranny of every neighborhood in oakland. the shooting comes as oakland is seeing a significant jump in homicides, shootings and carjackings this year as of last week, shot spotter activations were up 119% compared to the same time l. thd part of my job is that when we prevent something you don't hear about it. you only hear when we did not prevent something, and this was a horrendous his sick. oakland is no stranger to shootings with
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multiple victims in may you recall two teenage girls were shot and killed while they were on a party bus sources tell me that shooting was in retaliation for shooting that killed 2 17 year old boys just a couple of days earlier reporting live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu, fox two news and henry going back to last night's shooting again. no possible motive identified yet by authorities at this point not publicly. heather they're not saying too much about what could have led up to this. obviously the investigation continues, henry. thank you well. police, meantime, are also investigating a deadly shooting in east san jose early this morning. the first calls came in just after three a.m. from the area near do bert lane in santee drive. police arrived and found him to find a man with a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. this death is the city's 20th homicide of the year there in san jose. authorities say there are no suspects in custody. d and they, too, are searching for a motive for this killing ws could be coming for people living in santa clara county,
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the senate clara valley water district today announced it's moving forward with plans to declare a water shortage emergency this week. it's seeking a 15% reduction in countywide water use from 2019 levels. this is the first time residents are facing mandatory restrictions since the 2012 to 2016 drought. the district's board is expected to approve the drought plan. on wednesday. the district 10 reservoirs are at just 15% of their capacity and its largest reservoir, anderson reservoir has been drained for earthquake repairs coming up tonight at five o'clock here on ktvu here how the county is going to ask its residents to be part of the solution? well another big step today in san francisco's recovery from covid-19. city hall is back open for the first time now. 15 months. ktvu christian captain joining us now liveg this reopening with several weddings and also a flag raising ceremony. yes
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that's right, heather. you've worked in san francisco for years, so that you know that san francisco city hall is frequently a location for weddings. but for 15 months, those weddings were put on hold now with the lgbt pride flag hanging in front of city hall. the city is starting a celebration of love. on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. i as the mayor declare the entire month of june sf pride month in the city and county of san francisco, san francisco's mayor, london breed reopened city hall just in time to celebrate pride. the rainbow flag hoisted from the mayor's balle cane, and even though the signature parade will not be happening, some in person events will be welcoming the public, including a film festival friday and saturday nights at oracle park. however, before the movies even begin. we are bringing the spirit of the pride pthere will be grand marshals there will be dragged. there will be performances, so everything
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that you are missing. you will see their organizers say with all the fun that pride represents. there's still a lot of serious work to do. lawmakers and organizers speaking out about the importance of securing housing for aging members of the lgbtq community and to protect transgender youth from what they say is discriminatory legislation. we need to show up for transgender kids and say that these bills do not determine your worth. we need to show these beautiful trans kids that we are fighting for a world that doesn't just let them live, but lets them strive. we are gathered here in the presence of witnesses for the after 15 months being closed to the public, the once common sight of weddings in the city hall rotunda are now back. i now pronounce you spouses for life. you made the first happy couple saying after a year of lockdown, getting married step.s incredible. it's incredible. i love you blast bank paul. really nice. everyone in the
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city's made it's possible to organizers say for pride, it might look a little different this year, but it will continue and organizers are already saying they're working on a major celebration for pride next year. including the return of the parade. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news. a lot of people looking forward to that, christian. thank you. as of today, there are a lot more bart trains running to help get you around the transit agency increased service all across the bay area, with an emphasis on the morning and evening commutes. ktvu james torres has more now on the changes. you usually only have to wait for a bart train about every 15 to 30 minutes. for the most part, writers say the transit system is efficient despite the limited trips available were usually here on schedule. yeah today we noticed it was exactly 67 is the schedule suggested, and we wanted to give ourselves a little bit of time. so right at six, it was evident pulled out. mark and lynn childers are
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headed to hawaii today, taking the bark from under the 24 freeway from lafayette. to sfo trips like these will be happening more frequently. we are seeing writers start to come back. and because of that, we want to make sure that we're offering them the opportunity to get to their job to get it wherever they're going as quickly as possible. monday through friday, bart is adding 26 trips to the red, green and yellow lines from antioch to sfo. barry s a to daly city and richmond to millbrae. i think it's great news. i think it's going to be heard her for people who commute because you're trying traffic is more so they really great when it does start up again. ridership is now at about 17% compared to pre pandemic levels. that's about 70,000 people a day. these editions will result in the busiest trains coming no later than every 15 minutes. in terms of trains, traveling through downtown oakland and san francisco, we're talking about a space of only 4 to 15
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minutes, depending upon the time of day. that's a really big upgrade, and we think our writers are going to notice. personally, i ride my. bike to school. most of the time, and so i'd like more public transportation. i'd like to see buses. i'd like to see more transit. i'd like to see more access. bart says it plans to operate at pre pandemic levels once again by the end of august. at that point, all trains will come about every 15 minutes in lafayette. i'm james torres ktvu, fox two news. for the first time as vice president kamala harris is on an international trip. the policy she's promoting to keep people from leaving central american countries and for the first time in nearly two decades, the fda approves a new alzheimer's drug, but the decision is controversial. we'll talk with an expert on the disease live coming up next. cooler breezy day around the bay area with the wind advisoryt for your bay area tuesday coming up.
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alzheimer's treatment in almost 20 years, the fda says the drug which is called ad you, can you mob targets the underlying cause of the brain destroying disease rather than just managing the symptoms. drugmaker biogen biogen says the treatment slows cognitive decline in patient's the fda approval, though, comes despite contradictory findings from the agency's independent advisors that said that the drug had not shown to help treat alzheimer's. elizabeth edgerly is the executive director of the alzheimer's association, northern california and northern nevada chapter. really appreciate you being here this afternoon. want to get your first reaction to the approval of this truck? but thanks, heather were actually thrilled that the millions of americans facing alzheimer's will have
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the potential to access this new drug, which, as you mentioned is different from the drugs that came before in that it. not only improves the symptoms of the disease, it appears to affect the underlying causes in particular when the proteins called amyloid is cleared by use of this drug, and so we think it slows the progression buying more time for people to live as well as possible with alzheimer's. elizabeth you mentioned that you were really excited about this, however, the approval as i mentioned does come with some controversy. how do you feel about that? well obviously, it's not ideal. we wish that everyone gave it two thumbs up and said yes, this is strongut y said latin clear is that there was enough. strengthen the data to approve it going forward. but they also added that we need to do more research on this drug. so they required
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that it undergo phase four. testing in a clinical trial, so as it's available to the public, they will continue to gather more evidence and so hopefully it will show that in fact, it is effective and we'll be able to see not only this drug, but maybe even additional ones entered the market in the future. so who can get the drug? and i know that there have been a lot of concerns about the cost of it. yes so this drug is not for everyone with alzheimer's. it is for very, very early early stage, alzheimer's, and even more so, what's called mild cognitive study participants hadn't even gotten to the point of having dementia instead, what they had was, for example, memory loss that was significant enough to impair daily functioning. but otherwise they were doing pretty well. these were people on the way to developing more
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serious symptoms, so it really is from very early impairment. as if you have concerns. you should talk to your healthcare provider and see if it's a possibility. we don't know about the cost yet. we don't know yet about insurance covering it, but we will focus on access and the alzheimer's association will work tirelessly to make sure people have the opportunity. okay, so you mentioned a little bit about how it's believed to work. can you talk a little bit more about that and also how it's administered? yes so this drug focuses on one of the characteristics of alzheimer's, which is called amyloid or plaque. you may have heard it referred to that. and this drug is what's called the monoclonal antibody, so it uses antibodies to clear the brain. of this amyloid plaque progression of a whole cascade of events that occur i. it is administered through an i v infusion. 45 to 60
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minutes once a month and hopefully as a result of that people will see improved cognition, or at least they will be able to stay intact for a longer period of time. and elizabeth in regards to research as i mentioned, this is the first drug that's been approved help with alzheimer's in 20 years. why do you think it has taken this long to at least get to this stage for this drug to be approved? that's a great question. one of the things that is perhaps not as well known is that drugs like i did kinda map that have come before have actually been done on groups of people for whom sure that they had amyloid in their but maybe 30% of the patients don't have . that is a major barrier that was in front of all the other drugs before the biogen drug,
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so this is one of the first drugs to be tested only on people who were proven to have amyloid in their brain, and that stumbling block is no longer there. so we hope, as i said before that this is just the beginning. and that there are more and hopefully even more not controversial drugs to follow soon. yes, obviously we will be following this as people begin to take it. thank you so much. elizabeth really appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you for joining us. thanks, heaven. vice president kamala harris is on her first foreign trip since taking office. she was in guatemala today, and she'll be in mexico tomorrow to focus on the root causes of illegal immigration foxes. madeline rivera has details on the vice president's meeting with the president of guatemala. her first foreign trip as vice president kamala harris told guatemalan president alejandro giamatti they have the same priorities when it comes to stunning the flow of migrants of the u. s southern border. the president and i discussed a
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fundamental belief that most people don't want to leave home. the vice president is highlighting several economic and humanitarian initiatives to keep people from leaving. these include working with the private sector to increase investments in guatemala and launching a task force to combat human smuggling and corruption in central america. one of the los puntos is one of the items is to create sources of employment, so migrants don't leave if they can't find a job because i'm sure that if they had opportunities, many central americans would stay in their country. but questions remain as to how to ensure help reaches those who need it. most president jammeh has faced criticism over corruption within his own government, despite his insistence that his country is ready to serve as a reliable partner to the u. s but we believe that we can started very simple process. to allow people to migrate regularly to the united states.
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many republicans also say it's the biden administration that's to blame for the surge in migrants calling its policies week. starts with this president, and it starts reverse their policies immediately. vice president harris will head to mexico on tuesday, where she is expected to meet with female entrepreneurs and participate in the labour roundtable before heading back to d. c in washington. mala rivera fox news. lot of sunshine around the bay area and still a lot cooler this afternoon, with winds increasing in through the evening hours and the wind advisory not expiring until about eight o'clock or so, here's a look at what's going on over sfo at this time, a lot of sunshine there, and we haven't seen much fog, not even at the start of the day, but wow, have we seen the wind? fairfield reporting a wind gust of 41 mph right now, napa 35 nevado 38 conquer 22. and over towards the north bay of santa
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rosa. we have 26 25 mile per hour winds reported over our local waters there you can see and again a wind advisory that goes until this evening. here's a look at where we do it. so are seeing the wind advisory at this time along our east bay hills along our coastline from san francisco down the san matteo county coastline. and then if i scoop back just a little bit, you can see it also includes parts of the north bay includes our north bay coast and our north bay hills. so winds gusting anywhere from 35 to 45 mph really, really breezy out there in temperatures took a tumble. that was the other story today. 58 degrees right now in san francisco upper sixties and livermore 75 over the north bay of santa rosa. buy into the southwest 67 right now. san jose san jose down by six degrees, but you go inland. east bay conquered 11 degrees cooler this afternoon, and santa rosa is down by 14. the
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cooling trend will continue as we get into your bay area tuesday do expect it to remain a little breezy, although not quite as windy 51 degrees over san francisco tomorrow morning 50. degrees expected for concord. and in the north bay will go 43 degrees over santa rosa as temperatures continue to cool we are going to be below average tomorrow upper sixties in the forecast for santa rosa, we've got 60 degrees expected in san francisco low sixties oakland upper sixties for livermore, as well as san jose. temperatures will take a slight dip on wednesday before we warm it. backup better details on what you can expect through the weekend coming up in the extended forecast. rosemary thank you. well, it is the event that many apple users look forward to every year coming up next right here on the floor. the big announcements from today's big developer conference and coming up tonight in primetime. it's hell's kitchen at eight o'clock, then it's housebroken at nine and duncanville at 9 30, then we hope you stick around for the 10 o'clock news and the 11 o'clock news. all right here on
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earlier today, online, apple announced new iphone and ipad software updates and, among other things, apple announced plans for updates to its maps, whether and wallet apps as well as a new way of handling notifications there on the iphone. other changes include updates to face time and apples text messaging system i message. there will also be camera improvements, including a feature called live text that can automatically identify and scanned text in photographs. today. our photos are full of rich and useful information from photos of places we visit to handwritten notes of family recipes and now live text unlocks this information in a way that's really natural. with focus. apple's worldwide developers conference runs through friday, all right for more on some of the upgrades at
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apple unveiled today. we're joined by tech analyst larry maggot, ceo of codex safely, larry. always great to have you want, especially on a day like today we have a lot to kind of get through here with some of the upgrades that apple unveiled a lot of changes to the way that we talk and the way that we text in the way that we video chat with each other. tell us about the upgrades to face time and i message what's new here? well, the most important one that i focused on is the face time because what they're doing finally is opening up facetime to windows. you there's an android you this up until now, if you aren't a mac or a iphone user or ipad user, somebody said let faith time you had to say sorry, can't do it, but now you can if you have a mac, or if you have an iphone, you can send a link to someone and they can go ahead and open up faith time. they can also, you know, use it more like zoom for group conversation. and so it means that it's not just the apple world. it's apple users being able to communicate with people who aren't apple users, which i
4:25 pm
think is an essential upgrade. and i'm really glad they did this. yeah it certainly opens up more possibilities for who you can talk to some big changes, also to apple's mobile wallet. what what? what else am i going to now be able to unlock with my phone? well it really becomes. the goal is to make it your only wallet now, whether that's realistic or not, it's up to debate, but they are working with states. to allow you to scan in your driver's license. they're working with the tsh today to make it so you can get your credentials for traveling. flying to the idea is not just financial payments, but all the things that you you would keep in your wallet. and if you think about it, you probably have credit cards or debit cards. but you also have your driver's license. i've got my card that gets me, uh through customs very quickly. those kinds of credentials are very important, and apple wants you to be able to use your iphone instead of your physical. you're all fashion wallet for those kinds of tasks. all right, well, apple, also with that being said all that personal information being
4:26 pm
stored on their phones. apple today also announcing several new features focused on privacy, such an important issue here. let's talk a little bit about what apple is trying to do to protect our personal information. i want to focus in on icloud. plus it's a subscription service, but this will allow user to hide their personal information when they're browsing on the web. how does this work? first of all, apple is trying to distinguish itself if the privacy company and they're really going against google and facebook, but the new service with icloud plus and basically a virtual private network, they're not calling it. that may be because that's too technical term. but the idea is that when you go you route your traffic through another server so that you are actual internet protocol. your address, so to speak, is completely hidden. so nobody knows where you are who you are. you can do that now with deep with virtual private network services, but this is going to be much more convenient. built right into apple's icloud plus service. all right, as we start to slowly emerged from the pandemic here also apple,
4:27 pm
making it easier to share information about your health with with family with friends with medical professionals. what's the feature of the built in feature that they unveiled today? well, it's pretty much that the ability to share your information to collect more information, they say. by the way, it only lives on the phone. it's not an apple servers, apple said. they have no access to your health information. but if you want to share it with your doctor or remember your family. let's say you're an older person and you have younger, maybe adult children who are kind of helping take care of you. you can do that more easily now, with apple's health app so again, an effort to kind of broaden the ability to use the information that's stored on your phone. in terms of all the upgrades and the new features that were unveiled so far today by apple. was there anything that caught you off guard or surprised you that what? really pleased me? this thing called universal control, sort of pleased me so. it's all about apple trying to get people to buy into apple, apple and apple. they don't want you to buy one apple product. they want you to buy all of that. so
4:28 pm
if you have an ipad, for example, in a mac, you can put your mac on one part of your desk and your ipad right next to it, and move data and move files and move windows back and forth between the ipad in the mac. even two different max, so the idea is to have your mouth and your keyboard working not just for your mac, but your other apple devices as well. i think that's the great feature for people who happen to own multiple apple devices, and, of course, it gives apple the ability to sell those devices more easily because they're making them work together. better. yeah, absolutely. yeah that's that's what they're trying to do here. get us up all apple devices as many as we can handle. we'll leave it right there. always appreciate your time and your inside larry maggots, ceo of connect safely thanks for coming on. thanks so much. take care, all right, after a more than a year of so many challenges, it is time to celebrate how san francisco is set to mark pride month, plus women leaving the workforce at a greater rate than men still to come here at four today, an
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this newscast, the pride flag flying high san francisco city hall this afternoon. mayor london breed another city leaders as well as state senator scott wiener and representatives from sf bride all on hand today for the flag raising ceremony after a year where the pandemic for so many events to be moved online. sf pride is returning with a mix of in person and virtual events.
4:32 pm
ktvu greg lee reports now on how the lgbtq community has stood together during what has been a very challenging year. happy pride to you. let me just start by asking you what this month means to you. i mean, this month means so many things. i mean, as a community member. of course, it means an opportunity to get to see other community members that maybe you haven't seen throughout the year. it's one year that we just get to, you know, show off who we are in the street in the parks in the bars and all of those things. it was just a type of important kind of community. um, as a. pride board president or prime word member. it's seeing all the hard work that we do over the year come together and seeing other people get to do all that stuff. i just name so oh, i love it. the pandemic is once again made you adjust subclans and canceled the parade. but you all have done a remarkable job of planning. can you explain to me in the last year how this community has really
4:33 pm
found ways to be there for each other, albeit even if it's bird fool, and we were talking about the ways that we support each other and what this particular community learned from the aids epidemic of the eighties and the nineties. and one of the things that we learned was that we had to take care of ourselves. and so we had to figure out what the needs of the community are and take care of each other. so whether that was creating mutual aid funds for folks, especially like our nightlife community, which was hit very hard, you know, for us as an organization last year, it really meant a lot of the organizations that normally support financially the organization we were saying, hey, we don't have a lot to offer you as far as sponsorship. but please continue to support us so that we can have another pride. um, so it was in that way. it was making sure that we're checking in on each other checking in on our seniors. you know, we were reminded that a lot of our lgbt seniors do not have the support system of a lot of others. so it was really a lot of checking in with each other, making sure that we can get folks to and who and pro, so it was really just about
4:34 pm
checking in on knowing what we as a community needed him in finding ways to provide that. what is your message to bay area community at large about how they can, uh celebrate and support the lgbt q community during pride month, not just pride month, but all year long. i mean, there's so many ways, you know, there's so many of our organizations that were hit hard in the pandemic, and we as an organization, we felt it as an organization. but also we know that there are a lot of smaller nonprofits that are supported by pride. um, that we give funds to throughout the year that, unfortunately, at times we weren't able to do that. so there are a lot of non profits a lot of our again our trends. nonprofits are health nonprofits are senior nonprofits. um definitely donating to a lot of them. starting to support our our small businesses. we were originally going to have an expo two as a complementary to our prime movie night. unfortunately, we were not even able to put that on because of financial reasons in our big goal with for that was to boost
4:35 pm
the economy for lgbt small businesses. but that doesn't mean that our community members can't go out and support them. so we hope that they continue to do that and continue to diss find ways to support your canadian around. it's like my background says we're all in this together. it's a kind of blown it. we have a new series of reports and conversations throughout the month of june celebrating pride, and you can see those reports anytime by visiting ktvu .com slash pride. all right now we turn to the latest on the coronavirus more than 38. a half million doses of covid-19 vaccines have now been administered here in california, according to the latest data, there are now an average of 120 shots a day being given out across the state. that's about 30,000 fewer than at this time last week. but more than 53% of californians are now fully vaccinated and 12% more people have received at least one dose. the country's vaccination rate is slowing down as some unvaccinated adults wait for full fda approval of a vaccine.
4:36 pm
this comes as public health officials are urging younger people to get their shots. foxes jonathan serrie has more. more than 300 million covid-19 shots have now been administered in the us and life is returning back to normal in many parts of the country today, new york governor andrew cuomo announced all covid-19 restrictions will be lifted after 70% of adults in the state received at least one dose of vaccine. we're at 68.6. almost there. this isn't horseshoes gonna be a 70% but nationwide, the country's vaccination rate has slowed to less than one million shots per day, declining more than 60% since april, public health officials say vaccinations are lagging the most across the south and midwest. kaiser family foundation report finds nearly one third of unvaccinated adults are waiting for full fda approval before getting their shot just because someone is hesitant to give
4:37 pm
vaccinated doesn't mean they're you know, they're anti vax. it just means they really want to make sure it goes through the right checks and balances. public health officials are now shifting focus to getting more children vaccinated. fda advisers are scheduled to meet this week to discuss the vaccine safety in children, 11 or younger when i think about the vaccine and recommending the vaccine, i'm thinking about it for all of us. i'm thinking about it for my patients, but i'm also thinking about it for my kids, dr anthony fauci says he's optimistic all children will be eligible for a vaccine by the end of this year in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news, u. s. intelligence agencies are in the process right now of investigating the origins of covid-19. last month, president biden ordered the intelligence community to review the data on covid origins and report back to him within 90 days. there are two competing theories right now. one is that the virus was natural and jumped from bats to another animal before infecting a human. the other is that it could have leaked from the wuhan institute of virology.
4:38 pm
where they do research on bat. coronavirus is the biden administration says it's also pushing the world health organization to open a new investigation with or without china's cooperation. if china will allow it, that's great if they won't allow it, we need to have a parallel process. president biden says he's hoping to make the findings of this investigation public, although it's unclear when that may happen. well one week from tomorrow. california's current restrictions on businesses and public gatherings will end. but governor newsom says he's not ready yet to give up the power that he has to impose those rules and plans to keep his state of emergency declaration in place. now it gives california's governor another state leaders, broad powers at a time of crisis. the governor says there is still a lot of uncertainty ahead even after the restrictions are lifted. california's labor force is shrinking and it's impacting women more than more women than men up next here, a labor
4:39 pm
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for staycations. this is, according to a study from the personal finance website. wallet hub, among other things, they signed it an average rating on swimming pools per capita, a low availability of nightlife, entertainment options and museums and the lack of ice cream shops and affordable restaurants. now we did reach out to the city of fremont today to get an official response to this survey in the rankings. we have not yet heard back well as california's economy picks up. shortage of workers continues to have a big impact on many
4:42 pm
businesses. ktvu tom baker this afternoon says the latest numbers indicate that more women than men are dropping out of the labor force. holding california employers back from a more speedy recovery is the fact that businesses are finding it harder to rehire laid off employees or find new ones. a major reason a huge number of people have dropped out of the labor force to the lowest number since january. and the majority of them are women. the labor force participation rate of women, um, has gone down more significantly. um, by about. differentials about 500,000. okay this is something unique in the last four major u. s. recessions in previous recessions, men were actually hit harder. because of the occupations they were in, but this time around industries that women are more concentrated in such as retail hospitality, restaurants, education and childcare, took the biggest hits, and this has
4:43 pm
all been made worse by the almost total closings of schools and daycare facility since the pandemic began. women still bear the, um. greater percentage of day care and childcare responsibilities. not your son. many places women worked in large numbers have yet to fully re open or are gone forever that decimated small business economy. um, which shows no sign. no sign of picking up over the past four months, and the pandemic has caused a lot of people to reassess their futures. a lot of both men and women, but perhaps women even more reconsidering. do they want to go back to their previous jobs when all the stimulus programs run out? many folks are likely to rejoin the labor force, but the longer it drags out, employers are already seeing that rehiring embraces or new hiring bonuses are the way to speed up. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. all right. we've got
4:44 pm
some breaking news to bring you right now. this is in colorado, where you can see a tornado is right there on the ground. some pretty incredible images. this isn't yelled county, colorado. that's just northeast of denver. now a news helicopter has been following the tornado from a distance as you see here and actually took this video of the twister there on the ground just about 15 minutes ago. there are no reports as of yet of any damage, but obviously there's going to be some crews will be on the scene there in college. rato in just a little bit. the national weather service had issued tornado warnings for that area in colorado today. how oh well no tornadoes to speak of, but a breezy one and around the bay area today, even a wind advisory for parts of the coast as well as our hills and our east valley locations. will go for a few more hours before allowed to expire. outsider doors at this hour. a lot of sunshine out there not seeing much of any cloud cover or fog. here is a beautiful view over san francisco temperatures a
4:45 pm
lot cooler today. i'm sure you noticed anywhere from five to almost 15 degrees cooler, especially far. inland cities 75 degrees right now in santa rosa 55 in the city of san francisco. where san francisco actually part of that wind advisory right now. 65 in oakland, upper sixties livermore as well as a san jose here's a look at the pacific satellite view and you can see over areas of the pacific northwest. we have a system there that is moving through. we're catching just the tail end. and is that tail end that is bringing us the cooler air mass cooking up our wind and deepening the marine layer there for us. and again, all equaling that cool down that we're feeling at this time as we move in a little bit closer mount diablo reporting winds to 38 mph big rock ridge in the north bay reporting 41 mph oakland south reporting 24 so the wind advisory goes until eight o'clock this evening again. it is the stretch of our coastline from the north bay coast all the way down the san mateo county coastline. san francisco's included as well as
4:46 pm
our north bay hills are east bay hills and our inland east bay. those winds are already gusting out there and could remain strong, at least for the next few hours. here's a look at the forecast when it comes to the wind notice the time stamp their reads eight o'clock. it's especially breezy over our north bay and north bay coastline as we get into the overnight hours, it does begin to let up tomorrow likely to be a bit of a breezy day and even cooler day but not quite as windy as we are seeing at this time. meanwhile, temperatures tomorrow morning in the low forties to start your day in santa rosa. that's a bit of a chilly start for you along the peninsula will go 51 in san mateo and upper forties expected over livermore livermore 69 year afternoon high for tomorrow upper sixties in santa rosa and along the peninsula 67 cemetery. oh 60 degrees in san francisco, so good 5 10 degrees below the seasonal average for this time of year. here's a look at the extended forecast slightly cooler on wednesday. that's when we bought him out. for your
4:47 pm
weekend pleasant weather in the forecast upper fifties to low sixties along the coastline, upper sixties low seventies around the bay and nearing 80 degrees inland back to you, rosemary. thank you, a six year old boy killed in a road rage shooting in southern california. the big break in the case as police announced how they tracked down two suspects and developing news, a body found outside of las vegas more than a week ago, is that of a seven year old boy from san jose. coming up today at five. the search for that boy's mother and answers on exactly what happened, plus a much needed and expensive makeover for bay area park. why this updated space is so important for the families who lived in the bay view.
4:48 pm
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in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. arrest in the road rage killing of a six year old boy inauthorik
4:50 pm
down those two suspects.fornia f two in connection with last month's road rage shooting of six year old aidan leo's justice for that for that child, and for that small california highway patrol arrested the alleged shooter 24 year old marcus are is and his girlfriend 23 year old win lee at their home not far from the shooting, bringing the nearly three week manhunt. to a close and in orange county. we protect our crime victims and we do not stop until we solve our cases. investigators use license plate technology and information from tips stemming from a $500,000 reward to track down the suspects. they also recovered a bullet matching a weapon police saw or is using incident happened on a california freeway on may 21st. aiden's mother was taking him to kindergarten as she tried to get out. out of a car pool
4:51 pm
lane. she was cut off by a white volkswagen. she admittedly responded with an obscene gesture, and that's when authorities say the male passenger allegedly fired a shot in the back of her car, fatally striking aiden, who is sitting in a booster seat on saturday, aiden's family lovingly remembered him at a memorial service. from the very first day i looked at our newborn, beautiful boy. i felt such a warm tenderness exude from within aiden. he was the sweetest baby a day later, those allegedly responsible for his death were behind bars. now the suspects are expected to be charged with murder. they're scheduled to appear in court on tuesday in los angeles. sweet la jeunesse fox news. a arin county is trying to become the first person to kayak by himself, has now abandoned his plants. i had a technical failure of one of the key component. of my equipment that deals with bad weather. cyril darom. oh called
4:52 pm
off the journey 70 miles west of santa cruz early yesterday morning, a u. s. coast guard helicopter hoisted him to safety. he had to abandon his kayak and is now trying to figure out how to recover the vote. when the coast guard come and save you the save your life. they don't save your boat, so they took me was a helicopter. bring me back to sfo. so now my buddy's drifting ninth seat have to go back tomorrow. 12 seas are better and i can actually go get valentin. darabos says the kayak took on a lot of water and will need to be repaired. he said he will try the 2400 mile trip again, but probably not this year. ransom paid in bitcoin to hackers who had shut down a u. s. oil pipeline coming up next year on the for the federal government says it has recovered nearly all of that
4:53 pm
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month and an instagram post this morning bas oh said that he, his brother and the winner of an ongoing oxen will all be aboard. blue origins. new shepard spacecraft when it launches on july, 20th beso said in early february that he was stepping down as ceo of amazon to spend more time on blue origin, among other projects. today. he said that he's wanted to go to space for his entire life. well, the u. s government says it has now recovered most of the ransom that was made to those hackers in the colonial pipeline attack last month, the justice department says a warrant was issued today by the u. s district court. san francisco to seize bitcoins being stored in a digital wallet the georgia based company had to shut down operations for about a week after hackers broke into its computer system, causing a gas shortage along much of the east
4:56 pm
coast colonial paid roughly $4.4 million ransom in bitcoin to the dark side network to bring that system back online. today we turned the tables on dark side by going after the entire ecosystem that fuels ransomware and digital extortion attacks, including criminal proceeds in the form of digital currency. the justice department says the dark side network had been digitally stalking us companies for the better part of last year. food prices around the world have now soared more than 40% during the past 12 months to their highest level in more than 10 years. united nations report found last month was the sharpest monthly rise with food prices spiking 4.8% from april to may. researchers say the drought in brazil and the increased use of vegetable oil, sugar and cereals are causing food prices to surge around the world. president biden is
4:57 pm
speaking with the lead gop negotiator today on his infrastructure package. the white house is signaling that it will move forward with other options if negotiations remain stalled as caroline shipley reports for now, bipartisan talks continue, but the two sides are still billions of dollars apart. negotiations to bridge the gap on a massive infrastructure bill resumed between the white house and congressional republicans today. the president is leading us to, you know, continue to stay at the table, so we won't do this forever, but right now they're good faith efforts on both sides, but there's still far apart on a price tag. democrats want more than a trillion dollars while republicans are trying to keep it below. it's been my way or the highway. no pun intended, but it's been so far the same when it comes to this infrastructure bill. we need to see some real bipartisan discussion on it. another issue how to pay for it. republicans want to use untapped covid-19
4:58 pm
relief money. democrats want to raise the corporate tax rates were not calling for high taxes were calling for a reasonable rate of 28. if talks do fall apart. democrats may try to push a bilwith zero republican t something gop members are already sizing they've been throwing in the towel and bipartisan talks pretty much the entire year. most of the bills that come through of any consequence have been done on strictly partisan line. also in the mix a bipartisan bill that cost 878 billion and a separate house bill coming this week. as of now, they are all viable options in washington, caroline shively, ktvu fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts. now the body of a young child found 10 days ago outside of las vegas, has now been identified as a seven year old boy from san jose. and now the search is on for that boy's mother. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank police in las vegas, say the body of a child found in the
4:59 pm
desert 10 days ago has now been identified as that of a missing boy from san jose. police say the body of seven year old liam husted was discovered by a hiker back on may 28th off state route 1 60, his mother, 35 year old samantha moreno. rodriguez is now being sought on a murder warrant. police say she and her son left san jose in a blue dodge caliber on may 25th three days before the boy's body was found. i spoke with the father about 60 minutes ago before i came out here because i didn't want him to see this press conference without me, explaining what was about to transpire. i will tell you it's a heartbreaking conversation to have. this has been an emotional last 10 days for myself. all the investigators that have been working on it, and we're just glad we're able to get some closure for liam and then hold the person responsible for this crime accountable, police say rodriguez was last seen in the denver area of the clark county coroner's office identified the
5:00 pm
boy using dna. the cause of his death has not been released yet ktvu is azenith smith is working on this story. right now. she will have much more coming up tonight on the 10 o'clock news, santa clara county's largest water provider, is about to take drastic action due to drought. valley water is calling for mandatory reductions in water usage, which may mean big changes for customers this summer. ktvu is an reuben is live now, with what we can expect an. it's right valley water is calling on their customers to cut back to consider turf reduction, rain barrels, even shorter showers. they say if nothing is done, their supply will be in jeopardy. this is an emergency, according to valley water ines p and drought conditions have come on fast. it's a combination of very bad things happening at. same time, not to mention the anderson reservoir, the county's biggest for drinking wat


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