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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. the san francisco police department show. hate crimes are on the rise in 2021. just last night, a popular cafe was vandalized with hate speech and the fact that hate crimes have increased i find is sad because again this is the time we should be supporting each other and not breaking down people's
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personal spaces manny's cafe was tagged overnight with anti cement. take messages. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. i'm andre. senior frank is off. now. the vandalism comes the same day that san francisco police put out new figures showing the spike in hate crimes. no turn ktvu azenith smith is live at the san francisco police station with a breakdown of the numbers and what the department is doing to address the problem as it andre. latest numbers indicate san francisco has seen, 28 reported hate crimes this year. that means one hate crime every 5.5 days. government is now expanding its tip line to nine languages outside manny's in san francisco's mission district sunday, those walking by and dining out had an unsavory view. words spewing hate and big blue letters, racist pigs and free palestine on this jewish owned venue promised me out, and it's right next to my yoga studio love story, and that's how it should
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be. it's not comfortable to see. yes see these messages. um, at the same time. i guess i'm also kind of used to seeing a lot of graffiti in the mission, according to the latest crime data from san francisco police the city has seen, 28 reported hate crimes this year, the police chief acknowledges there's been other violent acts toward communities of color that may not meet the legal definition of a hate crime of the 28 crimes. the majority are anti asian, 39% anti black 18% an anti jewish 14% all of last year. san francisco. off, 48 reported. heat crimes, one report every 7.5 days. we are introducing a multi lingual hate crime tip line, a tip line expanded to accept callers speaking nine languages, etc. pull to watch our it is cantonese, mandarin, spanish, tagalog, russian, japanese, korean, vietnamese and thai asian american
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community leaders rallied for it. we all recognize. that he does not discriminate. it affects all of us. we hope that this will help us solve some of the hate that's going on in our community, in almost deserted chinatown sunday, i think there are a lot of people that are afraid to report either that you know english isn't their first language, or they're afraid of the police as well. this minneapolis transplant sees the tip line as a starting point to push out, hate, try and build stronger communities and helping with infrastructure, i think is a major thing, too, and like information, public information, i think a lot of these hate crimes are coming out of. ignorance and fear and tip line. callers can remain anonymous witnesses seeing crimes in progress are strongly encouraged to call 911 andre azenith smith reporting for us live as a thank you many times, june is gun violence awareness month and today, the group moms demand action took their message to the streets. demonstrators gathered in
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mountain view for a rally on gun violence prevention. they walked along castro street to the mountain view transit center this weekend has been done. where orange weekend orange the defining color of the gun violence prevention movement. every single day, at least 100 americans died due to gun violence, and hundreds more injured. we are a nation of survivors, and we don't have to live this way in california more than 3000. people are shot and killed by guns every year more than 6800. others are wounded, new attend tonight. there is an effort underway in richmond to save an historic lighthouse. that is struggling to keep its lights on. it's been without power since a submarine cable broke two months ago, and it'll cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix it. ktvu demagogues joins us now live in richmond and emma, the coast guard is refusing to pay for it, julie, that's right, paying for and installing a new cable is a million dollar project. so tomorrow the lighthouse board
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is meaning to consider an off grid solar solution for much less money to help pay for that local bars, restaurants and cafes are step. up to fundraise themselves and they shorted out and it fried the cable. this is a piece of the 30 year old underwater cable that broke off the east brother light station in april, killing its main power source. we've been scrambling ever since to figure out what to do. richmond mayor tom but leads the board of directors of the nonprofit that supports the lighthouse. in the last couple days, he says, an electrician spliced what's left of the broken cable and restored power. for now, it's very tenuous. uh, you know whether it's going to last or not? we don't know. but for the time being, we actually do have power back a relief for the lighthouse keeper who has been living there during the pandemic, keeping the generators and navigation light up every night. no matter what. was killing barca eucalyptus trees for kindling. she started a go fund me that's raised more than $80,000 to help restore
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power to the lighthouse, but they're nowhere close to the roughly 200,000 they need they seem insurmountable. but i just. i don't believe that that this community is going to let. anything happens, community businesses are stepping up. catahoula coffee is selling a special white house blend of coffee beans, tokens for free tacos at the restaurant down the street and merchandise with proceeds going to the lighthouse. it's not that we're gonna set the world on fire between some small businesses in here, but it's nice to create the awareness. the factory bar is doing the same and created a custom lighthouse cocktail for the fundraiser. one way or another. i think we're going to open up one way or another. we're going to get some power one way or another. there's a future for each brother light station. we don't quite know what it is, but i think that's where we're headed tomorrow at the special meaning the lighthouse board will determine if their current
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temporary power solution is enough to reopen the bed and breakfast by the end of this summer, and if so, will be advertising for new innkeepers later this month. julie let's hope they can try to find a way to save it. demagogues reporting live in richmond tonight, emma. thank you. a two alarm fire, injures two firefighters and damages badly. damage is a 115 year old home in mill valley. the flames broke out just before 12 30 this morning on cornet avenue in the blight, bell canyon area, authorities say the person who lives in the house was not heard and left before firefighters arrived. one firefight. suffered minor injuries and other suffered moderate injuries and remains in the hospital tonight. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the house has been deemed uninhabitable. well none of the coronavirus and the vaccine roll out the number of eligible california residents who are fully vaccinated has nearly reached 53% about 12% or partially vaccinated, the 70 positivity rate remains among the lowest
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in the country at 700.8. and san leandro today, homeless and low income people received free personal protective equipment, food and covid vaccines. we want to make sure anyone that wants a vaccine can easily get it and does not have to get on a bus or walk for miles in order to get to a site. we do all the registration. you don't have to have an appointment to come here when the clinics are open, you walk through we do all the paperwork. we get you registered. you leave with your vaccine card. we're doing both the janssen as well as the modern. the vaccine, the event was held that creek side community church in san leandro and sponsored by leadership. san leandro kaiser, san leandro, alameda county and nurses and medical students at holy names university in oakland assisted 15,000. people were at this number raceway today for the first race since the pandemic shut down the racetrack last year as ktvu greg liggins report. the event is helping drive an economic comeback.
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sonoma raceway has reawakened what the sounds and smells of race cars after covid brought it to a screeching halt in march of 2020, definitely surreal to be here. it is definitely really cool. just because you know people are vaccinated. it's outdoors, and it's strange to think that a year ago it didn't happen at all. after a year of near hibernation, the sounds of an f 15 fly by. and the roaring of engines following the drop of the green flag signaled the start of the nascar race. and the beginning of the bay area, hosting big events again, drawing in crowds to help refuel the local economy. they filled up the hotels. they're filling up the restaurants. they're buying their groceries here. they're signing up for those wine clubs and bringing home that good. great from sonoma valley. for some, this is their first major outing in more than a year. yes it is. yeah. first top step in everything with more than 20 people, but it was a bit
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different this year. all tickets were digital vending was cashless and there were socially. distant seating pods in the stands so crowd size was capped at 33% bringing the capacity size of 47,000 down to 15,600. there's more room to move around, actually liking a lot. many told us they've been vaccinated and this outing, although not quite normal, is helping to bring a sense of normalcy back to their lives. we love people watching. we love watching everybody have a good time and we're having a blast. right, amelia? yeah it's great to be back. the next big event lined up for sonoma raceway is. drag racing the n h r a sonoma series starting on july 23rd track officials say they are still waiting to see if revised covid safety guidelines after june. 15th will allow them to operate at full capacity. greg wigan's ktvu fox two news, a man from marin county, who is attempting to become the first person to travel from california to
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hawaii, alone in a kayak is now abandoned his trip. had a technical failure of one of the key component. of my equipment that deals with bad weather. um i took off from san francisco in a very good window. i got two days where it was perfect and i could make a lot of mileage. but then the next six days, we're going to be bad weather and i could cope with it for the six first three days. and then the sea anchor. that's the technic technical equipment i'm talking about failed, and that meant that it was not safe to stay on the board. serial de ramo called off the journey 70 miles west of santa cruz early this morning, a u. s. coast guard helicopter hoisted him to safety. he had to abandon his kayak, and now he's trying to figure out how to recover it. when the coast guard come and save you. they save your life. they don't save your boat, so they took me was a helicopter. bring me back to sfo. so now my boat is drifting ninth seat have to go back tomorrow. 12 seas are better and i can
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actually go get valentine. durham oh, says the kayak took on a lot of water, and he has repairs to do before he can figure out his next steps. he said he'll try to try the 2400 mile trip again, but probably not this year. the first lady and dr anthony fauci, traveling to new york city to visit a vaccination site here in harlem in new york. i'm alex hogan. i'll have that story coming up, and we're about to see are wind speeds go up and our temperatures go down. i'll have details coming up your weather's next and another sign of normalcy at 10 30, you look at the first weekend of the sandwich at a county fair, complete with food, music and complete with food, music and ev is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. for help creating an emergency plan, the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. a little preparation will make you
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and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit up today to visit a vaccination clinic in new york as alex hogan reports their visit was part of the biden administration's push to get more people immunized, first lady jill biden traveling to new york city alongside dr anthony fauci on sunday, the two making a visit to the abyssinian baptist church in harlem, which doubles as the vaccination site maiden and found she continuing to encourage vaccinations as the rollout slows down across the country. we're going to end this outbreak for absolutely sir, and the vehicle to ending it is vaccination 300 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed in the u. s. and now the cdc is encouraging
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teams to get the shot as a small but concerning increase in hospitalization rates among unvaccinated teens is being seen. want everyone 12 and over to come get vaccinated, really working hard because we have to get back to life as normal. meanwhile, the nation's top doc remains under into tense scrutiny following the release of hundreds of pages of his emails during the pandemic under the freedom of information act that includes one email from a researcher that question the viruses origins, some republicans saying fauci misled the american people. there are a lot of unanswered questions about what these activities were. dr fauci responding to the accusations last week, saying that the theory of the virus leaking from a wuhan lab has potential. but he and other still believe it originated from an animal. i didn't think there was anything remarkable. well in those emails. i certainly don't think there was anything that tony sent that expressed any ill intent. president biden, saying that he has no concerns about dr
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anthony found you saying he remains confident in him as chief medical officer in harlem. alex hogan, fox news. three u. s. senators touchdown in taiwan today to meet with leaders there as part of the united states is effort to share covid shots globally. taiwan is getting 750,000 doses as part of the first round of us do nations. the island is dealing with a spike in domestic cases but has been affected like many places by global vaccine shortages, only 3% of its nearly 24 million people have been inoculated, with most getting only the first shot of the two needed. illinois democratic senator tammy duckworth's saying the donation is offering a much needed boost to the island's fight against the pandemic. it was critical to the united states that taiwan be included in the first group to receive vaccines because we recognize your urgent need. last week, the us pledged an initial 25 million doses under the global vaccine sharing program for poor nations. in india, new delhi
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and other cities will allow more businesses to reopen and begin to ease covid restrictions starting tomorrow. india reported about 114,000 new coronavirus infections today that is the lowest in two months, but the death toll increased by more than 2600 and preparations are underway now for a third wave of infections. still india's capital city will allow markets to reopen with limited hours and the metro transit system will be allowed to operate at 50. cassidy well, that a sacramento a large fire burning at american river park, where parkway near kell expo. now the flames broke out around three o'clock units from sacramento, fire sack metro and sheriff's office responded to the scene. the large plume of smoke could be seen from across town, windy conditions in the area are not helping the firefight, either those structures that were threatened at this time, but many people who live in the area rushed to the scene to make sure their fire it doesn't spread to their home. and that's part of the
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problem is you can see right now. my companies are way in there. um they're running out of water. so then they have to come out. like i said, we have the two water tenders they carry, you know thousands of gallons of water, and that's how we read, uh, resupplying out there and then a lot of it is, as you can see, we're just doing firing operations trying to cut it off that way. well at last check, the fire has burned 123 acres, firefighters say drought conditions are making it tough for them to refill water. the cause is still under investigation. yeah, and you know when i when i see that story, it's one of those things. we just have to be very vigilant this time of year with the dry conditions that we've had, you know, every night when i come in to start a shift, the first thing i do is check for any watches or warnings. and tonight when i came in at this n united states. you see an awful lot of red there. those are red flag warnings, which means they are either happening now or happening within the next 12 24 hours that they have fire danger now, thankfully, we don't have that here in the bay area. but we do have some wind heading our way. and that is why all the area that you see here in tan is under a wind
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advisory starting tomorrow at noon that that does include the north bay mountains. it also includes sonoma marin san matteo coastlines that doesn't lose the city of san francisco, used bay hills and valleys were expecting the wind to be 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 45 even 55 mph so again that kicks in tomorrow and even though this is an onshore flow until it should be a cooler, moister air mass coming in which is less fire, danger. any wind with the dry land that we've got out there all the dry fuels means that we could, you know, have some difficulty right now. you can see the wind is kicking out at the coast there. sfo right now gusting at 40 mph wind is going to kick up in the next 12 to 24 hours. we just have to be prepared for it as we go through the day right now you can take a live look outside of the oakland esther, where you see a little bit of low cloud activity out there and certainly in oakland and san francisco where we're in the 50 65 in santa rosa right now, 58, livermore and 62 in san hose. okay, so these were the highs today cool in san francisco below sixties but upper
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eighties in santa rosa. now as we get into tomorrow, we have a front that's tracking. three temperatures are set to drop about, you know, 3 to 10 degrees, so a big difference as we head into our week, and that's going to hold for a little bit. i'll be back to the extended forecast to tell you more about that, colonel. send it back to julie. alright kyla. thank you. well the san francisco zoo is mourning the loss of its oldest male chimpanzee. cobby was a longtime favorite among zoo visitors. he passed away yesterday at the age of 63. zoo officials say he had recently been ill and old age was a contributing factor in his death before coming to the zoo in the mid 19 sixties, cobby was a performing chimpanzee who was raised by humans. are coming up after a massive manhunt. two people have been arrested tonight in the road rate shooting that killed a six year old boy. the latest details after the break and later in sports team usa takes on rival mexico when the concacaf final joe fonzi will have all the highlights and
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shooting outside a hookah lounge in miami dade county, florida. it happened early this morning following a graduation day party now, along with the three fatalities. at least six people were injured. they were able to get to the hospital on their own and are expected to survive. this is the second mass shooting on consecutive weekends in miami dade county. just goes to show you the magnitude of this gun violence issue doesn't just affect community members, and it affects the law enforcement community. we all have to band together. this this violence has to stop. this is extremely frustrating. police are looking for two vehicles they believe are connected to the shooting scene. two suspects have been
10:24 pm
arrested in a road rage shooting that left a six year old boy dead, police say 23 year old lee win and 24 year old eras marcus anthony are responsible for that shooting. they were arrested at their home in costa mesa. the shooting happened more than two weeks ago on may 21st on the 55 freeway in the southern california city of orange, joanna cloonan was driving her son, aiden to his kindergarten class when someone shot at their car, the chp says. the two suspects are expected to be charged with murder. a man was taken into custody today after he allegedly fired shots into the air and exchanged gunfire with police near azusa pacific university's about 25 miles east of los angeles. the incident prompted a shelter in place order in the area, including on campus police chased the suspect, they say. 34 year old edward gamino shot at officers who returned fire. no one was hit gamino, then forced his way into a nearby home where he was arrested. luckily, no one was hurt during
10:25 pm
the ordeal. drought conditions in california continue to worsen as we head into the summer, and the effects are not only being felt locally but also across the country. marianne rafferty has more. potential bad news for consumers, the nation's food supply could be under attack and the culprit. a record drought now going on in california this year is the worst throughout the worst year since 1977 environmental experts say so far, this year's weather in the golden state is hotter and drier than usual, causing water levels across california's more than 1500 reservoirs to be 50% lower than they were this time last june, and that. these lakes dry up, government agencies have less water to divide between the states. roughly 25 million acres of farmland. it's an economic disaster. um we don't plant crops. we don't have jobs. we don't produce food, but you
10:26 pm
don't have to live in california to be affected by this drought, according to the u. s. department of agriculture. california is the nation's leading agricultural producer, supplying a bulk of the country's nuts, berries, vegetables and dairy products. you'll see no crops there, you'll see you know, people working there. there'll be no food coming from this field this year, fewer crops planted means smaller harvests, which could result in less food, hitting the shelves at your local grocery store. but this drought doesn't just affect food. the consequences trickle down to also affect people's jobs. the last hockey s casino, if there is no water, there is no work and for us farm workers. how are we going to support the family and this drought comes as california enters another dangerous wildfire season in los angeles. marianne rafferty fox news has been cooped up for so long and spending time just still some fresh air and enjoy the time. it feels like summer in san mateo county up next
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tonight, the sights and sounds of the county spares county fairs first weekend. us california's workforce is shrinking. a labor expert weighs in on why more women are leaving the workforce than men, and later tonight, infrastructure negotiations continue this week in washington, d in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7.
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every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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conference will be virtual again this year because of the pandemic. apple routinely announced his new updates to its software and other products at the start of the event, bloomberg news reports apple will announce a new version of its ios software for iphones, which is expected to include a redesign of my message. apple is also expected to announce new macbook pro laptops that use apple's own processors. the
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salmon to san mateo county fair kicked off this weekend, you can find traditional fair food and ride all the rides and as ktvu is, james tourist tells us now you can also get your covid vaccine shot. this pig races said to be the one attraction you don't want to miss at the san mateo county fair, one of the many operations how here at the fairgrounds. we don't like to stay quiet. we don't like to be bored. dana store is the boss here, like the many people she hires to become characters. the fairgrounds have gone through a number of costume changes in the last 15 months. i remember the county manager calling me. how fast can you set up for a mass? a mass test site? it was. it was like march 12th of 2020. it's a 24 hours, and he's like what from a testing site to becoming the first mass vaccination site in the bay area, and at one point, a jury selection space and a storage for ppe. this fairground space has done it all with about 50 to 100 workers. it only took 24 hours
10:31 pm
to tear down the vaccine site. really, it was pulling mostly traffic homes. week to let the rides and food move in. and for the next week it takes a break from the pandemic has been cooped up for so long and spending time. just feel some fresh air and enjoy the time and but the vaccines don't go anywhere. in fact, the fair is offering an incentive if you get a shot at the front door, you get free admission and a $20 fair credit an operation may be too efficient. i didn't know there was a fair going on. but the fair is very much going on celebrating its pride day today, it's ceo says after next week it will once again change hats, pack up the pigs and offer vaccines again. it's an event even if it's a crisis event. it's an event and we're very used to setting it up getting it running, letting it go and then tearing it down afterwards in san mateo county, i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. san francisco city hall will reopen to the public tomorrow for the first time in
10:32 pm
15 months. most city hall offices will reopen their doors for in person services, such as obtaining birth certificates applying for marriage licenses and paying property and business taxes. the building will be open weekdays between eight am and five pm all city hall. visitors must wear masks and stay six ft. apart from the other. you attend tonight plan is in the works to keep the san jose flea market open the area where the market is held, is set to become a mixed use development site that will include offices, apartments and retail, the mercury news reports that the owners of the market have now agreed to set aside five acres in the new development for a flea market. they also want to set up a $2 million fund to cover vendors, moving expenses and any immediate income losses from the original markets. closure the san jose city council is expected to vote on the development plan. later this month. analysts are expecting california's economy to pick up but a smaller workforce could throw a wrench into those predictions. ktvu tom vacar
10:33 pm
looked at the numbers and found more women than men are dropping out of the labor force holding california employers back from a more speedy recovery. is the fact that businesses are finding it harder to rehire laid off employees are find new ones. a major reason a huge number of people have dropped out of the labor force to the lowest number since january, and the majority of them are women. the labor force participation rate of women has gone down more significantly. um, by about. differentials about 500,000. okay this is something unique in the last four major u. s. recessions in previous recessions, men were actually hit harder. because of the occupations they were in, but this time around industries that women are more concentrated in such as retail hospitality, restaurants, education and childcare, took the biggest hits, and this has all been made worse by the
10:34 pm
almost total closings of schools and daycare facility since the pandemic began, women still bear the, um my greater percentage of. day care and childcare responsibilities while you're suck many places women work in large numbers have yet to fully reopen or are gone forever that decimated small business economy. um, which shows no sign. no sign of picking up over the past four months, and the pandemic has caused a lot of people to reassess their futures. a lot of both men and women, but perhaps women even more reconsidering. do they want to go back to their previous jobs when all the stimulus programs run out? many folks are likely to rejoining the labour force, but the longer it drags out, employers are already seeing that rehiring him raises or new hiring bonuses are the way to speed it up. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. today marks one
10:35 pm
year since santa cruz county sheriff's deputy damon guts wheeler was killed in an ambush style attack in ben loman. good swiller was hired as a deputy in 2000 and six. he is survived by his wife and two children, the man charged with killing him. 32 year old steven korea was an active duty air force staff sergeant at travis air force base, authorities say deputies had tracked corio to ben lomond, where he ambushed them with gunfire and explosives. korea is all so charged with murdering a federal officer during a drive by shooting in oakland on may 29th last year. he's awaiting trial at the santa rita jail in dublin and could face the death penalty. a tragic accident at northway school claims the life of a seven year old boy 10 45 we hear from his parents 18 months later about their effort to carry on his legacy and keep other kids safe. and i'm giving an eye on the weather. do you have a wind advisory set to kick in tomorrow and much cooler temperatures ahead. i'll have your extended forecast
10:36 pm
next first democratic senator joe manchin says he will not support a sweeping voting bill white when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together.
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one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. rocky start today. the vice president was headed to guatemala one a technical issue forced her plane air force to turn around now it landed safely at joint base. andrews in maryland. everyone on board is okay. the vice president giving the thumbs up when she deplaned harris departed on another aircraft about 90 minutes later. now talks in guatemala city begin tomorrow to discuss the root causes of migration from central america and mexico. the vice president heads to mexico later this week, and president biden is also making his first international trip as president this week. on
10:39 pm
wednesday, the president will travel to europe, where he has a scheduled that is packed now. during his trip, he will visit with uk prime minister boris johnson, queen elizabeth, among other world leaders. many of them will be at the g seven summit on friday in cornwall, and then a nato summit next week that begins on monday in brussels. democratic senator joe manchin said today he will not be voting for the democrats sweeping voting rights bill that vote or his vote rather essentially guarantees that bill will fail. the bill already passed along party lines in the house. supporters of the bill say it would make it easier for people to vote offering universal access to mail and voting and same day registration for federal races. it would also make election day a national holiday. but senator manchin says the bill would further divide the country. i think it's the wrong piece of legislation to bring our country together and unite our country. and i'm not supporting that because i think it would divide us further. there's a lot of great things. i agree in that piece of legislation, but
10:40 pm
there's an awful lot of things that basically don't pertain directly to voting mansion did say he would support the john lewis voting rights advancement act. that legislation would revive a provision of the landmark voting rights act that was weakened by the supreme court back in 2013. negotiations between the white house and republicans continue tomorrow as they work to create a bipartisan bill on infrastructure as david spun reports at least one democratic senator is confident they will reach a compromise. the negotiations at the white house continue as a candidate joe biden touted his more than three decades on capitol hill, working as a negotiator in a bipartisan fashion, but things always change when one becomes president of the united states last week, the president spoke twice with west virginia republican senator shelley moore, capital capital, is the lead negotiator for republicans that to have held multiple conversations on infrastructure, but they still have not reached a deal republicans are proposing $978 billion, and the
10:41 pm
president has also significantly come down in numbers. you still have all the confidence in the world. chris we're going to get there. my goodness. the president has gone from 2.25 trillion down to $1 trillion the republicans have come up quite a bit from where they started. this is the same type of challenges we had back last year when we had. all get together and break a deadlock. but we're not there yet. president biden wants to use this package to tackle infrastructure but also the climate crisis and some other progressive priorities. republicans say let's just leave it to infrastructure, meaning roads, bridges and the basics during a successful negotiation. both sides typically feel a sting. that's apparently what's happening here. the president says he will be meeting with senator capital republicans and democrats in the coming days and weeks. at the white house. david spent fox news that couldn't comprehend. you right?
10:42 pm
like something happened to him just the middle of the school day. it's been 18 months since seven year old alex was killed by a fallen gate on his school's playground up next tonight why his parents say his death was preventable and how they're working to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. also ahead tonight, meteorologist kyla grogan is meteorologist kyla grogan is back with a look at your is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit ♪ ♪ for help creating an emergency plan, look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three.
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[splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ condition in april has now died. we first told you about lamont jones the third around mother's day, he began complaining of covid like symptoms and couldn't keep food down and was eventually diagnosed with dilated cardio myopathy after multiple surgeries to help his heart pump blood complications set in and the 15 year old passed away. last thursday. the
10:45 pm
teen's parents say their son was a good student and gifted baseball player who had never experienced severe illness. they say he likely had this condition for years, but it was never caught by annual checkups. i'm a red county school reached a settlement last week over the death of a seven year old student, alex kwan. beck was killed during recess back in 2019 when a rolling gate fell on him. ktvu deborah villalon has the warning. alex's parents want to share. oh day, dear. alex kwan back lived large in seven years. the little brother who led the mischief and doted on his baby sister, a warm and witty boy who seemed wise for his age. his parents say he was the heartbeat of the family this thing before he started his day. he wanted to crawl in bed with you. yeah. and he wanted so many kisses five days before christmas, 2019. he was gone. it happened at mark day
10:46 pm
school in sandra fell, where alex was a first grader. the shock overwhelms you, right? just getting a phone call saying you need to get to the hospital. we don't think your son's alive. playing at recess, alex closed a metal gate and it fell. crushing him. um i remember the coroner coming to our house and crying with us because to stocking was hanging the despair of those days and describable you can't say you can't stand. you can't be in your house. you can't be out of your house later, the quan backs learned the £400 gate. 30. ft long had also toppled a month earlier had fallen before. was put back up. it was reported to an individual at the school, and then there's no follow his death was preventable. he should still be here with us. this week, the quan backs agreed to a confidential settlement with the school and the gate contractor who us now notify other customers with this product. it could be deadly. i was full of it. the
10:47 pm
quarterbacks are starting a nonprofit to raise safety awareness that there's just a lack of consistency and standards across schools. they want more conversation. about hazards. it's a mindset in a culture so that people don't fall into that trap of thinking of someone else is taking care of that. eric kwame back sometimes walks this campus thinking of his son's last moments. i sit where he died. i just go to and i feel like i can tell him i miss twins, elliott and ethan reminisce about alex. they thought of themselves as triplets. the family sees alex's death as a call to action and his legacy saving other kids. he is still the heartbeat of his family. i love you so much money and love you so much. mommy deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. mhm the duke and duchess of sussex announced today the birth of their second child, an official announcement says megan delivered a girl on
10:48 pm
friday at a hospital in santa barbara. they have named her little bit diana mountbatten, windsor or lily. for short, little bet has been queen elizabeth's nickname since childhood. and, of course, diana is for the baby's grandmother, the late princess diana lilly joins big brother archie, who turned two years old last month. all right, so we're about to see some pretty big changes in our weather. we're going to see our temperatures drop significantly for those of you in late if you're out of the coast, it's already been a little cools. it won't be such a big drop for you, but we'll start the live. look outside here at the oakland str you see you've got, you know just little moisture in the air, but the most part, it's a relatively clear night tonight. currently 57 degrees in oakland, 53 in san francisco. inland we got up to the upper eighties in some spots, but now we're in the mid sixties, the places like santa rosa livermore about 58 at this hour. so what's happening is while we have the clear size with us tonight, as we get into tomorrow, we're going to fill effects of a low pressure system that right now
10:49 pm
delivering some rain up to the pacific northwest and is, as is the case so often as much as we'd love to get some rain to. we're not going to see that, but we are going to see a little bit of wind ahead of this system and we're going to see cooler temperatures behind it now, though. win the indication that it's kind of rolling in. you can see as we take a look at the buoys right now what you're showing would upwards of 35 mph some of them and some of that is already translating to the service and we look at sfo were gusting right now. 40 mph across the rest of the bay. it's not quite as dramatic, but we will see that starts to kick up tomorrow, particularly at the coast to start the day. and then, as we get later into the day, we'll see it kind of move inland. so basically, we've got a couple of low pressure systems out in the pacific. this first one that is approaching as i mentioned is going to kind of affect our weather as we get into tomorrow, so gusty wind and temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler, so that's a pretty big drop for some of our inlet spots. this is a northwest wind, and unfortunately it's going to be at an intensity that it's kicked off a wind advisory that is going to start tomorrow at noon. now, this is for the
10:50 pm
entire coastline from sonoma county to marin, right on down into the peninsula. in san mateo county, and that also does include the city of san francisco, also the east bay hills and mountains and north bay mountains as well and again. we're expecting that way to be 20 to 30, mph and gusts higher than that. so take a look at the wind forecast. you're going to take this room and show you so that's tomorrow morning. you see, the coast is a little bit windy. but look at what happens is we get later into the day into the evening in particular in the late afternoon evening, you start to see out of the coast 40 mile per hour wind, you know 25 then this is later in the evening, he conquered their fairfield, seeing some of that wind livermore as well. um so it doesn't calm down until we get to tuesday, so just be prepared for that tonight. it'll just be breezy, mostly at the coast. relatively clear skies as i mentioned temperatures in the upper forties to the low fifties now tomorrow. this is where these temperatures are going to feel very different than especially if you've been inland. you know, we're talking seventies for spots like concord and santa rosa. san francisco. yeah you're not gonna be that different, right?
10:51 pm
61 for you tomorrow, but compared to average we've been looking at above average temperatures. now we're going to go through a good portion of our week with below average temperatures, so certainly a bit of a pattern change. so your extended forecast looks a little bit like this. you can see we do have that wind to contend with and then it will start to ramp down on tuesday. coolest day of the week. looks like it will be wednesday. where are inland communities will struggle to get to 70 degrees. it's been a while since we've been able to say that and then as head towards the weekend temperatures will start to warm up that second low pressure system roles in a couple of sprinkles trying to make their way in for next weekend. we'll see if that holds together, guys back to you. all right, thank you so much and coming up in sports at the olympic club in san francisco, the u. s women's open crowns their teenage champion joe fonzi with those details next. then on the 11 o'clock news after three months and hiring a private investigator he's made congressman eric swalwell has served a lawsuit to a fellow representative. how it's connected to
10:52 pm
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happening tonight in sports. a high profile week has come to an end for san francisco's olympic club. it was largely socked in this week on the san francisco coast for the u. s open, and today was no exception. this young woman became a crowd favorite this week. 17 year old maga gun is a junior in high school. she finished the tournament three over par after shooting a 67 in the first round. gandhi was the low amateur. she'll be headed to stanford after she finishes high school and another. your regulation ended in a tie between nasa had a two hole aggregate playoff. that was the second playoff hole there where sasa stayed part putt and that extended the playoffs. it was on to sudden death after that,
10:55 pm
at the tournament decided on the next hole. that was the part. 4/9 saw so for birdie in the tournament. she's a 19 year old from the philippines, becoming the first person from her country to win a major. that matches inbee park to the day as the youngest player to win and open. well, the giants were looking to extend the nice role that has seen them move back into first place in the national league west. johnny cueto on the mound trying to finish off a four game sweep of the cubs. giants led 31 after three but the cubs tied it in the fourth. and then here in the fifth. take the lead. javi baez ground ball with the bases loaded turns into a run when buster posey can't handle mauricio do bonds throw to the plate? proposed charged with an air it was 4 to 3. the giants didn't score again that came closer in the ninth. when do bond hit a fly ball to left to lead off the inning. but kris bryant when above the wall to take what could have been a home run away, the cubs win 4 to 3 taking one game in this series. the giants state two games up on the second place padres in the n l west. the
10:56 pm
aids were also going for a sweep of a three game series as they continue to hold down first place in the a l west. well, those are hard to come by coors field. in denver, third inning of a scoreless game rival tapia singles the other way up, james. brilliant don nunez has no trouble coming home from second was the game's first run. nunez had doubled earlier in the inning brilliant only gave up two runs in five innings. the rockies took a 31 lead to the ninth. the did get the tying run to the played by daniel bard fanned jed lowry with the 101 mile an hour fastball that ended iraqis get one game in this series, 31. and the a and the west. now one game, the white sox tony larussa, donning the younis chicago was where ng when he started his managerial career. watch the effort by the socks adam angle on this fly ball to center angle goes above the wall to take a home run away from detroit's nico. good rem on that to get the approval of your pitcher, dylan cease
10:57 pm
and your manager, the white sox were three to nothing winners that was number 2700 for the hall of fame manager. moussa that moves him past john mcgraw and the number two spot on the all time list. if you're wandering number one, connie mack is still a distant 967 wins away. one of the casualties of the covid shut down last spring was the toyota save mart 3 50. it's on my raceway nascar was back this week. driver there's start your engines. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan, the grand marshal for nascar's returned to northern california today. 15 laps to go at the crowded turn. 11 korla joy shuts off ross chastain lovejoy gets turned around kevin harvick, william byron alex bowman. all get front end damage, with harvick taking the worst of it late caution set the race into an overtime finish. kyle larson, who had a
10:58 pm
good car all day held off teammate chase elliott for the wind is the first career road course win for nart larson, who won for the third time this year, and he is now in the top spot in the overall standings, an important game for the u. s men's soccer team playing mexico tonight in the finals of the conquered cap nations league event in denver. 22 game, christian pulisic fouled had this penalty kick in the 114 minutes to put the us in front politic puts the shot past guillermo ochoa. and begins to celebration in front of fans of the mexican team who aren't exactly happy for him. but the celebration was a little premature, and here's why five minutes later, mexico's andres board ardo had a penalty kick of his own us backup goalie ethan horvath made the same of his life to deny guardado. the us then survived an extended 11 minutes of stoppage time and won 3 to 2. the clippers, kawai leonard and the mavericks. luca dante, ready for the seven and
10:59 pm
then deciding game of their first round nba playoff series. neither team had won at home this series time running out the first quarter's leonard flashes to the hoop for two of his 28 points. the clippers down three at the end of the quarter. still anybody's game in the third as they're tied at 81 tied no longer. leonard drives the baseline throws down to more. the clippers made their move from there. they went on to win. 1 26 1 11 to take this series move on to play utah. the jazz will hope to keep that site from ever happening again. jason appelbaum and i will see it at 11 30 for sports draft, all right, joe. thank you. and next at 11 thank miracles can happen anywhere they would happen here. let me tell you, these bay city of richmond is hoping for a miracle to help save a historic victorian lighthouse that's been in operation since 18 73 the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now, and it's gonna take hundreds of thousands of dollars to repair the light.
11:00 pm
house after an underwater cable was damaged, cutting the power hello again. i'm andre senior in for frank. and i'm julie julie haener. thousands of dollars have been raised, but it is not nearly enough new tonight. ktvu demagogues joins us now live from richmond to explain emma julie, paying for and installing a new cable is a million dollar project. so tomorrow the light station board is meaning to consider an off grid solar solution for much less money to help pay for that local rest. restaurants bars and cafes have started their own fundraising efforts, and they shorted out and it fried the cable. this is a piece of the 30 year old underwater cable that broke off the east brother light station in april, killing its main power source. we've been scrambling ever since to figure out what to do. richmond mayor tom but leads the board of directors of the nonprofit that supports the lighthouse. in the last couple days, he says, an electrician spliced what's left of the broken cable and restored power for now, since for two


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