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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 6, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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raceway for the first race since the pandemic shut down the track last year and taking their message to the streets. the rally today calling for more action on gun violence prevention, this is ktvu fox two news at six. good evening to you. i'm andre senior and for frank, and i'm julie julie haener. the bay area just had its largest gathering since the beginning of the pandemic. sonoma raceway hosted the nascar cup series. event that brought in thousands of spectators. ktvu greg liggins is here to tell us more about the benefits of having this type of event. greg yeah, andre in simple terms. you could say this event is helping to kick start the bay area economic
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comeback. sonoma raceway has reawakened with the sounds and smells of race cars after covid brought it to a screeching halt in march of 2027 surreal to be here. it is definitely really. cool just because you know people are back stated. it's outdoors, and it's strange to think that a year ago it didn't happen at all. after a year of near hibernation, the sounds of an f 15 fly by and the roaring of engines following the drop of the green flag signaled the start of the nascar race. and the beginning of the bay area, hosting big events again, drawing in crowds to help refuel the local economy. they filled up the hotels. they're filling up the restaurants. they're buying their groceries here. they're signing up for those wine clubs and bringing home that good. great from sonoma valley. for some, this is their first major outing in more than a year. yes it is. yeah. first stop step into everything with more than 20
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people, but it was a bit different this year. all tickets were digital vending was cashless and there were socially distant seating pods in the stands so crowd size was capped at 33% bringing the capacity size of 47,000 down to 15,600. there's more room to move around, actually liking a lot. many told us they've been vaccinated and this outing, although not quite normal, is helping to bring a sense of normalcy back to their lives. we love people watching. we love watching everybody have a good time and we're having a blast. right, amelia? yeah, it's great to be back. great. now the next big event on top of the raceway is drag racing the n h r a sonoma zuri starting july 23rd track officials are still waiting to see whether revised covid safety guidelines after june. 15th will allow them to reopen at full capacity reporting live. greg wigan's ktvu fox two news. yeah, really good to see people
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back out again, and nice weather for it to greg. thank you. also in the news, a driver going the wrong way on highway one on one was killed after crashing head on into another car, the accident reported around 4:30 a.m. on the southbound side of the highway near the montague expressly in san jose. investigators say a toyota corolla was heading north in the south bound lanes and collided with the toyota camry. now the cavalry was then hit by a nissan sentra, the driver of the corolla, the car that was headed the wrong way, died in the crash. that person's name has not been released. three people in the two other. cars or hospitalized. june is gun violence awareness month and today, the group moms demand action took their message to the streets. demonstrators gathered in mountain view today for a rally on gun violence prevention participants wore orange and walked along castro street to the mountain view transit center this weekend has been dubbed where orange weekend orange is the defining color of the gun violence prevention movement. every single day, at
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least 100 americans died due to gun violence and hundreds more injured. we are a nation of survivors, and we don't have to live this way. i here in california more than 3000. people are shot and killed by guns every year more than 6800. others are wounded, well, none of the coronavirus and the vaccine rollout. the number of eligible california residents who are fully vaccinated has. reached nearly 53% about 12% of partially vaccinated. the 78 positivity rate remains among the lowest in the country at 780.8. then event in san leandro. today, homeless and low income people received free personal protective equipment, food and covid vaccines. we want to make sure anyone that wants a vaccine can easily get it and does not have to get on a bus or walk for miles in order to get to a site. we do all the registration. you don't have to have an appointment to come here. when the clinics are open, you walk through. we do
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all the paperwork we get you registered. you leave with your vaccine card. we're doing both the janssen as well as the modern of vaccine. the event was held at creek side community church in san leandro and sponsored by leadership of san leandro, kaiser, san leandro, alameda county and nurses and medical students at holy names university in oakland assisted. first lady, dr jill biden partnered with dr anthony fauci today in visiting a vaccination clinic that was set up at a church in harlem. we're gonna end this outbreak absolutely certain, and the vehicle to ending it is vaccination, and that's what's going on right here. and that's why i'm so impressed by being here and so honored to be here. yeah because dr biden says one of the key ways to get more people of color vaccinated is through clinics such as this there, set up at neighborhood churches like this one in new york city. the u. s has launched an effort to send millions of vaccine doses overseas as part of an
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international sharing plan. as charles watson reports this includes 750,000 doses for taiwan, which reports china is hindering their efforts to secure vaccine doses. more than 168 million americans have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine as the country gets closer to herd immunity. the body of the administration is making global vaccinations a top priority. the president announcing an initial shipment of 25 million surplus doses will be sent overseas distributed through the united nations kovacs program. the united states is leading international relief. efforts in an open and cooperative spirit, 750,000 of those doses going to taiwan, three u. s senators traveling there this weekend after taiwan accused china of hindering their efforts to secure vaccines as the outbreak there continues. it was critical to
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the united states that taiwan be included in the first group to receive vaccines because we recognize your urgent need. meanwhile the cdc director is urging parents to get their teens vaccinated after the hospitalization rate for those between the ages of 12 and 17 rose in april with one in three who were hospitalized, needing to be admitted to the intensive care unit. it's almost as if things have normalized and the pandemic just one away. the sad truth is, the virus is still around. and atlanta charles watson fox news, san francisco city hall will reopen to the public tomorrow for the first time in 15 months, most city hall offices will reopen their doors for in person services, such as obtaining birth certificates applying for marriage licenses and paying property and business taxes. the building will be open weekdays between eight am and five pm all city hall. visitors must wear masks and stay six ft.
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apart from others, bart is adding more trains to its schedule. starting tomorrow. bart says it's adding 26 more weekday trips to its schedule on the yellow, green and red lines. he added. trains are on the edges of the morning and evening commute periods. bart is also adding 16 more trips on saturdays right now, service runs until nine o'clock every night, bart says service until midnight won't return until the end of august because it still needs to hire more train operators and station agents. bay area teen who was diagnosed with a heart condition back in april, has died. we first told you about lamont jones, the third back in april, around mother's day, he began complaining of covid like like symptoms, and he couldn't keep food down. he was eventually diagnosed with dilated cardio myopathy, and after several surgeries to help his heart pump blood complications set in and the 15 year old passed away. last thursday, the teen's parents say their son was a good student and gifted baseball player who had never experience severe illness. they
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say you likely had this condition for years, but it was never caught by annual checkups. delay on air force two as vice president kamala harris heads to central america coming up what sent the plane back to the airport and megan and harry welcomed their new baby girl coming up how the couple is honoring their daughters, great grandmother and grandmother with the baby's name, and if you're ready for a temperature drop, you're going to enjoy the forecast cooler to enjoy the forecast cooler temperatures is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit rocky start today, the vice president was headed to guatemala one a technical issue forced her plane, air force to turn around and landed safely. a joint base andrews in maryland. everyone on board was okay. the vice president gave a thumbs up when she be planed. harris departed on another plane about 90 minutes later talks in guatemala city begin tomorrow to discuss the root causes of migration from central america and mexico. the vice president heads to mexico later this week. president biden is also making his first international trip as president this week. on wednesday, the president will travel to europe, where he has a packed schedule. during his trip. he will visit
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with uk prime minister boris johnson, queen elizabeth, among other world leaders. many of them will be at the g seven summit on friday in cornwall, and then a nato summit next week that begins on monday in brussels. democratic senator joe manchin says he will not vote for the democrats sweeping voting rights bill, which essentially guarantees the bill's failure. i think it's the wrong piece of legislation to bring our country together and unite our country, and i'm not supporting that because i think it would divide us further mansion did say he would support the john lewis voting rights advancement act that legislation would revive her provisions from the landmark voting rights act that was weakened by the supreme court back in 2013. analysts are expecting california's economy to pick up, but a smaller workforce could throw a wrench into those predictions. ktvu is tom baker looks at the numbers and found that more women than men are now dropping out of the labor force holding california employers back from a more speedy recovery. is the
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fact that businesses are finding it harder to rehire laid off employees are find new ones, a major reason a huge number of people have dropped out of the labor force to the lowest number since january. and the majority of them are women. the labor force participation rate of women, um, has gone down more significantly. um, by about. differentials about 500,000. okay this is something unique in the last four major u. s recessions in previous recessions, men were actually hit harder. because of the occupations they were in, but this time around industries that women are more concentrated in such as retail hospitality, restaurants, education and childcare, took the biggest hits, and this has all been made worse by the almost total closings of schools and daycare facility since the pandemic began. women still bear the, um. greater percentage of day care and
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childcare responsibilities. not your son. many places women worked in large numbers have yet to fully re open or are gone forever that decimated small business economy. um, which shows no sign. no sign of picking up over the past four months, and the pandemic has caused a lot of people to reassess their futures. a lot of both men and women, but perhaps women even more reconsidering. do they want to go back to their previous jobs when all the stimulus programs run out? many folks are likely to rejoining the labour force, but the longer it drags out, employers are already seeing that rehiring embraces or new hiring bonuses are the way to speed up. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the fda is expected to announce tomorrow whether it will approve a new drug for alzheimer's disease. for the first time in nearly 20 years, the agency will decide the fate of a drug which aims to slow progression of memory problems
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early in the disease. it would also be the first treatment on the market that attacks the progress of the disease instead of just easing the symptoms. however critics say the benefits of this alzheimer's drug does not out weigh its safety risks, which includes bleeding and swelling in the brain. the duke and duchess of suspects announced today the birth of their second child. an official announcement says that megan delivered a girl on friday at a hospital in santa barbara. they have named her little bit diana mountbatten, windsor or lily for short, little bit has been queen elizabeth's nickname since childhood. and, of course, diana is for the baby's grandmother, the late princess diana. lilly joins big brother archie, who turned to last month. well, the same mateo county fair opens this weekend and as ktvu james taurus tells us, you can get more than fear food this year. you can also get a covid vaccination shot. this pig races said to be the one attraction you don't want to miss at the san mateo county
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fair, one of the many operations have here at the fairgrounds. we don't like to stay quiet. we don't like to be bored. dana store is the boss here, like the many people she hires to become characters. the fair grounds have gone through a number of costume changes in the last 15 months. i remember the county manager calling me how fast can you set up for mass, a mass test site? it was. it was like march 12th of 2020. it's a 24 hours, and he's like what from a testing site to becoming the first mass vaccination site in the bay area and at one point. jury selection space and a storage for ppe. this fairground space has done it all with about 50 to 100 workers. it only took 24 hours to tear down the vaccine site. really? it was pulling mostly traffic homes a week to let the rides and food move in. and for the next week it takes a break from the pandemic has been cooped up for so long and spending time. just feel some fresh air and enjoy the time and but the vaccines don't go anywhere. in fact, the fair is
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offering and incentive if you get a shot at the front door, you get free admission and a $20 fair credit an operation may be too efficient. i didn't know there was a fair going on. but the fair is very much going on celebrating its pride day today, it's ceo says after next week it will once again change hats, pack up the pigs and offer vaccines again. it's an event even if it's a crisis event. it's an event and we're very used to setting it up getting it running, letting it go and then tearing it down. afterwards in san mateo county. i'm james torres ktvu fox. two news. a man from marin county, who is attempting to become the first person to travel from california to hawaii alone in a kayak has now been forced to abandon his trip. high winds, unfavorable weather and problems with his navigation system for serial durham. oh, to call off that journey 70 miles west of santa cruz. early this morning, he was just six days into the trip, having left
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marin county last monday. a u. s. coast guard aircraft from san francisco hoisted him to safety. he had to abandon his kayak and is now trying to figure out how to recover it. the 2400 mile trip was supposed to take about 70 days. well some sad news to report here. the san francisco zoo is mourning the loss of its oldest male chimpanzee, kobe, a longtime favorite among zoo visitors passed away yesterday at the age of 63. the officials say he had recently been ill and old age was contributing. it was it was a contributing factor in his death. before coming to the zoo in the mid 19 sixties, kobe was a performing chimpanzee who was raised by. humans 63 years old. that's pretty impressive. i'm sure he'll be missed. let's talk about the weather. shall we? a lot of sunshine out there today. if you're out at the coast, it was a cool day. but if you were inland man, we warmed up in some spots, the snowmen county airport by the way, you can see santa rosa reporting 87 degrees downtown, but the sonoma county airport got up to 92 just 60.
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three in san francisco. you can see about 70 and fremont etienne livermore in 72 in morgan hill. live. look outside shows you that, you know, we do have a little bit of haze out there. but for the most part, we've seen quite a bit of blue skies today, but the wind is kicking up and you probably felt that already where you are as a phone right now gusting to 46 mph the north bay. the wind has been picking up as well. right now. nevada about 23 mph gusts. fairfield about 31. we're going to see that increase even further as we start to go into tomorrow. in fact, we are going to see that northwest wind because of a frontal passage and it's going to kick off a wind advisory for us around the bay. and it's gonna be from noon tomorrow until eight p.m. it's going to be along the coast, the city of san francisco, also the east bay in particular altima. past area is likely to see some of those gusts, and some of those guts could be upwards of 35 45 mph, so it's going to be a little bit tough with the wind. over the next 24 hours. let me show you the future cast of wind here as we get into tonight again, you can see it
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along the coast but tomorrow particularly later in the day there tomorrow morning, but noticed later in the day it really moves inland and we start to see those numbers. you know 25 to 45 mph across the bay and then finally, it will start to back off as we get into tuesday, so that's where we're going. wind wise right now temperatures out there. i mean, what a split right. we've got 57 degrees and half of them pay board 85 still right now in santa rosa 70. two. and while that creek about 70 in san jose as we take a look at storm tracker, too, you can see the skies are relatively clear, but as we zoom out, you'll noticed that low pressure system delivering some rain to the pacific northwest. that's what's going to knock our temperatures down tomorrow. 5 to 15 degrees, depending on where you are, so this approaching system right now, of course, it won't be a rainmaker for us, but it will cool us down. it is what is going to drive that wind that's going to cause the wind advisory tomorrow, starting at noon. and then there is another system way off in the pacific right now that one expected to come in next weekend, and there's an outside very small,
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maybe kind of almost minuscule chance it could bring a little shower to the north bay. now we're in drought, so let's get to that and talk about that right away. because i know we're all pretty interesting. we hear that kind of news this time of year. there's tuesday. we're dry. we're going to head towards next weekend. there's the system right there thursday into friday. you can see it's trying to come in. doesn't look like it's going to be terribly successful. but again, it could be a sprinkle or two, but it's a little too early to call at this point. i'd certainly love to see it, but that is really the only shot we've got anytime in the near future. so tonight clear and breezy conditions. temperatures will be in the upper forties to the low fifties across the bay pretty mild, with the exception of the wind, and then tomorrow that wind really starts to kick up and notice these temperatures are rocking down, right. we're not going to be looking at upper eighties or nineties in santa rosa tomorrow's seventies 61 in san francisco. go 66 69. your extended forecast shows you that we are going to have that wind with us until he gets tuesday, our coolest day of the week seems to be wednesday when inland is going to be lucky to get out of the
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sixties and then we start warming up as we head towards next weekend. with that very tiny chance of rain that julie i would sure love to see. yeah any but we could get would be great. alright kyla. thanks. we'll check in with you later tonight. well apple's worldwide developers conference begins tomorrow. the week long conference will be virtual again this year because of the pandemic. apple routinely announces new updates to its software. another products at the start of that event, bloomberg news reports. apple will announce a new version of its iowa software for iphones, which is expected to include a redesign of i message. apple is also expected to announce new macbook pro laptops that use apple's own processors. well, both the giants and a is going for series sweeps and at the olympic club in san francisco, the u. s women's open crowns their teenage champion joe fonzi
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when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. happening tonight in sports. a high profile week has come to an end for san francisco's olympic club. it was largely socked in this week on the san francisco coast for the u. s. open and today, no exception. this young woman became a crowd favorite this week. 17 year old
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maga dna is a junior in high school. she finished the tournament three over par after shooting a 67 in the first round in a the low amateur, she'll be headed to stanford after you finished his high school in another year, regulation ended in a tie, but between nasa how to okha and mucus. aso started as a two hole aggregate playoff on the second playoff hole. that's number 18 that was saw so saving par with the but to extend the playoff sudden death after that, and the tournament was decided on the next hole. that was the part for ninth sausage for birdie and the tournament saw so a 19 year old from the philippines becomes the first person from her country to win a major and matches envy park to the day as the youngest player to win. and open johnny cueto on the mound for the giants today, as they were trying to finish off a four game sweep of the cubs. john's took a 31 lead after three but the cubs tied in the fourth. then here in the fifth, take the lead javi by his ground ball with the bases loaded turns into our run when
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buster posey can't handle mauricio de bonne sort of the plate. posey charged with an air was 43. the giants didn't score again. they came close here in the ninth u bahn with the high fly ball to left the lead off the inning. but kris bryant well above the wall that take what could've been home run away. cubs win it! 43 taking one game in the series. the giants stay two games up on the second place padres in the n l west. the age trying to finish three game sweep in colorado, third inning of his scoreless game, and ryan will tapia singles the other way off. james completely ends. dom nunez has no trouble scoring from second with the game's first run, nunes had doubled earlier in the inning. kaprielian only gave up two runs in five innings. iraqis took a 3 to 1. to the ninth. the age did get the tying run to the plate. but daniel bard fan jed lowry with the 101 mile an hour fastball to end it. iraqis get one game in the series 321. he is lead over houston in the l west. now one game. yeah, driver. there's
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start your engines. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan, the grand marshal at sonoma is nascar returned to northern california after last year's covid absence. 15 laps to go and crowded. turn 11, corey lovejoy shuts off ross chastain. the joy gets turned around. kevin harvick, william byron. alex bowman. all got front end damage. that was harvey taking the worst of it. late. caution sent the. race into an overtime finished kyle larson, who had a good car all day, held off teammate chase elliott for the wind. it was the first career road course win for larson, who won for the third time this year and he is in the top spot in the overall standings. so you know too bad nothing happens around the bay area sports wise. what a weekend. this was, uh, it was fantastic weekend and it's good to see people back out and enjoying being out with other people and being safe while doing it, joe. thank you so
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much movie. thank you all for joining us tonight we are back for the 10. o'clock at 11 for the 10. o'clock at 11 o'clock news right here what's going on? (laughs) it's-it's not what it looks like. what does it look like? "it's not what it looks like." "it's not what it looks like." what are you grinding about? penny's brain teaser this morning. she and koothrappali emerge from your bedroom. she is disheveled, and raj is dressed only in a sheet. the sole clue: "it's not what it looks like." just let it go, sheldon. if i could, i would, but i can't, so i shan't.


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