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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 5, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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i didn't. that's weird. (gasps) what the hell? i transported it to the porch. you're welcome. i didn't ask him to do that... or tell him where we live. summer today, the san mateo county fair kicked off with classic fair food and carnival rides. but this year, something different. a coronavirus vaccine site. you get a vaccine, you can get into the fair any day that you want to ride the rides to get to get some barbecue for obama. then you get to have a good time at the bear. the fair is offering free
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admission to anyone who gets their vaccine at the fairgrounds. good evening. i'm jana katsuyama, andre and christina are off. there are some other changes to this year. the fair is operating at 35% capacity and masks are, of course, required new at 10 tonight. ktvu is candese charles joins us live from the san mateo county fairground with the sights and the sounds of the first day and what a first day it has been an amazing first day. a lot of people out here and you meant down, and not only can people get admission here for free if they get the vaccine on site, but they can also get a chance to try out this without reaching into their pockets, and that's not all folks. of course. if you guys come down here, you get to check it out. but hundreds of people have already come out to reap the benefits of this great incentive. the thrill of the san mateo county fair is back, and so is the crowd. i haven't seen this many people in so long. the fair kicked off on
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saturday, with all the fair must have food games and rides, but there's something new at the fair a chance to get vaccinated. i feel like the world is kind of coming back then it feels good. the fairgrounds was the first mass vaccination site in the bay area. so when the county fair staff got the ok to put on the fair, they wanted to continue that partnership with the county off. offering free admission to those who get the shot on sight. it's a great way to, you know, get your vaccine in, go to the fair, enjoy, you know, have a good time and have a sense of normalcy and say bye bye to covid. but a mission isn't the only perk of getting your vaccine at the fairgrounds. you get a $20 food voucher for free carnival rides and admission by four p.m. more than 200 people have been vaccinated at the fair, although there are slight changes to the fair to accommodate the 35% capacity. covid rule. you're still sure to fill the magic of the san mateo county fair. actually we sat down in the grass and was like this is enjoyable.
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everyone's being safe. everyone's actually being really nice between each other, keeping her distance as much as possible, and for many fair attendees, this year's fair is special. it's been cooped up for so long and spending time. just feel some fresh air and enjoy the time and just see people and feel normal again. i feel really great to be back outside like it's been really born in the house, and now that i get to bring my daughter out. feel really good after being canceled last year due to covid, the cemetery county fair is finally getting back to doing what it does best entertaining and bringing people together. it's a beautiful day, and it feels nice to just be alive, you know, and grateful. definitely nature and the fair wraps up on june 13th with close out days on the seven days, of course, they're actually show you where your make sure you're happy, happy, excited. people are aware that make sure you where your best and your all your excitement down to the bare everybody is very excited as you can see
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again to remember it to take care of your social distancing and be safe while you're out here now reporting live from stem tail county fair i'm candese charles ktvu. absolutely absolutely. it looks like the party is still going on there. thanks so much candese charles. two years nascar is back at the sonoma raceway. the headliner is tomorrow's toyota save mart 3 50, but there was a lower division race this afternoon. typically the event draws some 47,000 people. but this year attendance is limited to 15,000 pants. tickets already are sold out for tomorrow's event. a barrier church spent the day putting together care packages for families of the nine men who were killed in the vita rail yard shooting. last week. volunteers met at the church in sunnyvale to assemble the care packages filled with gift cards and books on trauma recovery, along with other items, organizers say they are loading the packages onto evita bus. so
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they can be ready for the victims. families to pick up volunteers at the event today say they're happy to do what they can to help. we think it's really important. um in times like this, obviously just thinking about the families, it's probably hard and very dark time and so it's an opportunity to give a lot of people hope right now that there's still good out there. organizers say they hope the blankets and other donations in the packages will bring a bit of peace and comfort to the veta victims. families california's governor and attorney general say they will appeal the federal judge's ruling yesterday that overturned california's ban on assault weaponsliggins got reaction from both sides of the issue and explains why there won't the ruling by federal judge roger benitez, a bush appointee would lift
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california's 32 year old ban on so called assault rifles like the ar 15 similar to the one seen here. the vp of a bay area outdoor recreation business, agrees with the judge saying the a r is similar to other semi automatic rifles used for recreation and named after the company that created it. everybody says they are stands for assault rifle. no it does not. it stands for armalite rifle in his 94 page ruling, calling the california assault rifle ban unconstitutional. judge benita said more californians were killed by knives than rifles in 2019 and wrote like the swiss army knife, the popular a ar 15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment. yet the state of california makes it a crime to have an a r 15. california attorney general rob bonta countered in a statement saying in part, the decision is fundamentally flawed and we will be appealing it. there is no sound basis in law fact or
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common sense for equating assault rifles with swiss army knives. in fact, you can still buy a modified rifles strikingly similar to the ar 15 in california with slightly less capability yet some gun advocates say the laws are still too strict. i feel in other parts of the nation, they're able to have more freedom with their guns. and i think we have to honor the constitution and we should definitely reflect that. saturday morning, the alameda county sheriff's office tweeted a picture of confiscated weapons, saying it's recovering guns at an alarming rate. spokesperson says the office hasn't yet digested the ruling lifting the assault weapons ban, but in referencing, it said in a statement. some of those weapons will inevitably fall into the wrong hands, so it is likely to make an already bad situation more concerning the president of the to stop gu, says it's ruling will be reversed. it cannot stand. i think the ninth circuit will overruled this. we have to watch what happens in the supreme court. but every
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california should be very focused on this and vote. pay attention to this understand where people are candidates on this issue. your life our lives as americans depend on it. judge benitez did issue a 30 day stay on his ruling, giving the state attorney general time to file an appeal, which he has already vowed to do so in the short term, at least nothing has changed, at least not yet. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. governor gavin newsom issued a statement calling the judge's decision a quote direct threat to public safety and the lives of innocent californians, he added, comparing an ar 15 to a swiss army knife. it's a disgusting slap in the face to those who have lost loved ones to gun violence. an investigation is underway after a body was discovered near a parking garage at san francisco international airport. the incident was reported about 1 30 this afternoon, the man's identity and cause of death.
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you have not been released, a spokesman for the airport said. the death is not related to the airport, and there is no impact on operations. acenas a man who allegedly stabbed a police officer this morning has been taken into custody and is undergoing a mental health evaluation. the officer was responding to a report of a man suffering a mental health crisis. when police arrived at the 3500 block of amber away, they say, 33 year old sean williams attacked one of the officers that injured officer was treated at a hospital and is expected to recover in walnut creek memorial today brought together families who've lost loved ones due to mental health challenges. the event was organized by the miles hall foundation and took place at lancaster park benches and bricks at the park pay tribute to people who died after suffering from a mental health crisis. yes, this park is really meant to really focus on mental health so people can talk about it and break the
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stigma. hall was shot and killed by walnut creek police in 2019 after suffering a mental health crisis. he threatened neighbors and officers while armed with a metal pole. the state legislature is considering a bill now named after hall, which creates a three digit phone line specifically for mental health emergencies. ahead of the g seven meeting. the united states and six other countries have signed an international pact. it could pave the way for a global corporate tax as fox news reporter ryan chilcote reports, the deal aims to make it harder for corporations to use tax havens to avoid paying taxes. g seven finance ministers met in london saturday and agreed to the idea of a global minimum corporate tax of at least 15% corporations from avoiding tax by stashing their profits in countries that charge lower rates. now the g seven is, of
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course, the group of seven the world's seven of the world's largest and wealthiest economies, it includes the united states and the biden administration has been championing this idea of. ordinating on corporate taxes for a good while. keep in mind. president biden will be traveling here to the uk later this week for a gathering of the g seven heads of state. so this meeting in the finance ministers is a prey glued to that and a big, at least from a policy perspective win for the president ahead of that meeting, secretary of the treasury janet yellen spoke with reporters after the deal was done. for too long. there has been a global race to the bottom and corporate taxes where countries compete by lowering their tax rates instead of the well being of their citizens and natural environment. the g seven has taken significant steps this weekend to end the existing harmful dynamic, making commitments today that provide tremendous momentum towards
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achieving a robust global minimum tax. rate of at least 15% another aspect of today's agreement would see big american tech companies like amazon, facebook and google having to pay at least some tax in countries where they sell their services but don't necessarily have a large physical presence. that's been a huge bone of contention between the u. s and many european allies for a number of years now, seven countries agreeing on this in principle doesn't make it a global deal. of course, there are a lot of rich countries out there like china that are not part of the g. seven china's part of the g 20, and it won't be meeting until july. so this isn't a done deal, but it is a big step in terms of how countries tax corporations and how in the future they may actually coordinate some of that taxation. in london, ryan chilcote fox news. it's been 40 years since the cdc's first report on a condition that came to be known as aids at 10 30.
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the emotional ceremony today to honor the hundreds of thousands of lives lost. at a barrier, whether the weekend off to a warm start with clear skies for tonight, but cooling trend will soon top our weather headlines and we'll have the forecast update coming up a per. the new information. we're learning about a 19 year old man from the bay area who was stabbed to death while on vacation in death while on vacation in hawaii is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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to learn more, visit stabbed to death while on vacation in hawaii. the family of eliane de la cerda told us today that he lived in vacaville for the last few years but was originally from fresno. he leaves behind his parents step parents, two brothers and two sisters, telesur to died on tuesday at the kuhio beach in waikiki. local media accounts say he was confronted by a group of people and a fight broke out, police say 21 year old oscar cardona
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stabbed elessar to several times. times. cardona has been charged with second degree murder. funeral services were held today for a six year old boy who was shot and killed in a road rage incident in orange county. the suspects are still at large, and a reward offer has now reached half a million dollars. reporter mario ramirez has more on today's emotional memorial. everywhere we went, he would greet people with a vibrant hello, i'm eight and what's your name? he's made everyone laugh at how precious he was a mother in mourning remembers her six year old boy at calvary chapel, where he was a student. aiden was a special little child here at calvary chapel, your belinda the school he was in pre kindergarten just turned six years old all over a couple weeks ago, and i know he loved this campus and enjoyed this campus and his time here. but he couldn't be in a better
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place right now. happier place just down the street at your belinda united methodist church. the service was livestream that a memorial open to the public. there's been an outpouring of support since aidan was killed the morning of may 21st while his mother was driving him to kindergarten. we will never forget the day you were taken from us, however, the joy of your memory will forever live on within our hearts. joanna was driving with aiden in the right rear passenger booster seat when another driver opened fire and apparent road rage incident that sent aid into the hospital with a gunshot wound where he took his last breath. there are no words to expect expressed my gratitude for being gifted with aiden as my little brother. he was a bright light in our lives full of joy and love. he was an angel to pure and innocent for this world. the california highway patrol released this photo of the suspect vehicle, which appears to be a white volkswagen. orange county district attorney todd spitzer, who attended the private
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service has been calling for the suspects to turn themselves in the reward fund for information leading to an arrest has now grown to $500,000 to my aiden, okay, i love watching you sleep in the morning has your the most beautiful boy i've ever seen. in orange county. i'm mario ramirez fox news. highway in the santa cruz mountains, was closed for about eight hours today after a fatal crash there between a truck and a vehicle. a tanker truck overturned and collided with another vehicle on highway 17 about eight a.m. one person was killed. other vehicles were trapped on the roadway temporarily due to the closure. there was a coordinated response from the highway patrol santa clara county fire cow fire caltrans and the loss. cotto's police department in order to handle the incident. and a barrier weather lots of sunshine to
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start off your weekend temperatures. actually, another war went out there, especially england. everybody begins to cool off tomorrow and probably the day of a change of prognosis. real big changes will be on monday and into a tuesday highest from this afternoon, some lower nineties out toward fairfield in antioch. oakland 70 degrees san jose, a warm 81 in san francisco 66 degrees. here's the overall trend with temperatures, we begin to cool things off in your sunday forecast, but more pronounced cooling as we head into monday to day anata wednesday. so i guess the headline there's no real heat at all showing up over the next five days and beyond satellite showing a few high clouds moving across the central california earlier today, so you probably notice of those high clouds drifting overhead and right now. most areas reporting mostly clear skies. current numbers in the fifties in san francisco, we have san jose 62 conquered 67 in santa rosa. still 63 degrees. here's a live camera looking out towards san francisco for tonight, where we still have clear skies. typically, we're
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showing you at least some patchy fog, not the case for tonight, but we could have a few patches redeveloped first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and maybe right around the bay shoreline. take a look at the overall temperature a pattern for tomorrow about a 30 degree spread. from the mid fifties, all the way to the mid eighties, so still fairly warm inland for tomorrow, and the winds will also be a factor accelerating out of the west could be from around 20 to 30 miles an hour as we head into what, tomorrow afternoon and i cooled down sticks around in the five day forecast. we'll have more on that and possibly some shower chances. interesting patterns setting up but we'll have more under forecast coming up your full update in a few minutes. why that sure would be welcome. thank you, mark. fire burning northwest of reading forced the evacuation of about 45 homes in shasta county, the pit river casino in the town of bernie was also briefly evacuated. the so called river fire broke out around 12 40 at last check. the fire had burned about seven acres and was 20% contained. so
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far. no homes have been burned and all evacuations have been lifted. roads also are now open. new technology is helping menlo park. firefighters navigate through burning building and find people more quickly. the so called see through platform includes a navigation unit that attaches to a firefighter's helmet. it's made by san francisco based startup quake technologies, and it uses thermal imaging to help firefighters identify objects. the menlo park fire protection district purchased units for each of their 40 front line firefighters, the cost total $210,000. they are the first in the nation to use this new technology. a monterey county high school graduate is celebrating a big achievement. he was accepted to 21 schools and, where he decided to attend this fall and coming up later in sports.
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a scary collision between brandon crawford and evan longoria. jason appelbaum will have an update on their status. also ahead in historic day in lodi after the break a look at the city's first ever pride ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge at or visit and xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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most common side effects are headache, nausea,... diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. the class of 2021, the
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commander in chief addressed the new graduates in a video that was distributed by the white house. but it's going to be up to you could be up to you to translate that unprecedented change into a greater measure of happiness and prosperity for not only you and our nation, but for the world around you. and i know you will. three years. president biden also told the graduates they've been incredibly resilient. navigating their educational goals through the pandemic. high school graduate from monterey county has been accepted to 21 universities, and he was offered millions of dollars in scholarship money reporter ariana hasso tells us the impact his success is having on the entire community from stanford to yale and u c l a ever alvarez valedictorian, jorge mark, his stanch is was accepted to 21 universities and offered of whopping $2.4 million in scholarships, but
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it's harvard that he's chosen market. sanchez says. it wasn't easy and i tried to take the most rigorous course available, um. i also, um, try to volunteer. a lot of activities like ciclovia, salinas and are the community service at the salvation army and went out one applying to college. i tried to really look at myself to see, um, who i am as a person, especially senior year during a pandemic. i think many people underestimate how difficult it was. it was difficult having wifi problems sometimes, um, not having, uh. help right away when you need it, um, learning most of it by yourself, because you don't really have a teacher. and while he doesn't know what the future holds just yet he knows that he wants to give back. my main goal is to be able to empower communities,
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underprivileged communities so that i'm able to increase their resources and is now a role model. two students everywhere. so when he goes off to harvard on a full ride scholarship, he will be coming from a community where that normally doesn't happen. and so he will be a great model for other students to look up to for their potential achievement, as well as they start their freshman year. coming in. and again, that was ariana hasso reporting, where he graduated with a 4.7 gpa and is attending harvard with a full ride scholarship and congratulations to him. well, the san francisco giants marked pride month in groundbreaking fashion today why manager gabe kapler's hat is headed to the hall of fame and then a somber ceremony in san francisco. how local leaders marked 40 years since the very first aids cases. were diagnosed. let us remember
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those who have fought on the frontlines stood up for dignity frontlines stood up for dignity for health for social justice if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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future where we can live in a world without stigma. and where this epidemic ends. in an emotional ceremony in san francisco today marked 40 years since the first formal aids diagnosis people gathered at the national aids memorial grove in golden gate park to honor the 700,000 people who have died from the disease. san francisco mayor london breed and house speaker nancy pelosi were in attendance. ktvu james torrez was there and explains federal plans to keep the fight
10:31 pm
up against hiv aids. my name is john coming out, and i'm a man living with aids you ooh are thus song it's said to have killed more than 700,000 people. a majority gay men and disproportionately affecting people of color. those of you who are currently living. with hiv. we appreciate you telling your stories and helping us to know that there is still work to be done. mayor london breed was one of several speakers on the topic of aids. standing at a podium surrounded by quilts, each one belonging to a victim of aids for the first time in a very long time in 2000 and 19. we saw only 166 new infections of hiv, and that is really historic for the work that we're doing. house speaker nancy pelosi also spoke after laying a wreath within golden gate circle of life. she was one of the first lawmakers to push for federal acknowledgment
10:32 pm
of the aids crisis, she says advancements there helped shape how experts handled the covid 19 pandemic. today the network that was established the science that is respected. the confidence that people have that they can go be tested the emergency use authorization, allowing the us to administer vaccines from pfizer and moderna was born from the aids epidemic. the biden administration asking to budget $670 million for more aids research 40 years, 700,000 deaths and millions of patients later, speaker pelosi says the fight against aids is still far from over. pretty soon we're going to put this in a museum. and the just spin of history and all that, and we just haven't gone there yet, but we will. we need a decision that we will in san francisco. i'm james torres ktvu, fox two news. the black aids institute hosted its heroes in the struggle awards tonight, i went
10:33 pm
my heart on my sleeve ain't no use speed. the virtual gala commemorated the 40th anniversary of the discovery of aids and shined a light on how black americans continued to be disproportionately affected by the epidemic. tonight's event was themed, celebrating black resilience. emmy winning actor billy porter was honored as a hero in the struggle. porter recently disclosed that he was diagnosed as hiv positive 14 years ago. it's serendipitous that the year of my hiv disclosure has coincided with the 40th year of the epidemic. compelled me even more to activate so that black people, my people are not left behind for 40 more years. it's time to prioritize black people. as is the only way to end this epidemic. organizers say the anniversary is not only a time
10:34 pm
to honor black lives lost to hiv and those living with the virus but also to highlight how systemic racism prevents black people from benefiting from life saving hiv science. oracle park in the san francisco giants marked pride month at today's game. the giants are the first major league baseball team to wear rainbow themed uniforms. their hats had the sf logo in red. in both colors, and the uniforms featured a rainbow patch manager gabe kapler's hat from today's game is headed to the baseball hall of fame. the giants made the announcement in a tweet and said the team will continue to celebrate the countless achievements and contributions of all those who identify as lgbt. q. plus the city of lodi in san joaquin county held its first ever pride festival. it's been wonderful. it's been a wonderful experience. the event organized by the nonprofit a new lodi included family friendly entertainment, a
10:35 pm
storytime pop up games and a family area. a new lord. i says they want to focus on improving the policies of local government by amplifying voices of color and voices from the l g b t q. i a plus community. today's event was the first in person pride fest in the sacramento area since 2019. and we have a series of reports and conversations for the month of june celebrating pride. you can see those reports anytime by visiting our website ktvu .com slash pride. we will soon learn more about unexplained objects seen by us military pilots over the last three decades as foxes lucas tomlinson tells us an upcoming report to congress is expected to provide some answers. highly anticipated report to congress about ufo says there's no conclusive. evidence for more than 120 incidences of u. s. navy pilots reporting flying objects that can't be explained, dating back to the 19 nineties. senator
10:36 pm
marco rubio has been demanding answers and added language into president trump's last spending bill mandating this report to congress. people immediately something about extraterrestrials and little green men were not at that stage. there are things that are not hours flying over military installations. they're talking about these things flying around. we just don't know what they are. we need to know what they are. there's no evidence these ufos or alien spaceships. some u. s officials believe the ufos are potentially from russia or china. both appear to have outpaced the u. s and the development of hypersonic weapons that travel five times the speed of sound at the pentagon. john kirby spoke about the ufo report coming out later this month from the director of national intelligence. we take all incursions into our operating spaces seriously at the defense department. certainly we are taking the entire matter seriously. former president barack obama recently weighed in, i would hope. that the knowledge that there were aliens out there would solidify people's sense that. what we
10:37 pm
have in common is a little more important, but no doubt there would be. immediate arguments about like, well, you know, we need to spend a lot more money on weapons systems to defend ourselves. president obama says okay. that there is footage and records of objects in the sky. what do you think that it is? i would ask him again. thank you, foxes told by those familiar with the findings. this new ufo report may disappoint ufo enthusiasts who demand more concrete answers in washington, lucas tomlinson. fox news. the cdc now shifting its attention to vaccinating teenagers. i'm christina coleman, i'll have the latest on that effort coming up at a very weather clear skies tonight while you're tracking cooler temperatures over the next few days, and eventually i know it's june, but the chance of a few showers we'll have more on few showers we'll have more on your forecast coming up.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit the cdc, and this comes after new figures shows an uptick in hospitalizations for that age group, fox reporter christina coleman has more from los angeles. a renewed push from the centers for disease control and prevention for teenagers to
10:41 pm
get vaccinated against covid-19. the recommendation comes amid a small but concerning increase in hospitalizations among young people ages 12 to 17 for some parents, the decision has been easy. some relief because i don't have to worry about any stress on my worries on my end and have to worry about when they go to school. didn't hurt. um actually made me more confident to go outside. but, um, before i got the vaccine there were, you know a lot of covid cases and a lot of kids getting positive. others are more hesitant, honestly wanted to see how the vaccine works for at least a year before i did that. the advice comes as states continue to drop restrictions, and americans seem to be embracing the idea of a normal summer. nearly half of americans 12 and all have been vaccinated, according to the latest cdc data. states are now getting creative in trying to convince those who still haven't gotten a shot. vaccine lotteries have become one of the most popular incentives. california picked 15 winners who received $50,000 each
10:42 pm
number 18 and 18 casino, mendoza zinos, colorado, awarded a million dollars to a health care worker who got the vaccine. did you guys ever imagined that it would be, you know? no, we. didn't talk about the possibility no president biden has set a goal of getting 70% of adults vaccinated by the fourth of july, a white house official calling the month of june critical in getting that done in los angeles. christina coleman fox news. it's a short term pain for long term gain will be back coming up of area deli closing its doors temporarily by the owner says it was that or raise sandwich prices to $30 and our barry, a micro climates are unfold display this weekend. meteorologist mark tamayo tells us what we can expect from the inland valleys to the post up
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and it's ktvu is rob roth tells us that has prompted one east bay delhi to temporarily close at augie's montreal deli in berkeley. the owner isn't saying goodbye. just see you later, the deli closed this week because the price of meats and other items of skyrocketed owner lex coptic lewinsky says he will reopen when those costs come back down to earth. whenever that may be, yeah, it's sad that we won't be able to see some of our regulars that we get to see on on a regular basis, but it's the right move to make. he says he'd rather close temporarily than risk driving customers away as an example. staying open would mean a $16 pastrami sandwich could start crossing between 25 $30 in the long run for us, it would hurt me more to alien


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