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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 4, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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like something happened to him just the middle of the school day. a settlement now reached over the death of this seven year old boy in the north bay, who was killed after gate fell on him at school. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now and that private school in sandra fell where the boy attended classes agree to the settlement with his parents. hello again. i'm andre senior. and i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina. alex swan beck was killed during recess when a rolling gate fell on him. new tonight. ktvu deborah villalon has the warning now from alex's parents that they want to share. good day, dear. alex kwan, beck lived large in seven years. the little brother who led the mischief and doted on his baby sister, a warm and witty boy who seemed wise for his age. his parents say he was the heartbeat of the family this thing before he started his day. he wanted to crawl in bed
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with you. yeah um, and he wanted so many kisses five days before christmas, 2019. he was gone. it happened at mark day school in sandra fell, where alex was a first grader getting a phone call saying you need to get to the hospital. we don't think your son's alive. playing at recess, alex closed a metal gate and it fell. crushing him. um, i remember the corner coming to our house and crying with us because to stocking was hanging later, the quan backs learned the £400 gate. 30 ft. long had also toppled a month earlier had fallen before. was put back up. it was reported to an individual at the school, and then there's no follow his death was preventable. he should still be here with us. this week, the quan backs agreed to a confidential settlement with the school and the gate contractor who us now notify other customers with this product. it could be deadly. i was full of it. the quarterbacks are starting a nonprofit to raise safety
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awareness that there's just a lack of consistency and standards across schools. they want more conversation. about hazards. it's a mindset in the culture so that people don't fall into that trap of thinking of someone else is taking care of that. eric kwame back sometimes walks this campus thinking of his son's last moments. i sit where he died. i just go to and i feel like i can tell him i miss the family sees alex's death as a call to action and his legacy. saving other kids. he is still the heartbeat of his family. i love you so much money. i love you so much. mommy deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news or so we're following a developing story and conquer tonight where shooting has closed part of detroit avenue at monument boulevard. now one person was shot. police tell us their injuries are not life threatening. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here but have located two crashed cars a short. distance from each
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other, and neither appears to be a suspect vehicle. one man said he heard the shooting and went outside to see what happened. heard about maybe 7 to 9 shots, and then i heard a car swerve off. and then we actually heard a collision and then, sure enough, when i left, the outcome is what we see. right now. police are saying to avoid this area as they investigate a chp officers. quick action saved a woman who climbed over the railing on the bay bridge earlier today, police say they got a call about a woman on the westbound side around 11 o'clock this morning, this was near the fremont street, exit officer alexander san juan found the woman over the railing and looking down the water. police say she was about to step off the outer bridge railing one officer san juan quickly grabbed her as she began to fall. police say she tried to resist the officers attempts to pull her to safety, but other officers and concern drivers stopped to help officer san juan. that woman was taken to the hospital for treatment.
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well, now we go to roda park tonight, where officers are looking for a vehicle in connection with a homicide investigation. officers say one person was killed at the park ridge apartments on snyder lane shortly before three this afternoon, and now they're looking for a silver or gray colored dodge dakota pickup truck that was last seen leaving the area on snow. cider length. it's said to have a black lumber rack and a four by four sticker on the tailgate. if you see that truck, be sure to call police well, there was residents and contra costa county, keeping their eyes peeled for a prowler tonight what may be roaming their neighborhood, though, is of the four legged variety bear was spotted strolling front yards on home surveillance. okay tv is emma gas joins us now live with more on the siding. emma andre. the mayor was last seen on surveillance video from uncle lee in a neighborhood and crews have been out all day investigating the area, but so far have not had any luck locating it. just before 4 30 friday morning, this bear
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strolled across 19 summer holders driveway, sniffed around and moved on to the next oakley neighbor, leaving a trail of claw prints in its path. i really just couldn't believe it. i watched the video over and over and over again, and there was no mistaking it. it was a bear. i just i had no words so speechless ring camera video posted online shows the bare cruising by another front yard, and then it turns the corner. that's the last anybody has has seen a bit. police and other crews can't seem to find it anywhere around town. leaving neighbors on high alert to me. it's kind of very scary. you knows tangie more locked her patio door and house windows after learning of the bear signing from her sister. it could be anywhere we don't know. so it's kind of like you're kind of like on your tippy toes about this because you don't know when you walk out your front door if you're going to see a bear facing you on the oakley city facebook page comments barreled in about where the creature could have come from the california department of fish and wildlife has its own theory, believing last year's wildfires and the worsening drought are depleting natural food source. since it's kind of easy to imagine that if
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the wildfires burn up a lot of, uh, any animals, food resources and then the rain isn't there to replenish them. then wildlife might go elsewhere and start looking for new food resources. don't run from it to avoid going out there. don't feed it basically have some common sense and in a while with a wild animal. but the department of fish and wildlife is standing down for now, hoping that the bear is returning home on its own. however if you do see the where you should call 911 and do not approach it, andre alright, demagogues reporting for us live. thank you, emma from bears to big cats. another mountain line was seen walking along a street in a residential neighborhood. this report coming out of millbrae officials say the big cat was recorded on a video surveillance 3:50 a.m. wednesday on or a vista anyone. in that city who sees a mountain line in or near their neighborhood should contact the cemetery county sheriff's department to report the
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sighting, alameda county says it has changed how it calculates covid-19 related deaths to more closely aligned with how the state tracks them. as a result, the tally now shows that fewer residents died as a direct result of covid-19 1200 instead of 1634, alameda county previously included any purse. and who died while infected with the virus, aligning with the state's definition requires alameda county now to report covid-19 deaths only for those people who died as a direct result of the virus, the cdc says teenagers who have not been vaccinated against covid-19 still run a risk of contracting covid and ending up in the hospital, according to the cdc. study the number of adolescents covid-19 hospitalizations in the u. s was about three times higher than hospitalizations for influenza or over three recent flu seasons. the findings run counter to claims that influenza is more threatening to children than covid-19. from january to the
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adolescents were hospitalized, primarily four covid-19 number, 11, hawaii's governor tonight announced a plan to drop its covid quarantine and pre travel testing protocol for visitors from the mainland once hawaii reaches 60% vaccination visitors from other parts of the u. s can simply show their vaccinations. status and skip the copa test and at 70% the state plans to drop all travel and public health restrictions. hawaii's governor expects that by mid june 55% of the state's population will be fully vaccinated. fast acting passengers on a fly from l. a x tackled the man who tried to breach the cockpit. this was on delta flight 3 86 to nashville passenger tried to open the cockpit door. he had to be restrained by the crew and other passengers. that flight was diverted to albuquerque. poe fbi and then arrested. no injuries were reported, and
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that plane went on to land safely in nashville, grandmother in san francisco is still missing after one week you see her there how police are spreading the word also ahead tonight, a refugee from vietnam has served his time in prison for murder, but he may still be deported. why advocates and people who know him say he should be allowed to stay in the us who he is now. stay in the us who he is now. no, that's not who he was emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe
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during an emergency.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe arrest and a robbery and attempted homicide in double it. police say that 19 year old michael roy, and a 17 year old boy were taken into custody in antioch in the robbery and shooting that happened on wednesday night again in dublin. now oakland and andy on police assisted in this operation recovering for illegal handguns and a rifle. investigators say the three robbers assaulted a 60 year old man in his driveway on clifton court end up one before taking his belongings. the victim followed those three suspects as they drove off and that's when one of the robbers shot him. the victim is expected to recover. police are still looking for that third suspect. well, let us san francisco where police teamed up with volunteers to help find the missing grandmother, jean shang king fung has been missing from a richmond district home for one week now. well, today, officers canvass the streets. handing out flyers seeking information on the 84 year olds
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whereabouts. funk is described as five ft. tall £90 with white hair. she was wearing a red hat, pink puffy jacket and black ugg boots at the time. she was last seen refugee from vietnam who has lived in the united states for more than 40 years, is now facing deportation. as ktvu rob roth reports. he was released from prison for murder and says he has since turned his life around. yes sure. i don't worry about reporting. lam hung lee has an appointment monday with immigration and customs enforcement or ice. he's afraid it could lead to deportation to vietnam country. he fled as a boy. i live in america for 42 years and now tried the already put me back to vietnam. i don't know nobody six when people were silent, dozens of supporters rallied at the state capitol thursday, asking governor gavin newsom to grantley a full pardon. lee who is not an american citizens served 32 years in prison for a
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murder he committed while in the street gang since his parole in 2019. he's been working at a homeless shelter in san francisco. he even helped save this man from dying from a fentanyl overdose recently by administering narcan and cpr. oh man, i'm thankful for him very thankful that he was their least supervisor at the shelter, says lee is reliable and compassionate, not only a great worker, but he communicates. on a deeper live up to each of these guests, but lee could have a difficult fight to stay in the u. s it is dire because he's facing potentially and ice arrest and detention. the asian law caucus, says the california department of corrections and rehabilitation does not fall under sanctuary, state or sanctuary city guidelines that allows it to share immigration and release information with ice assembly build. 9 37 would stop that practice. the proposal is passed the assembly and is now before the state senate. it's not california's business to discriminate against immigrants versus non immigrant to say, well, you're
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an immigrant, so we're going to do a favor that we don't have to do to the federal government and subject you to double punishment. opponents argue that those who commit violent crimes should lose the privilege of living in the u. s. as for lee, he'd like to work with young people and keep them from making the same mistakes he did at their age. i want to do more. i want to go speak to the youth. are the kids not to join again? not to do drugs who he is now. that's not who he was when he committed that life. prime ice responded to us with an email, saying it wouldn't comment on pending cases or the proposed legislation. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. people in the hospital can miss out on a lot of things coming up tonight how some teen patients were able to attend prom at a barrier weather. we're heading into the weekend with a warm forecast, but some changes next week with another cool down, headed our way. we'll have more on your forecast coming up, mark.
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thanks plus for the first time since 2019. a county fair opens tomorrow in the bay area, the differences you can expect on how you can get. many off childrl
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hosted a prom for its oakland and san francisco patients. it was mostly virtual this year. but as ktvu candese charles explains, the pandemic didn't ruin the fun. shake it like a pro. now while brianna it's all glammed up and ready to party the night away, well, at least for three hours. the team is a patient at ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland was supposed to have surgery on june 1st because there's assist
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in my throat that's blocking half my airway passage. brianna was born with sickle cell anemia and often suffers from pain. recent episode forced her surgery to be moved. just in time for the hospitals annual prom for children that are in the hospital. it can be a challenge to go to prom and to do a lot of the things that you normally get to do during your high school years for more than 10 years, the hospital let's put on this prom canceling last year's because of the pandemic because brianna is a long term patient. this isn't the first time she's done a party dress, but this year it's a little different. ucsf prompt 2020 when. with the risk of catching covid-19 higher for these young patients, the more than 30 attendees were able to enjoy prompt festivities from the comfort of their hospital bed. but believe me that didn't stop the party even though we couldn't do this in person is still good, you know to do it
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virtually because you still have fun, and the staff pulled out all the stops to make sure the night was a special one. all the teams started problem week by getting the star treatment, free clothes, shoes and. accessories will the makeup tutorial from a popular tiktok makeup artists? they completely forget that this is a room that has been made over in in in the hospital? my inner stylist was like kind of fan girling a worthy start to what was sure to be a magical night. and when the big night arrived, teens done their best and enjoy the magic of what proved to be a special night one that they will likely never forget. and i definitely and i regret from phillips. i'm candese charles ktvu vaccine is. the san mateo county fair is opening tomorrow. many fairgrounds in the bay area have been acting as vaccination and testing sites during the pandemic. as we reported, but now as restrictions loosen up san mateo county fair officials say they are ready to welcome back guests. mass will be required
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and touchless payment is recommended. rides will be open and all the traditional fair foods will be available. pick. the tables are spread out. we have hired extra sanitization staff so that they will be cleaned much more frequently, and people will be able to come out. enjoy and eat enough food designated area and eat all their food favorites from 72 to funnel cakes to all of the above and because we're in the age of covid, the fair is also offering free admission. if you get vaccinated at fairgrounds. how and if you want to get outside for this weekend for the fairer any outdoor events, we're looking pretty good temperature is still on the warm side inland. even the coastal spots could warm a few degrees as we had in this saturday, just for reference will show you some of the highest from this afternoon fifties out toward pacifica in san francisco. some eighties while england out toward concord and liver more in the hot spot, antioch once again back up into the nineties.
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here's the plan this weekend. more sunshade for you saturday. tomorrow should be the warmest day of the weekend, but some today. almost identical. we might cool things off by maybe 2 to 3 degrees, so it's pretty much the same old story as we head into sunday as well. now, here's the satellite as you take a look at the pacific, you can notice an overall trend and that is the fog coverage has been decreasing. so maybe not as much a fog to deal with four tomorrow morning, although we will likely have sub patches redevelop near the coast and right around the bay current numbers out there most areas currently in the fifties, and here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco gets they were completely in the clear because there's that fog of pushing back into this picture right now, so that's kind of a neat shot right now, looking about san francisco for your friday night overnight, we'll start out your saturday in the fifties across most berry neighborhoods, and here's the set up for tomorrow. so once again partly cloudy skies to start things out tomorrow morning and then more sunshine for your saturday afternoon and somewhat of a big temperature range. we're at 60 all the way
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to the upper eighties to possibly 90 degrees. as this big area of high pressure does not want to lose its grip completely just yet, so this weekend will be warm to hot inland, cool coast with temperatures in the sixties, and then we'll really cool things up into next week by monday and into tuesday as this system wants to move in, so noticeable drop off of the numbers to start things off in our and into next week, you'll see that in the five day forecast highs for tomorrow, warm spots once again in the eighties out toward concord out toward fairfield, santa rosa 89 in san francisco, 66 still pretty warm. come on sunday and then we'll gradually cool off those numbers into next week. by monday and tuesday, the only just some sixties and seventies by tuesday, but the weekend is almost here, and it's looking like an ice forecast. it is thank you so much mark will take it. firefighters meantime, in boulder creek, say this tree in big basin redwoods state park has been smoldering ever since the sees eu lightning complex fire that started back in august. the boulder creek
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fire department shared this video on facebook. the fire department says embers and started a few small fires near it, but luckily the lack of winds stopped the fire from spreading. all right, so the two bay area baseball teams both in first place, and they played like it tonight, lots of bay area highlights coming up in sports, but first, though just days after her father was killed, the daughter of a slain southern california firefighter graduated yesterday. hundreds of firefighters were at the ceremony to fill for just to fill in for just and carlin's father, she was wearing her father's fire coat. you see her there, all accepting her diploma in the major lived the baffled king composing. young, huh?
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for the giants and the bottom to fall out some other time, because right now they continue to roll first place in the national league over the dodgers, the padres of the home runs continue to fly off their bat, said four in the first four end. it's just another night friday night in san francisco. let's freak flag fly. alright comes on top to one early jake area to put it there for stephen duggar laser right? that's a two run shot giants leading the cubs for good six run inning. alex dickerson ties into one ticket to ride three run rocket and it is 62 mama wade jr and jason fosler also homered. i've got to show you some of brandon crawford. he is
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the all star shortstop laid in in defense as the giants with their second row over the cubs, 85. the final and the giants have won six out of seven. brandon crawford playing an unreal brand of ball on both sides, offensively and defensively and take it to colorado. beautiful night for baseball and coors field. you can imagine there was a little bit of offense going on. how about 12 hits nine runs for the a's. they got an early home run from their catcher murphy and mark canha goes deep and the hits just kept on coming right due to the eighth inning. tony kemp contributing on a nightly basis, got himself an r b, i double little sugar on it. 95 final three straight wins for the aids. frankie montas, the winner for the aids, who remain in first place themselves. this has never happened in an nba playoff series. dallas and the clips going to a game seven. all six previous games won by
11:28 pm
the road team, and that's not good news for the dallas maths, but we're looking to close out the y in the clips tonight didn't happen. third quarter flippers down four work to baseline and kawai will take the past. put it down. he tied his career high tonight for most points in a playoff game. yeah and you'll see more of his activity right there. he had 45 points on the night and they go back to los angeles on sunday. history holds up can guess what's going to happen. the clippers are going to fall shy to dallas. we'll see about that bound to happen for mark cuban and company, okay? the olympic club in san francisco, 155 the best women's golfers, and only 11 of them are under par, and one happens to be a junior in high school. she continues to be the story at the olympic club. little overcast, a little breezy, typical june weather in san francisco and the woman we're talking about is mega
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gone and par five, her first hole of the day, she will nail the birdie and rock on par 4/7, which is her 17th hole, the today and another birdie coming up. she had a four under in the opener, even par 71 today and she is just to back of the leader. you cassava. so paula creamer and michelle wie west did not make the cut couple local golfers friday night of the videos. you got to check this out college baseball tonight. ncaa stuff, right state had built up an 85 lead bother the ninth inning. tennessee loaded the bases that drew gilbert. it's a walk up grand slam, and that might be the old time bat flip and, uh, overzealous celebration by one guy you'll ever see. but you know old timers don't like it, but that's the new breed, man. rub it in. put it in your face. that's baseball today. that's
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the sporting life. you guys have a great weekend. you too, mark. thank you so much. they'll look for us. the news continues atikes salmon. it's a bit of a risk serving fish to a first-time diner at dunphy's. maybe i should marinate a steak for backup. i think someone has a man crush. first of all, i would never date a potential client. that's "first of all"? secondly, i really need this to go well so he makes me his realtor. this guy's flipping properties like they're extras in a kung fu movie. so you're just kissing up to this guy for his money? not just. i really like him. he travels the world doing charity work, rock climbs, flies planes... how does he have time to do all that? got divorced, and his whole life opened up. guy's living the dream. his dream. not my dream. i'm living my dream. you're my dream. you can stop. i so don't want to do this. recently, haley got a little creative on one of her college applications and listed herself as a "big sister." technically, i am a big sister. she capitalized the "b" and the "s."


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