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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 4, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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on high alert after a home surveillance camera catches a bear roaming around the neighborhood and contra costa county. first thing as soon as she told me, i ran to the back of the door and i locked the door the patio door because i start locking everything up because i'm like, you know, bear. that's what i'm we're not used to hear a rare side indeed, in the city of oakley. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina and i'm andre. senior authorities say they have spent the day looking for that bear, but so far no luck finding it live coverage tonight from ktvu. i'm a gas and ema officials say it's like the bears still in that area. andre, it could still be in the area. but oakley, police and state fish and wildlife cruise aren't
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exactly sure where it is right now. they've been investigating the area throughout the day, trying to locate the bear and safely return it to the wild. but so far no luck, just before 4 30 friday morning, this bear strolled across 19 summer holders driveway, sniffed around and moved on to the next oakley neighbor, leaving a trail of claw prints in its path. i really just couldn't believe it. i watched the video over and over and over again. there was no mistaking it. it was a bear. i just i had no words so speechless here it is again at that house from a different angle. ring camera video posted online shows the bare cruising by another front yard. and then it turns the corner. that's the last anybody has just has seen a bit. police and other crews can't seem to find it anywhere around town, leaving neighbors on high alert. to me. it's kind of very scary. you knows tangie more locked her patio door and house windows after learning of the bear sighting from her sister. it could be anywhere we don't know. so it's kind of like you. you're kind of like on your tippy toes about this because you don't know when you walk out your front door if you're
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going to see a bear facing you on the oakley city facebook page comments barreled in about where the creature could have come from wasn't an exotic pet that got loose. did it hitch a ride on someone's pick up over memorial day camping trip, but california department of fish and wildlife has its own theory, believing last year's wildfires and the worsening drought are depleting natural food sources. it's kind of easy to imagine that if the wildfires burn up a lot of, uh, any animals, food resources, and then the rain isn't there to replenish them, then wildlife might go elsewhere and start looking for new food resources, and that's i think when you get. you know, they scattered instances of seeing wildlife in more urban areas. it's more common during the summer months for cruz to respond to the occasional backyard bare, but the first week of june is unusually early timing. another indication the drought maybe why this bear came to town? don't run from it to avoid going out there. don't feed it basically have some common sense. and in a while
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with a wild animal. the department of fish and wildlife crews are standing down from now hoping that the bear is returning home on its own. however if you do see the bear, call 911 and do not approach it, andre good advice something many of us would adhere to, anyway. thank you so much, emma. well tonight there is a search under way to find the driver accused of trying to run down to livermore police officer it happened earlier today on visible avenue near interstate 5 80. the officer had just pulled over the driver of the toyota tundra for vehicle violation of code via relation. the officer was about to get off his motorcycle, and that is when the driver abruptly reversed the truck over the motorcycle and then sped away. the officer jumped out of the way and into oncoming traffic narrowly being missed being hit by a car here, another officer spotted the truck but broke off the chase due to safety concerns, and amazon worker is under arrest for beating a customer and castro valley. the assault was
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caught on security video. and here you see it, the uniform delivery driver. just repeatedly punching this 67 year old woman, pinning her at one point against the wall as the victim calls for help. our crime reporter henry lee has worn now on that assault, including how the confrontation started and the amazon drivers defense. this is surveillance video showing two women arguing outside an apartment complex in castro valley. the one on the left is an amazon delivery worker. the one on the right a 67 year old tenant soon this happens that ah. verbal altercation became physical. the amazon worker lets loose attacking the victim when her back was turned, uh, punched her multiple times in the face, ultimately breaking her nose. it happened at this apartment complex on center street at about five thursday afternoon. the victim called 911 to report the attack. the amazonaimed selt alameda county sheriff's deputies arrested her on suspicion of battery causing serious bodily injury and elder
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abuse. both are felonies. the victim declined to be taken. to the hospital. obviously we can't have our, uh, delivery drivers or people out there in the community, uh, attacking people punching people in the face. doug smith, the complex owner told ktvu, he was told the victim had gotten an alert that a package of hers have been delivered. she went outside, saw the amazon worker and asked where it was. ramirez told her. she get it soon. the victim waited in the lobby for about 15 minutes, came back out and again. asked where her package was. that's when the amazon worker got upset. i believe. the amazon driver said. you're something about your white privilege, and my tenant said you don't need to be a about it turned around and walked away. in this video. you can see the victim pressed up against the glass as she's being attacked. totally unprovoked. my tenant was entering the building with her back to the amazon driver when she was attacked, punched multiple times. at least nine times, authorities say and then 1/10 final punch. i started to get up and was punched directly
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in the nose with another cat just absolutely devastating. in a statement, amazon told me this incident does not reflect the high standards we have for drivers who deliver our packages. we take these matters seriously, and this individual is no longer delivering amazon packages. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. we're told a ups driver who was attacked in san francisco during an attempted theft is expected to be okay. viewers sent us video of the situation or go off and hate streets yesterday afternoon, and it shows a vehicle hit the ups driver in the middle of the street and knock into the ground. the attacker, then punches him several times and tries to steal a package. the driver managers to get the box back and the attacker takes off, but not before he falls out of the getaway car. the second suspect stops the vehicle and. that's the attacker in a new attend tonight of marin county school, settled this week over the death of a seven year old student, alex swan. beck was killed during recess when a
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rolling gate fell on him. ktvu deborah villalon is live now at the campus with the warning that alex's parents want to share tonight, depth. heather it has been 18 months since the quan backs got the call that changed their lives. it happened here at a private school in sandra fell. hang me day, dear. alex kwan back lived large in seven years. the little brother who led the mischief and doted on his baby sister, a warm and witty boy who seemed wise for his age. his parents say he was the heartbeat of the family this thing before he started his day. he wanted to crawl in bed so many kisses five days before christmas, 2019. he was gone. it happened at mark day school in san rafel, where alex was a first grader. the shock overwhelms you. right just getting a phone call saying you need to get to the hospital. we don't think your son's alive. playing at recess, alex closed
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a metal gate, and it fell. crushing him. i remember the coroner coming to our house and crying with us because to stocking was hanging the despair of those days. indescribable you can't say you can't stand. you can't be in your house. you can't be out of your house. later, the quan backs learned the £400 gate 30 ft. long. had also toppled a month earlier had fallen before it was put back up. it was reported to an individual at the school, and then there is no follow. his death was preventable. he should still be here with us. this week, the quan becks agreed to a confidential settlement with the school and the gate contractor who must now notify other customers with this product. it could be deadly. i was full of it. the quarterbacks are starting a nonprofit to raise safety awareness. there's just a lack of consistency. and standards across schools. they want more conversation about hazards. it's a mindset in the culture
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so that people don't fall into that trap of thinking of someone else is taking care of that. eric quam bec sometimes walks this campus thinking of his son's last moments, and i sit where he died. just go to and i feel like i can tell him i miss twins elliott and ethan reminisce about alex. they thought of themselves as triplets, the family, says alec. his death as a call to action and his legacy saving other kids. he is still the heartbeat of his family. i love you so much money and then you so much mommy deborah villalon ktvu fox two news today. governor newsom said he will not lift the state of emergency when california removes other coronavirus restrictions on june 15th. now the order gives him broad authority to issue alter or suspend state laws and regulations. the guy said the move is necessary because the covid-19 threat is not over. critics including the group behind the recall drive against
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him, say, failing to lift the order hurts his credibility. it's what we've all dreaded. uh would happen that he would make yet another promise and then start preparing us for taking it back. now republicans in the state senate have tried repeatedly to pass the resolution to end the state of emergency. but democrats in the majority have blocked their efforts will govern produce him today helped choose 15 winners to kick off the state's vaccine lottery program. the bay area was well represented with three winners and set a clara county too, in san francisco and one in alameda county. the biggest prizes will go out next tuesday went 10 winners will be chosen at random to receive $1.5 million. as each the governor said. these incentives are in addition to many other outreach efforts. partnerships with community based organizations in language outreach, more pop up sites, more walk up sites,
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no reservations required more strategies with trusted messengers and influencers. in addition to the lottery drawing, there are other smaller prizes. two million californians who got their covid shot since may, 27th will receive $50 gift cards after they get their second dose. man tries to break into the cockpit of a plane leaving los angeles at 10 30. how quick thinking passengers are credited with helping avoid a hijack it head of area whether no big changes over the past few days and the weekend's still pretty much the same, but nice forecast headed your way and we'll have more on that coming up after the break, manda night to remember for teen hospital patients, we'll show you tonight's prom that was still covid safe. definitely a good experience and it definitely, you know, lifts up people's spirits lifts up people's spirits because
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but it will help you and your family stay safe children's hospital hosted a prom for its oakland and san francisco patients. ktvu is candese charles is here with the modified event held tonight, candese charles andre but still so fun for these patients. it's really all due
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to the staff, the staff at the hospital in oakland provide the works for his annual prom, and though the parent they make did put a slight hitch in the plans, the staff didn't let it stop the party. shake it like a pro. now i'll be brianna. it's all glammed up and ready to party the night away. well, at least for three hours. the team is a patient at ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland was supposed to have surgery on june 1st because there's assist in my throat that's blocking half my airway passage. brianna was born with sickle cell anemia and often suffers from pain. a recent episode forced her surgery to be moved. just in time for the hospitals annual prom for children that are in the hospital. it can be a challenge to go to prom and to do a lot of the things that you normally get to do during your high school years for more than 10 years, the hospital let's put on this prom canceling last year's because
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of the pandemic because brianna is a long term patient. this isn't the first time she's done a party dress, but this year it's a little different. ucsf prom 2021. with the risk of catching covid-19 higher for these young patients, the more than 30 attendees were able to enjoy prom festivities from the comfort of their hospital bed. but believe me that didn't stop the party even though we couldn't do this in person is still good, you know, to do it virtually because you still have fun, and the staff pulled out all the stops to make sure the night was a special one. all the teams started, probably by getting the star treatment, free clothes, shoes and. accessories will the makeup tutorial from a popular tiktok makeup artist? they completely forget that this is a room that was being made over in in in the hospital. my inner stylist was like a kind of fan girling a worthy start what was sure to be a magical night? and when
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the big night arrived, teens don their best and enjoy the magic of what proved to be a special night one that they will likely never forget. and i definitely. and forever grateful for that, yeah, definitely a nice night for them, and the night was completed with raffles for apple t v s a couple of playstations and for briana, a tiffany bracelet. this is the 10th prom for both oakland and san francisco pediatric patients. the hope is that next year, it will be in person, andre. and praying for a speedy recovery for all those kids, so hopefully there won't be around next year. if candace thank you so much well tonight. oakland public library held a virtual event to announce the 2021 oakland youth poet laureate. my spine is that of a book completed since yesterday, i am worn and i increased, and i have dog eared my most important parts. the winner. there is maya estrada, now all seven finalists performed during the 10th annual event.
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submissions are chosen from a young riders to be considered for the city's top literary honor. but winning poet has awarded a $5000 scholarship and for one year serves as an ambassador for literacy, arcs and youth expression. you poets are the reason we're here. your voice is your truth. they are vital. thank you for sharing them with us the future. congrats all those kids. the annual contest is run by the oakland public library, which also funds the scholarship award for each laureate. english. how at a burial weather another day with warm to hot temperatures inland and cool temperatures. coast side looks like a pretty warm forecast. as we start off the weekend with still the warm spots close to 90 degrees. take a look at the highest from this afternoon. they've kind of been settling into the same old pattern each and every day over the past few days, hotspots out toward antioch 93 degrees fairfield out towards travis air force base, 87 santa rosa 82. san francisco. a cool 58 degrees, it should be warmer
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near the coast and near the bay as we head into your saturday for your sunday just some fog to start things out, then temperatures drop off a little bit, probably more pronounced cooling, though, as we head into next week from monday and into tuesday as a cooler so two moves in from the north were check out the satellite. and as you can't pick out we have some showers out toward nevada but is becoming closer to the bay area. some fog earlier today at least, the area is beginning to dissipate somewhat, so not as much coverage for tonight although we will probably have some patches first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and right around the bay current numbers most areas for the 10 o'clock hour in the fifties, and here is our live camera looking out above san francisco, n the picture for tonight for tomorrow. is ine upper forties to the upper fifties notice this forecast models not too generous with the cloud cover tomorrow morning, but i suspect there'll be some patches out there and then into the afternoon hours, a big temperature range from around 60 near the immediate coastline. warm spots. england
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will be in the upper eighties. close to 90 degrees for your saturday afternoon forecast, but some pretty significant cooling headed our way. we'll have more on that. with your full forecast a full update coming up in a little bit, mark. thank you. protesters are claiming so. access after a day long action today at the port of oakland, pro palestinian demonstrators picketed the arrival of an israeli cargo ship at the port. they say that longshoremen honored their picket line, preventing the zim ship from being unloaded. the demonstrators accuse israel of carrying out an apartheid campaign against palestinians in solidarity with the palestinian people. you see that people are deeply committed here early, bright and early in the morning to say the bay area says no to a part. tight israel. organizers say the israeli shipping line hasn't docked in oakland since a similar protest here back in 2014, the ship's operator, says it's no longer majority owned by israel that it's a private company with more than half the
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stock owned by non israelis. a 19 year old man from the bay area has died after he was stabbed while on vacation in hawaii. it happened on tuesday at carrillo beach in waikiki, local media accounts say that alien day lasorda was confronted by a group of people and then if i broke out, police say that 21 year old oscar cardona then stabbed della, sir to several times he was pronounced dead at the scene. cardona appeared in court today, where he was charged with second degree murder. what could we have done differently and better to prevent this? and that is the question from santa clara county district attorney regarding the b to a mass shooter, how he's turning a critical eye on one law enforcement agency and governor newsom, still facing a potential recall election, why some political experts say it's better for the governor if there's a vote sooner rather than later.
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san jose police have made two arrests in the case. 43 year old eric ziarat and 34 year old michael herrera are charged with the murder of 20 year old malik jackson. now family members say jackson was at the hall of justice supporting a friend in a court case and he was leaving to go to his car on north san pedro when he was shot and killed. he was just really hard working, katie. i mean, he loved football. i mean, yeah, he wasn't perfect. he had his troubles. yes but he didn't deserve this. the jackson family does not believe malik was the intended target. police say he was seen running with zero t after having been hit by gunfire. well there are new questions tonight about last week's mass shooting at the vta light rail guard, the santa clara county district
10:25 pm
attorney says he wants to know why a 2016 encounter between the shooter and customs agents. was not reported to local authorities. katie was an ruben has our report tonight. could the veta shooting that claimed nine lives have been prevented? that's what santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen wants to know he's demanding access to a 2016 report outlining an encounter between customs and border protection and the shooter sam cassidy once i read that report, i've indicated that i want to talk with the head of customs and border protection in the bay area, too. try to understand why that information was not shared with local law enforcement at the time allegedly found in cassidy's possession books about terrorism and notes outlining his hatred for the vita rosen says had local agencies been alerted. they could have investigated and intervened. they very well may have talked to friends or neighbors or coworkers. talk to mr cassidy
10:26 pm
ascertained whether he had any weapons tried to get a sense of what his mental state was, experts say while hindsight is 2020 the decision whether to pass on that information might not have been clear cut at the time. nobody wants to be the one who said you know what? i should have passed just long. jerry robinette ran homeland security investigations for immigration and customs enforcement in texas. he says it's routine for federal agencies to share information with locals. everything from obvious threats to hunches. they roadblocks that people envision are are not there. i mean, we work together too often on a regular basis. rosen wants to make sure that's the case. he says he was there in the hours after the vita shooting when the victim's families were notified. i heard the cries. and the screams, and i saw people throwing up and those are images that i will never forget. and he says, while cassidy alone is to blame for this tragedy, it's time officials asked themselves some hard questions. what could we
10:27 pm
have done differently and better to prevent this? what can we do? going forward to minimize the chance of this happening again? customs and border protection did not respond to our request for comment. rosen expects he'll be getting a copy of that 2016 report. port in the coming days, and ruben ktvu fox two news coming up tonight, one on one interview with caitlyn jenner. what she said today about her run for california governor plus, facebook announces former president trump has banned from its platform until at least 2023. i'm on the two year suspension, ruling coming up and later to bay area sports teams, both in first place and they played like it tonight. lots of bay area highlights coming up in sports at first those of a scary moments on a plane headed to nashville from los angeles. how passengers manager managed to restrain a manager managed to restrain a man.
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a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit the man who was seen trying to breach the cockpit. he was on delta flight 3 86 today to nashville. witnesses say the passenger tried to open the cockpit door. he had to be restrained by the crew and other passengers. the flight was diverted to albuquerque, where that passenger was met by airport police and the fbi and arrested. no injuries were reported, and that plane went on to land safely in nashville well as a list of candidates. want to replace governor newsome grows the process of schedule. expected recall election is moving forward ktvu political reporter greg lee lays out how soon you could be voting. and while the fight
10:31 pm
over timing is inherently political, it's near certain governor gavin newsom will face a recall election this year. but the question now is when many analysts have estimated a november election. but now an earlier time line is being floated. that's going to be determined by a series of actions. the legislature tex. department of finance takes secretary states take and they'll make that determination, period full stop. that's how the governor responded when asked about this tweet from state senator steve glazer, saying newsom's best opportunity to beat the recall is an early election. here's what's next june. 8th is the last day for anyone who signed the petition to remove their name, then 30 business days for the department of finance to estimate the cost of a special election. then another 30 days for the joint legislative budget committee to review the estimate, chairwoman, senator nancy skinner recently said that could be expedited our county election officials have already indicated their costs. they've indicated it for some time now what they believe those costs of the so we've already been at reviewing that.
10:32 pm
and that 30 days may not be necessary. after that the secretary of state will certify the signatures and the lieutenant governor must schedule a recall election between 60 to 80. days later. some estimates put it in late august early september at the earliest. both sides are saying publicly they're not concerned about timing. newsom's campaign spokesperson said. this our focus is on winning, and we'll beat the republican recall whenever the elections called. that's our approach. and dunn's more of rescue california. one of the groups behind the recall effort said bring it on. we got him either way. look, 90% of politics is about timing. sonoma state political science professor dave mcewen says there's pros and cons for both sides. given the budget news, given the california rebound and recovery, what is happening is sooner is better than for gavin newsom for the governor, mcewen sayson would help the governor steer clear of variables like potential power s greg lee ktvu, fox two news. for nya
10:33 pm
gubernatorial candidate caitlyn jenner is giving her first in depth interview since announcing her run for governor, newsom seat. the revolution wasn't for the workers who was for himself well, unless he shut us down while he lived it up at the french laundry. yeah. total hypocrisy. let's talk about that's what i'm running, and that there was a report in bloomberg that showed that gender sat down with alex michaelson. he's the host of the show. the issue is in the interview. jennifer doesn't a gender doesn't quite answer the questions, but rather talks about why she is running for governor when asked about taxes, for example, in california, jenner admits it's an issue that she has it looked into much on the rich. do you think that taxes on the rich should be lowered in california? issuet gotten strongly into exactly working with jim brulte and a lot of other people on a lot ofm
10:34 pm
running against the hypocrisy that's out there. jenner also asked about her was also asked about her own voting record and could not give a direct answer if she did or did not vote in the 2020 election, and you can catch more of alex's interview with caitlyn jenner this sunday. the issue is airs at 6:30 a.m. right here on ktvu. well, facebook says former president trump will not be allowed back on its platforms for at least two years. his account was suspended following the deadly attack at the u. s capitol back in january. but madeline rivera has reaction from the former president, as well as the biden white house. five months after facebook temporarily banned former president trump from its social media site following the january six riot at the capital. the company announced its suspension will remain in place until january. 7th 2023 facebook explain its two year ban in a statement saying,
10:35 pm
quote given the gravity of the circumstances that led to mr trump suspension. we believe his actions constituted a severe violation of our rules, which mayor at the highest penalty available under the new and four i spent protocols. remember that the bill of rights the first amendment, the fourth amendment, the fifth amendment finds the government that binds the state. it doesn't bind private actors, there may be other consequences, but it's not a first amendment constitutional abridgment of his rights. in a statement, president trump blasted facebook's decision, calling the ruling a quote. insult to the record setting 75 million people, plus many others who voted for us in the 2020 rigged presidential election. they shouldn't be allowed to get away with the censoring and silencing and ultimately we will win. our country can't take this abuse anymore, but facebook says it will wait until 2023 to reevaluate reinstating the former president to with site. a decision itself will be based
10:36 pm
on whether the risk to public safety has receded when asked during friday's news briefing. for the white house. this reaction press secretary john sake responded, feels pretty unlikely that the zebra is going to change his stripes over the next two years. we'll see. facebook also said when it comes to its rules, its decided the company will no longer treat politicians differently from ordinary facebook users in washington. matthew rivera, ktvu fox two news. meantime, president biden's job approval rating is holding steady just over four months into his presidency. a new poll by the hills shows 61% of registered voters approve of the job that president biden is doing 39% disapproved. 68% approve of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and 57% of his handling of the economy. a major federal court ruling tonight overturns california's ban on assault weapons. the u. s district judge in sandy diego ruled that the band violates the u. s constitution. the
10:37 pm
judge said that the state's ban deprives law abiding californians of weapons commonly allowed in most other states. the assault weapons ban was enacted in 1989 governor, newsom said. quote today's decision is a direct threat to public safety and the lives of innocent californians period. growing calls to cancel the summer olympics. how officials are responding as thousands of volunteers. drop out and a very weather lots of clear skies. for tonight, the weekend will be warm to hot, but some major kulina least major for this time of year moves into our forecast for next week, and we'll have the update coming in. we'll see then mark and it's been a long time since we've seen 15,000 people in one place at one time here in california bay area, at least, but that's about to change. 10 45 what about to change. 10 45 what fans can expect at the sonoma
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monday, bark says it's adding 26 more trips to its weekday schedule on the yellow, green and red lines, he added. trains will run during the morning and evening commutes. part is also adding 16 more trips on saturdays service will continue to run until nine o'clock at night every day, but service parts service until midnight will not return until the end of august. the u. s labor department has released new unemployment numbers 559,000 jobs were added in the month. may. that's about twice as many as april's disappointing numbers. some republicans, however, are not impressed, they say boosted federal unemployment benefits which began at the start of the pandemic are hurting employers ability to find workers. the labor secretary, though, disagrees. think this report
10:41 pm
show that the unemployment benefit is not actually keeping people out of the workforce. what it's doing is supporting families that are still out of work. most of the jobs added last month. we're at hotels, restaurants and bars, which gained 220,000 positions as the economy opens up and travel begins on wall street. today, stocks ended the week higher following the release of that jobs report. dow gained 179 points. the nasdaq was up about 200, the s and p finished the day up. 37 points well with less than two months from the start of the summer olympics in tokyo, pressure is building to cancel the event. organizers maintain the games are quote 100% going ahead. even as japan battles the fourth wave of covid-19 infections. tokyo is seeing around 500 new covid cases per day, roughly double what new york city is reporting about 10,000 out of the 80,000. volunteers for the olympic and paralympic games have already dropped out for fear of
10:42 pm
contracting the virus. if they were to hold the olympics and the infection spread, who would take responsibility? consensual we will fully prepare for antivirus measures, the tokyo 2020 organizing committee will absolutely make sure to protect the health of athletes. chigga organizers are planning a scaled down version with no international fans allowed to attend. a decision on local spectators is expected. to happen later this month when tokyo's state of emergency is scheduled to end organizers say having no fans remains an option. alright start your engines this weekend. nascar is back at the sonoma raceway, how the track is preparing for the bay area's largest event since the start of the pandemic, and the weather will be important for that event, a break from the heat this weekend. meteorologist mark tamayo is back with our five day forecast next
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
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not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge at or visit and xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. largest gathering in over a year. as ktvu christien kafton tells us more than 15,000 people are expected to attend. after a pause last year for covid racing, his back at sonoma raceway crews spent the day preparing the track and getting ready for the weekend. this is what sonoma raceway is built for is having a major event like this, so we are so
10:46 pm
thrilled to have race fans back and welcome back nascar to northern california this weekend. we'll look different than years past the race weight following safety guidelines so fans will be limited instead of 47,000 fans only about 15,600 fans will be allowed in at any given time. we are still social distance seating, so which means that people are going to be seated in pods of 2 to 6, and they'll be roughly up to 18 seats around each particular pod, so it'll look, a bit like a checkerboard is what they say. they might not be nascar drivers. but race enthusiasts got their chance to cruise the challenging two mile course in their own cars. yeah it was fun. i got it out of second year twice on this straight away, and then the turns before you get into turn seven out of the carousel. i got to tell you, the carousel is my favorite thing in this race track and all that fun for a good cause the racers dropping more than $200 apiece, raising about $29,000 for sonoma county youth groups. it's for the children. it's all about speedway children's charity. sonoma
10:47 pm
county and we love the kids and this is what we do. so yeah, i'm going to go write a big fat check again. some fans are already in the stands, making a weekend out of it. camping at the racetrack is a long standing tradition that looks again a little different this year. usually it's so crowded over there already every campsites full, but this year we're pretty well space depart, and it's kind of nice. those fans already looking forward to a weekend of racing a sunday is hard to top. um i like saturdays. because you can do more around here. check things out, and you don't have the pressure of nobody to wear sunday. everybody seems to be kind of in a hurry to do everything. tickets are sold out for sunday's toyota save mark 3 15 nascar cup series race but at last check, there were still some tickets available for saturday's race events at the sonoma raceway. christian captain ktvu fox two news. today, the original rainbow pride flag was unveiled in san francisco. it's now on display there at the glbt
10:48 pm
historical society museum on 18th street in the castro district, mayor breed and other civic and community leaders were. therefore today's unveiling the rainbow flag was designed in san francisco by the late artist and activist gilbert baker back in 1979. since then, it has become a worldwide symbol of pride in the original flag was thought to have been lost. gilbert baker would never trade park the flag, though he said it was his gift. to the world. oh well barrier. whether the weekend almost here and it looks like a fairly nice one headed our way for your saturday we are expecting clearing skies with the mostly sunny conditions, temperatures not moving too much from today's readings, and then on sunday. just some minor changes, but we will begin to cool things off just slightly for the second half of the weekend. take a look at the forecast the plan for liver more as you can see the gradual temperature rise into the afternoon hours approaching the mid eighties by about three o'clock in the hot spots tomorrow will be close to 90
10:49 pm
degrees for you saturday afternoon. here's a satellite showing you this. we actually have some showers not here but out toward nevada over the past two basically into the afternoon, hours and early evening, and then for us here in the bay area, we had some my fault. they're just offshore, but it looks like the overall coverage is beginning to decrease. now we still have some leftover patches out there for tonight, and i suspect will have some apaches first thing tomorrow morning near the coast and right around the bay. so here's our live cameras. you can't see and then we'll go ahead and check out some the current numbers for tonight with the temperatures most areas let's see cooling off into the fifties san jose right now checking in 60 degrees. here is a plan tomorrow to start out your saturday partly cloudy skies as we mentioned some patchy fog. most areas to start up your weekend will be in the fifties. this forecast model not shown you much in the way of fog, but we're gonna paint in a few patches. first thing tomorrow morning and then into the afternoon hours. mostly all
10:50 pm
the way to 90 degrees by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. so here is a look at your forecast ties as you can see, coming up for tomorrow. the warm spots will be in the upper eighties, close to 90 degrees toward anne aachen, fairfield, santa rosa, 89. san francisco mid sixties from seventies in the south bay, the warm that as he had work your way closer to morgan hill. temperatures will be in at the lower eighties. the setup is this. this big area of high pressure has been a warming us up over the past few days, especially england. it sticks around this weekend, so we're not going to have a drastic change in temperatures. but then, as you can see in the next week, this will bring in the drop off in temperatures and more fog pasta. lead by monday and tuesday. we could have some gusty winds as well. in fact, by tuesday, we're just talking about some sixties and seventies here in the bay area, let's go ahead and revisit the forecast highs for tomorrow. looks like we have two of these forecast highs graphics in this sequence so i will stress the warm temperatures for tomorrow. close to 90 degrees england sixties and seventies right
10:51 pm
around the bay and look ahead your five day your sunday a little bit cooler, but more cooling. into monday and tuesday up next week. but the weekend for the most part is looking pretty good here in the bear looking really nice. thanks mark coming up next in sports. a teenager continues to stay at the front of the pack and the women's us open being hosted at the olympic club in san francisco sports director mark bond says will have second round highlights next. then on the 11 o'clock news heroic actions this morning on the bay bridge how a chp officer saved a woman who was prepared to step if you smell gas, you're too close.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
come to town and get the san francisco cool down. they had won nine out of 10 meet this year's version of the giants going long ball on a friday night, the ballpark and just your typical night out there, everybody. being themselves and the second inning, though the cubs were leading this thing to want jake area about to get lit. stephen duggar man on jerks it over the bricks. he's got himself a two run homer giants up for good 3263 inning. in fact, alex dickerson to on picking the ride, three run rocket. all of a sudden, it's 62, but don't get too relaxed little guy. it's 64 giants only leading by two. wake up jason fosler off the bench. and el centro home run for him is second of his career. 74 lead back it up. next man up lamonte wade jr. another laser to write
10:55 pm
solo homer. all of a sudden, it's 84 and junior is why the wake and the giants bullpen does its job 85 final. first of a four game series. the giants have won both of them. and, uh wow, cup sorry they came to san francisco. alright the oakland a's have laid some malnutrition. batting averages all up of the down the line up but go to the rocky mountains and lift your spirits. how about 12 hits at nine runs on a beautiful night in the rockies? i call it hitting weather and that it was the eighties come out swinging. second inning, sean murphy, long ball of john gray, and stay with the camera, dude, you'll be okay. it's sixth. do nothing. a's third any mark canha having a great year so far, and that one's gone off gray? he goes opposite. he's got 11 already a easily three. nothing eighth inning, put some sugar on it. tony kemp keeps
10:56 pm
contributing. that's in the right field. he'll stretch it into an r b i double 95 final three street with as for the a's frankie montas has himself the victory. alright yesterday, it was kind of a cute story. high school junior comes to the u. s. open in san francisco, and she's topping the leaderboard today. it's like, are you kidding me? should not only makes the cut, she's still up near the top of the leaderboard. at the olympic club in san francisco. and as you can imagine, a little breezy, little overcast, typical san francisco in the month of june, and the woman we're talking about mega ghani and part five first hold for her. she's got herself a birdie come the seventh hole, par for. her 17th of the day, another birdie, making her four under after two rounds, even par 71 today and she is to back. tied for third place. you got to see
10:57 pm
the shot of the day. this is jennifer, uh, cup show on the par 3/13 the ace little quick bounce and hop and right into the cup and she will make the cup. and the cut. no problem. looks like yuka saso is your leader, though, and, uh, solo on top of the board birdie at 56 under after two rounds, and i kind of mentioned the locals, paula creamer from pleasanton and michelle wie west both kind of balloon today, and they are not. making the cup. sorry to say local girls are out. all right. we have some nba history tonight. this is almost hard to believe never happened before the first six games of a playoff series, the road team wins every one of them and the mavericks down in dallas are sorry that that history happened because kawai decided to play tonight. they needed him to when he decides he's on.
10:58 pm
he's on. third quarter of the clips are down four. watch him work the baseline like nobody's business. chris stops, of course, inga little post tries out the way, he says, but why? fourth quarter got to show you timmy hardaway jr. he'll clank of three. get up and hustle it, scoop it to the bucket. he's fouled. it counts. he had 23 points and his death who all warrior fans remember. his loving that under 2.5 left clips up for look at dance it on co y step back, tie it playoff high for him, 45 that ties its all time high. mark cuban and company they can't believe it. if history holds win it because the series goes backles on sunday got the quick turnaround. they're hard to believe the road team has won every game of that series. everybody loves a buzzer beater, and we had one tonight in the w. n b a check this out. uh there she is. oh,
10:59 pm
she had a catch and shoot for love. yes, and the buzzer who wants a kiss? seattle storm is dallas wings. they were tied jewel lloyd hit it with 0.8 seconds left the walk up victory for the storm and let their celebration begin. all right. this is kind of funny. women's softball ncaa playoffs and talk about getting upstage. this is a coach macleod mistake doing a live in game interview, and, uh, shotgunning. that bottle of water is, uh, this young infielder right behind him. that is when you maybe don't have total control of your players, but you know what? they're having fun they want and that's the sporting life for a friday night will have. little bit more in about 25 minutes or so back to you, heather and andrea. that's all that matters. they got the victim. thanks so much mark coming up next here at 11 that
11:00 pm
couldn't comprehend right that, like something happened to him just the middle of the school day. a settlement now reached over the death of this seven year old boy in the north bay, who was killed after gate fell on him at school. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now and that private school in sandra fell where the boy attended classes agree to the settlement with his parents. hello again. i'm andre senior. and i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina. alex swan beck was killed during recess when a rolling gate fell on him. new tonight. ktvu deborah villalon has the warning now from alex's parents that they want to share. good day, dear. alex kwan, beck lived large in seven years. the little brother who led the mischief and doted on his baby sister, a warm and witty boy who seemed wise for his age. his parents say he was the heartbeat of the family this
11:01 pm
thing before he started his day. he


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