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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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but that all changes tomorrow. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes in for christina. this will mark the largest event hosted here in the bay area since the pandemic began, and for many finally return to normalcy. katie was kristen captain shows us what it will look like. and the safety measures in place. after a pause last year for covid racing, his back at sonoma raceway crews spent the day preparing the track and getting ready for the weekend. this is what sonoma raceway is built for is having a major event like this, so we are so thrilled to have race fans back and welcome back nascar to northern california this weekend will look different than years past the race weight following safety guidelines so fans will be limited instead of 47,000 fans. only about 15,600 fans will be allowed in at any given time. we are still social distance seating, so which means that people are going to be seated in pods of 2 to 6, and they'll be roughly up to 18 seats around each particular
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pod, so it'll look, a bit like a checkerboard is what they say they might not be nascar drivers, but race enthusiasts got their chance to cruise the challenging two mile course in their own cars. yeah, it was fun. i got it out his second year twice on this straight away, and then the turn before you get into turn seven out of the carousel. i got to tell you, the carousel is my favorite thing in this race track and all that fun for a good cause the racers dropping more than $200 apiece, raising about $29,000 for sonoma county youth groups for the children. it's all about speedway, children's charity of sonoma county, and we love the kids. and this is what we do so yeah, i'm gonna go write a big fat check again. some fans are already in the stands, making a weekend out of it. camping at the racetrack is a long standing tradition that looks again a little different this year. usually it's so crowded over there already. every campsites full, but this year we're pretty well spaced apart, and it's kind of nice. those fans already looking forward to
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a weekend of racing a sunday is hard to top. i like saturdays because you can do more around here, check things out, and you don't have the pressure of nobody to wear sunday. everybody seems to be kind of in a hurry to do everything. tickets are sold out for sunday's toyota save more. 3 15 nascar cup series race, but at last check, there were still some tickets available for saturday's race events at the sonoma raceway. christian captain ktvu fox. two news. well, sonoma county fair is reopening or opening rather tomorrow, many fairgrounds in the bay area, in fact, happened acting his vaccination and testing sites during the pandemic. we told you about that, but now with restrictions loosen up, san mateo county fair officials say they are ready to welcome back guests. mess will be required, and touchless payment is recommended rides. will be open and all the traditional fair foods will be available. pick the tables are spread out. we have hired extra sanitization staff so that they will be cleaned much more frequently,
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and people will be able to come out. enjoy and eat enough food designated area and eat all their food favorites from 72 to funnel cakes to all of the above. the fair is also offering free admission. if you get vaccinated at the fairgrounds. well, all of this activity comes as vaccination numbers climb, health officials say 52% of california's aged 12 and over are now fully vaccinated against covid-19. another 12% are partially vaccinated. that's close to 22 million people. in all, the state has plenty of vaccines left with a 53 day supply of 6.7 million doses. ktvu zahle, rasmus tells us the state gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars today in a big push to get even more people vaccinated. and that person resides in unbelievable santa. look at that. against the backdrop of the california lottery set, governor gavin newsom drew the numbers in the states. first vaccine
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lottery. the numbers represent someone in california who has received at least their first dose of the covid vaccine and has now one of $50,000 cash prize at alameda. you know where alameda is, the people behind the numbers won't know they've won right away because of privacy concerns. the winners are identified by an anonymous number. and the county. they live in the bay area was well represented with two winners from san francisco, three in santa clara county and one in alameda. there were no winners this time around in sacramento or the central valley. some of these counties do have a larger percentage of the population that are getting vaccinated, and it's another reminder of the importance of the work we have to do to address those gaps and address some of those disparities. it's not just along racial ethnic clients, obviously its geographic as well. the goal is to give people financial incentives to get their covid shot. that's next friday, there will be another drawing with 50,000 in cash prizes. then on june 15th when the state bully reopens, there will be a third drawing in the winners of that will get $1.5 million each. california is one of 11 states
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offering some type of incentive program. we all hands call with governors all across the country, and governors were comparing contrasting some of their incentive programs. you see some states that are actually incentivizing vaccinations with guns. some states are incentivizing vaccines with shots of beer. now in addition to the lottery drawing, there are other smaller prices. two million californians who got their covid-19 shot since may, 27th will also receive a $50 gift card after they get their second toes. california workers will have to keep wearing masks as long as anyone nearby is on vaccinated under revised guidelines approved by cal osha. the decision came after a marathon meeting of the cal osha standards boards last night. the 43 decision will allow businesses to end. physical distancing requirements. subcommittees reviewing further changes after business groups said they objected to a proposal that would require them to stockpile
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expensive n95 masks for workers. governor newsom did not rule out altering the rules after june 15th. unmindful this disease has not been extinguished hasn't gone away and you're in a dense environment. hundreds of other employees, many of who haven't been vaccinated. this disease is not taking the summer months off. we're not there yet. we won't be there. you're mindful of well as variance, and so we we've never said that we were not consider some modifications post june 15 mcallister board is expected to release updated rules later in the summer, alameda county says it is change changed how it calculates covid-19 related deaths to more closely aligned with how the state tracks them. as a result, the tally now shows that fewer residents died as a direct result of the virus, 1200 instead of 1634, alameda county previously included any person who died while infected with the virus, aligning now,
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with the state's definition requires alameda county to report covid-19 deaths only for those people who died as a direct result. of the virus, the cdc says teenagers who have not been vaccinated against covid-19 still run a risk of contracting covid and ending up in the hospital. according to the cdc. study the number of adolescents covid-19 hospitalizations in the u. s was about three times higher than hospitalizations for influenza over three recent flu seasons. the findings run counter to claims that influenza is more threatening to children than covid-19. from january to the end of march nationwide. 204 since we're hospitalized, primarily four covid-19 more than 168 million americans have gotten at least one dose of covid vaccine. president biden wants at least 70% of adults partially vaccinated by the fourth of july. he says the vaccines are having a big impact on the economy, helping to get more than half a million people back to work last month. now is the
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time to accelerate the process we've been making now's the time to build on the foundation. we have laid. as the us gets closer to herd immunity, health officials say, vaccinating the rest of the world is becoming a top priority. the white house announcing a plan to donate some 80 million doses of unused covid vaccines, the first shipment under the new plan went out friday a million doses of johnson and johnson vaccine to south korea and the may jobs report missed expectations but still show jobs are being added, and employment continues to fall as foxes, lauren blanchard and unemployment continues to fall as lauren blanche tells us republican republicans in washington say now is the time to do away with extra unemployment benefits. however democrats disagree in may the economy, added 559 jobs lower than expectations, but much higher than april's disappointing report. no other major economies gaining jobs as
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quickly as ours. and none of the success is an accident. it isn't luck. republicans however, are not impressed, they say boosted federal unemployment benefits, which began at the start of the pandemic are hurting employers unable to get employees. house minority leader kevin mccarthy tweeting washington needs to stop paying people not to work by genomics is bad for america, the labor secretary disagrees. i think this reports that the unemployment benefit is not necessary, keeping people out of the workforce. what it's doing is supporting families that are still out of work friday afternoon, president biden talking again with republican senator shelley moore capito. still it attempting to find an agreement on the american jobs plan. the president's infrastructure bill, the two sides do not agree on the size and scope of the bill and how to pay for it. there's runaway left. we're going to see how those conversations go. house democrats have unveiled their own 547 billion bill, which they will take up in the house transportation and infrastructure committee next week. the white house said
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there must be progress on a deal with republicans by next week. president biden wants a bill passed this summer, but there's got to be forward motion of the ball. we can't just be sitting still extended federal unemployment benefits are set to expire in about 90 days. the latest covid relief bill only funded them through early september. president biden says he agrees they should end. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news on wall street today, stocks ended the week higher following the release of that jobs report, the dow gained 179 points. the nasdaq was up about 200. and the s and p finished the day up. 37 points are still to come this evening, an amazon delivery driver arrested check out this video of verbal dispute quickly escalating to this a physical attack. we believe that the amazon driver attacked the elderly, uh, resident, uh, punched her multiple times in the face,
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ultimately breaking her nose will tell you what initially sparked this argument. and a burial. why there's still some breezy conditions this afternoon. no big changes as we start off the weekend, but eventually we're talking about a big temperature drop, and we'll have borne your forecast coming up and a bear wandering an east bay neighborhood early this morning, and it's movements caught on surveillance cameras. what city officials are saying about it. we had live outside taking a live look at traffic this evening on the east or free week at sea traffic is heavy in both directions. on this friday, ktvu.
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making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. but it will help you and your family stay safe for a vehicle in connection with a homicide investigation. officers say that one person was killed at the park ridge apartments on snyder lane shortly before three this afternoon, and now they're
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looking for a silver or gray colored dodge dakota pickup truck that was seen leaving the area there on snyder lane. is said to have a black lumber rack and a four by four sticker on the tailgate. if you see that truck you're asked to call police. well the search is on for a driver accused of trying to run over a livermore police officer with a pickup truck. it happened earlier today on visible avenue near interstate 5 80, the officer just pulled over the driver of the toyota tundra for vehicle violation of code violation. the officer was about to get off of his motorcycle, and that is when the driver abruptly reversed the truck over the motorcycle and then sped away. the officer jumped out of the way and into oncoming traffic, narrowly missing being hit. i know their officers spotted the truck but broke off the chase due to safety concerns, and amazon delivery driver is accused of violently attacking a customer in the east bay as kate was, henry lee explains that encounter was captured on video and apparently started with the verbal disagreement that then quickly escalated. this is
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surveillance video showing two women arguing outside an apartment complex in castro valley. the one on the left is an amazon delivery worker. the one on the right a 67 year old tenant soon this happens that ah. verbal altercation became physical. the amazon worker lets loose attacking the victim when her back was turned, uh, punched her multiple times in the face, ultimately breaking her nose. it happened at this apartment complex on center street at about five thursday afternoon. the victim called 911 to report the attack. the amazon worker 21 year old at sell, ramirez claimed self defense, but alameda county sheriff's deputies arrested her on suspicion of battery, causing serious bodily injury and elder abuse. both are felonies. the victim declined to be taken. to the hospital, and obviously we can't have our delivery drivers or people out there in the community, uh, attacking people punching people in the face. doug smith, the complex owner, told ktvu, he was told the victim had gotten an alert that a package
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of hers have been delivered. she went outside, saw the amazon worker and asked where it was. ramirez told her, she get it soon. the victim waited in the lobby for about 15 minutes came back out and again. asked where her package was. that's when the amazon worker got upset. i believe that that amazon driver said something about your white privilege. my tenants said you don't need to be a about it turned around and walked away. in this video. you can see the victim pressed up against the glass as she's being attacked totally unprovoked. my tenant was entering the building with her back to the amazon driver when she was attacked, punched multiple times at least nine times, authorities say and then 1/10 final punch i tenants started to get up and was punched directly in the nose with another cat. just absolutely devastating. in a statement, amazon told me this incident does not reflect the high standards we have for drivers who deliver our packages. we take these matters seriously, and this individual is no longer delivering amazon packages. henry lee ktvu, fox, two news and another incident
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involving a delivery driver this time the ups delivery man in san francisco was the victim. a viewer sent us this video of the situation. it happened near golf and hate streets yesterday afternoon. it shows a vehicle hit the ups driver in the middle of the street and knocked him to the ground. the attacker, then punches him several times and tries to steal a package. the driver manages to get the box back and the attacker takes off, but not before he falls out of the getaway car. the second suspect stops the vehicle and lets the attacker in until the ups driver is expected to be okay to teenagers are now under arrest and a robbery and attempted homicide in dublin. police say that 19 year old michael roy, and a 17 year old boy were taken into custody in antioch in the robbery and shooting that happened on wednesday night. police say that they also recovered for illegal handguns and a rifle. investigators say three robbers assaulted a 60 year old man in his driveway on clifton court
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in dublin before taking his belongings. the victim followed the suspects as they drove off and that's when one of the robbers shot him. the victim is expected to recover pulled he's still searching for that third suspect. oh well in bay area weather since that last heat event we had on monday, memorial day, just some subtle day to day changes out there. we have the fog in the morning, clearing back to near the coastline, warm temperatures inland and cool temperatures. coast side it looks like that will stick with that story. as we head into your saturday first, i'll show you some of the highest from this afternoon. still a few spots the hotspots in the lower nineties toward antioch 93 degrees conquered 86 san jose mitts. seventies san francisco, though, did cool off compared to yesterday's reading today. only 58 degrees here is your plan for the weekend saturday, clearing skies warm to borderline hot. still, the hotspots inland, close to 90. and then on sunday, some areas of fog and then we'll cool things off a little bit for the second half of the weekend, but more pronounced cooling as we head into next week. we're
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checking out the satellite as you can see, still some areas of fog hanging out in your portions of the coastline, especially let's see from the golden gate bridge and points south. we have more coverage and we still have that. onshore breeze as well. so we are expecting some of this cloud cover when you can see right now toward the golden gate to push back into the bay first thing tomorrow morning. first thing tomorrow morning, most areas will be in the fifties. the cool spots, possibly in the upper forties, up in the north bay and some patchy fog near the coast in your portions of the bay. this forecast models not too generous with the cloud cover, but still we could have some patchy, overcast and then tomorrow same old temperature range 60 to 90 degrees for you saturday, but we will begin to cool things off in his sunday and we'll talk more about that. with your full forecast coming up in just a little bit. all right, mark. thanks. we'll take a look at this tree burning in big basin redwoods state park now the boulder creek volunteer fire department share this video on facebook. firefighters say this redwood has been smoldering since the sees eu lightning complex fire that
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started last august, the fire department says members fell and started a few small fires near it. luckily the lack of winds stopped the fire from spreading. all right, another bear signing to tell you about this time in the east bay city of oakley. ring camera video posted online shows the bear on war hallway near delta vista middle school at about 4 30 this morning, the city says they are aware of this and other sightings and that they have notified the fish and wildlife department while left, officials say this is the time of year that young bear cubs go out on their own in search of food and water as they leave their mothers. watch the break. pro palestinian advocates hold a demonstration at the port of oakland to disrupt the unloading of a cargo ship from israel. why they say their protest was a success and the director of the fbi, now speaking out about cybersecurity threats on american businesses, after several attacks on key infrastructure over the past ini'm morgan, and there's more month. to me than hiv.
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fox. we could see demonstrators outside the terminal off harbor or middle harbour blocking arriving trucks that they were blocking the arriving trucks on middle harbour. now the protests began around six o'clock this morning to prevent these image ship from being unloaded, arab american activists say the vessel is owned by an israeli shipping line, and they asked the bay area union workers there to honor their picket line. today
6:24 pm
we're here holding community pickets asking them to honor the call from workers in palestine. as you can see, nobody has crossed the picket as of you, there should be company says it's no longer majority owned by israel that more than half the stock is owned by none. israelis thousands gathered today for a candlelight vigil in hong kong to remember the people killed during pro democracy protests in beijing's tiananmen square. the vigil happened despite a coronavirus related ban on the annual event. to end the arrest of the organizer of previous vigils. people who attended today say they feel it's important to honor the lives lost in beijing 32 years ago. i feel like the least i can do as um as a hong kong and as a cat flag. i just feel like i got like coming here to pray for them as something i should do. the tiananmen square in tiananmen square, the chinese military turned on student
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protesters, protesters on june 4th 1989, there is no official death toll from the crackdown, but some estimates put that number above 10,000. the director of the fbi is now comparing the danger of ransomware to the 9 11 terror attack as the biden administration takes steps to counter the growing threat of cyber attacks on american businesses boxes. laura engel has more now from new york. the federal government is now treating ransomware attacks as high priority crimes, devoting more money and more resources to fighting back. the justice department calling on states to report all ransomware investigations they may be working on so that the federal government can better track online threats and you can be sure that that state actors china, russia, north korea, iran as well as non state terrorists are watching this very carefully to see how vulnerable b. honourable we are and mount future attacks against us this past week, the
6:26 pm
largest meat processing facility in the world, jbs was temporarily forced to shut down nine beef plants in the u. s and abroad after a cyber attack, leaving workers concerned over lost wages. last month, the colonial pipeline hack sent americans panicking to the gas pump and brought one of the nation's most important fuel lines to a standstill. we know that the ransomware threat is urgent. it's complex, and it's been increasing over the last several years. and you know it feels new to us over the last couple of weeks, but it has been increasing rapidly around the world over the last. several years. the white house says many of the cyber attacks likely originated in russia. president biden says he is working with moscow to hold the hackers responsible, and it is expected that both president biden and president putin will discuss cybersecurity at a summit in geneva this month in new york. laura ingle fox news. warning tonight for parents of infants. fisher price is
6:27 pm
recalling two products after the deaths of four babies, according to the u. s consumer product safety commission. the babies were placed on their backs unrestrained in the devices and then later found on their stomachs. the four and one rocking glide suitors and the soothe and play gliders are the ones that are being recalled 227,000 of the devices were sold in both the united states and canada. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30, the santa clara county district attorney now says he thinks last week's mass shooting at the bt a real yard could have been prevented what he says could have been done way back in 2016 and coming up a little later in sports tonight, a teenager continues to lead the pack and the women's us open being hosted at the olympic club are sports director marco baniyas will have second round highlights coming up a little later.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit raceway crews spent today preparing the track for saturday and sunday's events. it's the bay area's biggest events since the pandemic began with more than 15,000 people expected to hit the stance there. well today, 15 californians 1 $50,000 each for getting vaccinated against covid-19. the bay area was well represented with two winners in san francisco, three in santa clara county and one in alameda county. all the winners get the option to stay anonymous. states $116 million vax for the
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win initiative is the largest vaccine incentive program in the u. s i lived in san francisco. you live in alameda county, maybe work two of the winner. alright amazon delivery driver accused of attacking take a look at this video a 67 year old woman outside of an apartment complex in castro valley. the incident as i mentioned captured on video yesterday. that amazon worker a 21 year old. it's a ramirez is claiming self defense. but sheriff's deputies arrested her on suspicion of battery causing serious bodily injury and elder abuse. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. there are new questions tonight following the mass shooting at the vita rail yard last week, the santa clara county district attorney wants to know why a 2000 and 16 encounter between the shooter and customs agents was not reported to local authority. as katie was an rubin explains the d a thinks that that information could have led to an intervention that saved
6:32 pm
lives. could the vita shooting that claimed nine lives have been prevented? that's what santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen wants to know he's demanding access to a 2016 report outlining an encounter between customs and border protection and the shooter sam cassidy once i read that report, i've indicated that i want to talk with the head of customs and border protection in the bay area, too. try to understand why that information was not shared with local law enforcement at the time allegedly found in cassidy's possession books about terrorism and notes outlining his hatred for the vita rosen says had local agency been alerted. they could have investigated and intervened. they very well may have talked to friends or neighbors or coworkers. talk to mr cassidy ascertained whether he had any weapons tried to get a sense of what his mental state was, experts say while hindsight is 2020 the decision
6:33 pm
whether to pass on that information might not have been clear cut at the time. nobody wants to be the one who said you know what? i should have passed us along. jerry robinette ran homeland security investigations for immigration and customs enforcement in texas, he says it's routine for federal agencies to share information with locals, everything from obvious threats to hunches. the roadblocks that people envision are are not there. i mean, we work together too often on a regular basis. rosen wants to make sure that's the case. he says he was there in the hours after the vita shooting when the victim's families were notified. i heard the cries and the screams and i saw people throwing up. and those are images that i will never forget. and he says, while cassidy alone is to blame for this tragedy, it's time officials asked themselves some hard questions. what could we have done differently? and better to prevent this. what can we do? going forward to minimize the chance of this happening again? customs and
6:34 pm
border protection did not respond to our request for comment. rosen expects he'll be getting a copy of that 2016 report in the coming days and ruben ktvu fox two news. a man has been arrested in connection to a deadly shooting in san francisco's polk gulch neighborhood. this happened on may, 8th on first street and bush now, san francisco police say that's where officers found 25 year old robert mena gallardo on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound. police say they tried to help him, but he was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived 10 days later on may 18th police arrested releases gutierrez on suspicion. of murder. a man who was released from state prison after more than 30 years for murder could be facing deportation as kate, please rob roth tells us the former inmate now works with the homeless and is credited with helping to save someone's life recently. yes sir. i do worry about reported lamb hungry, has an appointment monday with immigration and
6:35 pm
customs enforcement or ice. he's afraid it could lead to deportation to vietnam, a country he fled as a boy living american for 42 here and now we will try the he put me back to vietnam. i don't know nobody six when people were silent, dozens of supporters rallied at the state capitol thursday, asking governor gavin newsom to grantley a full pardon. lee who is not an american citizens served 32 years in prison for a murder he committed while in a street gang since his parole in 2019, he's been working at a homeless shelter in san francisco. he even helped save this man from dying from a fentanyl overdose recently by administering narcan n c p r man, i'm thankful for him very thankful that he was there at least supervisor at the shelter, says lee is reliable and compassionate, not only a great worker, but he communicates on. the deeper liver to each of these guests, but we could have a difficult fight to stay in the u. s it is dire because
6:36 pm
he's facing potentially an ice arrest and detention. the asian law caucus, says the california department of corrections and rehabilitation does not fall under sanctuary, state or sanctuary city guidelines that allows it to share immigration and release information with ice assembly build. 9 37 would stop that practice. the proposal has passed the assembly and is now before the state senate. not california's business to discriminate against immigrants versus non immigrant to say, well, you're an immigrant, so we're gonna do a favor that we don't have to do to the federal government and subject you to double punishment. opponents argue that those who commit violent crimes should lose the privilege of living in the u. s as for lee, he'd like to work with young people and keep them from making the same mistakes he did at their age. i want to do more. i want to speak to the use of the kids not to join again not to do drugs. who he is now it's not who he was when he committed that life. prime ice responded to us with an
6:37 pm
email, saying it wouldn't comment on pending cases or the proposed legislation. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. coming up schedule an election an election to recall governor newsom. will it be in november? or could it be sooner? why? some say the sooner the better is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan,
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit recall election continues
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tonight. ktvu political reporter greg lee lays out how soon you could be voting and why the fight over timing is inherently political. it's near certain governor gavin newsom will face a recall election this year. but the question now is when many analysts have estimated a november election, but now an earlier time line is being floated. well, that's going to be determined by a series of actions. the legislature text department of finance takes secretary states takes and they'll make that determination period full stop. that's how the governor responded when asked about this tweet from state senator steve glazer, saying newsom's best opportunity to beat the recall is an early election. here's what's next june. 8th is the last day for anyone who signed the petition to remove their name, then 30 business days for the department of finance to estimate the cost of a special election. then another 30 days for the joint legislative budget committee to review the estimate. chairwoman senator nancy skinner recently said that could be expedited our county election officials have
6:41 pm
already indicated their costs. they've indicated it for some time now what they believe those costs to be. so we've already been at reviewing that. and that 30 days may not be necessary. after that the secretary of state will certify the signatures and the lieutenant governor must schedule a recall election between 60 to 80. days later. some estimates put it in late august early september at the earliest. both sides are saying publicly they're not concerned about timing. newsom's campaign spokesperson said. this our focus is on winning, and we'll beat the republican recall whenever the elections called. that's our approach. and guns more of rescue california one of the groups behind the recall effort, said, bring it on. we got him either way. look, 90% of politics is about timing. sonoma state political science professor dave mcewen says there's pros and cons for both sides. given the budget news, given the california rebound and recovery, what is happening is sooner is better than for gavin newsom for the governor, mcewen says a summer election would help the governor steer
6:42 pm
clear of variables like potential power shutoffs, wild fires and the drought. however, he says democrats need to tread lightly as they move ahead if democrats push this forward too fast, there is the issue that recall proponents will use that as a talking point that look here again as a governor, where the rules don't apply. greg lee ktvu fox two news. yeah, and of area weather weekend is almost here. not too much change for tomorrow, but we are talking about a cool down in the five day and we'll have that coming up in a little bit. for now, though, let's go to ktvu jana katsuyama with a look at some of the stories that we're working on for the seven o'clock news coming up over on ktvu plus, heather new tonight, maui is making a change to its coronavirus testing policies for visitors. the announcement from hawaiian health officials and reasons for the change and also new get this a robot. really nails a manicure where you can find what's being called the world's first robo nail technician right here in
6:43 pm
the bay area. those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu plus, but first after the break the u. s olympic rowing team just announced today, we'll tell you about the five athletes with bay area ties who have been chosen to represent the u. s. wthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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to the summer tokyo. the us rowing women's team has selected grace, luke, luke, zack and ali russia from stanford and kendall chase from cal berkeley. the men's us rowing team has chosen stanford's austin hack and cows, julian venyavsky. the olympic games in tokyo will be held
6:46 pm
july 23rd to august 9th. japan is trying to contain a surge of new covid-19 infections with just a small percentage of its population fully vaccinated as foxes jeff paul tells us the outbreak is prompting more calls to cancel next month's summer olympics in tokyo were less than two months away from the start of the summer olympics, but pressure is building to cancel this year's events. this week. japan released the costumes, podiums and music that will be used at the medal ceremonies, organisers maintained the games are quote 100% going ahead even as japan battles of fourth wave of covid night. 19 infections. the president of tokyo 2020, assuring public safety protocols will be in place% consensual ties that we will fully prepared for antivirus measures. the tokyo 2020 organizing committee will absolutely make sure to protect the health of athletes think i got only about 2 to 3% of japan's general population has been fully vaccinated. tokyo is
6:47 pm
seeing around 500 new covid cases per day. roughly double what new york city is reported. there's also. growing lack of support among japanese citizens about 10,000 out of the 80,000 volunteers for the olympic and paralympic games have dropped out, some saying they quit due to concerns over covid-19 if they were to hold the olympics and the infection spread, who would take responsibility after postponing the games last year, organizers are planning a scaled down version this summer with no international fans allowed to attend a decision on local spectators. is expected to happen later this month when tokyo state of emergency is scheduled to end organizers say having no fans still remains an option if the covid-19 outbreak escalates. in los angeles. jeff paul. fox news, and a very whether the weekend almost here, it looks like a fairly nice one as well. the typical fog in the
6:48 pm
morning clearing back to near the coastline and still temperatures not moving around too much over the next couple days, but we will eventually be tracking a change into early next week. let's jump right into your weekend forecast clearing skies for you saturday more sunshine tomorrow should be the warmest day of the weekend. sunday is just a little bit cooler. it's still fairly warm inland. that the hotspots will still be in the upper eighties satellite once again we're showing you this. some low clouds and fog near the immediate coastline. also right around san francisco is becoming closer of interesting a cloud pattern there as you can see out to the west, and we still have that onshore breeze as well. so we still have some patchy fog and the picture sneaking into a san francisco bay this evening. current numbers out there for the six o'clock hour, still some seventies to report as you can see for the warm spots. san francisco has cooled off into the fifties, and there is a bit of a breeze out there, especially toward the fairfield and napa. some stronger winds. there are nothing too extreme, but that typical sea breeze a developing over the past few hours and right now, not too
6:49 pm
bad at sfo that northwest wind at about 13 miles an hour as we show you our live camera at the golden gate bridge, not too much change compared to yesterday at this time, even the day before, and the day before, so we're kind of stuck in a static weather pattern. not too much, not a drastic change, at least over the over the next couple days. but here's the plan tomorrow. i still think renesas patchy fog to start things out near the coast near the bay and then into the afternoon hours, a big temperature range. we're starting to see those micro climates out there from around 60 all the way to 90 degrees for tomorrow afternoon. so this big air this big h this big area high pressure is not moving around too much just yet. so with that this weekend, cool coast. with the temperatures in the sixties war of the hot inland. we're talking about major heat, but still upper eighties to lower nineties. this will be the bigger deal in the next week by monday into tuesday, a bigger fog bank and that will lead to a temperatures going down only in the sixties and the seventies by that time frame, but at least four tomorrow we're gonna have some hot numbers inland, close to 90 degrees once against apache,
6:50 pm
overcast near oakland, hayward, san francisco out toward san mateo and then clearing into the afternoon hours, santa rosa 86. and san francisco will go 66 degrees. here's look ahead. your five day forecast is still fairly mild into sunday, but you will notice that temperature change into early next week. so if you're not a fan of the extreme heat, remember last week, a few days ago, we had heat advisories in place for parts of the bay area. thankfully that's not showing up in the barrier forecast just a little bit of a drop off into. early next week. all right, mark. thank you looks good. well, today, the original rainbow pride flag was unveiled in san francisco. it's now on display at the glbt historical society museum on 18th street there in the castro district, mayor breed and other civic and community leaders were there for the unveiling. the rainbow flag was designed in san francisco by the late artist and activist gilbert baker back in 1978. since then, it has become a worldwide symbol of pride and the
6:51 pm
original was thought to have been lost. this has been a symbol, a symbol of hope. assemble of safety, a symbol of refuge. and so what's so amazing about today is we have a symbol that is of the original gilbert baker flag. gilbert baker never trademarked the flag. he said it was his gift to the world. we have a series of reports and conversations for the month of june celebrating pride. you can see those reports any time by visiting our website at k t b com slash pride. up next oakland's own gary payton is coming back to the base sports director mark bonnie's tells us about the university in oakland, where
6:52 pm
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit batteries and first aid kit are a good start great friday night. now this was a cute little story yesterday. high school junior, you know, looking really good at the us open, but think of it. now it's getting real 155 the best women's golfers in the world only 11. are under par through two rounds, and she is
6:55 pm
one of them at the beautiful olympic club, and it's starting to get real right now, as the weather was fine on the par 4/7, her 17th hole of the day. this is mega ghani and looking good first told birdie and her round continues. she had that problem here there and as you know, she had a four under yesterday, even par 71 today. she obviously makes the cut, and she is only one stroke back. jennifer cup show on the par 3/13 here. shot of the day. no doubt you can't get better than this. the ace, she'll get the role and she needed it as a matter of fact, as she made the cut by one shot. she was three over par or over. the cut line, you cassatt. so looks like your leader right now. she's got a couple of holes left birdie at 53 under and it looks like she will be your solo leader
6:56 pm
heading into the weekend. want to mention to that locals paula creamer from pleasanton and michelle wie west kind of ballooned a little bit today and did not make the cut at the olympic club. alright. san francisco giants and oakland a's both in action tonight, and they're both in first place on their way to what they hope will be a world series a year for them. stanford's got the same dream in collegiate baseball, and that dream is starting to take shape today down at sunken diamond at stanford, working the long road to get there. as the regional starts today at stanford, opening around against north dakota state, tim tower goes deep, max low bit that's a solo shot. he had another later and while their pitcher alex williams, for the cardinal, locked in went seven innings, struck out nine gave up only three hits and one run nine the final stanford advances. to the
6:57 pm
winner's bracket. now as you know, it's a double elimination. and back to international sports. serena williams back to the business of trying to win another major over at the french open as she moves on a little bit handling the clay court there at roland garros and straight set winner danielle collins tried to stop her sneakers that say, never stopped fighting. and you know about serena to know she doesn't need that inspiration. she's got it down deep. serena first set 64 down the second down 41. she begins to turn the set around with the back hand all the way back to close it out in that set with an ace 6464 and the next step, elena, right, keena. as serena williams is a winner today, if you know anything about oakland's own gary payton, you know he loves a challenge. hall of famer 10 time defensive player of the year in the nba,
6:58 pm
and he has been tasked with quite a challenge in his hometown went to skyline high. as a matter of fact, it is the rather small lincoln university in oakland, he will become as of today, the first basketball coach in that school's history. they're actually build. in the sports program from the ground up. they're gonna have basketball and football first time they've ever done that in the 101 year. history of that school. yeah and as i said, carry, peyton will make that a winner. you need to check this out friday night at the videos and the women's softball ncaa championships are underway. oklahoma state coach kenny jackowski is upstaged by iraq held the fingers one of his players i've seen. people shotgunning a beer, but never a bottle of water. she looks like she's doing it all right, needed a little hydration. needed a little hydration. that's the sporty lives
6:59 pm
okay, now holding sides of hearth in position, lower mantelpiece assembly onto top tabs. look at that, i built a fireplace with my own two hands. you're so butch. aw, i got a little paper cut. of course you did. your hands are softer than veal. oh, before i forget, saturday i'm planning a little dungeons and dragons night with the guys. really? that's how you're gonna spend your saturday night? oh, come on, i hardly ever get a chance to play anymore. oh, you poor thing. is having a real-life girlfriend who has sex with you getting in the way of your board games? little bit, yeah. oh, great! i've always wanted to play dungeons and dragons. yeah, oh, i'm sorry. i should've mentioned this earlier. you're not invited. why not? amy, from time to time, we men need to break free from the shackles of civility and get in touch with our primal animalistic selves.
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