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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 4, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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from ktvu. fox. two news. this is the four and welcome to the four. i'm jana katsuyama. i'm andre. senior alex is off. heather will join me at five o'clock. a verbal altercation between a woman and a man. an amazon driver rather quickly got out of hand. the delivery woman was arrested. ktvu crime reporter henry lee joins us with more on what led up to this attack, henry. yeah andre all start when this victim was wondering where her package was, she could started arguing with this amazon delivery woman, and soon that worker began throwing punches. this is surveillance video showing two women arguing outside in castro valley. the one on the left is an amazon delivery worker. the one on the right a 67 year old tenant soon this happens that ah. verbal altercation became physical. the amazon worker lets loose attacking the victim when her back was turned, uh, punched
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her multiple times in the face, ultimately breaking her nose. it happened at this apartment complex on center street at about five thursday afternoon. the victim called 911 to report the attack. the amazon worker 21 year old at sell, ramirez claimed self defense, but alameda county sheriff's deputies arrested her on suspicion of battery, causing serious bodily injury and elder abuse. both are felonies. the victim declined to be taken. to the hospital. obviously we can't have our, uh, delivery drivers or people out there in the community, uh, attacking people punching people in the face. doug smith, the complex owner told ktvu, he was told the victim had gotten an alert that a package of hers have been delivered. she went outside, saw the amazon worker and asked where it was. ramirez told her. she get it soon. the victim waited in the lobby for about 15 minutes, came back out and again. asked where her package was. that's when the amazon worker got upset. i believe that that amazon driver said there was something about your white privilege. my tenants said you don't need to
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be a about it turned around and walked away. in this video. you can see the victim pressed up against the glass as she's being attacked totally unprovoked. my tenant was entering the building with her back to the amazon driver when she was attacked, punched multiple times at least nine times, authorities say and then 1/10 final punch. i started to get up and was punched directly in the nose with another cat. just absolutely devastating. now in a statement to be today, amazon said this does not reflect the high standards we have for drivers who deliver our packages. we take these matters seriously, and this individual is no longer delivering amazon packages reporting live. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. all right, henry. thank you so much. another incident now involving a delivery person, this time of ups driver in san francisco, now this happened near golf and hate streets around two pm yesterday, viewers sent this video of a man trying to steal t 40 year old ups driver. the driver tried to get the box
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back. his attacker tried to leave in an suv, but the getaway driver hit him before they both got away. the ups driver is expected to be okay and was able to keep a hold of his delivery, 15 lucky californians 1 $50,000 in cash. today they were the winners of the state's first vaccine lottery drawing designed to incentivize californians to get the covid-19 vaccine. ktvu sally. rasmus has more on today's drawing and the winners and that person resides in unbelievable. so look at that. against the backdrop of the california lottery set, governor gavin newsom drew the numbers in the states. first vaccine lottery. the numbers represent someone in california who has received at least their first dose of the covid vaccine and has now won a $50,000 cash prize at alameda. you know where alameda is, the people behind the numbers won't know they've won right away because of private. he concerns the winners are identified by an anonymous number and the county. they live in the bay
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area was well represented with two winners from san francisco, three in santa clara county and one in alameda. there were no winners this time around in sacramento or the central valley. some of these counties do have a larger percentage of the population that are getting vaccinated, and it's another reminder of the importance. of the work we have to do to address those gaps and address some of those disparities. it's not just along racial ethnic clients, obviously its geographic as well. the goal is to give people financial incentives to get their covid shots. next friday, there will be another drawing with 50,000 in cash prizes. then on june 15th when the state fully reopens, there will be a third drawing in the winners of that will get $1.5 million each. california is one of 11 states offering some type of incentive program. we had an all hands call with governors all across the country. tree and governors were comparing contrasting some of their incentive programs. you see some states that are actually incentivizing vaccinations with guns. some states are incentivizing vaccines with shots of beer. ali rasmus ktvu, fox two news.
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the cdc says covid hospitalizations are rare among children but have now become more frequent than hospitalizations for the flu, according to a cdc study. the number of adolescent covid-19 hospitalizations in the united states was about three times higher than the influenza hospitalizations over three recent flu seasons. the findings run counter to claims that influenza is more threatening to children, then covid-19 from january to the end of march nationwide. 204. or adolescents were hospitalized primarily for covid-19 or at the east bay city of oakley is buzzing over a bear sighting ring camera video posted online shows that bear you see it there on the right hand side of your screen roaming in the area of delta vista middle school about 4 30 this morning, the city says they are awareied the fish and wildlife department as we have seen in other signings, officials say, this is the time
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of year young beer cubs go out on the road. own in search of food and water as they leave their mothers. well after nearly two years of silence, the roar of nascar is returning this weekend to sonoma raceway. ktvu christian captain is live track side for us this afternoon christian. hey andre. you said at the roar is back here at nascar, the toyota the st mark toyota 3 50 set to get underway on sunday. but those fans they're already showing up here at the raceway. after a pause last year for covid racing, his back at sonoma raceway crews spent the day preparing the track and getting ready for the weekend. this is what sonoma raceway is built for is having a major event like this, so we are so thrilled to have race fans back and welcome back nascar to northern california this weekend will look different than years past the race weight following safety guidelines so fans will be limited instead of 47,000 fans only about 15,600 fans will be allowed in at any
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given time. we are still social distance seating, so which means that people are going to be seated in pods of 2 to 6 and there'll be roughly up to 18 seats around each particular pod, so it'll look, a bit like a checkerboard is what they say they might not be nascar drivers, but race enthusiasts got their chance to cruise the challenging two mile course in their own cars. yeah, it was fun. i got it out of second year twice on this straight away, and then the turns before you get into turn seven out of the carousel. to tell you. the carousel is my favorite thing in this race track and all that fun for a good cause. the racers dropping more than $200 apiece, raising about $29,000 for sonoma county youth groups for the children. it's all about speedway children's charity of sonoma county yeah, a go write a big fat check again. some fans are alreadye stands, making a weekend out of it. camping at the racetrack is a long standing tradition that looks again a little different this year. usually it's so
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crowded over there already. every campsites full, but this year we're pretty well spaced apart, and it's kind of nice. those fans already looking forward to a weekend of racing a sunday is hard to top. i like saturdays because you can do more around here. check things out. and you don't have the pressure of nobody to wear sunday. everybody seems to be kind of in a hurry to do everything. tickets are sold out for sunday's toyota save mark 3 50 nascar cup series race. but at last check, there were still some tickets available for saturday's race events reporting live at the sonoma raceway christien kafton ktvu fox. two news signs of normalcy for sure. alright, christian. thank you so much. we moved to this now what dumpster set on fire stores looted still ahead a live report from minneapolis, where the city is once again on edge after law enforcement officers shoot and kill a man and marin county resident aren't conserving as much water as
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they should be coming up the steps you can take to help as we face especially dry summer, around the bay area this afternoon. partly cloudy skies a bit of a cool breeze and temperatures on the mild side, at least along the coast and around the bank. take a look into the current conditions on what you can expect for your bay area saturday in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day.
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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on the 200,000 residents in the district to help conserve drastically low water supplies. and although they were hoping for a 40% reduction this past month, conservation efforts have not met that mark, where in water spokeswoman jeannie mariani belding talked with me earlier today. this is a severe drought. in fact, this is on track to be a drug record. so the mandatory restrictions are designed to help protect and preserve our water supply. so right now we have about 47% a
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storage capacity on our reservoirs. and typically, this ti 90% so we've got ground to make up there. so with the mandatory restrictions in about a month into it this week, we're seeing conservation levels of about 11% so we really want to make sure that people are getting the word and that we're doing everything we can to help them conserve. and one of the things you've been asking for is a ban on car washing, not power washing buildings or sidewalks or driveways. um, what do you need to see happen on the part of your customers on the part of residents in order to try and make sure that the supply is going to meet the demand moving forward? so irrigation is really a large water users. so we're asking people to irrigation. in fact, we have restrictions on great irrigation of no more than two days a week. asian no more than three days a week, but we really encourage people to just water minimally by hand. that's
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the most efficient way to do it. and there are several ways to save water, which on its face may not seem. big but collectively make a difference. things like turning off the water. when you brush your teeth, shorter shoppers, things like that. collectively we'll all make a difference. and what kind of response have you seen so far? and does it go towards the response that you are hoping to see. well we hope to see greater conservation. we know that changing behavior takes time and our experience has told us that it takes over these measures to kick in. and so we're a month into it, and we're confident that we're going to see much higher levels of conservation going forward, and i did want to ask you about one event that i noticed that you're having on june 12th next saturday. what's called a drought drive up. what is that? and what can people expect if they go to one of those locations? right. so the drug drive up is where you can come drive through, and we'll hand you a bucket and in the bucket, we have water efficient
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fixtures. information on how to conserve and just a variety of things that will help you meet our conservation goals. events completely free and we are at three locations are marine office headquarters, which is in corte madera. and it fell at the community center and also at the mill valley community center. so we encourage everybody to drop by. drive through and pick up your conservation materials. mariana belding told me that right now marine water board is not considering any increase in rates, but it will be considering additional conservation measures next month. and this just in take a look at this fire burning their lady college in oakland. that's interstate 8 80 there at the top of your screen sky foxx overhead about 15 minutes ago, flames burned brush and some porter parties. black smoke could be seen throughout downtown oakland, arriving firefighters quickly put water on the fire and had it out. and if two minutes. no word on the
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initial cause here. the first of the nineveh to shooting victims is being buried today. a funeral is set for 63 year old larson lane. he was with the transit agency for 20 years and was first hired back in 2000 and one as an electro mechanic. later he became an overhead line worker, the vita board of directors is honoring the nine shooting victims. i want to note how last wednesday's tragic attack at the guadalupe the light rail yard has broken our hearts. this horrific tragedy has caused us to lose nine of our beach. a family members and i do not have the words to ease the immense pain. we're all feeling right now. board yesterday held its first regularly scheduled meetings since the railyard attack, vita thank to local transit agencies and santa clara county for their support and said the agency is still struggling to deal with the loss. administrators say there are fewer staff members available to operate all transit lines. the vita is no longer providing
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a bus bridge for the suspended light rail service. right, so there is more unrest in the city of minneapolis now after law enforcement officers shot and killed a man who they say they were trying to arrest for illegally possessing a gun. this, of course, comes one year after the killing of george floyd and just a few months after the killing of dante, right by police just outside of minneapolis reporter paul bloom is live in minneapolis. now with more on that now, paul tell us about what happened in this latest deadly encounter with authorities. well. good evening, andre. thanks for having me from the heart of uptown. minneapolis is a neighborhood that for her now is the snarl basically, demonstrators have shut down this area a couple blocks stretch going down to where in this parking ramp yesterday afternoon, winston smith was shot and killed by law enforcement. he was wanted fugitive in possession of a firearm. it's unclear exactly what happened. but this was on the upper floor of the parking ramp and the part of this popular minneapolis
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neighborhood. i looked like from our chopper video that authorities box them in. and these were members of the united states marshals task force staff by local authorities. local hand up in ramsey county are two major county sheriff's offices. and apparently there was this exchange of gunfire today, investigators said. winston smith did shoot from the driver's compartment. a handgun recovered from inside the car. bullet casings found inside the car and returning fire. had it been counting the ramsay county sheriff's deputy, winston smith, popular musician here, a guy who takes the social media with his comedic videos community shot to death, a ton of questions from family and friends today about why it had to end it, as it did yesterday. in that hail of gunfire here in the uptown neighborhood of minneapolis and paul, we understand, authorities say there are no law enforcement body camera footage of the incident. so right now the events leading to winston smith's death. our only
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statements from police. is that correct? that is correct. and, of course, the bureau of criminal apprehension one of those agencies here in the state of minnesota has come under fire for its investigative work when it comes to deadly police encounters, but apparently this united states marshals task force at least regionally here in the state of minnesota does not require its team members to wear body cameras to have cameras rolling on their squad cars, so there is no law enforcement. video of this encounter now the parking ramp where it did happen on the rooftop. there is 1/5 floor camera up there. we do not know what it captured. but today, winston smith's brother and what other loved ones demanded to see what's on that video. they have a ton of questions about why this went down the way it did up on top of that parking ramp yesterday. so has the law enforcement agency involved in this have they have they come out and said anything regarding this encounter? besides just the basic statements that we know so far. like. are they coming out with
4:19 pm
some information about? uh perhaps before providing the family with some information about the incidents and more information that they've been demanding, family said they haven't that absolutely heard one word from law enforcement least couple hours ago at a news conference they held that i was at right here at the scene of the shooting. i know demonstrators and some other family members went over to be cia headquarters. it's about 15 20 minutes away over in st paul today to again demand some type of train. transparency here. it's just very basic statements. andre we know winston smith was wanted. apparently he had skipped out on a sentencing for being a found in possession of a firearm. a couple weeks ago, there was a thought that that he would be armed and the family had said he had spent all day at at a bar across the street with a date. there was a woman in his car when the shooting went down, so they don't know why he was sort of ambush. that's their language ambushed as he sat in the car up in the parking ramp, so law enforcement absolutely has questions and what's interesting. it is the u. s.
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marshal service. we're not quite as well connected with that federal entity as may be on the ground law enforcement here, but that task force is made up of local agencies. these were local deputies who fired hadn't been county. that's the county in minneapolis sits in and ramsey county that's the large county where saint paul is it was local deputies. but again they were working under this jurisdiction of this u. s marshal task force. a bench warrant issued for the arrest of winston smith and something occurred up. on the top floor of the parking ramp yesterday afternoon. broad daylight with a woman sitting in his car right next to him in poland. one last question here. do we know what happened to the woman who was in the car when. all of us went down, though there are mixed stories on the surface, the investigative agency, the bureau of criminal apprehension, has said she was hit by some shattering glass during the gunfire again. it sounds like the bullets going both directions. she's slightly injured and is brought to a hospital. and has subsequently
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released, but the family had not gotten in touch with her at least a couple of hours ago when i was with them, so they were having some real difficulty understanding what she saw what she witnessed. there was even a rumor amongst family loved ones that she was sort of being detained and was not being allowed to speak with them. i got to be honest, i don't know that to be the truth. but as of the last couple of hours they had not heard from that woman. and that was also part of this frustration. the fact that there was no video fact that this is a rooftop the middle of the day and what they are calling in an ambush tactic. just a lot of frustration hurt for winston smith's family report problem on the ground in minneapolis, where the story is still developing right now from our sister station, fox nine in minneapolis. paul thank you so much around the bay area this afternoon, a little cooler in most spots and breezy for some outside our doors. partly cloudy to mostly clear skies around the bay. here's a view over sfo, where struggled the
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entire day to get rid of some of that cloud cover. we got a little bit of blue there. we've got some fog and the backdrop and the clouds expected to return around the bay for the evening hours into tomorrow morning temperatures right now. 57 degrees in san francisco, call 55 at half moon bay. we go inland. it's a warm one. brentwood 91 for you in the north bay 80 degrees over santa rosa and in ourselves by 73 over san jose a look at the 24 hour temperature change and you can see nevado down by 13 degrees from yesterday at this time, down by 11 in hayward and seven degrees cooler, fairfield conquered livermore and san jose. so notable drop in temperatures, especially in line and a look at the coast where we do have the clouds and the fog. that pretty much remained all day. in some spots point, reyes being one of them. half moon bay. partly sunny. mostly cloudy the entire day. santa cruz capitola. partly cloudy, mostly clear even at this hour, quick, little said, move down the coastline. you can see that fog is going to move back across the bay and
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will be partly cloudy to start tomorrow morning. the onshore breeze quite robust fairfield reporting. 32 mile per hour gusts conquered, gusting to 20. so that cool pacific air moving through the delta into the sacramento valley. if we do a shift here, sfo reporting an onshore breeze at 30 mom. was per hour. so here's a look at the future cast getting into tomorrow morning. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy out for east based shore will go partly cloudy along the coastline partly to mostly cloudy. then into the afternoon. we've got mid and high level clouds across the bay area in addition to the low clouds hanging there pretty close to the coast. when i come back, i'll have a look at the temperatures for tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon. what you can expect for the rest of the weekend coming up. our schools that have been closed for the last year. i put it this way. and i think gavin newsom has done a horrible job. and the reason honestly, the reason for this recall is i think the mothers of this state are just furious. it was caitlyn jenner. their talks, schools, taxes and her
4:24 pm
voting record more on her first in depth interview since announcing her run for governor. if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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we provide you the information so you will dig safely. first in depth interview to alex michaelson, host of the issue is since announcing her run for governor. newsom seat. alex joins us live now with what she had to say, alex. tell us about andre. good to see you. yeah, this is her first tv interview with the california journalist during this run, and we talked about a lot of issues. one of them we talked about was taxes. she talks a lot about how taxes in this state are. too high, so i pressed her on that it was a report in bloomberg that showed that, um middle class people in texas actually pay more taxes than here in california rich people in california pay way more taxes. do you think that taxes on the rich should be
4:27 pm
lowered in california? um i think it's an issue. i haven't gotten strongly into exactly what we're going to have. i'm working with jim brulte and a lot of other. people on a lot of the tax issues right now i am running against the hypocrisy that's out there. um uh in sacramento. i'm running against our schools that have been close for the last year. i put it this way. and i think gavin newsom has done a horrible job. and the reason honestly, the reason for this recall is i think the mothers. of this state are just furious because they've had to stay home. they've missed jobs. i put it this way. gavin newsom wasn't for the people he was for the elites. gavin newsom. um wasn't for the kids. he was for the union's revolution wasn't for the workers who was for himself unless he shut us down while he lived it up at
4:28 pm
the french laundry, total hypocrisy. let's talk about that's what i'm running again. so alex. so that's an interesting so she didn't have a real answer on the issue of taxes. i also asked her about the budget. i asked her how big is the california budget? andre and she didn't have a specific answer for that, saying that we're trying to talk about specifics, but she really wanted to talk more in generalities about where things are at, alex. i wonder what else you were able to believe from her because i've heard some interviews recently. and when she's uh when you go. to her about the issue specifically, sometimes she works around them. is that your impression that you got during this interview? that was, i think what you may have just seen right there. we also tried to pin her down on the issue of voting because when she did an interview recently with cnn's dana bash, she asked her if she voted in 2020. did she vote for president trump? she said that
4:29 pm
she didn't vote for president trump and she didn't vote at all. well then politico looked up the records. of voting, which is a public thing, and it turns out she did vote, so i tried to ask her for clarification on that issue. here's some of that. so you did vote in that election, though, right? even though you told dana that you didn't it was mail in balloting. um and, uh, they were, you know, a couple of people at the house and we're all sitting around or should we do this? and i'm pretty sure it was probably sent in, but i didn't go to the mill. i didn't do it the old fashioned. i'm an old fashioned person, you know, common sense. i like going sitting there in the little booth and banging away there was an option to do in person voting and in the last election. so she i think is saying that she voted the public records show that she voted. but part of the story recently is, you know, in 10
4:30 pm
out of 26 recent statewide election, she only voted in 10 out of the last 26 statewide elections. she didn't vote in. most of them didn't vote in the 2000 and three recall when arnold schwarzenegger ended up winning and so that you know, complicates her efforts to try to encourage other people to vote when she's so often has chosen not to vote herself. it sounds like you've got a pretty interesting interview on your program coming up this weekend. alex thank you so much, and you can catch for a while. this interview with caitlyn jenner this sunday. the issue is airs at 5:30 a.m. right here on ktvu. facebook makes a decision extending a ban on former president donald trump from its platforms coming up how long it will last and the reasons behind the band. the maid jobs report is out, and democrats say it's good news. and now when infrastructure bill is needed to continue growth, i'm lauren blanchard in washington with more on where negotiations stand just days before the president's following the releasf
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today's u. s jobs report showing some job growth, the dow gained 179 points. the nasdaq was up about 200 the s and p finished the day up. 37 points may jobs report missed expectations but still showed an increase in jobs being added and lower levels of unemployment as foxes, lauren blanchard tellston are debating went to anployment benw to create new jobs moving
4:34 pm
forward. in may. the economy, added 559 jobs lower than expectations, but much higher than april's disappointing report. no other major economies gaining jobs as quickly as ours. and none of the success is an accident. it isn't luck. republicans however, are not impressed, they say boosted federal unemployment benefits, which began at the start of the pandemic are hurting employers unable to get employees. house minority leader kevin mccarthy tweeting washington needs to stop paying people not to work by genomics is bad for america, the labor secretary disagrees. i think this report show that the unemployment benefit is not necessary, keeping people out of the workforce. what it's doing is supporting families that are still out of work. friday afternoon, president biden talking again with republican senator shelley moore capito, still attempting to find an agreement on the american jobs plan, the president's infrastructure bill, the two signs do not. agree on the size and scope of
4:35 pm
the bill and how to pay for it. there's runaway left. we're going to see how those conversations go. house democrats have unveiled their own 547 billion bill, which they will take up in the house transportation and infrastructure committee next week, the white house said there must be progress on a deal with republicans by next week. president biden wants a bill passed this summer, but there's got to be forward motion of the ball. we can't just be sitting still extended federal unemployment benefits are set to expire in about 90 days. the latest covid relief bill only funded them through early september. president biden says he agrees they should end. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. and joining us now live to talk more about the jobs report is jim wilcox, professor of finance at u. c. berkeley haas school of business and a former economist for the fed, jim. thanks for joining us. thank you for your interest. well first of all, what does this latest jobs report? more than half a million jobs added, tell us about our recovery from the
4:36 pm
pandemic. well it tells us that the recovery is still moving along at a good clip, and it also tells us that we have a long way to go and that some of the disruptions on the supply side of the economy nothing demand side on the supply side have been holding us back so far. and we're hearing, you know, seeing lots of help wanted signs. many job seekers are seeing higher wages as companies try and hire and even some temp agencies are saying workers should ask for the wages they want. during interviews. in some cases, companies just so desperate to get people hired, they they're giving a little extra cash. is this a short term boom? do you think or a longer term need? well, i think this is mostly a short term boost. problem that we're dealing with, and it will sort itself out in a few months. part of the difficulty is that or many households given the bonus unemployment checks and
4:37 pm
the cost and unavailability of child care not to mention health risks have made it less attractive to go back to work. and that's been very noticeable and a lower in. become lower paid workers not so much on the higher paid white collar workers and we understand the republican governors in 25 states are actually terminating the extra unemployment program starting next saturday. so i imagine that might have an impact on the economy right now. what do you think is the biggest constraint on job growth? well i think the biggest constraint at this point probably is actually the disruptions on the production. inside of the economy, because, as we've seen, for example, with the chip shortage, and it's really terrible toll taken on the auto industry, uh that what we need to have is the right materials and parts, not to mention people in the right
4:38 pm
places to be able to produce and we've had disruptions due to the disruptions in international trade associated with covid. as well as just the fact that we've had a lot of domestic production also disrupted but as workers have come back, and they have come back by the millions and firms can produce more, a lot of these bottlenecks will take care of themselves in pretty short order. certainly exposing a lot of that supply chain and how things go. just a quick question to close up. you worked for the fed. i'm wondering. is there anything here in the jobs report that might change the fed's direction on interest rates that we've seen drops so low? uh, the short answer is no, i think the report like we've got this month and we've gotten in recent months are pretty close to what the fed would have anticipated. and so i think there this will not cause them to move away from the trajectory that they've been
4:39 pm
. it changes in interest rate forecasts or any big effects in the short run on financial markets. uc berkeley haas school of business professor jim wilcox and former fed economist we certainly appreciate your taking some time to share your thoughts. thank you. well facebook, says former president trump won't be allowed back on its social media platform for at least two years. the two year suspension will prevent trump from you. in facebook, or instagram to broadcast to his followers until after the 2020 midterm elections. facebook suspended his accounts following findings that he incited violence before the january 6th insurrection on the u. s capitol. he could be reinstated in january of 2023 after facebook re evaluates whether the risk of public safety of allowing him back onto its platform has receded. pro palestinian advocates are gathered at the port of oakland
4:40 pm
this hour. right now they are outside. a terminal of middle harbor where they have been trying to prevent an israeli ship from being unloaded. we've seen them block arriving trucks from entering the port facility this morning, arab american activists said they delayed the zim ships from docking at the port. the first protesters arrived at six a.m. they say the vessel is owned by an israeli shipping line, and they asked union workers to honor their picket line. today we're here holding community pickets asking them to honor the call from workers in palestine. a. as you can see, nobody has crossed the picket. as of yeah. denies. organizers say the israeli shipping line has not docked in oakland since a similar action back in 2014, the ship's company says it's no longer majority owned by israel, and that it is a private company with more than half the stock owned by non israeli police. tracking minor changes
4:41 pm
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partly cloudy, mostly clear skies along the coastline. it's a little cloudy and temperatures running cooler today in most areas than where we were yesterday, rolling into your saturday as well as sunday. only minor fluctuations expected. some will be a tad warmer at time, some a tad cooler. he low clouds have remained in place over parts of the coastline and parts of sfo for the entire day. if you looked at the bottom of your screen there, you see that large bush to kind of swaying around have a bit of an onshore breeze over areas of sfo and all the way through the delta at this hour as well. storm tracker to they're showing you that fog banked up against the coastline looks like partly
4:44 pm
sunny to mostly cloudy over point raised half moon bay pacifica included in some of those spots. montara as we back up sort of a traditional pattern here for this time of year, where the systems remain to the north of us, bring us just enough for the onshore breeze to be stronger at times, marine larry to deepen at times. and with that temperatures do tend to remain comfortable along the coast and around the bay and warm inland. if you're going to see the giants play a little bit later today, 58 degrees expected at game time, and that west wind to about 25 mph. it's going to be chilly out there and make sure you have the jacket, even a blanket for us as we get into the rest of your weekend. i'm going to kind of remain status quo. temperatures will remain a little cool at the coast with some fog out there mild around the bay and warm to hot inland. the farther inland you go, the harder it's going to be some areas near antioch in brentwood for tomorrow, going to rank near 90 degrees or so and then, as we get into monday tuesday, a little bit farther out, we have another system that's
4:45 pm
actually going to bring us a bit of a cool down, bring on a stronger wind and perhaps ak as. tomorrow morning temperature outside going to be a cool start over santa rosa 49 for you there, but an eoc. you're going to start out 59 around the bay 53 in hayward 51 in san mateo. here's a look at the average highs compared to where we sit for tomorrow. most of us ride in the ballpark there. santa rosa 86, so a little bit above the average for you there, but san francisco, you're expected 66 71 in oakland, 84 for livermore and 79 over san jose. a better look at some of these afternoon highs low sixties at the coastline with partly to mostly cloudy skies and pacifica. so a bit of a cool one for you. there will go 66 in san francisco around the bay. nice smile to warm weather, upper seventies and red with city low seventies and hayward go inland. it's a warm day, annie up for you 89 in the north bay, 86, santa rosa and for our south bay nearing 80 degrees expected over san jose. the afternoon
4:46 pm
highs are getting into the weekend notice on sunday. not much change will remain upper fifties to low sixties specific a half moon bay. a lot of seventies around the bay upper eighties to near 90 degrees before hotter spots inland, but then we began to see some bigger changes getting into the monday tuesday wednesday timeframe when our inland communities are in the seventies could also have a little bit of wind that comes along with that. so for the meanwhile we've got some good looking weather in the forecast for the weekend. we'll deal with that cool down later as we get a little bit closer back to you. quite a big change. thank you, rosemary. well, today, the original rainbow pride flag was unveiled in san francisco is now on display. at the glbt historical society museum on 18th strength in the castro district, mayor breed and other civic and community leaders were there for the unveiling. artist and activist gilbert baker back in 1978. since then, it has become a worldwide
4:47 pm
symbol of pride. the original was thought to have been lost. this has been a symbol, a symbol of hope. assemble of safety, a symbol of refuge. and so what's so amazing about today is we have a symbol that is of the original gilbert baker flag. gilbert baker never trademarked the flag. he told ktvu. it was his gift to the world calls grow to cancel this summer's olympic games. i'm jeff paul in los angeles. i've got the details coming up. also tonight at five of family speaks out after a deadly shooting in san jose. they say the victim was not the intended target. in fact, they say he was only in the area to supportive friend at the hall of justice. plus he did his time behind bars, and now he's free. but he's got fighting a
4:48 pm
different kind of battle, and this one could see him deported the fight to keep in the country coming up ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge at or visit and xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco.
4:49 pm
gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together.
4:50 pm
a time when only a small percentage of japan's population is fully vaccinated. as foxes jeff paul tells us the outbreak is prompting more calls to cancel next month's summer olympics in tokyo. less than two months away from the start of the summer olympics, but pressure is building to cancel this year's events. this week. japan released the costumes, podiums and music that will be used at the medal ceremonies. organizers maintain the games are quote 100% going ahead even as japan battles of fourth wave of covid-19 infections, the president of tokyo 2020, assuring public safety protocols will be in place consensual, said we will fully prepared for anti back
4:51 pm
risk measures. the tokyo 2020 organizing committee will absolutely make sure to protect the health of athletes. i got only about 2 to 3% of japan's general population has been fully vaccinated. tokyo is seeing around 500 new covid cases per day, roughly double what new york city is reporting. there's also a growing lack of support among japanese citizens about 10,000 out of the 80,000 volunteers for the olympic and paralympic games have dropped out some. saying they quit due to concerns over covid-19 if they were to hold the olympics and the infection spread, who would take responsibility after postponing the games last year, organizers are planning a scaled down version this summer, with no international fans allowed to attend a decision on local spectators is expected to happen later this month when tokyo state of emergency is scheduled to end organizers say having no fans still remains an option. if the. covid-19
4:52 pm
outbreak escalates in los angeles jeff paul fox news. it was a bitter sweet evening at one graduation ceremony and sonoma county ktvu is deborah villalon tells us that as graduates at el molino high in forest ville collected their diplomas, the whole community bid farewell to the school. el molino high class of 2021, likely the last of the lions, an awareness hanging over commencement and sprinkled through the speeches. it's a bittersweet i've got a son who's part of this class, the principal at elmo as it's affectionately called, says district finances are forcing its closure. and he's been consoling who won't walings, parents, even grandparents did. it's a. indeed, for those those students, um, but they, too, are el molino, and they'll create their own path in the el molino a wherever they are and that destination
4:53 pm
rival annalee high and sebastian pols seven miles away. two schools will merge and rebrand with a new name colours mascot on analyst campus 550 kids to 1700 kids, and there's not enough room there. molinos librarian says students come here not only from forest bill but scattered communities across west sonoma county and find family. we know those kids and to see those kids being pushed into really large school kids are just going to lost. genie broom. it definitely feels. little more profound. this senior student rep on the school board argued for giving el molino more time. it was almost easier to make this decision during a pandemic when people would have a more challenging time rallying together. i see faces who have watched fires creep closer and closer to their homes. molina was shut down not only by covid but a string of natural disasters and a strike during these students four years,
4:54 pm
parents say resilience a culture so that said this alumni and school resource officer believes the vote to close was rushed after the floods. the pandemic evacuations in the fires, i think they could have put it off for one more year and had had. better conversation. one in 21. a lawsuit has been filed to save el molino, along with a campaign to recall board members and as they move on, brad's hope they're not the last. and lions continue to roar in forest bill deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. just days after her father was killed the daughter of a slain southern california firefighter graduated yesterday. hundreds of firefighters were out the ceremony to fill in for her father, jocelyn carlin accepted her diploma just two days after losing her father
4:55 pm
during a shooting at the agua dulce, a fire station jocelyn was wearing her father tories fire coat while accepting her diploma. several crews from multiple fire stations were there to cheer her on and support her and her family during the emotional ceremony. coming up in oil pipeline and a meat plant. how the government is responding to the recent ransomware
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. as it does for terrorism. this is after recent cyber attacks that brought the largest beef distributor in the world and a key pipeline in the us to a temporary halt. fox correspondent laura ingle has more from new york. the federal government is now treating ransomware attacks as high priority crimes, devoting more
4:58 pm
money and more resources to fighting back. the justice department calling on states to report all ransomware investigations they may be working on so that the federal government can better track online threats and you can be sure that state actors china, russia, north korea, iran as well as non state terrorists are watching this very carefully to see how vulnerable vulnerable we are. and mount future attacks against us this past week, the largest meat processing facility in the world. jbs was temporarily forced to shut down nine beef plants in the u. s and abroad after a cyber attack, leaving workers concerned over lost wages. last month, the colonial pipeline hack sent americans panicking to the gas pump and brought one of the nation's most important fuel lines to a standstill. we know that the ransomware threat is urgent. it's come. plex, and it's been increasing over the last several years. and you know it feels new to us over the last couple of weeks, but it has
4:59 pm
been increasing rapidly around the world over the last several years, the white house says many of the cyber attacks likely originated in russia. president biden says he is working with moscow to hold the hackers responsible, and it is expected that both president biden and president putin will discuss cybersecurity at a summit in geneva this month. in new york. laura engel, fox news, ktvu, fox two news at five starts now a family speaks out following the latest deadly shooting in san jose. they say the victim was downtown at the hall of justice, supporting a friend, and they're wondering how he landed in the path of a fatal bullet. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for christina and i'm andre senior. the family of the man who was shot and killed yesterday says he was not the intended target here. and that the violence could have been retaliation. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary has more live from san jose jesse andre,
5:00 pm
the family of that murdered man is saying that the county coroner's office is giving the wrong last name as part of its identification of the victim and that they do not believe that he was the intended target of this crime. san jose police have arrested 43 year old eric surat and a second man 34 year old michael harris. era in connection with the city's 18th homicide of the year. these individuals were acting in a manner that attracted attention to them by the officers, the paris charged in the murder of 20 year old malik jackson. he was just really hard working kid. i mean, he loved football. i mean, yeah, he wasn't perfect. he had his troubles. yes but he didn't deserve this. jerome day, says jackson was his nephew, he says thursday. the 20 year old was at the hall of justice, supporting a friend in a court. case he says he left that building on west heading and walked to his car on north san pedro. day says that's when shots were fired


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