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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 4, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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in washington how the numbers play into the deal making process between the white house and republicans on an infrastructure bill, rewarding californians for getting a shot just how many people here in the bay area where winners in the state's new vaccine lottery and who is eligible to win next? plus it's been more than 700 days since drivers have competed at the sonoma raceway. coming up. we look ahead of this weekend's highly anticipated races and the changes to expect at the track. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian i'm ali rasmus infer mike mibach, the first of nineveh to shooting victims is being buried today. a funeral is set for 63 year old lars lane. he was with vita for 20 years, lane joined the vita in 2000 and one as an electro mechanic and later became an overhead line worker. the vita board of directors is honoring the nine shooting victims. i want to note how last
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wednesday's tragic attack at the guadalupe the light rail yard has broken our hearts. this horrific tragedy has caused us to lose nine of our beach. a family members and i do not have the words to ease the immense pain. we're all feeling right now. the board yesterday held its first regularly scheduled meetings since the railyard attack. vita thank local transit agencies and sarah click santa clara county for its support. said the agency is still struggling to deal with the loss. administrators say there are fewer staff available to operate all the transit lines. the vita is no longer providing a bus bridge for the suspended light rail service. sam is a police are investigating a deadly shooting just a block away from where last week's mass shooting happened at the vita railyard. the shooting yesterday happened near the intersection of north san pedro and west heading streets. the map shows just how close it is to that veta railyard. the homicide is unrelated to last week's mass shooting police they just before two o'clock yesterday afternoon, two officers noticed two men running one of them collapsed
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feet away from the vita railyard. the man died from at least one gunshot wou, and detectives are interviewing witnesses to determine what. the gunfire was unnerving for people who live nearby. i just heard gunshots and my seen someone run that way and my kids were crying because they were scared. and next thing you know, we looked that way. they're covering someone on the grounds. police say there is no threat to the public, but they haven't released any other information. we're following a developing story in the east bay, where an amazon delivery person is under arrest, accused of assaulting a woman, 21 year old itself. ramirez was arrested yesterday in castro valley, alameda county sheriff's deputies responded to a 911 call from a 67 year old woman who said the amazon driver punched her at least 10 times around the face and head. investigators say it all started after the woman used a curse word to describe the amazon drivers attitude. we see here the attack in progress through the surveillance video, ramirez says. she hit the woman
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in self defense across the bay in san francisco. police are investigating an attempted robbery after two men targeted a ups driver near golf and hate streets about two o'clock yesterday afternoon. the us sent us this video of a man appearing to try to steal a package and attacking the 40 year old driver. the driver tries to get the box back. his attacker tries to make a getaway, but a second so spec driving an suv ends up hitting him before they can drive away. ups workers expected to be okay and was able to keep a hold of that delivery. 15 lucky californians 1 $50,000 in cash. today they were the winners of the state's first vaccine lottery drawing. that person resides in unbelievable look at that. against the backdrop of the california lottery set, governor gavin newsom drew the numbers in the states. first vaccine lottery. the numbers represent someone in california who has received at least their first dose of the covid vaccine and has now won a $50,000 cash prize at alameda. you know where alameda is the people
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behind the numbers won't know they've won right away because of privacy concerns. the winners are identified by an anonymous number and the county they live in. the bay area was well represented with two winners from san francisco, three in santa clara county and one in alameda. there were no winners this time around in sacramento or the central valley. some of these counties do have a larger percentage of the population that are getting vaccinated, and it's another reminder of the importance of the work we have to do to address those gaps and address some of those disparities. it's not just along racial ethnic lines, obviously its geographic as well. the goal is to give people financial incentives to get their covid shots. next friday, there will be a another drawing with 50,000 in cash prizes. then on june 15th when the state fully reopens, there will be a third drawing in the winners of that will get $1.5 million each. california is one of 11 states offering some type of incentive program. we had all hands call with governors all across the country, and governors were comparing contrasting some of their incentive programs. you see some states that are actually
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incentivizing vaccinations with guns. some states are incentivizing vaccines with shots of beer. in addition to the lottery drawing, there are other smaller prizes about 350,000 californians who got their covid shot since may, 27th will be receiving a $50 gift card after they get their second dose happening today. the cdc is expected to release new data about teens have been hospitalized with covid. yesterday, the cdc director dr rochelle walensky said. today's announcement will quote force us to redouble or motivation to get teens and young adults vaccinated, dr. anthony fauci says he's cautiously optimistic that children under the age of 12 will be eligible for the covid vaccine by thanksgiving. in an interview with cnn yesterday, dr fauci said studies are for the vaccine by using a process called age de escalation, meaning children from 12 to 9 would be eligible next, then youngest children after that. dr fauci said he hopes to have enough information by the end
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of this year to vaccinate children of all ages. masks might not be needed in schools come this fall, the cdc director said. the agency is looking at vaccination and disease rates in certain communities and revisiting its school guidance. a cdc report last month recommended teachers staff and students continue to wear masks. cal osha is relaxing mask rules in the workplace, but only for certain situations. in a nine hour meeting the kalash aboard first rejected any changes to the rules. however due to please from business groups that say the current standard is too strict. the board then went back and approved a stopgap measure and a 4 to 3 vote. so now workers can go mask list, but only if everyone in the room is fully vaccinated. ucsf infectious disease specialist dr monica gandhi wants cal osha to go even further and align its rules with those of the c d. c you need to follow the science on the vaccines. we really need to embrace their effectiveness and embrace with the cbc said, because they're right. the new rules take
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effect june 15th the same day, california lifts its covid restrictions. cal osha says a three persons subcommittee will have the authority to revise the changes this morning. the u. s labor department released new numbers on unemployment for the month of may. as lauren blanchard reports. while the numbers weren't quite as strong as economists predicted, the report did show the lowest number of claims since the beginning of the pandemic. the labor department has announced 559 jobs were added in may. the number is below estimates, but far better than april's report. the unemployment rate dropped from 6.1% to 5.8% this is progress. historic progress, progress. it's pulling our economy out of the worst crisis has been in 100 years, but many employers say they can't find workers. there is no shortage of jobs, every sector. is hiring republicans point to $300 per week federal unemployment checks as the reason some won't head back to work. these employers just
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cannot get the workers back on the job. president biden and democrats say a robust infrastructure bill is needed, which includes investments in child care to help women get back into the workforce. but republicans say only traditional infrastructure should be included in the bill with a limited price tag and no tax increases. president biden said this monday as his deadline for an agreement. republicans are expected to offer a new deal on friday. the president has said that this can't go on forever. there has to be, um, an endpoint and hopefully that is sooner rather than later if no compromise, democratic leaders may try to pass the bill alone, but they may not have all of their own on board with that strategy. moderate democraticsenator joe manchin says he wants a bipartisan deal. we have to look at the needs that we have, and also what we can afford to pay for what we're willing to pay for. this is all part of the process that we're going through right now. in may 9.3 million americans were unemployed, still well above 5.7 million unemployed in
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february of last year. in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu, fox two news. happening this weekend. wine country turns into nascar country, the sonoma raceway is welcoming back drivers and fans for the first time since the start of the covid 19 pandemic. ktvu is james taurus shows us the steps in place to make sure fans have fun and stay safe. 714 that's how many days have passed since the last time we saw cars here on sonoma raceway weekend is still expected be full of energy and excitement, but it will look a little different than years past life on the sonoma raceway is slowly coming back greatest drivers in the world to finally come back here to wine country and show what they can do sunday will be full of professional drivers and the fans who love them will be socially distance our seating area. in pods, and everyone's going to have to wear a mask. i masks and social distancing
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required all transactions, especially for food will be cashless. so make sure you bring a debit or credit card also, don't overlook the team usa olympic display. they've actually got a display over here, but they've got cardboard cutouts of a couple of our athletes that are from california. you can scan the qr code and be able to send them messages of encouragement or say, hey, we're rooting for you, but they can read them. while they're on the plane flying over to tokyo. it's gonna be a long flight tickets for sunday's toyota save mark 3 50 race are already sold out, but you can catch the are common art series saturday afternoon. you want to watch out for a 16 year old out of menlo park? it's really cool. i kind of grew up, you know, watching these races sitting in the stands over by the s is over there watching like guys like jeff cord and all those guys went here, jesse love is the youngest driver to ever win and arkan menard's series and the youngest to win a nascar sanctioned race. doesn't even have a driver's license my permanently because i was traveling for racing like the timing is all crazy with the
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racing. you can't get it right when you want to, but i'm working right now. you can't drive on the road, but he can on the track. the nearly two year long drought race fans are happy to end we're selling experiences and we're selling fun, and we want people to have a great experience. we want people to have fun, so they leave here and say i had a great experience and i had fun, and that's all we need from the sonoma raceway. i'm james torres ktvu fox. two news, a warning from police in oakland coming up what investigators are now saying after seeing a shocking spike in carjackings across the city, also new hope in the fight against against breast cancer. next the pill that showing promise hard in hone
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people who participated in pro democracy protests in beijing's tiananmen square decades ago. china had the organizer of the vigil, arrested and warned people not to attend the chinese military turned on student protesters in june. 4th 1989, there's no official death toll from that crackdown, but some estimates put the number above 10,000. we're learning more about how individual countries are planning to use the 80 million doses of us vaccines against covid-19 that have been pledged by president biden. jonathan serrie has the latest from atlanta. covid is getting contain the daily average of new cases in the us
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now just over a 16,010% decrease from last week and the lowest number in more than a year. the feds are now setting their sights on the rest of the world. announcing a new vaccine sharing plan that will see up to 80 million unused doses shipped to countries in need, but it's already causing some controversy. mexico announcing they'll use most of their donated doses in border areas and it resorts and several other central america. countries plan to do the same, saying it is a vital part of bringing jobs back. the economic recovery must be sustainable, resilient and directly related to vaccine access. the national month of action proclaimed by president biden is underway with the goal of getting 70% of american adults at least one dose by the fourth of july, a big part of the plan, partnering up with dozens of private organizations to provide free childcare for those getting vaccinated, having a. child and nowhere to go. shouldn't be a barrier for
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them. and so that's otherwise addressing them. meanwhile, the cdc issuing a new report friday, warning of a possible link between covid vaccines and a rare heart inflammation in teenage boys. but they also say the risk of serious illness due to covid is much higher than the possible vaccine complication that demonstrates the level of severe disease even among youth that are preventable right now, the inflammation has only been detected in a handful of patients who received either the pfizer or moderna vaccines in atlanta johnson siri ktvu, fox two news. early trial results show that a pill may help treat some early stage and hard to treat breast cancers. study results found the pill called lin parsa was found to help keep breast cancer patients alive longer after those cancers were treated with standard surgery in chemotherapy. the drug reduced the combined risk of recurrence of cancer or death from any cause by 42% compared to a placeboernment report on
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ufos still raises questions u. s intelligence agencies found no evidence that ufos witnessed by navy pilots in recent years where alien spacecraft but at the same report indicates investigators cannot explain some of the unusual aerial movements that we're seeing an unclassified version of this report is expected to be released when congress convenes hearings about ufo's later this month. let's help get you outside this new time weekend is almost here. ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo is going to guide us through it. oh, it's going to be a nice one. we're talk looking a little cool to mild along the coastline, warm inland and not a lot of change going into the weekend giving you a live. look here at sfo, where we do have mostly cloudy skies over the area along parts of the peninsula as well as the coastline there, mostly sunny, far inland cities and temperatures right now, mid fifties half moon bay to mid seventies over areas near livermore and then 80 for the
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warm spot in brentwood around the base 60 degrees in oakland, 54 in san francisco. right now, in in the south bay, 71 over san jose san jose a little bit cooler right now than where you were 24 hours ago. but then you go to the north bay, nevada and napa are up by a few degrees in our inland communities. livermore your cooler by about five. so you may feel a bit of a difference there. here's a look at where we're still seeing some of that cloud cover. we showed us fo still covered in gray if we move in a little bit closer, we can see over areas near point reyes and then shifting down a long areas, right it looks like about pacifica half moon bay montara. we've got some cloud cover there a little bit of fog into santa cruz in capitola. it's a partly cloudy afternoon for you. the winds are on shore with fairfield reporting, 21 mph sustained napa is 13. oakland is eight if we do a little bit of a shift here, you can see half moon bay reporting in northwest freeze at eight mph sfo reporting 20 mph and if you're thinking about going to the giants game a little bit
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later today, it's going to be a cool one. so make sure you bring along the jacket. here's a look at the future cast when it comes to the cloud. ever do expected to remain along the coastline will be partly cloudy to mostly clear for the rest of us and a view of the afternoon highs will show you our inland cities enjoying all that sunshine, even a little bit above average for this time of year. meanwhile, along the coastline and inside the bay temperatures tend to be a little bit cooler. 88 degrees right this afternoon for santa rosa. we have 64 expected for san francisco 86 for livermore and 78 expected in san jose. when i come back, i'll have a look out to the giants forecast for you as rest of the as well as the rest of the weekend in the extended forecast coming up, thank you, rosemary. another dead whale has washed up on a bay area beach. the whales on rodeo beach and the marin headlands. we haven't been told what species of whale it is. but there is a team investigating to determine the cause of death. several dead whales have been found along the bay area coast and in the bay since the beginning of the year. facebook makes a decision
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on the former president. suspension coming up just how long former president trump is banned from facebook?
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bidenl businesses to increase their cybersecurity. rural government. under the leadership of president biden has been stepping up to strengthen the nation's defenses against cyber attacks. the directives come after a series of cyber attacks this week. the world's largest meat producer, said it was a victim of a ransomware attack last month, the cyberattack on colonial pipeline triggered a massive shutdown of its operations. new york's metropolitan transportation authority said it was hacked in april. the justice department is investigating the postmaster general over political fundraising activity at his former business is a spokes. and for louis dejoy confirms the doj investigation but is denying any wrongdoing. former employees of a company to joy previously ran say they were pressured to donate to republican candidates and then were reimbursed through bonuses. those types of reimbursements could violate federal law. facebook says former president donald trump won't be allowed back on its social media platform for at least two years. two year suspension will prevent the former president
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from using facebook or instagram to broadcast to his followers until after the 2022 midterm election. facebook suspended his accounts following findings that he incited violence before the january 6th insurrection at the us capitol. former president trump could be reinstated on january of 2023 after facebook re evaluates whether the risk to public safety of allowing him back onto the platform has receded. the company also says it will no longer exempt posts from paula. petitions that violate the platforms rules. google has reassigned its global head of diversity and research after an old blog post resurfaced. the chronicle reports that camus bob will no longer be part of the diversity team and will instead focus on his stem work, according to the washington free beacon, the 2000 and seven posts by bob titled. if i were a jew, read, quote. if i were a july we'd be concerned about my insatiable appetite for war and killing in defense of myself. end quote google called the writings unquestionably hurtful and said
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bob has since apologized. the u. s drought monitor is updated map showed no change for california this week. close to 75% of our state is in extreme or exceptional drought. while california reservoirs are dropping quickly, state officials say they're about 50% lower than they should be. for this time of year. the drought in california will also have an impact on food supply across the country as lakes across the state dry up, government agencies now have less water to divide between our states 25,000,008 of farmland. the share is the worst throughout the worst year since 1977. it's an economic disaster. um we don't plant crops. we don't have jobs. we don't produce food, california is the nation's leading agricultural producer, supplying much of the country's nuts, berries, vegetables and dairy products. home and business owners in marin county could see more severe water restrictions. marin municipal water district says too few people we are
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conserving water usage was down no more than 9% late last month. that's well short of the 40% mandate. the district will phase in more restrictions, which include a ban on the use of outdoor sprinklers. a worst case scenario is setting a water quota on homes and businesses. just one day after being arrested for armed robbery charges have been dropped for the former director of san francisco's public works department. next by mohammed aru was cleared for an incident this week plus off limits. state department officials. they were warned not to investigate the origins of covid-19. i'm grifting ins in washington i'm erin. -and i'm margo. we've always done things our own way. charted our own paths. i wasn't going to just back down from moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. psoriatic arthritis wasn't going to change who i am. when i learned that my joint pain could mean permanent joint damage, i asked about enbrel.
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covid-19 would quote open a can of worms. this comes as some members of congress now want dr anthony fauci to testify again to discuss the early days of the pandemic, griff jenkins reports. there are renewed calls for an investigation into the origins of covid-19, a new vanity fair report confirmed by fox news, says state department officials were warned not to pursue a probe into the origins of the virus. the concern was it would bring attention to us funding of research at the wuhan institute of virology, where some believe the virus may have escaped the men
12:30 pm
accused of obstructing that probe. former acting undersecretary for arms control and international security chris ford, too. fox news quote. i am not aware of any effort to quash inquiry into possible laboratory origin and certainly would have opposed it. if i encountered one. i always supported looking at this possibility. on thursday, former secretary of state mike pompeo said his department also faced pushback from the national institutes of health. we overcame lots of internal bureaucracy to get there and lots of internal debate from nih folks who are trying to suppress what we're doing the state department as well. the report comes amid news speculation the virus escaped from the wuhan lab, dr. anthony fauci has maintained that the virus likely originated in bats. but the former white house coronavirus testings are, says the evidence shows otherwise. lab leaks are not uncommon, and i really think data like people getting ill in november from the laboratory. if that proves true, that coincides exactly
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when we know this virus hit china, the white house's defending dr fauci as republicans call for him to testify. about what he knew and win in washington. griff jenkins, ktvu fox two news. the state senate has rejected a bill that would have extended workers compensation benefits to health care workers that contract covid and other illnesses on the job. last year, state lawmakers passed a law that assumed covid-19 was work related for healthcare workers that law set to expire in 2023 state senator dave fortese from san jose introduced legislation to make this law permanent, but business groups opposed it, saying it would put a huge financial burden on healthcare employers. a six year old dublin man is recovering in the hospital this morning after he was shot during a robbery. right outside his house. dublin police say the man was returning home to clifton court wednesday night when three men approached him. investigators say the robbers assaulted the man before taking his belongings. the victim followed the suspects as they drove off, and that's when one of the
12:32 pm
robbers shot him. for somebody to be followed home and robbed in his driveway. this is very you know, this is very shocking to me. it's a nice area of people like to come and hang out, but just kind of keep keeping an eye open is what i'm thinking more. the victim is expected to recover. the suspects are still on the loose. dublin police did not release a description of the people involved. a group of palestinian supporters is trying to disrupt operations of an israeli cargo ship at the port of oakland this morning. arab american activists say they delayed the delayed the vessel from docking at the port for more than two weeks. the group mobilised protesters beginning at six o'clock this morning to prevent transporting items transport items from being unloaded from the ship. so we're here in response to the call from palestinian workers in gaza who have asked workers here to support them and not unload israeli cargo. similar demonstrations are planned for ports in los angeles, seattle, new york and vancouver. the ship's company
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says it's no longer owned by an israeli company and that it is a private company with more than half of the stock owned by non israelis staying in oakland. police are warning the public about an increase in carjackings. ppe says it's not sure why the number of carjackings has increased so dramatically. there have been 209 carjackings in oakland so far this year, more than double the number from this time last year. our investigators are looking to see. is this a ring an organized crime rates. sometimes the cars may have been used in a legal sideshow transportation to get to an illegal sideshow. police are cautioning drivers to keep their car doors locked when inside the car and only roll the windows down, part way in three month thieves are targeting people and stealing their gold jewelry. fremont police say. over the past two weeks, thieves have stolen gold jewelry from at least four people. but that's all happened between 10 30. 12 30 in the afternoon rang in the middle of the day. an 84 year old man says he was returning home from a walk wednesday morning when a
12:34 pm
man in a car asked him for directions and then grabbed his necklace and drove off, dragging him. i'm moving and hanging on the on the door. he your car was running. really? we have come here almost 21 years ago to this house and have not heard anything. this sort of thing happened.'s not ce person or people are responsible for all the thefts there, asking the community for any home surveillance video that could help with the investigation, oakland police and crime stoppers offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the killing of an 18 year old woman who was found dead in a remote part of siskiyou county, friends and family of tatiana duggar spoke yesterday in oakland, asking for the public's help. authorities say they think she was the victim of human traffickingand sexual exploitation on new year. zeev, she left her family's home in orville and drove to sacramento and then oakland with a man. my sister tatiana is the definition of sunshine when she walked into a room, she made
12:35 pm
everything better. her smile is contagious, and so was her life. investigation into her death led police to a park in oakland back in january, oakland, alameda county sheriff's deputies also used a drone to search the park by air polio. police are investigating a shooting that injured at least three people, police say. the shooting was reported just after 10 o'clock last night on caldwell avenue in concord street. at least three people were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. at this point, police have not released any other information about the case. the town of danville in the san ramon valley fire protection district, preparing for what's expected to be a severe wildfire season held a special emergency preparedness meeting this morning called are you prepared? the national weather service meteorologist and a pgd representative attended, among other things, they talked about public safety power shutoffs fire evacuation plans, emergency alert and creating defensible spaces around homes. as of now, we've completed about 2500 inspections, and we've had six
12:36 pm
violate not violation notices. but notices to remind people to abate, which that's not uncommon. they'll always have it done. the fire department partners up with cal fire to carry out some of the inspections of properties across danville. the ongoing drought is providing some cook is preventing some cookouts along lake tahoe, the chronicle reports. local fire department imposing strict new rules to reduce wildfire risks. the changes include banning would campfires and charcoal grills for the rest of the summer, possibly into the early winter months. campfires and charcoal barbecues are still permitted it designated fire pits 11 wildfires were started by humans in one week alone at lake tahoe last august. no charges will be filed against san francisco's former public works director who was arrested for an alleged armed robbery. mohammed neuro told investigators the robbery at a food bank in the city's dogpatch neighborhood was a joke, and a witness agreed. he e allegedly pulled a knife on a man and robbed h already at ther
12:37 pm
of a federal corruption case he's suspected of committing wire fraud vendors at the san jose flea market are calling on city leaders to protect the market. are we ready to march to let. them know who we are? what we're about to see, said the group marched to city hall with the message yesterday. the market is set to become a mixed use development site that will include offices, apartments and retail. in those plans. currently there is no protections or safeguards for vendors. so that's what you know we're fighting for. we're fighting for our livelihoods were fighting for our businesses were fighting for our people. the various a flea market vendors association wants land and financial assistance to recreate the flea market elsewhere. they're also calling for assistance. the sane city council has saidplans for a and reducing the size of the flea market have been in the works for 20 years, bart is adding some more trains to its schedule, starting on monday.
12:38 pm
march says it's adding 26 more weekday trips to its schedule on the yellow, green and red lines. the added trains are on the edges of the morning and evening commute periods, but also adding 16 more trips on saturdays, the service will continue to run until nine o'clock at night every day. bart says service till midnight won't return until the end of august. today is the fifth day of a marin county man's journey from the bay area to hawaii. by kayak cyril durham. oh is kayaking to the islands he left earlier this week. he is keeping an online journal as he paddles. and so far, he's paddle about 100 miles. earlier this week, he battled some sea sickness. and yesterday he says he saw some whales. his journey will take 70 days to travel 2100 miles, an emotional day for one high school in sonoma county, coming up by the 2021 class is likely the last
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ktvu is deborah villalon tells us that graduates at el molino high in forestville collected their diplomas and then the community bid farewell to the school. el molino high class of 2021, likely the last of the lions, an awareness hanging over commencement and sprinkled through the speeches. it's a bittersweet i've got a son who's part of this class, the principal at elmo as it's affectionately called, says district finances are forcing its closure. and he's been consoling youngerblings,
12:42 pm
parents, even grandparents did. it's a sad time. indeed, for those those students, um, but they too, are el molino, and they'll create their own path in the el molino way wherever they are, and that destination rival annalee high and sebastian pols seven miles away. two schools will merge and rebrand with a new name colours mascot on analyst campus 550 kids to 1700 kids, and there's not enough room there. molinos librarian says students come here not only from forest bill but scattered communities across west sonoma county and find family. we know those kids and to see those kids being pushed into really large school kids are just can't get lost. genie broom. it definitely feels. little more profound. this senior student rep on the school board argued for giving el molino more time. it was almost easier to make this decision during a pandemic when people would have a more
12:43 pm
challenging time rallying together. i see faces who have watched fires creep closer and closer to their homes. el molino was shut down not only by covid but a string of natural disasters and a strike during these students four years, parents say resilience wasn't rewarded. they're losing a culture so that said this alumni and school resource officer believes the vote to close was rushed after the floods. the pandemic evacuations in the fires. i think they could have put it off for one more year and how to how to better conversation collapse of turning 21. a lawsuit has been filed to save el molino, along with a campaign to recall board members and as they move on, brad's hope they're not the last. and lions continue to roar in forest bill deborah villalon ktvu fox two news, you see broke. this class of 2020 may have a graduation
12:44 pm
ceremony after all, the university newspaper said. the chancellor sent an email to last year's graduates offering a choice of three possible options and in person graduation procession in august, a campus celebration in october without the commencement or a combination of the two in april or may of next year. the class of 2020 has until next friday to return the survey. this is exciting, live performance. is returning to stanford university this summer, the university announced a six week series starting july. 1st ticket prices start at $25 for the outdoor venue go on sale monday. seating capacity is being reduced to ensure proper physical distancing. attendees must be vaccinated or show a recent negative covid test a plan to provide a universal basic income to foster children in california has passed the state senate. the bill proposes $1000 a month to young people who are aging out of the foster care system about 2500 young people would receive the money for three years. the current law says that all support for foster youth from the state ends once the individual turns 21. alright, let's see if we
12:45 pm
can get you outside today or this weekend not too difficult to task for our meteorologist rosemary oroczo. hi, rosemary. yes hello, garcia. hello, ali. happy friday to all of you. we have a partly cloudy to mostly clear skies around the bay area this afternoon. partly sunny to mostly cloudy over sections of the coastline, and that includes areas over sfo, where we are still with grey skies. you can see there as we get into your weekend little change expected temperatures are expected to fluctuate slightly warmer in some spots slightly cooler and others we will get into a cooler pattern, though down the road, and i'll explain that in just a moment. here's a look at storm tracker to again going back to that cloud cover. you can see point reyes over the north bay coastline parts of the san mateo county coastline. areas over half moon bay pacifica partly sunny, mostly cloudy there we have a little bit of sunshine over santa cruz this afternoon as well as capitola by pulling back here storm tracker to showing you a very seasonal pattern there, where the ridge of high pressure remains off our west coast, and we have
12:46 pm
systems that continue to move over areas of the northwest and farther north into areas of canada. so for your weekend today, tomorrow and into saturday that fog along the coastline expected to remain and for inland cities going to be warm. the farther inland you go, you get into the sacramento san joaquin valley area going to be hot as i showed you in the last half hour, even above average for some of our inland cities, meanwhile, along the coastline in around the bay, where we do have a better influence of the marine layer, as well as the onshore breeze a little bit below average. yes we get into monday tuesday a system is going to drop in. that's going to bring in a bigger fog bank as well as cooler breezier conditions and again those numbers coming in the extended forecast. outside right now we have 54 degrees in san francisco. a cool 55 half moon bay around the bay. ari space shore 60 in oakland. you go inland. it's a warm day over areas of brentwood, 84 nice and mild and liver. morris 74 in the north based 77 in santa rosa, take a tour here. some of
12:47 pm
the numbers outside out and about we got 70 degrees in san mateo as well as belmont, 73 reported over areas of a stanford into the north bay. we go where we have a beautiful 73 pen grove. it's a warm one. input valley, though 93. reported at least one in that location there and then as we go to the east bay very nice over areas of walnut create lafayette morada in the seventies at this time farther inland, you go, though you start to see those shades of orange, pittsburgh right now, reporting 80 degrees for the afternoon today will go sixties along the coastline low sixties expected in san francisco and around the bay 72 hayward 78 in redwood city for the inner east bay, 86 livermore and in the north bay, 86 over napa if you're going to see the giants play yes, you'll need the jacket. maybe even a blanket if you prefer westerly breeze 20 to 25 mph expected in and around the ballpark 58 degrees at game time at 6 45 who's headed to tahoe? well it's a gorgeous day out there for today. 82 in truckee, south
12:48 pm
lake tahoe loss of reading there, but also in the upper seventies as we get into the weekend. temperatures are going to remain a nice and warm on saturday, a slight dip on sunday but still very nice. we've got mid to upper seventies expected for tahoe into the afternoons. there's a look at the extended forecast for us here at home. temperatures drop off slightly on saturday a little bit more on sunday, but still good looking forecast for us becomes a little bit cooler and a little breezy as we get into next week. back to you, rosemary. thank you happening today, the opening of the new avengers campus at disney california adventure. that's where the first black captain america was formally introduced. anthony mackie's character became captain america at the end of disney plus series, the falcon and the winter soldier. the avengers. campus features live entertainment in five superpowered shows. it was an emotional moment for me to be in these films and went to sam wilson finally became captain america. it was a moment that was all about the future, a moment where kids of all races can look at captain america and maybe see a little bit of themselves. i'm so proud to be
12:49 pm
a part of the cinematic universe. and now part of all this right now only people who live in california can buy tickets to disneyland and california adventure. of course, that changes come june 15th the work of famed street artists. banksy is coming to san francisco. this fallen, organizers say it will be the largest collection ever displayed. the exhibit will showcase at least 80 pieces of his work the location of the unauthorized traveling exhibition is being kept a secret, but to get the word out, banksy's team is looking for social media influencers to help spread word about the show. the art of banksy is scheduled to open november 22nd. a woman in southern california, was reunited with the wallet she lost 46 years ago. amanda was working on remodeling the majestic mentor theater discovered the wallet inside a crawlspace. recently, he went on social media to try to find the owner based on clues inside the wallet, including some old photos. 1973 grateful dead concert ticket and a california driver's license for a colleen distant that expired in 1976.
12:50 pm
distance as she heard from a lot of people online and made arrangements to retrieve the wallet. pictures of my mom, which was really sweet. she passed away a couple years ago. holy ####. it's hard to explain the feeling that i had because it's kind of an emotional one and an excitement one. i'm so glad she found that to see all those memories from that long ago. it's like a time capsule distance, says she lost the wallet in 1975 when she was in her early twenties at what was then a movie theater coming up a piece of history that led to one of the most recognizable displays of pride around the world. what's about to be unveiled in san francisco and all this month of june? we do hope you'll show your pride by uploading your best self thier group. photo to ktvu dot com to find a slide show of people celebrating pride across the bay area and. by visiting ktvu .com slash pry
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700 days. the toyota st mark 3 50 airs this sunday on fs one or on mike mibach caught up with the driver joey logano, who drives the 22 ford fusion car and talked about his journey and nascar. joey logano, you're coming out west. are you fired up to head off to sonoma county? absolutely i'm fired up by going back at a great day. strike. great area. um, we skipped it last year. we didn't get a chance to go out there and race in california last year, so the racetrack is, i always look at it as a short track type of road course. yeah, the closed tight quarters, bumping and banging for sure. heavy braking zones tire wear it makes it a fun road course to try to find your way around. makes it very challenging as well. so looking forward to getting out there, it's got its ups and downs. its twists and turns is 2.5 miles. i mean, what do you love about it, but at the same time as a race car
12:55 pm
driver, what are you not looking forward to about the racetrack? um, yeah. you got to learn to love them all. that's one thing i've learned throughout my years of experience is you don't choose what track you go, too. so you better learn to love them all. you better figure it all out. one way or another, um and sonoma was one of those ray strikes that was very challenging for me early in my career, um, feel like we have a decent um, you know, hold on it at this point road course racing has been really good for us this year up to this point. you know, probably the most tricky part of that race track is when they added the care. so um, you know, we used to skip that now. they re added that back into the course. and, uh there's a hill going up into that corner, and you can't see you know, you kind of you're going up a hill, and it drops off the other end. and you kinda gotta guess where you're at before you get there to make sure you're there is and that's that's a unique thing about sonoma is just so much elevation in. kind of you crest the top of the hills and you can't see where you're at until you get there. you know, i
12:56 pm
always thought i'd be a cool race car driver because i'm 59 right. i feel i fit the match here. you know, you're jeff gordon was like 57. i think tony stewart 559 maybe himself, but but you're 61. i'm curious as someone being a little bit taller. i mean, is that a problem or obviously, it's not a problem if you're winning, but do you have to make an adjustment with deceit at all? you do? um it's not an advantage to be a tall racecar driver. i'm 63. and then i feel like that 63 guy. you're growing. sorry about that. i got a lot of neck. i don't know, but you know it's not ideal, right? because you're trying to cramp yourself into a smaller area right to, you know, the calculus. race cars are very big. um, you know, and. as you know, a team building a car. you want your weight as low as you can write my driver. i'm sitting higher. the carbs. i'm taller. well, you'd rather take that weight and set it lower and put it where you want right here. a lighter racecar driver. you're able to put that weight where you want and the race card becomes. i got one for the road for you. let'sus know, i'm
12:57 pm
in the mix year it's you and i going down the stretch, maybe the last couple of laps. what what irks you what gets under your skin if i were to do something to you? and that would just take you off. um, that's a that's a tricky question there. um morning and i don't know. i mean, i think at some point, you know you're racing for the win. eventually the gloves come off, right. and you know, it's just gonna be there's no etiquette anymore. now it's all understandable, right? like i tried to put myself in your shoes. if you're running, you're trying to hold me off. you're probably gonna block me. right. i'm not gonna get mad at that. but if you blocked me, i'm probably going to hit you. and you shouldn't be mad at that. because, you know, so it's just gonna kind of go back and forth, right? and then and if i hate you, you're going to get mad and then you're going to hit me back. remember me mad and then we're gonna wreck greatly. good so, uh, it's part of part of racing and racing for the win. at the end, it is probably going to be a little bit of contact us to. no i can't do it on sunday, but i'll grab my
12:58 pm
son's xbox and i'll go against you that way. we'll see how we finished. but today sunday, sunday, june takes the race is on at sonoma raceway, joey logano. it's uh, it's an honor to talk to you and i appreciate your time and good luck on sunday. thank you. how's it going? to the san francisco giants play the chicago cubs tonight at oracle park yesterday when these two teams play, brandon crawford stole the show. he put the giants up early in the game with the clutch single on defense. a great barehanded snag resulted in a big out, crawford would give giants the lead for good with a three run home run. the giants beat the cubs seven to today's game starts at 61. five. well the u. s. women's open continues in san francisco today. mel read from england is tied for the lead after the first round of play at four under, tied with her is 17 year old high school, junior mega gandhi from new jersey. she's just the sixth amateur and u. s. women's open history to shoot 67 or lower in any round by the way, gannon is committed to stanford after she graduates next next spring. the glbt
12:59 pm
historical society is unveiling the original rainbow flag. san francisco mayor of london breed is that the glbt historical society castro museum right now for the unveiling, the rainbow flag was designed in san francisco by the late artist and activist gilbert baker in 1978. since then it's become a worldwide symbol of pride. the original was thought to have been lost. this has been a symbol, a symbol of hope. assemble of safety, a symbol of refuge. and so what's so amazing about today is we have a symbol that is of the original gilbert baker flag. that he made one of the first. also interesting here. gilbert baker never trademarked the flag said it was his gift to the world. we have a series of reports and conversations for the month of june celebrating pride. you can see them any time when you go to our website ktvu .com/ pride. garcia great being with you this afternoon.
1:00 pm
we want to thank you all for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather go to the ktvu news weather go to the ktvu news dr. oz: coming up next, as the third wave of the pandemic surges, we have critical information on how to avoid another lockdown. plus, the holidays are not canceled. our must-have tips to keep your home covid-free this holiday season. then, terrifying bear attacks caught on tape. how one couple fought for their lives when a bear broke into their home. >> it attacked my husband. blood all over the house. dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: we're 10 months into this pandemic and we're now regularly seeing more than 100,000 new cases of covid-19 daily, breaking all previous records.


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