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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 3, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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morning walk the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, free mall. police say that victim is not alone. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm andre, senior, frank and julie have the night off. in fact, in the past two weeks, at least four people have been targeted most of them. new tonight. ktvu azenith smith joins us in at this. you've learned these cases aren't all in one area. yes, andre. it is happening throughout fremont during the day between 10 30 12 30 in the late morning hours, all four victims were alone and only gold jewelry was taken. this change they to remove. i caught it. parkman approached hr directions, pulled down his window, grabbed his necklace and drove off, dragging him. i'm moving and hanging on the under door, he car was running.
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the 84 year old says it happened just after 10 wednesday morning, he was returning home from a walk in three months. mission san jose neighborhood. the driver asked him to look at a map on his phone. meanwhile, he cost me jacket collar and pulled me help me. help me, i told but nobody was helping, he says it happened in less than a minute. his ribs now hurt. he showed us scrapes on his hand. we have come here almost 21 years ago to this house and have not heard anything. this sort of thing happen. fremont police say similar robberies happened on may 21st thief stole from a 96 year old on candace. inertia drive. 79 year old on jamestown road. last wednesday, a 48 year old was robbed on the key street and then code already theft on olive avenue. the suspects are also luring people by claiming it's their birthday. oh you know, it's my birthday, but i want to give a gift to you. um and then brought out some costume jewelry and then kind of started getting closer
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to the victims were, then they were able to swap out, um. with the victims, actual real jewelry. all four victims were alone. coldiretti says he concealed his jewelry his family warning others to keep their distance from people you don't know. they say two children were in the suspect's car. you assume that it's a family and that indeed you know, genuinely needed some help. um but if you cannot even trust that, you know who you can really trust. and it is unclear if it's the same suspects. in all four of these cases, police are asking community members for any home surveillance video that may have captured these suspects. andre targeting vulnerable populations as a thank you note. 11 santa rosa police have arrested two people for trafficking, drugs and firearms. police say they began investigating a trafficking operation months ago and arrested 20 year old christian, alex cortez, torrez and 23 year old daniel cortes torres earlier this week they were detained. pain during a traffic
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stop where police say they found cocaine, fentanyl in cash and in a search of their home, officers found an illegally modified ar 15 a stolen gun and several other weapons and now to richmond tonight, where one person was critically injured in a shooting that happened earlier today, it happened on kelsey street near gertrude avenue in north richmond had about one o'clock this afternoon, according to the east bay times. one victim was struck in the head and is in critical condition and. other had a minor injury. so far, there is no information on any suspects in san jose. police are investigating a deadly shooting there. just a block away from last week's mass shooting at the vita rail yard, police say just before two o'clock this afternoon to officers in a patrol unit noticed two men running one of the men collapsed feet from the vita railyard. he died from at least one gunshot wound. another man was detained and detectives are interviewing witnesses to try to determine what happened. police say this
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is not connected to last week's mass shooting and that there is no threat to the public. well, a man is hospitalized in stable condition tonight after he was shot and wounded during a robbery right outside his home. dublin police say the man was returning home to clifton court last night around 7 30. it just parked his car when three men approached him, investigators say there was a struggle and the roberts assaulted the man before taking his belongings. they say the victim pursued the suspects as they tried to drive off. off when he tried to get his stolen on his back from the robbers. one of them shot him so far. dublin police have not released a description of the attackers. while there is some confusion tonight after cal osha rejected relaxed mass guidelines at work and then changed course and approve them. tonight's vote means that fully vaccinated employees can soon ts also vaccinated. native is m aghast joins us now live at emma. these guidelines to could. change? yes heather. things
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could change and they likely will change a three person sub committee is set up to consider further easing restrictions over the coming weeks and months. in the coming weeks, cal osha is poised to allow california businesses to do away with masks if all employees are fully vaccinated if someone isn't vaccinated, that will mean masks go back on for everyone. there's actually profound social problems with that. ucsf's doctor monica gandhi, hopes the board will revise these rules even further to be more closely aligned with the cbc, which has already eased mask wearing requirements nationwide. we need to follow the science on the vaccines. we really need to embrace their effectiveness and embrace with the cbc said, because they're right. the new rules also allow businesses to forgo social distancing and partitions effective july 31st only if employers provide respirator masks in downtown martinez, lasalle and michelle strong.
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own firehouse brew and grill, where 98% of their 20 persons staff is fully vaccinated. we do have one employee that for religious reasons has not been vaccinated, so i'm not really sure how that would affect their workflow and our workflow around them, and it just makes it more confusing to regulate our staff. what we don't want to stare, too, is people looking at others in a certain way? these new rules are subject to review over the next 10 days before implementation with june 15th right around the corner, california's business community worries the governor's envisioned reopening of california's economy won't go so smoothly. governor newsom has authority to override these new rules if he finds them too strict. it remains to be seen if that will happen, heather and see what the governor does, in fact aside, emma goes reporting live for us tonight, ebba. thank you. meantime the
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governor was in san francisco today, where he has some good news for restaurants and bars trying to recover from the pandemic. he said that the state will continue to allow outdoor dining and to go cocktail sales through the end of this year. the world's will the rules were eased to help struggling businesses make monday under covid restrictions on june 15th, the state will dissolve the tier system and lift many restrictions of the pandemic. well, tomorrow 15 people who have gotten coronavirus vaccines will be $50,000 richer. it's a kick off to the states no incentive program. i think tomorrow will go a long way to raising awareness around this incentive programs since not everybody i talk to is even aware that the state is doing incentives. well, the state says it's also ramping up outreach to communities were also, um we're standing up more ability for worksite vaccination clinics. um more mobile clinics, so
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we're just mobilizing. actually, this week, more mobile vans that can do you know vaccines in the field just make it as easy as possible and decreased barriers to vaccination. the state says it's also working with community based organizations to let people know about vaccinations in their area. coming up tonight, putting a price tag on the bay area's homeless crisis. why one group says it will cost more than $11 billion to solve and live performances are returning to stanford. how the university is partnering with the san francisco sympathy to bring back. music to palo
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el molino high school in forestville collected their diplomas and the community bid farewell to the school as ktvu is deborah villa reports. el molino is set to close after a series of challenges. el molino high class of 2021, likely the last of the lions, an awareness hanging over commencement and sprinkled through the speeches. it's a bittersweet i've got a son who's part of this class, the principal at elmo as it's affectionately called, says district finances are forcing its closure. and he's been consoling younger students who won't walk where their siblings parents, even grandparents did. it's a sad time. indeed, for those those students, um, but
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they too, are el molino, and they'll create their own path in the el molino a wherever they are and that destination rival annalee high and sebastian pols seven miles away. the two schools will merge and rebrand with a new name colours mascot on analyst campus 550 kids to 1700 kids, and there's not enough room there. molinos librarian says students come here not only from forest bill but scattered communities across west sonoma county and find family. we know those kids and to see those kids being pushed into really large school kids are just can't get lost. genie broom. it definitely feels. little more profound. this senior student rep on the school board argued for giving el molino more time. it was almost easier to make this decision during a pandemic when people would have a more challenging time rallying together. i see faces who have watched fires creep closer and closer to their homes. molina
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was shut down not only by covid but a string of natural disasters and a strike during these students, four years, parents say resilience wasn't rewarded. they're losing a culture so that said this alumni and school resource officer believes the vote to close was rushed after the floods. the pandemic evacuations in the fires. i think they could have put it off for one more year. a lawsuit has been filed to save el molino, along with a campaign to recall board members and as they move on, brad's hope they're not the last and lions continue to roar in forest ville deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news, the san francisco unified school district says it has 1700 fewer students and it did at this time last year. district officials say that represents a 3% drop in enrollment, which could lead to a $20 million loss in. the finae
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expected to show a bigger drop in enrollment but won't be known until classes start. august 16th about 51,000 students are enrolled right now. and according to the chronicle, some families say they pulled their children out of public school and distance learning and put them in private schools that offered in person learning. u c. berkeley's class of 2020 may be able to have a graduation ceremony after all, the daily cal reports that the chancellor sent an email to graduates today. it offers a choice of three possible options, including an in person graduation procession in august, a campus celebration in october without the commencement or a combination of both in april or may of next year. the glass of 2020 has until next friday to return the survey. live. performances are returning to stanford university this summer, the university announced a six week series starting to lie first frost amphitheater will host in person concerts, right judging
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from the san francisco symphony to jazz and stand up comedy ticket prices start at $25 for the outdoor venue and go on sale starting next monday. seating capacity is being reduced to ensure social distancing. attendees must be vaccinated or show a negative covid test. well the work of mysterious street artist banksy is coming to san francisco this fall, and organizers say it will be the largest collection ever displayed the location of the unauthorized trap. the exhibition is being kept a secret. but the chronicle reports at the art of banksy is scheduled to open november 22nd. the exhibit will showcase at least 80 pieces of his work makes his team is also looking for social media influencers to get the word out about the show. oakland police say that crime is up after the break the specific crime they are really worried about. and why. some say the numbers approved that
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the department's funding needs to be reevaluated. one of the most well paid well funded police departments in the state of california people are still not safe. hey and it's the weekend or almost the weekend. i'll have what you can expect for saturday and sunday after the brain. also ahead tonight, changes in population around the bay area and it's not just san francisco that's losing in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation.
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billion would cover the cost of sheltering the 35,000 homeless people in the bay area and another 2.5 billion a year would be needed to maintain shelter services and staffing. the report comes as the california legislature is considering spending 20 billion. dollars on homeless programs statewide. i will oakland police say crime is up around the city and its ktvu rob roth reports believes the scene a dramatic rise in carjackings in particular. oakland police say they need to alert the community that carjackings are up way up. it is a steep rise as of thursday, opd is reporting 209 carjacking so far this year. a year ago, there were 93, but in pre covid. 2019 before anyone even thought about lockdowns. there were 94 at this time. also police say carjackings in 2021 have already surpassed the numbers for the entire years of 2017,
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2018 and 2019. our investigators are looking to see. is this a ring? an organized crime ring. sometimes the cars may have been used in a legal sideshow, a transportation to get to an illegal sideshow. opd says the covid lockdown. curtailed carjackings for a few weeks before shooting back up. police caution drivers to keep their car doors locked while inside the car and only roll down windows part way. the alert comes as the open city council debates the city's budget for the next fiscal year, including police funding. confused as to why a small percentage of the population or even a small percentage of individuals coming from other places are causing such. a critical crisis for law enforcement because that is your job, councilwoman carol fife says police strategies and funding need to be evaluated with one of the most. well paid, well funded
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police departments in the state of california people are still not safe. that means that we're something is wrong with our equation. councilman noel gayo says the police department is understaffed and that non emergency calls should go to other city agencies. how do i take some of the services that they're providing that needs to belong in another department? where they can concentrate on the 911 calls. is it helpful to have more officers? absolutely oakland crime stats show that so far homicides, assaults and robberies are all up over the previous two years. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. all right. we are tracking the weather. we had definitely a warmer day today. these are some of the numbers we had in the bay area and they were warmer than yesterday by a few degrees, especially check out the antioch number. so you know is it inch. as you enter into that central valley. that's where the real heat is, and that's where it has been, really the
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last few days. i mean, it's warm here like fairfield's pretty hot, but if you went up to reading a red bluff, they were still in the low one hundreds, and they're going to stay hot again. tomorrow we will see cooling, slight cooling tomorrow and the next day, but just subtle. so instead of 97, maybe annie oculus 92 93 something like that. and then that holds those temperatures will hold into saturday and then sunday and monday. you'll see it here on this little graph sunday and monday. temperatures really drop off and 60 seventies so much cooler and a much better. firefighting sort of fire suppressant environment for us, which is good. that's what i look for. i mean, normally in the winter, i look for rain, right? i hope it rains. hope it snows and then now we're past winter, so mediterranean climate we don't get rain and much rain in the summer, if any at all. um but i do look for that. the fire potential right look for the long runs of heat and the things that could cause problems or even some type of such tropical. moisture that could bring us thunderstorms. so there are the current temperature there is the sea breeze. you see it there. 10 degrees warmer in livermore 10
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degrees warmer and fairfield than it was last night at this time, and then big bridge of high pressure. that takes us right through the bay area weekend. it cools us off on sunday and monday is that that high pressure weekends and we kind of stay cool next week, too, for much of next week, so it's certainly interesting. it's really advantageous pattern for again for like cal fire and for the things that we're concerned about this year, and not always going to be this way, but this is how it is. this has been this for the last few weeks. we've had a really needed that one memorial day that was 1 24 hour heat deal, and then it was done. these are the forecast size for tomorrow. so there's friday and so just take that dice at their map, right so yellows or seventies greens or sixties just roll that into saturday and then sunday, you're going to see a lot more yellow and greens, which will be sixties and seventies and monday to and in the five day forecast, so it's really you know, brings a smile on my face just because we're not staring at some kind of heat advisory or some kind of red flag warning for this five day period, and probably beyond that as well. so i hope you have a nice weekend. i'll
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see you all back here on sunday, bill, thanks, new census data show some changes in population for the bay area's three biggest cities now, according to the u. s. census bureau, san jose and san francisco both lost population during 2020 compared to 2019. but oakland, added residents san jose is still the largest city in northern california with just over one million residents. that's down about 12,900 people. san francisco's population is down 12,200 in oakland had nearly 425,000 residents in 2020. and that's up about 2200 from the year before. coming up tonight in sports. a high school kid leading the women's us open. our sports director mark ibanez, is next with all
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teams collide. that is going to be the deal between the cubs and giants all weekend long first before gamer and the giants like the way this thing turned out, although early on one of the fans with a bona fide error right here, i bring a glove to the game if you want to come away with the souvenir comes early, took a lead. jack peterson two run homer for chicago. but here comes anthony day scalp funny with an old. for 40 streak prior to that, two out, hit mike tuckman gonna score and the giants tie it to two later, brandon crawford comes to the plate with two on and the best hitter. in the three account is bradley crawford high, driving the right center failed hits very
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well. o hair. oh yeah. mike crew co nailed that down a three. oh count. he's the best ticket to ride three run jackets. 12 4 r b. i has seven to san francisco. alright this kind of hard to believe when you think of lebron james career illustrious as it is never been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs series. it happened tonight. the lakers are done. the sons take care of them. anthony davis injured groin gave it a go. he was cleared to play lasted five minutes and the rest of the night bucket dead. devin booker can't miss hit eight of 10 from three. 21 point lead early later, chris paul will help seal it find booker for the slam, 47 points. 11 assists for booker and summer break for lebron. how do you like me now, says chris paul 1 13 104 2. they take the
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series and also, denver eliminated. dame and portland really hoping to see more of damian lillard? okay we've got a good one going over the weekend, it will be at the olympic club in san francisco. the women's u. s open and man, do we have a story brewing, although it was a little chilly micro climates, kicking into gear sweater weather for sure. local favorites michelle wie west didn't have her greatest performance today finished plus 3 74 down goes that one or early and at the time she was even par pleasant since paula creamer also makes an appearance part 3/13 long, but for pretty and she's four over par at 75. here's the story that's brewing 17 year old amateur mega ghani. she's a high school junior back in jersey nails that but for under
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67, she's got first place by a stroke with three rounds to go and oh, by the way. she'll be attending stanford come the fall of 2022. still, obviously lots of golf left. we're talking about the giants in first place. well they're being chased closely by the san diego padres. we've got a big break tonight. you do need to check this out. fernando tatty sets, of course. is there big hitter? he comes up with a man on its one deep watch the mets outfielder right here. mason williams. great. catch no. the replay show. he actually helped escort that ball over the wall. dead teeth pretty happy about that, and it's a two run homer for fernando tatty. these mets outfield be cringing about that when he sees the replay, and you know what it was an important play because the padres. one 423 so there's still just a game back of the
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giants. that's the sporting life. get it back to you guys. thanks so much. mark. appreciate it. thank you for watching ktvu news at 11 tonight. our news will continue tonight. our news will continue with mornings on to starting it (gasps) did you see it? does she know? this is the last thing she needs today. no! busy day at the dunphy compound. we have a wedding tonight, and this afternoon, claire is debating duane bailey in the race for town council. (lowered voice) and now the "weekly saver" says that some voters find claire-- quote-- "angry and unlikable." to those voters, i say, "wait till she sees this." no one can mention it to her. we can't have some unscientific poll shaking claire's confidence. phil... what poll? too late. she knows. who told her? what is this, a witch hunt? oh, my god. i have to go. well, i just don't think it's a big deal. i mean, how many people read the "weekly..." "saver"? "saver," anyway? 22,000... ish.
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