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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 3, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tonight. cal osha rejects new relax masking rules for the workplace, then reverses course and approves them. everybody's looking forward to taking their mascot because they are vaccinated. it just makes it more confusing to regulate our staff and pinpoint who hasn't been vaccinated. cal osha says
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tonight that workers can go massless in some situations, but only if every employee in the room is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes. frank and julia are off tonight. that decision came after more than nine hours of public comment and discussion and regulators admit tonight's decision is only temporary. katie's emma gauss joins us now live with reaction to this controversial stands, emma heather. it's both controversial and a bit confusing because even after today's vote, a subcommittee of three people will be considering more changes to possibly further ease restrictions over the coming weeks and months. in the coming weeks, cal osha is poised to allow california businesses to do away with masks if all employees are fully vaccinated if someone isn't vaccinated, that will mean mass go back on for everyone. there's actually profound social problems with that. ucsf's doctor, monica gandhi, hopes the board will revise these rules even further
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to be more closely aligned with the c d. c, which has already tw the science on the vaccines we really need to embrace their effectiveness and embrace with the cbc said, because they're right. the new rules also allow businesses to forgo social distancing and partitions effective july 31st only if employers provide respirator masks. in downtown martinez, lasalle and michelle strong owned firehouse brew and grill where 98% of their 20 persons staff is fully vaccinated. we do have one employee that for religious reasons, has not been vaccinated, so i'm not really sure how that would affect their workflow and our workflow around them, and it just makes it more confusing to regulate our staff. what we don't want to stare to is. people looking at others in a certain way, these new rules are subject to
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review over the next 10 days before implementation with june 15th right around the corner, california's business community worries the governor's envisioned reopening of california's economy won't go so smoothly. governor newsom has authority to overrule these new rules by executive order. if he finds them to strength. it remains to be seen if that will happen, heather. i am a hopefully we get some clarity. thanks so much, and i appreciate it. governor newsom was in san francisco today. announcing new efforts to help restaurants and bars recover. as our political reporter greg lee tells us tonight, even though many restrictions will be eliminated, coming up on the 15th outdoor dining and cocktails to go are here to stay standing outside tommy's mexican restaurant, san francisco's richmond district governor, gavin newsom announced the state will continue to allow to go cocktails. an outdoor dining expansions past the state's june 15th reopening date to allow theseexpand their opportuo
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recover from this pandemic, and moreover, to create new business opportunities in the future, joined by regulatory agencies, the governor said, the state is getting out of the way of hard hit restaurants and bars as they recover from the pandemic. many restaurants park, let's and take out cocktails provided much needed revenue and in some cases, the only opportunity to stay open through some regulatory changes. a place like tommy's is allowed to now sell our world famous tommy's margarita to go. the extension will provide relief until january, 1st as the state legislature considers making the programs permanent. local governments still have the final, say. san francisco mayor london breed made her feelings about park. let's clear. i just feel like it's bringing life to the city like never before. so yes, as far as i'm concerned, they're here to stay owners and recall opponents for the states, shifting guidelines and tiered reopening california restaurant
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association applauded the announcement, pointing to the fact the industry was the number one generator of sales tax revenue before the pandemic can underscores not only the important role that our industry plays in the fabric of every community, but the role it plays in all economies, local and statewide we're mindful what we've been saying for many, many months. we don't want to go back to normal. normal was never good enough. state senator scott wiener, co authored bill to keep these park let's open that recently unanimously passed the senate it will now go to the assembly. greg lee ktvu, fox two news today, the cdc announce set with vaccinations up the u. s has recorded the lowest number of covid cases since the pandemic began. during the white house briefing today, the director of the cdc said the seven day average is about 15,600 cases per day. that represents a decrease of more than 30. from the prior seven day average. it's also a 94% decrease from the peak of covid-19 cases. the agency
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reported this past january. now nearly 600,000 people in the us have died from the virus since the pandemic began a new a 10 tonight an 84 year old is recovering after he was robbed of his gold jewelry yesterday while out for a morning walk in fremont, and police say he's just one of four victims of similar crimes in the past two weeks. ktvu azenith smith joins us now live and azenith smith happening all over three month? yes the detective told me it is sporadic. unclear if it is the same suspects in all four cases, one thing they have in common. the thieves only stole gold jewelry and old victim tells me he was approached by a group asking for directions. this change they wanted to remove. i caught it. parkman napa code already is describing a terrifying theft when a man in suv approached him for directions, pulled down his window, grabbed his necklace and drove off. dragging him. i'm moving and
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hanging on the under door. your car was running. really? the 84 year old says it happened just after 10 wednesday morning he was returning home from a walk in three months. mission san jose neighborhood. the driver asked him to look at a map on his phone. meanwhile, he caught me jacket collar and pulled me help me. help me, i told but nobody was helping, he says it happened in less than a minute. his ribs now hurt. he showed us scrapes on his hand. we have come here almost 21 years ago to this house and have not heard anything. this sort of thing happen. fremont police say similar robberies happened on may 21st thief stole from a 96 year old on candace, a nurse, a drive a 79 year old on jamestown road. last wednesday, a 48 year old was robbed on the k street. and then coda readies theft on olive avenue. one of our victims was in front of their home doing some stuff with their vehicle when they were approached freeman police say thefts are happening between 10 30 12 30 during the
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day. the suspects are also luring people by claiming it's their birthday. oh you know it's my birthday, but i want to give a gift to you. um and then brought out some costume jewelry and then kind of started getting closer to the victims were, then they were able to swap out, um, with the victims. actual real jewelry, quite, uh, unnerving to hear that this incidents like this happening, all four victims were alone. kutaragi says he concealed his jewelry, his family warning others to keep their distance from people you don't know, they say two children were in the suspect's car. you assume that it's a family in that, indeed, you know, genuinely needed some help. um but if you cannot even trust that, you know who you can really trust. and police say the descriptions of the suspects very they're asking the community for any home surveillance video so they can try and identify the suspects. heather yeah, so be wary of
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these routes related crimes. thanks so much. aston three. she ate it. well now we go to dublin, where a man was shot and wounded during a robbery right outside of his home. dublin police say the man was returning home to clifton court last night around 7. 30 had just parked his car when three men approached him and that indicators say there was a struggle and the robbers assaulted the man before taking his belongings. they say the victim pursued the suspects as they tried to drive off and when he tried to get his belongings back from the robbers, one of them shot the van, neighbors said. it's a tight knit community. and this kind of crime is uncommon. for somebody to be followed home and robbed in his driveway. this is very you know, this is very shocking to me. it's a nice area of people like to come and hang out, but just kind of keep keeping an eye open is what i'm thinking more. the victim who was 60 years old is hospitalized. he's in stable condition and expected to recover. those suspects, though, are still on the loose. dublin police did not release a description of the men. san
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jose police are investigating a homicide tonight just blocks away from last week's mass shooting at the vita railyard today, shooting happened near the intersection of north san pedro and was heading streets and you can see how close it is to the vita railyard. now this homicide is unrelated to last week's mass shooting, police say just before two o'clock two officers in a patrol unit noticed two men running. one of them collapsed feet from the vita railyard. he died from at least one gunshot wound. another. man was detained, and detectives are interviewing witnesses to determine what happened. the sound of gunshots at home for a public still jittery over last week's mass shooting. i just heard gunshots and nice seeing someone run that way, and my kids were crying because they were scared. and next thing you know, we looked that way in there covering someone on the grounds. police say there is no. public threat of the nine v to employees who were shot and killed last week or honored again tonight by the agency's
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board of directors. first i want to note how last wednesday's tragic attack at the guadalupe the light rail yard has broken our hearts. this horrific tragedy has caused us to lose nine of our beach. a family members and i do not have the words to ease the immense pain. we're all feeling right now, as those at vt. aggrieved attend funerals and support each other officials say they have less staff available to operate reliable transit services. so for now, light rail service is suspended indefinitely and also because of that limited staffing, the agency says it can no longer offer substitute bus service along the light rail. roots tonight. board members thanked all of the bay area agencies that have stepped up to help following the mass shooting. i want to acknowledge and thank the many many organizations, agencies groups. have reached out to support vita in this very difficult time. in particular. i'd like to thank a c. transit and sam transfer their mutual aid. from
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the very early stages of this horrific event and that the administrative and communications staff at cal train and the county of santa clara, who are a tremendous help in offering their resources to deal with the overwhelming amount of media interest in this situation. the vita says today that it is still offering limited bus service on some of its regular lines. well now to the peninsula, where a person has died after being struck by a caltrain this evening, the sandwich county coroner was called to brewster avenue great crossing in redwood city. the accident happened around 5 30, all trains were stopped for time, while emergency crews responded. tracks reopened in both directions around eight o'clock tonight. an extra meaningful graduation in sonoma county. coming up at 10 30 for e schools last class ever as alumni work to save the school. it's tragic that a
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school had to be a victim of the pandemic and temperatures outside today did warm a bit, but they're going to cool off as we head towards the weekend. i'll have the friday, saturday and sunday forecast coming up. and new details about an 18 year old young woman found dead in northern california but last seen here in the bay area, the sei'm morgan, and there's more desperatto me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed...
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her five month old daughter from san mateo reported missing on tuesday. they have been found, say. police say they were located unharmed and have been reunited with her family that last had been seen at their home on saturday. new video tonight from belmont of car burglars that police are hoping to identify. police say the two men burglarized multiple vehicles in the area of ponsi avenue last saturday. one was wearing a black hat. gold necklace, brown jacket, black shirt, purple gloves, khaki pence and black shoes. a second man was wearing a black hooded jacket, black gloves, jeans and white shoes. police say they drove a grace, a den with the white bumper sunroof and red spoiler. well, the
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family of 18 year old tatiana duggar was in the bay area today, three months after her body was found in siskiyou county. she was last seen, though. you're in oakland and escape who is henry lee explains. investigators believe that she was a victim of human trafficking. we want justice. somebody died here and you need to friends and family of tatiana duggar spoke out thursday in oakland. the 18 year old was found dead in remote siskiyou county back in march, but was last seen in oakland. authorities believe she was the victim of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. this particular case stands at the intersection of gender based violence, sexual exploitation homicide, tatiana lived in butte county, but she had spent about a week in oakland before she was killed. tatiana duggar was last seen in oakland that we know of so we're asking for any additional information on new year's eve, tatiana left her family's home in orville and drove to sacramento and then oakland with a man. the two have been staying at the west wind lodge on macarthur near broadway in oakland. oakland
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please check the motel and found no signs of foul play. she had also been seen at about two in the morning, january 9th at this market at 21st, an international boulevard international is a busy thoroughfare popular with sex traffickers, this type of ignorance, this type of violence, this type of brutality is happening. in our city. this is not something that is relegated to international waters. the investigation also led police to this park in oakland back in january, where officers searched the area with dogs. alameda county sheriff's deputies also used a drone to search the park by air oakland police say they're working with investigators in butte and siskiyou county is to find tatiana's killer. we are not going to forget we're going. to continue the work that needs to be done. my sister tatiana is the definition of sunshine when she walked into a room, she made everything better. her smile is contagious, and so was her last oakland police and crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the butte and siskiyou county sheriff's offices are the lead agencies
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in this case, henry lee ktvu, fox two news. san francisco district attorney's declining to file criminal charges against the city's former public works director after he was arrested for an alleged armed robbery. mohamed nouri said the robbery at a food bank in the city's dogpatch neighborhood was a joke and a witness agreed. he was arrested yesterday after he allegedly pulled a knife on a man and robbed him of chips. naru is at the center of federal of a federal corruption case suspected of wire fraud. the former mayor of the small north bay town of windsor, dominic holy is now under investigation for potential violations of state campaign finance law, the state fairs political practices commission is looking into a series of expenditures by eiffel by for foley between 2014. and this year, the agency received a detailed, anonymous complaint questioning his spending, including air travel, liquor and several payments to his girlfriend for poli has told the press democrat that his spending was quote legal.
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allowable and fair. the u. s. drought monitor updated that's map and it showed no change for california this week. close to 75% of the state is an extreme or exceptional drought. meanwhile, california reservoirs are dropping quickly, state officials say they're about 50% lower than they should be at this time of the year. lake oroville, one of the state's key reservoirs could reach record lows by late august or september. yeah we're definitely in a drought doesn't matter what the drought monitor says i gotta do is look at the rain totals the last couple years and they're well behind where they should be. i was around in 77, which was the biggest drought that i can remember. and this is because it's two years of really dry weather. i think this is going to surpass that. plus we got more people using water than we did in 1977, and we've got a lot of more agriculture in the central valley that uses more water, so we're going to have to come up with a good plan, and it's going to have to be not just this year. it's going to have to be every year from
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here on out. it's crazy. we do this. we react like it's a surprise. there's a drought. yeah, there's a drought. this is what california does. okay so temperatures outside 87 degrees today. 93 in fairfield, look at antioch was 97 degrees, say temperatures did warm up. temperatures tomorrow are going to cool down a bit so that 97 turns into a 91 or 92 something like that. the story is the high pressure strengthened a little today tomorrow at weekends, so temperatures kind of cool a little bit or stay the same. and then when we get to sunday and monday. we're going to see temperatures really cool down as just good sized weather system which will bring rain far north of us but will bring us big onshore winds. lot of fog, maybe some drizzle and much cooler weather. so the weekend. saturday warmest day sunday, noticeably cooler and certainly helps with the fired age. we see a big low parked offshore like that, so that does break it down a little bit in terms of fire concerns, not as bad as it could be. now we
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come back. we're gonna look at the five day forecast. we look at the fog forecast to which i think is kind of interesting that shows a lot of fog and clouds for tomorrow and other days down the week all the weekend forecast right after this. all right, bill, thank you very much. another dead whale has washed up on a bay area beach. this law large whale is on rodeo beach in the marine heavy lands. we haven't yet heard. what species of whale this is a team is investigating the carcass to determine the cause of death. several whales have turned up dead along the bay area coast and in san francisco bay since the beginning of this year. well coming up the proposal to help foster kids who are aging out of the system, plus. the bay area's health officers together for the first time since announcing shelter in place orders last year later tonight their show of support for schools reopening in the fall. coming up first, though flea market vendors march of the south bay their message for san jose city leaders
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leaders to protect the historic market from being displaced. we're ready to march to let them know who we are what we're about. yeah, he said, well, they marched to city hall with their message. the market is set to become a mixed use development side that will include offices, apartments and retail plan includes five acres for permanent urban market, but vendors worried that that won't be enough so they want more protections. in those plans. currently there is no protections or safeguards for vendors. so that's what you know we're fighting for. we're fighting for our livelihoods were fighting for our businesses were fighting for our people. the various a flea market vendors association once land and financial assistance to recreate the flea market elsewhere and assistance for impacted vendors. us jobless claims have hit a new low dropping below 400,000 for the
10:25 pm
first time during the pandemic, the labor department says 385,000 claims were filed last r department to show 650,000 jobs were added in may, with the unemployment rate falling to 5.9% unemployment claims in california are bucking the national trend. they are headed higher. last week, the labor department says workers filed just under 75,000 claims, and that is an increase of more than 3700 from the week before. the white house says it expects the u. s will bounce back as local economies reopened. we're continuing to put in place policies and measures to ensure that we're helping people make ends meet, and we're helping the economy continue to grow. but wall street is keeping an eye out for signs of overheating as a nation recovers from the pandemic, analysts are concerned about inflation. with prices spiking due to high demand. the state senate today passed a
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groundbreaking pill that would provide universal basic income to young adults aging out of california's foster care system. that bill was authored by state senator dave cortese e of san jose. it will provide $1000 a month to some 2500 young adults in the states extend. foster care programme. the proposal would establish a three year pilot program to benefit those young adults coming out of foster care from age 21 through 24 advocates of the bill includes san francisco district attorney chase a. bodine. transitional age youth as we know without familial support, far too often end up victimized or arrested and incarcerated for committing crimes, often just to support themselves. sb 7 39 would close that gap. the bill now moves to the state assembly for committee hearings and in person graduation ceremony in sonoma county. why tonight's class could be the
10:27 pm
schools last also ahead tonight when dr anthony fauci believes all kids could be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine, as health officials worry, not enough teens are getting the shot. then later sports director marco baniyas will have two of baseball's hottest teams facing off in the bay and san francisco's castro district is known for its colorful culture, vibrant nightlife and political activism at 10 45. why some are concerned that the lgbt neighbor lgbtq neighborhood is losing its identity. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it—
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sonoma county town after some 60 years, the glass of 2021 is set to be the last ever at el molino high school in forest ville. we get more tonight from
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ktvu is deborah villalon. el molino high class of 2021, likely the last of the lions, an awareness hanging over commencement and sprinkled through the speeches. it's a bittersweet i've got a son who's part of this class, the principal at elmo as it's affectionately called, says district finances are forcing its closure. and he's been consoling younger students who won't walk where their siblings, parents, even grandparents did. it's a sad time. indeed, for those those students, um, but they too, are el molino, and they'll create their own path in the el molino a wherever they are and that destination rival annalee high and sebastian pols seven miles away. the two schools will merge and rebrand with a new name colours mascot on analyst campus 550 kids, too. 1700 kids, and there's not enough room there. molinos librarian says students come here not
10:31 pm
only from forest ville but scattered communities across west sonoma county and find family. we know those kids and to see those kids being pushed into really large school kids are just can't get lost. genie broom. it definitely feels a little more profound. this senior student rep on the school board argued for giving el molino more time. it was almost easier to make this decision during a pandemic when people would have a more challenging time rallying together i see faces who have watched fires creep closer and closer to their homes. el molino was shut down not only by covid but a string of natural disasters and a strike during these students four years, parents say resilience wasn't rewarded. they're losing a culture so that said this alumni and school resource officer believes the vote to close was rushed after the floods. the pandemic evacuations in the fires, i
10:32 pm
think they could have put it off for one more year. 21 a lawsuit has been filed to save el molino, along with a campaign to recall board members and as they move on, brad's hope they're not the last and lions continue to roar in forest bill deborah villalon ktvu fox, two news teachers and students may not be required to wear masks in schools next fall. the cdc currently recommends mass since schools but is considering making changes to its guidance. cdc director dr rochelle walensky says the agency is looking at vaccination. and disease rates in certain communities, and we'll be revisiting its school guidance. this would be a change from the cdc report last month, which recommended teachers, staff and students continue to wear masks for the first time since march of 2020, the bay area's health officers met today in person their message all schools should welcome back students in person in the fall as ktvu christian
10:33 pm
captain, reports, they say when it comes to the coronavirus school is the safest place for kids. bay area health officers came together for the first time since march of last year, joining their voices calling for a return to the classroom. we are here united in our support of opening california schools for full time in person instruction for all grades when the school year begins this fall, health officers for san francisco alameda contra costa marin, san benito, san mateo, santa clara, santa cruz and sonoma counties and the city of berkley. all say there. following the data, which they say shows kids are unlikely to catch covid-19 in school in marin, for example, with now nearly three million accumulated student days across 110 open schools. we've seen no occasions where a student infected an adult in school and found the children are far more likely to be infected outside of school in the general community. in fact, the health
10:34 pm
officials say the data point to a disturbing trend that kids are experiencing more harm. not attending in person school. we're seeing significant rise, an increase in all sorts of issues. anxiety depression, self harm, suicide, al et, alcohol and drug use. how you guys doing? medical experts say effective vaccines and low transmission in the bay area also ensure safety for teachers and staff. people should get their covid-19 vaccine if they have not. but increasing amounts of data over time and over over many millions of people have gotten these vaccines show how extraordinarily effective they are at preventing infections and preventing severe disease and death. several of the bay area's largest school districts, including san francisco san jose in oakland, have all said they are working toward full time in person instruction in the fall, but stressed the need for distance learning as an option for those who want or
10:35 pm
need it. health officers say going forward it will be important to follow state and cdc guideline. and in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. dr anthony fauci said today that he is cautiously optimistic that children under the age of 12 will be eligible for the vaccine by thanksgiving. in the cnn interview, he said the studies are looking into making kids eligible for the vaccine by using a process that they call age de escalation, meaning that children from 12 to 9 would be eligible. next, then 9 to 6, then 6 to 2 and then finally, 2 to 6 months, he said his hope is to have enough information. by the end of this year to vaccinate children of any age. the eligibility optimism comes, says the cdc say, sees troubling data regarding hospitalizations in teens with covid-19 cdc director dr rochelle walensky said today that the agency will publish a report tomorrow that will quote force us to redouble
10:36 pm
our motivationget teens and young adults vaccinated, she said unvaccinated 12 to 17 year olds should continue to wear masks and social distance. and encourage parents to get their teens vaccinated as she did with hers, caltrain was said to have been entirely electric fleet next year. coming up how the pandemic has pushed that back several years and the weekends getting ready to cool down significantly, i'll talk about both days and what you can expect for your saturday and sunday. manned ransomware attacks are posing new threats around the country how ari'm morgan, and there's more authoritto me than hiv.action more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to...
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before its diesel fueled trains become fully electric. caltrain blames supply trade chain district disruption excuse me supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic as well as unforeseen conditions under tracks and complications with installing signals, electrification efforts were expected to be complete next year. but the agency now says the project will not be done until 2020 for transit officials now estimate that the project will need an additional $333 million to be completed. the u. s department of justice is elevating investigations of ransomware attacks to a similar priority asked terrorism, the latest ransomware assault this week targeted the world's largest meatpacker that followed the colonial pipeline attack, security officials see both companies were targeted by russian linked groups, though not directly tied to the kremlin, u. s attorneys are being directed to send information about potential threats to a new task force in washington federal government
10:40 pm
under the leadership of president biden has been stepping up to strengthen the nation's defenses against cyber attacks. the ransom president biden plans to discuss russia's role in policing ransomware criminals criminals rather when he holds a summit with russian president vladimir putin in geneva in less than two weeks, the justice department is investigating the postmaster general over political fundraising activity at his former business. a spokesman for louis dejoy confirms that the doj is investigating, but denied any wrongdoing. dejoy was a trump appointee. former employees have a company that he previously ran, said that they were pressured to donate to republican candidates and then reimbursed through bonuses. those types of reimbursements could violate federal law. the fbi says it can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation. an assembly bill that would protect certain undocumented immigrants from being deported is moving. forward the california vision
10:41 pm
act, which stands for avoiding inequality and seeking inclusion for immigrant neighbors passed the assembly today with a 42 17 vote. the bill protects immigrants who have served time in jail from being transferred to immigration and customs enforcement. the vision act is now headed to the senate. also looking around and even my own friends and, um, who are also gay, and it's like i'm seeing that they're getting, you know, live in the neighborhood. some say that san francisco's castro district is losing some of its lgbt q members coming up after the break the effort to preserve the area's unique culture and warmer today, but we could expect another cool down. chief meteorologist bill martin up next with your five day forecast. well, june is pridd
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we're honoring and celebrating the lgbt community. but in san francisco, some say they are worried that the castro district is losing its prominence as the city's cultural center for gays and lesbians ktvu christian captain tonight tells us about the effort to try to maintain the castros cultural identitysco's s a thriving neighborhood with clear cultural ties to the lgbtq community. but long time residents say the area is losing some of its lgbtq
10:45 pm
members making way for straight families. i like playing with the kids, you know, and darling talk darlings on the sidewalks. it's just but it's just, you know, i'm also looking around my own friends and, um, who are also gay, and that's like i'm saying they're going to, you know, live in the neighborhood. what do we want? castro's roots with the gay rights movement began after world war two when working class families moved out and gay men moved in the lgbtq population continued to grow through the 19 seventies and into the 19. eighties, when the aids crisis hit historian terry bestwick from the glbt historical society says as gay men died, non gays began moving in that displacement continued and accelerated over the decades as housing prices in the area increased. we've been seeing gaber hoods, uh, being lost in major cities all across the country for some time, and so, yes, the castro as a gay identified neighborhood is definitely under threat. yes,
10:46 pm
because worried that the castro could diminish as a destination for lgbtq youth as it was when he came to the city in the early 19 eighties. other young people like me were able to find a cheap place to stay. we were able to go to school become activists, all on a salary of bussing tables or what have you, you know, and now it is, you know, that's not really a possibility. lyric is a nonprofit serving nearly 1000 lgbtq youth and only about 2. that come from the castro district. the organization says that means the castro needs to be preserved as a safe place for lgbtq youth. i think it's important that young people still come to the castro. and see role models for what they could be as as adults as positive, healthy adults. the castro lgbtq cultural district is dedicated to preserving the cultural identity of the neighborhood. part of that means studying demographic
10:47 pm
trends, especially now, as the pandemic draws to an end to get an idea of who is moving out, and who's moving in the data it needs to get updated. um i what i'm aware of is there were many evictions and many vacancies in the castro in terms of businesses and residents. supporters of keeping the castro gay say bringing people together in one area is empowering, economically and politically. supervisor raphael man, delman says it's important to strike a balance between maintaining the castros cultural identity while welcoming non gays and straight families, but i do believe that it is important to remember the history of the place. um, to be there for people who still need. gaber hood, uh, to meet people to gathered, organize politically. the castro lgbt q cultural district is working on conducting a study trying to assess the neighborhoods needs around everything from arts and culture to land use and housing. that's an important first step, they say in trying to preserve n
10:48 pm
san francisco christian captain ktvu, fox two news, and this is one in a series of reports and conversations that will have throughout the month of june. celebrating pride. you can see those report. it's any time by visiting our website ktvu .com/ pride already looking at the forecast as we head into the weekend last weekend, we had that very warm or hot memorial day with 108 degree readings in the central valley. temperatures have cooled since then, tomorrow and saturday. kind of holds even just like that. then you see the roller coaster drops off pretty quick as we get into sunday, monday and tuesday. it's not going to be cold. it's just not going to be hot. we're going to have a really nice weekend, the best off the best. they're they're both great saturday and sunday, but the warmest and the weekend is going to be saturday. here's tomorrow and the morning. midnight tonight. one am fog back at the coast. lots of cloud cover. i'm gonna take you
10:49 pm
through tomorrow morning around tomorrow afternoon around lunch, and you see a little bit of clearing so tomorrow is going to be a lot like today. not a big difference. and then the next day saturday, a lot like today to no fog at the coast really right now to speaker but it should be showing up late tonight. um the changes really do come as we get into sunday and monday and temperatures and will be significantly cooler and will be in a less. aggressive fire pattern when there was a lot higher, humidities, higher fuel moistures things like that, so it'll kind of help the fire conditions quite a bit. and of course you know it does. you know it's just not hot like it was monday to a current temperatures. you can see the sea breeze and green essentially and you see where the sea breeze is not which 10 r liver more than they were last night. low pressure center is coming our way it is going to bump up against the coast. that's on sunday, and that's when the significant cooling occurs and that's the mechanism right so tomorrow and saturday
10:50 pm
a lot like today, sunday and monday, much cooler, much noticeably cooler, quite frankly. and then the forecast for san francisco oakland, not sandals, david perhaps like san mateo. in hayward, you're gonna have plenty cloud cover in the morning. san francisco ends up at about 63 degrees for daytime high nowy valley. you're probably probably 63 to mission rocks, probably around 65 the forecast for tomorrow. then you see the fog. you see where it is, and then you see it kind of. fills in a little and then pulls back and that's today but it's tomorrow, right? it's actually saturday to that's that footprint that temperature footprint, so let's get have a nice weekend. it's just going to be a lot cooler on sunday. these forecast highs for tomorrow, then core them today, but they're going to hold steady on friday and saturday and then you'll see the big significant drop off in temperatures on sunday and monday, so nice second weekend ahead, subtle changes fire danger, not off the hook, which is really kind of got my makes me happy because that's the
10:51 pm
last thing you want to see andre back to you. all right. something to keep an eye on bill. thank you. a new report from the united nations indicates the climate change is accelerating, researchers say there is a 90% chance that one of the next five years will be the hottest on record. the report also says there is a 40% chance that we will experience a year where the average temperature is 2.7 degrees above pre industrial levels. the paris agreement, says 2.7 degrees is a bench. mark of global warming, and that number should be avoided. coming up tonight in sports, there will be a new nba champion as lebron and the lakers are taken down. also a high school kid leading the women's us open sports director. mark ibanez, has it all coming up next and then on the 11 o'clock news, u. c. berkeley's 2020 graduates may have a commencement celebration after all, today's update from the chancellor at 11.
10:52 pm
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework,
10:54 pm
but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. the town getting a lot of hype, having won nine out of the last 10. welcome to san francisco, where there are first place team hanging around here as well. they put a nice little ice pack on chicago's cubs and when the first game of a four game series what a crew can skype always tell you bring a glove to the game? if you're a fan that young man's got to make that play, that's a clear cut error. this is a souvenir, third inning giants were leading one. nothing, jack. peterson who hails from down palo alto, way off anthony discount. finally that's water world that is a big fly. need a kayak to get that souvenir to one cubs throughout the fourth man on for the giants. it's disco tony as a colony was over
10:55 pm
40 before. that's when he drives on over kris bryant's ed mike document will score all the way from first to tie it to discuss all funny gets. the win went six innings, gave up only two runs. 22 giants to on for brandon cry is bradley crawford, high drive in the right center field hits very well. to their. oh yeah. my crew co called it perfectly. he's the best with a three count gets the green light three run jack five. giants go on from there to win it. 7 and how about four more rbs for brandon crawford as the giants win. the first of four there will be a new nba champion this year. lebron and the lakers are singed by the sons and for the first time, believe it or not in his career, lebron ousted in the first round. he couldn't do it without his partner, anthony
10:56 pm
davis, who gave it a go. he was cleared to play lasted only five minutes with the bad groin, so book it next round. phoenix devin booker can't necessarily was eight for 10 from. three in early 21 point lead. chris paul finds devin booker again who had 47 points, 11 assists, and there you go. it is all about phoenix. they win the series four games to two. how do you like me now, says devin booker, lebron, summer vacation time. 1 13 to 100. the final another of the nba's most exhilarating players to watch. is done as well. damian lillard and portland gone despite another stellar performance from the dame. it's not his time yet switch at the end of the half. he had 28 points. 13 assists blazers up 7.5. but the nba is soon to be m v p. nikolai your kitsch. no joke. game high. 36
10:57 pm
got the nice touch for a big man 1 26 to 1 15 a nugget nog put on the blazers four games to two and they will now meet the phoenix sucks. i don't know about you what you were doing when you were a junior in high school 17 years old, but if you're like me, i was not on national tv. out in the lead of the u. s. open at a tournament like this in san francisco at the olympic club. it was a little chilly there. sweater weather, bill martin might say, but carrying a hot club youngster, we're going to tell you about one of the shots of the day, though. angel yen for eagle on the par 5/17 she nails it three under 68 for her in the early going local favorites. michelle wie west, par four. number six put even for birds. she wound up three over on the day of 74. she's a former us open winner pleasant and paula
10:58 pm
creamer, part 3/13 going for the birdie putt. she'll make it but she was four over par. 75 so here is the story after one round, and it's 17 year old amateur mega ghani. she's a high school junior back in jersey on the 15th. she sinks the putt. she's four under with a first round 67 good for first place by a stroke, and in the fall of 22, she will be attending stanford. so she's looking real good. i don't know about you, but there are people all around me, just you know, super bowl ends and they can't wait to get more football while they're going to get it as the usfl is coming back, fox sports announced today that in the spring of 22. it will return. remember that the eighties oakland had the oakland invaders well, very few details announced by fox sports, but there will be a minimum of eight teams and, uh, fox will
10:59 pm
do the broadcasting bring the oakland invaders back. alright we've come to that point in the evening where we must check this out. talk about team usa international soccer and looking good in the conquer semifinals versus honduras. 89th minute feels and see. but you will scored his first competitive match goal in his first competitive match. team usa wins it one mil, and they'll be mexico on sunday in the final. we've got some more sports coming up for you in about 25 minutes, but that is the sporting life for right now. get it back to you, andre and heather at 11 o'clock skills. mark. thank you so much next at 11. he caught me. jacket color and pulled me help me. help me, i told but nobody was helping an 84 year old man victimized. he was robbed of his gold jewelry while for a morning walk the 11 o'clock
11:00 pm
news on ktvu fox two starts now, free mall. police say that victim is not alone. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm andre, senior, frank and julie have the night off. in fact, in the past two weeks, at least four people have been targeted most of them. new tonight. ktvu azenith smith joins us in at this. you've learned these cases aren't all in one area. yes, andre. it is happening throughout fremont during the day between 10 30 12 30 in the late morning hours, all four victims were alone and only gold jewelry was taken. this change they to remove. i caught it. parkman approached hr directions, pulled down his window, grabbed his necklace and drove off, dragging him. i'm moving and hanging on the under door, he car was running. the 84


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