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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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two o'clock two officers in a patrol unit noticed two men running south on san pedro. they stop they investigated and realized what they actually almost witness was a shooting. one of the men collapsed feet from the vta light rail yard. he died from at least one gunshot wound. at least one person has been detained, and detectives are interviewing witnesses to determine when and where the victim that was killed was actually shot. this is not related to any of last week's events. there is no. public safety issue or threat right now, this is a completely different, isolated incident that what happened here last week. i understand the public's concerns like, unfortunately, is a very bad coincidence. one vehicle near the scene riddled with bullets, the sight and sounds of gunfire hit home for a public still jittery over the most recent mass shooting. what goes through your mind when you see something like that? your gunshot, um just to, like, grab my kids and hold them, you know, like. run to the safest
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place because you don't know where they're coming from. san jose. police officials say there is no longer a threat to the public. they and the sheriff's office working with people who parked on nearby side streets and in parking lots, try and get their vehicles so they can move on with their evening in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news, now to richmond, denied where one person was critically injured in a shooting this afternoon. it happened on kelsey street near gertrude avenue in north richmond about one o'clock this afternoon, according to the. east bay times. one victim was struck in the head and is in critical condition. another had a minor injury. so far, there is no information on any suspects. oakland police say they are seeing an increase in most major crime so farmped to last g the pandemic lockdown but also from the previous year before covid ktv is rob ross spoke with police about one particular crime that has seen a dramatic rise carjackings. oakland police say they need to
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alert the community that carjackings are up way up a steep rise as of thursday, opd is reporting 209 carjacking so far this year. a year ago, there were 93 but in pre covid 2019 before anyone even thought about lockdowns, there were 94 at this time. also police say carjackings in 2021 have already surpassed the numbers. for the entire years of 2017, 2018 and 2019. our investigators are looking to see is this a ring and organized crime rates? sometimes the cars may have been used in a legal sideshow, a transportation to get to an illegal sideshow. opd says. the covid lockdown only curtailed carjackings for a few weeks before shooting back up. police caution drivers to keep their car doors locked while inside the car and only roll down windows part way. the alert comes as the oakland city council debates the city's budget for the next fiscal year, including police funding.
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confused as to why a small percentage of the population or even a small percentage of individuals coming from other places are causing such. a critical crisis for law enforcement because that is your job. councilwoman carol fife says police strategies and funding need to be evaluated with one of the most. well paid, well funded police departments in the state of california people are still not safe. that means that we're something is wrong with our equation. councilman noel gayo says the police department is understaffed and that non emergency calls should go to other city agencies. how do i take some of the services that they're providing that needs to belong in another department? where they can't concentrate on the 911 calls. is it helpful to have more officers? absolutely oakland crime stats show that so far homicides, assaults and
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robberies are all up over the previous two years. rob roth, ktvu fox two news police discovered a dangerous about a narcotics inside an oakland motel this afternoon, causing the hazmat team to respond. the oakland fire department said that san francisco police officers were serving a warrant when they discovered large amounts of dangerous drugs inside that hotel room. this happened on macarthur boulevard, the street closed to traffic between 98 99th avenue, says police work to get rid of all of the narcotics and paraphernalia or none of the latest on the coronavirus. and right now, the cal osha standards board is wrapping up a discussion before deciding on whether to maintain indoor mask requirements for workplaces. this comes after public comment that began at 10 o'clock this morning, ktvu. san rubin tells us some of the concerns voiced today. for local businesses like office furniture dealer kb m. hogue new cal osha regulations simply me new
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questions and lots of them. is it fair for somebody that's unvaccinated to have to wear a mask? um, is it fair. for vaccinated people to have to wear a mask. you know, do we need to see them on a different side of the office? cal osha's proposed rules require businesses to provide workers with n95 masks and require employees to wear them in situations where not everyone is vaccinated. the regulations also call for physical distancing through july. 31st in both cases, rules more stringent than the state guidelines in preparation for their vote. the board took public comment and for hours frustrated employers and employees voiced their concerns. cal osha is out of step with the rest of the country and 95 respiratory protection needs to go. the unintended consequences of these provisions are serious, and they cannot be understated. what's more, the silicon valley leadership group says the provisions are confusing. suddenly cal osha's rules differ from the state guidelines, which differ in some cases from the counties.
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so i think what would be most helpful for many businesses for many companies is greater consistency. among those different sets of rules and regulations at kpm hogue they just like to prepare. so as the new rules come, they can follow. we just need to understand what it is. and then we have to hope it's fair. they took public comment from 10 am until five pm they now have moved on to board discussion before determining whether they'll take a vote. and ruben ktvu fox two news well, teachers and students may not be required to wear masks in schools next fall. cdc director dr rochelle belinsky says the agency is looking at vaccination and disease rates in certain communities. and we'll be revisiting its school guidance. a cdc report last month recommended that teachers, staff and students continue to wear masks. well today, health officers from around the bay area gathered in san francisco to send a message. all students should go back to in person
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classes as ktvu christien kafton tells us see, health officers are united in their support for reopening all schools. bay area health officers came together for the first time since march of last year, joining their voices calling for a return to the classroom. we are here united in our support of opening california schools for full time in person instruction for all grades when the school year begins this fall health officers for san francisco alameda contra costa marin, san benito san mateo, santa clara, santa cruz and sonoma counties and the city of berkley. all say they're following the data. which they say shows kids are unlikely to catch covid-19 in school in marin, for example, with now, nearly three million accumulated student days across 110 open schools. we've seen no occasions where a student infected an adult in school and found the children are far more likely to be infected outside
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of school in the general community. in fact, the health officials say the data point to a disturbing trend that kids are experiencing more harm. not attending in person school. we're seeing significant rise and increase and all sorts of issues anxiety, depression, self harm, suicide, al et, alcohol and drug use. how you guys doing? medical experts say effective vaccines and low transmission in the bay area also ensure safety for teachers and staff. people should get their covid-19 vaccine if they have not. but increasing amounts of data over time and over over many millions of people have gotten these vaccines show how extraordinarily effective they are at preventing infections and preventing severe disease and death. several of the bay area's largest school districts, including san francisco san jose in oakland, have all said they are working toward full time in person instruction in the fall, but stressed the need
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for distance learning as an option for those who want or needed. health officers say going forward, it will be important to follow state and cdc guideline. and in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. while the san francisco unified school district says that it has 1700 fewer students that it did this time. last year. district officials say that represents a 3% drop in enrollment, which could lead to a $20 million loss in state funding. the final numbers are expected to show an even bigger decline in enrollment but won't be known until classes start august 16th about 51,000 students are enrolled right now. according to the chronicle. some families say they pulled their children out of public schools frustrated with distance learning and enroll them instead in private schools that offered in person instruction, alright still to come, family, friends and police asking for the public's help in solving the homicide case of an 18 year old woman who they say was a victim of human trafficking and
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sex exploitation. we want justice. somebody died here and you need to care. and we've got a weekend to look at. i'll tell you what you can expect for your saturday and sunday. also another dead whale has washed ashore at a bay area beach where and what we know so far and taking a live look outside at the road conditions. this is highway 24 lafayette. you can see traffic seems to be following smooth in both directions. ktvu news at six directions. ktvu news at six will be right back. i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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in the bay area today, hoping to draw attention to her unsolved killing crime reporter henry lee explains why they came to oakland to plead for answers in her death. we want justice. somebody died here and you need to friends and family of tatiana duggar spoke out thursday in oakland. the 18 year old was found dead in
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remote siskiyou county back in march, but was last seen in oakland. authorities believe she was the victim of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. this particular case stands at the intersection of gender based violence, sexual exploitation homicide, tatiana lived in butte county, but she had spent about a week in oakland before she was killed. tatiana duggar was last seen in oakland that we know of so we're asking for any additional information on new year's eve, tatiana left her family's home in orville and drove to sacramento and then oakland with a man. the two have been staying at the west wind lodge on macarthur near broadway in oakland. oakland please check the motel and found no signs of foul play. she had also been seen at about two in the morning, january 9th at this market at 21st, an international boulevard international is a busy thoroughfare popular with sex traffickers, this type of ignorance, this type of violence, this type of brutality is happening. in our city. this is not something that is relegated to international waters. the investigation also led police to this park in oakland back in january, where officers
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searched the area with dogs. alameda county shares. deputies also used a drone to search the park by air oakland police say they're working with investigators in butte and siskiyou county is to find tatiana's killer. we are not going to forget we're going to continue their work that needs to be done. my sister tatiana is the definition of sunshine when she walked into a room, she made everything better. her smile is contagious, and so was her last oakland police and crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest the butte and siskiyou county sheriff's offices are the lead agencies in this case, henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the former mayor of the small north bay town of windsor, dominic for poli is now under investigation for potential violations of state campaign finance law, the state fair political practices commission is looking into a series of expenditures by full by foot. poli between 2014. and this year, the agency received a detailed, anonymous complaint
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questioning his spending, including air travel, liquor and several payments to his girlfriend, poli has told the press democrat that has spent was quote, legal, allowable and fair. poli resigned as mayor last month following sexual assault or misconduct allegations by nine different women. last night, the windsor town council appointed a longtime city council member to take over the job. vice mayor sam salmon was sworn in last night, the town council voted 3 to 1 to appoint him to the position. salmon has served on windsor's town council since 1994 and has been mayor in the past. we asked him how he plans to deal with the fallout of the scandal. we got, uh, a lot of work to do. and, you know, we talked about building trust. and um, i think we just have to have a different outlook from things a bit. there were also discussions at last night's meeting about returning the council to a five member council with rotating mayors.
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no charges will be filed against san francisco's former public works director who was arrested for an alleged armed robbery. mohamed nouri said the robbery out of food bank in the city's dogpatch neighborhood was a joke, and a witness agreed. he was arrested yesterday after he allegedly pulled a knife on a man. and robbed him of ships. naru is already at the center of a federal corruption case on suspicion of wire fraud. okay temperatures today warmed up a few degrees turned out to be a pretty nice day, with temperatures in the warmest spots in the low nineties temperatures tomorrow will cool little bit, and then we'll see further cooling on sunday and monday, so as we head towards the bay area weekend half of the weekend like today, that's saturday. the other half is sunday is going to be much cooler, not cold, but just more fog and instead of 85 or 88 degrees, temperatures are going to be mid seventies upper seventies, maybe some low eighties. so like that so much core, but the upshot is you're you're not. we're not dealing with fire danger at a high
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level, so that's great. that's this forecast for friday and saturday. so just like. pretty much like today, both both friday and saturday, and in this system comes in. gets close to us does not bring us rain, but does bring us much cooler weather that's on sunday into monday and into tuesday as well. i'll see you back here. the complete forecast. bill thank you. a vegetation fire in nevada burned about three acres and threatened some structures before firefighters got a handle on it. the fire started shortly before two o'clock atherton avenue, marin county and sandra fell. firefighters assisted nevado crews on the ground and cal fire aircraft dropped retardant on the flames. there now firefighters are on the scene, cleaning cleaning up and are asking people to avoid the area. the cause is under investigation. another dead whale has washed up on a bay area beach. the large whale is on. rodeo beach in the marin headlands. we haven't heard yet. what species of whale this is a team is investigating the carcass to try to determine the cause of death. several whales, though, have turned up dead
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along the bay area coast and in san francisco bay since the beginning of this year are still ahead tonight. san francisco near london breed showing her support for api communities. her proposed multi million dollar investment and what that money would be used for after a hack on a major meat process. same company, the u. s government is urging businesses to beef up their cybersecurity. i'm lauren blanchard in washington. why some say ransomware is an epidemic. wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years,
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comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
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and beef supplier, the white house's telling companies to harden their cybersecurity as foxes. lauren blanchard tells us tonight. hackers are busy now looking for their next target. the world's largest meat processing company, is back up and running after a ransomware attack force the brazilian based jbs to shut down facilities in the u. s and abroad. criminals are looking for their next meal, right. and in this case, you know if you look like a juicy burger, you're going to get eaten this the latest high profile ransomware attack after the colonial pipeline hack last month. sent americans panicking to the gas pump and brought one of the nation's most important fuel lines to a standstill, plus new york's metropolitan transportation authority, also reporting they were hacked in april. i would say that we have seen over the past several years ransomware becoming, um, an epidemic there is literally.
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no company no sector of the economy that is immune to this problem. the federal government is beefing up its defenses and urging businesses small and large to harden their cybersecurity. we can't do it alone. business leaders have a responsibility to strengthen their cyber defenses to protect the american public and our economy. the fbi said. the jbs and the colonial pipeline hack were by russia linked ransom, where groups although not directly affiliated with the kremlin, mid june, president biden will hold a summit with russian president vladimir putin in geneva. but republicans say the president is rewarding putin as bad actors in russia continue to target u. s companies were going to give him this high profile summit a chance to look legitimised putin and embolden him. it's the wrong way to go. the white house says president biden will bring up the ransomware hacks with president putin during their meeting, and he believes russia has a role in stopping further attacks in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news the justice department
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is investigating the postmaster general over political fundraising activity at his former business. a spokesperson for louis dejoy confirms the doj investigation but denied any wrongdoing. the joy was a trump appoint team. former employees of a company heat previously ran said they were pressured to donate to republican candidates and then reimbursed through bonuses. now those types of reimbursements could violate federal law. the fbi says it can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation. fame celebrity attorney f. lee bailey, who defended o. j. simpson and other high profile clients, has died. bailey's careers and attorney span more than four decades. he was part of the legal dream team that got o. j. simpson acquitted in his murder trial back in 1995 1976. bailey defended publishing heiress patricia hearst, who participated in armed robberies with a terrorist group that kidnapped her. he lost that case, bailey's legal career came to a halt in 20 years ago
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when he was disbarred in florida and massachusetts. there is no word on what led to his death. f. lee bailey was 87 years old. coming up on ktvu news at six survey lifelines for struggling restaurants and keeping them going past the pandemic. the announcement made by governor newsom today in san francisco, also coming up a little later the incredible first round from a 17 year old amateur in the women's u. s open at the olympic club in san francisco are sports director mark ibanez will have all the highlights from the women's nature and a plan to offer universal basic income took foster children who are agent out of the system how much they would get each
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely. week's mass shooting at the vita rail yard in san jose. shooting happened around two o'clock this afternoon near the intersection of north san pedro street and was heading street. at least one person was detained and detectives are interviewing witnesses. for more information. oakland police seeing a big jump in the number of carjackings, police report 209 carjacking so far this year compared to 93 at this time last year in 94 in 2019, police are. warning drivers to keep their car doors locked while roll down the windows halfway and tonight.
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cal osha considering proposed workplace rules to protect employees from the coronavirus after hearing several hours of public comment, many say they object to a plan that would require businesses to provide workers with n95 masks and require employees to wear them in situations where not everyone is vaccinated. the regulations also called for physical distancing. through july. 31st you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 tonight and outdoor dining and cocktails to go are here to stay. that was the word from governor newsom in san francisco today. ktvu political reporter greg lee tells us how bay area restaurants are responding to this news. standing outside tommy's mexican restaurant, san francisco's richmond district governor gavin newsom announced the state will continue to allow to go cocktails and outdoor dining expansions past the state's june 15th reopening date to allow these businesses to expand their footprint and expand their opportunity to recover from this pandemic, and moreover, to create new
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business opportunities in the future, joined by regulatory agencies, the governor said the state is getting out of the way of hard hit restaurants and bars as they recover from the panda. for many restaurants park, let's and take out cocktails provided much needed revenue and in some cases, the only opportunity to stay open through some regulatory changes. a place like tommy's is allowed to now sell our world famous tommy's margarita to go. the extension will provide relief until january, 1st as the state legislature considers making the programs permanent. local governments still have the final, say. san francisco mayor london breed made her feelings about park. let's clear. i just feel like it's bringing life to the city like never before. so, yes, as far as i'm concerned, they're here to stay. newsom has faced criticism from some frustrated restaurant owners and recall opponents for the states, shifting guidelines and tiered reopening system. the california restaurant association applauded the announcement, pointing to the fact the industry was the number one generator of sales
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tax revenue before the pandemic can underscores not only the important role that our industry plays in the fabric of every community, but the role of plays in all a con. means local and statewide. we're mindful what we've been saying for many, many months. we don't want to go back to normal. normal was never good enough. state senator scott wiener co authored a bill to keep these park let's open that recently unanimously passed the senate it will now go to the assembly. greg lee ktvu, fox two news, al speaker, nancy pelosi was also in san francisco today to volunteer at a pop up food bank. the speaker helped distribute bags of groceries in north beach where the san francisco. marine food bank was holding up its pop up pantry. she praised the nonprofit saying its resilience and ingenuity helped respond to a spike in food insecurity during the pandemic. pelosi also highlighted the role of the american rescue plan, saying it distributed $12 billion to food assistance programs over the past year.
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our city has faced a 70% spike in demand at three days. san francisco french food bank has served. the beacon of hope for our city and a model for success across the nation, covid-19 vaccines were also offered during today's pop up event at state senator dave cortesi and other lawmakers are presenting a plan to provide a universal basic income to foster children in california. the money would go to young people who are aging out of the foster care system and transitioning into adulthood. $1000 a month would be given to about 2500. 100 young people and will be administered by the department of social services over the course of three years, co sponsored by chasing boudin joined other co sponsor rather chase boudin joined other advocates today for virtual conference about it. this is a very, very small cost to pay for a huge reward and benefit to society's most vulnerable
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children, who are, as i said, full of tremendous opportunity of promised if we're only willing to invest in the. the pilot program is based on the model that senator cortesi champion in santa clara county. he is now requesting $68 million from california to fund the statewide program. new census data shows some changes in population for the bay area's three biggest cities, according to the u. s census bureau. san jose and san francisco both lost residents during 2020 compared to 2019, however, oakland added residents. san jose, though, is still the largest city in northern california. new with a population of just over one million. that's down, though, about 12,900 people. san francisco's population down 12,200 people and oakland had nearly 425 residents in 2020. that's up about 2200 from the previous year. coming up tonight, public works crews reopened the intersection known as george floyd square there in
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minneapolis. but community members were quick to respond and to look at the latest unemployment numbers both here in california and nationally and wants some economists are optimistic
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. morning so it can be reopened to traffic. the intersection there at 38th in chicago has become known as george floyd square, and it served as a side
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for people to gather and remember, foxes. paul bloom tells us that activists say the city's action sends the wrong message. i'm not surprised. i'm more shocked more than anything, because it's not like we didn't know that they were coming. it's more how they did things. activists who have held space blocking off the 38th in chicago avenue intersection south minneapolis over the last year expressed frustration hurt and anger over the early morning efforts to begin reopening george floyd square to traffic members of the community organization, a gap teaming up with city staff to remove barriers as well as portions of the memorial to floyd, whose deadly arrest right outside cup foods sparked a racial justice movement across the globe. the mayor and area council members saying it's time to reconnect the intersection, the rest of minneapolis. we're at a year now, and we've had this unprecedented, um, conviction
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of an officer that murdered a member of our community, and now it's time for us to be again the process of rebuilding this community that god does not work for the police department. not at all a gap does not work for the mayor's office, in the sense of being told to come out there and open up those squares, gap's leadership, insisting it was their initiative to launch this effort to create a new normal in the neighborhood, one that will pay tribute to floyd in the community's grief by leaving space for gathering and keeping a large memorial but also opening the corridor to motor vehicle traffic and bring about a safe place. live and do business. but not everyone was on board with the plan as barricades quickly returned just as soon as city crews pulled out. it was never about this intersection. it's about injustice. now we're also learning some new information from sentencing documents in the derrick show of in case,
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the defenseation and support from the family. the former minneapolis police be sed only to probation for the murder of george floyd. the state, though, says that shelvin should get 30 years in prison, citing aggravating factors, including the crime happening in front of children and shove in being in a position of authority. sentencing is set for june 25th. google has reassigned its global head of diversity and research after an old anti semitic blog post up from him rather resurfaced. now the chronicle reports that come out bob will no longer be part of the diversity team and will focus on his stem work, according to the washington free beacon, the 2007 post by bob titled if i were ju read, quote. if i were ju, i would be concerned about my insatiable appetite for war and killing in defense of myself. end quote google call the riding. unquestionably hurtful and said bob has since apologized. bob
6:39 pm
was not working for google what he made the post san francisco mayor. london breed is showing support for her proposed budget investments to support the asian american pacific islander community. the mayor's budget proposal cost for spending $6.5 million to support humanitarian efforts in the city's api community. they include expanding the senior escort program, victim services and supporting chinatown, art and tourism. recovery it also invest in a stop ap hate educational campaign in addition to the challenges that we've seen related to those those issues, we still are in the midst of our recovery, so there's still food that needs to be served. there's still people that need help. the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on the mayor's to year $13 billion spending plan later this summer. unemployment claims in california are bucking the national trend heading higher.
6:40 pm
last week, the labor department says workers filed just under 75,000 claims, and that's an increase of more than 3700 from the week before. the mercury news reports that california makes up more than 17% of all u s jobless claims while it represents 11% of the u. s workforce, but across the country, initial jobless claims have hit a new low since mid march of last year, the labor department says 385,000 clean were filed last week, and that's down 20,000 from the week before. economists expect the labor department to show 650,000 jobs were added in may, with the unemployment rate falling to 5.9% on wall street today, investors were in somewhat of a wait and see mode ahead of the monthly jobs report tomorrow, stocks were lower, with technology stocks leading the selling the dow was down 23 points and nasdaq off by 141 points and the s and p lower, but. 15 and we are
6:41 pm
looking into the weekend forecast is just around the corner. now, tomorrow's friday, but you can expect after the break. thanks bill. let's go now. the ktvu jana katsuyama with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news coming up on ktvu plus heather new tonight, some of his artwork has sold for tens of millions of dollars. where you can get an up close and personal look at banksy's artwork in the bay area, and kobe bryant's widow, vanessa, is criticizing nike over social media photo that shows a shoe commemorating her late husband and their daughter. why, she says nike has no rights to the design those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu, plus heard dennis thank you, but first after the break concerns from community leaders in san francisco's castro that the neighborhood is losing its identity, what they're doing to try and preserve its legacy.
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of time to honor and celebrate the l g b t q community. but in san francisco, some members of the community say they are worried that the castro district is losing its prominence as the city's cultural center for gays and lesbians. yes, ktvu christien kafton tells us there are concerns that could accelerate coming out of the pandemic. san francisco's castro district is a thriving neighborhood with clear cultural ties to the lgbtq community. but long time residents say the area is losing some of its lgbtq members making way for straight families. i like playing with the kids, you know, and darling talk darlings on the sidewalks. it's just but it's just, you know, i'm also looking around my own friends and who are also
6:45 pm
gay, and that's like in saying they they're getting, you know, live in the neighborhood. what do we want the castros roots with the game? rights movement began after world war two when working class families moved out and gay men moved in the l g b t q. population continued to grow through the 19 seventies and into the 19 eighties when the aids crisis hit historian terry bestwick from the glbt historical society says as gay men died, non gays began moving in that displacement continued and accelerated over the decades as housing prices in the area increased. we've been seeing gaber hoods. being lost in major cities all across the country for some time, and so, yes, the castro as a gay identified neighborhood is definitely under threat best because worried that the castro could diminish as a destination for lgbtq youth, as it was when he came to the city in the early 19 eighties. other young people like me were able to find a cheap place to stay. we were able to go to school
6:46 pm
become activists all on salary of bussing tables. or what have you, you know, and now it is, you know, that's not really a possibility. lyric is a nonprofit serving nearly 1000 lgbtq youth, and only about 2% come from the castro district. the organization says that means the castro needs to be preserved as a safe place for lgbtq youth. i think it's important that young people still come to the castro. and see role models for what they could be as as adults as positive, healthy adults. the castro lgbtq cultural district is dedicated to preserving the cultural identity of the neighborhood. part of that means studying demographic trends, especially now, as the pandemic draws to an end to get an idea of who is moving out, and who's moving in the data. it needs to get updated. um i what i'm aware of is there were many evictions and many
6:47 pm
vacancies in the castro in terms of businesses and residents. supporters of keeping the castro gay say bringing people together in one area is empowering, economically and politically. supervisor raphael man, delman says it's important to strike a balance between maintaining the castros cultural identity while welcoming non gays and straight families, but i do believe that it is important to remember the history of the place. um, to be there for people who still need gaber hood, uh, to meet people to gathered, organized politically. the castro lgbt q cultural district is working on conducting a study trying to assess the neighborhoods needs around everything from arts and culture to land use and housing. that's an important first step, they say in trying to preserve the neighborhoods culture in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. now, this is one in a series of reports and conversations that will have throughout the month of june. celebrating pride. you can see those reports anytime by visiting our website ktvu .com/
6:48 pm
pride. are breaking news just into our newsroom, which an update to a story we told you about. earlier in the newscast, the cal osha standards board has just rejected changes to the proposed mask mandate for california workplaces beyond june, 15th. the motion failed in a 4 to 3 vote. as we reported the proposal rules. what have applied unless employers document that all employees are fully vaccinated and would have also required employers to provide n95 masks and that means the existing rules for masking and distancing will remain in place and revisions would come in the form of a new proposal in a few weeks or even months. how okay, these are the highs from today. it warmed up, didn't it? look at antioch got the 97. that's sort of the out. liar. look at that thing 97 up the way and fairfield four degrees cooler. santa rosa 87. so that, uh,
6:49 pm
that number out there in the anthrax pretty significant considering it's it definitely is an outlier and we did see some lone hunters in the central valley tomorrow is going to be a little cooler about the same. this is the fog forecast and cloud forecast for tomorrow. tonight see that tonight about midnight clouds, high clouds and then that real bright stuff that's fog. that's low clouds. so by tomorrow morning when you get up about eight a.m. which is about when i get up, you're gonna be looking at something like that. which kind of looks a lot like this morning. there it is out live camera shot. i love this shot. you can pictures worth 1000 words, especially when you're dealing with weather, right? i mean, when you get whether it's pretty much a visual thing. it's easier to understand it when you see it like that, so there's the fox moving in off the coast. it'll get inland like i showed you the footprint of it, so it'll be pretty far inland again may perhaps into deliver more valley, perhaps, uh, maybe a little further than that. let me check my thing here, but we're looking for temperatures to generally be about the same tomorrow or a little bit cooler. here is the current are here
6:50 pm
are i do that all the time? here are the current numbers. they're running warmer by 10 degrees in antioch 98 degrees in livermore. so it's a warmer situation than it was yesterday at this time, which makes sense. we talked about that the low pressure from up here comes down here in our area shows up, say, saturday night, sunday and monday, so the main impacts for the weekend. friday saturday. a lot like today. sunday monday, with that system getting closer, it'll be cooler. it'll be more fog, there might be a little bit of drizzle and so on. so half the weekend like it is today and the other half. kind of kind of chilly, you know, especially at the coast. so the forecast for san francisco tomorrow morning clouds, fog clouds sounds, they'll have some low clouds as well burns off i'll be easily have some low clouds cemetery. oh, some low clouds and then san francisco is up at about 63 degrees 65. if he'd go down to mission rock on the forecast for tomorrow, then there's that fog footprint. you kind of see where it's. pushing in there,
6:51 pm
and then it burns back slow and we get a day tomorrow, just like today. so sometimes the jobs like that were just like, okay is i should just come out and say it could be like tomorrow or today today, and that's how it's going to be. and actually, you know, saturday's gonna be a lot like today, too, so we'll just roll with that. you can see temperatures a little bit cooler tomorrow. you know, seeing that 97 degree reading out there in anne auker, i'll deliver more. the five day forecast is a good one, and i smile and happy with this because we are looking at a lesson fire danger because of the cooling component to the five days, especially on sunday and monday. i'm back here tonight at 10 and 11 were coming up next tonight in sports and incredible story unfolding right now at the u. s. women's open at the olympic club in san francisco are sports director mark ibanez will have the very impressive will have the very impressive first round from a teenage after my car accident, will hai wondered what mysive first rocase was worth.age so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm,
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our r inry a attneysys wk hahard i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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♪start spreading the news♪ ♪i'm leaving today♪ ♪i want to be a part of it♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪it's up to you♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪new york♪
6:54 pm
in san francisco. i mean, you could go out there any day of the year. just spectacular something about the ocean air out there. but then you had a major golf tournament and a spectacular story developing as well. you just can't beat the place. take a look at the surrounding beauty out there.
6:55 pm
it was a little chilly this morning. i guess you'd call it sweater weather and it never really got warm, but the golf did one of the shots of the day. angel yin. for eagle at the par 5/17 that is going to be good three under 68 for yen and local favorites michelle wie west part four number six putting for birdie down, it goes, she's even par. she's still out on the course. she's a former us open winner, and here's pleasant. it's paula creamer, par 3/13. long putt 32 over par at last check. she was still out on the course. but the story that is developing 17 year old amateur mega ghani. she's a high school junior par 3 15 things, said four under 67 for the day. good for first place so far, and she will be on to stanford. in a couple of years. right now she's back in new jersey, finishing high
6:56 pm
school in fine style. all right, i guess the board things change, the more they stay the same for the 40. niners robert saleh. remember him? they're very emotional defensive coordinator he left to become head coach of the new york jets. the man who is replacing him also a very get you pumped up kind of guy is he takes over the niners, d. in the hood spot. good to the whole spot. get to the hook get their aziz aziz, get there. hey, good work today, fella. damico ryan's who had an outstanding nfl career as a linebacker himself. matter of fact, back in 2000 and six he was the defensive rookie of the areas of two time pro bowl selection and a scholar athlete out of alabama, talking about his philosophy as he takes over the port adapters defense this coming season. our defense will be a fast attacking aggressive defense. want guys to play fast along guys who are smart one
6:57 pm
guys who are going to play physical. that's one thing for me is just growing up. watching the 40 niners played defense. the defense is always stood out here. this has been a defensive organization. they played great defense in the past, and we just want to continue that tradition. we're going to be a really great defense. good to hear for all 40 niner fans. do you have somebody in your family who just can't get enough of football like as soon as the super bowl ends. he's like, i can't wait till next football season if so, got some great news for him or her. remember the usfl back in the eighties? yep. it is back. sports from fox announcing. the defunct league. the usfl will be back in the spring of 2022 very few details released by fox, but they do say there will be a minimum of eight teams and, of course, fox will be bringing you those football games and to
6:58 pm
the city of oakland. do what you can to get the oakland invaders. back. andre and heather, you're too young to remember that team, but it was a lot of fun. oakland invaders hopefully coming back. all right. how do you turn a normal dad into an olympic caliber gymnast have his son graduate from college? check this out. mm hmm. little clean. they get dad. dad show announced. some moves right there to get back. uh oh, up in the stands, and who can blame? that is a proud day for any parent and the fact that he had to go into traction the next day, didn't i give him a 10? yeah, perfect. absolutely a 10? yeah, perfect. absolutely hausa dad tonig
6:59 pm
is anyone else troubled by the spider-man theme song? why would it trouble you? it's, like, your third favorite cartoon theme song. it is, right behind ♪ do do-do do-do, inspector gadget... ♪ ...and ♪ teenage mutant ninja turtles ♪ ♪ heroes in a half-shell ♪ others: ♪ turtle power! ♪ however, the spider-man lyrics posit that "spider-man, spider-man does whatever a spider can." yeah, so? i can think of many things spider-man can't do that a spider can. one: crawl in your ear and die. two: legally leave guatemala without a passport. three: have sex with a spider. can we change the subject? spiders give me the jeebie-jeebies. it's "heebie-jeebies." i know, but that sounds anti-semitic. anyway, i was thinking we could have a little film festival tonight. the theme: movies that killed their franchises.
7:00 pm
oh. like jaws 4, indiana jones 4, daredevil 1. (chuckles) miss congeniality 2: armed and fabulous. i mean, you know a movie's bad when my homegirl sandy b. can't save it. penny's working tonight; i'm in. not me. i'm having dinner with bernadette and her parents. fun. we know how much you love that. it's torture. especially with her dad. we have nothing in common. you know what i like to do when i'm forced to speak with those beneath my intellectual station? i bring up an interesting topic, like the difference between spider-man and spiders. what about you, sheldon? do you have any plans tonight? sadly, yes. amy's taking me to a memorial service. it's for one of her colleagues who is of asian descent, so my planned conversational gambit is to casually remark that no matter how deep they dig his grave, he'll never make his way back to china.


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