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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 3, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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stop. they investigated and realize what they actually almost witness was a shooting, police investigators say the incident happened just before two o'clock near the intersection of west heading in north san pablo streets at this hour there, interviewing witnesses to determine when and where the man that was killed was actually shot. they believe it was somewhere in the area he saw at least one person detained by police. there are typically bystanders around this area as people are using one of the various county agencies here. police say there is no longer a danger to the public. but there were several tense moments. what goes through your mind when you see something like that? you're gunshots. um just to, like, grab my kids and hold them, you know, like or run to the safest place because you don't know where they're coming from your at jail. come on, they're supposed to be the safest. place right here in this can't even be safe at the jail now. oh, one vehicle nearby has been
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riddled with gunshots. police and police are saying it is part of their ongoing investigation. several employees who had parked cars on side streets and in nearby parking lots are being escorted to their vehicles by deputies and police officers so they can get their vehicles and move on about their day again. the investigation continues. one man dead. at least one person detained by. police for questioning. we're told he is cooperating will update you again in the next hour. we're live in san jose jesse guerry ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you. another act of violence in san jose, jesse. thank you. well now to the latest on the coronavirus and health officers from around the bay area gathered today in san francisco to push for all schools to have students attend class in person. ktvu christian captain joins us now live from washington high school there in the city's richmond district. christian these health officials are united in their support. yes that's right. the
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school year is over. but washington high school was one of the high schools that just simply never reopened during the 2020 school year. now those health officers are saying that they're reviewing the data and the data are telling them that when it comes to covid and host of other issues, school is the safest place for kids to be. bay area health officers came together for the first time since march of last year, joining their voices calling for a return to the classroom. we are here united in our support of opening california schools for full time in person instruction for all grades when the school year begins this fall, health officers for san francisco alameda contra costa marin, san benito san mateo, santa clara, santa cruz and sonoma counties and the city of berkley. all say they're following the day. to which they say shows kids are unlikely to catch covid-19 in school in marin, for example, with now nearly three million accumulated student days across 110 open schools. we've seen no
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occasions where a student infected an adult in school and found the children are far more likely to be infected outside of school in the general community. in fact, the health officials say, the data point to a disturbing trend that kids are experiencing more harm. not attending in person school. we're seeing significant rise and increase and all sorts of issues anxiety, depression, self harm, suicide, al et, alcohol and drug use. how you guys doing, medical experts say effective vaccines and low transmission in the bay area also ensure safety for teachers and staff. people should get their covid-19 vaccine if they have not. but increasing amounts of data over time and over over many millions of people have gotten these vaccines show how extraordinarily effective they are at preventing infections and preventing severe disease and death. several of the bay
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area's largest school districts, including san francisco san jose in oakland, have all said that they're working toward full time in person instruction in the fall, but stressed the need for distance learning as an option for those who want or needed health officers say going forward is going to be important to follow state and cdc guidelines reporting live in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news, christian. thank you, the san francisco unified school district, meantime, is already feeling the end. impact of the ongoing school closures. total enrollment in city public schools, total in roman city public schools has dropped by 1700 students, and that's just a preliminary account. enrollment could further decline when officials get a final tally at the start of next year. this could mean $20 million lost in state funding. now, according to the chronicles, some families say they pulled their children out of public schools, frustrated by the ongoing distance learning and enrolled them in private schools that offered. in person learning? yeah well,
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california is just a week and a half away from a full reopening out of the pandemic. but while many restrictions go away outdoor dining and cocktails to go are here to stay. ktvu political reporter greg lee is in san francisco's marina district with details of governor newsom's announcement today, greg yeah, andre good evening, spend any time in the marina district and you will walk by dozens of these outdoor dining spaces or park. let's as we like to call them where people are choosing to it even is indoor dining his reopened. that's the case in much of the bay area and the states. they have provided a lifeline for restaurants during the pandemic lifeline. it just got extended, standing outside tommy's mexican restaurant in san francisco's richmond district. governor gavin newsom announced the state will continue to allow to go cocktails and outdoor dining expansions past the state's june 15th reopening date. to allow these businesses to expand their footprint and expand their opportunity to recover from this pandemic, and moreover, to create new
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business opportunities in the future, joined by regulatory agencies, the governor said the state is getting out of the way of hard hit restaurants and bars as they recover from the pandemic for many restaurants, park let's and take out cocktails provided much needed revenue and in some cases, the only opportunity to stay open through some regulatory changes a place like tommy's. is allowed to now sell our world famous tommy's margarita to go. the extension will provide relief until january, 1st as the state legislature considers making the programs permanent. local governments still have the final, say san francisco mayor london breed made her feelings about park. let's clear. i just feel like it's bringing life to the city like never before. so, yes, as far as i'm concerned, they're here to stay. newsome has faced criticism from some frustrated restaurant owners and recall opponents for the states, shifting guidelines in tiered rt association applauded the announcement, pointing to the fact the industry was the number one generator of sales
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tax revenue before the pandemic get underscores, not only the important role that our industry plays in the fabric of every community, but the role of plays in all economies, local and statewide we're mindful of what we've been saying for many, many months. we don't want to go back. normal. normal was never good enough. we're standing in front of the park lit at izzy's where we just spoke to the manager that said on june 15th were in all the indoor restrictions go away if they keep this park lit, which they intend to do, they can double the number of guests that they serve will certainly help after this pandemic reporting live, gregory ktvu, fox two news definitely will help gregory reporting for slot correct. thank you so much and tomorrow 15 people who have gotten coronavirus vaccines will be getting a $50,000 richer. it's a kick after the state's new instead. into program, which includes 10 prizes of 1.5 million. i think tomorrow will go a long way to raising awareness around this incentive
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programs since not everybody i talked to was even aware that the state is doing incentives. well the state says it's also working with community based organizations to go door to door out in neighborhoods to let people know about vaccinations in their area. and they were also, um, we're standing up more ability for worksite vaccination clinics. um more mobile clinics, so we were just mobilizing. actually this week, more mobile vans that can do you know vaccines in the field just make it as easy as possible and decreased barriers to vaccination. and as we said, just a moment ago actually had to go right ahead. okay we're going to move on to america's top public health officials are giving us some new details tonight about the president's plans aimed at getting millions of americans vaccinated. the newly proclaimed national month of action kicks off today with public health officials hoping to get 70% of adults at least partially vaccinated by the
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fourth of july and as demand falls in the u. s. president biden announcing today, a new international sharing, plant officials say it's part of a broader strategy to contain the virus at home and around the world. we want to save lives. and thwart variants that place all of us at risk. but perhaps most important, this is just the right thing to do at the white house says it hopes to eventually donate around 80 million doses of unused vaccines right now, 63% of adults in the u. s have had at least one dose of the vaccine. remember president biden's goal is for 70% of adults to have at least one shot by that july 4th deadline. 52% of adults are fully vaccinated and 50% of the population, which includes children, 12 and on definitely somebody died here and you need to care. her body found in remote siskiyou county, but she
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was last seen in oakland tonight at 5 30. investigators believe she may have been the victim of human trafficking and sex exploitation. also a message tonight for people in oakland from police. carjackings in the city are on the rise to a level that oakland hasn't seen for at least the last four years. and now council members and police debate what may be driving. that increase and we're checking in on a 70 day journey from california to hawaii. look at where this solo kayaker is after three days on the ocean and the problems he is facing in the weekends just about here. i've got the forecast for what you can expect for your saturday and sunday. i'll see you back wthe insurance company wasn't fair.
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they are up not only from the last year during the pandemic, but also from the previous year before covid ktvu is rob ross spoke with police about one crime in particular that's seen a dramatic rise carjackings. oakland police say they need to alert the community that carjackings are up way up. it is a steep price. as of thursday, opd is reporting 200 non carjacking so far this year. a year ago, there were 93 but in pre covid 2019 before anyone even thought about lockdowns, there were 94 at this time. also police say carjackings in 2021 have already surpassed the numbers. for the entire years of 2017, 2018 and 2019. our investigators are looking to see is this a ring? an organized crime ring. sometimes the cars may have been used in
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a legal sideshow, a transportation to get to an illegal sideshow. opd says the covid lockdown only curtailed carjackings for a few weeks before shooting back up. police caution drivers to keep their car doors locked while inside the car and only roll down windows part way the alert. come as the open city council debates the city's budget for the next fiscal year, including police funding, confused as to why a small percentage of the population or even a small percentage of individuals coming from other places are causing such. a critical crisis for law enforcement because that is your job. councilwoman carol fife says police strategies and funding need to be evaluated with one of the most. well paid, well funded police departments in the state of california people are still not safe. that means that we're
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something is wrong with our equation. councilman noel gayo says the police department is understaffed and that non emergency calls should go to other city agencies. how do i take some of the services that they're providing that needs to belong in another department? where they can concentrate on the 911 calls. is it helpful to have more officers? absolutely oakland crime stats show that so far homicides, assaults and robberies are all up over the previous two years. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. no charges will be filed against san francisco's former public works director who was arrested for an alleged armed robbery. mohammed knew rouz said that the robbery at a food bank and the city's dogpatch neighborhood was a joke, and a witness agreed. he was arrested yesterday, though, after he allegedly pulled a knife on a man and robbed him of chips. new rou is already at the center of a federal corruption case on suspicion. of wire fraud. well, three days into
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his journey, a kayaker has made it about 75 to 80 miles from a starting point in marin county, as you can see on this map. he is due west of santa cruz will end up in honolulu. that's a 70 day. 2100 mile journey. our camera was there as he left early on memorial day and headed toward the golden gate bridge. he's keeping a journal as he paddles he wrote that he's already battle some seasickness, and it's felt weak because of that, but in his latest entry he says he's feeling better, but the wind is really making it difficult. he's put a sea anchor out to stop from drifting and is resting now in the cabin. yeah there's a lot of wind out there right now, but i'm sure he's tied into some currents like the japan current. that's going to help him move in that direction towards the island. it's fun to watch and see his progress. but it's definitely that's a that's an undertaking for sure. so what we have right now is high pressure. you can feel warming up today. temperatures outside a few degrees warmer than they were yesterday. that has to do with the hide, just kind of re establishing itself for a brief
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period. and that's why today will be the warmest day for a while. temperatures are going to trend down as we head into friday and saturday, not cold, just eighties, maybe operate ease, and maybe a few low nineties and then on the latter part of the weekend, the major pressure system that low bumps into the coast and that really trends temperatures down for sunday and monday so. the weekend. tomorrow saturday. pretty nice days sunday monday will be kind of more fog. cloudy slow burn off that kind of a deal, so just be thinking that way. it's gonna be nice weekend, though. it's the bay area and it's almost summer and the weather is definitely cooperating. i guess the upshot is and as you i show you the cooling trend here. i talked about last night, but the idea that fire danger especially with that curve right that the line going down cooler, moister atmosphere, always better for firefighters and for the environment now again. well, this last all summer. no, we're gonna have our fire danger concerns and we do even today
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and tomorrow, but this pattern right now is super important. we could yeah, if we can, if we can milk it all the way deep into summer as we can before fire season gets going. that would be great. um anything could happen. and the other guys thinking about too is you know you realized last year's fire services record setting fires. we had a major lightning storm event, too. so that was it wasn't all natural. you know, it wasn't anthropology kit was yeah. this fire started, it was fires began beginning from, uh, the dying tropical storm. so the little luck plays into fire as well as you know, right, so anyway, that's we'll be talking about that a lot. there's the fog offshore. you can see it kind of like this. you can see it kind of shooting into pillar point. they're kind of carved out its, uh stinson beach. that's the story again next couple of days, you can see some clearing its tencent, but you're gonna have fog. patchy at the coast 19 mornings. that's it. and then on sunday and monday, it should be even even even less, so there won't be quite as much of it so it must be a nice day, a little bit cooler or the same significant cooling for the end
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of the weekend into monday. i'll see you back here. i'll get specific. we'll throw some numbers up from cities where you live forecast highs and the five day okay. sounds good. thanks so much bill. well, another dead whale has washed up on a bay area beach. this one is on rodeo beach and the marin headlands. we haven't yet heard what species of whale this is and a cropsey will be done to determine the cause of death. several whales have turned up dead along the bay area coast recently and in san francisco bay since the beginning of the year. well, the tokyo olympics are set to begin next month, but it's losing thousands of volunteers, according to the organizers about 10,000 of the 80,000 registered volunteers of quit in recent weeks, they say not enough is being done to keep them safe from covid-19. japan is in its fourth coronavirus wave and. organizers are refusing to cancel the games but are considering banning international spectators from attending. after a hack on a major meat processing company. the u. s government is urging
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businesses to beef up their cybersecurity lauren blanchard in washington. why some say ransomware is an epidemic and coming up on ktvu news at six tonight a dangerous discovery today in an oakland motel room, causing the house. that team to respond what police say they found inside and san francisco mayor london breed showing support for api community members her proposed multi million dollar investment and what the money would be used
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the ones that shut down the colonial pipeline in the jps meat processing company as foxes lauren blanchard tells us tonight. the government is also urging businesses to harden their cybersecurity. the world's largest meat processing company, is back up and running after a ransomware attack force the brazilian based jbs to shut
5:23 pm
down facilities in the u. s and abroad. criminals are looking for their next meal, right. and in this case, you know if you look like a juicy burger, you're going to get eaten this the latest high profile ransomware attack after the colonial pipeline hack last month. sent americans panicking to the gas pump and brought one of the nation's most important fuel lines to a standstill, plus new york's metropolitan transportation authority, also reporting they were hacked in april. i would say that we have seen over the past several years ransomware becoming, um, an epidemic there is literally. no company no sector of the economy that is immune to this problem. the federal government is beefing up its defenses and urging businesses small and large to harden their cybersecurity. we can't do it alone. distance leaders have a responsibility to strengthen their cyber defenses to protect the american public and our economy, the fbi said. the j. b s and the colonial pipeline hack were by russia linked ransomware groups, although not
5:24 pm
directly affiliated with the kremlin, mid june, president biden will hold a summit with russian president vladimir putin in geneva, but republicans say the president is rewarding putin as bad actors in russia continue to target u. s companies were going to give them this high profile summit a chance to look legitimised putin and embolden him. ah, it's the wrong way to go. the white house says president biden will bring up the ransomware hacks with president putin during their meeting, and he believes russia has a role in stopping further attacks in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. well new year's eve. she was headed for oakland. months later, hiker found her body in remote siskiyou county, which sits along the california oregon border today, her family in oakland police begged for anyone with information to come forward. we want justice. somebody died here and you need to care definitely. coming up next, where police have tracked her last known whereabouts in oakland before she vanished and
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a debate over a new mask requirement inside workplaces here in california. why some argue the guidance is
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in oakland today, hoping to draw attention to her unsolved killing. crime reporter henry lee is here now, with the latest in the investigation, henry yeah, andre, uh, heart.
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duggar was last seen in oakland. and now her family and friends are hoping to find justice. now i've learned that investigators believe tatiana have been grown by human traffickers. we want justice. somebody died here and you need to friends and family of tatiana duggar spoke out thursday in oakland. the 18 year old was found dead in remote siskiyou county back in march, but was last seen in oakland. authorities believe she was the victim of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. this particular case stands at the intersection of gender based violence, sexual exploitation homicide. tatiana lived in puy county, but she had spent about a week in oakland before she was killed. tatiana duggar was last seen in oakland that we know of so we're asking for any additional information on new year's eve, tatiana left her family's home in orville and drove to sacramento and then oakland with a man. the two have been staying at the west wind lodge on macarthur near broadway in oakland. oakland please check the motel and found no signs of foul play. she had also been seen at about two in the morning, january 9th
5:29 pm
at this market at 21st, an international boulevard international is a busy thoroughfare popular with sex traffickers, this type of ignorance, this type of violence, this type of brutality is happening. in our city. this is not something that is relegated to international waters. the investigation also led police to this park in oakland back in january, where officers searched the area with dogs. alameda county sheriff's deputies also used a drone to search the park by air oakland police say they're working with investigators in butte and siskiyou counties define tatiana's killer. we are not going to forget we're going to continue their work that needs to be done. my sister tatiana is the definition of sunshine when she walked into a room, she made everything better. her smile is contagious, and so was her left. oakland please and crime stoppers are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest, butte county and siskiyou county sheriff's offices are the lead agencies in this case reporting live henry lee ktvu fox studios.
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hopefully w break in the case for this family, henry. thank you. well june 15th marks the date that many californians are expecting a return to normalcy with the state fully reopening and those mass coming off. but cal osha is considering whether to maintain indoor mask requirements for workplaces. the is an ruben has been listening to public comment all day and a lot of people at today's meeting really frustrated. that's right. i mean, cal osha believes that prolonged exposure at work means higher risk for employees, but for hours today they heard from people who very clearly disagreed with them. for local businesses like office furniture dealer kb m. hogue new cal osha regulations simply mean new questions and lots of them. is it fair for somebody? that's unvaccinated to have to wear a mask? um, is it fair. for vaccinated people to have to wear a mask. you know, do we need to see them on a different side of the office? cal osha's proposed rules require
5:31 pm
businesses to provide workers with n95 masks and require employees to wear them in situations where not everyone is vaccinated. the regulations also call for physical distancing through july 31st. in both cases, rules more stringent than the state guidelines. in preparation for their vote. the board took public comment and for hours frustrated employers and employees voiced their concerns. cal osha is out of step with the rest of the country and 95 respiratory protection needs to go the unintended consequences of these provisions are serious and they cannot be understated. what's more, the silicon valley leadership group says. the provisions are confusing. suddenly cal osha's rules differ from the state guidelines, which differ in some cases from the counties. so i think what would be most helpful for many businesses for many companies is greater consistency among those different sets of rules and regulations at kpm hogue they just like to prepare. so as the
5:32 pm
new rules come, they can follow. we just need to understand what it is. and then we have to hope it's fair. public comments sorted at 10 a.m. this morning and went until five o'clock tonight. the board is now discussing the plan, and it has yet to be determined whether they will take a vote tonight, heather. okay we will stay on top of this story and bring the developments as soon as they happen if there is indeed a vote, and thank you. well, the cdc may change its guidance on wearing mask in schools before classes began in the fall. cdc director dr rachelle wolinski says the agency is looking get vaccination and disease rates in certain communities, and we'll be revisiting his school guidance. now a cdc report last month recommended the teachers, staff and students continue to wear masks the state senate today passing a groundbreaking bill. well, yeah, that would provide universal basic income to young adults aging out of california's foster system bill was authored by state senator
5:33 pm
dave cortesi of san jose. it would provide $1000 a month for some 2500 young adults in the states. and it's foster care program. the proposal would establish a three year pilot program to benefit those young adults coming out of foster care from age 21 through 24. advocates of the bill includes san francisco district attorney chase aberdeen. transitional age youth as we know without familial support, far too often end up victimized or arrested and incarcerated for committing crimes, often just to support themselves. sb 7 39 would close that gap. the bill now moves to the state assembly for committee hearings. we'll change of leadership at the top of windsor's government, the former mayor forced to resign a new mayor sworn in. we talked to the new mayor coming up. also, some changes are being made to what's known as george floyd square, the spot where he was killed more than a year ago. we'll tell you about what public works crews are doing
5:34 pm
and that some say sends the cleas
5:35 pm
5:36 pm
crews this morning so it can be reopened to traffic. yeah, that intersection at 38. the chicago has come to be known as george floyd square, and it served as a side for people to gather and remember. foxes fall, bloom tells us activists say that the city's action sends the wrong message. i'm not surprised. i'm more shocked more than anything, because it's not like we didn't know that they were coming. it's more how they did things. activists who have held space blocking off the 38th in chicago avenue intersection south minneapolis over the last year expressed frustration hurt and anger over the early morning efforts to begin reopening george floyd square to traffic members of the community organization of gap, teaming up with city staff to remove barriers as well as portions of the memorial to
5:37 pm
floyd, whose deadly arrest right outside cup foods sparked a racial justice movement across the globe. the mayor and area council members saying it's time to reconnect the intersection, the rest of minneapolis. we're at a year now, and we've had this unprecedented, um, conviction of an officer that murdered a member of our community, and now it's time for us to be. again in the process of rebuilding this community that god does not work for the police department. not at all a gap does not work for the mayor's office, in the sense of being told to come out there and open up those squares, gap's leadership, insisting it was their initiative to launch this effort to create a new normal in the neighborhood, one that will pay tribute to floyd in the community's grief by leaving space for gathering and keeping a large memorial but also opening the corridor to motor vehicle traffic and bring about a safe place. live and do
5:38 pm
business. but not everyone was on board with the plan as barricades quickly returned just as soon as city crews pulled out. it was never about this intersection. it's about injustice. let your boat. and we are also learning some new information from sentencing documents in the derek chauvin case, the defense argues because of chabon's age, lack of criminal history, cooperation and support from family, the former minneapolis police officer should be sentenced only to probation for the death of george floyd. the state says shaaban should get 30 years in prison, citing aggravating factors, including the crime happening in front of children and that show even being in a position of authority. sentencing is set. june 25th. well after weeks of headlines involving their mayor and the sexual accusations against him, windsor finally
5:39 pm
can turn the page coming up. next. we talked to the new leader of the city who was just sworn in last night, plus the 40 niners and their fans showing their pride what the nfl team is doing to support the
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his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge at or visit and xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. dump truck overturned and then the driver took off. that happened around three o'clock this morning at the warren boulevard on ramp southbound 8 80 thousands of pounds of trash and oil was spread all across the roadway there. the chp made several attempts to try to contact hospitals to see if anyone walked in with any injuries, but there is still no sign. of that driver. well there is a new mayor in windsor after a sex scandal forced the previous mayor to reside. gabi's elissa harrington spoke with the new mayor and asked how he plans to build back trust in the talents, leadership and i will well and safely discharged. the duties
5:42 pm
discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter on which i'm about to enter windsor's vice mayor sam salmon was sworn in as mayor last night. the town council voted 3 to 1 to appoint salmon to the position. i'm hoping to bring a little may bear to the town of windsor and unless broadway in a zoom interview, salmon said his appointment was spontaneous, and he had the chance to turn it down. but did not. he has served on windsor's town council since 1994 and has been mayor in the past. i've served under every manager in the town of winters had since it was incorporated in 1992. and hopefully that means something because that that is a real important relationship. some residents used public comment to push for newly elected council member rosa reynosa to fill the mayor's seat. instead others called for a special election. oh i believe rosa one knows a should be appointed mayor, as was already previously stated, um. over 70 emails that you received in the last several days support her as being appointed the mayor.
5:43 pm
second of all my first choices that we have a special election. the picture i see of our current town council. is the town council of windsor, kabul. dominic foot polly's birthday party. so the council members are hanging out with the council members. they're not about the community. rosa is the windsor town council appointed a new mayor after former mayor dominic hopefully resigned. multiple women have accused for polio, sexual assault or misconduct. he denies the allegations. i asked salmon how he plans to deal with the fallout of the scandal and move the town out of a turbulent time. uh a lot of work to do. and you know, we talked about building trust. and, um, i think we just have to have a different outlook on things have been i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. well, the 49ers kicking off and online series showcasing their lgbtq fans. the team is sharing stories about the 40 niner faithful during pride month. other productivity is including the
5:44 pm
first ever genderless retail line by an nfl team 49ers logo. these are highlighted in rainbow colors on an assortment of items, including shirts, caps, sweatshirts, decals and signs earlier today, on mornings on to the nine we spoke to the 40, niners chief administrative officer, she said the new line is part of the organization's commitment and support for the lgbt community. we see our fans that we celebrate all of our fans that if you're a niner, we really don't care what other identity you may have, and we wanted there to be something for everyone. all proceeds go to lgbt q charities and for the third consecutive year, the 40 niners will host an lgbtq activism sports panel on june 22nd. and we're celebrating pride all month, go to ktvu .com to see more stories like this, and interviews will have throughout the month of june. celebrating pride. you can see those reports anytime by visiting our website ktvu dot
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com slash pride really is cool with the 49ers are doing well. the new avengers campus at disney, california and venture opens tomorrow. the live entertainment includes five superpowered shows they use artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning to make the shows happen, and the centerpiece of the avengers campus is a web slingers and a spider man adventure. what we do 60 times a second is we're tracking your shoulder, elbow and wrist positions, so it looks like the webs are shooting straight out of your hands. doctor strange teaching us the ways of the mystic arts the door a melody. you're teaching us the wonders of what con but of course, the guardians of the galaxy. he's still doing that awesome dance off outside of mission breakout, and we have the amazing spider man that you will see literally swinging across the rooftops. well that's very cool. there's also avengers themed food and merchandise for now, only california residents will be allowed inside. so you better go soon because that will
5:46 pm
change. on june 15th. alrighty then let's take a look at the temperature trends tomorrow, friday and saturday. there you go kind of flat like today and then the big drop off is going to be sunday, monday and tuesday. as you can see here, so in the big drop off, it's not going to be hot. it's going to be kind of mild to warm on sunday and monday and tuesday. it's gonna be nice. we've got a nice pattern again. it's for fire. danger it's a pattern you want to see. as you look up close at the satellite. you can see that we've got the model set up to show you the fog and cloud car for tomorrow. so there we are tonight and see the high clouds move in and then the fog below that whiter stuff. so you see just a bunch of clouds. tomorrow morning when you wake up, we've got cloud cover for you to look at. we've got a little bit of fog offshore. right now. you see it, pushing through the game temperatures tomorrow i'll be just like today. we've got a nice looking weekend planned. it's just not going to be sweltering as it was on memorial day, which was kind of like i said one and done
5:47 pm
beautiful shot of san francisco air quality looks pretty good in this shot as well as we look at the current temperatures, you can see a little bit warmer today. you know that he started to work its way west a little bit because we've got a little bit of a northerly flow, especially in the north north bay up around fairfield and up around windsor in those areas, and then you can see where the sea breezes and you can see the sea breeze. it's not. i love that map. i love that map. that's all you need to know about bay areas because we talk about micro climates. it's about topography, right and the topography of the bay area is pretty complex. and when you look at that map you can actually see the valleys and the ridge lines and things like that. so with that, said the fog's back at the coast is patchy broke off from stanton today, i think they'll be back in earnest tomorrow, but they'll be breaks again tomorrow out in the richmond and the outer sunset. it's foggy as you would guess. i don't think they're going to see much sunset tonight. um and jackets. what required out there tomorrow morning friday morning in san francisco. cloudy partly cloudy and then at lunchtime. partly cloudy again 61. then at the end of the day, san francisco ends up at 63 kind of breezy that's
5:48 pm
friday saturday almost looks exactly the same forecast model brings the fog in like it did this morning. kinda and then burns it back out. in that temperature footprint. a lot like today is you see a little curve curvature coming into the north bay there, so that looks like tomorrow today tomorrow, very similar saturday, a little cooler and then sunday, the big cool off. so basically, it's going to be in real weather. i mean, you know if you're anywhere else in the country, i just go ahead to be great because it's good, subtle changes there. i think that to note with this forecast was, i'll say over and over all summer is when you get a forecast like this. it's we see other clouds see the temperatures. that's a good fire friendly forecast for this time of year. in other words, we're not setting ourselves up for extreme fire danger in the next five day period, i'll see you back here at six. yep, it certainly is. thanks so much bill. well at 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit santa clara county earlier this morning. the u. s geological survey says it happened about 5 15 this morning. the epicenter was 10 miles east of downtown san jose
5:49 pm
in the blue oak ranch reserve. there are no reports of any injuries or damage. it was felt, though in a number of areas, including blossom hill, campbell, willow glen and near eastgate mall, several viewers told us that the shake alert on their phones alerted them moments before the quake hit. well, how. speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco today to volunteer to pop up food bank. the speaker helped distribute bags of groceries in north beach, where the san francisco marin food bank was holding its pop up pantry. she praised the nonprofit saying its resilience and ingenuity on respond to a spike in food insecurity during the pandemic. we'll see also highlighted the american rescue plans role, saying it distributes 12 distributed rather $12 billion to food assistance programs. over the past year, our city has faced a 70% spike and demand a few days. san francisco rent food bank has served as a beacon a cold for our city and a model for
5:50 pm
success across the nation and covid-19 vaccines were also offered up during the pop up event. pelosi says it was just another example of bringing services into neighborhoods to help meet the community's needs. all right, we'll dose of optimism in the jobs market where jobless claims stand for the first time in more than a year, and coming up on ktvu news at six in just a few minutes, concerns from community leaders in san francisco's castro that the neighborhood is losing its identity what they're doing to try to preserve the areas legacy has been in oakland called to a motel this afternoon. police serving a search warrant making a dangerous discovery will tell uber with president biden later s
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
month. this will be the president's first international trip since he took office. it would also mark queen marked the 13th time that queen elizabeth has met with the u. s president after next week. speeding the president will then head to a nato meeting on june 14th in belgium. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu could be on his way out of office. his opponents have reached an agreement that could oust the longtime leader, as mike tobin tells us, it involves an alliance between some unlikely partners. dangerous could be coming to israel's government. on wednesday, opponents of prime minister benjamin netanyahu reached a deal to form a new governing coalition just before midnight deadline. if approved by parliament, the move would oust the israeli leader after 12 years in power. opposition leader yeah, here let pete and his main coalition partner, naftali bennett, pushed
5:54 pm
thursday for a quick vote that the prime minister is vowing to fight on. he's going to push many of the people in this new emerging coalition are people who are traditionally allies of him, the new government would be made up of a diverse first group of parties across the political spectrum, including the first arab party to join in israeli coalition. the groups differ on several key issues, including relationships with palestinians, middle east, analysts say staying in power may not be easy. this day will look all the time at the things that they do not agree on on on the policy that have to do with the settlements on differences in economic policy, etcetera. this will not work. they will not. be able to sustain themselves for a long time. the agreement comes during a tumultuous time for israel after an 11 day war with hamas in may, some israeli residents say they're not confident a new government could address the underlying conflict. it's not really a feasible government the way it's put together, but, you know, i'm always hopeful
5:55 pm
and wisdom luck. israel's parliament is expected to vote on the agreement next week. in jerusalem. mike tobin fox news. well, the justice department is now investigating the postmaster general over political fundraising activity at his former business. a spokesman for louis dejoy confirms the doj s investigation but denied any wrongdoing. dejoy was a trump appointee, former employees of a company that he previously ran said that they were pressured to donate to republican candidates and then reimbursed through bonuses. those types of reimbursements could violate federal law, the fbi says. can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation. the growing number of americans do not want to go back to the office now that they've had a taste of working from home, according to a recent study from market research company morning consult roughly 40% of adults say they consider quitting their jobs if their boss did not allow opportunities for
5:56 pm
them to work from home. now google is changing its approach by giving their employees the chance to work remotely two days a week. meanwhile, amazon is adapting its hiring policies, the company will no longer drug tests most of its employees for marijuana, i think this is one of those issues that must be disqualifying candidates for them, and they have open jobs they can't fill. what some experts say full time remote status for employees prevents collaboration and takes away from corporations, identity, and apple says it plans to have employees back in the office starting september, ceo tim cook sent an email to employees, saying most workers will be working three days in the office. two days at home. employees will also have the chance to work remotely for up to two weeks a year, cook says. being back in the office will quote optimize our time for in person collaboration. will a new low when it comes to unemployment claims during the pandemic, a new labor department report shows new claims are at their lowest since mid march of last year.
5:57 pm
some economic experts are also predicting a hiring boom and the may jobs report which comes out tomorrow. but as foxes madeline rivera shows us tonight, while all of this is certainly good news, there are still fears of inflation. initial jobless claims have hit a new low since march 14 of last year, 385,000 in late may. the numbers are a shot of optimism. a some economic experts predict a recovery unlike anything anyone has ever seen. the reason we're having a tremendous recovery is this has been a recession unlike any other. we experience the labor department data comes a day ahead of another highly anticipated report, economists surveyed by refinitiv expect friday's may jobs report to show 650. 1000 jobs added in may, with the unemployment rate falling to 5.9% this is just the latest evidence that president biden's economic strategy and vaccination plan are working. a positive jobs report is crucial for the president as he tries to push his infrastructure spending
5:58 pm
plan. critics say federal unemployment benefits contributed to a disappointing april. jobs. report several states are eliminating unemployment benefits that makes it not irrational for people to conclude its just as profitable. stay home as the economy recovers. some also argue it's not the time to spend even more money and risk overheating. the economy. we've seen inflation and it comes from the over stimulus of 1.9 trillion in march, president biden and republican senator shelley moore capito are expected to meet again on friday to discuss infrastructure in washington mall, the rivera fox news. this is k. tv fox two news at six. homicide investigation is underway in san jose tonight, just one block away from last week's mass shooting at the vita rail yard, but police say it is unrelated. very, very unfortunate coincidence that it's taking place. you know where we had the event last
5:59 pm
week, however, let me also point out that this is not related to any of last week's events. tonight one man is dead in a second is being questioned. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm andre senior, frank and julier off tonight. here's a look at the area we're talking about. today's shooting happened around two o'clock this afternoon near the intersection of north san pedro and west heading streets and you could see the proximity to the vita railyard ktvu jesse gary has more now on san jose's latest homicide investigation. the santa clara county coroner's office will need to do an investigation before the remains are removed. the victim fell to the ground and died about a block from last week's vita, mass shooting. i just heard gunshots and my seen someone run that way and my kids were crying because they were scared, and next thing you know, we looked that way. they're covering someone on the ground so frantic moments for workers and people walking in the area of north san pedro and west heading streets, police investigators say. just before
6:00 pm
two o'clock two officers in a patrol unit noticed two men running south on san pedro. they stop they investigated and realized what they actually almost witness was a shooting. one of the men collapsed feet from the vta light rail yard. he died from at least one gunshot wound. at least one person has been detained, and detectives are interviewing witnesses to determine when and where the victim that was killed was actually shot. this is not related to any of last week's events. there is no. public safety issue or threat right now, this is a completely different, isolated incident that what happened here last week. i understand the public's concerns like, unfortunately, is a very bad coincidence. one vehicle near the scene riddled with bullets, the sight and sounds of gunfire hit home for a public still jittery over the most recent mass shooting. what goes through your mind when you see something like that? your gunshot, um just to, like, grab my kids and hold them, you know, like


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