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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 3, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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school, plus good news for restaurants and those who have been enjoying the outdoor dining scene restaurant park, let's and to go. cocktails are here to stay. this is the fourth and welcome to the forum. andre senior, heather and alex are off and we want to get right to our breaking news. a deadly shooting in san jose. we're told one person is dead. another has been detained. we go live now to get tvs jesse, gary and jesse. the investigation happening very close to the scene of last week's vt. eight rail yard shooting. andre that's right in san jose. police are interviewing witnesses right now to try to determine where the man who died. it was actually shot. they believe it's somewhere in the area, but they're not saying where he fell to the ground and passed away just feet from the byetta, mass shooting last. i just heard gunshots and nice seeing someone run that way, and my
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kids were crying because they were scared. and next thing you know, we looked that way and they're covering someone on the grounds. once again, police investigators say the internet. and just before two o'clock near the intersection of west heading north san pedro streets here in san jose, two officers in a patrol unit at the intersection noticed two men running south on san pedro. we're told something sparked suspicion, so officers got out and chase down the men. that's when one of the men collapsed from at least one gunshot. investigators say there is no relating to the public is great about this is not related to any of last week's events. there is no public safety. issue or threat right now, this is a completely different, isolated incident that what happened here last week. i understand the public's concerns like it, unfortunately, is a very bad coincidence.
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that's all. right. we're a little tech. difficulties with jesse gary's live shot out there. we'll get back to him for a full update coming up at five o'clock. well, none of this story today health officers from around the bay area gathered in san francisco united in their message. kids should go back to in person classes. ktvu christien kafton joins us live from washington high school in the richmond district and christian. those health officials say, the sooner. the better. that's right. the school year is over in high schools like washington high school here behind me, did not reopen at all for the 2020 school year. now those health officials are saying that the data are clear when it comes to covid-19 and a host of other medical factors. school is the safest place for kids to be. bay area health officers came together for the first time since march of last year, joining their voices calling for a return to the classroom. we are here united in our support of opening california
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schools for full time in person instruction for all grades when the school year begins this fall, health officers for san francisco alameda contra costa marin, san benito, san mateo, santa clara, santa cruz and sonoma counties and the city of berkley. all say they're following the data. which they say shows kids are unlikely to catch covid-19 in school, and moran, for example, with now, nearly three million accumulated student days across 110 open schools. we've seen no occasions where a student infected an adult in school and found the children are far more likely to be infected outside of school in the general community. in fact, the health officials say the data point to a disturbing trend that kids are experiencing more harm. not attending in person school. we're seeing significant rise and increase and all sorts of issues anxiety, depression, self harm, suicide, al et,
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alcohol and drug use. how you guys doing, medical experts say effective vaccines and low transmission in the bay area also ensure safety for teachers and staff. people should get their covid-19 vaccine if they have not. but increasing amounts of data over time and over over many millions of people have gotten these vaccines show how extraordinarily effective they are at preventing infections and preventing severe disease and death. several of the bay area's largest school districts, including san francisco, san jose and oakland. have all said they are working towards full time in person instruction in the fall, but stressed the need for distance learning as an option for those who want or need it. health officers say that going forward, it will be important to follow state and cdc guidelines reporting live in san francisco christien kafton ktvu fox tuning. alright, christian. thank you so much. well the cdc may change its guidance on wearing masks in schools. before the fall. the cdc curran
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recommends mess in schools. cdc director of shell wilensky says the agency is looking at vaccination and disease rates in certain communities, and we'll be revisiting its school guidance. this would be a change for cdc report last month, which recommend the teachers, staff and students continue to wear masks. well students than it did the same time last year. district officials say that represents a 3% drop in enrollment, which could lead to a $20 million loss in state funding. the final numbers are expected to show a bigger drop in enrollment, but it won't be known until classes start august 16th about 51,000 students are enrolled right now. and, according to the chronicle, some families say they pulled their children out of public schools and distance learning and put them in private schools that offered. in person learning? yeah. alright governor, newsom is taking another step to help struggling restaurants and bars during the pandemic. earlier today, the governor was at tommy's mexican restaurant and carry boulevard
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in san francisco. he announced an extension to an emergency order allowing a restaurant park. let's to continue for outdoor d. it also allows restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages to go for takeout customers. newsom says this will help struggling bucovery. allowing the flexibility for cities large and small in the state, including san francisco to consider the opportunity to continue to allow these park let's and these opportunities to have outdoor dining alfresco dining to see them continue and to allow these businesses depend their footprint and expand their opportunity to recover from this pandemic, and moreover, to create new business opportunities in the future. so today's announcement keeps the park let's in place through the end of the year. so for more on this change, we're now joined by laurie thomas. she is the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association. laurie thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. you're welcome. thanks for having me, of course,
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of course. after such an unprecedented year for small businesses, how important is the governor's latest move for restaurants? yeah, well, we're really excited that today they announced the extension of the ability to serve alcohol in the in the park lit areas at a state level and also the to go cocktails. so that sets up the ability for us to continue doing this until there's more permanent legislation hopefully, and how will this actually help restaurants we just talked about, you know. kind of the rough year that they had, but how will this help them in the future going forward? well right well until today's announcement, we weren't sure that we would be able to continue to serve alcohol, wine and beer in our outside dining areas, which we're still trying out of san francisco level to become permanent. that's not a done deal yet, but we're very thankful that there's been an extension to allow more permanent legislation come in, so we can plan and we can budget for the rest of the year and we can try to hire people back. to help us staff these extra seats that we get when we see it outside. so laurie, what
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your organization saying whatf e been struggling. this is an important tool to help them make up for what they lost l itr critical. i meanout it in some s adding 2030 seats. um that you can maybe see once or twice a day and that brings in additional revenue and it lets us employee. you know, for every 20 seats, it's 1 to 2 more people minimum that we can bring back to work, so this is critical to keep this going and to make sure it's all legal, and there's no fear of an interruption. and so that's what this extension does is. it gives us all the peace of mind that we have until the end of the year and then we can all work to make it more permanent. yeah, you mentioned permanent legislation. is this something you want to see? go on past next year and something go on indefinitely, or do you see a timeline for this? yes so, um, on yes, so there's two pieces. there's the alcohol a piece, which is always very critical, and there's two bills right now. senator weiner, sb 3, 14
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and senator the legislative process one is to allow alcohol outside of the restaurant, which is never really permitted before. certainly not in the parking park. let's. and then also the to go cocktails, which is a new thing, and then we're working at the city level, and the mayor has been super supportive of trying to get through the board of supervisors permanent legislation that can let us all know that we're gonna be able to continue to sit outside in the shared spaces and have legitimate permits that we can renew on a yearly basis and count on. we know some of these small businesses spent thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to build these parks. it's to kind of make up for the funds they lost, talked a little bit about the kind of help other help that the state could provide to help restaurants out in the future. yeah, well, we'd love to see the state continue to do things like maybe have some sort of an employee tax credit like we see at the federal level that will be running out in the middle of this year. something like that would be great. we'd love to see, um you
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know, continued money going into the cow relief program that was up to 25,000 that folks could apply for the last round of that is just been closed, and so if there's any way to cap that back up at a state level that would be super helpful, and then anything we can continue to do to help the city's know that it's really key to the california economy, particularly a restaurant industry to make these shared spaces permanent. we can do this. we can do it safely and we can follow the ada guidelines. so many of these family owned restaurants struggling after such a rough year that was unprecedented. laurie thomas, executive director of the golden gate restaurant association, thank you so much for sharing your insight today. thank you so much. have a good evening. you too. bye. alright. still ahead this afternoon from safe storage of guns to red flag laws. we'll talk live with marine county d a about her efforts to cut down on gun violence in her county. and right now, cal osha is considering changing
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california's workplace mask rules. but why some businesses say that will create more confusion. and a very weather a little bit warmer for today, which is some minor day to day changes. we will eventually cool things off big time. we'll in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco.
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and actually, things verified nicely and we were actually right. still some low clouds and fog right near the immediate coastline, and we haven't kind of advertising this week after that heat event to some minor day to day changes, and that's the forecast remains right on track as we head into friday, and as we start off the weekend as we check out the satellite the radar, though, once again that we have some showers and thunderstorms developing out toward the sierra, especially south of lake tahoe, you can see quite a bit of a radar activity and some lightning strikes for this portion of these state as we coming closer to the bay area. there we go to fog still a factor all day long
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out toward the coast from half moon bay to pacifica to san francisco's ocean beach and still some lingering cloud cover looks like right around the marin headlands as well. so still some overcast to work its way back into the bay as we head into it tonight and into early tomorrow morning, we'll go ahead and check out some of the current numbers out there. the warm spots inland. it's actually still hot upper eighties to right around 90 degrees, 92 conquered san jose 80 in san francis. cisco has warmed up into the sixties. you can see santa rosa 82 degrees, so most areas today a bit warmer compared to yesterday and still a bit of a breeze out there with winds from around 15 to 20 miles an hour. some more wins with sfo, the northwest at around 22. miles an hour. here's the plan. h out to the wt here. the left portion every screen. we have some fogwe kindf start to see. are are stagnant, summertime weather pattern developed with the fog in the
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morning, clearing back to near the coastline and some warm temperatures inland. and guess what? that will be the case as we head into your friday, here's the forecast plan tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies some patchy fog low fifties to the low sixties and the clouds eventually clear back to near the shoreline and temperatures kind of resembling today's highs. hotspots. england will be close to 90 degrees by about three or four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. so some morning fog mostly sunny skies for your friday afternoon. no big changes for tomorrow. no big changes for saturday, but second half of the weekend into next week. we are talking about that kind of a major cool down, headed our way. we'll talk more about that. with your full forecast in just a few minutes. alright mark. thank you so much. well this week, marin county launched a new public awareness campaign designed to educate people about the dangers of unlocked guns at home. it's just one of several events this month in marin county, addressing gun violence, so joining us now is orange county district attorney laurie for goalie to tell us more about
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this, lori thank you so much for joining us today. thank you for covering this at such an important issue. it is an important issue and let's talk about the stat here that i was reading marin county's population 258,000 people, yet it's estimated that there are about 100,000 that seems to be a pretty high number. tell us about it. it does, and that's a number that the grand jury arrived at. during this study they did several years ago. i think it was published in 2018 or 19, and, uh, the reality is that that was before covid, and we know that nationally, many more people bought firearms for a variety of reasons. and there are most people, many people and they have firearms on multiple firearms. so in the reality, it's not that large of a number when you really think about, um, our population and what's been going on in our world, but it's one of the key reasons that you want this public awareness campaign about locking up guns tell us about the about the campaign. i will
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tell you about the campaign. thank you. it is the moran gun safety collaborative. it is a community effort. i co chair it with brady and moms demand action. we've been working for several months on this collaborative. we have religious leaders, law enforcement schools, and we're in suicide prevention network. um we have invited everyone we could think of across the board in our community to join us in this. and we're going to be launching. we launched this week. we're going to be launching several initiatives in the next few months. this first initiative is indeed about safe gun storage because it does save lives. we know that in home friendly fire, many things can happen when people have guns and children can find them. they can be used against the owner that can be stolen and used in a crime, which we've had happened in marin county, and they can beat. was against the person so we are launching this collaborative. we have a toolkit. we're sending out to
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people if they would help us spread the word. it has a lot of important information and one of the stats is that if you store your guns safely, there's a 73% chance that there's less family fire in that county or in that community where this is occurring, and when one of the things you're you're you're advocating for is locking your weapons that you mentioned what can and folks do and how your campaign kind of parallel with what folks can do to keep their weapons safe inside their homes and vehicles. the best thing people can do is no and tell people that everyone that they know that if they have a firearm, they can obtain a free gun locks such as this one, which is from protect child safe and almost every law enforcement agency in marin in the bay area has a gun lock like this, and it comes with instructions on how to safely put it on your firearms so that it cannot be used. the next thing you need to do, and these are number one. free and number two. no questions asked. we've asked community leaders in marin to give these out to
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people because we know sometimes people are afraid to go into a police department and ask for a gun lock. and then the next thing you can do is for sure you have to separate the ammunition from the firearm. and then also we have a demonstration here of us. unsafe. it's very small. it's slightly heavy, but you could put your fire out on this safe and make sure you can get away from the children and, um, that would by 73% we think reduce the chances of being injured by a firearm in your home and just to go back to the gun lock that you showed. i want people to hear that again. you're saying that you can go in and ask for this? no questions asked. exactly in marin county. you can. i'm sure it's the same in every other county and these are free. and also if a person is in a crisis or doesn't want their gun anymore, most police departments will take that firearm and destroy it for you. you should call ahead and make arrangements. but if people were thinking that they don't want to fire him anymore, they should think about calling the police department and asking them to destroy it for you.
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let's talk about red flag laws can explain to the viewers what that is and what your opinion is on them. logs in california e called gun violence, restraining orders, and they are very effective tool in removing a firearm from a situation where a person is in a crisis and a danger to themselves or others. it's a civil procedure, so there's judicial overview of the order. it can be attained by a police officer. roommate a loved one. a teacher, many people in the community if they are aware that a person has a firearm and pose a danger to themselves or others, they can obtain this judicial order. we asked if you're considering that or know that situation. please tell law enforcement they're trained on how to get these orders. they know how to get them and they know how to obtain the firearms in a safe manner. it's a 21 day order to remove that firearm from the person who is in this crisis situations. that makes the gun safe. um and then,
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after that period of time, or sometimes during that period of time, the person who owned the gun has the right to go to court and have a full judicial proceeding to argue why they should get their gun back, and sometimes they get them back. and sometimes they're the judge determines that the person should not be in possession of a firearm and issues of five year order for them not to have the firearm, ammunition, magazines or purchase or attempt to participate. firearm so it's really an effective tool. all right, so we have that we have the gun lock that you can get for free. there are several ways you can you can go by preventing accidental or shootings or otherwise here and you can take advantage of them and many times free marine county district attorney laurie for goalie thank you so much for sharing your insight into this program that you're launching appreciate it. thank you. and if i could say one other thing on june 17, we're having a community conversation about gun safety and you can go to our website and find out about that much appreciated. perfect. thank you so much, lori. alright we're coming up some people who live in san
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francisco's castro district say the neighborhood isn't what it once was the concern that the pandemic could be accelerating the ♪start spreading the news♪ ♪i'm leaving today♪ ♪i want to be a part of it♪ ♪new york, new york♪ ♪it's up to you♪ ♪new york, new york♪
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month, the time to honor and celebrate the lgbtq community. but in san francisco, some members of the lgbt community say they are worried that the castro district is losing its prominence as the city's cultural center for gays and lesbians and as ktvu christien kafton tells us the castro neighborhood is facing some very big challenges coming out of this pandemic. san francisco's castro district is a thriving neighborhood with clear cultural ties to the lgbtq community. but long time residents say the area is losing some of its lgbtq members making way for straight families. i like playing with the kids, you know, and darling talk darlings on the sidewalks. it's just but it's just, you know, i'm also looking around if my own friends and um, who
4:25 pm
are also gay, and that's like i'm saying they're going to, you know, live in the neighborhood. what do we want the castros roots with the game? rights movement began after world war two when working class families moved out and gay men moved in the l g b t q. population continued to grow through the 19 seventies and into the 19 eighties when the aids crisis hit historian terry bestwick from the glbt historical society says as gay men died, non gays began moving in that displacement continued and accelerated over the decades as housing prices in the area increased. we've been seeing. gaber hoods, uh, being lost in major cities all across the country for some time, and so, uh, so, yes, the castro as a gay identified neighborhood is definitely under threat. best book is worried that the castro could diminish as a destination for lgbtq youth as it was when he came to the city and the early 19 eighties. other young people like me were able to find a cheap place to stay. we
4:26 pm
were able to go to school become activists all on south. of bussing tables or what have you, you know, and i know it is. you know, that's not really a possibility. lyric is a nonprofit serving nearly 1000 lgbtq youth and only about 2% come from the castro district. the organization says. that means the castro needs to be preserved as a safe place for lgbtq youth. i think it's important that young people still come to the castro. and see role models for what they could be as as adults as positive, healthy adults. the castro lgbtq cultural district is dedicated to preserving the cultural identity of the neighborhood. part of that means studying demographic trends, especially now, as the pandemic draws to an end to get an idea of who is moving out, and who's moving in the data. it needs to get updated. um i what i'm aware of is there were
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many evictions and many vacancies in the castro in terms of businesses and residents. supporters in one area is empowering, economically and politically. supervisor raphael man, delman says it's important to strike a balance between maintaining the castros cultural identity while welcoming non gays and straight families, but i do believe that it is important to remember the history of the place. um, to be there for people who still need gaber hood, uh, to meet people to gathered, organize politically. the castro lgbt q cultural district is working on conducting a study trying to assess the neighborhoods needs around everything from arts and culture to land use and housing. that's an important first step, they say in trying to preserve the neighborhoods culture in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. so this story is that one in a series of reports and conversations will have throughout the month of june. celebrating pride you can see. those reports anytime
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by visiting our website, ktvu .com/ pride. no masks at the workplace, but only if everyone is vaccinated. cal osha is considering making those changes right now. why not? everyone is on board california lottery for vaccinations tomorrow is the first drawing how much is up for grabs and how you can make sure you get a shot at the cash. californians aa
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return to normalcy. businesses reopening masks coming off, but cal osha is considering whether to maintain indoor mask requirements for workplaces. today they're expected to vote on more stringent rules that would only allow people to go massless at work if everyone there is vaccinated. kgb is an ruben has been listening to public comment all day. she joins us live with more and. cal osha believes that prolonged exposure at work means higher risk for employees. but for hours today they heard from people who disagreed with them. for local businesses like office furniture dealer kb m. hogue new cal osha regulations simply mean new questions, and lots of them. is it fair for somebody that's unvaccinated to have to wear a mask? um, is it fair. for vaccinated people to have to wear a mask. you know, do we need to see them on a different side of the office? cal osha's proposed rules require businesses to provide
4:32 pm
workers with n95 masks and require employees to wear them in situations where not everyone is vaccinated. the regulations also call for physical distancing through july 31st. in both cases, rules more stringent than the state guidelines. in preparation for their vote. the board took public comment and for hours frustrated employers and employees voiced their concerns. cal osha is out of step with the rest of the country and 95 respiratory protection needs to go. the unintended consequences of these provisions are serious and they cannot be understated. what's more, the silicon valley leadership group says the provisions are confusing. suddenly, cal osha's rules differ from the state guidelines, which differ in some cases from the counties. so i think what would be most helpful. for many businesses for many companies is greater consistency among those different sets of rules and regulations at kpm hogue they just like to prepare. so as the new rules come, they can follow. we just need to
4:33 pm
understand what it is, and then we have to hope it's fair. mm hmm. public comments started at 10 a.m. today and it's still going word on, andre topic to be sure, and ruben reporting for us live and thank you for the first three drawings, first of three drawings for cash prices for california to have been vaccinated will be held tomorrow. 15 people would be picked to receive $50 each over. the next three fridays. some of them will get $50,000. then on june 15th that people will be picked to win $1.5 million each. earlier today, i talked to dr eric upon. she's the state epidemiologist from the california department of public health about this vax for the wind program. this is what she said about how you can become eligible to win. sure so i think the intent was to help incentivize, uh, you know more californians, but also make sure
4:34 pm
we're able to incentivize people in general. um uh and, firstly, all the people who early on got vaccinated as well, so there's a couple different options. actually, there's these $50,000 fridays. um, as well as a 10 $1.5 million prizes as well for everyone that's in our database of people that have been immunized and in order to qualify, you need to go and is it not? um, are you automatically registered once you get the vaccine? absolutely so we, you know every covid-19 vaccine that's been administrated in california by a state providers. there's a few outliers for some of the direct federal providers in certain entities. but in general, um, pretty much most, you know, the vast majority of vaccine fighters and. california who have entered their day who got the vaccine directly from the state are all in one big, you know, you know when, when you get your vaccine card. it's also put data is entered into our california immunization registry. and that
4:35 pm
is how your name is part of that that dry and when it comes to vaccine supply in the state, and also, um, the vaccination rate. what can you tell us to kind of update us on the status right now? sure, so it's been fascinating, of course, because early on, there was so much more demand than supply and we did not have enough supply and we did see a change over time where we were still getting. you know, we were still getting around two million doses a week. the rate of vaccinations was slowing down. so at a peak i think we were doing over 400,000 people a day sometimes and then now it's been more in the 1 to 200,000 per day range, so it has, um slow down, i think, which is one of the reasons we really wanted to really encourage californians who might have been, you know, it just hadn't been convenient yet or that were undecided to really get the information they need and have an incentive to get vaccinated to help us get to more community immunity before june, 15th. and when we're talking about the people
4:36 pm
who are still there, you know, some people might say wow, $15 million. that's a lot of money that could go towards outreach go towards clinics and other kinds of ways to get into the communities. have you had to scale back on that to do the lottery, or is that still going on? that is absolute still going on. and so we've been doing a lot of different efforts with community based organizations to your point, we have something called instead of get out the vote. it was get out in the vaccine and we worked with, you know, uh, lots of different communities. organizations to go do door knocking? because we have learned, you know, a lot of this is just as individual conversations are really talking to people and really importantly, working with people who are in the community already who can be trusted messengers, so a lot of that work is happening. we're also, um we're standing up more ability for work site vaccination clinics. um. more mobile clinics, so we were jus o you know vaccines in the field just make it as easy as possible a know we
4:37 pm
are looking at june 15th as being the day that california reopens. and finally i wanted to ask you, um, what happens after june 15th in terms of tracking in terms of seeing how well as a community, we are able to manage the coronavirus in covid-19? yeah. thank you for asking, because that's where public health will still be very busy while the rest of the oh. most of the community will be a sort of returning to a lot of their their normal activities, but i think they will be just as busy if not this here because as people are interacting more again, we've learned that this virus when you let your guard down, it will find sort of the vulnerable pockets or are places where youing to absoluteo be. you know, it's still mandated reportable disease, so all of the tests that are done are reported to public health, so local health departments will be following their case rates closely will be monitoring hospitalizations looking at new admissions. um
4:38 pm
and the other thing that we're continuing to do, i think, as people know is looking at kind of cross matching all the people who are immune assays and all the reported cases, making sure we're not seeing a breakthrough in the vaccine effectiveness, so we're and wondering also within the hospice nations, really looking to see? are there people who are getting hospitals that have been vaccinated? because, you know, of course, no vaccine. is 100% effective and what we're seeing. as far as the very rare cases that, um, have been fully vaccinated. they're often very mild, have no symptoms at all, and they're just, incidentally, tested things like that. but if we started seeing, um, you know, vaccine breakthrough in the sense that people were really ill, like hospitalized and vaccinated. that would be a concern. and again, that was dr eric upon the state epidemiologist. she says that two million people will receive a $50 gift card for getting their vaccine shot. and those who are winners will be notified by the state. former windsor mayor dominic the poli is now under investigation for potential violation of state campaign finance law, the state
4:39 pm
fair political practices commission is looking into a series of expenditures by four polling between 2014. and this year, the agency received a detailed, anonymous complaint questioning his spending, including air travel. liquor and several payments allowable and fair. poli resigned as mayor last month following sexual assault allegations by nine women. and last night, the winter town council appointed their longest serving member to take over that job. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with the new mayor about. he hopes to build that trust that i will well and safely discharged. the duties discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter upon which i'm about to enter. windsor's vice mayor, sam salmon was sworn in as mayor last night, the town council voted 3 to 1 to appoint salmon to the position. i'm hoping to bring a little may bear. to the town of windsor and unless a broadway in a zoom interview,
4:40 pm
salmon said his appointment was spontaneous, and he had the chance to turn it down, but did not. he has served on windsor's town council since 1994 and has been mayor in the past. i've served under every manager of the town of winters had since it was incorporated in 1992. and hopefully that means something because that that is a real important relationship. some residents used public comment to push for newly elected council member rosa reynosa to fill the mayor's seat. instead others called for a special election. oh i believe rosa one knows a should be appointed mayor, as was already previously stated, um. over 70 emails that you received in the last several days support her as being appointed the mayor. second of all my first choices that we have a special election. the picture i see of our current town council. is the town council of windsor, kabul. dominic for polly's birthday party. so the council members are hanging out with the council members. they're not about the community. rosa is
4:41 pm
the windsor town council appointed a new mayor after former mayor dominic foot holy resigned. multiple women have accused for polio, sexual assault or misconduct. he denies the allegations. i asked sam and how he plans to deal with the fallout of the scandal and move the town out of a turbulent time. uh a lot of work to do. and you know, we talked about building trust. and, um, i think we just have to have a different outlook on things a bit. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox. two news. alright different. dirk chopin's attorneys are for the r minneapolis police officer in the killing george floyd. can that request become a reality or is it a long shot? a legal expert weighs in next we're doing and barry weather a little bit warmer today. across most neighborhoods, no big changes for tomorrow, but eventually we cool things off eventually we cool things off big time. we'll have your if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away,
4:42 pm
and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. oh, you think this is just a community center? and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do. comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones,
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so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ one of the most important things you can do is to make sure you call 811 before you dig. calling 811 to get your lines marked: it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines, we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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he was convicted in april of murder and manslaughter in the death of george floyd. now this week, his lawyer laid out a letter to the judge pushing for probation instead of jail time, but prosecutors say he deserves a lengthy prison prison sentence. foxes hannah flood spoke to a legal expert about this case. in a memo filed wednesday, chauvin's lawyers point out why he's a candidate for probation, citing his age in the fact that he could be targeted in prison, his lack of criminal history cooperation in court and while out on bail and the support he would have from his family. one thing that struck me about the memo. was it had no expression of remorse. former hennepin county chief public defender mary moriarty says that's significant because one of the grounds for allowing probation at sentencing is if the convicted person takes responsibility for their actions. not only did we not
4:45 pm
see that we didn't even see any expression of remorse while maintaining chabon's innocence, the state filed a similar document wednesday, arguing why shove in should face 30 years in prison. pointing out the court has already found there were these four aggravating factors in the case, all of which could lead to more jail time. a third document filed by the defense argues why shoven should get a new trial entirely. citing the process was tainted because of its location, media attention and juror misconduct, moriarty says. while it's highly unlikely this filing would lead to a new trial, it's a glimpse into this case is future. this is just a preview of the types of issues the defense will try to appeal. and that was fox's hannah flood reporting for us now, shaban is expected or scheduled to be sentenced on june 25th. the tokyo olympics are set to begin next month, but the event is losing thousands of volunteers, according to olympic organizers about 10,000 of the 80,000
4:46 pm
registered volunteers have quit in recent weeks. the volunteers say not enough is being done to keep them safe japan is in 1/4 wave of covid 19 cases, games but are considering banning international spectators from attending. yeah, well barrier, whether we've kind of been dealing with the same pattern each and every day and pretty much the same story as we head into tomorrow, but we are tracking some changes headed our way or graph. we're trying to describe those changes, headed our way into the weekend and beyond. so for your friday and saturday is still fairly warm england but you can see the overall trend beginning sunday, and at the next week a big time cool down headed toward the region, so it looks like two more days of some warm temperatures inland, and then we'll cool things off by that time for a here's the satellite and the radar this afternoon showing you once again if you look out to our east, in fact, you look outside to the east. right now. you're probably some big clouds building up those clouds associated with some
4:47 pm
showers and thunderstorms out toward the sierra so especially south of lake tahoe. it's like we have another day of active, whether at least for this time of day thing. will probably die off later on tonight with the thunderstorm activity as far as the satellite right now it's picking up on the fog once again, just like yesterday and the day before the fog hanging out coast side and already a few patches pushing back into a san francisco bay this afternoon, so we have that steady onshore breeze and we'll go ahead and check out the four o'clock temperature. is the hotspots still in the lower nineties that you can't see out toward out toward the concord area? right around san francisco temperature is actually the miles. side and then up in the north bay some eighties up in santa rosa, we're expecting warmer temperatures, and that was pretty much right on the track for today, with the warmer warm up compared to yesterday's readings, kind of a dramatic shot right here looking out towards san francisco, as you can see, we start the fog making a comeback, so not 100% in the clear just yet, in fact,
4:48 pm
will wake up to what some fog kind of like this morning near the coast in your portions of the bay and then the clouds clear back to near the coastline into the afternoon hours is this is kind of the forecast we had really not moving around too much, and was a little bit warmer, upper fifties tomorrow to the upper eighties. so here's the setup. we've been talking about this big area of high pressure overhead. it's sticking around somewhat, and so with that, as we head into friday and saturday warm inland, still some patchy fog right near the immediate coastline. what happens, though, in the next week by sunday, monday and tuesday, this cooler system moves in so as a result will bring in some more clouds and definitely drop off those temperatures and you'll notice that change. you'll see those numbers coming up in the five day forecast as far as high as forward tomorrow, some cloud cover to start out the day clearing back to near the coastline so the beaches could still has some patchy fog, especially south of the golden gate bridge, and still some warm numbers inland. upper eighties out toward the annie
4:49 pm
hawkins, fairfield, santa rosa, 87 san francisco downtown will go 63 degrees, and here is a look ahead your five day in and you'll notice temperatures not movingday, but then we'll begin to cool things off in the sunday and then into next week from monday to tuesday. look at locations only approaching the mid seventies. so if you're not a fan of the heat, i think you might like was headed our way, especially by monday, and it's a tuesday up next week. thanks mark huge range of temperatures there. appreciate it. well another dead whale has washed up on a bay area beach. this large whale is on rodeo beach in the marin headlands. we have not yet heard what species of whale it is. a team is investigating the carcass to determine the cause of death. several whales have turned up dead along the bay area coastline and in san francisco bay since the beginning of the year. and from hats to logo's on the field t shirts. the
4:50 pm
niners and their fans are showing their pride how the team is celebrating the lgbtq community this month for pride. we want justice! somebody died here and you need to care justice for tatiana young woman last seen in oakland before her body was found by a hiker, this type of ignorance, this type of violence. this type of brutality is happening in our city. how a homicide investigation has now turned into human trafficking case as well ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge
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at xfin and save
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to support the asian american pacific islander community, the mayor's budget proposal calls for spending $6.5 million to support humanitarian efforts in the city's api community. they include expanding the senior escort program, victim services and supporting chinatown art
4:53 pm
and tourism recovery. it also invests in a stop a p i hate educational campaign. in addition to the challenges that we've seen related to those those issues, we still are in the midst of our recovery, so there's still food that needs to be served. there are still people that need help. the board of supervisors has scheduled to vote on the mayor's to year $13 billion spending plan this summer. today, the san francisco 49ers kick off and online series showcasing their lgbt q fans, the team says it's excited to share stories about the 49 are faithful during pride month. other productivity ease include the first ever genderless retail line by an nfl team. 49ers logos are highlighted in rainbow colors on an assortment of items, including shirts, caps, sweatshirts, the cals and signs. this morning on the nine we spoke to the 49 years chief administrative officer and she
4:54 pm
said the new line is just part of the organization's commitment to show support for the lgbtq community. that we cef our fans that if you're a niner, we really don't care what other identity you may have, and we wanted there to be something for everyone. all of the proceeds go to lgbt q charities and for the third consecutive year, the 40 niners will host an lgbtq activism sports panel on june 22nd. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan normally stands along the sidelines on sundays. but this sunday he is trackside at sonoma raceway as grand marshal of the toyota save mark 3 50. it will be the first nascar race that he's attended. shanahan says he's thrilled about the honor and we'll bring his family along for the festivities and by the way, sunday's race is sold out. prime minister benjamin netanyahu vows to fight on as
4:55 pm
his opponents strike a coalition deal. i'm mike tobin hs
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
opponents have now reached an agreement that could oust the longtime leader. as foxes. mike tobin tells us and involved in alliance between some very unlikely partners. dangerous could be coming to israel's government. on wednesday, opponents of prime minister benjamin netanyahu reached a deal to form a new governing coalition just before midnight deadline. if approved by parliament, the move would oust the israeli leader after 12 years in power. opposition leader yeah, here let pete and his main coalition partner, naftali bennett, pushed thursday for a quick vote that the prime minister is vowing to fight on. he's going to push many of the people inwho are trf him, the new government would be made up of a divorce.
4:58 pm
political spectrum, including the first arab party to join in israeli coalition. the groups differ on several key issues, including relationships with palestinians, middle east, analysts say staying in power may not be easy if they will look all the time at the things that they do not agree on on on the policy that have to do with the settlements on differences in economic policy, etcetera, this will not work they will not. be able to sustain themselves for a long time. the agreement comes during a tumultuous time for israel after an 11 day war with hamas in may, some israeli residents say they're not confident a new government could address the underlying conflict. it's not really a feasible, uh, government the way it's put together, but, you know, i'm always hopeful and wish them luck. israel's parliament is expected to vote on the agreement next week. in jerusalem. mike tobin fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now, another deadly
4:59 pm
shooting in san jose. this time, it's just one block from the side of last week's mass shooting there at the vta light rail yard. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes and i'm andre, senior frank and julie are off tonight, sky. foxx was over the scene about 90 minutes ago. this is what it looked like from above and you can see crime scene tape crossing the street as well as police cruiser stationed in all direction. the shooting happened near the intersection of north san pedro street in west heading street in san jose, and as you can see, it's just a block away from the vita railyard ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary is live there with the very latest jesse andre the santa clara county coroner's office is going to do an investigation before they remove the remains. the victim fell to the ground and died. as you said just a block from the vta light rail station or hub. which is the site of last week's mass shooting. two of our officers.
5:00 pm
uh unusual event out here. they stop. they investigated and realize what they actually almost witness was a shooting, police investigators say the incident happened just before two o'clock near the intersection of west heading in north san pablo streets at this hour there, interviewing witnesses to determine when and where the man that was killed was actually shot. they believe it was somewhere in the area he saw at least one person detained by police. there are typically bystanders around this area as people are using one of the various county agencies here. police say there is no longer a danger to the public. but there were several tense moments. what goes through your mind when you see something like that? you're gunshots. um just to, like, grab my kids and hold them, you know, like or run to the safest place because you don't know where they're coming from your at jail. come on, they're supposed to be the safest. place right here in this can't even be safe at the jail now. oh,


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