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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 3, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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from cal osha and what it could mean for businesses and their employees for the rest of the year, plus getting students back into the classroom full time. what bay area health officers say they're hoping will happen this upcoming fall and nearly two months after dominant for polio, was first accused of sexual assault. the town of windsor has a new mayor, who he is and how people are responding. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon. good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian. then we'll begin with breaking news here and delays at the richmond san rafael bridge toll plaza. crash on the western span of the bridge was first reported at 11 o'clock this morning, and boy traffic was at a standstill until just moments ago. now you can see things are starting to clear out after a long hour. chp is reporting that pickup truck was on its side, blocking the left lane. firefighters had a difficult time getting throughout the traffic. keep this in mind if you're heading to the area, there may still be some delays. but at this point again, things are beginning to
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smooth out at the richmond san rafael bridge. cal osha, the state agency in charge of workplace safety is considering whether to adopt new covid-19 rules. many businesses across the state aren't happy about the changes the agency is proposing. but some workers groups say that covid restrictions are needed in the workplace will bring in ktvu zahle rasmus reporting live this new time to explain this debate. ali well, garcia right now, cal osha's board members are listening to businesses and workers calling in to weigh in on the proposed changes to workplace rules. the new cal osha rules for covid-19 call for an end to wearing masks indoors. but only if employers can verify that everyone in the workplace is fully vaccinated. that would make the rules for california workplaces more strict than for the general public wants the state reopens june 15th under the cal osha proposal, if just one person in the work area is unvaccinated, they'd have to be separate from the group or everyone on the job would need to wear a mask. employers should not be compelled to track vaccination status and create two classes
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of people as the only way to comply with these rules. one of our members is considering placing stickers on id badges to determine who was vaccinated and who is not. many are considering korean separate floors. people might challenge it, but i think the cal osha would. would be on pretty firm grounds. in doing this, legal experts say the strict requirements would protect unvaccinated workers and may encourage people to finally get their vaccine. if you see the tangible benefit. uh that the people can go out and resume their lives. normally that's going to push more people in but one lab worker in san diego begged the cal osha board to reconsider its proposal. she called in to say she's been wearing an n 95 mask for months and is now fully vaccinated. i am tired of re breathing my own co. two for eight or more hours a day. i'm tired of seeing all of the in this together, but alone ads and tired of hearing where, um, that save lives. tired of hearing about all the great things i can do now that
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i m vaccinated, but only if i don't live in the state of california. there are also several groups calling in to support the proposal, pointing out that there are many counties in california that are behind on vaccinating people. some business organizations have asked cal osha to delay its vote on these changes yet again to their next meeting june 17th will continue to monitor the hearing underway right now, and we will bring you an update online when a decision is made ali rasmus ktvu. fox. two news lot of people following this one. ali rasmus. thank you. new at noon, a dozen bay area health officers are calling for students to be back in the classroom full time next year, the health officers met just this morning at everett middle school in san francisco. they say the lack of in person learning during the pandemic has disrupted education, weaken the social support system and negatively affected the mental health of children, the health officer say schools can safely reopened by using proper precautions. spacing mass and vaccinations. the cost to our
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kids by keeping them out of school and remote learning is immense. and far outweighs any benefit. vaccinations are key. they are so important and we'll keep our teachers and our older students safe area health officers urged school administrators, teachers and parents to work together now to plan for full classrooms for all grades in the fall. according to the cdc and the state health department. the risk of covid-19 transmission among children who are wearing mass is very low during in person classroom instruction. san francisco unified school district says it has 1700 fewer students than it did at this time last year, district officials say that represents a 3% drop in enrollment, which could lead to a $20 million loss in state funding. the final numbers are expected to show a bigger drop in enrollment but won't be known until classes start on august 16th about 51,000 students are currently enrolled. according
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to the chronicle. some families say they pulled their children out of public school in the distance learning and then put them in private schools that we're offering in person instruction. today, the white house announced a global vaccine sharing program. it plans to send 75% of excess doses through the u. n backed kovacs global vaccine sharing program. meantime president biden outlined a new covid vaccination strategy with the goal of having 70% of adults vaccinated by july, 4th. jonathan serrie reports from atlanta. let's celebrated truly historic independence day president biden announcing a big new vaccine pushes the summer gets closer. the goal getting 70% of adults at least partially vaccinated by the fourth of july as part of a national month of action. the feds are stepping up outreach and education and also coordinating with businesses to offer incentives like a free beer on independence day, courtesy of anheuser busch. a number of states are also getting creative with their
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giveaways, including west virginia, where guns and trucks are among the prizes in a vaccine lottery. we could draw your name and absolutely you could win something that would be phenomenal. but with all of that, you've got to get your first shot. but as the country continues opening up, the psa is under fire for not dropping its mask mandate. critics arguing planes, trains and buses should follow cdc guidelines for those who have been fully vaccinated and the mask rules could hurt the economic recovery. it's absurd to issue guidance two weeks ago, saying that fully vaccinated people don't have to wear masks except in the nation's entire transportation sector. wednesday health experts at duke university said the loosening of those mandates and other covid restrictions has not led to a spike in cases but more still needs to be done to fully turn the corner on covid. if we don't keep vaccinating well over a million people a day that could lead to
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some additional outbreak, and in another sign of recovery, the lights will go back up on broadway in august. that's a month ahead of schedule in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu fox two, news said. clara county coroner says it has completed autopsies of the nine men who were killed at the vta light rail yard. the medical examiner says all of the victims died of multiple gunshot wounds, and their deaths are considered homicides. investigators say vita employee sam cassidy killed co workers in two buildings last wednesday using 39 millimeter handguns. they say he took his own life as law enforcement officers moved in the town of windsor has appointed a new mayor to replace dominic for poli. faced sexual allegations and sexual abuse, claims. he resigned last week. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with the new mayor and asked how he plans to build back trust in the town's leadership that i will well and safely discharge the duties discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter on which i'm
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about to enter windsor's vice mayor sam salmon was sworn in as mayor last night. the town council voted 3 to 1 to appoint salmon to the position. i'm hoping to bring a little may bear. to the town of winter and unless a broadway in a zoom interview, salmon said his appointment was spontaneous, and he had the chance to turn it down, but did not. he has served on windsor's town council since 1994 and has been mayor in the past. i've served under every manager of the town of winters had since it was incorporated in 1992. and hopefully that means something because that that is a real important relationship. some residents used public comment to push for newly elected council member rosa reynosa to fill the mayor's seat. instead others called for a special election. i believe rosa one knows a should be appointed mayor, as was already previously stated, um over 70 emails that you received in the last several days support her as being appointed the mayor. second of all my first choices that we have a special election.
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the picture i see of our current town council. is the town council of windsor, kabul. dominic foot polly's birthday party. so the council members are hanging out with the council members. they're not about the community. rosa is the windsor town council appointed a new mayor after former mayor dominic hopefully resigned. multiple women have accused for polio, sexual assault or misconduct. he denies the allegations. i asked salmon how he plans to deal with the fallout of the scandal and move the town out of a turbulent time. uh a lot of work to do. and you know, we talked about building trust. and um, i think we just have to have a different outlook on things a bit. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits fell last week for 1/5 straight week. labor department says jobless claims dropped to 385,000 nationwide that's down 20,000 from the week before a d. unemployment claims actually
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rose to their worst level in more than a month. that's 74,000 workers filed initial claims last week. that's up by more than 3700 from just the week before. state senator dave court easy and other lawmakers are presenting a plan to provide a universal basic income to foster children in california. this money will go to young people who are starting to age out of the foster care system in transitioning into adulthood $1000 a month would be given to about 2500 young people and will be administered by the department of social services over the course of three years. san francisco district attorney chase aberdeen joined other advocates today for a virtual news conference. this is a very, very small cost to pay for a huge reward and benefit to society's most vulnerable. children who are, as i said, full of tremendous opportunity have promised if we're only willing to invest in them. the pilot program is based on the model senator court easy champion in santa clara county is now requesting $60 million
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from california to fund the statewide program how business s are responding to the new relationship with the officers following the recent spike in attacks on members of the asian american community, also sticker shock at the gas pump just how high prices of climb and the impact this is having on people here in the bay area, including rideshare workers. then it's a warm, sunny day across the bay area, but a cool down is on the way. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has your full forecast coming up. advil dual action fights pain 2 ways. it's the first and only fda approved combination of advil plus acetaminophen. advil targets pain. acetaminophen blocks it. advil dual action. fast pain relief that lasts 8 hours. centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...
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it happened at 5 15, the epicenter about 10 miles east of downtown san jose, in the blue oak ranch reserve. no reports of any injury or damage. it was felt in a number of cities, including blossom hill, campbell, willow, glen and right near the eastgate mall. several viewers also told us the shake alert on their cellphones alerted them moments before the earthquake struck the nation's largest mass transit agency is the latest to report a cyber hack. new york city's transportation authority confirmed yesterday it's system was infiltrated by hackers in april, according to the new york times. the group responsible is suspected to be tied to the chinese government. the mbta says the breach affected three of its 18 computer systems. transit officials say the hackers never gained accessl train cars and dt
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appear to collect information from customers or employees. everything we can tell. this is actually, uh, espionage focused where they're trying to get information about how the systems work and how they operate to give themselves a competitive advantage. it's the latest in several recent intrusions across the united states on wednesday, massachusetts steamship authority reported disruptions to its ferry service after a cyber attack and jbs, the world's largest meat supplier, shut down its us based beef plants after an intrusion by suspected russian cyber gang. well, gas prices here in the bay area you've likely noticed of skyrocketed as the economy is beginning to reopen. ktvu demagogues tells us how the spike is having a big impact on rideshare workers. hey area, gas prices have jumped a dollar 27 from a year ago now averaging $4.34 a gallon now that things are going back to normal demand is ramping up. oil production does not rebounding as quickly and that
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has brought oil prices up very quickly, and thus, gas prices like pay for gas. they $50 per day on gasoline. hector castano's drives 300 miles a day, picking up riders for uber and lift. he's busier than he's been in quite a while, with more people needing rides to work in airports and fewer rideshare drivers available to pick them up over the weekend. one man tweeted an eight minute drive from sfo running one. how $100 on lift and uber. he ended up taking a taxi for just $30 uber and lift both say they are temporarily boosting pay for drivers to incentivize more people to drive for them. uber says drivers averaging 20 hours a week are making close to $25 an hour lift says drivers in their top markets last month averaged 30 to $35 an hour. it's not what you're so experiencing. no it's less than that. castano's says he's making close to 12 to $15 an hour. driving full time and sometimes goes long distances
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to reach people where no one else is available to pick them up. that's why a lot of drivers they're wrong. want to keep driving? that's why we are short of drivers, while gas could climb a few cents higher next month, experts say it's unlikely they'll reach $5 a gallon to save on rideshare services search for coupon codes online and comparison shop across the apps reporting in palo alto, emma goss, ktvu fox two news. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. and look at that thursday. forecast seems like the fog did burn off a little quicker today. mark yeah, that was our thinking mike and gaussian afternoon to the both of you. yeah, we are expecting earlier clearing times and with that a little bit of a warm up today, especially up in the north bay, but we still have some overcast right near the immediate coastlines. it's not that sunny, warm beach day forward today. in fact, here is the plan as we break it down for you and the beaches, upper fifties to right around 60 degrees with some coastal fog. more sunshine, though, for the rest of the bay area, the bayside location. approaching the mid seventies inland neighborhoods on either
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side of 90 degrees this afternoon. here's the satellite once again, showing you some of the fog from earlier today and clearing back to near the immediate coastline, so we still have some overcast out toward looks like the golden gate bridge, the marin headlands. we still have that to onshore breeze as well, trying to keep the fog at least. somewhat of a factor for today, we'll go ahead and check out some of the current numbers out there and the warm spot in the seventies toward fairfield and walnut creek, 78. san jose 75 up in the north bay some seventies for santa rosa napa mid sixties and san francisco was missing there, but the most recent check, i did see a temperature of 53 degrees shown you the wind speeds and as you can check out right now we have winds run 7 to 13 miles an hour. it's kind of been the story each and every day the winds begin to pick up. throughout the afternoon. so we are expecting those stronger winds by by mid afternoonl a breezes p here's a live camera, though looking out towards san francisco east, you can see from this vantage point. we have some sunshine up above. so
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with that today in the city should be a little bit warmer compared to yesterday, just some minor day to day changes. the overall weather pattern not really changing around too much. we had this big area of high pressure up above us that area of low pressure. it will kind of keep our temperatures at least in check over the next few. days, but just a change in the wind direction, at least developing today that southerly winds are westerly wind, keeping the coastal spots on the cool side but a little bit more of a northerly breeze really impacting the sonoma county today that will allow temperatures to warm back up into the eighties. so these are all just some tiny changes expected for today and over the next couple days highs this afternoon as you can't see near 90 toward fairfield in antioch. san jose 80 oakland, 68. some eighties up in the north bay for sandra fell and up. in the santa rosa. here's look ahead, your five day forecast and temperatures cool off a little bit in the friday not too much change into the weekend, but we can't tell you we definitely cool things off into next week. so next week by monday and
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tuesday might be looking for the sweater of the jacket as some cooler air moves into the bay area. alright, mark, thank you still to come in this noontime police cracking down on illegal fireworks more on a new task force that's already sees thousands of pounds of illegal fir
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when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. overturned and then the driver took off. this happened around three o'clock this morning on warren boulevard and on the on
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ramp to south age 80 thousands of pounds of trash and oil spread out across the roadway. chp made several attempts to contact hospitals to see if anyone walked in with any injuries, but there's still no sign of the driver. this morning, oakland crimestoppers announced a $10,000 reward for information about the death of a teenager 19 year old tatyana duggar was from oroville top down, his sister, says tatiana left their hometown in january and plan to drive to oakland with the man her family did not know her body was found in siskiyou county. three months later. there are no suspects in her death in the family hopes the reward money will help lead them to the person responsible. oakland police are reporting a spike in carjackings this year and say there have been 200 reported car jackings this year, marking an increase of 115% compared to this time last year. investigators say. many of these carjackings are just the beginning of a crime. some of the vehicles are then used in residential robberies. gun. violence is also up. there were 174 shot spotter alerts during the last week of may, an increase of 119% over the same
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time last year. this year, officers have recovered 450 firearms in oakland across the bay in san francisco. firefighters are remembering and honoring two of their own who died in the line of duty 10 years ago. uh the families of lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter paramedic anthony valerio attended yesterday's service at station 26. mayor london breed fire chief jenny nicholson and former fire chief joanne hayes. white were also their horizon. valeria were killed 10 years ago at a house fire on berkeley. way in diamond heights, near twin peaks. the fire department says. the two firefighters did and didn't hesitate for a second when it came to saving lives and property. police are cracking down on illegal fireworks. throughout the up toh of july. ktvu s a. on this table, just a sample of what's been confiscated the joint
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menlo park east palo alto fireworks task force is only a month old, and they say they're already making an impact. we've been very successful in getting ahead of the issue, even though it's just barely june, and we've actually seized about £2000 of explosives. £2000 of explosives taken as compared to £1300 in all of last year. what we can tell you is that we want to strike. at the root of this epidemic of fireworks to the best degree that we can local officials knew they had to do something last summer alone. fireworks started three brush fires and a house fire just literally in the one year we've seen the consequences of fireworks, and it's happening all over from oakland to san jose to antioch, where just this week apartments caught fire officials in east palo alto say a lot of residents are fed up. this is not going to be solved by the fire department and police alone. it's really going to take the community members to be apart. you can't
12:26 pm
just pop up a camera and hope to get someone in the act. it has to be a cultural evolution as a community to really rethink being mindful of others, this task force will rely on a combination of enforcement and education resident vicky porter says. it's about time. i think it's great. yes because of the loudness of the fire. great i don't even know if they're really fireworks. i'm not sure what they are. sounds like bombs. i would prefer if there were none. not fear but nine and on june 8th menlo park city council is set to discuss them enhanced penalties when it comes to fireworks, and ruben ktvu, fox two news still to come in noon, supporting the aapi community in san francisco, the investment announced just a short time ago by san francisco mayor london brief plus providing help to bars and restaurants across the state, the support being announced by governor newsom is california prepares to reopen the economy prepares to reopen the economy on june 15.
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dog show. start your installation today at the home depot. how doers get more done. i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. proposed budget investments to support the asian american pacific islander community. the mayor's budget proposal does call for spending $6.5 million to support humanitarian efforts in the city's aapi community. they include expanding the senior escort program, victim
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services and supporting chinatown art and tourism recovery. p i hate educational campaign. in addition to the challenges thatrelated to those, we still are in the midst of our recovery, so there's still food that needs to be served. there's still people that need help. the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on the mayor's to year $13 billion spending plan this summer. san francisco police have been increasing patrols in chinatown due to the recent increase in attacks on the asian american community. until now, many chinatown business owners were reluctant to report crimes. but as ktvu s amberleigh tells us, the attitude is beginning to change thanks to the relationships officers are building within the community home on, chinatown foot beat unit for san francisco police greets merchants by name them all, george, oh, no, no, no. no
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officers who speak chinese build relationships with shop owners who speak limited english to build trust bilingual then they know. they can say something. and police officer they can help them out. police say chinatown merchants have been reluctant to report crimes, but that is changing. especially important now with hate crimes targeting asians. i know there's a comfort level when they see an officer that can speak and communicate, and that looks familiar to them. officers in the foot patrol units, a chinatown is their second home a part of their childhood every time i see a grandma getting wrong job or an old asian uncle getting beat up on the street. that could have been my mom. my business, yo, yo, make sure all their safety the owner of house of dim sum tells me she's touched by the officers going the extra mile. after a number of burglaries in the area. they provided her with a lock to secure her shop. this was the old the old lock, and then this is the new luck.
12:32 pm
the officers partnered with c. c d. c, a nonprofit to buy 100 locks to give to merchants, many touching small luck, but it means everything after that burglary, the community really stepped up the walk shop was burglarized a month ago, the owner tells me she appreciates the frequency of the police foot patrols. we just felt sense of security. we still feel that way because they're very visible, the officers say. community policing is essential to improving relations with the public. people nowadays really need from the police that we should try to implement throughout the entire city and throughout the entire nation. police say the officers were out on foot patrol seven days a week. they say it's about reducing the fear of crime, along with fighting crime in san francisco, chinatown, amberleigh ktvu fox, jeannie use now to new video from san francisco police of a teenager setting a woman's hair on fire on board immunity bus. this happened on may 2nd on the five
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fulton, the passenger was hair caught fire left before police arrived. the suspected arsonist and two other boys got say they need the public's help in identifying the woman and finding her attacker. jury has awarded $6 million to a man who was run over by a san jose police officer. but, says the officer it was only partially to blame body cam video shows officer alexander rivero chasing the suspect, danny martin, back in march of 2018 now police say they were responding to reports that martin threatened to use a weapon against security at a nearby restaurant. martin was running when he says ribeiro turned and hit him with his vehicle, then backed up over him. video shows rivero giving a different account of what happened. so i'm right behind him. and then he stopped spread in front of me and my front tire caught his leg back on me over. nobody ran. you overdo. the jury didn't find that the officer intention and mr martin over. but the jury did find
12:34 pm
what the officer did was deeply irresponsible. martin's pelvis was fractured, and he had other broken bones. a jury found the officer 60% at fault in the negligence claims so martin will receive 60% of the amount awarded by the jury. the family of mario gonzalez has filed a wrongful death claim against the city of alameda. the claim says gonzales appeared to be confused and possibly intoxicated when alameda police took him into custody in april. officers said they arrested him for his own safety. his family said he did not pose a threat to himself or anyone else when they pinned him on the ground and held him there for several minutes until he became unresponsive. a later died at a hospital. the wrongful death claim is a required step before the family can file a lawsuit against the city. this morning's report from the labor department showing the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits fell for 1/5 straight week. marks a new pandemic low. lauren blanchard has the latest from washington.
12:35 pm
the labor department's latest numbers are out and better than expected. 385,000 unemployment claims down for 1/5 straight week and a new low since the pandemic began assigned the economy is strength restrictione lifted. we're continuing to put in place policies and measures to ensure that we're helping people make ends meet. and we're helping the economy continue to grow while it's good news. unemployment continues to drop, republicans say the president's and democrats spending in congress will lead to inflation and a bumpy economic road ahead. i think we have all the ingredients here for stay inflation. it's not pleasant, and now the by administration is basically admitting they're going to actually have lower growth projected. in the state inflation in the late seventies early eighties, some small business owners say they're feeling the effects of inflation already three months ago was in like the high $2 like to 85 or something like that. and we're like this last week. it was just under five,
12:36 pm
and that's before the latest. you know, kind of shut down. that's happened with the jbs meat packing facilities. it is real. the president is still negotiating with gop senators on an infrastructure bill that he says would help invest in the country for years to come. but they have been unable to come to an agreement on the size and scope of a bill even after a one on one meeting between president biden and west virginia senator shelley moore capito. following the president's meeting with senator capito, the white house says the two will reconnect on friday, just three days before the president's deadline for a deal in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news in san francisco's castro district, there is concern among some that is losing its prominence as the city's cultural center for gays and lesbians ktvu christian captain as the story, san francisco's castro district is a thriving neighborhood with clear cultural top. rise to the lgbtq community. but long time
12:37 pm
residents say the area is losing some of its lgbtq members making way for straight families. i like playing with the kids, you know, and darling talk darlings on the sidewalks. it's just but it's just, you know, i'm also looking around my own friends and, um, who are also gay, and that's like in c and they're going to, you know, live in the neighborhood. what do we want? castro's roots with the gay rights movement began after world war two when working class families moved out and gay men moved in. and the lgbtq population continued to grow through the 19 seventies and into the 19 eighties, when the aids crisis hit historian terry bestwick from the glbt historical society says as gay men died, non gays began moving in that displacement continued and accelerated over the decades as housing prices in the area increased. we've been seeing. gaber hoods, uh, being lost in major cities all across the country for some time, and so, uh, so, yes, the castro as a
12:38 pm
gay ident definitely under threat. best book is worried that the castro could diminish as a destination for lgbtq youth as it was when he came to the city and the early 19 eighties. other young people like me were able to find a cheap place to stay. we were able to go to school become activists all on south. of bussing tables or what have you, you know, and i know it is. you know, that's not really a possibility. lyric is a nonprofit serving nearly 1000 lgbtq youth and only about 2% come from the castro district. the organization says that means the castro needs to be preserved as a safe place for lgbtq youth. i think it's important that young people still come to the castro. and see role models for what they could be as as adults as positive, healthy adu. the castro lgbtq cultural of the neighborhood. part of that
12:39 pm
means studying demographic trends, especially now, as the pandemic draws to an end to get an idea of who is moving out, and who's moving in the data. it needs to get updated. um i what i'm aware of is there were many evictions and many vacancies in the castro in terms of businesses and residents. supporters of keeping the castro gay say bringing people together in one area is empowering, economically and politically. supervisor raphael man, delman says it's important to strike a balance between maintaining the castros cultural identity while welcoming non gays and straight families, but i do believe that it is important to remember the history of the place. um, to be there for people who still need gaber hood, uh, to meet people to gathered, organize politically. the castro lgbt q cultural district is working on conducting a study trying to assess the neighborhoods needs around everything from arts and culture to land use and housing. that's an important first step,
12:40 pm
they say in trying to preserve the neighborhoods culture in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news, and this is one in a series of reports and conversations we're going to be having throughout the month of june celebrating bride. you can see those reports anytime, which is heading off to our website at ktvu .com slash pride still to come at noon, meat prices are rising nationwide, the impact that's having on bay area businesses and why one deli owner says the prices have forced him to temporarily shut down. also it's warm out there across the bay area right now, some clouds linger and a cool down is on the way. ktvu meteorologist has your mark tamayo has your full forecast and mark is coming up.
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food bank, the speaker help pack up and distribute groceries at the san francisco marin food banks. north beach location. speaker. pelosi also took time to highlight the american rescue plan and how it benefits food insecure americans affected by the covid pandemic. the plan includes more than $12 billion to fight hunger, the bay area, seeing a big increase in the need for food over the past year. over the past year, our city has faced a 70% spike and demand a few days. 70% spoke a across the city. people who attended today's the east bay
12:44 pm
is temporarily shutting its doors and not selling anymore sandwio yal customers. ktvu is rob roth reports one of the main reasons the price of me is still on the rise at augie's montreal of delhi in berkeley. the owner isn't saying goodbye. just see you. later the deli closed this week because the price of meats and other items of skyrocketed owner lex kapnick lewinsky says he will reopen when those costs come back down to earth. whenever that may be. yeah, it's sad that we won't be able to see some of our regulars that we get to see on a regular basis, but it's the right move. to make. he says he'd rather close temporarily than risk driving customers away as an example. staying open would mean a $16 pastrami sandwich could start costing between 25 $30. and in the long run for us, it would hurt me more to alienate my customers and have them thinking of augie's montreal deli as you know. oh this is the $30 a sandwich place. the prices are high
12:45 pm
because the supply chain is falling far short of demand and a food. inflation is going. and crazy the president of by right food service says the price increases are the highest percentage wise in at least 20 years a year ago. you know, we would see skirt steak could say. $8 a pound and we've seen it close to this week. we're bringing it in at $15, a pound the core of the problem comes back to covid factories and processing plants that had to cut back during the pandemic have been slow to ramp back up. we're seeing factories still, you know, packing plants still really that little capacities. they're fighting to get employees back in the factoriess of cooking oils, paper bags, but i'm selling sandwiches out of plastic bags. it's breaking my lefty liberal berkley heart, but that's what we've got to do, because otherwise it's you know
12:46 pm
50 75 cents for one paper bag right now, if you can get them, it's a nationwide problem that points to vulnerabilities in the entire food supply chain, including the trucking industry. there's less of amount of trucks to pick up product from the warehouses. the end results some businesses such as augie's, are better off closing until the system stabilizes. it's a short term pain for long term gain will be back. those in the food industry say it might be toward the end of the year before prices start returning to normal. rob rock ktvu two news our media all just marked miles out about enjoying the noonday sunshine, a slight breeze. it'll be a different story tomorrow, won't it mark? yeah in fact, gaussian just just a minor day to day changes out there. the winds are somewhat of the constant factor, though, with the winds picking up at least during the afternoon hours, and even as we had into your friday as well with those strong garage or expecd, which will eventually have an impact on a temperatures outside side, more sunshine fora
12:47 pm
good portion of the bay area's we take a look at the forecast graphics for you right now. we got him queued up, and still some fog for the beaches. more such shine, though, and temperatures hotspots in the upper eighties to right around 90 degrees. we're not talking about triple digits but still fairly warm england around the bay mid seventies and the beaches mainly in the sixties. here's the satellite as you can see that fog hanging out near the coastline closer to monterey bay out toward toward half moon bay pillar point has a closer inspection. other satellite this afternoon is becoming closer. and the clouds out toward looks like the marin headlands toward kirby cove out toward holiness as well but more sunshine for the east bay and for the inland spots as well. san francisco is missing, but they are approaching the mid fifties. right now san jose mid seventies while up in the na rosa sonoma county airport. 74 degrees, checking out the wind speeds right now you can see around 7 to 13 miles an hour,
12:48 pm
so the next few days we were talking about at least there's some stronger gusts out there, especially near the coast. and right around the bay. here's a live camera looking out toward san francisco. as you can see from this vantage point. we have lots of clear skies looking out toward the east bay as well. now the overall weather pattern kind of just the big what we call synoptic pattern that the things that recruits kind of, um, controlling our weather. we still have this big area of high pressure up above and that cooler system out there in the pacific. at least for us. we're just tracking. it's a change in the wind direction for today, so suddenly wind or a westerly wind right near the immediate coastline and hints of a northerly breeze for today, and with that, that we are going to warm up the temperatures a bit for the north bay neighborhoods, especially up in sonoma county yesterday, santa rose in the upper seventies today approaching the mid eighties, warm spots still right around 90 degrees toward fairfield in antioch, san jose 80 at san francisco. we'll go with the forecast type of 60 degrees you can see temperature is not moving around too much over the
12:49 pm
next few days, but the winds do pick up as you can see into your friday. we have the breezy conditions and then into next week what's interesting by sunday, but especially into monday and tuesday, it looks like a significant cool down here in the bay area, so get ready for some cooler conditions as we head into early next week, but today more sunshine for a good portion of the bay area, mark. thank you. san francisco's public works director, former public works director is at the center of a federal corruption case has been arrested on charges that he tried to rob a food bank, police say mohammed aru pulled a knife on a man about 11 o'clock yesterday morning at a food bank in the city's dogpatch neighborhood. the victim tells the chronicle he was approached by a man who looked mentally disturbed, who then pulled out a knife and demanded his property. the victim got away and called police, who quickly found new route. you'll remember new resigned from his job last year after being arrested on suspicion of wire fraud. still to come this new time, a new attraction for disney fans, we take a closer look inside the new avengers campus, which officially
12:50 pm
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how doers get more done. restaurants and bars and talking about helping them as the pandemic recovery progresses. the governor's at tommy's mexican restaurant on gary boulevard last month in his budget plan, he proposed an additional $1.5 billion.8 to help restaurants and small businesses rebound. allowing the flexibility for cities large and small in the state, including san francisco to consider the opportunity to continue to allow these park let's and these opportunities to have outdoor dining alfresco dining to see them continue and to allow these businesses depend their footprint and expand their opportunity to recover from this pandemic, and moreover, to create new business opportunities in the future, the governor's plan but also earmarked $147 million to cover tax credits to businesses that maintained staff during
12:54 pm
the economic and health crisis. apple says it plans to have employees back in the office starting in september, ceo tim cook sent an email to employees, saying most workers would be working three days in the office and two days at home. employees will also have the chance to work remotely for up to two weeks a year, cook says. being back in the office will quote optimize our time for in person collaboration. seniors at gunn high school in palo alto. graduated last night. pomp and circumstance outdoor on the football field last night students more masks. they had to be spaced apart. they were also only allowed to bring four guests each due to social and physical distancing measures. still, the students and parents told us they were so happy to be able to graduate in person. definitely a unique here. i never would have expected it. um i'm really happy that i was able to come to school in person for a few months before we graduated, but this is like better than i could have expected. it's been
12:55 pm
hard like it has been for everybody, but he's coped pretty well, just like all of these kids, i'm sure so ah. uh it's good to end it on a high note in person. how well to high school also held its graduation last night. today, the san francisco 49 ers kicked off an online series showcasing their lgbt q fans, the team says, is excited to share stories about the 49 faithful during pride month. other pride activities include the first ever genderless retail line by a national football league team. the 49ers logos are highlighted in rainbow colors on really an assortment of items, including shirts, caps, sweatshirts, decals and signs this morning on the nine spoke to the 49ers chief administrative officer, and she said the new line is just part of the organization's commitment and show of support to the lgbtq community. we see our fans that we celebrate all of our fans that if you're a niner, we really don't care what other identity you may have, and we wanted there to be something for everyone. all proceeds go to lgbtq charities
12:56 pm
and for the third consecutive year, the 49ers will host an lgbtq activism sports panel on june 20 seconds. 49ers head coach kyle shanahan normally stands along the sidelines on sundays. but this sunday he's trackside at sonoma raceway as grand marshal of the toyota save mart 3 50. it will be the first nascar race that he's attended. shanahan says he's thrilled about the honor and we'll bring his family along for the festivities. by the way, sunday's race is sold out happening now, some of the best golfers in the world are playing in the u. s. women's open at the olympic club in san francisco ktvu sports anchor joe fonzi has the story of one competitor with bay area tied. yes, it doesn't matter when you do it when a u. s open, and it's career defining for paula kramer, who grew up in pleasanton, that moment was 11 years ago when she was just 23. before that open, creamer had already won eight tour events, too. when she was only 18. it
12:57 pm
still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. you know, the competitor in me wants me to have it. so it's like 2020 2020, not 2010. i feel like that's a long time ago. you know, i want it now. but at the same time you gotta take it day by day kind of thing. cramer got to a million dollars in earnings younger and faster than any player in lpga history. but in recent years, her career has been slowed by a wrist injury that required surgery. she received a special exemption to play in this year's open and now at age 34 has a different perspective. i look at my career and i would say to myself if i was younger than to enjoy those winds more, you know, i was just so focus. all the time. you went on a sunday and it was like the next tournament starts monday. you know, never, ever really sat there and you know, pat yourself on the back. i feel the best i've felt and probably six years quite truthfully. creamer now lives in florida, but hasn't forgotten where it all started. it's great to be back home, having been back for quite a while, and my first
12:58 pm
stop was togo's. it's like my favorite sandwich place in the world and went straight there from the airport since that open win in 2010. cramer has one just one tour event seven years ago. in this year of unlikely veteran winners, it would be fitting of her next to her wind comes this weekend in a homecoming at san francisco's olympic club, joe fonzi ktvu fox to buckingham palace has confirmed that the queen will meet with president biden later this month. it will be the president's first international trip since taking office. it will also marked the 13th time queen elizabeth has met with the u. s president after next week's meeting the president heads to a nato meeting june 14th in belgium, the new avengers campus at disney california adventure opens tomorrow. the live entertainment includes five superpowered shows these artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning to make the shows happen. the centerpiece of the avengers campuses. a web slingers spider man adventure. what we do 60 times a second is
12:59 pm
we're tracking your shoulder, elbow and wrist positions, so it looks like the webs are shooting straight out of your hands. doctor strange teaching us the ways of the mystic arts. the door. um ella jay, teaching us the wonders of what conduct, of course, the guardians of the galaxy's still doing that awesome dance off outside of mission breakout, and we have the amazing spider man that you will see literally swinging across. the rooftops. there's also avenger themes, adventurers, themed food and merchandise. of course, for right now, only california residents are allowed inside. certainly that changes come june 15th a lot of families, mike making that calculation. do we hurry up and go now we're doing when everyone can get in june 15th being the day that the state supposed to reopen and also the day you can win a million dollars if you want right. that's when the state's giving awaited 10 $1 million prices out there. so all right, big day 15. there you go. hey, thanks for watching everybody for the latest news. just go online all the time. i ktvu comment on the ktvu news at our next newscast is coming up at four o'clock, dr. oz coming up
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