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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. eligible americans vaccinated against covid-19, with president biden announcing a month of action and tonight sonoma county hosting a vaccination clinic, somewhere better known for its deserts, if it makes them think you know what? why not the only reason i haven't really gotten it is because it wasn't convenient. well, let's go by and grab.
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combating vaccine hesitancy with convenience. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes i'm andre, senior. frank and julie are off tonight and sonoma county. the medical association met with people where they are to get shots into arms. ktvu deborah villalon is live in heels burglar tonight that meant pfizer shots with the side of sprinkle step. yes andre. we're at wicked slush. it's a popular place here in sonoma county, especially on warm days. and tonight, treats were free with a shot. hi can i get a regular pineapple slushy, wicked slush serves italian ice with soft serve accommodation. customers come back for again and again. thank you. on this day, a menu special covid vaccinations walk in. no waiting, but you know, it's fantastic. it's in a very, you know, high traffic area driving home from work. this couple spotted their chance and within minutes gotta covid shot and a sunday welcoming open, you
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know, free, not is forced, i guess kind of because it's like you don't have to make an appointment. you come and go and wanted done for me. thank god, we're just going where the people are and just trying to make it as convenient as possible. sweet. treats are just the latest lure from the local medical association after closing its big clinic at the fairgrounds, it hit the road. doctors and nurses have set up in brewpubs seeking twentysomethings and now younger. i wanted to get the 12 to 15 year olds, you know. where are they going? where are they hanging out? where would be cool? mom, take me to get a slush. these twins came on their 12th birthday. got the song, the sweets and the shop. kind of like a birthday gift, i guess. yeah, like your present 123 20 home from college. this student calls it a win. win is that cool location in hills berg, so it's awesome that they're using it as a hub for vaccinations. and after a rough year, all around the owner of
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wicked slush post people find their sweet spot and make the time overcome their doubts about vaccines. and maybe seeing how many other people are doing it, you know, people. people tend to say, well, i'll see if it kills you first. and then when nobody drops did they say all right, fine. i'll get it. so, uh, yeah. yeah. big prize about 50 people came by this location, including parents and children who got vaccinated together tomorrow from 11 to 7. the medical association does this does this again in the heart of downtown? in santa rosa's old courthouse square. andre about 60% of sonoma county eligible residents are fully vaccinated right now. lots of incentives out there for people to get the shot. and speaking of that debt today, president biden announced a month of action to get 70% of americans at least partially vaccinated by the fourth of july. the president's plan includes free childcare for parents who need to get their vaccines free, uber and lift rides to vaccination sites, along with extended pharmacy
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hours and tax credits to employ these are employers who give employees paid time off to get vaccinated and for young people who may think this doesn't affect you. listen up, please. this virus even a mild case can be with you for months. it will impact on your social life. it could have long term implications for your health that we don't even know about yet. and vice president harris will be heading out on a national tour to encourage people to get the shots. cal osha standards board is expected to take a vote tomorrow on workplace coronavirus guidelines. it's expected to ask california workplaces to follow the cbc's latest guidelines. which state that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors in most cases to business groups, though the california restaurant association and the california chamber of commerce do not agree with the current plan because it will require masks inside if anyone present
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is unvaccinated covid-19 standard as it will be voted upon at the board meeting tomorrow. requires employees to continue to wear face masks. likely through, uh, january of 2022 unless every single employee in the workplace is vaccinated. some businesses have said they also object to proposals requiring employers to make and 95 respirator masks available to workers as well as keeping track of employees vaccination status. new details now on the search for an 84 year old woman from san francisco who has been missing now for five days tonight. flyers with the grandmother's picture or plastered throughout the city, ktvu is azenith smith joins us live with a desperate search to find her azenith smith. well, andre her grandsons. as the family received a tip that she was seen on silver avenue. so they spent most of today going around the city chasing bus lines. that tip turned up. nothing so the search continues. officers from the
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san francisco police department have been working tirelessly on this, but at this point we are asking for assistance from all san franciscans, an urgent plea from san francisco city leaders to find jean chiang khan fong. she's a grandmother. she's a mother and she has been missing for five days. right now. five days too long for the 84 year old to just disappear. she is never. walked away for this long. last friday, fung left her home in the richmond for a walk her normal route. clement street between second and 10th. chp gave her a courtesy ride to the marina district. safeway communicating with her through a language up. they dropped her off around four in the afternoon. there's no reports of anyone seeing her since then. described as five ft. £90 with white hair. she was wearing a red hat, pink puffy jacket and black ugg boots at the time. foul play is not suspected, but authorities worry she's vulnerable elderly
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and there's a language barrier. she does not speak english. she only speaks cantonese and taiwanese when you're driving or when you walking anywhere, please, just. get her image in your mind the family issuing a statement. our grandmother is a very kind person, always smiling and loves the outdoors. our entire family has been extremely worried since friday. we know she's out there. we don't know if she's hungry or needs help. little bit concerning, you know, given all the like violence against asian elderly asians and people living in san francisco or hoping for a safe return, and soon we're all fearful. about what may have happened, what may be happening, and we desperately want is trying to be returned home safely to her family. chp issued a silver alert. investigators are now reviewing surveillance video. she's been known to frequent clement st the golden gate bridge, crissy field and the grayton and river rock casinos. anyone who has seen her contact
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san francisco police andrei alright esa smith reporting for us live as a thank you. meantime, police in san mateo asking for the public's help to find a missing 16 year old and her baby. claudia remembers ben ali's and her five month old daughter, abigail, were last seen at their home saturday. police say the last time she spoke to her family, she told them that she wanted to live apart from them. claudia is hispanic, about five ft. tall but £165 with black hair and brown eyes, and her daughter has brown here and brown eyes. anyone with information is asked to call san mateo police. san jose police released new video of a deadly police shooting of an armed suspect this week. the deadly encounter involved in undercover police officer inside an unmarked suv and a burglary suspect armed within a legal ghost gun video shows that man approaching the vehicle opening the doors you see here and pointing that gun at the officer gate. if he's jesse gary reports, some critics say the suspect was worried about his safety. saw a
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black man that was trying to protect himself, and he's being demonized for it. wednesday lou dimes and others reacted angrily to the san jose police release of residential surveillance video. it shows alleged suspect demetrius family with a nine millimeter ghost or unregistered handgun. detectives also learned that he was a prohibited person by possessing any firearms due to a prior domestic violence incident. the 31 year old walks past an unmarked police. cool. then comes back, opened the door and points his gun and undercover officer inside shoots, killing stanley police chief anthony mata. our officers did not want or anticipate a confrontation that night and did everything possible to avoid having one. unfortunately the officers have no control over the actions of others. but activists are leading protests questioning why stanley was under police surveillance investigators revealed stanley was a suspect
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in a berryessa neighborhood armed robbery stemming from a road rage incident in march. detectives return monday as part of that ongoing investigation, his killing the second sjp fatal officer involved shooting this year. is reigniting calls for police reform. dave us his chattel they treat us like chattel, and they kill us like chattel. activists say the issue isn't whether stanley was armed. but why surveilling officers definitely moving around his home never announced their identity until after the shooting, and why loved ones inside were detained with little to no information until hours after the fact his family is grieving. they lost some of their some family members lost their best friend. our young people are heard and we're tired of saying black kids get killed by cops. activists say more protests planned in the coming days and weeks, stanley family has set up a go fund me page to help them pay for counseling, funeral and legal services in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. santa clara
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county coroner's office has completed its autopsies of nine men who were killed at the vta light rail yard last week. the medical examiner says all the victims died of multiple gunshot wounds, and their deaths are considered homicide. investigators say vita employee sam cassidy killed co workers in two buildings last wednesday, using 39 millimeter handguns. they say he took his own life as law enforcement officers approached. and if you would like to help the families of the vita shooting victims, you can participate by supporting working partnerships usa just scan the qr code. you see right there on your screen. it appears that the death of a firefighter in southern california yesterday was also a case of workplace violence. authorities identified that victim is 44 year old tory carlin, who was married with three daughters, the firefighter specialist served more than 20 years with the los angeles county fire department, and investigators, said the off duty firefighter who shot and killed him had a long standing dispute with carlin. gunmen
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also shot and wounded a fire captain. at that same station, the shooter was found near his burning home with a fatal gunshot wound. when nearly two months after dominic pacolli was first accused of sexual assault, the town of windsor has a new mayor. coming up who the council appointed and swore in tonight we got fog moving back in at the coast. some areas going to warm up tomorrow we'll chat about that, and then a pretty significant, cool down coming. we'll talk about that one. i see after the break. shifting strategies in san francisco's chinatown coming up after the break how officers on foot patrols are going above and beyond, to make merchants and shoppers feel safe. i take it personally, when i see you know, people that look like my grandparents. people in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation.
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the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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chinatown district as they try to respond to an increase in crimes against asians, officers on foot patrols there are focused on relationships and protecting residents and merchants get museum. burly is here now, with the strategic approach to improving safety there, amber. heather police tell me a key to protecting san francisco chinatown is to have bilingual officers who have ties to this community. oh,
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yeah. the chinatown foot beat unit for san francisco police greets merchants by name remote georgia. no, no, no, no officers who speak chinese build relationships with shop owners who speak limited english to build trust by lingo. then they know they can say something. and the police officer, they can help them out. police say chinatown merchants have been reluctant to report crimes, but that is changing. especially important now with hate. crimes targeting asians. i know there's a comfort level when they see an officer that can speak and communicate, and that looks familiar to them. officers in the foot beat units, a chinatown is their second home, a part of their childhood and some still have family and friends here. every time i see a grandma getting an old asian uncle getting beat up on the street. my mom comes here all the time to shop.
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your support. what? it is a small business. yo, yo, make sure what a safety the owner of house of dim sum tells me she's touched by the officers going the extra mile after a number of burglaries in the area. they provided her with the lock to secure her shop. this was the old old lock, and then this is the new law. the officers partnered with c. c. d c, a nonprofit to buy 100 locks to give to merchants before the derrick shelvin verdict in april as a precaution, very touching small luck, but it means everything after that burglary, the community really stepped up. the walk shop was burglarized a month ago, the owner tells me she appreciates the frequency of the police foot patrols. we just felt a sense of security and we still feel that way because they're very visible, the officers say. community policing is essentialk that's a very important thing in a very important role in our
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part that we should try to implement through. out the entire city and throughout the entire nation, police say the foot patrols are out seven days a week. during business hours, they say it's about reducing the fear of crime. along with fighting crime, heather yeah, really nice to see the san francisco police department. increasing protection appreciated. amberleigh reporting live for us there in chinatown well, police in san francisco, also announcing the arrest of the embattled former director of the city's department of public works in connection with an attempted robbery at nine point, authorities say that mohammed naru is at the center who is at the center of a federal corruption case. pulled a knife on a man this morning. it happened inside a business on marine street in the city's dogpatch neighborhood. police say and that victim got away and call police. new rule was booked on one count of attempted robbery. he resigned from his job last year after being arrested by federal officials on suspicion of wire
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fraud. or tonight, the windsor town council appointed vice mayor sam salmon to host the hold. rather, the mayor's seat recently vacated by dominic for poli. try to be inclusive. make sure i support my council members. and make sure that i support you in the community. i take this obligation salmon. they're sworn in this evening. we'll fully resigned last week after at least nine women accused him of sexual assault or misconduct. poli has denied the allegations. reason i am not stepping. the town of windsor stands with all survivors of sexual violence and condemns the actions of all perpetrators of sexual violence. and whereas the town of windsor council member esther lima's is among those accusing for polio of assault, the town passed a resolution in support of all survivors. the city also swore in a new council member. she was elected last month. we have late word of a minor earthquake, the usgs reports a magnitude 3.6 earthquake. in san benito county. it hit just after 9 30
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near the pinnacles national park about 26 miles south of hollister, and on social media. people in carmel say they, too, felt the jolt so far, though no reports of any damage, alrighty. temperatures out there are cooling down quickly. we've got fog moving in at the coast. not quite as much as we had last night. it will be a little warmer tomorrow because of that, but we do have fargo and get bridge. you can't really see it here. all we can do is i can take it to this model, and we'll push it through. so this is essentially 10 o'clock tonight about now, and that's what the fog footprint looks like it in. the forecast will push the fog kind of see where it is. it's hanging around to oakland in the livermore valley a little bit just at the edge of fremont little bit into san rafel, and then by lunchtime tomorrow, it kind of back goes right back to the coast, but there's a good plug of it over the top of us tomorrow, mainly in the central south bay. and then the north bay is gonna have a little less fog what they could hit 85 88 degrees tomorrow, so it's gonna be a little bit warmer in the parts of the north bay about the same
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or maybe a degree or two warmer for the rest of us. so tomorrow is kind of a not a big change day. the big change is going to come as we get towards saturday and sunday when temperatures they don't plummet, but they're not going to be in the eighties or nineties are going to be in the 70, especially on sunday monday. so you can see the sea breeze here and again. what's interesting is you notice that see that orange is up there. so the topography keeping the sea breeze from getting into the winters area up around? uh oh, gosh. um uh, can take the name of the town anyway, around winters in those areas, the inland valleys are still staying hot. we got a nice sea breeze tomorrow is going to be nice a lot like today. and then a significant cool down for the weekend. i'll have that when i see back here in a little bit, bills, cat making an appearance there. alright well new at 10 tonight seniors at gunn high school in palo alto graduated tonight. mm. the ceremony took place outdoors right there on
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the school's football field. students were spaced apart and yes, you can see they wore masks. they were also only allowed four guests each because of social distancing measures. still the students and parents tell us they were so happy to be able to attend the graduation in person. definitely a unique year. i'd never would have expected it. um i'm really happy that i was able to come to school in person for a few months before we graduated, but this is like better than i could have expected. it's been hard like it has been for everybody but his co pretty well, just like all of these kids. i'm sure so, uh it's good to ended on a high note in person, palo alto high school also held its graduation tonight. both ceremonies were livestream for those who work not able to attend. congratulations to all those kids. all right, coming up another bay area tech company will soon have its workforce back in the office was the bay area deli, closing its doors temporarily, while the owner says it was that or race sandwich prices took $30 plus a man shot twice by an off duty
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ask your doctor about dovato—i did. starting in early september. bloomberg reports ceo tim cook sent an email to employees today, saying most workers will be working three days in the office and two days at home. employees will also have the chance to work remotely for up to two weeks a year, cook says being back in the office will quote optimize our time for in person collaboration, and many foods, particularly mates are becoming more and more expensive and escaping is rob roth tells us tonight some have gotten so high one east bay deli has decided to temporarily close at augie's montreal deli in berkeley. the owner isn't saying goodbye. just see you. later the deli closed this week because the price of meats and other items of skyrocketed owner lex kapnick lewinsky says
10:25 pm
he will reopen when those costs come back down to earth. whenever that may be. yeah, it's sad that we won't be able to see some of our regulars that we get to see on on a regular basis, but it's the right move to make. he says he'd rather closed temporarily than risk driving customers away as an example. staying open would mean a $16 pastrami sandwich could start crossing between 25 $30. you can the long run for us, it would hurt me more to alienate my customers and have them thinking of augie's montreal deli as you know. oh this is the $30 sandwich place. the prices are high because the supply chain is falling far short of demand and a food inflation is going crazy. the president of right. food service says the price increases are the highest percentage wise in it'll east 20 years a year ago. you know, we would see skirt steak could say. $8 a pound and we've seen it close to this week. we're
10:26 pm
bringing it in. at $15 a pound. the core of the problem comes back to covid factories and processing plants that had to cut back during the pandemic have been slow to ramp back up. we're seeing factories still, you know, packing plants still really low capacities. they're fighting to get employees back in the factories onto the lion, and it's not just meet. there are shortages of cooking oils, potatoes, dairy, even brown paper bags, but i'm selling sandwiches out of plastic bags. it's breaking my lefty liberal berkley heart, but that's what we've got to do, because otherwise it's you know 50 75 cents for one paper bag right now, if you can get them, the end results some businesses such as augie's, are better off closing until the system stabilizes. it's a short term pain for long term. gain will be back. those in the food industry say it might be toward the end of the year before prices start returning to normal. rob rock, ktvu fox two news. still to come tonight a
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multi million dollar verdict in the south bay after video shows the moment an officer hits and runs over a suspect with his car. while the jury says the officer isn't totally at fault here, plus it is only june and already a task force has seized thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks. how investigators are working to rid neighborhoods of even more and some big time collisions, both on the field and on the ice sports director mark baniyas up later. tell us if everyone's okay. and after less than a month, former president trump's blog has now been removed from his website. we'll have details coming up later. to a man who wau
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crime reporter henry lee tells us that amount could be reduced
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significantly because the jury also found the man who was injured to be partially at fault. this is san jose police body camera video showing officers chasing andy martin back in 2018. martin's running officer, alexandre ribeiro is driving and then hits him. you can hear martin screaming and pain. the officer then literally ran him down. uh ran him over felt the tire of his cargo over him and martin's attorney, ben nissenbaum says that wasn't all then, as the officer is getting out of his car, put it in reverse. and backed over him, officer ribeiro told fellow officers on scene. what happened? uh so i'm right behind him. and then he stopped spread in front of me and my front tire caught his leg. yes, which lake hurts? oh baltimore left or right back her while groaning in pain. martin demands an explanation. only over nobody ran you over. dude. officers say they were
10:31 pm
responding to reports that martin and his cousin have threatened to use a weapon against security and a nearby restaurant, martin. seen here in between. his attorneys suffered multiple fractures to his pelvis and other broken bones. a federal jury in oakland awarded martin $6 million in damages, but said he was 40% at fault. the jury concluded that the officer had accidentally run over martin while trying to cut him off. the jury didn't find that the officer intentional and mr martin over. but the jury did find what the officer did was deeply irresponsible. the san jose city attorney tells me the jury did not find that the officer used excessive force and that martin ran because he had a warrant. but the city acknowledged he did suffer some serious injuries. henry lee ktvu fox two news, a man from san francisco, who was shot twice by an off duty fbi agent, is suing the agency. the shooting happened on ashbury street near hate. in february of last year, tat crane says he was shot twice after accusing the fbi agent of being a quote fake cop. the agent was wearing
10:32 pm
street clothes and did not have a badge when he began searching a man with crane, who had some marijuana, crane says he told the agent quote, dude, take your bb gun to your mama's house and quote. he says. he then lifted his shirt to show the agent. he was unarmed, but was shot twice. we reached out to the fbi for comment on the lawsuit, but have not heard back a task force on the peninsula is targeting illegal fireworks, says ktvu. san rubin reports tonight. and though we're still a month away for the fourth of july, investigators have already ceased £2000 of illegal explosives. on this table, just a sample of what's been confiscated the joint menlo park east palo alto fireworks task force is only a month old, and they say they're already making an impact. we've been very successful in getting ahead of the issue, even though it's just barely june, and we've actually seized about £2000 of ex in all of last year.
10:33 pm
what we can tell you is that we want to strike. at the root of this epidemic of fireworks to the best degree that we can local officials knew they had to do something last summer alone. fireworks started three brush fires and a house fire just literally in the one year we've seen the consequences of fireworks, and it's happening all over from oakland to san jose to antioch, where just this week apartments caught fire officials in east palo alto say a lot of residents are fed up. this is not going to be solved by the fire department and police alone. it's really going to take the community members to be apart. you can't just pop up a camera and hope to get someone in the act. it has to be a cultural evolution as a community to really rethink being mindful of others, this task force will rely on a combination of enforcement and education resident vicky porter says. it's about time. i think it's great. yes because of the loudness of the fire. great. i don't even know if they're
10:34 pm
really fireworks. i'm not sure what they are. sounds like bombs. i would prefer if there were none. not fear but nine and on june 8th menlo park city council is set to discuss some enhanced penalties when it comes to fireworks, and ruben ktvu, fox two news. well, federal drug agents are reporting a record drug bust more than £40 of fentanyl in the east bay, the northern california in u. s attorney's office says it is the largest federal seizure of fentanyl in the history of the district. the drugs were found last week hidden in fence posts surrounding home in oakland. drugs were also seized from a san leandro home. authorities say the fentanyl sees was enough for almost 10 million lethal doses. federal officers also arrested a honduran national, the alleged leader of an east bay based drug trafficking ring. a memorial tribute was held today to remember to san francisco firefighters who answered their last alarm to save others a decade ago. the families of
10:35 pm
lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter paramedic anthony valerio attended today's service. there were station 26, along with mayor london breed chief janine nicholson and former chief joanne hayes wide perez in malaria were killed 10 years ago today at a house fire there on berkeley way. firefighters also rang bells at fire stations across the city this morning and also observed two minutes of silence and all. lieutenant perez and firefighter valeriu. well. shares of amc surged more than 2300% this year and 90% just today after the break. what's driving these so called meme stock frenzy? got a bit of a warm up coming tomorrow, especially in the north. they will chat about that, and then a significant cool down as we get through the weekend. we'll see you back here after the break and oakland's horn barbecue was known for its long lines and really good food
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coming up later tonight, details on matt horns to new restaurants opening another day, another chance. it could be the day you break the sales record, or the day there's appointments nonstop. with comcast business, you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses, and you can get the advanced cybersecurity solutions you need with comcast business securityedge. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with a great offer, and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus, for a limited time,ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today.
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it's the memorial day sale on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing... proven quality night sleep we've ever made. and now, save $1,000 on the new sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now $1,799. only for a limited time. points. the nasdaq saw small, modest gains here in the s and p added six points. meantime shares in the amc theater movie change sore today 90% to a record high and continue going up in after hours. trading of the company has become a so called meme stock. now those are stocks being propelled by heavy interest from retail traders on social media, and not by company performance. nokia and blackberry are also among the companies benefiting from this meme stock. craze i think you know, we get these big guys said, hey, we're going to hit a home run. i'll be able
10:39 pm
to take my $10,000 in turn into 30 or 40, or 100,000, and that doesn't happen a lot. and if you think that way, you're going to lose that money. well i am see shares are up more than 2300% so far this year despite the movie theater chain being on the brink of bankruptcy last year, former president donald trump's blog page has now been removed from his website. the blog titled from the desk of donald j. trump was marketed as the former president's own social media side, but he was the only one that could post to it. it was launched back on may 4th after he was banned from several social media platforms following the january 6th insurrection of the capital, the washington post reports that the blog received little attention online, a bipartisan group of lawmakers toward the southern border in texas today to see how officials are handling the surge in migrants. their republican senator john cornyn, and democratic senator kirsten cinema, led a delegation to hidalgo, texas, the two along with other members of congress are pushing
10:40 pm
the border solutions act and other things. the bill would speed up court hearings for immigrants seeking asylum and create four new processing centers. we thought it was important, working together in a bipartisan and bicameral way, in other words in the senate and the house to come up with the solution that we think will contribute to, um, contribute to making progress. meantime secretary of state anthony blinken met with leaders in costa rica to address the root causes of migration. vice president terrorist is set to visit central america this weekend. benjamin netanyahu's rain as israel's prime minister may soon be coming to an end. his opponents have agreed to form a new government and the move will likely paved the way to remove netanyahu, as the longest serving prime minister of israel. the agreement will now have to pass a vote of confidence in parliament for it to be agreed upon. a new government and prime minister
10:41 pm
would be sworn in following that vote or the women's us open kicks off tomorrow of san francisco. after the break, we introduce you to one of the women competing who grew up in the east way, it's great to be back. home haven't been back for quite a while. and my first stop was togo's. it's like my favorite sandwich place in the world and take a look at this really cool time lapse video sewing the morning fog just rolling over the east bay hills near wilder road there in horrendous, so pretty right, our chief meteorologist bill martin is back right after the break with your five day bri'm morgan, and there's more forecastto me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults
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from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. for the u. s open. the olympic club is hosting this year's tournament are joe fonzi has more now, including the story of one competitor with bay area ties. it doesn't matter when you do it when a u. s open and it's career defining for paula kramer, who grew up in pleasant in that moment was 11 years ago when she was just 23. before that open. creamer had already
10:45 pm
won eight tour events to when she was only 18. it still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. um you know, the competitor in me wants me to have it, so it's like 2020 2020, not 2010. i feel like that's a long time ago. i want it now. um but at the same time you gotta take it day by day kind of thing. cramer got to a million dollars in earnings younger and faster than any player in lpga history. but in recent years, her career has been slowed by a wrist injury that required surgery. she received a special exemption to play in this year's open and now at age 34 has a different perspective. i look at my career and i would say to myself if i was younger than to enjoy those winds more, you know, i was just so focused all the time you went on a sunday and it was like the next tournament starts monday. you know, never, ever really sat there and you know, pat yourself on the back. i feel the best i've felt and probably six years quite truthfully. cramer now lives in florida, but hasn't forgotten where it
10:46 pm
all started. it's great to be back home, having been back for quite a while, and my first stop was togo's. it's like my favorite sandwich place in the world and went straight there from the airport since that open win in 2010. cramer has won just one tour event. seven years ago. in this year of unlikely veteran winners, it would be fitting if her next to her wind comes this weekend in a homecoming at san francisco's olympic club, joe fonzi ktvu fox. two santa clara university women's soccer team was honored today by the city for its college cup championship win each member of the santa clara broncos was presented with special certificates of special mayo real recognition, one of the players said there was doubt whether they'd be able to play at all due to the pandemic. we are so grateful that we were able to even play. i know before our first conference game, jerry even said right before until the whistle blows. he's not going
10:47 pm
to believe that this season is going to happen. so we were super thankful when the whistle did blow, and we were able to play and then our momentum just kept rolling. i certainly did. the broncos claim their champion status after a win against florida state last month. okay we're looking at the weather. we've got fog sitting over the coast right now. and on the golden gate bridge. it'll push inland, especially costs the central bay, which should be like redwood city, burlingame, sfo over to hayward parts of freeman as well. golingan bridge kind of quiet tonight as you'd expect big sea breeze. you can see it all the way up into the delta two. so this is a big difference from last night. look how much green. we're seeing cooler air further inland, so we had a nice cool down today. in many places tomorrow is actually going to warm up a little bit. it's 11 degrees cooler in fairfield. but in these north bay areas i mentioned before the warm it is up towards santa rosa and up towards uh oh, gosh, up towards, um colusa and willows in those areas, so it's going to remain
10:48 pm
a hot in the central valley, and it's going to be pretty warm tomorrow in the north, they will see some upper eighties. most of us the hotspots tomorrow are going to be in the mid eighties, but the really warmer spots than kind of northeast segment of the bay area will be near 90, so it's going to war. it's nothing like memorial day, which was 108 up and reading, but it's going to be pretty warm and then we start to trend temperatures down. so we dropped a few degrees today. no big deal. we're going to gain a few degrees tomorrow. no big deal. it's all the same. and then when we get towards saturday and sunday and monday temperatures take a dive, and it's not real cold, but they just take a dive. and so fogs at the coast really right through that period, san francisco oakland sausalito point richmond, richmond. you all look like this tomorrow, even at lunchtime, and then you end up mostly sunny. in the afternoon. a little bit breezy mid sixties and san francisco upper sixties in oakland. there's the fog footprint for tomorrow morning, and you can kind of see you see, it's really just kind of really favoring the central bay, north bay. not so much and that tells
10:49 pm
you it's gonna be warmer up there, right quick or burn off and watch those red, red and orange is show up around santa rosa in that north bay area, so you see it right in here, so that's going to be some of the warmest parts of the bay in these areas here represent low one hundreds. so it's gonna be definitely pretty cool are pretty warm in from those inland spots 19 anti ac 90 in fairfield tomorrow, forecasts in hayward 73 for a high cooler around the bay as you would expect. in the five day forecast, so the plan here is for a significant cool down as we get towards the bay area weekend, and so that means temperatures on sunday and monday could easily be in the mid seventies, low seventies and some of the bay area locations. that means more faulk and what that's all about. is there just a big low pressure center, not rain, unfortunately, but just going to bump the high and weaken it enough that we get these? these much more mild weather conditions for friday, saturday and sunday. here's the good thing. i mean, it's actually great thing. the fire danger is not off the chart. we're not.
10:50 pm
we're not right. this pattern is a good pattern for cal. fire good high humidity, so keep that going. we got that going for us. i'll be back here at 11 will update to forecast and for me, selfishly, it's good running weather two marks of it, bill, so thanks really appreciate outstanding running weather. yeah. all right. thanks. thanks, bill. appreciate it. alright. barbecue master matt horne is gearing up for two new restaurants right here at oakland. calbert is expected to open this summer on peralta street in west oakland, about a mile from his flagship restaurant, horn barbecue, and we're told that it will specialize in fried chicken burger spot. matty's old fashioned should be open for business by mid july on eighth street in old oakland. the news was first reported by eater sf both of these restaurants by the way, they debuted as pop ups in oakland. a landmark deal has been reached to preserve a 250 acre parcel of marin county ranch land, including the oyster processing plant on it, the marin agricultural land trust has completed a $1 million conservation easement
10:51 pm
with hog island oyster company and marshall on demolished bay. this is the first easement involving aquaculture in the history of the land trust. the company does not need to use all of the land. so at least, is 200 acres of cattle grazing, all right, still to come. the a's get a great pitching performance as they try to stay atop the american league west marks got the highlights in all sports next, then coming up on the 11 o'clock news an apology from the oakland police chief how he's taking action against dozens of officers for using tear gas during a protest last year. i want to say to the young people that i apologize that you you. you had
10:52 pm
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wins his 8/100 career game is a is manager. they i would call him steady, eddie man, he just keeps these guys on such should even kill. you know, they lost three in a row a few days ago and right back at the wedding. now couple wins against the upstart mariners and a special night in major league baseball as stephen piscotty, a's outfielder who lost his mother to l s a couple of years ago wins the first annual lou gehrig memorial award. up there with his family keeping awareness that full speed third inning, five runs for the a's mark canha for the stroke center. that's going to fetch a couple of runs. elvis runs right through the stop side, but the third base coach mark cuts a couple of batters later, it's mitch moreland to the plate doing what a designated hitter is supposed to do. hit with authority, 444 ft worth that's a two run, shot his fifth of the year and the aids give sean man i applied. right
10:55 pm
there is five nothing and the rest of the night does belong to sean manaea story. look at this. jake fraley and an odd double play here. alertly. matt olsen will throw back behind the runner and second, double him off the 4 to 3 to six double play my highest pumped. he loves it, and he's got more end of the game, more traditional double play by france. the grounder snappy and a forehead shut out from an area eight strikeouts. on the way. six love and bob melvin again. the 8/100 victory in his managerial career with the oakland a's the also like the a's first place san francisco giants enjoying a little rest, but today as they get ready for the red hot comes to come to san francisco for a four game series over the weekend and kudos. to the staff that sought out this guy right here for anxiety and company. they got themselves in a skeleton gossman named the national league pitcher of the month. he
10:56 pm
was five and no at a 50.73 e. r. a in his six starts, 49 strikeouts and just 37 innings, and he's the first giant pitcher to be so honored since mad book back in 2014. congratulations. kevin gausman, alright and all of a sudden, one of the teams chasing the giant san diego on a collision course with defeat again, literally left fielder tommy pham and shortstop jose kim smash into each other. chasing a pop up bases were loaded at the time and somehow because the cub runners were playing it safe. they turned a double play. but then you will see how distraught tommy families he needed stitches. is highly agitated at somebody and the cubs wind up beating the padres. all right, you know all basketball fans and even the tv networks wanted steph curry in the postseason. for obvious reasons. they get the next best thing, brother. step, and he is
10:57 pm
lighten it up in philly tonight as they dispense with the washington wizards, and it's a tight game in the third quarter of one point game, in fact, in the seth curry with the three had himself a night you'll see some nice moves from him coming up to get the short jumper. he had 30 points to light up the light and get it rolling. the fans appreciate his business. 70 sixers will now take on atlanta and joel mb that might be a long is got some knee problems. he might miss that series. alright madison square garden is back. as you know. so are the luminaries like chris rock and spike lee, who may never have left their terrible sportsmanship by the next nerlens. no well, hard shoulder to trae young at halftime of the teams go in. things are playoff testy, but the knicks would not prevail as the absolutely named trey will hit from the outer limit. he had 36
10:58 pm
points and, yeah, take about if you can make it their new york, new york, you can make it anywhere. and he does that the knicks are out four games to one. bring it back west luca in los angeles, as are few of them, abs fans traveling with the team to l, a third period. dallas up three turnover dance it. will finish this thing he had 42 points took him 37 shots to get there. he also dished out 14 assists, so i littered would be heard from, however, he gets the land he's fouled. it counts and 39 seconds left the clippers down. only one they get a last gasp at it. airball from hawaii, and they are down three games to two. in that series. unfortunately got to show you an incredible cheap shot here. the worst of the national hockey league stuff right here. all canadians in
10:59 pm
winnipeg and montreal's jake kevin's empty netter for no good reason. the jets mark shipley drills evans up high and, uh. evans winds up getting taken away on a stretcher. he was knocked out cold canadians do win the game, 53 and my opinion, shively shouldn't play hockey again any time soon. in the national hockey league, let us check this out. alright, collegiate golf. this is clay bigler from pepper died university, par three number 887 yards out. it will take the nice role for the. smith pepper died wins the national golf championships over oklahoma and some nice celebrating going on right there. i think we got just about everything in but the kitchen sink. that's the sporting life will turn it back to you at 11 o'clock, andre. ved celebrating their alright. thanks so much mark coming up
11:00 pm
next here at 11 was a challenging night starting off with may 29th, but our officers did their best to address these issues and we thoroughly evaluated here. dozens of oakland police officers are being disciplined for using tear gas after a series of violent protests following the death of george floyd, the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now the opposite face a total of 33 disciplinary actions for using tear gas on a large crowd last year. hello again. i'm andre senior and i'm heather holmes chief laurent armstrong says those officers violated department policy. he sat down with ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky. told us that hundreds of officers have now been retrained in crowd control tactics. but one thing i want the community to know is that this department is holding itself accountable. oakland police chief laurent armstrong said he's issued 33 disciplinary actions against officers following the tear
11:01 pm
gassing of demonstrators on june


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