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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors. in most cases, the california restaurant association and california chamber of commerce were two groups who raised concerns and said they don't fully agree with the current plan. covid-19 standard as it will be voted upon at the board meeting tomorrow requires employees to continue to wear face masks. likely through january of 2022. unless every single employee in the workplace is vaccinated. the cal chamber of commerce spokesman also says another problem he sees with the proposed guidelines is a requirement that employers provide workers with n 95 respirators as an option to wear a concern, he says, because of the cost and also competition with health care providers who still need the protective equipment as well. another controversy is a change in workers' compensation. to be assume that the employee contracted covid-19 in the
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workplace. and so, therefore the employer because responsible their workers' compensation and kicks it. cal osha says tomorrow's meeting will be streamed live. it is set to begin at 10 in the morning, and if the seven member board approves the proposed workplace guidelines, it will then be sent on to the states office of administrative law for a 10 day review. all right, something that we will continue to follow. jana katsuyama thank you. economists say that california is poised for boom times once the pandemic lockdown is finally over the l a times reports that our state is expected to add jobs faster than the whole country than the country as a whole. u c. l a economists tell the paper that unemployment could be below 6% by the end of the year. it's currently at 8.3% experts say that california consumers are ready to spend due to covid stimulus. low infection rains more than 37.6 million doses of the coronavirus vaccines have
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now been administered here in california, according to the latest data, an average of 149,000 shots a day are being given in the state. the cdc says the state has now given more than 97,000 doses per 100,000 population more than 51% of californians are now fully vaccinated. another 12.5% are partially vaccinated, president biden announced a month of action to get 70% of americans at least partially vaccinated by the fourth of july. the president's plan includes free childcare for parents who need to get their vaccines free, uber and lift rights to vaccination sites, along with extended pharmacy hours and tax credits to employers who give employees paid time off to get vaccinated. and for young people who may think this doesn't affect you. listen up, please. this virus even a mild case can be with you for months. it will impact on your social life. it could have long term implications for your health
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that we don't even know about yet, vice president harris will be heading out on a national tour to encourage people to get their shots. the u. s has now surpassed 595,000 deaths from the coronavirus, johns hopkin. university says we have seen 33 million confirmed cases and all new cases are plunging just over 16,000 new cases were reported as of yesterday, and that is down 28% over the previous week. 574 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours nationwide now to new details on a deadly shooting monday involving an undercover san jose police officer and a man with a gun. the department today releasing surveillance video showing that deadly encounter during a news conference today police said that the armed suspect pointed his illegal ghost gun at that undercover officer, but escaped abuse. jesse gary tells us some critics say the suspect was just trying to protect himself. i saw a black man that was trying to protect himself, and
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he's being demonized for it wednesday, lou dimes and others reacted angrily to the san jose police release of residential surveillance video it shows alleged suspect demetrius stanley with a nine millimeter ghost or unregistered. handgun detectives also learned that he was a prohibited person, by possessing any firearms due to a prior domestic violence incident. the 31 year old walks past an unmarked police vehicle, then comes back, opened the door and points his gun and undercover officer inside shoots, killing stanley police chief anthony mata. our officers do not want or anticipate a confrontation that night and did everything possible to avoid having one. unfortunately, the officers have no control over the actions of others. but activists are leading protests questioning why stanley was under police surveillance, investigators revealed stanley was a suspect in a berryessa neighborhood armed robbery stemming from a road rage
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incident in march. detectives returned monday as part of that ongoing investigation. his killing the second sjp fatal officer involved shooting this year. is reigniting calls for police reform. they view us as chattel. they treat us like chattel and they kill us like chattel. activists say the issue isn't whether stanley was armed. but why surveilling officers definitely moving around his home never announced their identity until after the shooting, and why loved ones inside were detained with little to no information until hours after the fact his family is grieving. they lost some of their some family members lost our best friend. our young people are heard and we're tired of saying by cops. activiy more protests planned in the coming days and weeks, stanley family has set up a go fund me page to help them pay for counseling, funeral and legal services in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, selfie denny's restaurants are holding a fundraiser for the families of the victims of last week's vt. a shooting all locations in
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santa clara county are taking part until tonight, closing tonight. 50% of all dining proceeds will be donated to the victim's families. cashiers of the restaurants will also accept donations from people who are not eating at denny's today, and all of that money will also go to the families as well. and if you would like to help the families of the vita shooting victims you can participate by supporting work, partnership usa or working partnership usa. all you have to do is scan the qr code right there on your screen to learn. more wrongful death claim has now been filed against the city of alameda over the death of mario gonzalez, who died in police custody. the claim was filed by the gonzalez family. it's illegal step taken before a lawsuit can be filed against the city. it alleges that gonzales appeared to be confused and possibly intoxicated, but was not a threat to himself or anyone else when officers responded to reports of a theft back in april, officers restrained gonzalez for several minutes holding him face down as he
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struggled to breathe. the city has not commented on the claim. well that oakland where dozens of police officers have been disciplined over their actions during a civil rights protest last year, police used tear gas to disperse a crowd protesting the murder of george floyd ktvu seven tonight. ski sat down with oakland's police chief who says department policies will change. but one thing i want the community to know is that this department is holding itself accountable. oakland police chief laurent armstrong said he's issued 33 disciplinary actions against officers following the tear gassing of demonstrators on june 1st 2020. it happened after a youth march downtown that started at oakland technical high school. some in the crowd came down broadway towards the police station, where officers deployed tear gas. we deploy gas outside of policy and for that we had to hold officers accountable. the department has a strict policy that only allows police to use tear gas when there is an immediate threat, the chief
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said. hundreds of officers have since been retrained in crowd control tactics. chief why did it take a full year for you to come out and say that there's going to be disciplined that we're retraining officers that we acted inappropriately and out of policy? this was an enormous task of them at this event. instigation was a matter of a magnitude that we had never seen in this department. that investigation included four separate reviews that found violations from officers and their supervisors up the chain of command. the chief initially defended the tear gas, saying there were molotov cocktails being prepared, which turned out not to be true. that angered many in the community like activist cat brooks. i want to see the new chief around armstrong, who keeps saying that this is a new day inside of opd actually do some things that make it a new day inside of open day, the chief said. he's going to be more careful in the future about vetting facts, and that was a lesson learned for the department about how we share information. the episode came
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on the fourth day of chaotic protests that at times turned violent. 33 1st responders, including 21 officers were injured in the early days. oakland mayor libby schaaf said. the department is also changing how long officers will be allowed to work in oakland and really across the country. we are going to be changing policy to ensure that officers are not allowed to work such a long period under such intense circumstances. do you have anything you want to say directly to, especially the young people who are at that protest? yes. i want to say to the young people that i apologize that you you had to experience what you experience in oakland, evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. happening now. the windsor talent council is said to discuss who will replace former mayor dominic for polling. the meeting just got underway about 10 minutes ago. the poli resigned last month after at least nine women accused him of sexual assault
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or misconduct. he has denied all of the allegations. now, the four remaining council members could choose a mayor from among their ranks. appoint someone from outside or possibly call a special election. police in san francisco have arrested the embattled former director of public works director in connection with an attempted robbery at knifepoint, police say mohammed nauru who is at the center of a federal corruption case, pulled a knife on a man this morning. it happened inside a business on marine street in the dogpatch neighborhood. police say. nero demanded the victims property. the victim got away called police, who resigned from his job last year after being arrested. by federal officials on suspicion of wire fraud coming up tonight we're learning new details about the possible motive in yesterday's deadly shooting involving southern california firefighters plus new video just released by san francisco police as they search for the woman whose hair was set on fire on board. um uni bus and
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i'm tracking the weather as we move into the next couple of days. i'll have what you can expect in the five day forecast. also east bay congresswoman barbara lee officially endorses a candidate to fill the state assembly seat of rahm bonta, who she's backing and taking a live look at the conditions on the san mateo bridge at 6 11 in the evening traffic pulling smoothly in both directions. ktvu news at six. we'll be right back.
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california yesterday as 44 year old tory carlin. the shooter has not been officially named. but investigators say he and the victim had some kind of long running dispute. records show that a firefighter named jonathan two tone owned the house about 10 miles from the agua dulce fire station. that home was set on fire and the suspected shooter was found shot to death there. carlin was
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remembered as a mentor at a vigil last night. he taught me much about being a better father for my girls and being there and putting family first and i'm grateful every day for what he was able to teach me in that aspect. a go fund me account has been set up to help the wife and three daughters of that slain firefighter, a 54 year old fire captain who was also shot inside the fire station yesterday remains in critical but stable condition tonight. a memorial tribute was held today to remember to san francisco firefighters who answered their last alarm to save others a decade ago. traveling father families of lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter paramedic anthony valerio attended the service at station 26. so did mayor london breed and chief janine nicholson and former chief joanne hayes. white president
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malaria were killed 10 years ago today in a house fire in on berkeley way, the fire department says the two firefighters did not hesitate one second while attempting to save lives and property can 10 years ago today? was a terrible day for all of us in the fire department and for their families, we will never forget their sacrifice. and we will continue to improve ourselves and learn to honor them number them, and especially firefighters also rang bells at fire stations across the city this morning and observed two minutes of silence in honor of lieutenant perez and firefighter valerio san francisco. police have new video of a teenager setting a woman's hair on fire onboard amud bus. this happened back on may 2nd on the number five fulton street bus, other passengers. came to the woman's
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aid, and she left before police arrived. the suspected arsonist and two other boys got off the bus and were last seen running on mcallister street. police say they need help in identifying the woman so that they can ultimately find her attacker. okay checking out the live camera shot. i was just looking at this and thinking i used to live in the city when i was in the avenues when i was younger when i was in graduate school, and i used to in the avenues this time of year, right? it's cloudy. it's foggy. there's no sun and i remember driving over the bridge. you can see right over there. see that little that little light area over in sausalito. we would drive over that bridge after a summer of just fog. it was in like 82. i think 83 you go over there and all of sudden you go through the waldo tunnel, and it would be beautiful and i just showed that picture reminds me of that all time, we'd be just chasing that, and that's the kind of way that's the way it is to be foggy at the coast the next couple of days that fire will keep things cool there, and it also keeps things kind of cool around here as well. so in terms of the big
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heat up, it's not happening. we had that memorial day heat up. there was a one and dawn and temperatures have come down a little. they're going to come up a little tomorrow and there you see the sea breeze. i think that this is the best tool. we have to show you with how topography interacts with the ocean marine layer and it doesn't have to be. fog is cool. high humidity air moving in those areas in green are doing real well for humidity and in mild temperatures. you get east of there happen to sacramento and you got the big heater reading or red bluff. those guys are still doing flirting with one hundred's up there. this is the story this week. this guy which is really quite as weather says not, it's going to produce some surf off the coast here in about five days, but that system, which won't bring us rain is strong enough that it's going to bump into our high weaken it. and when the high weekends we cool and that's what happens not tomorrow, but it starts to happen more honest and earnest on friday, saturday, sunday and into monday when temperatures in the hotspot will just be in the upper 70. so what's the what's the deal? more of the same until we get about the
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weekend in a little early next week, and then temperatures dropped down the big story. the take away here is this is not a bad pattern for fire danger. i mean, it's not never good with drought going on. but this pattern in this five them that i'm going to show you and the next hit is going to be something. i think cal fire appreciate longer. we can get those going the better off we are the longer periods of cooler atmosphere, so i'll see you back here in a little bit with that. in just little bit. all right. we'll take that cooler weather bill. thank you so much. nasa is planning a mission to venus for the first time in more than three decades, the agency says to robotic tools are expected to head to the planet in the coming years. venus has been out of nasa's site for some time, but recently, interest has resurfaced after scientists say they found evidence of microbes living in the clouds of venus. officials from california, urging the epa today to allow the state to set its own vehicle tailpipe pollution standards. the action would reverse the trump administration policy and could help usher in stricter emission
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standards for new passenger vehicles nationwide. the biden administration has said it will withdraw trump error restrictions on state emission rules. it's also moved to allow california to set more stringent pollution standards for cars and suvs. california attorney general rob bonta called the state's vehicle emission standards critical to the fight against climate change. in california congresswoman barbara lee has thrown her support behind me. bonta for an east bay assembly seat. it opened when her husband, rob was appointed california attorney general congresswoman lee said that mia bonta will bring a progressive social, economic and racial justice, land store state legislature, the congresswoman says mia bonta will address issues such as homelessness, environmental, justice and criminal justice. reform labonte said it is an honor to have lee's endorsement and affordable housing bill by state senator scott wiener of san francisco. asked the senate today on a bipartisan vote. the bill will make it easier and
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faster for cities to increase zoning to allow for small apartment buildings to be built. specifically it would let cities build up to 10 units on a parcel and single family zones. the bill passed the floor 27 to 7 vote and now heads to the state assembly. and just a few hours ago, oakland city leaders began discussing plans for housing options and funding to try to address the ongoing homeless crisis. it is the planning commission's first hearing on her proposal by mayor libby shaft and two council members earlier on mornings on to mayor chef talked about her proposed rule changes to let people live in rvs and tiny homes on private property and to make it easier to build manufactured homes and residential areas. we know that modular prefab housing makes building twice as quick and much less expensive rvs will only be allowed in backyards and along the sides, we've really balanced health safety and aesthetics. we
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believe that this will not change the appearance of neighborhoods at all. and last night, the city council unanimously approved about $5 million in city funds for preparing city land for future housing, as well as opening a transitional housing site near lake merritt and operating an rv parking site in west oakland. still ahead in east bay deli owner says he doesn't want to drive customers away, so instead he's closing up shop temporarily. we'll explain why and a historic conservation move in marin county as it reaches a deal with the hog island oyster company to preserve hundreds of acres of land for aquaculture. ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction.
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it's been difficult because i hadn't been able
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to see my grandchildren. an expression on someone's face when you do something nice for them. i miss all my friends in school. visit so you can make an informed decision about covid-19 vaccines. after cyberattacks shut down its us based beat plants today. the u. s cybersecurity infrastructure security agency says it became aware of the intrusion at jbs plants on monday and is working with the fbi. the white house says a criminal group likely based in russia is thought to be responsible here, and it's working directly with russia's government to stop future attacks. this is an issue that we have discussed with the russian government the specific issue and we've discussed it in the past and delivered the message that responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals. this is, of new cone
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nation's cybersecurity. just last month, the colonial pipeline was targeted by a criminal group based in russia. president biden and russian president vladimir putin are expected to discuss the topic. get a schedule summit in geneva this month. well even before the hack that shut down national beef operations, the price of meat had been on the rise, says katie's rob. rob tells us tonight prices have gotten so high one east bay deli has decided to close for a little while. at augie's montreal deli in berkeley. the owner isn't saying goodbye. just see you later, the deli close this week because the price of meats and other items of skyrocketed owner lex kapnick lewinsky says he will reopen when those costs come back down to earth. whenever that may be. yeah, it's sad that we won't be able to see some of our regulars that we get to see on on a regular basis, but it's the right move to make. he says he'd rather close temporarily than risk driving customers away as an exit. apple's staying open would mean a $16 pastrami
6:26 pm
sandwich could start crossing between 25 in $30 in the long run for us, it would hurt me more to alienate my customers and have them thinking of augie's montreal deli as you know. oh this is the $30 sandwich place. the prices are high because the supply chain is falling far short of demand and of food. inflation is going crazy. the president of by right food service says the price increases are the highest percentage. wise in at least 20 years a year ago. you know, we would see skirt steak could say $8 a pound and we've seen it close to this week. we're bringing it in a $15 a pound. the core of the problem comes back to covid factories and processing plants that had to cut back during the pandemic have been slow to ramp back up. we're seeing factories still packing plants still, really at that low capacities. they're fighting to get employees back in the factories onto the lion,
6:27 pm
and it's not just meet. there are shortages of cooking oils, potatoes, dairy, even brown paper bags, but i'm selling sandwiches out of plastic bags. it's breaking my lefty liberal berkley heart, but that's what we've got to do, because otherwise it's you know 50 75 cents for one paper bag right now, if you can get them, it's a nationwide problem that points to vulnerabilities in the entire food supply chain, including the trucking industry, there's less than amount of trucks to pick up product from the warehouses. the end results some businesses such as augie's, are better off closing until the system stabilizes. it's a short term pain for long term gain will be back those in the food industry say it might be toward the end of the year before prices start returning to normal. rob rock ktvu two newseal has been reached to preserve a 250 acre parcel of marin county ranch land, including the oyster processing plant on it. the marine agricultural land trust has completed a $1
6:28 pm
million conservation easement with hog island oyster company marshall on tamales bay. this is the first easement involving aquaculture in the history of the land trust. the company does not need to use all of the land so it leases 200 acres for cattle grazing tiktok. coming up tonight on ktvu news at 6 30 thousands of pounds of fireworks seized on the peninsula, what members of a newly formed task force say about their work ahead and later in sports. the winningest trainer in kentucky derby history banned from the race for the next two years. sports director market. bonnie has this up later to tell us why also police on the peninsula asking for the public's help to find a 16 year old and her infant daughter, who has been missing now since the weekend.
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tomorrow to discuss workplace guidelines, including a proposal to discontinue mask requirements indoors and drop physical distancing for vaccinated workers. the board is set to vote on that proposal during tomorrow's hearing, saying as a police released new video today of a deadly police shooting monday night, the video shows suspect demetrius stanley with a gun, a handgun, the 31 year old walks past an unmarked police car. then comes back, opens the door and put points his gun, and that is when an undercover officer inside that car shoots and kills stanley, oakland police
6:32 pm
chief laurent armstrong said that he has issued 33 disciplinary actions against officers who violated department policy during a demonstration just over a year ago. officers used tear gas as youth marchers. came down broadway toward the police station department policy only allows police to used tear gas when there is an immediate threat. the chief said that hundreds of officers have now been retrained in crowd control tactics. well, police are cracking down on illegal fireworks throughout the bay area in menlo park in east palo alto. a new task force has already seized thousands of pounds of explosives. suzanne ruben has more now on how police are taking action. on this table, just a sample of what's been confiscated the joint menlo park east palo alto fireworks task force is only a month old, and they say they're already making an impact. we've been very successful in getting ahead of the issue, even though it's just barely june, and we've actually seized about
6:33 pm
£2000 of explosives. £2000 of explosives taken as compared to £1300 in all of last year. what we can tell you is that we want to strike. at the root of this epidemic of fireworks to the best degree that we can local officials knew they had to do something last summer alone. fireworks started three brush fires and a house fire just literally in the one year we've seen the consequences of fireworks, and it's happening all over from oakland to san jose to antioch, where just this week apartments caught fire officials in east palo alto say a lot of residents are fed up. this is not going to be solved by the fire department and police alone. it's really going to take the community members to be apart. you can't just pop up a camera and hope to get someone in the act. it has to be a cultural evolution as a community to really rethink being mindful of others, this task force will rely on a combination of enforcement and education resident vicky porter
6:34 pm
says. it's about time. i think it's great. yes because of the loudness of the fire. great then i don't even know if they're really fireworks. i'm not sure what they are. sounds like bombs. i would prefer if there were none. fear about nine and on june 8th menlo park city council is set to discuss them enhanced penalties when it comes to fireworks, and ruben ktvu, fox two news at 6 30, federal drug agents made a huge fentanyl bust in the east made more than £40 of it, the northern california, u. s attorney's office says it is the largest federal seizure of fentanyl in the history of the district. the drugs were found last week they were hidden in a. fence posts surrounding a home in oakland. drugs were also seized from a san leandro homa, authorities say the federal seized was enough for almost 10 million doses. federal officers also arrested a honduran national the alleged leader of an east bay based drug trafficking ring, a jury has awarded $6 million to a suspect
6:35 pm
who ran from police and was run over by a san jose police car and seriously injured gaby. crime reporter henry lee has more now on the case and why the jury found the man who was injured part actually at fault. this is san jose police body camera video showing officers chasing andy martin back in 2018. martin's running officer, alexandre ribeiro is driving and then hits him. you can hear martin screaming in pain. the officer then literally ran him down. uh ran him over felt the tire of his cargo over him and martin's attorney, ben nissenbaum says that wasn't all. then, as the officer is getting out of his car, put it in reverse and backed over him, officer rivero told fellow officer on scene. what happened, so i'm right behind him. and then he stops spread in front of me and my front tire caught his leg. yes, which lake hurts bottom left to right back her while groaning in
6:36 pm
pain. martin demands an explanation from me over. nobody ran you overdo. officers say they were responding to reports. that martin and his cousin had threatened to use a weapon against security and a nearby restaurant. martin seen here in between his attorneys suffered multiple fractures to his pelvis and other broken bones. a federal jury in oakland awarded martin $6 million in damages, but said he was 40% at fault. the jury concluded that the officer had accidentally run over martin while trying to cut him off. the jury didn't find that the officer intentional and mr martin over. but the jury did find what the officer did was deeply irresponsible. the san jose city attorney tells me the jury did not find that the officer used excessive force and that martin ran because he had a warrant. but the city acknowledged he did suffer some serious injuries. henry lee ktvu, fox two news police in san mateo, are asking for the public's help to find a missing 16 year old and her baby claudia ramirez, banales and her five month old daughter, abigail, were last seen at
6:37 pm
their home on saturday. police say the last time she's spoke to her family. she told them that she wanted to live apart from them. claudia is hispanic, about five ft. tall £165 with black hair and brown eyes, and her daughter has brown hair and brown eyes. anyone with information is asked to call san mateo police and in san francisco, the district attorney's office is now assisting in the search for missing elderly grandmother. she's 84 years old. her name is jean shang king fung. she has not been seen since may, 28th after being dropped off near the marina district. safeway two day it deviates chaser, bodine hosted a virtual news conference to request help from the public to find her. miss fong speaks cantonese. she is described as five ft. tall £90 with white hair. anyone who has seen her as earth to call police coming up tonight, investors snatching up so called main stocks and trading frenzy on wall street today what's driving this trend plus
6:38 pm
the move to oust israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the agreement reached. day among his in an effort to hammera
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
deal on his infrastructure proposal, president biden held the oval office meeting with west virginia senator shelley moore. capi. no they're trying to find common ground between biden's almost $2 trillion plan and the republicans $900 billion counter offer. i really
6:41 pm
believed that we should keep working at it. but if we get to the point where there's no more conversation we had then we move on patients is not unending, and he wants to make progress. his only line in the sand is an action he wants to sign a bill into law this summer. while the white house is hoping for a bipartisan agreement, some democrats want the president to move forward with a bill through a process known as budget reconciliation. the president said he wants movement toward a bill by june 7th. there was a trading frenzy today on wall street of so called meme stocks. those are stocks being propelled by heavy interest from retail traders on social media, and not by company performance. amc theaters is a meme stock and soared 90% a record high, nokia and blackberry are also among the companies benefiting from this main stock craze. think you know, we get these big eyes that, hey, we're going to hit a home run, i'll be able to take my $10,000 in turn into 30 or 40 or 100,000. and that doesn't
6:42 pm
happen a lot. and if you think that way, you're going to lose that money, amc shares are up more than 2300% so far this year despite the movie theater chain being on the brink of bankruptcy just last year. overall those stocks close higher today the dow was up 25 points. the nasdaq saw modest gains and the s and p added six. opponents of em battle. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have agreed to form a new government. the move will likely pave the way to remove netanyahu as the longest serving prime minister of israel. the agreement will now have to pass a vote of confidence in parliament for it to be agreed upon a new government and prime minister would be sworn in following that vote. alright, that fog's back at the coast will be tracking that it's cooling things off as well. but not before there's a little warm up. the five day forecast is next. all right, let's go to ktvu alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu.
6:43 pm
plus, heather. thank you as we kick off pride month, san francisco's massive pink triangle is now lit up on twin peaks, a symbol of hope and equality tonight we hear from the founder and organizer of the annual event, which is now in its 26th year. also the nfl is pledging to end the use of race nor ming after a judge orders the league to address racial bias in a $1 billion concussion settlement tonight at seven how this will impact black players. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu. plus all right. alex will see you then but first after the break, bay area gas prices closing in on a decade. hi how that's putting a pinch on drivers and non drivers alike. another day, another chance.
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open up again at the same time, using a rideshare services getting tougher and more expensive amid a driver shortage. ktvu bagasse has details now on when we can start to see gas prices finally flatten out and ways to save a area gas prices have jumped a dollar 27 from a year ago now averaging $4.34 a gallon now that things are going back to normal demand is ramping up. an oil production does not rebounding as quickly and that has brought oil prices up very quickly, and thus gas prices like pay for gas, they say $50 per day on gasoline. hector castellanos drives 300 miles a day, picking up riders for uber and lift. he's busier than he's been in quite a while, with more people needing rides to work in airports and fewer rideshare drivers available to
6:47 pm
pick them up over the weekend. one man tweeted an eight minute drive from sfo running. $100 on lift and uber. he ended up taking a taxi for just $30 uber and lift. both say they're temporarily boosting pay for drivers to incentivize more people to drive for them. uber says drivers averaging 20 hours a week are making close to $25 an hour lift, says drivers in their top markets last month averaged 30 to $35 an hour. it's not what you're experiencing. no, it's less than that. castano's says he's making close to 12 to $15 an hour. our driving full time and sometimes goes long distances to reach people where no one else is available to pick them up. that's why a lot of drivers they don't want to keep driving. that's why we are short of drivers while gas prices could climb a few cents higher next month, experts say it's unlikely they'll reach $5 a gallon to save on rideshare services. search for coupon codes online and comparison shop across the apps reporting
6:48 pm
in palo alto, emma goss, ktvu fox two news, preliminary study found. that single wildfire last year in the southern sierra nevada wiped out a large portion of the world's giant sequoias. according to the study, the castle fire destroyed at least 1/10 of the world's mature giant redwoods. researchers used satellite imagery to determine that up to 10,000 of the majestic trees were killed. scientists plan to hike through the redwood groves next week for the first time since the fire to get a firsthand look at the damage. reveled trees are amazing. the reason they live to be so long as they're resistant to fire really resistant. that bark is almost you know, i'm impenetrable. but what happens is the root system if it burns that will burn. the route will burn and will burn into the trees. that's why you'll see a hollowed out redwood tree that when they've been burned, you'll see the bark on the outside but hollow on the inside because it starts. the fire will start in the root system and go in through the middle. they're hard to kill.
6:49 pm
that's why they live to be sold. i'll tell you. it's hard to get rid of this time. you're too is the fog. look at it all. there's a bunch of it out there. in the avenues. it's coming back into stinson beach, and you already see it was sweeping across the bay. i love that shot. that's real time. so getting a fuel for what the coastline looks like. it's going to be foggy out there, literally the next week or so. i mean, we're going to have a different variations. i think by saturday and sunday, we might even see a little drizzle. temperatures are running a little cooler than last night. you knew that you could feel it and we had that big one day heat wave if you will, a memorial day and it really, i mean those temperatures bounced up and then thy just bounced right back down. they're going to work their way down again. as we get into, um, mainly into it's saturday and sunday, a little bit on friday, but saturday and sunday and monday as that low gets closer to us, and temperatures will drop out and by sunday truthfully, i mean, we're looking at temperatures in the mid upper seventies, maybe low eighties in the. or warmer spots, right? so where there were 102 100 three's this week. we're going
6:50 pm
to be finding temperatures on sunday and monday that will be in the upper seventies low eighties, so it's classic bay area early spring, early summer or late spring early summer. the forecast for tomorrow you'll still see heat inland. as you look at the model, you can see that you've got the flog it burns back temperatures inland still into the low one hundreds in the real warm spots and maybe some low nineties. in the far inland spots. that's tomorrow, especially around santa rose. i think you know the heat up in santa rosa, they'll go almost 90 degrees fairfield, 90 and 90 degrees um, so what's the upshot here is it's not a big change, but with the upshot is. i see this all week, but this whole summer is going to be about waiting for the next rain to get out from underneath the fire danger this five day forecast you never after underneath the fire danger. with this five day forecast makes it easier to get through the week and others were not looking at really, really dry conditions that will spawn fires. i'll tell you when you get fired, you get fires when you have two or three days in a row of heat, where the overnight temperatures don't
6:51 pm
recover the overnight low temperatures are in the seventies in the sixties, and that has proven that you have more fires in subsequent days. so when we only have one heat day, and then we got these mild days, i feel okay. doesn't mean there won't be fires. it just means the chances of a big fire the chances of the big win. are not there. so um, there you go. there's the five day forecast. i will see you back here tonight at 10 and 11. there's definitely a welcome change in that forecast. bill. thank you. well, coming up. we hear from bob melvin on how he celebrated after becoming the winningest manager in oakland is
6:52 pm
in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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stuff going on this evening for nba playoff games, the a's taking on the mariners up in the great northwest, which gives us a little extra time to talk about what happened last night up there in seattle. great news for bob melvin, the manager of the oakland a's, of course got his 799th career win as manager of the oakland a's, which means. he's there all time winningest managers in oakland passing none other than tony larussa to time manager of the year is bob melvin, just as steady as it goes, guy. he did
6:55 pm
it up in seattle, of course, which is kind of cool because that's where he began his managerial career managing the mariners, and he talks about what was kind of a low key celebration after last night's victory has to be pleased, although, of course, uh, i wouldn't say it's a party, but we had. we shared a glass of champagne kind of low key, and i had no idea. i did not expect something like that. i mean, this is you do your job you around long enough. these things. tend to pop up so i will admit maybe i after my glass of champagne, i had a glass of wine later and thought about it a little bit. alright always modest. bob melvin about a steady and cool and classy as they come as a major league manager. the giants are off. they're going to take on the cubs. they come into town for four games are going to talk about them in a minute. but hey, how about the giant scouting staff who picked up a guy a couple of years ago? basically off the scrap heap, kevin gausman, and today it was named national league pitcher of the
6:56 pm
month. he was five and o with a 00.73 e r. a in six starts, man. he's turned into an ace. get this 37 innings of work in the month of may 49 strikeouts is the first giant picture to be honored with the picture of the month award since a guy by the name of madison bumgarner back in 2014. guzman has actually entered his name into the cy young award contention. that's early, but. it looks like a big time pitcher right now. all right, i'll tell you what, all of a sudden, one of the teams chasing the giants in the west san diego on a collision course with defeat at wrigley field. look at that. left fielder tommy famine short step. i think kim smash into each other chasing a pop fly. the bases were loaded. they're laid out at the time. watch. kim has the presence of mind to actually pick up the baseball. they actually turned it into a double play, but tommy pham needed stitches. he looks incensed as he goes into the
6:57 pm
dugout don't really know exactly why probably thought it was his ball to catch and it did not work out and the cubs come to town about as hot as they come in the national league right now, all right to legendary names in the world of sports in two different sports to say the least, are making headlines today for very different reasons. the good step first of all as coach mike chefs has announced. of course, he's better known as coach k announcing he's going to retire following the 2022 season when he won 22 season and that will make it 42 years at duke. a national power, of course. five national titles, their college hoops all time winning this coach with 1100. 70 wins in case your county. now the winningest trainer in kentucky derby history, bob baffert, we'll try and find something else to do on the first saturday in may for the next two years, officials at churchill down suspend baffert
6:58 pm
for two years after derby winner medina spirit has failed the second drug test for banned steroids. got a little time, so check this out. you know about man's best friend. well, he could also be couples best friend. to check this out. the couple. they're just freshly married their first wedding song. they don't seem to mind at all that they have three is not a crowd for them at all. that is the sporting life. you know, i'm a sucker for dog stories back to you know, that was really sweet. part of the family and part of the celebration there. thanks so much no doubt about its next much no doubt about its next year on ktvu
6:59 pm
they are not. they are, too. your hypothesis is completely disconfirmed by all the data. you're just clinging to it out of intellectual stubbornness. no, you're displaying a shocking ignorance of the subject matter. mummies and zombies are the exact same thing. oh, yeah? mummies are wrapped in bandages. that's called a fashion choice. all right, you brought this on yourself. sheldon, get him. if a zombie bites you, you turn into a zombie. however, if a mummy bites you, all you turn into is some schmo with a mummy bite. so, like a zombie, that's been eaten from the waist down, you, sir, have no leg to stand on. good boy. here's a cookie. oh, thank you. hey, fellas, what's going on? mummies and zombies again. oh, they're not the same thing. you get a cookie, too. thanks. guess who picked up his new car this morning?
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koothrappali: congratulations. does it have that new car smell? yep! for as long as i can keep my mother out of it. if you want to check it out later, it's parked right out front, space 294. i'm sorry-- 294? yeah. that's my parking spot. why do you have a parking spot? you don't have a car. you don't even drive. it doesn't matter. that's my spot. maybe they reassigned it because you never use it. well, i'm not using my nipples, either. maybe they should reassign those. sheldon, someday, if you get a car, i'm sure they'll give you another parking space. i don't want another parking space. i want my parking space. it's perfect. it's a corner spot, cutting the risk of door-dings in half. it's a mere 28 steps from the building entrance. the nearby tree provides shade on hot days and is also home to a delightful squirrel. which is fortuitous because most squirrels are real jerks.


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