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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  June 2, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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disperse a large crowd last year. today, the chief said that they violated policy by deploying gas at youth marchers gate to the investigative reporter, evan sernoffsky said down with the police chief this morning and joins us now live, evan, that's right. the chief said those officers shouldn't have used tear gas on those young demonstrators. and he said the discipline ranges from written reprimands to suspensions. but one thing i want the community to know is that this department is holding itself accountable. oakland police chief laurent armstrong said he's issued 33 disciplinary actions against officers following the tear gassing of demonstrators on june 1st 2020. it happened after a youth march downtown that started at oakland technical high school. some in the crowd came down broadway towards the police station, where officers deployed tear gas. we deploy gas outside of policy and for that we had to hold officers accountable. the department has a strict policy
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that only allows police to use tear gas when there is an immediate threat, the chief said. hundreds of officers have since been retrained in crowd control tactics. chief why did it take a full year for you to come out and say that there's going to be disciplined that we're retraining officers that we acted inappropriately and out of policy? this was an enormous task of them at this event. instigation was a matter of a magnitude that we had never seen in this department. that investigation included four separate reviews that found violations from officers and their supervisors up the chain of command. the chief initially defended the tear gas, saying there were molotovbe trut angered many in the community like activist cat brooks. i want to see the new chief laurent armstrong, who keeps saying that this is a new day inside of opd actually do some things that make it a new day inside of open, d, the chief said. he's going to be more careful in the future about vetting facts, and that was a
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lesson learned for the department about how we share information. the episode came on the fourth day of chaotic protests that at times turned violent 33 1st responders, including 21 officers were injured in the earth. early days. oakland mayor libby shaft said the department is also changing how long officers will be allowed to work in oakland and really across the country. we are going to be changing policy to ensure that officers are not allowed to work such a long period under such intense circumstances. yes, i want to say to the young people that i apologize that you you had to experience what you experience. now the chief cities also changing policies around mutual aid, management and supervisors will no longer be able to deploy tear gas. instead they're going to be focused on supervising reporting live evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news opd making some changes.
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all right, evan. thank you, san francisco police have new video of a teenager setting a woman's hair on fire on board. um, uni bus. this happened on may 2nd on the number five. fulton shriek bus. other passengers came to the woman's eight and she left before police arrived. the suspected arsonist and two other boys got off the bus and were last seen running on mcallister street. police say they need the public's help in identifying the woman and finding her attacker. san jose police released more evidence and a deadly officer involved shooting that happened on monday. all that suspect demetrius stanley is seen holding a nine millimeter handgun. ultimately points that loaded weapon at an illegal ghost gun at an undercover police officer, prompting the dead leaf use of force ktvu south. the reporter jesse gary, cover the news conference earlier today and is live now force at police headquarters suggest c the release of this video, is it easing some of the emotions among some of the community members their? heather not exactly. san jose
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police officials released that surveillance video less than 48 hours after the incident instead of 45 days, which would be protocol, but the release of the video is increasing scrutiny of department policy and procedures. why weren't the undercover officers wearing body worn cameras? some are asking and also, why did the target of their surveillance feels so threatened that he came out of his house with an illegal weapon and confronted, we believe to be a perceived threat which actually worked undercover police officers. saw a black man that was trying to protect himself, and he's being demonized for it. wednesday lou dimes and others reacted angrily to the san jose police release of residential surveillance video. it shows alleged suspect demetrius stanley with a nine millimeter ghost or unregistered handgun. detectives also learned that he was a prohibited person by possessing any firearms due to a prior domestic violence incident. the 31 year old walks
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past an unmarked police. cool. then comes back, opened the door and points his gun and undercover officer inside shoots, killing stanley police chief anthony mata. our officers do not want or anticipate a confrontation that night and did everything possible to avoid having one. unfortunately the officers have no control over the actions of others. but activists are leading protests, questioning why stanley was under police surveillance, investigators revealed stanley was a suspect in a berryessa neighborhood armed robbery stemming from a road rage incident in march, detectives returned monday as part of that ongoing investigation, his killing the second sjp fatal officer involved shooting this year. is reigniting calls for police reform. dave us his chattel. they treat us like chattel and they kill us like chattel. activists say the issue isn't whether stanley was armed. but why surveilling officers definitely moving around his home never announced their identity until after the
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shooting, and why loved ones inside were detained with little to no information until hours after the fact his family is grieving. they lost some of their some family members lost our best friend. our young people are heard and we're tired of seeing. black kids get killed by cops. activists say more protests are planned in the coming days and weeks to stanley family is setting up a go fund me page help them pay for funeral consulting and legal services or live outside san jose police headquarters this evening, jesse gary ktvu fox news we'll head back to you and jesse again. that suspect according to authorities had an illegal ghost gun, saying that he was not allowed to legally purchase a gun because of his criminal background, correct. whether he had a domestic violence charge against him was also under arrest and bailed out of jail for an armed robbery charge back in march of this year, so it was not legally able to have a gun and
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then the gun. he had also had an extended magazine or high capacity magazine with it, which is also illegal, heather all right, jesse gary reporting live for us there in san jose, jesse. thank you. a wrongful death claim has been filed against the city of alameda over the death of mario gonzalez, who died in police custody. the claim was false. by the gonzalez family. it is a legal step taken before lawsuit can be filed against the city. it alleges that gonzales appeared to be confused and possibly intoxicated, but was not a threat to himself or anyone else when he was confronted by police in april, officers restrained gonzalez for several minutes holding him face down as he struggled to breathe. the claim, says gonzalez died from use of excessive force and compress asphyxia well now to southern california were authorities have now identified that firefighter who shot who was shot in killed yesterday by a fellow firefighter, 44 year old toey, tor. excuse me, tory. carlin was married with three daughters. investigators say he and the shooter has some kind
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of long running dispute. the gunman has not yet been identified, but records show a firefighter named jonathan. two tone owned a home about 10 miles from the agua dulce fire station. that house was set on fire and the suspected shooter was found shot to death. there now the victim, carlin was remembered as a role model. we lost honestly, one of the best human beings that we have ever come encountered with and. there's no one again that's really like him. there was a solemn tribute by fellow first responders as his body was taken from fire station 81. last night, the 54 year old fire captain who was also shot a wounded yesterday inside the fire station remains in critical but stable condition. the world's largest meat supplier, is resuming operations at its plants across the country. after cyberattacks shut down its us based beef plants. today, the u. s cybersecurity and
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infrastructure security agency says it became aware of the intrusion at jbs plants on monday and is working with the fbi. the white house says a criminal group likely based in russia, it's thought to be responsible and is working directly with russia's government to stop future attacks. this is an issue that we have discussed with the russian government the specific issue and we've discussed it in the past and delivered the message that responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals. the attack, raising new concerns about the nation's cybersecurity. just last month, the colonial pipeline was targeted by criminal group based in russia. president biden and russian president vladimir putin are expected discuss to discuss this topic in a scheduled summit in geneva this month. and even before the hack that shut down national beef operations, food prices, particularly meat have become more and more expensive as ktvu is, rob roth tells us prices have gotten so high one east bay deli decided to close for a while. at augie's montreal deli
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in berkeley. the owner isn't saying goodbye. just see you later the deli close this week because the price of meats and other items of skyrocketed owner lex coptic lewinsky says he will reopen when those costs come back down to earth. whenever that may be. yeah, it's sad that we won't be able to see some of our regulars that we get to see on on a regular basis, but it's the right move to make. he says he'd rather close temporarily, then risk driving customers away. as an example. staying open would mean a $16 pastrami sandwich could start costing between 25 $30 in the long run for us, it would hurt me more to alienate my customers and have them thinking of augie's montreal deli as you know. oh this is the $30 sandwich place. the prices are high because the supply chain is falling far short of demand and a food inflation is going crazy. the president of by right food service says the price increases are the highest percentage wise it at least 20
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years a year ago. you know, we would see skirt steak could say $8 a pound and we've seen it close to this week. we're bringing in a $15 a pound. the core of the problem comes back to covid factories and processing plants that had to cut back during the pandemic have been slow to ramp back up. we're seeing factories still, you know, packing plants still, really at that low capacities. they're fighting to get employees back in the factories onto the lion, and it's not just meet. there are shortages of cooking oils, potatoes, dairy, even brown paper bags, but i'm selling sandwiches out of plastic bags. it's breaking my lefty liberal berkley heart, but that's what we got to do, because otherwise it's you know 50 75 cents for one paper bag right now, if you can get them, it's a nationwide problem that points to vulnerabilities in the entire food supply chain, including the trucking industry. there's less of amount of trucks to pick up
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product from the warehouses. the end results some businesses such as augie's, are better off closing until the system stabilizes. it's a short term pain for long term gain. we'll be back. those in the food industry say it might be toward the end of the year before prices start returning to normal. rob rock, ktvu fox two news. remove video shows the moment that a san francisco san jose police officer hit and ran over a flame suspect with his car coming up at 5 30. details about the multimillion dollar verdict that a jury just awarded that suspect for his injuries and with the fear of fire high, a special peninsula task force has its sights set on illegal fireworks. still more than a month from the fourth of july, and they've already seized £2000 worth. it was slightly cooler out there today. temperatures tomorrow are going to be a little bit warmer, and then we're going to see a temperature drop as we head towards the weekend, so
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new task force has already seized thousands of pounds of explosives as katie museum rubin tells us she joins us now live in menlo park, and this is all about keeping people safe. yeah officials say that they've been hearing complaints that the fireworks are traumatizing to children to pets to people with ptsd. and then there's the fire danger. authorities say they just couldn't afford another summer like the last one.n confiscated the joint menlo park east palo alto fireworks task force is only a month old,
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and they say they're already making an impact. we've been very successful in getting ahead of the issue, even though it's just barely june and we actually sees about £2000 of explosives. £2000 of explosives taken as compared to £1300 in all of last year. what we can tell you is that we want to strike. at the root of this epidemic of fireworks to the best degree that we can local officials knew they had to do something last summer alone. fireworks started three brush fires and a house fire just literally in the one year we've seen the consequences of fireworks, and it's happening all over from oakland to san jose to antioch, where just this week apartments caught fire officials in east palo alto say a lot of residents are fed up. this is not going to be solved by the fire department and police alone. it's really going to take the community members to be apart. you can't just pop up a camera and hope to get someone in the act. it has to be a cultural evolution
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as a community to really rethink being mindful of others, this task force will rely on a combination of enforcement and education resident vicky porter says. it's about time. i think it's great. yes because of the loudness of the fire. great. i don't even know if they're really fireworks. i'm not sure what they are. sounds like bombs. i would prefer if there were none. not fear but nine on june 8th. the menlo park officials are set to take up the matter looking at potentially enhanced penalties for fireworks. some residents tell us that thanks to this task force they are already noticing. it's a little bit quieter at night, heather. and to appreciate that, and the £2000 of explosives. that is significant. i mean, were a number of these. these fireworks confiscated from individuals or do they think that this is a ring at work here? so far, they're keeping a lot of the details and also the
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methods a little under wraps, they said. when the fireworks season is over, they're going to let us in on a little bit more of what they've been up to. but for now, they want you to know that they're coming for your fireworks. and so they want you to take some response. possibility don't use them. turn them in. if you have them, they're they're taking action. alright and ruben reporting live for us there in menlo park and thank you for the city of oakland is asking alameda county to help pay for a new ballpark for the oakland a's earlier on mornings on to merely be chef talked about plans to keep the a's in oakland, she says, if the county does not participate, there will not be a new stadium where shaft says the county will also benefit financially from a new ballpark insists, also says the county is asking the county or the city rather is asking the need to share portion of their expected tax gains to help pay for the stadium. the county stands to gain nearly $50 million in new taxes during construction, and then more than six million every year for county services and nearly five million every
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year for transportation projects. it is a win win. oakland is asking the county to vote on the proposal to help with funding by june 15th. okay temperatures today they cool down just a little bit. um and tomorrow they're gonna warm up just a little bit. but the big cool down certainly came yesterday after the memorial day holiday when temperatures dropped a good 10 to 15 degrees. so today was a little cooler. tomorrow will be a little warmer and then we run this sort of flat line right into the weekend when it starts to cool, more smiling because that helps fire danger. quite a bit, especially into this weekend. so you know you could increase the humidity is that helps fire danger a ton, where's the sea breeze where the green is right. i mean the ice. a third maps are great for this because you look at that guy, okay? and there's that you can you can not visualize the topography of the bay area. you can see where the cool marine areas you know, you all know the bay area so no, you are. and you know that that green push of air going out and deliver more value, but not quite getting there. is
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keeping the fremont area cool. but brentwood they're pretty hot temperatures a little cooler today. 2 to 3 degrees. winds are doing what they do this time of year, which is what they do. 23 miles an hour at sfo. i don't know what the gust is. they didn't they didn't throw one up there, but it's pretty breezy lot of fog at the coast and that's good to see. um and we've got a week weather system. out here. well it's not week up in the illusions that's good looking deal. but that system sort of saddles up alongside the west coast kind of in position with the pacific high and cools us right into the bay area weekend doesn't get cold. it's just not 95 98 degrees. now, tomorrow is gonna be a little warmer and we talked about it. we are going to see fog at the coast but up here. in the north bay. these there'll be a little bit of subsidence. those winds are going to be just a little bit coming off shore, and that will warm up the central and southern bay. not quite as one because the winds be kind of southwesterly, but you get the idea. nice day tomorrow. no big changes. the big change, probably for the weekend when
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we see temperatures drop off a few more than a few 568 degrees, so we'll talk about that when i see you next, bill. thank you. well the best women's golfers in the world here in san francisco and ready to hit the links coming up. we'll go live to olympic club with a look at one of the bay area zone golf stars will be teeing up and coming up on ktvu news at 6 to 9 reconsidering workplace mask requirements here in california. the hearing scheduled for tomorrow, as experts weigh in on the impending decision. the man at the center of san francisco's public corruption scandal, now accused of an attempted robbery at nine point the allegations against the former director of public works.
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university's women's soccer team, the broncos on their college cup championship win, each team member was presented with special certificates of special mayoral recognition.
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one of the players said there was doubt whether they'd be able to even play at all due to the pandemic. we are so grateful that we were able to even play. i know before our first conference game, jerry even said right before until the whistle blows. he's not going to believe that this season is gonna happen. so we were super thankful when the whistle did blow, and we were able to play and then our momentum just kept rolling. congrats to the team. the broncos claim their champion status after a win against florida state last month. well tomorrow morning, the world's best female golfers tee it up in san francisco for the u. s open. the olympic club is hosting this year's tournament. joe fonzi joins us now live once again tonight with the story of a former u. s champion with deep bay a yes, heather. i am literally in the middle of a buzz of activity as they're getting ready for tomorrow's first round of the open. i'm standing right above what would be the second green here, so if you go
5:25 pm
off on number one, you're going to make the turn down there and come up on this par four. you can see behind me. it's a smallish green protected by six bunkers. but that's just part of the issue on this whole, but you mentioned it. we are very fortunate this year to have two former open winners with local roots yesterday we spoke with. michelle wie, who played her collegiate golf at stanford today. someone who grew up playing. in the east bag. it doesn't matter when you do it when a u. s open and it's career defining for paula kramer, who grew up in pleasanton, that moment was 11 years ago when she was just 23. before that open. creamer had already won eight tour events to when she was only 18. it still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. um you know, the competitor in me wants me to have it, so it's like 2020 2020, not 2010. i feel like that's a long time ago. i want it now. but at the same time
5:26 pm
you got to take it day by day kind of thing. cramer got to a million dollars in earnings younger and faster than any player in lpga history. but in recent years, her career has been slowed by a wrist injury that required surgery. she received a special exemption to play in this year's open and now at age 34 has a different perspective. i look at my career and i would say to myself if i was younger than to enjoy those winds more, you know, i was just so focus. all the time. you went on a sunday and it was like the next tournament starts monday. you know, never, ever really sat there and, you know, patting yourself on the back. i feel the best i've felt and probably six years quite truthfully. creamer now lives in florida, but hasn't forgotten where it all started. it's great to be back home. i haven't been back for quite a while. and my first stop was togo's. it's like my favorite sandwich place in the world and went straight there from the airport since that open win in 2010. cramer has one just. one tour event seven
5:27 pm
years ago. in this year of unlikely veteran winners, it would be fitting of her next to her wind comes this weekend in a homecoming. so take a look at this. guys this is a committee out here on the second green there, mowing their watering. they're checking the break. they're doing all kinds of things, and this is just one hole. so this is some of the preparation that goes into things on the day before the u. s open starts. i want to show you one of the thing that's characteristic of an open course. and you heard paul cramer talk about it. you heard michelle. we talked about it yesterday. both have had risk surgery and are recovered from that. and here's why that's important when you're playing. of course, the open courses, reward accuracy and they penalize you if you're inaccurate. so if you're out of the fairway or not around the green, the rough is very high. take a look at where that ball lays down there. you avoided the bunker, but you're in the rough, so you've got to get out
5:28 pm
of there onto the green. it's a whole different experience. try to get out of heavy rough like that. they have mowed them down just a little bit, but that's just a little bit of what they're going to be dealing with tomorrow as they try to identify the best golf was in the world. that's what he opens. all about, guys. yep. a new set of challenges. no doubt about it. but so pretty there. joe fonzi reporting live for us there at the olympic club. looking forward to the competition. thank you. full video of a police pursuit in san jose, a man fleeing on foot the officer chasing him and his cruiser before running him over backing up and hitting him again, so i'm right behind him, and then he stopped spread in front of me and my front tire caught his leg coming up details about the multi million dollar verdict and why the jury said the officer was not vaccinations? the july 4th cohen vaccination goal that now has budweiser boring a new
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jose police car. ktvu kron reporter henry lee is here with the twist in this strange case, henry. andrea jury determined that this officer was negligent. but despite running this man over twice that it wasn't done on purpose, nor was it excessive force. this is san jose police body camera video showing officers chasing andy martin back in 2018. martin's
5:32 pm
running officer, alexandre ribeiro is driving and then hits him. you can hear martin screaming and pain. the officer then literally ran him down. uh ran him over felt the tire of his cargo over him by martin's attorney, ben nissenbaum says that wasn't all then, as the officer is getting out of his car. put it in reverse and backed over him, officer ribeiro told fellow lobster on scene. what happened? uh so i'm right behind him. and then he stops spread in front of me and my front tire caught his leg. mm which leg hurts. oh left or right back her while groaning in pain. martin demands an explanation over. nobody ran you overdo. officers say they were responding to reports that martin and his cousin have threatened to use a weapon against security and a new by restaurant martin, seen here in between his attorneys suffered multiple fractures to his pelvis and other broken bones. a federal jury in oakland awarded martin $6 million in
5:33 pm
damages, but said he was 40% at fault. the jury concluded that the officer had accidentally run over martin while trying to cut him off. the jury didn't find that the officer intention and mr martin over. but the jury did find what the officer did was deeply irresponsible. you know. san jose police declined to comment. i've reached out to the city attorney's office but have yet to hear back reporting live. henry lee ktvu fox studios be interesting to see if they decide to challenge this decision, henry. thank you, melissa mountain view, arrested a man after they say he called 911, saying that there was an active shooter at the shoreline amphitheatre when there wasn't police say the 36 year old anthony herrera called 911 last night and reported the fake shooting. police responded to shoreline but found no crime. investigators tracked that phone call back to the suspect's home in sunnyvale. the false report appeared to be a diversion as investigators later found that at the time of that call, officers were
5:34 pm
heading to herrera's home for domestic dispute. her era now faces several charges, including making that false police report or not. at the latest on the coronavirus, the centers for disease control and prevention says nearly 63% of the adult population has now received at least one dose of vaccine close to 130. four million people are fully vaccinated for people. 65 older, close to 75% are fully immunized covid-19 cases and deaths in the u. s have dropped to their lowest levels in nearly a year. anheuser busch says they will give away free beer to those 21 older if the u. s it's vaccination, gold president biden set that goal last month to reach 70% of the population, having received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine by july, 4th. and for those who have stained from alcohol, the companies also offering up free seltzer and other non alcoholic beverages. well, the white house says that june will be a national month of action to get people immunized against covid,
5:35 pm
and that includes free daycare for kids. some national centres, including the y m c a while parents get their shots, foxes jonathan serrie tells us some of the other steps the federal government is now taking. made incredible progress getting people vaccinated quickly. president biden giving a big hand to public health officials as he marks progress made in the u. s vaccination campaign, almost 169 million americans have gotten at least one dose in what the president calls a wartime effort, but there's still more to be done, and the white house says june will be a national month of action, hoping to get at least 70% of adults partially vaccinated by the fourth of july if you get a shot this week you can be fully vaccinated by july, 4th by the week of july, the fourth and you can celebrate independence day free from fear or worry, the president says the new vaccine push will be a whole of government approach centred on outreach and education efforts and aimed at those who have
5:36 pm
been hesitant to sign up. right now, the u. s is averaging just over 1.2 million shots per day, down from more than three million back in april. some of it could be. i don't have child care or when am i going to do this? so the real question is, what are the things that are getting in people's way? meanwhile across the country, cities and states are moving ahead with their reopening plans. covid restrictions lifted in las vegas at midnight on tuesday. the strip coming back to life after a year of lockdowns and quarantines, a welcome change for vendors and street performers. we can be back doing what we love most, and that's making people happy and putting smiles on people's faces as part of the month of action, vice president kamala harris will lead a national vaccination tour to encourage americans to get their shots in atlanta johnson siri fox news. starting today to more bay area counties are allowed to ease up in covid-19 restrictions. solano county is now in the orange here, joining four other
5:37 pm
barry counties. it had been stuck in the red tears since march. many people we spoke with say they are excited for things to begin to open up even more. uh i'm very happy about it. finally i think i'd be cautious about the no mask indoors at this time. but, yeah, i do believe that everybody is kind of, uh, looking forward to not wearing mass such as outdoors like we are now, uh, it's been a relief for me. well starting today, the number of people allowed inside businesses including restaurants and gyms, as well as churches can be increased amusement parks and movie theaters also have fewer restrictions. marin county began expanding openings today in the least restrictive yellow tier of the states reopening plan and joined santa clara, san francisco and san mateo counties. all in that yellow level. most indoor operations canal opened in marin county with modifications. none of the tier assignments will matter in
5:38 pm
less than two weeks from now. that's when the state is officially scheduled to do away with this system and fully reopened on june 15th or what the president saying they're running short on time to reach an agreement on infrastructure. the commander in chief meets with key senator in the oval office. plus don't have dinner plans. we'll tell you about the restaurant chain that can help and also allow you to help the families of those killed in last week's vt. a shooting
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the families of the v ta victims, all denny's restaurants in santa clara county today are taking part. the chain is donating 50% of all dinan proceeds to the families from each location in santa clara county. cashiers at those restaurants will also accept donations from people who are not eating at denny's today, and all of that money
5:41 pm
will go to the families of the victims families in the colorado supermarket mass shooting back in march are demanding answers about the money raised after that tragedy, two groups have collected a total of almost $6 million so far, but some of the victims, families say the groups are not being transparent and alleged. they're taking a percentage of the donations. they want government officials to intervene and audit the handling of the donations and appoint one person to distribute the money. well, pressure is mounting for washington to do something to address the influx of migrants along the southern border crossing into the u. s now touring the us mexico border senators john core in the christian cinema urged immediate support of their bipartisan border solutions actw regional processing centres to ha of migrants on our southern border. there visit comes one day after texas governor greg abbott issued a disaster declaration in 34 texas counties, addressing what he says is an ongoing surge of
5:42 pm
illegal migration, abbott saying quote president biden's open border policies have paved the way for dangerous gangs and cartels, human trafficking and. deadly drugs. the criminal cartels control the mexican us border and joe biden administration handed it to them. and costa rica. secretary of state anthony blinken met with senior leaders of central american countries as he biden administration works to address what it calls root causes of migration. well, the president held the white house meeting today with a key gop senator in an effort to try to hammer out a deal on his infrastructure proposal. president biden met in the oval office with west virginia senator shelling more ca pido. they're trying to find common ground between biden's almost $2 trillion plan and the republicans. $900 billion counter offer. i really believed that we should keep working at it. but if we get to the point where there's no more conversation we had then we move on. while the white house
5:43 pm
is hoping for a bipartisan agreement, some democrats want the president to move forward with the bill through a process known as budget reconciliation. the president said he wants movement toward a bill by june 7th. well, the san francisco giants are expected to make baseball history this pride month what they are adding to their uniforms coming up. plus, have you seen the price of gas lately? well you will be in for some sticker shock. the next time you fill up the cause, and the impact it could have on lot of other industries coming up, already. temperatures slightly cooler today is gonna be slightly warmer tomorrow and then a significant cool ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it.
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celebration is kicking off with the lighting of the pink triangle on san francisco's twin peaks near london breed and house speaker nancy pelosi with their help switch on the
5:46 pm
2700 pink led likes. this is the 26th annual pink triangle ceremony, the upside down pink triangle was once used as a batch of shame gay people were forced to wear in germany. but it was later reclaimed as a worldwide symbol of gay power and pride. they took this symbol from the holocaust and tried to reclaim it, and it was turned into a positive symbol of strength and resilience. and so we still use it as that. so we remember the hatred that caused a where it came from the pink triangle stays illuminated every night all through june. now the giants will be wearing pride colors on the field this weekend when they play the cubs the team announced players will be wearing caps on saturday featuring the sf logo in pride colours as well as a bright patch on the right sleeve of their jerseys. giants are set to be the first mlb team to wear pride colours in on field uniforms, and we have you covered all months all pride month, including all of the
5:47 pm
latest events and celebrations, both on our website ktvu .com/ pride and the ktvu news app. a gas prices here in the bay area are now just a few cents shy of hitting a nearly decade high. at the same time, the cost of taking a ride share service is skyrocketing amid a driver shortage, ktvu magus is live now with details on when we can start to see prices flatten out and ways to save emma heather here in palo alto, and across the way area. good luck finding gas prices for below $4 a gallon. experts expect prices to peak next month and then by late august, come back down. hey area, gas prices have jumped a dollar 27. from a year ago. now averaging $4.34 a gallon now that fingers are going back to normal demand is ramping up an oil production does not rebounding as quickly and that has brought oil prices up very quickly, and thus, gas prices like pay for gas. uh day
5:48 pm
$50 per day on gasoline. hector castellanos drives 300 miles a day, picking up riders for uber and lift. he's busier than he's been in quite a while, with more people needing rides to work in airports. and fewer rideshare drivers available to pick them up over the weekend. one man tweeted an eight minute drive from sfo, running $100 on lift and uber. he ended up taking a taxi for just $30 uber and lift. both say they are temporarily boosting pay for drivers to incentivize more people to drive for them. uber says drivers averaging 20 hours a week are making close to $25 an hour lift says drivers in their top markets last month averaged 30 to $35 an hour. it's not like yours experiencing. no, it's less than that. castellanos says he's making close to 12 to $15 an hour driving full time and sometimes goes long distances to reach people where no one else is available to pick them up. that's why a lot of drivers
5:49 pm
they're wrong. want to keep driving? that's why we are short of drivers. while prices could climb a few cents higher next month, it's unlikely they'll ever reach $5 a gallon to save on rideshare services. you can the comparison shop through the apps and also look for coupon codes online. heather not quite ready for that $5 a gallon gas. let's hope that they do, in fact, flat mountain suit, emma. thank you, preliminary study results have found that a single wildfire last year in the southern sierra nevada wiped out a large portion of the world's giant sequoias, according to the study of the castle fire destroyed at least 1/10 of the world's mature giant redwoods. searchers used satellite imagery to determine that up to 10,000 of the majestic trees were killed. scientists plan to hike through the redwood groves next week for the first time since the fire to get a first. hand look,
5:50 pm
and we've got a lot of fog out there on the bridge, you can see the flag blowing pretty significantly here. kind of got a south. it looks like a little northwest wind on it over there is sausalito and tiburon. in those areas, you can see the traffic on the bay bridge and the fog is sharp. doubting the towers these towers go about 720 ft high, so the fog's kind of at that level, if not a little bit higher, so the plan for tomorrow will be a little bit of a warm up marine layer is going to shrink down just a little bit. these are the current temperatures. you see him right there. and then the departure from yesterday, so it's not three degrees cooler in livermore than it was yesterday. at this time, the plan will be then for temperatures to warm a few degrees again tomorrow, and the big picture is this low and you kind of see it. can you see it yet? kind of see it right that big swath of moisture. it ties into this low up here in the illusions we have been here and that low is going to bump up against the coast. and when it does, it just sort of weakens the high. remember that thing weakens the high and we definitely cool down and then when the high strengthens like
5:51 pm
it did over memorial day, we warm up and instead of warming up tomorrow, i mean, cooling down tomorrow we're going to warm up and then we're going to cool down when that system gets closer to us more towards the end of the week and by saturday and sunday temperatures will be be in the seventies for most of us, so it's a really good pattern for fire suppression and fire concerns. so it's you know this whole week this five day i keep talking about right. we have these five day runs of this kind of high humidity atmospherics at the surface. we're really doing ourselves a big favor. and that happens this whole week, even into the weekend, so we're not really fire. danger is always high, but it's not as high as it could be. there's that fog. i love it when it does that little finger of fog shooting across the bay there, um. we are expecting temperatures as the weekend rolls on to get cooler and cooler, but it's definitely going to be not cold. it's just not going to be 9500 degrees so san francisco tomorrow morning 53 degrees. partly cloudy. partly sunny in the afternoon, and it's san
5:52 pm
francisco is about 65 degrees. most spots around the bay area tomorrow, mid sixties mid seventies and when you pop up. into the north bay into the northeast part of the bay area. you can see those reds for tomorrow. those are those are nineties. we're gonna see nineties back into the parts of the bay area, especially the north and east bay in the central valley easily could see some below one hundred's. so what happens tomorrow warms up a little bit. then it cools down a little bit, and then it cools down a bunch on the five day forecast. does it mean if you're going to the coast? you're gonna be jackets because the fog's not going anywhere. there'll be some breaks. it's dense, and russians say this will be. some breaks his steps tomorrow, but it'll come back pretty quick after that, and then i'll step out of the way and you can see kind of this. cool if you will kind of literally cool pattern that is developing, especially into the weekend and to monday, so that's what you like to see because it definitely does give cal fire a bit of a breather from the really extreme fire. danger. i'll see you back here at six. yes, some really nice temperatures. thanks, bill. shares of amc sore once again coming up next, the trading
5:53 pm
frenzy over the movie theater chain that was pushed to the brink of bankruptcy and coming up on ktvu news at six. it's described as the largest federal seizure of fentanyl in the history of the u. s attorney's northern california district. and the feds say the drug trafficking operation was centered in the east ban. plus could california's workplace mask mandates soon come to an end. the cal osha hearings scheduled for tomorrow as an expert weighs in.
5:54 pm
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a lawsuit against the city seeking to undo damage done to black tolson's. the lawsuit accuses the city of tulsa of causing a public nuisance by
5:56 pm
failing to make preparations for the massacre. attorneys also claimed the city denied or ignored open records requests related to the massacre and its impact on the greenwood district of tulsa. our people have been clear are survivors and their descendants even told the president yesterday. we don't need any more studies. we don't need more commissions. we don't need more any more meetings. we need reparations. we need reparations today when he reparations now. president biden visited tulsa yesterday to commemorate 100 years since the massacre when black tulsa residents were chased out of town and had their communities burned down by white residents. the stocks closed higher. today the dow was up 25 points. the nasdaq sar also modest gains today, but not before trading frenzy over amc stock sent shares soaring to a record high now shares in the movie theater chain soared more than 30 points. 90% gnocchi also so
5:57 pm
gains of more than 5% they're both benefiting from the meme stock status. that's when social media attention and not company performance, send shares skyrocketing as foxes. susan lee explains. a handful of other stocks are also benefiting from this name stock craze. group of unlikely stocks. he a surge in the markets with shares of amc blackberry nokia, benefiting from purchases by small time investors in recent weeks, the so called meme stocks are being propelled by heavy interest coming from retail traders on social media sites like reddit. this is a strategy. it's an asset class now and it's here to stay. shares of amc entertainment hitting record highs on wednesday, climbing more than 90% people buying it today at 70, even though they know it was 30. yesterday the jump comes after hedge fund mew trick capital profited from buying and selling 8.5 million shares that it just bought on tuesday morning, saying that it was already overvalued. but
5:58 pm
that has not stopped investors from pouring money into the stock, prompting several trading halls throughout the day. amc adding another incentive by offering even small investors a free large popcorn if they signed up to a regular newsletter of the world's largest movie theater chain, was on the break a bankruptcy following the pandemic being shuttered for several months because of covid restrictions. but investors have been encouraged by big box office business over the memorial day long weekend. other mem stocks seeing big gains as well. on wednesday blackberry, which saw shares rise more than 10% that bath and beyond, and gamestop, financial experts warn mean stock traders that yes, there are risks. i think, you know, we get these big eyes that, hey, we're going to hit a home run. i'll be able to take my $10,000 in turn into 30 or 40 or 100,000. and that doesn't happen a lot. and if you think that way, you're going to lose that money, amc shares are up more than 2300 so far this year in new york, susan lee fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at
5:59 pm
six. well, california's workplace mask mandate up for debate as a state panel prepares to consider how to proceed past the state's june 15th reopening. it's just it feels like it's just never ending, cal osha standards board plans to hold a hearing tomorrow on workplace coronavirus guidelines. good evening to you. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes. frank and julie are off tonight, the board could consider whether to and mass requirements indoors or continue to let them pass the states. reopening date. six tonight. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live with more on the debate. heather and andre, this has become a very controversial growth vote here with some of the major employer groups raising concerns and the board was supposed to vote on this back in may, but they had to postpone it until tomorrow after public comments lasted more than three hours. at issue here is whether california workplaces should follow. the u. s centers for disease control's latest guidelines, which stated
6:00 pm
that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks indoors. in most cases, the california restaurant association and california chamber of commerce were two groups who raised concerns and said they don't fully agree with the current plan. covid-19 standard as it will be voted upon at the board meeting tomorrow requires employees to continue to wear face masks. likely through january of 2022. unless every single employee in the workplace is vaccinated. the cal chamber of commerce spokesman also says another problem he sees with the proposed guidelines is a requirement that employers provide workers with n 95 respirators as an option to wear a concern, he says, because of the cost and also competition with health care providers who still need the protective equipment as well. another controversy is a change in workers' compensation. to be assume that the employee contract


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