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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 2, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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know, when confronted, uh. like the officers were confronted. uh you know, they, uh made a decision f two news. this is the four and san jose police today released new details and surveillance video of monday night's deadly police shooting. welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage and i'm jana katsuyama infer heather holmes. the shooting has prompted a protest with supporters of the 31 year old man killed, demanding war in. answers ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary was at the news conference earlier today and joins us now live at police had quarters and jesse, this is really created a lot of tension and emotion in the community, and i'm wondering if you can get any sense of the video, and it's released have any impact in terms of the sense of transparency in the community around this investigation? well, jenna the video is not having the effect that the
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police would hope for. some of them are giving the s j p d high marks for releasing this surveillance video about 48 hours after the incident, as opposed to 45 days, which would be protocol. however they're also raising questions about over policing in communities of color. san jose police chief says the officer who fired a 14 year veteran had little chance else to do anything but open fire and protect himself as this incident has become an incident of extraordinary public interest wednesday, san jose police released residential surveillance video showing alleged suspect demetrius stanley with a nine millimeter handgun. the 31 year old walks past an unmarked police vehicle then comes back, opens the door and points his gun and undercover officer inside shoots killing stanley. there was no plan to arrest or make contact with stanley or to take any enforcement action whatsoever. another young black man. i just has died at hand.
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the police south bay in the acp president, reverend jethro more questions why stanley was under police surveillance, investigators revealed stanley was a suspect in a berryessa neighborhood armed robbery stemming from a road rage incident in march. but his killing the second sj pd fatal officer involved shooting this year is sparking protests. his family is grieving. they lost some of their some family members lost their best friend. they don't understand how this happened. activists say the issue isn't whether stanley was armed. but why surveilling officers stealthily moving around his home never announced their identity until after the shooting. our young people are heard and we're tired of seeing black kids get killed by cop. was he. more protein. more protests are planned in the coming days and weeks, the stanley family is creating a go fund me page to help pay for
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funeral counseling and legal services coming up in the next hour. i'll talk to one man who believes that dmitry stanley was actually a hero for that coming up at five. we're live outside san jose police headquarters. just gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you, jesse. thank you. another news. a wrongful death claim has been filed against the city of alameda over the death of mario gonzalez, who died in police custody. the claim was filed by the gonzalez family. it is a legal step taken before a lawsuit can be filed against the city. it alleges that gonzales appeared to be confused and possibly intoxicated, but was not a threat to himself or anyone else when he was confronted by police in april. officers restrain gonzalez for several minutes holding him face down as he struggled to breathe the claim, says gonzalez died from the use of excessive force and compression asphyxia. san francisco police have released new video of a boy setting a woman's hair on fire on board.
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um, uni bus. this happened back on may 2nd on the number five fulton street bus. other passengers came to that woman's aid, and she left that bus before police arrived. the suspected arsonist and two other boys got off the bus and they were last seen running on mcallister street, san francisco police say they need the public's help to identify the woman and her attacker. new body camera video shows the tense moments as police and sheriff's deputies first responded to the veta shooting, ktvu elissa harrington tells us more about their coordinated response. hey give us another unit over here. this four minute video shows the final moments of a shooting rampage at san jose's vita facility. the gunmen later identified as vita employee, sam cassidy fired 39 rounds. he ended up killing nine people and himself will never forget those innocent victims whose lives were taken by a crazed coward. santa clara county sheriff
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laurie smith praised first responders for their bravery officers followed in active shooter protocol that was spearheaded by a lieutenant who was in colorado, where the columbine shooting happened. this is not your body worn camera video follows a contact team made up of police and sheriff's deputies as they enter the third floor of the building. they move in a diamond formation following the sound of gunfire, they search cubicles and clear rooms in the dispatch center. the purpose of clearing the room is to find victims find people hiding and to locate any suspects only. one minute after entering the building, they close in on the shooter. they find him at the end of the hallway, he slumped over in a chair dead from to self inflicted gunshot wounds to the head. there were over 100 vita employees on site that morning, and i believe the bravery of all of law enforcement personnel really prevented the loss of additional life. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two
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news, denny's restaurants in santa clara. county today are hosting a fundraiser to help the veta shooting victims families. the chain is donating, needing 50% of all dinan proceeds to the families. cashiers at the restaurants will also accept donations from people who are not eating at denny's today, and the company says all of that money will go to the families. the veta shooting and families of the victims are the focus of our giving day drive this week. you can participate by supporting working partnerships usa, which is working with the union of the vita just can the q r code that you see there on your screen to learn more later tonight. the windsor town council is set to discuss who will replace former mayor dominic for poli poli resigned last month after at least nine women accused him of sexual assault or misconduct. he has denied t. the four remaining council mem r ranks. appoint someone from outside hold a
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special election now to the coronavirus starting today. two more bay area counties are allowed to ease up on covid-19 restrictions. marin is now in the least restrictive yellow tear, joining santa clara, san francisco and san mateo counties. solano county is now in the orange here, joining four other bay area counties. solano county had been stuck in the red tear since march. but starting today they can increase the number of people allowed inside businesses, including restaurants and gyms. as well as churches and many people we spoke with say they are excited for things to begin opening up even more, uh, i'm very happy about it. finally i think i'd be cautious about the no mask indoors at this time. but, yeah, i do believe that everybody is kind of looking forward to not wearing mass such as outdoors like we are now, uh, it's been a relief for me. amusement parks and movie
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theaters also have fewer restrictions. graduation ceremonies can be held outdoors at 33% capacity. we are just two weeks away from when the state is officially scheduled to reopen on june 15th today, president biden announced a major push to get 70% of americans at least partially vaccinated before the fourth of july. foxes jonathan serrie tells us the federal government will be working to reach people who may be reluctant or who may be having a hard time getting to a vaccination. clinic. we made incredible progress and getting people vaccinated quickly. president biden giving a big hand to public health officials as he marks progress made in the u. s vaccination campaign, almost 169 million americans have gotten at least one dose in what the president lore to be done,effort, but and the white house says june will be a national month of action, hoping to get at least 70% of adults partially vaccinated by the fourth of july. if you get a shot this week, you can be fully
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vaccinated by july. 4th by the week of july, the fourth and you can celebrate independence day free from fear or worry, the president says the new vaccine push will be a whole of government approach centred on outreach and education efforts and aimed at those who have been hesitant to sign up. right now, the u. s is averaging just over 1.2 million shots per day, down from more than three million back in april. some of it could be. i don't have child care or when am i going to do this? so the real question is, what are the things that are getting in people's way? meanwhile across the country, cities and states are moving ahead with their reopening plans. covid restrictions lifted in las vegas at midnight on tuesday. the strip coming back to life after a year of lockdowns and quarantines, a welcome change for vendors and street performers. we can be back doing what we love most, and that's making people happy and putting smiles on people's faces as part of the month of action, vice president kamala
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harris will lead a national vaccination tour to encourage americans to get their shots in atlanta johnson siri fox news. the white house is offering free childcare to help encourage people to get vaccinated, the president said. from now until july, 4th for major childcare centers across the country will offer free drop in care. they are kindercare learning care group, bright horizons and many y ymca locations more than 37.6 million doses of coronavirus. vaccines have now been administered in california. according to the latest data, there are now an average of 149,000 shots a day. given in the state. that's about 20,000 fewer than yesterday. but more than 51% of californians are now fully vaccinated and over 12.5% more have received at least one dose. only june 2nd. but we already are learning about problems with fourth of july fireworks coming up hundreds of pounds of illegal
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fireworks already confiscated as we enter a dangerous time with fireworks and dangerous wildfire conditions and 10 years ago, today was a dark day for the san francisco fire department coming up this afternoon here at four how to firefighters who died on the job or being remembered a decade later. ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge at or visit and xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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force has already seized thousands of pounds of explosives. ktvu zan reuben joining us now live from menlo park, and this is all about keeping the public safe, that's right. officials say they've already been hearing complaints from people who say the fireworks are traumatizing to children to pets to people with ptsd one. on this table, just a sample of what's been confiscated the joint menlo park east palo alto fireworks task force is only a
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month old, and they say they're already making an impact. we've been very successful in getting ahead of the issue, even though it's just barely june, and we've actually seized about £2000 of explosives. £2000 of explosives taken as compared to £1300 in all of last year. what we can tell you is that we want to strike. at the root of this epidemic of fireworks to the best degree that we can local officials knew they had to do something last summer alone. fireworks started three brush fires and a house fire just literally in the one year we've seen the consequences of fireworks, and it's happening all over from oakland to san jose to antioch, where just this week apartments caught fire officials in east palo alto say a lot of residents are fed up. this is not going to be solved by the fire department and police alone. it's really going to take the community members to be apart. you can't just pop up a camera and hope to get someone in the act. it
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has to be a cultural evolution as a community to really rethink being mindful of others, this task force will rely on a combination of enforcement and education resident vicky porter says. it's about time. i think it's great. yes because of the loudness of the fire. great. i don't even know if they're really fireworks. i'm not sure what they are. sounds like bombs. i would prefer if there were none. not fear, but none on june 8th mendoza park city council is set to take up an ordinance that would have enhanced penalties potentially for fireworks. and some residents say that thanks to this task force, they're already noticing. it seems a little bit quieter, alex. all right, hopefully it is making a difference. and thank you, officials say, an off duty firefighter who fatally shot a colleague in southern california had a long standing dispute with the man that he killed. authorities say the victim was 44 year old tory carlin, the firefighter specialist, served more than 20
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years officially named. an investigators did not share the nature of the dispute. record show, a firefighter named jonathan to tone owned the house about 10 miles from the agua dulce, a fire station where investigators say they found the suspected shooter. that home was set on fire in the suspected shooter was found shot to death a vigil last night. for the victim. you see there? carlin was remembered. he was remembered as a mentor and a wonderful father. he taught me much about being a better father for my girls and being there and putting family first and i'm grateful every day for what he was able to teach me in that aspect. a go fund me account has been set up to help the wife and three daughters of the slain firefighter, a 54 year old fire captain was also shot inside the fire station yesterday. he remains in critical but stable condition. a memorial tribute
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was held today to remember to san francisco firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of others a decade ago. the families of lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter paramedic anthony valerio attended the service at station 26, along with mayor london breed chief jenny nicholson and former chief joanne hayes, white perez and valerio were killed 10 years ago today in a house fire on berkeley way, the fire department says the two firefighters didn't hesitate one second while attempting to save lives and property. 10 years ago today. it was a terrible day and for their families. we will never forget their sacrifice. and we will continue to improve
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ourselves and learn to honor them. firefighters today also rang bells at fire stations across the city and observed two minutes of silence in honor of lieutenant perez and firefighter valerio. preliminary study results have found that a single wildfire last year in the southern sierra nevada wiped out a large portion of the world's giant sequoias. according to the study, the castle fire destroyed at least 1/10 of the world's mature giant redwoods. researchers use satellite imagery to determine that up to 10,000 of those majestic trees were killed. scientists say they plan to hike through the redwood groves next week for the first time since the fire to get a firsthand look. yeah, at a burial weather just admire day to day changes this week, the heat from a couple days ago is out of here. but still, we have some warm temperatures well, inland, speaking of the sierra, as you can see, as we check out the satellite, so you
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can't see and not only a satellite put the radar, some showers and thunderstorms developing in the southern sierra, so south of lake tahoe, we have some of some lightning strikes being detected. at least us of that moisture, creating some instability. and we also have this. the more low clouds and fog right near the immediate coastline to the beaches. is definitely on the cool and foggy side. in fact, this satellite image looks like yesterday satellite image with the glow clouds and fog out toward ocean beach out toward golden gate park and already pushing back into a san francisco bay for this evening current numbers out there we view spots still in the eighties out toward fairfield 86 degrees 82 in san jose, oakland, 64 in san francisco, has cooled up into the upper fifties. we're showing you some of the wind speeds out there. it is breezy in a few spots, nothing extremely strong, but still went around 15 to around 20 miles an hour if it's stronger out toward sfo, with that wind gust of up to 25. we showed you the fog and the satellite here is the real deal. our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge is some cloud cover
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here. so already a cloudy start as we head into the evening hours near the shoreline, so real wake up to some gray first thing tomorrow morning. now the key change into your thursday forecast. it's a subtle change receive a change in the wind direction out of the north, and that should lead two warmer temperatures, especially up in the north bay place like santa rosa in the in the seventies today, back up into the upper eighties, maybe approaching 90 degrees for tomorrow afternoon, so a little bit of a warm up as we head into your thursday, but the cooling definitely dominates the five day forecast. we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes, mark. thank you. the world's best get ready to tee off at the us open in san francisco coming up next we'll go live to the olympic club and hear from a former us champ who has strong ties to the bay area. but first here's what's coming up tonight on ktvu. the fun starts at eight o'clock with master chef that's followed by crime scene kitchen at nine. then stay tuned for the 10 and 11 o'clock news
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begins tomorrow at the olympic club. yesterday we caught up with michelle wie and today joe fonzi is live with another former u. s champion with very strong bay area ties. joe how exciting to see this event happening, no question about it, janna, and you know where i'm standing right now we're out, i'd say about 200 yards beyond the first t. so if you're on the first tee tomorrow, you're going to end up with your second shot. little beyond me. and as you said, not only do we have one, but we have two people with barrier roots. who are former us open winners we did catch up with michelle wie yesterday. today a young woman who played her childhood golf in the east bay. yeah, it doesn't matter when you do it, win the us open and it's career defining for
4:24 pm
paula kramer, who grew up in pleasant in that moment was 11 years ago when she was just 23. before that open. creamer had already won eight tour events, too. when she was only 18. it still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. you know, the competitor in me wants me to have it. so it's like 2020 2020, not 2010. i feel like that's a long time ago. you know, i want it now. um but at the same time you got to take it day by day kind of thing. cramer got to a million dollars in earnings younger and faster than any player in lpga history. but in recent years, your career has been slowed by a wrist injury that required surgery. she received a special exemption to play in this year's open and now at age 34 has a different perspective. i look at my career and i would say to myself if i was younger than to enjoy those winds more, you know, i was just so focused all the time you went on a sunday and it was like the next tournament starts monday, you
4:25 pm
know, never, ever really sat there and, you know, pat yourself on the back. i feel the best i've felt in probably six years. quite truthfully. cramer now lives in florida, but hasn't forgotten where it also. started. it's great to be back home haven't been back for quite a while. and my first stop was togo's. it's like my favorite sandwich place in the world and went straight there from the airport since that open win in 2010, cramer has won just one tour event seven years ago. in this year of unlikely veteran winners. it would be fitting if her next to her wind comes this weekend in a homecoming. all right. i got to show you guys something the reason that we're standing out here in the rough right off the first heat number one you heard paul cramer referenced the fact that she's recovering from re surgery. we heard michelle. we say the same thing yesterday. and what the u. s open. traditionally does. is it rewards accuracy? it penalizes you if you're inaccurate. if
4:26 pm
you look at their you can really see the difference between being in the fairway where the ball would sit up very nicely for your second shot or being in the rough and just to give you the contrast. look how deep that ball is right there on the rough trying to get out of there. it's a completely different club. it's a whole different ball game. you got to muscle it out. so if you've had wrist surgery, that's something that you're concerned about. so look for them to stay in the fairway and certainly want to do that. and that is a characteristic of the u. s open. thanks so much, so that's a great illustration to usually you're looking at it. it's all two dimensional, but that really kind of puts a fine point on it. appreciate it. and thanks for that interview, it's great to see a local bay area golfer do so well. be back out there, all right, coming up for us here on the forest cyber attack on the world's largest meat supplier. coming up a look at how this could impact meat prices and suspected energy attacks on u. s diplomats. brains sounds like something out of a spy movie. but now the government is looking into more than 100 suspected cases. we'll
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after a cyber attack and the intrusion is raising new concerns about the vulnerability of cybersecurity foxes. alicia acuna has more. employees headed back to work at jbs plans across the country on wednesday, the world's largest meat supplier is back online after a cyberattacksay, s cybersecurity and
4:30 pm
infrastructure security agency says it became aware of the intrusion on monday and is working with the fbi. the white house says a criminal group likely based in russia is thought to be responsible and is working directly with russia's government to stop future attacks. this is an issue that we have discussed with the russian government the specific issue and we've discussed it in the past and delivered the message that responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals. the attack, raising new concerns about the nation's cybersecurity. just last month, the colonial pipeline was targeted by a criminal group based in russia. president biden and russian president vladimir putin are expected to discuss the topic at a scheduled summit in geneva this month. the united states can't afford to walk away from the table and just not talk to russia over something like this, especially when we can't prove that the government had anything to do with it. meanwhile, the department of agriculture says there are no indication so far of a meat shortage here in the u. s. but prices could continue to increase due to covid and the weather. the free cost is certainly has increased dramatically. over the past
4:31 pm
year, talked about 40 to 50% and that is going to the meat. and just this morning, another ransomware attack impacting ferry service to martha's vineyard and nantucket and grilli, colorado. alicia acuna, fox news president biden met today with a key gop senator in an effort to hammer out a deal on his infrastructure proposal. the president held an oval office meeting with west virginia senator shelley moore capito. they're trying to find some common ground between biden's on most $2 trillion plan and the republicans $900 billion counter offer. i really believe that we should keep working at it. but if we get to the point where there's no more conversation we had then we move on patients is not unending, and he wants to make progress. his only line in the sand is an action he wants to sign. a bill into law this summer. while the white house is hoping for a bipartisan agreement. some democrats want the president to move forward
4:32 pm
with a bill through a process known as budget reconciliation. the president says he wants movement toward the bill by june 7th. there is growing mystery surrounding dozens of suspected attacks on the brains of u. s diplomats and national security officials. there's speculation that these might be so called energy attacks using a microwave or radio wave weapon. 130 cases are now under investigation. and we're joined today by attorney mark zaid zaid rather who represents some of the people who have fallen here will and thank you so much for joining us today. it's my pleasure. thanks i want to start off and just ask you. first of all, you know the sounds too many people like a kind of science fiction. what are your clients telling you about the sensations that they had the feelings that they had when these symptoms first began. sure well, there's a few things to understand. first. this has been going on for years. in fact, decades and the
4:33 pm
u. s government has not officially acknowledged that long before havana, cuba in 2016, and it's impacting far more numbers than what has been publicly acknowledged. but with respect to what they're feeling, it varies. i mean, just think of anyone physiologically as to what they might how they might be impacted by any types of different. this is, uh, you know those who get the flu, maybe more severely impacted than others were covid or whatever it might be, but there's a lot of issues with migraines, nausea, vertigo, forgetfulness, sort of like a fog of the of the brain. and significant pain, depending on who the person is, and i've heard this called the havana syndrome. but you mentioned that this has been going on just beyond just the havana issue. where are you finding these cases? right so i came into this case back in 2013 3
4:34 pm
years before havana, working on a case involving an nsa national security agency case officer and that individual was hit by some sort of microwave weapon back in the mid 19 nineties, and in fact, they gave me an unclassified memorandum in 2014, indicating that it had evidence that a foreign adversary was using mike. the wave weapons to maim or kill? uh so this has been going on for a long time. unfortunately because it wasn't known predominant least before havana many keep calling it havana syndrome. but that's really a misnomer because it is happening around the world. russia as i think i heard you guys mentioned is the primary suspect, but i would style any country that really has a connection to russia is likely on that. list of possible perpetrators. and you said that you saw some documentation about a foreign entity. what
4:35 pm
entity was that? it wasn't identified in the memo. the unclassified memo that i was given the name is considered classified by the national security agency. but the country that we predominantly here as the perpetrator is russia. and scientists are saying that they they aren't sure whether this is a weapon or an attack in all of these cases, or maybe even a side effect, perhaps from some surveillance equipment. what is it that you want to see the government do? well, we want more transparency, that's for sure. i mean, subject obviously to national security concerns, but i think we've got into a point where that's going to be really difficult to do. sort of the cat is out of the bag, so to speak when i was first handed in this case almost a decade ago. no, we were keeping it really quiet. we really thought we only had a very small number of people. there were two who were impacted. one has since died with my original client, and i knew of possibly
4:36 pm
some others. now we're talking hundreds. i think it's impossible for the government to keep this quiet. so the first and foremost thing we want to do is make sure everyone of our people are treated from a health perspective so that they're okay so that they can continue on in their careers, but at some point time we're going to need to know who has been doing this to our people. and what as the united states government been doing in response, and i'll say this is not a political issue. it doesn't matter whether it was democrats or republicans in the white house. like i said, it's been going on literally for decades. i have evidence going back to the late 19 sixties early 19 seventies that the government for dominantly within the intelligence community was aware of this, so it's about time that we get greater transparency, so that all americans know what's going on. certainly raising a lot of questions. mark zaid. thank you so much for joining us today. thank you up next for us here on the floor. it's a beacon of light. san francisco's massive
4:37 pm
pink triangle was lit up last night for pride month. up next we'll hear from the founder and organizer of the annual event, which is now in its 26th year. atteberry weather temperatures have been cooling off a little bit over the past few days. tomorrow, though, should be a different story. or at least a minor warmup editor away and minor warmup editor away and will have your forecast i was injured in a car crash. minori had no idea how muchd will hamy case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, eight million ♪,
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trending down a little bit over the past couple days, members so hot inland on monday for memorial day, a little bit of a drop. for today, most areas will be a little bit warmer as we head into your thursday, but these are all just some minor day to day changes. quick update, though on the sierra. the sierra snowpack of the latest latest measurement is not too very optimistic is becoming closer just to review back in february, 1st 98% of average the entire snowpack of
4:40 pm
the sierra. look at that steady decline and june 1st down to 0% of average for this time of year, so that snow pack of dwindling away in the mountains in fact, in the mountains right now, we have some showers and thunderstorms, especially south of lake tahoe this afternoon. we have this more low clouds and fog right near the immediate coastline. the clouds get ready to make their push back into the bay, in fact, already that it's already happening over san francisco and approaching the bay bridge. this afternoon. current numbers out there warm spots in the eighties outdoor concord, walnut creek. the cool spots near the shoreline in san francisco in the fifties. santa rosa in the upper seventies and the wind speeds. it's a breezy afternoon. nothing extremely strong, but winds most areas around 10 to 20 miles an hour that typical onshore breeze which has been cooling off the bay area. here is the live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. we're checking out traffic as well. you can still see the clouds now. you could notice you can actually see that howard. i'm not talking about real dent fog
4:41 pm
that's kind of hiding the bridge, but still the of the fog is out there, mainly some low clouds making their way back into the bay overnight overnight. in fact, first thing tomorrow morning we'll start out tomorrow morning in the low fifties to lower sixties. tomorrow should be a bit warmer than today, especially up in the north bay, and that will lead to upper fifties coast side warm spots inland, getting close to 90 degrees. in fact, here's look at your forecast highs for tomorrow with santa rosa and napa. the warm spots. really? yeah. noticing the impact of that warmer northerly breeze in place for tomorrow, so santa rosa 89 antioch 90 fairfield 90. degrees san jose 80 hayward 73. with that change in the wind direction places like sonoma county, napa county, they noticed the biggest warm up and that'll be the case for tomorrow's just amazing. the overall weather patterns not changing. it's just a change in the wind direction that will impact our temperatures in your thursday forecast, as we head into friday will cool things off a little bit as we head into saturday will warp things back. up, so we're just talking about minor day to day changes
4:42 pm
headed our way. but it does look like look like a pronounced cool down by sunday and into early next week. so if you want that cooler, refreshing marine area, probably like the at least the second half of the weekend and into next week, but at least we're not talking about any major heat in the berry forecast. okay, mark. thank you. pride month kicked off in san francisco with the lighting of the pink triangle on san francisco's twin peaks. the rain. what hit it. san francisco mayor london breed and house speaker nancy pelosi. we're both on hand to help switch on the 2700 pink led lights. this is the 26th annual pink triangle ceremony and joining us now to talk more about the event is organizer patrick carney. patrick great to have you on here today. uh last night, a boy. we saw the footage. it was cold. it was. foggy it was windy up there on twin peaks last night, but you
4:43 pm
know, i could tell the weather did not dampen anyone's spirits up there. talk about why it's so important to make sure this happens every year and that we have the pink triangle lit above the city of san francisco. well, part of celebrating and appreciating pride for any year is understanding where we've been, and that giant pink triangle is where we've been. it's a reminder and a warning of what can happen when a jew hatred and bigotry go unchecked. uh you know, beyond you know, being a symbol obviously of the progress that has been made, um you say that the pink triangle above san francisco is a big giant learning tool. why do you call it that? well the first pink triangle we snuck up and put it up in the dark of night so we wouldn't get arrested. and then afterwards, we realized a lot of people didn't know what it meant. even young gay people chapters in human history. so many people think it was another colourful gay symbols like the rainbow flag.
4:44 pm
of course, the rainbow flag was born out of hope and love and optimism. but the pink triangle is a reminder of the hatred of the past, the devised to hold a ray and colored triangles, too. to mark their undesirables yellow for jews and pink for homosexuals. they targeted gypsies and immigrants, etcetera, etcetera, so it's a reminder of what can happen. and so that's why it continues. that's why i also founded the commemoration ceremony to teach people of what used to happen. it starts out as sort of a somber kick off the cried weekend and then we. we celebrate by making up more festive, so we put on our pink hats and everything else that goes from a somber kick off to a very active and vibrant remembrance of the progress we've made, and no one could speak better to the progress we made in the woman whose life irresponsible and that's around area very on congress person. house speaker nancy pelosi, and
4:45 pm
it was thrilled to have her there again for the third or fourth time is kind of numerous times. for the last quarter century. how may agreed was there with the pink tarts and it was terrific. can you talk? because you talked some about the history here of the pink triangle. can you talk about how this symbol of persecution has been reclaimed over the years by the lgbtq community? yeah back during the aids crisis, a group called act up inverted the symbol. see it's generally pointing downward. they turned it upward, so it points up and they had. the slogan silence equals death, and they consider the ignoring of the aids crisis toward gay people. as you know another reminder of what happened in the holocaust, so they took this symbol from the holocaust and tried to reclaim it, and it was turned into a positive symbol of strength and resilience. and so we still use it as that. so we remember the hatred that caused where it
4:46 pm
came from. but we try to, um, take it forward as a symbol of our own. just like we reclaim that we're queer. it's a positive we reclaim the pink triangle is a positive, you know, i know that the pink triangle also is meant to honor other minority groups that continue to face discrimination. can you talk a little bit about how how the symbol pays tribute to the aapi community how it pays tribute to the black lives matter movement, for example, yeah. every year we try. we start with what the thing triangle men and we try and show examples of current targets of hatred. there is the systemic hatred toward toward blacks that we all know of. and this year after covid and certain right wing organizations, the asians became a target of violence. and then of course, there's the transgender community. increasing sense of our era of violence against transgenders, and now they're targeting transgender youth under the guise of protecting sports. no
4:47 pm
it goes on and on. there's always a sense of other there's always somebody to scapegoat. uh patrick, before i let you go. obviously i know there's a lot of disappointment that the pride parade has has been cancelled once again this year because of the pandemic, but there are still a lot of events virtual and in person events happening around san francisco this year. what are some of the celebration is going to look like this year where they're going to be more festive than last year. last year, we were holed up in our apartments. everything was on zoom this year. they're going to have some advance in at and t park. there are a few other in person events, but there will still be some more virtual events, but the pink triangle wasn't held back by being, you know, a virtual of that last year, it was real. you could go on your balcony or your roof or in the street and see it. and this year we did the same. i teamed up with a group called eliminate under the leadership of ben davis, and we filled the acre with 2700 right, pink led notes and. and lit up the sky,
4:48 pm
and we've done it again this year due to social distance and we couldn't get the usual 300 volunteers to install it, and we put a pink outline up. it's a five ft strip. 202 100 ft long around each edge, so you have get a daytime semblance of the pink triangle and then at night, it's vibrant and huge and. sure, full of energy and positivity, and we hope everyone enjoys it. there's going to be a social space up on top. people are invited to come up and hang out above the pink triangle. hopefully it won't be too windy. we're going to have some astro turf and some lounge chairs and you can sit there. bring a jacket. bring a jacket in a couple of sweaters if you head up there, but it is certainly beautiful and the pink triangle on twin peaks will remain illuminated above san francisco throughout the month of june for pride month, patrick carney, we have to leave it there. thank you for coming on. we really appreciate your time. thank you foha me. alright take care, and we should tell you. the san francisco giants will be wearing pride colors on the
4:49 pm
field this weekend, the team announced that players will be wearing caps on saturday featuring the sf logo and pride colours as well as a pride patch on the right sleeve of their jerseys. the giants will be the first major league baseball team to wear pride colours in on field uniforms. i was just thinking she was in big trouble. it was an emergency, and she needed her help right away, a san francisco police officer attacked and now we are hearing from one of the brave bystanders who jumped in to help her. also oakland's police chief, admits his officers acted outside of department policy during protests last summer, coming up tonight at five oclock new details about the nearly three us and officers who have now been disciplined. plus, it may be the cost of doing business, but it's those costs that are shutting down in east delhi, at least for now. coming up at five tonight tower nationwide problem trickled down to this berkeley deli and eventually led to the temporary closure.
4:50 pm
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as she was being attacked in chinatown. what do you think would have happened to this officer? if you were not there, um, i think that the other bystanders probably would have helped slow down the incident. and um, i think that the san francisco police department actually did respond quite quickly. orf says he has done crisis intervention worked for years. so walder says that he's familiar with problems facing the mentally ill. he says the biggest issue is funding programs that can help in the long term. the problem of mental illness and specifically people who are violent, um, mentally ill is not being addressed properly. the officer was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries, but she
4:53 pm
has since been released and is recovering. the chp says they arrested nearly 1000 people for drunk driving over the memorial day weekend. that's almost 15% more d u i arrest this year compared to last year's holiday weekend, the chp says at least 35 people were killed in the ui related crashes between friday night and late monday night. officers say. nearly two thirds of those victims were not wearing a seat. cult stocks close higher today, but not before some wild training trading rather of a nationwide movie theater chain. the dow was up 25 points. the nasdaq saw some modest gains. but earlier today a trading frenzy over amc movie theater stock sent it soaring to a record high foxes. susan lee explains, it wasn't the only stock seen huge gains. group of unlikely stocks. he a surge in the markets with shares of amc blackberry nokia, benefiting from purchases by small time
4:54 pm
investors in recent weeks, the so called meme stocks are being propelled by heavy interest coming from retail traders on social media sites like reddit. this is a strategy. it's an asset class now and it's here to stay. shares of amc entertainment hitting record highs on wednesday, climbing more than 90% people buying it today at 70, even though they know it was 30. yesterday the jump comes after hedge fund mew trick capital profited from buying and selling 8.5 million shares that it just bought on tuesday morning, saying that it was already overvalued. but that has not stopped investors from pouring money into the stock, prompting several trading halls throughout the day. amc, adding another incentive by offering even small investors a free large popcorn if they signed up to a regular newsletter and the world's largest movie theater chain, was on the break a bankruptcy following the pandemic being shuttered for several months because of covid restrictions. but investors have been encouraged by big box office business over the memorial day long weekend. other mem stocks seeing big gains as well. on wednesday
4:55 pm
blackberry, which saw shares rise more than 10% that bath and beyond, and gamestop, financial experts warn mean stock traders that yes, there are risks. i think, you know, we get these big eyes that, hey, we're going to hit a home run. i'll be able to take my $10,000 in turn into 30 or 40 or 100,000. and that doesn't happen a lot. and if you think that way, you're going to lose that money, amc shares are up more than 2300. so far this year in new york, susan lee fox news. scientists have been against mixing and matching to dose vaccines. but that may not be the case for booster shots. we'll tell you about the study we'll tell you about the study that's now underway i can tell that they used your milk, matilda. great job! you're welcome. breyers natural vanilla is made with 100% grade a milk and cream and only sustainably farmed vanilla. better starts with breyers. ♪ every bubble ♪ ♪ every scrub ♪ ♪ every spray ♪
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officials want to keep it that way. as foxes gary baumgarten shows us they are starting a
4:58 pm
study to see if we can mix and match vaccines for booster shots if they're needed. the national institutes of health is in its early stages of a study looking at mixing covid-19 booster vaccines for fully vaccinated adults. the study involves 150 people, researchers want to know how individuals immune systems respond if they receive a different booster vaccination. and if there are any safety risks. the testing comes as the united states continues to report declines in covid cases and deaths. the numbers are going down like this. listen over the weekend, we had less than 6000 new cases, parts of the country are still reopening and loosening restrictions. minneapolis and st paul are ending their mask mandates pennsylvania's mask order may be completely lifted later this month, if 70% of residents or more. are fully vaccinated, but doctors don't want people to
4:59 pm
let their guard down. follow the cdc guidelines for this syncing and masking, especially in public areas where you don't know other people's vaccine status and as america continues to reopen, there's still are questions about whether employers can mandate that people get vaccinated legally. they. specific employers and businesses can probably say you need a vaccine to get in. meanwhile, we could learn later this month if the fda will approve moderna's vaccine for use in young people ages 12 to 17. gary bomb. garten fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. oakland's police chief admits his officers acted outside department policy and all stems from protests following the murder of george floyd. and now 33 officers have been disciplined. good evening to you. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes. well, frank and julie are off tonight. oakland's police chief disciplined those officers were using tear gas to try to
5:00 pm
disperse a large crowd last year. today, the chief said that they violated policy by deploying gas at youth marchers gate to the investigative reporter, evan sernoffsky said down with the police chief this morning and joins us now live, evan, that's right. the chief said those officers shouldn't have used tear gas on those young demonstrators. and he said the discipline ranges from written reprimands to suspensions. but one thing i want the community to know is that this department is holding itself accountable. oakland police chief laurent armstrong said he's issued 33 disciplinary actions against officers following the tear gassing of demonstrators on june 1st 2020. it happened after a youth march downtown that started at oakland technical high school. some in the crowd came down broadway towards the police station, where officers deployed tear gas. we deploy gas outside of policy and for that we had to hold officers accountable. the department has


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