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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 2, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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from the department about the investigation. plus we're learning more about tense moments for law enforcement and survivors of the vt. a light rail shooting a new video released just last night that shows the challenges first responders face when they arrived at that scene, then more businesses airlifting covid restrictions across the bay area as we approach the date when the state is set to reopen what's happening today in solano county after it was stuck in the most restrictive red here for months. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two news at noon and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach i'm gasia mikaelian new body camera video shows the chilling moments. police first responded to the vt. a shooting in san jose one week ago. today ktvu is elissa harrington tells us more about the coordinated law enforcement response. hey, give us another unit over here. this four minute video shows the final moments of a shooting rampage at san jose's vt. a facility. the gunman later identified as vita employees.
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sam cassidy fired 39 rounds. he ended up killing nine people and himself will never forget those innocent victims whose lives were taken by a crazed coward, santa clara county sheriff laurie smith praised first responders for their bravery. officers followed an active shooter protocol that was spearheaded by a lieutenant who was in colorado. in the columbine shooting happened, body worn camera video follows a contact team made up of police and sheriff's deputies as they enter the third floor of the building. they move in a diamond formation following the sound of gunfire. they searched cubicles and clear rooms in the dispatch center. the purpose of clearing the room is to find victims by people hiding and to locate any suspects on lee won. one minute after entering the building. they close in on the shooter. they find him at the end of the hallway, he slumped over in a chair dead from two self inflicted gunshot wounds
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to the head. there were over 100, vt. employees on site that morning, and i believe the bravery of all of law enforcement personnel really prevented the loss of additional life. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. we're now hearing from one of the men who held a san francisco police officer as she was being attacked in chinatown. what do you think would have happened to this officer? if you were not there. um, i think that the other bystanders probably would have helped slow down the incident. and i think that the san francisco police department actually did respond quite quickly. michael waldorf says he's done crisis intervention work for years, so he's familiar with problems facing the mentally ill. it says the biggest issue right now is funding programs that can help in the long term. the problem of mental illness and specifically people who are violent. mentally ill is not
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being addressed properly. the officer was transported to the hospital to be treated for injuries. she has since been released and is said to be recovering. starting today, two more bay area counties are allowed to ease covid restrictions. marin is now the least restrictive yellow tear, joining santa clara, san francisco and san mateo counties. solano county is now in the orange tear, joining four other bay area counties there. solano county was in the red tear since march. starting today, the county's can increase the number of people loud inside businesses, including restaurants and jim's as well. ast churches very happy about it finally saying i'd be cautious about the no mask indoors at this time, but yeah, i do believe that everybody is kind of looking forward to not worry mass such as outdoors like we are now it's been a relief for me. amusement parks and movie theaters also have fewer restrictions. graduation
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ceremonies can also be held outdoors at 33% capacity. today we're two weeks away from when the states officially set to re open june 15. oakland city leaders are revealing plans for housing options and funding to address the ongoing homelessness crisis. day, the planning commission will hold its first hearing on a proposal by mayor libby chef and two council members. i do hope you're with us in the eight o'clock hour of mornings onto when mayor shaft joins us live. we talked about her proposed rule changes that would live people let let people live in rvs and tiny homes on private property. it would also make it easier to build manufactured homes in residential areas. we know that modular prefab housing makes building twice as quick and much less expensive. r v's will only be allowed in backyards and along the sides. we've really balanced health, safety and aesthetics. we believe that this will not change the appearance of neighborhoods at all. last night, the city council
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unanimously approved about $5 million in city funds for preparing city land for future housing, opening a transitional housing site near lake merritt and operating an rv parking site in west oakland. newark new in santa's a police just released video showing the dramatic moments before an officer shot and killed a man suspected of an armed robbery. the police chief of the city spoke to about this case that within the last hour here, ktvu saudi harassment joins us live this afternoon with the latest information alley well, mike san jose police chief anthony modeste says. the man shot and killed by police 31 year old dimitrius stanley was a suspect in an armed robbery on monday night police officers in an unmarked car or outside his home, conducting surveillance and gathering information in the case. when this shooting happened now, this is new video. the chief just shared in a news conference within the past hour, showing the moments leading up to the shooting in the video you can see stanley walk down the sidewalk. he approaches a vehicle and opens the door to that suv. he seems surprised and raises his weapon. know. inside that
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vehicle was a plainclothes sanders, a police officer who opened fire when stanley pointed his gun at him. the police chief called this shooting a traumatic event for everyone involved. police work is dangerous. we didn't intend for this. these circumstances to occur. you know when confronted like the officers were confronted, you know, they made a decision. this is a traumatic incident for the family of the mystery stanley for all the involved officers and for our community, our officers did not want or anticipate a confrontation that night and did everything possible to avoid having one. unfortunately the officers have no control over the actions of others now last night, stanley's friend. supporters joined with his family members for a vigil at san jose city hall after the vigil, some protesters marched on the highway 87 briefly blocked some roads before heading to police
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headquarters. one of his friend says stanley has been working as a security guard. he believed his friend he believes his friend was trying to defend himself. this man gave me the shirt off his back in the shoes off his feet, even me like he did not have a hateful bone in his body. santa's a police police department's internal affairs division in santa clara county district attorney's office are now investigating the shooting. this is the second deadly police shooting in san jose this year. and right now a spokesperson for stanley's family is speaking with reporters outside san jose police headquarters. my colleague jesse gary will have an update on this story online and in our later newscasts, allie rasmus ktvu fox to me. all right, allie. thank you for that report. a cyber attack is affecting production. at jbs beef plants across the country. this disruption coming weeks afterwards cyber attack on a major oil pipeline reporter alicia acuna as the story. gett,
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jbs usa says it expects the vast majority of its plants to be operating on wednesday after production was disrupted by a cyber attack. the shutdown impacting all nine beef plants in the u. s located in eight states. they account for about a quarter of all u s beef. the white house says russian hackers are likely behind this latest ransomware attack. the white house is engaging directly with the russian government on this matter and delivering a message that responsible states do not harbor ransom where criminals it's not yet clear how this will impact meat prices, which have already been rising due to coronavirus shutdowns and bad weather, the department of agriculture estimates beef prices could increase 1 to 2% this year, but experts say they're confident the supply chain will bounce back. i look back at the pandemic and covid-19 and how that really concerns me packing, especially in the upper midwest. and there was. you know there was significant growing kings on that happened. but we saw a
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fairly resilience and supply chain. this comes on the heels of last month's colonial pipeline attack, which led to fuel shortages and panic buying. colonial reportedly paid millions of dollars to its hackers to continue operations. cybersecurity experts are now urging companies to step up. we've got to have a better job of rapidly detecting and hunting in our own environment so that we can. catcher. our own bad actors quickly, jbs says it has cyber security plans in place to address these types of attacks in greeley, colorado, alicia acuna, ktvu. fox two news. still to come. a new new information on the shooting death of a firefighter in southern california. his connection to the gunman and now friends and family are remembering his life. plus unimportant meeting today at the white house between president biden and a top republican negotiator, but will they be able to reach an agreement on infrastructure? i'm lauren blanchard in washington when democrats say they're next deadline is coming up, plus a slight cool down
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from yesterday. still a sunny, gorgeous day all across the bay area. ktvu meteorologist. mark tamayo has your full forecast forecast arm. the law or
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own. mm mazes grace. how sweet
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the sound. they turned out last night for this vigil, investigators say an off duty firefighter went to the fire station. shot and killed a firefighter and critically wounded a fire captain ktvu is jana katsuyama reports shears, deputies rushed to the small los angeles county fire station number 81 about 11 tuesday morning, responding to a call of gunshots on lee to find a 44 year old firefighter dead ah, 54 year old fire captain had also been shot and was rushed to the hospital, a shock to fellow firefighters. this morning when. i received the news. it was some of the worst news that i've heard in my career. investigators tracked the gunman to a house in acting about 10. miles away, they say the man barricaded himself and then set his own home on fire, black smoke and flames, destroying the house deputy say
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the shooter was an off duty firefighter who'd worked at that same fire station. they saw an individual. in a small pool outside of the actual residents. ah appeared to be suffering a gunshot wound to the head at this time. it's unknown if it's self inflicted or not, but we know that no deputies fired and we don't believe anybody else was at the location, so it appears to be self inflicted. i've always prayed that. we would never have a line of duty death. i never thought that if it occurred that it would occur in this fashion investigators searched the burnt rubble for evidence trying to understand a motive for the fire department. a terrible loss of one of their own. he was a brave, committed, loyal member. of our department for over 20 years. there is a mother or father or husband or
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wife, children that are grieving beyond words can even. comprehend right now. that's hard to swallow. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. bay area firefighters are showing their support to the los angeles county fire department. flags are at half staff at alameda county fire stations, the department released a statement saying. our hearts go out to the los angeles county fire department, family, friends and the community. president biden is now calling june a national month of action to boost covid-19 vaccinations. just this morning, the president said he wants to have 70% of american adults receive at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine by july, 4th. just five actions being taken to get more people vaccinated. they include incentives like free drop in child care, free ride, share transportation and expanded hours at vaccination sites.
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starting next week. many vaccination sites to be often extended hours during the month of june, including pharmacies that will be open 24 hours every friday night for 24 hours of the open this month. if you're too busy work school, you get vaccinated around the clock on any friday. according to the latest government data 296 million vaccines have been administered in the united states. 52% of american adults are fully vaccinated. and right here in california, 70% of those eligible have received at least one dose. also here in california, much of the sierra snow back was here, but now it's gone, the department of water resources says the snowpack in the central and southern sierras at 0% of normal, the head of the water forecast, told the chronicle. it's not unused. will in dry years for the snow to be gone at the monitoring locations in the month of june, but the big problem is the runoff from the snow isn't making it into our
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reservoirs. instead, it's getting absorbed into the dry ground. all right, let's talk about what's happening out there right now. season sunshine after an awfully great start to the day, mark, that's right bike and gossip. good afternoon to buy the both of you. yeah yeah, the sunshine beginning to make a comeback after cloudy start in some areas and still some stubborn fog out toward the immediate coastline, we will have a little bit the forecast compared to yesterday. but in terms of temperature is they're not really moving around too much. take a look at the satellite right now. and as you can see, we have the fog hanging out still near the immediate coastline, so this is the overall trend over the past few hours, the clouds in the morning, clearing back to near the shoreline and still a pretty good onshore breeze, and you'll probably notice those winds accelerating throughout the afternoon hours. there's still some overcast out toward ocean beach, golden gate park, even the marin headlands out toward that mere beach approaching molinas as well. current numbers where it's fall. it's chilly temperatures in san francisco in the upper fifties sixties and oakland the warm spots approaching the seventies for concord and in
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livermore. at last check. those winds are picking up in a few spots. fairfield southwesterly 21 miles an hour, so it is a breezy day out there. sfo to about 18 miles an hour and half moon bay right around nine miles an hour. here's a live camera checking out sfo where you can see some blue sky up above the right portion of your screen. but of course, looking out tour. the west. we still have some lingering, overcast and probably some partial clearing near portions of the coastline and right around the bay this afternoon. here's the satellite and the overall weather pattern. this area of high pressure really heated up parts of the bay area a couple days ago. remember on monday for memorial day that's beginning to lose its crypt somewhat, and we will see temperatures come down a little bit for just for today with that onshore breeze increase and so warm inland mild around the bay foggy around the immediate coast toe. borrow. the only change receive little bit of a change in the wind direction and that will lead to warmer temperatures for the north base specifically, and
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your thursday forecast, so that's 78 in santa rosa today could be bumped up to around 88 for tomorrow afternoon forecast ties, though for your wednesday the cool spots in the upper fifties. the warm spot still not hot but still fairly warm, upper eighties too right around 90 degrees and look ahead. your five day forecast temperatures do go up a little bit as we hadn't a thursday, probably more pronounced, though, as we mentioned in the north bay, and that will cool things off just slightly by friday, then minimal changes we head into the weekend but in terms of extreme heat, triple digit temperatures really not showing up in our forecast, at least over the next five days. mark frank, you still to come at noon. the search continues for a missing grandmother in san francisco why officials are now asking.
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. for a missing elderly grandmother, 84 year old jean chang, kan fung has not been seen since may, 28th after being dropped after the marina district, safeway this morning, the district attorney chase a. bodine hosted a virtual news conference requesting help from the public in finding her. search requires the help. individualists of the public at large. we must work together to do everything we can to help bring this from home quickly and safely. and we're all fearful about what may have happened what may be happening,
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and we desperately want this going to be returned home safely to her family, miss fung speaks cantonese. she's described as five ft. tall £90 with white hair. she was last seen wearing a red or pink puffy jacket. anyone who's seen her he's urged to call the police. president biden is still negotiating with some republican lawmakers on reaching a deal on infrastructure spending. reporter lauren blanchard has. story from washington wednesday, president biden will host top republican infrastructure negotiator west virginia senator shelley moore capito in the oval office. president biden originally set to memorial day deadline for infrastructure talks, he moved it when it seemed there was progress with republicans. the white house lowered their spending bill to $1.7 trillion republicans up to their counter offer to just below one trillion, but we're not giving up. still, the two sides are firmly divided over the price tag and what counts as infrastructure. president biden has the support of republicans
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and democrats to pass a bipartisan infrastructure package that actually focuses on roads and bridges and airports and locks and dams. what he does not have supported is pushing through a progressive wish list items that wants to increase taxes. higher than that of communist china. on sunday, the transportation secretary said, although congress is out this week, negotiations will continue. june 7th is the new deadline for when the president needs to see clear direction or democrats may attempt to pass the bill through reconciliation. but ultimately we cannot just sit and negotiate forever. we have to get. to an end. energy secretary jennifer granholm said. while democrats want bipartisanship, they need an infrastructure bill. i can tell you in all honesty, the white house really wants this to be a bipartisan effort. and so we're not willing to pull the rip cord and hopefully shelley moore capito and the conversation today can bring along nine other republicans.
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some republicans say the meetings with the president are just for show that ultimately the white house staff. is less willing to make a deal. then president biden in washington lauren blanchard, ktvu. fox two news, chp officers said they arrested nearly 1000 people for drunk driving over the memorial day weekend. that is almost 15% more compared to last year's holiday weekend. the chp says at least 35 people were killed in dy related crashes from friday night, the late monday night. officers say nearly two thirds of the victims were not wearing a seat belt. the union representing thousands of nine 10 year teaching faculty in the uc system has authorized a strike. union members have been working without a contract for 16 months. now negotiations have been ongoing for more than two years. university counsel. american federation of teachers is arguing for more job security and higher pay. the chronicle reports. the faculty will most likely not go on strike before the school year star in the fall. this vote
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enables the team to call for a strike. if you see administrators failed to meet their demands, still to come in noon five month kicked off last night in the city of san francisco is a chilly night up there on twin peaks. still to come how organizers are hoping to bring back some events this year after being canceled last year due to the pandemic, plus his phone call saved my life. we're learning more about revie to rail yard shooting in san jose. how some of the victims are being remembered as heroes for helping to save other people's lives.
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when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together.
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family of the youngest victim killed in that mass shooting tells ktvu is henry lee. he spent his final moments warning others as the gunman opened fire. he will always be my guardian angel. one by is a says his younger brother. adrian died a hero. his phone call saved my life. his bravery saved his friends. and i will forever be grateful to my brother. on the morning a gunman opened fire the guadalupe, vt. a light rail yard in san jose won says he got a call from adrian. both siblings worked there, he says, don't come to the yard. don't
12:30 pm
come to the yard. i asked him why, he says there's somebody shooting guns outside the building. co workers say they saw adrian and another worker running into a hallway. had they not run into that hallway, the gunman would have. gone into that room and possibly killed everybody else with them during the phone call one then heard gunshots. when i hear it was a painful grown. it was him. he was hit. i heard him take his last breaths. the brothers have worked for vita for about eight years. adrian leaves behind his wife and their two year old son. he was a very. very genuine human being he demonstrated true bravery, sacrificing himself for his co workers and myself. marius
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aviano told me she believes her son saved at least six lives. my son took temple to save others. he did not know he was not going to see his child. i want him to be remembered as someone that is a hero as someone that cared about life, cared about people. one tells me neither he nor his brother knew or had ever dealt with the gunman who shot and killed adrian and eight other vita coworkers before taking his own life. adrian baez a was 29 years old, the youngest of the victims. and really ktvu, fox two news and happening today, all denny's restaurants in santa clara county or helping the families of the vita shooting victims, they're holding a fund raiser based on the bills of guests eating inside. half of all the money taken in today will be donated to the victimsfamilies cashews that the restaurant's will also accept donations from people who are not eating a denny's today all of that money will go straight to the families, the vt. a shooting and families of
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the victims of the focus of our giving day drive this week. you could participate by supporting working partnership. you say you can scan the q r code that's on your screen right now to learn more. police are investigating an overnight shooting in san jose. officers say someone was shot right on mclaughlin avenue, right near the 11 interchange with 2 86 80. police say the victim is a man with non life threatening injuries. no word yet on a motive, or if there are any suspects in the case. richmond police chief is fighting to keep her department intact as a task force proposes to cut millions of dollars from the police budget chief piece of friend says those cuts would be devastating, with dozens of officers losing their jobs. but others say it is time to re imagine the police department ktvu is amber leave reports on tuesday afternoon. richmond police responded to two shootings in less than five minutes. one man was shot in the back and taken to the hospital, police say with a minimum of nine officers on patrol during every shift, they are stretched then, and the biggest complaint that i get is
12:33 pm
the response time police chief piece of fur and she is now facing a proposal from a task force appointed by the city council to cut $10.3 million from the police budget. it's going to be devastating, we will lose 35 police officer positions, the chief says. that means 23 officers would lose their jobs and 12 vacant positions would not be filled. do we want officers or we want our community have programs in place so that we can rely less on police. randi joseph is a member of richmond reimagining public safety tab. force he says the money should be spent to prevent crime. increased funding for programs that help youth, the homeless and those suffering from mental health issues. this is not a tackle police is just to make sure that our community has had has jobs has houses. i don't agree with de funding the police department to fund the services. i think that there's plenty of other funding sources. currently 40% of richmond's budget goes to policing. some
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say that's low. compare. to antioch 62% both cities have a comparable population of around 110,000 people. that makes no sense that we were the fourth highest in the nation and police spending per person. chief french says it took years to build the foundation for making richmond safer. you see a successful model, and now they're taking everything away. the city manager has proposed cutting $2.3 million from the police budget. that $7 million less than what the task forces. asking the city council is scheduled to vote on the budget. june 22nd in richmond, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news for states and cities are reopening his life in america gets back to a more familiar field. ktvu jonathan syria reports from atlanta it's due to an increasing number of vaccinations, but there has been some pushback. more americans are getting out and about after a year of covid restrictions that are now being
12:35 pm
lifted in a growing number of cities and states, including ohio and philadelphia on wednesday as vaccinations increase and infection rates dropped sharply. we're now averaging about 17,000 new cases every day in the u. s. and business owners say they're hoping those trends continue even just the bible in the whole avenue is just like everybody is out, and everybody seems really like positive but the push to get everyone vaccinated is meeting some resistance. 117 hospital workers in houston have filed a lawsuit against the hospital's vaccine mandates, saying it's a violation of their privacy rights despite a ruling by the equal employment opportunity commission that employers can require workers to get vaccinated that's asking for personal health information, and that's not legal unless your health care provider and his demand slowly tapers off here in the u. s. there's a big focus on getting american vaccines overseas. china and russia have already donated
12:36 pm
tens of millions of shots around the world, raising fears that the us might be falling behind in vaccine diplomacy. the biden administration has pledged some 80 million doses for poor countries and more could be coming, but we stay no one is safe until everyone is safe. this cannot be just the creation, and the nih says it started a new study to determine whether it's safe and effective to me. x and match shots from two separate companies such as fighter and madonna in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news, the deadline for santa clara county businesses and non profit organizations to start tracking workers. vaccine status has now passed, the information does not automatically go to the county workers don't have to tell their employers if they've been vaccinated. but workers who opt out of reporting will be treated as if they've not been vaccinated, a stanford law professor says. that requirement is a creative approach does allow this 70 plus percent of santa clara
12:37 pm
county residents who've gotten vaccinated to return to normalcy, and it allows considerable choice still on the part of people about whether to get vaccinated. there are no laws that require workers to get vaccinated. companies can be fined up to $5000 a day if they don't request the information from workers. county says it will only impose the fine if it gets a complaint. for right now, it'll only issue a warning in san francisco, twin peaks is now lit up in the traditional pink triangle for pride month as ktvu is deborah villalon reports, this year's events are beginning to emerge from the pandemic. 32. hit it, the pink triangle on twin peaks close again for the 26th year and will remain illuminated every night in june, thanks to 2700 l e ds and the community's commitment today because there's so many of you here, the pink shrine was a beacon of hope, a beacon of hope, shedding its brilliant light.
12:38 pm
thank you, then on our city hate will never. divide us. it will always bring us together to live another day due to covid volunteer efforts on the triangle are scaled back and the audience too, but the triangle remains powerful and germany used to target and shame gay men and women but later reclaimed as a symbol of queer power and pride, trying to remember the hatred of the past to help prevent it from happening again. pat carney co founded the twin peaks triangle, 200 ft across and visible for more than 20 miles. was away, but we're full of community involvement, and the energy is back. 2021 is bringing back some of what we lost in the pandemic, and we're thrilled by them. never absent, helping carry an led torch as they carry out their human rights mission and drag. it feels great to know that pretty soon this mask will not be required at all. we'll be able to go out and live our lives, and next year we can all join
12:39 pm
at the twin peaks. pink triangle, too. together on the torch was escorted to twin peaks by writers from dykes on bikes, the motorcycle club that traditionally lead san francisco's gay pride parade. i personally would rather see a celebration next year that's even bigger than the years passed, as long as everybody this year is safe, and i think safety is the most important thing. and while the torch ended up on twin peaks, it began its journey in the hands of an oakland school teacher, bridging the bay. bridging divides. we are one lgbt q plus community and we need to start acting that way every day. from now on until we. are all equal, deborah villalon ktvu fox two news and the san francisco giants will be wearing pride colors on the field this weekend, the team did announce players will be wearing caps on saturday featuring the sf logo in these pride killers as well as a pride patch on the right sleeve of there. jerseys. the
12:40 pm
giants will be the first mlb team to wear prime colors on their uniforms still to come at noon, it's graduation season, and for many various seniors, they can finally have some in person ceremonies where they say they're so grateful to end her high school career this way, walking across the stage in front of some friends and family also were a little cooler than we were yesterday. and i'm talking about the weather, of course, particular season, grace guys still persist above the bay area. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo was up next as he has
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to the 2020 george floyd protests, chief armstrong held a news conference just minutes ago at opd headquarters for investigations have led to about two dozen oakland police officers being reprimanded or suspended. investigators determined that some officers used tear gas on demonstrators when there was not a threat of danger to the police or community members. it's challenging for the officers is challenging for the department, but also it poses a potential for poor decisions to be made. but even with that standing. the policy is very clear. officers were not authorized to use gas and no matter in which they did. and for that the department is held them accountable. chief armstrong also said he's implementing policy changes, including not allowing officers to use tear gas on demonstrations. officers
12:44 pm
will also take steps to minimize their use of force across the bay from oakland. san francisco is now holding high school graduation ceremonies throughout the week and as ktvu is rob roth reports, some of the new grads are being allowed to receive those diplomas in person with family in attendance. 15 years from phillip and sala burton academic high school in san francisco. we're together again, finally, not on campus, but it keys are stadium where they received their high school diplomas after enduring a senior years spent largely at home, secluded from classmates because of covid. i'm glad to actually be walking stage in person, rather than on a camera in class like i would, i would say yes, i'm going to graduate in a couple of years, i would obviously like the big day is coming up and it's coming up. but now that it's here, it's like really exciting. these are among the approximately 4000 seniors graduating from san francisco public high schools this week happy for our students and that after at least at the very end, they could come together one last time and be able to celebrate.
12:45 pm
be able to graduate together in person in person is what's significant in all this last year's graduation ceremonies looked nothing like this. those took place online. it wasn't until recently that san francisco public health officials gave the okay for outdoor ceremonies, but students have to sit at least six ft apart. no student can have more than four guests who must sit in pods and the venues are all disinfected between ceremonies before burdens graduation tuesday, local high school had its ceremony. very happy. it's been, uh it's been a wild ride, especially this year, especially this year because some high schools only allowed seniors to attend classes in person for just 3 to 5 days over a two week period only about 15 percent of students actually came in. but on this graduation day, parents seemed happy and relieved. there were definitely pluses and minuses to this whole past 15 months, but i'm so glad that she made it to for all the
12:46 pm
disappointments over the year, they did lea. we've been mentally tougher because we have to push ourselves a lot more. we really learned the power of communication. i think with this class since it's so hard this year will keep that skill forever. it's all but certain the class. of 2022 won't have to endure with the previous two classes went through, the school district announced full in person learning beginning in the fall. rob rock ktvu, fox two news. let's get you outside this afternoon. we pretty much hunkered down inside during the cold start to the day marked miles out and about and it must feel good up there in the north bay. yeah, stretching out a little bit to have michael garcia this afternoon and ice little warm up and nothing to a major in terms of heat. in fact, we have been cooling things off a little bit compared to on a memorial day when temperatures will peeked across the bay area so cool down, but still a few spots still on the warm side this afternoon, and that will be the story basically all week long, but to no extreme. heat
12:47 pm
in the forecast. you heard about the story earlier in the newscast, the sierra snowpack because we take a look at the maps and as you can see here, typically, we have some lovely a contour is to show you the snowpack, but it's basically gone right now and just interesting to take a look at the past few months going back to february, 98% of average the sierra snowpack. that was we're thinking, okay, this is great, basically close to 100% but things steadily dropping off quite a bit and the most recent report from yesterday 0% of average that snow. a pack is going away pretty basically gone. here is the satellite showing you this. we still have low clouds and fog right near the media coastline, a pretty good onshore breeze as well. so it's an overcast out toward the coast near portions of a san francisco this afternoon and where it's foggy. it's chilly. we have some fifties out toward half moon bay in san francisco,e seventies to the war in spots . and livermore. you the wall will probably notice the winds picking up especially right
12:48 pm
around the bay out toward the delta. later on today, there is already a breeze in fairfield out of the southwest 21 miles an hour and that sfo observation at about 18 miles an hour, they will likely go easily over 30 miles an hour by about midday. here's a live camera checking out alcatraz checking out to the golden gate bridge and still some lingering clouds out there, hugging the coastline closer to looks like the marin headlands out toward kirby cove and san francisco's ocean beach and the presidio as well. this big area of high pressure. really this was the source of the heat across parts of the bay area a couple days ago. we're starting to see this guy move in this area of low pressure. and so with that it is still warm to hot inland. we're just not going, but we're not talking about triple digits, so the cooling will continue. the only change headed our way is will be tomorrow receive more of a northerly wind and that will lead to a warm up mostly up in the north bay for tomorrow's that 78 you've seen santa rosa for this afternoon could likely be an 87 or 88 for the thursday afternoon. san francisco 60 livermore 85
12:49 pm
degrees and still some patchy areas of fog right near the immediate coastline and closer to with san francisco. here is a look ahead your five day a little bit warmer into your thursday and then it looks like a quiet weather pattern as you can see, as we head into the weekend. eventually temperatures will drop off by sunday and into early next week. but the triple digit heat is out of here. it's not showing up really in this five day forecast, at least at least for right now. maybe maybe into next week, we could be talking. about a change, but it looks like a mild weather pattern is here to stay, mark. thank you. the antioch fire department has released new drone video of a fire at an apartment complex that was caused by fireworks in a nearby field. fire officials say that high temperatures and windy conditions fanned the flames from the field over 22 apartment buildings that started about 5 30 on monday night in the field behind apartment buildings on hargrove street. took crews about an hour to get the flames under control. in all, eight units were destroyed. two people were treated for smoke inhalation. antioch police arrested 44 e l. james saw simon for allegedly tossing illegal fireworks into
12:50 pm
the field and starting that fire. sosman was booked into the martinez detention facility on suspicion of unlawfully causing a fire and possession of a gun while on felony probation. santa clara university is now encouraging its students to get vaccinated. pop up vaccine clinic is now available on campus. it will be there until 5 30 tonight. at the willimon room university, says the clinic is open to all campus members as well as the neighbouring community. people are being given a choice between the johnson and johnson and pfizer. vaccines appointments are encouraged, but walk ins are welcome. still to come at noon. the u. s women's open tees off tomorrow in san francisco. next what fans can expect and we'll take a look at the combat for stanford graduate videos of uplig
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
interactions with his students
12:54 pm
over the past year, and like your grades do not determine your value. when that negative self talk starts to appear, that's where you want to be aware, there because the next step is to challenge that self talk. do you think about that's donovan taylor hall? he teaches a course focused on social, emotional learning to middle schoolers that impact academy charter school in hayward started his career as a youth development coach. mr donovan says he plans to continue spreading this message of positivity with more online videos. the state assembly passed a bill that will make children's toy and clothing, aisles, gender neutral and major retailers. south bay assemblyman evan low introduced the measure said it was inspired by an eight year old girl who asked him why the items she wanted to play with were in the boys section. he says the law will help eliminate harmful stereotypes if approved by the state senate and the governor. the light. law would apply to retail stores with 500 or more employees starting in the year. 2023 kentucky derby champion medina spirit failed another drug test. the second test comes from a split sample taken
12:55 pm
from the horse after the derby victory. race organizers are refusing comment, but they could disqualified medina spirit and discipline its trainer, the horse that finished second in the derby. mandaluyong would then be declared the winner. medina spirits trainer insists that the steroid found came from a skin rash appointment. olympic club in san francisco is getting ready to host the u. s. open round one starts tomorrow. 156 golfers will tee off with a champion being crowned on sunday. pleasanton is paula creamer won the open in 2010 and received a special exemption to play this week. and we also watch former stanford star michelle weed and as ktvu sports anchor joe fonzi shows us it's been quite a journey as she tries to regain some of her past glory, a professional golfer for 16 years now michelle wie has written her share of ups and downs. the 2014 open winner went from young phenom to someone who decided to take a
12:56 pm
hiatus from the game because of a lingering wrist injury. during that hiatus, she got married. he gave birth to her first child and now as a san francisco resident, is reviving her game. it's a really cool failing, um, being here. i mean, i guess staying at my house is these two weeks is pretty nice. i've never had that happen before stepping away from the game for that long, um, it felt like with my swing. um it was really natural. it came back getting used to life under a microscope as a condition some athletes handle better than others. we can identify with the decision made just this week by tennis star naomi osaka to withdraw from the french open. my lows have definitely been well documented throughout the years, and i thought what naomi did this past week was incredibly brave, really appreciate the media covering women's sports in general, but, um, definitely as a player. it gets tough, especially after having a bad
12:57 pm
round. wei's last tournament win was three years ago. but since then her. life has evolved into a lot more than success or failures on the golf course at san francisco's olympic club, joe fonzi ktvu fox two. climates high school has unveiled a new oakland forever theme basketball court. this court features the school's slogan the school of champions, a reference to its basketball legacy. the warriors along with rocket 10, and good tidings foundation, helped refurbish the court. so you're talking about some of the all time great players in the history of the game who started their basketball careers on that? same would that your kids are going to get to play on now? going forward? i think that's a special part of this project. in addition to unveiling the new court, acclimates high school announced a new $10,000 scholarship to be awarded to one graduating senior the san francisco man has finally returned to bob dylan album, which he checked out from an
12:58 pm
ohio library 48 years ago. howard simon says he was thumbing through his record collection recently when he came across dylan's self portrait album. he sent it back to the library with a note of apology and $175 for what he thought he owed in late fees for an item that was in all 17,400 days late. i knew that they weren't going to garnish my wages and retired anyway. no we're just a furnished. uh but, you know, i knew that it was really just in the nature of donation. um. and it's a library. that means a lot to me. and you know, i grew up in that library. the library no longer charges for overdue items, but said it is grateful to have the album back. take us to see hamilton and san francisco went on sale this morning. that blockbuster musical was scheduled to reopen with a four week run at the orpheum theatre starting august 10th the theater says right now the plan is to open at 100% capacity three week r andment at san jose center
12:59 pm
californians have just a couple weeks left to enjoy disneyland at minimum capacity. the park in southern california will begin allowing out of state visitors starting june 15th californians who have been to the park in recent weeks. say the lines for rides have been far shorter compared to years past. right now mass was still required, and many of the attractions at the park allowed room for social distancing the coachella music festival near palm springs will return next april. organizers tried to bring it back this october, but that plan was scrapped tickets for next year's event. go on sale this coming friday. and if you're scared of heights well, they're swimming pool may not be for you. the pool is located between two high rise apartment buildings in london. sky pool is transparent. this pool is 115 ft. above ground, 82 ft long and holds 50 tons of water. yeah, i do it. you do it in a heartbeat. yeah, for some reason. i'm scared of heights. but you're are you scared
1:00 pm
rights? not really. in close spaces. yes. hi. it's no thank you for joining us. today. news is always on ktvu .com. see you back here at four. coming up nee things you should never put inee your microwave. and -- dr. oz: the moment you have been waiting for. >> the surprising thing you should be nuking. then, your covid workout to build up your immunity. the pandemic transformation that will inspire you. >> take it slow and do it for yourself. >> coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: today an investigation that may make you look at your microwave in a new light.


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