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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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officers losing their jobs. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. the task forces defending the proposal, saying that it is time to re imagine the police department and fun programs that will help prevent crime. new attend tonight. kate's amberleigh tells us about the possible impact on public safety on tuesday afternoon, richmond police responded to two shootings in less than five minutes. one man was shot in the back and taken to the hospital, police say with a minimum of nine officers on patrol during every shift. they are stretched them. and the biggest complaint that i get is the response time police chief piece of french is now facing a proposal from a task force appointed by the city council to cut $10.3 million from the police budget. it's going to be devastating. we will lose 35 police officer positions, the chief says. that means and 12 vacant
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positions would not be filled. do we want officers are we want our community have programs in place? so that we can rely less on police. randi joseph is a member of richmond reimagining public safety task force. he says the money should be spent to prevent crime. increased funding for programs that help youth. the homeless and those suffering from mental health issues. this is not attack on police. this is to make sure that our community has had has jobs has houses. i don't agree with de funding the police department to fund the services. i think that there's plenty of. other funding sources. currently 40% of richmond's budget goes to policing. some say that's low compared to antioch. 62% both cities have a comparable population of around 110,000 people less makes no sense that we were the fourth highest in the nation and police bending part person. chief french says it took years to build the foundation for making richmond
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safer. you see a successful model, and now they're taking everything away, the city manager. has proposed cutting $2.3 million from the police budget. that $7 million less than what the task force is asking. the city council is scheduled to vote on the budget. june 22nd in richmond, amberleigh ktvu, fox two news protests in san jose tonight spilled onto a highway over a deadly shooting involving san jose police. and an armed suspect. community members held a vigil for 31 year old dimitrius stanley as san jose city hall this evening. now after that vigil, members of the group briefly marched on the highway 87 before heading to san jose police headquarters. now one of his friends told us that stan lee worked as a security guard and was trying to improve his life. this man gave me the shirt off his back in the shoes off his feet, even me like he did not have a hateful bone in his body. we're
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carless like, um, this doesn't make any sense. now. police say they encountered stanley run 9 45 last night on top, strive in the various the neighborhood. release these pictures showing him with a gun. investigators say. he pointed that semi automatic handgun with an extended magazine at one of the plainclothes officers before police shot him. police also say they were covered five unregistered guns from his home. we expect to learn more details about the shooting in a news conference tomorrow, the senate clair county sheriff's office released body camera video from last week's mass shooting at the v t a rail yard. you can hear the suspect firing his weapon toward law enforcement before turning the gun on himself. ktvu is as a smith is here now, after reviewing the video and has more on the county's active shooter protocol as nick julie, every law enforcement officer in santa clara county is trained to use that protocol and event of an active shooter. it was developed 60 years ago, and this was the first time the
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protocol was ever used in the county, and the sheriff said it saved lives. so let's just go. let's put ready. this is bunny warren camera video from a santa clara county sheriff, deputy. one of two deputies along with three san jose police officers, who first responded to an active shooter at vt. a with the rifles and guns drawn the group moving in a diamond formation toward the gunfire known as the hot zone. the group has told the suspect is armed with a handgun last seen at vt. building a. hey, give us another unit over here. they asked for cover as they head up the staircase to the third floor as they reached the top one of the san jose officers hears through his dispatch to san jose speedy's dispatch that shots are still occurring. did you have a vt supervisor emerges, providing them his key card and access to the building once inside the team searches, cubicles underneath desks and the vt
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dispatch center for victims and the suspect. the team again moves. in the direction of gunfire. ah bullet hole can be seen in the window frame of the dispatch centers, exit doors. evidence shows that one gunshot went through the door into the direction of the contact team as they walked closer. but again, i said, god, is everything okay? standby stand by sitting in a desk. disgruntled employees sandal cassidy with two self inflicted gunshot wounds under the chin and to the head. i thought it was important to show that this protocol i believe, save lives there over 100 people in that area. he had a lot of additional ammunition. in the sheriff's office, not only commending the bravery of its deputies and san jose pd, who responded, but for remaining
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calm as the gunfire continued not seen in that video. the rescue task force is also part of the active shooter protocol that carried victims and provided medical aid. julie had just chilling video watching them move through their room by room as nothing qanon, the brother of one of the victims killed in the vt. mass shooting, says his younger bro. they're called him that morning. both worked at the vita yard, he says, don't come to the yard. don't come to the yard. i asked him why, he says there's somebody shooting guns outside the building. during that phone call. one says that he then heard gunshots. he says he heard adrienne take his last breaths. the brothers have worked her vita for about eight years. one says adrian may have also saved the lives of six co workers by running into a hallway and distracting the
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gunman knew it. 11 a judge has dismissed bribery charges against apple's security. chief apple chief security officer thomas lawyer was accused of offering ipad it's to the sheriff's office in exchange for help getting concealed weapons permits for the company's executive protection team today. a judge said that the allegation that lawyer had any corrupt intent by offering the ipads was pure speculation. apple said back in november that it had already conducted an internal investigation and found no wrongdoing. the union representing thousands of non tenured teaching faculty in the university of california system has authorized to strike the university counsel, american friend. aeration of teachers has been bargaining with you see from more than two years and working without a contract for 16 months. they want more job security and higher pay, according to the chronicle. faculty members will not likely go on strike before school starts in the fall, but the vote and powers the union's bargaining team to call for one
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if you see administrators failed to meet their demands, investigators say, an off duty firefighter entered the agua dulce, a fire station in los angeles county this morning and opened fire. killing a firefighter and critically wounding another. that shooting happened at about 11 this morning. four firefighters were in the station at the time that the would he say the gunman then returned to his home about 10 miles away and set the house on fire. he was found in a drained swimming pool shot to death. workplace violence is some dispute is always a possibility. but until we have interviewed every single one of the potential witnesses there at the scene, all of the employees family members. we'll be able to ascertain whether or not what it is. officials did not say if the suspect had any disciplinary actions in the past. the injured fire captain underwent surgery tonight and is expected to survive, the chief says 44 year old was a 20r
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veteran veteran of the. l, a county fire department. hamilton's long intermission at the orpheum theater is coming to a close this summer when the curtain will rise again in san francisco for this award. winning musical and san francisco kicks off pride month with a plug the lighting ceremony. they're twin peaks. what else is playing, thoug so it's another day. yeah- that's what most people think. but in business it's never just another day. every day is the day. there's the day your store has its biggest sale. the day you have a make or break presentation. and the day your team operates from across the country. but there's also the day you never see coming- the day when nothing goes right. see- that's the thing.
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matteo county helped kick things off today by raising the pride flag ceremonies were held in redwood city in belmont, the county is flying a different flag from the traditional one. the progress pride flag includes black and brown stripes to represent marginalized lgbt q. communities of color in san francisco. twin peaks is now lit up tonight in the traditional pink triangle of pride month. ktvu is deborah villalon here now with this year's events and. beginning to emerge from the pandemic. deb julie this year it's a mix of in person and online events and the parade. always the highlight will not happen for the second year. disappointing but pride leaders say there's much to celebrate. 321 hit it. the pink triangle on twin peaks close again for the 26th year and will remain
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illuminated every night in june, thanks to 2700 l e ds and the community's commitment today because there's so many of you here, the pink shrine was a beacon of hope, a beacon of hope, shedding its brilliant light. thank you, then on our city hate will never. divide us. it will always bring us together to live another day due to covid volunteer efforts on the triangle are scaled back and the audience too, but the triangle remains powerful and germany used to target and shame gay men and women but later reclaimed as a symbol of queer power and pride, trying to remember the hatred of the past to help prevent it from happening again. pat carney co founded the twin peaks triangle, 200 ft across and visible for more than 20 miles. was away, but we're full of community involvement, and the energy is back. 2021 is bringing back some of what we lost absent thes of perpetual indulgence,
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helping carry an led torch as they carry out their human rights mission and drag. it feels great to know that pretty soon this mask will not be required at all will be able to go out and live our lives. and next year we can all join at the twin peaks. pink triangle, too. together on the torch was escorted to twin peaks by writers from dykes on bikes, the motorcycle club that traditionally lead san francisco's gay pride parade. i personally would rather see a celebration next year that's even bigger than the years passed, as long as everybody this year is safe, and i think safety is the most important thing. and while the torch ended up on twin peaks, it began its journey in the hands of an oakland school teacher. bridging the bay bridging divides. we are one l g. b t cubed plus community and we need to start acting that way every day. from now on until we.
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are all equal, so this was not the best night for visibility. but since the triangle will be lit every night in june, there will be many more opportunities to see it. julie city hall is lit in pink tonight as well. very pretty pink glow tonight, deborah. thank you. well ktvu dot com is building a special pride section for all of this month's lgbt q pride news. just go to our website ktvu dot com slash pride. marin county is now the fourth in the bay area to move from the orange dear to the least restrictive yellow tear in the states reopening plan. and solano county, finally moving from the red level to orange. this means that starting tomorrow churches, restaurants, gyms and movie theaters will be able to increase indoor capacity. california though, is expected to do away with this tear based system altogether on june 15th when the state is set to reopen fully, and that's also the day the disney land plans to welcome out of state visitors. this means that ticket holders just have two weeks left to
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experience a less crowded theme park. and while some visitors say lines are unpredictable, because restrictions include social distancing on some rides, most arcing wait times that are just a few minutes compared to more than an hour before the pandemic. state lawmakers are taking a closer look at empty malls for new housing as a way to address the housing shortage on a larger scale. one bill that clear the state senate last week would remove the need to change local zoning and would allow developers to build houses in clothes, shopping malls and big bob. retail stores anywhere in the state. that bill is now headed to the state assembly. 40 times they're set at the olympic club in san francisco for the u. s women's open coming up michelle wie on her hopes this week and the advantage of being a local and better late than never, how a bob dylan album made its way from the bay area all the way to a ohio library 48 years overdue. there's a big cool
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down today. temperatures are going to even out as we go through this week, but it's not going to be near his heart. as we saw yesterday bye. dylan. al d
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to help for him in ohio library 48 years ago, howard simon says that he was thumbing through his record collection recently when he came across dylan's self portrait album, simon, then send it back to the library with an apology note and a 107 $175 for what he thought he owed and late fees for an item that was get this 17,004 days late. i knew that they weren't going to garnish my wages and return anyway. no, we just took furnished. um but, you know, i knew that it was
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really just in the nature of. and it's a library. that means a lot to me. you know, i grew up in that library now. the library no longer charges for overdue items, but said it is grateful to have the album back. hamilton is returning to san francisco. the blockbuster musical is scheduled to reopen with a four week run at the orpheum theater starting august 10th that theater says right now the plan is to open at 100% capacity. in a statement, mayor london breed said quote there is no clearer sign that san francisco is coming back to life and seeing live performances returning to our stages. hamilton will also play a limited three week engagement at santa's, a center for the performing arts starting october. 12 tickets go on sale. tomorrow it really is a fantastic show. all right. for the first time ever. the olympic club is san francisco will host the women's u. s. open 156 of the best female golfers in the world will tee off this thursday with a champion crowned on sunday.
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pleasanton is paula creamer won the open back in 2010 and got a special exemption to play this week and former stanford star michelle wie as our joe fonzi shows us for her. it's been quite a journey, she tries to regain some her past glory. a professional golfer for 16 years now, michelle wie has written her share of ups and downs, the 2014 open winner went from young phanom to someone who decided to take a hiatus from the game because of a lingering wrist injury. during that hiatus, she got married, gave birth to her first child, and now as a san francisco resident, is reviving her game. that's a really cool feeling. um being here, um. i mean, i guess just staying in my house is these two weeks is pretty nice. i've never had that happen before stepping away from the game for that long. it felt like with my swing. it was really natural.
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it came back getting used to life under a microscope is a condition some athletes handle better than others. we can identify with the decision made just this week by tennis star naomi osaka to withdraw from the french open. milos has definitely been well documented. throughout the years, and i thought, what? no. i only did this past week was incredibly brave, really appreciate the media covering woman sports in general, but definitely another player. it gets tough, especially after having a bad round. wie's last tournament win was three years ago. but since then her life has evolved into a lot more than success or failures on the golf course. san francisco's olympic club, joe fonzi ktvu, fox to, okay, we have the big cool off today. hope you had a nice memorial day weekend yesterday turned out to be stunning for all parts of the bay area. it wasn't it was hot, but it wasn't sweltering like it was up in red bluff and
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reading where they had 108 degree. botham had red blood had 100 8 reading out 100 8. so this were records so those numbers continue in the triple digits in the big valley in the central valley. we have a nice sea breeze. the marine layer stretched out and pushing inland even as i speak, and so we're seeing this low pressure that has developed kind of strength and weaken the high that happened today and then tomorrow and subsequent days that low is going to linger and keep things kind of flat. it's going to keep the fog at the coast is going to keep temperatures. it's cooler and mild this but it's not. you know, it's we're still going to see seventies and eighties is just not going to be nineties and 100 so you can see here. the current temperatures, they're running behind where they were last night, which makes sense because it was pretty warm. still last night, nine degrees cooler right now and never more. so you know, tomorrow will be cooler day. just when you start off cool, you end up cooler typically. the winds are blowing the right way that far. get the coast and it looks a lot like late spring early summer with plenty of jacket weather at the coast
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like i mean it zogg, and it's cool with the coast. it's fifties pretty much all day tomorrow and the next couple of days. you get inside you get east of 19th avenue, and you're probably a long sleeve shirt. get down by the ballpark, probably short sleeve shirt on dats. how this whole week goes in the morning. it's gonna be cloudy for most of us were looking for, you know san jose to probably be clear but like san francisco, oakland, hayward. low clouds and fog and then by lunchtime in the afternoon. it's partly sunny in san francisco, and everybody else is partly saying to mostly sunny. what i just say temperatures tomorrow gonna be slightly cooler and this whole weeks going to go that way, so you'll see. in the five day forecast coming up. there is the fog footprint for the morning. some forecast highs and then the five day forecast which load is the top tier of numbers, they trend down into the mid eighties loaded, so that's a kind of a good cal. fire's like in this forecast. that's all you need to know it's a much better forecasts, and we could see if we had some real big heat. so when i come back tomorrow night, we'll talk
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about any updates. it might be needed. i'll see you then. we will see that bill. thank you coming up in sports and incredible performance by oakland's own damian lillard in the blazers double overtime heartbreaker against the denver nuggets, marcus the highlights and the rest
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in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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working body is back with you here in the vinyl room tonight. you know the a's little concerned over the past week or so they got a lot of guys hitting under 2 20, but busting out a little bit. you had to hang around till the late innings to see it. 10 run seventh and later. very group patient group of a's fans up in
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seattle tonight. they were down for two in the seventh. they score six runs matt olsen really unleashes things for the perfectly placed. it'll soft liner to right. a couple of runs are gonna score. it's 64 and the beat goes on now watch the young catcher shot. murphy just go down and get this thing when you're going right, those things happen down the line. fair ball, got himself two run double in the eighth stretch out the lead to 84 but their star with the baton, his hands tony camp, i say, let this guy play every day and second base, and he had himself a night. not only this, no doubt about it or. i feel the two run shot. he had an r b i single r b, i double sacrifice fly tied his career i with five r b i's in the days when it 12 6 must love bob melvin 799th win as an oakland a's manager, passing tony larussa on the all time wins
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list for a manager with the a's in oakland. hi did san francisco young woman says, do not where that dodger outfit again to a giant skate when he lost, alex would didn't have it, man. he gave up seven earned runs. max stassi with a shot to right, my kiss strips. he tries to make the great catch. he can't that is an r b. i double for stassi. but the main point for the giants? yes sustaining a sprained thumb. we'll see if he goes on the injured list to the any continues. anthony rent down. friends colin tony tony smacks one fair down the left field line with the bases loaded. he already had a two run single. so three runs there. he had five r b i's in the night giants were never really in it. they lose. it ate one cubs coming to town after a day off. tomorrow can you believe this game by damian lillard tonight and the only thing he is going to remember forget the lights out shooting is the fact that his blazers couldn't pull it out. you got
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to see it if you did in the final moments of this game, a game for the ages as far as his shooting, the nuggets were in control. they were up three final moments, three seconds left lizard lets loose and nails it and that sends it to overtime. they asked him to do it again because again the nuggets lead by three another amazing shot right there, sending that to double overtime, but you'll see michael porter breaking ty and that puts debra for cut 1 47 1 40 lillard at 55 points. 12 threes to break clay's postseason mark, and by the way, the sun's go up 32 on l. a brooklyn did in the boston celtics three games to one back east. let's immediately get of my favorite video the night. check this out. young woman go into the d m v to get a job. precise it's waiting for dad to come along, and he's dressed. that's it. crash test, dummy right there. i know that's a set up, but it's still funny and she is not abused. and i
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think any of us who have had teenage daughters can relate to that video. waken breathe in that video. waken breathe in that and damian lillard amazi [ phil ] "oh, my goodness, those hands are cold." mm-hmm. "at least buy me dinner first." [ chuckles ] boom. "tell my wife and kids i love them." oh, my god. ooh. that's kind of dark, mom. what? [ cell phone buzzing ] quick. what's my favorite hospital food? um-- jell-o! [ chuckles ] hey, buddy. no, today's still good. good for what? who's "buddy"? yeah, just head on over to the house. whose house? who's "buddy"? okay. see you in a couple. [ beeps ] couple of what? who's "buddy"? - kenneth. - kenneth? kenneth! if i had a son, i'd want him to be like kenneth ploufe. you do have a son. when we first moved in here, he was the sweet kid who lived next door. mmm, the weird kid who lived next door. but phil always had a soft spot for him... because kenneth sort of looked up to him. i wouldn't say hero. and yet, you did. well, you weren't going to. claire's always had some issues with kenneth.
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he would stare at me a little too long.


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