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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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entation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. tense moment seen in this body camera video tonight as law enforcement narrows it on gunman, samuel cassidy during last week's vt. a mass shooting. there were over 100 vt. employees on site that morning, and i believe the bravery of all of law enforcement
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personnel really prevented the loss of additional life. chilling moments captured on video in giving us the best look yet of what happened during last week's shooting. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener in that video released by the santa clara county sheriff's office this evening, you can hear the suspect firing his weapon toward law enforcement before turning the gun on himself. ktvu is as a smith is here now, after reviewing the video and has more on the county's active shooter, protocol as net. well, julie that protocol used by law enforcement that morning was designed by a santa clara county sheriff lieutenant who was in colorado during the shooting at columbine. this was the first time the protocol was ever used in the county. so let's just go. let's put ready. this is bunny warren camera video from a santa clara county sheriff, deputy. one of two deputies jose police officers, who first
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responded to an active shooter at vt. a with the rifles and guns drawn the group moving a diamond formation toward the gunfire known as the hot zone. the group has told the suspect is armed with a handgun last seen at vt. building a. hey give us another unit over here. they asked for cover as they head up the staircase to the third floor as they reached the top one of the san jose officers hears through his dispatch to san jose speedy's dispatch that shots are still occurring, did you vts supervisor emerges, providing them his key card and access to the building once inside, the team searches, cubicles underneath desks and the vt dispatch center for victims and the suspect. the team again moves in the direction of gunfire. ah boo! hole can be seen in the window frame of the
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dispatch centers, exit doors. evidence shows that one gunshot went through the door into the direction. of the contact team as they walked closer. but again, i said, god, is everything okay? standby standby. sitting in a desk. disgruntled employees sandal cassidy with two self inflicted gunshot wounds under the chin and to the head. i thought it was important to show that this protocol i believe, save lives there over 100 people in that area. he had a lot of additional ammunition. and all samuel alito. you fired 39 shots and killed nine employees over the weekend. the sheriff's crime scene investigators and fbi concluded processing the vt. bus yard for evidence, and they are now reviewing all the forensic information. julie and just gripping video can see every second matters as in a thank you. the family of the youngest victim killed in the b
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team mass shooting is speaking out ktvu is henry lee tells us relatives of the longtime employees say he helped save lives as the shooter opened fire. he will always be my guardian angel. one by is a says his younger brother. adrian died a hero. his phone call saved my life. his bravery. saved his friends and i will forever be grateful to my brother. on the morning, a gunman opened fire the guadalupe, vt. a light rail yard in san jose won says he got a call from adrian. both siblings worked there, he says, don't come to the yard. don't come to the yard. i asked him why, he says there's somebody shooting guns outside the building. co workers say they saw adrian and another worker running into a hallway. had they not run into that hallway. the gunman would have gone into that room. and possibly killed
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everybody else with them during the phone call one then heard gunshots. what i hear it was a painful. grown it was him. he was hit. i heard him take his last breaths. the brothers have worked for vita for about eight years, adrian leaves behind his wife and their two year old son. he was a very. very genuine human being. he demonstrated true bravery, sacrificing himself for his co workers and myself. marius aviano told me she believes her son saved at least six lives. my son took temple it to save others. he did not know he was not going to see his child. i want him to be remembered as someone that is a hero as someone that cared about life,
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cared about people. one tells me neither he nor his brother knew or had ever dealt with the gunman who shot and killed adrian and eight other vita coworkers before taking his own life. adrian baez a was 29 years old, the youngest of the victim's henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the vt. a shooting and the families of the victims are the focus of our giving. day drive this week. you can participate by supporting worker working partnership usa to scan the q r code on your screen toe. learn more in southern california. two firefighters were gunned down in the los angeles county fire station today, and sheriff deputies say the shooter was an off duty firefighter who worked at that same station shooting happened at a fire station in the small town of agua dulce j. about 40 miles north of los angeles, investigators say after the attack the gum and then set fire to his own house about 10 miles away, enacted ktvu jana katsuyama is here now, with the latest from fire
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officials. heather one of the firefighters died from the gunshot wounds and the other is in the hospital tonight after going through surgery, the shooter. investigators say was one of their co workers. cheers. deputies rushed to the small los angeles county fire station number 81 about 11 tuesday morning, responding to a call of gunshots on lee to find a 44 year old firefighter dead ah, 54 year old fire captain had also been shot and was rushed to the hospital, a shock to fellow firefighters this morning when. i received the news. it was some of the worst news that i've heard in my career. investigators tracked the gunman to a house in acting about 10. miles away, they say the man barricaded himself and then set his own home on fire, black smoke and flames, destroying the house deputy say the shooter was an off duty firefighter who'd
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worked at that same fire station. they saw an individual. in a small pool outside of the actual residents. ah appeared to be suffering a gunshot wound to the head at this time. it's unknown if it's self inflicted or not, but we know that no deputies fired and we don't believe anybody else was at the location, so it appears to be self inflicted. i've always prayed that. we would never have a line of duty death. i never thought that if it occurred that it would occur in this fashion investigators searched the burnt rubble for evidence trying to understand a motive for the fire department. a terrible loss of one of their own. he was a brave, committed, loyal member. of our department for over 20 years. there is a mother or father, or husband or wife, children that are
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grieving beyond words can even. comprehend right now. that's hard to swallow. investigators have not released the names of the firefighter who was killed the one in the hospital or the shooter. tonight, the fire department posted a message saying, our hearts are heavy and the fire department family appreciates the outpouring of your heartfelt messages and condolences. a vigil was held in acting tonight to honor the firefighter who was killed and to support the firefighters as they grieve. yeah tough time for that entire department there, janet. thank you. well here in the bay area, the alameda county fire department is showing its respect to that sleigh. nellie firefighter by lowering its flags to half staff, the department saying quote our hearts go out to the los angeles fire department, family, friends and the community, the antioch fire department released new drone video today of a dramatic apartment complex fire that
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they say was first barked in a field by fireworks, fire officials say hi temperatures and windy conditions. fan the intense fire from the field to two apartment buildings. officials say the fire started at about 5 30 last night in the field behind the apartment buildings on hargrove hargrove street. it took firefighters about an hour to get the flames under control. eight units were destroyed and 40 people were displaced. two people were treated for smoke inhalation. authorities say they arrested 44 year old james hosemann for tossing the illegal fireworks into the field and starting the fire. sosman was booked into the martinez detention facility on suspicion of unlawfully causing a fire and for possession of a gun while on felony probation. well developing story tonight in san jose. that's where protests spilled onto a highway over a deadly shooting involving san jose police and an armed suspect. community members held a vigil for 31 year old dimitrius stanley at san jose city hall this evening. now
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after the vigil, several dozen people briefly marched on the highway 87 before heading to san jose police headquarters. one of his friends told us that stan lee worked as a security guard and was trying to improve his life. this man gave me the shirt off his back in the shoes off his feet, even me like he did not have a hateful bone in his body. we're carless like, um, this doesn't make any sense. now. police say they encountered stanley around 9 45 last night on tops drive in the various the neighborhood and they released these photos showing stanley with a gun. they say he pointed a semiautomatic handgun with an extended magazine at one of the. enclose officers before police shot him. police also say that they recovered five unregistered guns from his home. san jose police chief anthony model is set to give more details about the shooting in a news conference tomorrow, police in san francisco are asking for the public's help tonight in finding an elderly
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woman, police say 84 year old jean chang kon fong was reported missing on may 28th when she did not return home from a walk in the richmond district. bung is described as five ft. tall £90. pounds with white hair. she was last seen wearing a red or pink, puffy jacket. purple sweater, black of boots and a red beanie. anyone who sees her should call san francisco police. and with that san francisco has kicked off pride month, the foggy ceremony tonight on twin peaks. it was a significant cool down today. big difference from what we had yesterday. temperatures trending on the cool side this week. i'll have that forecast coming up. one east bay police department is facing a possible budget cuts of $10.3 million. police chief tells me how it could
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in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity to protect every device on it— all backed by a dedicated team, 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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million from its budget. it's part of the city's efforts to use that money elsewhere, including crime prevention programs. ktvu is amber lee joins us now live in richmond, where the chief gave a presentation to the city
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council about the possible impact on public safety. amber julie this afternoon while we were speaking with the police chief here at the department officers were dispatched to two shootings. police. tell me this is an example of why the department cannot afford a budget cut on tuesday afternoon. richmond police responded to two shootings in less than five minutes. one man was shot in the back and taken to the hospital, police say with a minimum of nine officers on patrol during every shift, they are stretched them. and the biggest complaint that i get is the response time police chief piece of french is now facing a proposal from a task force appointed by the city. counsel to cut $10.3 million from the police budget. it's going to be devastating. we will lose 35 police officer positions, the chief says. that means 23 officers would lose their jobs and 12 vacant positions would not be filled. do we want
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officers or we want our community have programs in place so that we can rely less on police. randi joseph is a member of richmond reimagining public safety task force. he says the money should be spent to prevent crime. increased funding for programs that help youth, the homeless and those suffering from mental health issues. this is not attack on police. this is to make sure that our community has had has jobs has houses. i don't agree with de funding the police department to fund the services. i think that there's plenty of other funding sources. currently 40% of richmond's budget goes to policing. some say that's low compared to antioch. 62% both cities have a comparable population of around 110,000 people less makes no sense that we were the fourth highest in the nation and police spending per person she french says it took years to build the foundation for making richmond safer. you see a successful model, and now
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they're taking everything away, the city manager has proposed cutting $2.3 million from the police budget. at $7 million less than what the task force is proposing. the city council is scheduled to vote on the budget, june 22nd julie amberleigh reporting live for us tonight in richmond. amber thank you. chp officers arrested nearly 1000 drunken drivers statewide over the memorial day weekend. that is nearly a 15% increase from the number of dy arrests over memorial day weekend last year, the chp says at least 35 people were killed in collisions in california. during the memorial day maximum enforcement period. that period ran from friday evening toe late monday night, the number of collision related deaths also increased 13% from the same time period last year, the chp says about 64% of those killed in crashes were not wearing a seat belt. san francisco mayor london breed today announced her proposed
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$13 billion budget for the next two years, which includes a large surplus city and community leaders joined the mayor, she outlined her spending price. ortiz, thanks to a surprise $157 million surplus. now she's proposing more than a billion dollars in new funding to address homelessness over the next two years, and that's on top of about $300 million that the city already spends on homeless programs each year. focus on what really matters. that's what this budget is about. it's about fulfilling the many promises we made delivering on fundamental change and lifting up our entire city. the mayor is also proposing funding for additional police academy class is expanding crisis response teams and continuing the city's senior escort program. well, a new park at the side of the former concord naval weapons station will be named after supreme court justice thurgood marshall after a vote by the east bay regional parks today
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as an attorney for the naacp martial represented 50 black sailors who refused to return to work after an ammunition explosion at the base that killed 320. others in 1944, the port chicago, 50 were charged with community mew t. marshall lost that case, but he used it as a springboard to help and secretary patient in the u. s military. the park will span more than 2500 acres of the former military station. all right, big drop off in temperatures today from what we had on memorial day. good 15 degrees in many places, 20 and some so temperatures cooled off significantly in the bay area, still pretty darn hot up in the valley the next couple of days. we just have a nice sea breeze is taking care of us. so these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow, probably a little cooler in those inland spots. lost mean maybe two or three degrees cooler, and we're going to just kind of run this mild toe warm pattern right through the week, so we don't expect any more big heat. no,
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spare the air days. things like that. so that's that's good news. no heat advisories, the marine layer is really stretching out in the fog is really coming on, so it's really pushing into the inland valleys. you could see it as you look over san francisco right now it's shooting across into berkeley and oakland. tomorrow's high, slightly cooler. the trend is that cooler when i come back, we'll look at the five day four counts. be back in a minute. we will see in a bit, bill. thank you, well more evidence of the dry conditions as california heads into the summer months, department of water resources, says the snowpack in the central and southern sierra is at 0% of normal, the head of water forecast told the chronicle. it's not unusual in dry years for the snow to be gone at the monitoring locations in june, but the big problem is the runoff from the snow isn't making it into our reservoirs. instead it is getting absorbed into the dry ground. well, it is a unique approach. ask employers to find out workers vaccination status coming of a 10 30 tonight, the deadline that's now come and
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gone and what happens to companies and employees who don't comply. next flipping the switch on a giant pink triangle in san francisco tonight spa g kickoff to pride, joined by the mayor and off. it. sir. and todae
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pink triangle was lit on twin peaks. it was a scaled back event due to covid, and as it turns out, the fog rolled in. ktvu is debra be alone joins us now with more on tonight's kickoff and what it symbolizes for many, deb well, it was a challenge in the wind and fog, but the pink triangle is once again a beacon for the 26th year. it's illuminated by 2700 led nodes. ah one acre spectacle on the east side of twin peaks. when the weather is clear, it could be seen some 20 miles away. the upside down pink triangle was a badge of
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shame. gay people were forced to wear in germany, but it was later reclaimed as a worldwide symbol of gay power and pride tonight, mayor breed and house speaker nancy pelosi share the honor of pushing the button and triggering the lights a triangle. that means so much, isn't it wonderful, but so many merit members of the official family of our community there are here and so many people who worked to make this important, important occasion possible. indeed this day belongs to the victims of anti lgbt q of violence and persecution. we are all brothers and sisters on this planet on this earth, and we have gotten through some of the roughest times this year. in particular, it has been hard. now not happening again this year. san francisco's gay pride parade and festival
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traditionally held the last weekend of june, the parade as a huge draw, but covid makes that size of crowd unrealistic. other pride activities will continue all month, some of them in person, most of them online. julie at 11 will look at the torch relay today that span from oakland to san francisco. okay, looking forward to that, debra thank you. the san francisco giants will be wearing pride colors on the field this weekend. the team announced today that in solidarity with the lgbt community players will be wearing caps on saturday featuring the sf logo in pride colors, as well as a pride patch on the right sleeve of their jerseys. giant say they're the first major league team to show their support for pride month through their uniforms. giants will also be hosting pride movie night at oracle park on june 11th and 12th and ktvu dot com is building a special pride section for all this month's lgbt q. pride news. just go to our website ktvu .com/ tried.
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coming up tonight, one of the world's largest beef producers, has been hit with a huge cyber attack the impact following a ransom where early similar to last month's on colonial pipeline and coming up later in sports tonight an incredible performance by oakland's own damian lillard in the blazers double overtime thriller with the denver nuggets, but was it enough? to get his team to win. at first, the deadline to check santa clara county workers vaccination status and what happens to companies that do not comply. plus two more bay area counties moving into new covid tears what it means just two weeks before california is set to lift nearly all in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does.
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approval of its covid-19 vaccine in adults. approval of the vaccine will be based on six months of trial data so far more than 124 million doses of the modern a vaccine have been administered in the united states. last week, moderna announced its vaccine appears safe and effective, and children as young as 12. the company plans to seek emergency authorization for team use. this month, the national institutes of health will study whether booster shots of one covid. vaccine are safe and effective to mix with others about 150 volunteers who are fully vaccinated will get a single dose of the modern a vaccine no matter which shot they initially received. dr anthony fauci said. it will help inform public health decisions if it appears that booster shots are needed to keep up people's immunity to the coronavirus. participants will give blood samples to determine their immune responses. today is the deadline for businesses in the south bay to start tracking their employees vaccine. nation status case, please. maureen a
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lawyer tells us tonight that even the county which is enforcing the requirement, admits it will take some time together all of this new medical information. do you want me to check the email, read first cupcake factory in san jose. the owner isn't just tracking incoming cupcake orders. she's also now required to keep tabs on her employees. vaccination status. we're such a small business here that i've known about everybody's vaccinations anyway. tuesday marks the deadline for businesses and nonprofits to start tracking which employees have gotten the covid-19 shot and which ones haven't in a groundbreaking new health mandate in santa clara county. the county provided this form employees can opt out of disclosing the information and the data will not be submitted to the county. we think this is pivotal to being able to actually implement the guidance and safety recommendations from the cdc and from the state while this cupcake shop only has six employees, the county knows gathering data will be more challenging for larger companies. even santa clara
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county itself one of the largest employers in the bay area. i need more time to gather all the info but has met tuesday's requirement to at least ask employees. we're not gonna have 100% response rate today, but we have asked and we have followed up and we have followed up again. they are allowed to ask these kinds of questions. this law professor at stanford university calls it a creative approach. it does allow this 70 plus percent of santa clara county residents who've gotten vaccinated to return to normalcy, and it allows considerable choice. i love the part of people about whether to get vaccinated companies face up to a $5000 a day fine if they don't comply. that county says there will be a grace period with warnings and they will only be responding to complaints. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. two bay area counties are now moving up in the states. covid reopening plan. marin county is now the fourth year in the bay area to advance from
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the orange tear to the least restrictive yellow tear and solano county, finally moving from that red level to the orange now this means starting tomorrow. churches restaurants, gyms and movie theaters will be able to increase indoor capacity. california though, plans to do away with this tier system in just two weeks on june 15th when the state is set to reopen completely. memorial day weekend was busy at airports across the u. s the transportation security administration says 1.9 million people pass through security checkpoints on friday with another 1.9 million yesterday. the t s a says those two days make up the busiest for u. s air travel since march of last year. analysts expect air travel to continue rising slowly now that many americans are vaccinated against covid-19 and airlines are adding more flights. some good news now for shoppers, while. mart is increasing store hours for the first time since november. the retail giant cut hours drastically in the early d the
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company says, starting saturday, stores will open each day at six o'clock in the morning, except for tuesdays on tuesdays, walmart will continue to hold its weekly seniors hours senior hours rather for those most vulnerable to covid-19, an emotional day for many san francisco high school seniors. as the city began holding graduation ceremonies today, after more than a year of distance, learning. all the students were allowed to receive their diplomas in person and with families in attendance. we get more tonight from katie's rob roth. 18 years from phillip and sala burton academic high school in san francisco were together again, finally, not on campus, but it keeps our stadium where they received their high school diplomas after enduring a senior year spent largely at home, secluded from classmates because of covid. i'm glad to actually be walking stage in person, rather than on the camera in class, like i would say yes, i'm gonna graduate in a couple of years, i would always be like the big day is coming up. it's coming up, but
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now that it's here, it's like really exciting. these are among the approximately 4000 seniors graduating from san francisco public high schools this week happy for students and that after at least at the very end, they could come together one last time and be able to celebrate. be able to graduate together in person in person is what's significant in all this last year's graduation ceremonies looked nothing like this. those took place online. it wasn't until recently that san francisco public health officials gave the okay for outdoor ceremonies, but students have to sit at least six ft apart. no student can have more than four guests who must sit in pods and the venues are all disinfected between ceremonies before burdens. graduation tuesday, lowell high school had its ceremony very happy then. ah been a wild ride, especially this year, especially this year because some high schools only allowed seniors to attend classes in person for just 3 to 5 days over a two week period. only
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about 15% of students actually came in. but on this graduation day, parents seemed happy and relieved and never definitely pluses and minuses to this whole past 15 months, but i'm so glad that she made it to this day, some students say. for all the disappointments over the year, they did learn to persevere. but we've been mentally tougher because we have to push ourselves a lot more way really learned the power of communication. i think with this class since i'm so hard this year will keep that skill forever. it's all but sir in the class of 2022 won't have to endure with the previous two classes went through the school district announced full in person learning beginning in the fall. rob rock ktvu, fox two news. the pandemic has been tough on many people coming up new evidence that pregnant women have been especially impacted by depression. all right, temperatures have been cooling down today we'll talk more about what you can expect
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for the rest of the week coming up after the break, stand in just three minutes, riding the wrongs of past generations, the first meeting of a california task force considering reparations for black people. if you wanna be a winner then get a turkey footlong from subway®. that's oven roasted turkey. piled high with crisp veggies. on freshly baked bread! so, let's get out there and get those footlongs. now at subway®, buy one footlong in the app, and get one 50% off. subway®. eat fresh. hey, sandwich fan! new denny's melts belong in your hands. patty melt's a classic. big dipper, fantastic. nashville hot chicken: bombastic! and now you can join our team! apply at denny's today. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does.
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marky 100 years since the tulsa race massacre, it's one of white mob destroyed in a fluid black neighborhood and killed hundreds of residents. some injustice are so heinous, so horrific, so grievous. can't be buried on lee with truth can come healing and justice and repair. the 1921 massacre lasted two days until says once thriving greenwood district as . people were killed by a white
10:39 pm
bob. thousands more were forced into internment camps today, president biden laid out new measures to address racial discrepancies. and bolster underserved communities through infrastructure improvements and investment programs. a task force of sacramento is now studying reparations for what people governor newsome, attorney general rob bonta and secretary of state shirley weber spoke today at the inaugural beating of the do task force. this group is looking at the institution of slavery and its present day effects. the task force was created as a result of a bill, which was authored by webber when she was in the assembly. california is the first state in the nation to pass a law to create this type of task force. we came to understand very clearly that california has the ability and the power to do it. and it's not us. then who we have waited for almost 40 years for the congress to basically passed hr 40, and we're still waiting for them to take seriously the development of a
10:40 pm
national task force. you know, as our country reckons with our painful legacy of racial injustice, california again is poised to lead the way lead the way towards a more equitable and inclusive future. for all, the nine person task force will make recommendations to the state legislature. the look at how reparations should be awarded and who would be eligible. the supreme court today declined to consider johnson and johnson's appeal of a verdict that awarded $2 billion to people who claim the company's talcum baby powder caused ovarian cancer. the company had argued the lower court proceedings violated the constitution's do process clause by combining claims from 22 plaintiffs from 12 different states. johnson and johnson still faces more than 25,000 lawsuits. it removed welcome baby powder from shelves in the u. s last year and has denied the allegations and you study shows that women's risk for depression while pregnant nearly doubled during the pandemic. the results come from
10:41 pm
a new stanford university led study. researchers assess pregnant women in the bay area both before and after the covid lockdowns took effect in the pre pandemic group. one in four women showed signs of possible depression that number more than doubled after the pandemic began. earlier today. on the five we spoke to the lead author dr lucy king from stanford about the results of this study. we know of course, that this has directed on women, so depression increases the suffering of women and can have of sharks on how they function in their life. like. um, their ability to engage with their work and care giving for their other children. more than 700 pregnant women in the bay area participated in this study. we're coming up tonight gender neutral displays that major retailers will tell you about to build just passed by the california assembly, plus nine beef processing plants idled by a cyber attack. how one of the
10:42 pm
largest producers in the world is now responding and chief meteorologist bill martin's tracking the complete bay area forecast he'll tell us about the cool down under way. whoa! ls
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10:44 pm
now shut down about 20% of cattle processing in the us this comes nearly a month after
10:45 pm
a similar ransomware attack led to a weeklong shutdown of the colonial pipeline boxes. kevin corke has the story. a cyber attack on j b s is affecting production at its u. s. plants with shifts canceled in colorado. that means about 20% less beef is being processed. in a statement, the company said it hopes to restore its systems as soon as possible, saying quote the company took immediate action. suspending all affected systems, notifying authorities and activating the company's global network of i t professionals and third party experts to resolve the situation. the biden administration confirmed it was notified of the cyber attack sunday. in the last day, jbs notified the administration that the ransom demand came from a criminal organization likely based in russia. the white house is engaging directly with the russian government on this matter and delivering the message that responsible states do not harbor ransom. where criminals, cyber security experts say
10:46 pm
companies need to step up. what's happening is you have companies that aren't taking cybersecurity necessarily. seriously that control critical infrastructure like our oil and gas pipelines, you know, water treatment facilities, u name it. and then you have you know the sophistication level continuously raising by these organized crime groups that continue to growth just last month colonial pipeline confirmed it paid $4.4 million to end the ransomware attack, which prompted panic buying of gasoline and price bikes. and as you could imagine, there's a ripple effect all this with processing plants idled. that means workers may not get paid yet another hit to the already struggling economy in washington. i'm kevin corke, fox news. amazon says it will no longer test perspective workers for marijuana. the change comes as a growing number of states have legalized recreational use of marijuana. it said some rules may still require a marijuana test in line with department of transportation regulations. amazon also said it will
10:47 pm
continue to test workers for other drugs and conduct impairment checks on the job. and today the state assembly passed a bill to make children's toy and clothing isles, gender neutral and major retailers. south bay assemblyman evan low introduced this measure, he said he was inspired by an eight year old girl who asked him why the items that she wanted to play with were in the boys section. he's. as the law will help eliminate harmful stereotypes if approved by the state senate and signed by the governor, the law would apply to retail stores with 500 of war employees. starting in 2023, already much cooler out there today and right now, the sea breeze is just going at it all that area green and blue. that's a sea breeze you can see up in heat in that central valley 68. that, but up from mary. phil orville in those areas. it's still real hot. so the inland valleys stay hot the next couple of days. temperatures are running today they were 10 to 15 to 20
10:48 pm
degrees cooler than yesterday. and right now, current temperatures are running eight degrees behind where they were last night. this exact time in hayward, five degrees behind, so everything's a little bit cooler, eight degrees behind in santa rosa, so the winds were doing what they're supposed to do. we get a nice little break that was a one and done. i saw the heat wave because it was really just right. it was just one day. they're just kind of nice. i mean, often those things last 2 to 3 days, right? three days, the heat in the fall comes back up the coast, but we're seeing it early. we had a really rapid warm up or heat up yesterday and then a really rapid cool down which is today and so what we're looking at now is temperatures generally heading in the mild too. warm range. not as hot as it was. forget the heat advisories. forget the spare the air days that's done. the fog is pretty much right all along the coast is trying to push it across the bag. got fog in the avenues. i've got fog in san francisco. well, fog and low clouds tomorrow morning and sauce, alito and sandra fell. lark spur will have it in san mateo and sfo. it'll be around
10:49 pm
in the morning. it'll burn off slowly and temperatures will warm. just to a little cooler than they were today. and that's the story this whole week. pretty much. we're in a position this week where we're looking at temperatures that are going to be not heinous. you know when i think it was right where it's high fire, danger time, and so if we get a bunch of heat days in a row, it's going to cause problems and we don't we're not seeing it this week. this week looks pretty good for just kind of this type of weather pattern. that's the fog put her in the morning burns back in temperatures tomorrow. like this. there's the heat right, but that's outside of our area that the villain sure winds were keeping us pretty cool, keeping the fuel moistures up, helping to keep temperatures down and setting us up with a pretty nice little nice little pattern for this week, because again as soon as we have a big week of just like yesterday's numbers day after day, especially with delivered morning back on those areas, and it keeps coming, we're gonna. be really concerned for fire right drought, two years of drought and that kind of heat, so i'm just kind of four, warning you because it definitely is going to be the
10:50 pm
story. it's not this week, though, and it wasn't last week, so the longer we can forestall the better but good looking forecast temperatures small be little cooler, and you seem cooling off right into the bay area weekend. very pleasant temperatures. thank you, bill. well people are heading to beaches are being warned to be aware of disease carrying ticks. a new study shows that ticks, which are usually found in thick, wooded areas. are also prevalent in northern california's coastal areas. the study indicates that tick borne illnesses such as lyme disease are greater than previously thought in those areas, researchers say when you go out hiking or spend the day outside on the coast, check yourself for ticks and also wear repellent if you can, but climate is high school unveiled a new oakland forever theme basketball court today. the brand new court fiors. we beliet across center court with the school slogan. the school of champ. ends that is a reference to the school's basketball legacy. the warriors, along with rocket 10, and the good tidings foundation, helped
10:51 pm
refurbish the court. the court features the original wood from 50 plus years ago. coming up tonight and sports a huge game for one of the lesser known a's players and milestone win for their manager. mark's got all the highlights coming up next in sports, then on the 11 clock news, a bob dylan album returned to the library almost five decades. ate the surprise that the librarian's got ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30.
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room tonight, you know, the oakland a's past 34 days haven't really been playing like a first place team, and if they didn't win tonight, they were gonna be a first place team houston kind of nipping at their cleats right behind, but the a's well, they scored 10 runs in the final three innings.
10:54 pm
i hope those a's fans up with the great northwest of seattle did not leave early because the fireworks late down fort stewart with 76 runs the major damage with two outs. mandelson perfectly place liner beat the ship got himself a two run single and it breaks up for poor tie at that point, and the beat goes on the young catcher shot murphy rifles one past third just reached out and cashes in tomb or with the double right there and the a stretch it out a little bit, got themselves an eight board lied on that stubborn, young seattle mariner team. eighth inning. tony kim, how about a night here gets to ride instant 80th. be gone two run homer. he had an r b. i single in r b. i double a sacrifice fly and that long ball five. harvey eyes ties his career. i let that guy play every night, bob melvin and the a's win it, melvin 799 wins is an oakland manager, passing tony larussa. is the
10:55 pm
all time oakland athletics manager in the win column, all right for the san francisco giants. i guess that this was bound to happen. they played so well over the past week or so. shrug it off. forget about it. move on, cubs are coming to town, and you know what? they're still in first place. in san francisco tonight. young fans says hey, don't wear that dodger get up again. if you'd like to go out with me, huh? there didn't alex would've former dodger did not have it tonight, particularly with his control as the opposing pitcher andrew haney will score right there, three and two thirds for what he gave up seven earned runs. and the big inning forth a misplay open the gates for the angels, and they make him pay anthony rent. don't already had a two run signal in this game, the laces went into the corner and left. everybody is going to score. that's a three run double and an 8th 19 lead would knows he's done. angels
10:56 pm
place of defense, though stephen duggar pop up look at justin upton and keen wong make the play long held on the ball and to the expense. it looks like. of justin upton. he had to leave the ball game don't know the extent of his injury 81 final. they're still in first got a day off comes come in for four over the weekend, and i know the television networks that carry nba playoff basketball. pretty upset that steph curry wasn't in the post season for the ratings. but you know what? next best thing. he ain't the only guy that can shoot the lights out from distance. how about damian lillard as oakland's own puts on a show from the outer limits nuggets of three final seconds with three left dame will tie it, send it to overtime again. the denver nuggets are up three lillard comes through, and this thing is going to double overtime. what more do you want from the guy? but michael porter jr will hit from the corner. denver hangs on to win
10:57 pm
it 1 47 to 1 43 to lead the syriza. as for daemul eller idiot 17 of 24 shots, 55 points and 12 threes. not about nice work as we go to phoenix for the suns fans are not misbehave. just having fun. it looks like the defending champs are cooked. you'll see a great shot from devin booker. who hits that thing, and he winds up with 30, the suns win by 30 know anthony davis. it looks like for the rest of this syriza's for the lakers, and they trail three games to two on lee won game separating them from elimination. all right, the big three back east katie kyrie, irving and james harden. the bearded one go toe work. 83 points betweename open. they led by only eight the fourth quarter. but all three of them take turns sitting threes and
10:58 pm
49 seconds. they basically turned it into a blowout. 1 23 1! oh 941, a gentleman sweep the celtics go on to summer vacation told you about the phoenix suns men's team their team in the wn ba having themselves. tonight. you need to check this out. final seconds here in chicago. it looks like chicago kids win it, but they missed a shot that would have clinched it. kia nurse kia nurse, she's got some great bedside manner there as she hits that bomb at the buzzer, 84 83 they did in the pile up. is worth checking out. and this is well, you know those great catches outfielders always make leaping above the wall to rob home runs out that didn't happen there for right there as the ground crew had a little fun with his face, plant,
10:59 pm
that's mean but funny. hey, you guys are gonna love this dad out for a ride with his teenage daughter. she gets her driver's license. he dressed. this is elf crash, dummy. look at the look. she has given him dad's got a sense of humor. daughter is not amused. she gets out of the carpet because you play around too much. dad, i've been there. he's having none of that. that's the sporty life. see you guys later. all right. thanks so much mark tamayo up next here at 11. do you see a successful model, and now they're taking everything away. richmond's police chief fights to keep her department intact as a task force proposes to cut millions of dollars from the police budget. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. richmond police chief piece of french says those cuts would be devastating, with dozens of
11:00 pm
officers losing their jobs. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. the task forces defending the proposal, saying that it is time to re imagine the police department and fun programs that will help prevent crime. new attend tonight. kate's amberleigh tells us about the possible impact on public safety on tuesday afternoon, richmond police responded to two shootings in less than five minutes. one man was shot in the back and taken to the hospital, police say with a minimum of nine officers on patrol during every shift. they are stretched them. and the biggest complaint that i get is the response time police chief piece of french is now facing a proposal from a task force appointed by the city council to cut $10.3 million from the police budget. it's going to be devastating. we will lose 35 police officer positions, the chief says. that means and 12 vacant positions would not


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