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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  June 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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sheriff's office released this footage to highlight their departments active shooter protocol, they said deputies and officers arrived at that vita art in just over two minutes and immediately formed into a tactical team. the shooter sam cassidy, had already fatally shot nine coworkers and killed himself. his law enforcement closed in. one bullet even went through a window just feet from the officers. here's the sheriff from moments ago. will never forget those innocent victims whose lives were taken by a crazed coward. there were over 100, vt. employees on site that morning, and i believe the bravery of all of law enforcement personnel really prevented the loss of additional life. now this has been the worst mass shooting ever in the bay area, but is the sheriff laurie smith said, without that active shooter
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protocol, it may have been much worse. reporting live evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. that video really is something truly shows that how tense that situation was on that day, of course, and also the brave response from all of those in law enforcement. on that day, evan frank you the family of one of the victims killed in that vita mass. shooting is speaking out our crime reporter henry lee spoke with relatives of the longtime employees who say he saved lives. he will always be my guardian angel. one by is a says his younger brother. adrian died a hero. his phone call saved my life. his bravery. saved his friends and i will forever be grateful to my brother. on the morning, a gunman opened fire the guadalupe, vt. a light rail yard in san jose won says he got a call from adrian. both siblings worked there. he says. don't come to the yard. don't
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come to the yard. i asked him why, he says there's somebody shooting guns outside the building. co workers say they saw adrian and another worker running into a hallway. had they not run into that hallway. the gunman would have gone into that room. and possibly killed everybody else with them during the phone call one then heard gunshots. what i hear it was a painful grown. character. it was him. he was hit. i heard him take his last breaths. the brothers have worked for vita for about eight years, adrian leaves behind his wife and their two year old son. he was a very, very genuine human being. he demonstrated true bravery, sacrificing himself for his coworkers and myself,
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marius aviano told me she believes her son saved at least six lives. son took that bullet to save others. he did not know he was not going to see his child. i want him to be remembered as someone that is a hero as someone that cared about life, cared about people want tells me neither he nor his brother knew or had ever dealt with the gunman who shot and killed adrian and eight other vita coworkers before taking his own life. adrian baez, a was 29 years old, the youngest of the victim's henry lee ktvu, fox two news. well investigators say an off duty firefighter entered his station in southern california this morning and then opened fire, killing one firefighter and critically injuring another. that shooting happened around 11 a.m. at a fire station and ogle adult about 45 miles north of los angeles. authorities say the government then went to his home about 10 miles away, barricaded himself and
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apparently set the house on fire. deputies later found the shooter dead from a gunshot wound to the head. the l. a county fire chief. said he has spoken with the victim's family. the feedback i got from his family and his friends and coworkers truly dedicated one of our better firefighters amazing and a true lost your department and the only thing that i can ask is that we keep him and his family in our prayers. the 44 year old who died was a 20 year veteran of the department, the names of the victim and the gunman have not been released. the injured fire. captain underwent surgery and is expected to survive several bay area cities. they're kicking off pride month by raising the pride flag in san matteo county ceremonies were held today in redwood city and belmont. the county is flying a different flag from the traditional one. the progress pride flag includes black and brown stripes to represent marginalized lgbt communities of color. san
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leandro also held an event at city hall, where it to raise the progress pride flag. during the event, the city council announced a community race and equity task force and san leandro police also promoted a new lgbt q liaison program, while the annual pride parade in san francisco has been canceled again this year, the city is celebrating pride month with ah lot of events honoring and supporting the lgbtq community. get to these christian captain has worn out from san francisco. organizer's kicked off this year's pride celebration gathering and marching in oakland. pride will be returning after moving to a virtual celebration in 2020. there'll be some live events, including a ceremony to illuminate the pink triangle adorning twin peaks in 2020. most things were canceled. 2021 brings the renewal and all the community energy will be back. there won't be a parade with you will still be plenty of community energy triangle of powerful symbol first used as a way to target gay men and women buy them. now a token of pride,
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but the pink triangle is one of history's reminders of hate and brutality. so that's why we do it every year. we try and remember the gays who were forced to wear a pink triangle in the holocaust. so we wear our pink triangles that of camaraderie for those who are forced to wear them in the in the holocaust, well, the pride parade that traditionally draws tens of thousands of participants and fans is off this year. dykes on bikes who traditionally kickoff that parade were on hand to say, even without the parade. pride will go long they will be roaring up twin peaks with the pink torch kicking off the pink triangle lighting ceremony. we're all excited to be here. we're all looking forward to pride this year. it's not like a normal year. but it zobelle er i think than last year this year will include a mix of in person and virtual events. bride movie nights are scheduled at oracle park, june 11th and 12th. the 45th annual lgbt q film festival will have online and in person showings
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and pride will be partnering with the african american arts and culture complex midmonth community members in san francisco say they're happy that pride has returned. it's an important time and i'm happy that is coming back, um, i know it's gonna be watered down a little bit, but you know, it's a time for people to be out. having good time trans opera singer briana sinclair says she's preparing for performance june 20th, she says pride is a time for celebration, but also a time for the lgbtq community and allies to work hard to ensure visibility and equality for all from being a homeless transform into living my truth and doing what i love to do is powerful because what we all do is to uplift one another. we are expecting the ceremony to light the pink triangle to get underway at eight o'clock tonight, indifference to social distancing guidelines. the pink triangle is just an outline this year with 2700 led lights filling it in making it visible
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for 20 miles. once the fog lifts in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. coming up. scott peterson is no longer on death row. the new sentence for the convicted killer and it was graduation day for a san francisco high school seniors, the in person ceremonies today after more than a year of distance learning, and wow, what a difference a day makes temperatures big time. drop down 10 to 15 even 20 degrees in some places. what will it be like for the rest of the week? the five day forecast is coming up. also ahead tonight and oakland high school gym receives a total makeover thanks to the golden state warriors will show you all the improvements coming out really pulled there. also, here's a live look down with the post holiday evening commute and boy, you could see a lot of traffic out there. this is highway 24 in lafayette. we'll be right back. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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involving santo's, a police said an armed suspect. police officials just released these still pictures of the man with a gun. this happened around 9 45 last night after officers went to a home on top, strive and the berryessa neighborhood as part of a follow up investigation. in these still pictures, you can clearly see a gun. investigators say it was a semi automatic handgun with an extended magazine, and it was pointed at one of the plainclothes officers. officer involved shooting person of color. there is a lot of questions. people want answers. we are meeting with the family way are sharing as much information as we can with them. now the man's family adversity were inside the house were ordered out and detained for short time, police chief anthony modeste said to give more details about the shooting during a news conference tomorrow, investigators in marin city need the public's help in finding the people responsible for a fatal shooting over the weekend. and the sheriff's office says a 63
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year old man was shot to death on drake avenue near don ho street around 5 40. sunday evening. another person was also shot but is expected to survive, investigators found multiple shell casings at the scene but have not released any suspect information. anyone with information should call the marin county sheriff's office. the prosecutors today confirmed that they will no longer seek the death penalty for scott peterson if he is granted a retrial. peterson was convicted back in 2000. two for the murder of his pregnant wife, lacey. a superior court judge is now considering whether petition to get a new trial on just the penalty phase. separate claims of juror misconduct could bring a complete retrial, prosecutors say. after consulting with lacey's family, they decided to take the death sentence off the table. the next hearing is set for june. 18th if no do trialist granted, peterson will be sentenced to life in prison. new information tonight about a fire in antioch that destroyed eight apartment units and displaced 40 people.
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authorities arrested 44 year old james hosemann for tossing illegal fireworks into a field behind that apartment building on hargrove street and starting that fire high temperatures and windy conditions made the fire spread quickly to the apartment building. the fire was controlled in about an hour. two people were treated for smoke inhalation. officials say they also found other illegal fireworks and an unauthorized firearms in the suspect's apartment in san jose, firefighters quickly knocked down a two alarm fire early this morning. the fire was first reported at about 3 30 this morning in the area of wabasha and forced avenues near lincoln high school and neighbor says she was able to alert the residents about the fire and get them out of that house safely. no injuries were reported, and no word yet on what caused that fire. a local leader wants to make sure critical lifeline of diapers to low income parents remain stocked up during the pandemic, diapers and wipes were available to low income families in our state. as part of an emergency supplies program, but that is ending
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this year. earlier today, east bay assembly member buffy wicks called on lawmakers to support her $10 million budget proposal to extend the diaper bank program, which says families have had to make the unhealthy choice of leaving soiled diapers on babies because they can't afford to buy more. resulting in bladder infections. ut eyes, if untreated, can lead to meningitis, staph infections, it can impact the whole family. it's also terrible for the mental health of the parents. the proposed legislation would expand the diaper bank program to families indeed, across 50 counties, san francisco began holding high school graduation ceremonies today after more than a year of distance learning, the students were allowed to receive their diplomas in person with families in it. pendants more now from ktvu, rob. rob, two years from phillip and sala burton academic high school in san francisco were together again, finally, not on campus,
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but it keys are stadium where they receive their high school diplomas after enduring a senior year spent largely at home, secluded from classmates because of covid. i'm glad to actually be walking stage in person, rather than on the camera in class. like i would say yes, i'm gonna graduate in a couple of years. i would always. like a big day is coming up. it's coming up, but now that it's here, it's like really exciting these air among the approximately 4000 seniors graduating from san francisco public high schools this week happy for students and that after at least at the very end, they could come together one last time and be able to celebrate. be able to graduate together in person in person is what's significant in all this last year's graduation ceremonies looked nothing like this. those took place online. it wasn't until rouz. recently that san francisco public health officials gave the okay for outdoor ceremonies. but students have to sit at least six ft apart. no student can have more than four guests who must sit in pods and the venues
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are all disinfected between ceremonies before burdens. graduation tuesday, lowell high school had its ceremony. very happy, then. ah venmo wild ride, especially this year, especially this year because some high schools only allowed seniors to attend classes in person for just three five days over a two week period on lee about 15% of students actually came in, but on this graduation day, parents seemed happy and relieve never definitely pluses and minuses to this whole past 15 months, but i'm so glad that she made it to this day, some students say, for all the disappointments over the year, they did learn to persevere. we've been mentally tougher because we have to push ourselves a lot more. we really learned the power of communication. i think with this class since i'm so hard this year. i will keep that skill forever. it's all but certain the class of 2022 won't have to endure with the previous two classes went through, the school district announced full in person learning beginning in the fall.
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rob rock ktvu, fox two news. well there was six tonight. my climates high school unveiled today a new oakland forever themed basketball court. this new basketball court features the warriors we believe script across center court with the school slow good. the school of champions, a reference to the school's basketball legacy. the warriors, along with rocket 10, and the good tidings foundation, helped to refurbish this court. the court features theory journal would from 50 plus years ago. all right, you take a look at what this really cool shot literally cool. shot the fog coming in over the headlines are over the headlines and over the peninsula, the fog, the marine layers deep. this is from sutro tower, which is really pretty high up there. so the fire the camera's pretty high, so the fog's almost up to the camera, which tells you that it's getting deeper means it's gonna have more penetration into the inland valleys and we'll see further cooling, which is great news and again this last. 24
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hours. 36 48 hours sort of been unusual and that typically you know, you get a couple three days of this heat, but we just had a really significant heat up and then a really rapid cool down. that was today with 15 to 20 degrees cooler, and now you can see why i need to see based on where the fog is. now you can also you know, extrapolated say, hey, listen, it's gonna be a little bit cooler tomorrow in many cases as well because we're going to see more fog. more bigger fog footprint, and i'll tell you what when i grew up in the paradise area from chico, i would have died to see it. marine layer coming in, you know, barrettes still 100 degrees, right? but when you get this, my friends grew up in the city, and they talk about the fog affectionately, right? because in the heat, you can't get away from it back then you really have your conditioning either. so the fog right, our natural air conditioning in the bay area. lucky to have it. these are the temperatures from today. these were the highs and still pretty warm, though, right? i mean 88 in fairfield, but it's not 103 100 to like it was yesterday and it was a couple of 102 103 yesterday in some places 92. morgan hill
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today so significantly cooler tomorrow will be just a little bit cooler as well. why because the marine layer stretched out. that's the whole deal. that's the whole ball of wax, and we've got a really nice wouldn't call mile. but this is a classic early summer weather pattern with not too many headlines in terms of air quality or fire, danger. anything really of that sorts is gonna be kind of a nice, easy go. that's how it looks right now. we get back. we'll have the five day forecast will take a look at that and plan out the rest of the week for you. all right. we'll see in a bit, bill. thank you. people heading to beaches are being warned to be aware of disease carrying ticks. a new study shows that ticks, which are usually found in thick wooded areas are also prevalent. in northern california's coastal areas. the study indicates that tick borne illnesses such as lyme disease or greater than previously thought in those areas, researchers say when you go out hiking or spend the day along the coast, check yourself critics and you can always wear repellent. better late than
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salix savage joins us now live with more on how he discovered that long overdue album and how he tried to do the right thing all these years later, yes, story. it's an incredible story. never too late to do the right thing. this dylan album had been blowing in the wind for decades until a recent retiree was thumbing through his record collection in san francisco. and spotted an lp that didn't belong to him. it was a copy of bob dylan's 1970 double album, self portrait. howard simon had checked out that record back in 1973 from the heights library outside of cleveland, ohio. simon was in eighth grader at the time after making that discovery, simon decided to send the overdue record back to the library, along with a note apologizing for what he called a transgression of my youth. he also sent a. long 175 what he thought he owed in late fees for an item that was more than 17,004. days late. the
6:24 pm
librarian who opened that package was stunned. i saw like it has a little call number in the corner, and i thought, is this a library material? and yeah, when you open it up, there was a little pocket for the date. deuce lift. as i just break stopped laughing. e knew that they weren't going to garnish my wages and returned anyway. no, we just have tarnished but i you know, i knew that it was really just in the nature of dimension. um. and it's a library. that means a lot to me. you know, i grew up in that library. and in his letter, simon described the album self portrait is one of dylan's least the loved albums. still the library there in ohio is grateful to have that record back now. and as for that hefty late fee that simon sent in, along with the record that he returned well, julie the times they are a changing because the library stop charging for overdue items. ah, while back
6:25 pm
i'm just going to call this even. that's such a great storys never too late to do the right thing. it really is not all right, alex. thank you sure we're coming up tonight. okay to be news at 6 30. the deadline in santa clara county on employees vaccination status. the penalties a company faces if it does not comply, and later in sports, michelle wie looks to regain her past glory is the best women's golfers in the world converged on san francisco for this week's u. s open, also ahead of bay area university plans. pop up vaccine clinic, but it's not just for students and faculty
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight,
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batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit camera video today of its response to last week's mass shooting at the v t, a light rail yard in san jose. it is show or it shows rather deputies making their way through. the office is looking for the shooter. they eventually found that shooter dead from self inflicted gunshot wounds. nine vita workers were killed during that shooting rampage, authorities saying off duty firefighter in los angeles county killed a fellow firefighter and wounded another for apparently taking his own life this morning. this happened at the fire station in the desert community of aug adults about 45 miles north of los angeles. the gunman then barricaded himself in a home before setting it on fire. so
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far, officials have not released a motive for this shooting. today marks the start of pride month and several bay area cities air raising the pride flag. sam matteo county held several ceremonies today in the county is flying a different flag. the progress pride flag includes black and blue. down stripes to represent marginalized lgbtq communities of color. san leandro also held an event at city hall, where it to raise the progress. pride flag. we're watching ktvu fox two news tonight at 6 32 more bay area counties are moving in the right direction on the state's covid reopening plan. that's right. marin county is now the fourth in the bay area to move from the orange tear to the less restrictive yellow tear. and solano county is finally moving from the red tear to the less restrictive orange tear. this all means starting tomorrow. churches restaurants, gyms and movie theaters will be able to increase indoor capacity. the state is expected to do away with the tear based system altogether on june 15th that is just two weeks away. well today
6:30 pm
is the deadline for businesses in the south bay to start tracking their employees vaccination status. ktvu maureen taylor tells us even the county, which is enforcing, it admits it will take some time together all the new medical information. do you want me to check the email? read first cupcake factory in san jose. the owner isn't just tracking incoming cupcake orders. she's also now required to keep tabs on her employees. vaccination status. we're such a small business here that i've known about everybody's vaccinations anyway. tuesday marks the deadline for businesses and nonprofits to start tracking which employees have gotten the covid-19 shot and which ones haven't. in a groundbreaking new health mandate in santa clara county. the county provided this form employees can opt out of disclosing the information and the data will not be submitted to the county. we think this is pivotal to being able to actually implement the guidance and safety recommendations from the cdc and from the state while this cupcake shop only
6:31 pm
has six employees, the county knows gathering data will be more challenging for larger companies. even santa clara county itself, one of the largest employers in the bay area will need more time to gather all the info but has met tuesday's requirement to at least ask employees. we're not gonna have 100% response rate today, but we have asked and we have followed up and we have followed up again. they are allowed to ask these kinds of questions. this law professor at stanford university calls it a creative approach. it does allow this 70 plus percent of santa clara county residents who've gotten back fascinated to return to normalcy, and it allows considerable choice still on the part of people about whether to get vaccinated companies face upto a $5000 a day fine if they don't comply. the county says there will be a grace period with warnings and they will only be responding to complaints. maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. santa clara
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university is doing what it can to encourage students to get vaccinated. apapa vaccine clinic will be available on campus tomorrow from 10 to 5 30 at the willman room. the university says the clinic is open all campus members and the neighboring community. people will be given a choice between the johnson and johnson and visor. vaccines appointments are encouraged, but walk ins are welcome. moderna has now filed for full fda approval of its covid-19 vaccine in adults more than 120. four million doses of the modern a vaccine have been administered in the united states. full approval of the vaccine will be based on six months of trial data visor and its partner by on tech have also begun the process of getting fda approval for their vaccine. so far, all of the coronavirus vaccines being given in the us are approved for emergency use well as the u. s. starts to bounce back from the pandemic. some lawmakers want to know how the coronavirus outbreak began in an effort to try to stop it from happening again. as fox has, lauren blanchard tells us
6:33 pm
tonight. china is pushing back, though, on theories that the outbreak began in a lab in wuhan. on tuesday. china's foreign affairs folks person accused american politicians of politicizing virus tracing, calling it a moral and unpopular it comes is there are growing calls in the u. s to figure out where covid-19 originated and whether it leaked out of a chinese laboratory. maybe on the huge uncle. why are these people pestering on the theory of a chinese lab league without any evidence? to put it bluntly? they're just shirking responsibility for the u. s is failure to fight the pandemic in making an excuse to suppress and contain. china's development, the world health organization dismissed the idea that the virus began in a lab, but their study has been criticized internationally because of a lack of access. last week, president biden ordered intelligence agencies to ramp up their investigation into the pandemics. origins the administration says they want to know in order to stop another outbreak from happening. nearly 600,000
6:34 pm
americans have died due to the virus since the beginning of the pandemic, many republicans have pushed back on the theory that the virus originated in bats. republicans were told last year when they when they floated the lab leak idea that they were conspiracy theorists. ah growing number of gop lawmakers say they want to congressional investigation into the pandemic and any funding the national institutes of health sent to the wuhan institute of neurology. if a leak from the lab did china no and cover that. up these air incredibly important questions that we absolutely have to understand. president biden gave us agencies 90 days to pull together their findings on covid-19 origins. he says he will release the report publicly. in washington. lauren blanchard fox news, a new study shows that women's risk for depression while pregnant, nearly doubled during the pandemic. the results come from a new stanford university led study. stanford researchers assessed pregnant women here in the bay area both before and after the covid lockdowns took
6:35 pm
effect in the pre pandemic group one and four women showed signs of possible depression that number, though more than doubled after the pandemic began. the coachella music festival in the southern california desert will return next year for the first time in two years. coachella was canceled back in 2020 because of the pandemic organizer's reportedly tried to bring it back this october, but that plan was scrapped, organizers announced today, though that tickets will go on sale this friday for the festival, which will be held on two weekends in april. 2022 the reformers have not yet been announced. president biden remembers the victims of tulsa a century after one of the country's deadliest masters. a mother rivera in tulsa, and i've got the details coming up in a battle is brewing at the texas state house as it becomes the latest state to overhaul
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later, president biden is honoring the survivors and remembering the victims of two deadly days in tulsa, oklahoma, when a white mob killed hundreds of black residents and destroy their livelihoods boxes. madeline rivera is in tulsa forest with what the president is doing to try to help combat racial inequities here in america. president biden makes an emotional plea for racial equality as he honors the survivors and remembers the victims of one of america's
6:39 pm
most violent and long concealed chapters. i come here help fill the silence because in silence wounds deepened on lee and remembrance. do wounds heal. president biden is using an ugly stain on our nation's past to make changes for the future as he commemorates the lives lost in the tulsa race massacre 100 years ago. so for two days between may 31st on june 1st 1921 white mob targeted telesis once thriving greenwood district known as black wall street, they looted and burned homes and businesses and killed an estimated 300 black community members. thousands more were forced into internment camps. mr biden says he was moved after privately meeting with the three remaining survivors, something justice are so heinous. so horrific so grievous, they can't be buried on lee with truth can come healing and justice and repair. and then the current backdrop of a national reckoning on racial
6:40 pm
justice. president biden laid out new measures to address racial discrepancies and bolster underserved communities, including ways to reduce the wealth gap between black and white americans. community revitalization through infrastructure improvements and a promise to invest $100 billion in minority businesses. and increased federal contracts with those small businesses by 50% in the next five years, we have hope, but we've got to give them support. he runs also, the president also announced you tapped vice president kamila harris to lead his administration spite to expand voting rights and told him about the rivera fox news. tells course in sacramento is now studying reparations for black people. governor newsome, attorney general rob bonta and secretary of state shirley weber spoke today at the inaugural meeting of the task force. the group is now looking at the institution of slavery and its present day effects. the task force was created as a result of an assembly bill authored by webber when she was
6:41 pm
in the assembly. california is the first state in the nation to pass a lot to create this type of task force. we came to understand very clearly that california has the ability and the power to do it. and it's not us. then who we have waited for almost 40 years for the congress to basically passed hr 40, and we're still waiting for them to take seriously the development of a national task force. you know, as our country reckons with our painful legacy of racial injustice, california again is poised to lead the way lead the way towards a more equitable and inclusive future. for all the nine person task force will make recommendations to the state legislature. they will look at how rations should be awarded and who would be eligible? a significant cool down today, you know, to sit out there a lot of fog back at the coast. you can see it here. i'll have the details on the five day forecast, which is coming up next. right now,
6:42 pm
though let's go to ktvu jana katsuyama, with the look of some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus heather knew tonight. scientists are studying the effects of covid booster shots on patients who received vaccinations will tell you what dr anthony fauci and other researcher is calling out celebs who want to run for office. tmz's michael babcock shares mars thoughts on this recent trend, those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu plus democrats in texas temporarily block of voting rights bill. i'm mike emanuel in washington, with reaction from the state's governor coming up. and taking another look live outside on this tuesday night looking east toward mount diablo there another warm night inland back with more on ktvu news a
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was blocked at the last minute by democratic lawmakers. democrats refused to allow a vote to go forward on measures they said would restrict voting by people of color. fox news mike emanuel tells us how the governor is now fighting back. democrats used the last tool available to us way denied them the corn that they need to pass this bill and we killed that bit tense moments between lawmakers in the state of texas late sunday night, democrats made a drastic attempt to block the passage of an election bill backed by republicans, opponents of the measure say would make voting more difficult and disproportionately impact communities of color. republicans dispute those claims. if passed, the bill would eliminate drive through voting enhance access for
6:46 pm
partisan poll watchers in place new requirements on casting a mail in ballot. we wanted to be sure we have full verification of mail in ballots and again, making sure that people who say they're going to vote and are voting or the people they say they are. this is not voter suppression governor greg abbott reacted to the move by democrats toehold voting he is threatening to veto funding for the state legislature writing quote, no pay for those who abandon their responsibilities. the bill being debated in the lone star state follows the passage of election laws in florida, georgia and arizona. democrats vowed to fight on. americans should all stand up and say enough is enough. we've been down this road before president biden opposes the texas election bill and is calling on congress to pass voting rights legislation in washington. mike emanuel. fox news, a business group based in atlanta, is suing major league baseball for choosing to pull the all star game out of that city. in the suit, the job
6:47 pm
creators network is demanding the return of the game or they want mlb to pay $100 million in damages to state and local businesses and will be made the decision to move the all star game earlier this year to denver in response to georgia's controversial election laws of the supreme court today, declined to consider johnson and johnson's appeal of a verdict that awarded $2 billion to people who claim that the company's talcum baby powder caused ovarian cancer. the company had argued the lower court proceedings violated the constitution's do process clause by combining claims from 22 plaintiffs from 12 different states, johnson and johnson still faces more than 25,000 lawsuits. it removed talcum baby powder from shelves here in the u. s last year and has denied the allegations. alright here. we had a beautiful day today much cooler than yesterday. with that heat advisory in the spirit, the air day big, different story today, there's the fog. i love this shot. sort of interesting. this
6:48 pm
is from sutro cameras got a. that has got a little east southeast tend to it, so it's kind of peeking down two more towards hamilton on hamilton. so you're looking at sort of the southern third of the bay. but you see the fog. you see how close it is to the camera indicating the marine layer is deep. it's thick. it's like a sponge. it's full of water. you know how to get to get real small when they're right. that's hot. when they get full of water like this one is it kind of pushes up over the hills will get into the east bay hills tonight and will cool things off. so that's why we live here. quite frankly, that's why barry is one of those climates in the world. because of the fog, it's still sweltering up. the central valley. it's still you know, 100 degree readings up around mary's villain, red bluff. now there is that deep marine layer. we're seeing it now. and as we look at it, we're going to continue to see this change of the slow pressure generally just kind of working its way in to our environment and weakening the high when it does that temperatures they cool and you can see the onshore flow here. see that his current temperatures but see the greens, right? so you see the just the sea breeze that's the sea
6:49 pm
breeze and some areas is stronger than others. but you can see? okay and then you see where it gets pinched, too, right? gets gets out, passed out search livermore, and that's where the highest still dominant. it's not. it's the highest dominant over us, too. but the sea breeze is overriding the high right now. it's not dominant enough, but it's not. the sea breeze is not kicking in which is thankful for us. nice to have that so. 15 degrees cooler right now in fairfield, 50 are 10 degrees cooler in concord. some areas today we're 20 degrees cooler, big ridge of high pressure. that fog at the coast. it's all good. it's gonna be a nice week ahead. we're definitely always in a fire concern situation. but this pattern this week isn't something that's really red alert. stop and you'll know what we'll let you know when you got one of those coming we have day after day after day of heat, potential strong winds, things like that. but in this case, we've got a westerly flow. we got a bunch of fog at the coast. we got fog out in the avenues out of richmond out her son set 19th all the way up to pacific heights. the forecast for tomorrow, then we'll be fog. in the little clouds
6:50 pm
tomorrow morning for oakland and sauce. alito in san francisco and san matteo in redwood city on ben, it burns off slowly and temperatures end up kind of on the mild side. so here's the fog clipper. this forecast model, so there's the fog footprint for tomorrow morning. basically all nine bay area counties have some and then it burns back ever so slowly and again, if you know you're going to see the heat still in the inland valleys, but it's still it's still there, but our sea breezes overriding that, so it's kind of perfect. that's what we love living. there really is. it's just really nice climate because you know when i grew up like i said up in the central valley of from paradise, chico, and you didn't have it, seabreeze, you know, we don't even have the delta brief, so when it got hot, it would take forever for it to cool down, and sometimes it would take weeks for it or a weather system change or something that you know, so it's still real hot in those areas. we've got a nice looking pattern this week. i'll be back tonight at 10 11. all right, bill. thank you. we'll see then the u. s. postal service wants to raise rates on first class stamps to help it reduce it.
6:51 pm
ongoing debt. the agency filed that rate increased request with the postal regulatory commission. it asked to raise stamp prices from 55 cents to 58 cents each if the commission approves the higher prices, they would go into effect august 29th coming up here tonight. warriors center james wiseman opens up about his struggles dealing with a season ending injury. and how was bomb helped him get through it. and look now at the ktvu prime time lineup. it aided his lego master. followed by mental samarai at nine and then we hope you'll stay with us for the 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock news ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three.
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vial. room we're gonna be talking about our first place. giants first place aids of the bay area, but first big time golf coming this week in our own backyard at the olympic club is a matter of fact, the women's u. s open those to be the first time that the olympic has hosted a women's major. several men's us opens. of course, 156 of the best women's golfer in the world. gonna tee off here thursday, including paula creamer. she's from
6:55 pm
pleasant. and of course, she won the u. s open back in 2010. she gets a especial exemption to play in the 2014 champ, also a local, michelle, we basically her hometown course, and she's looking to recapture some of her past gulf glory and why not do it on her home? course. here's joe fonzi. but little closer look at this week's u. s. open. a professional golfer for 16 years now, michelle wie has written her share of ups and downs. the 2014 open winner went from young phanom to someone who decided to take a hiatus from the game because of a lingering wrist injury. during that hiatus, she got married, gave birth to her first child and now as a san francisco resident, is reviving her game. it's a really cool, failing, um, being here, um. i mean, i guess just staying in my house is these two weeks is
6:56 pm
pretty nice. i've never had that happen before stepping away from the game for that long. um it felt like with my swing. um it was really natural. it came back getting used to life under a microscope is a condition some athletes handle better than others. we can identify with the decision made just this week by tennis star naomi osaka to withdraw from the french open. my lows have definitely been well documented. throughout the years, and i thought, what? no. i only did this past week was incredibly brave, really appreciate the media covering woman sports in general, but definitely has a player. it gets tough, especially after having a bad round. wie's last tournament win was three years ago. but since then her life has evolved into a lot more than success or failures on the golf course at san francisco's olympic club, joe fonzi ktvu fox. two a little over a week since we bid farewell to the warriors for this season, even
6:57 pm
longer than that, since we talked about their prize rookie top draft choice, james wisemen, of course, as you remember injured his knee back in april is a matter of fact. he had surgery in mid april to repair the tourney right knee meniscus. rookie played in 39 games. you have to call it a rocky rookie year did show major flashes. of course, he's got great promise, and he talked to the undefeated mark spears, another local product about some of his downtimes and how he's coping. it's kind of hard i was really down. i can't say that i was trying to light and yeah, it was very like my mom had stacks like, tell me everything will be all right. but i got a great family support system, man. really just me immensely, although very strong human being sorry, just like god doing like naturally. all right. we've got a long ways to go before football season, but there are
6:58 pm
some are high school camps. you need to check this future star out. oh okay. break on it. oh yeah. catholic grab, e. do you like that? julie ice cooler out of north carolina. but the name of jordan ship we may have to remember him. he's just a sophomore looking like odell beckham jr african jump, right? yeah. hey, check this out. this is what you call your face plant. you know those great catches outfielders rob from that is rough. ref schneider of the twins. hour that's definitely hurts. the grounds crew having a little fun fun with padding. yeah definitely. that's a tough one to watch. that's the sporting life for right now. thank you, mark biggs. goodnight, everybody. biggs. goodnight, everybody. thanks for joining us. what are you drawing over there?
6:59 pm
a hypothetical containment field for a frisbee-sized wormhole that could serve as a portal to a parallel universe. oh, you silly doodlebug. you know, a lot of scientists believe that making contact with other life-forms would probably not end well for us. it's a frisbee-sized wormhole, leonard. you can block it with a frisbee. calm down. do you expect me to build this? i expect you to wipe the pudding off your chin. gentlemen. have you guys ever noticed that sheldon always disappears every day at 2:45? really? he probably just goes to the bathroom. actually, no, he goes to the bathroom at 8:00 a.m. with optional follow-ups at 1:45 and 7:10 on high-fiber fridays. it's sad that you know that. oh, that's just the tip of the sadness iceberg. i'm looking at his public calendar. 2:45 to 3:05, nothing.
7:00 pm
yesterday, 2:45 to 3:05, nothing. last week, nothing. last month, nothing. he never has anything booked during that time. 20 minutes a day, completely unaccounted for. we should figure out where he goes. ooh, this is exciting. like one of my classic murder mystery dinner parties. right, the case of who murdered three saturday nights of my life? colonel koothrapali in the kitchen with the olive spread. it was tapenade and you guys suck. ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪ ♪ we built the pyramids ♪ ♪ math, science, history, unraveling the mystery ♪ ♪ that all started with a big bang ♪ ♪ bang! ♪ so what's going on? [dog] i'm a talking dog.


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