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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  June 1, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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under investigation that may be connected. all this plus a sobering picture of teens. mental health we'll hear from the author of a new study showing a troubling increase in use suicides. during the pandemic from ktvu fox. two news. this is the four and welcome to the forearm jana katsuyama infer heather holmes and i'm alex savage. we begin in san jose, where one man is dead after being shot by police officers who are following up on an investigation when they confronted a man at about 9 45 last night along toughs drive near flicking or park in the berry, esther neighborhood. ktvu south reporter jesse gary joining us now live from the scene of the shooting with the latest and jesse have, investigators said at this point what led up to the shooting, alex. they have not. but we have learned late this afternoon with two maybe surveillance video of the deadly encounter between the 31 year old suspect and san jose police officers. the loss of
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life shocking to new and longtime residents of this community. it's all love out here. this kind of stuff don't really happen out here. you know what i mean? so we just wanna light some candles for the bro rest in peace. you know, it's really sad, tuesday afternoon, neighbors lit candles to honor the man who lost his life in the second san jose police involved shooting this year, police brass say around 9 45 monday night, two officers came to the 1100 block of toughs drive and the berryessa section of the city as part of a follow up investigation. police are declining at this point to say the nature of that investing. asian somehow there was a confrontation between the two officers and the 31, year old suspect, and one san jose police officer fired killing him that we're faced with the deadly situation. i'm just gonna put it that frank. it was a very deadly situation that occurred here last night, which caused them to react in the way that they did. many of these incidents are driven later in
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the day, sergeant camera, leo, explaining the suspect pointed a gun at the officers, which prompted the use of deadly force. the suspect's family members who were inside the house were ordered out and detained for a short time, some of them telling me off camera. this is all ashamed that a man's life was taken, but they don't know exactly why now, the president of the san jose silicon valley, naacp is inside the house at this moment meeting with family members. we're gonna have more about that coming up in the next hour. for now, we're live in the barriers of section of san jose. i'm just see gary ktvu. fox two news will head back to you. okay jesse, we appreciate the update. thank you now. developing news in southern california, where a firefighter was shot and killed and another wounded near santa clarita officials say the shooter was a fellow firefighter. authorities say the shooting happened at about 11 o'clock this morning at a fire station in agua dulce say about 45 miles north of los angeles. not long afterward, a fire erupted at a home about 10 miles east of that to drop watr
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on the flames that ended up cutting that home. we also saw a bomb. squad arrived at the scene, and in just the last thee was linked to the shooting. tragically we learned that. the shooter was an off duty firefighter who came to the fire station. following the shooting. we learned that the. firefighter return to his house. he barricaded himself. the home was set on fire, and he was also found deceased. the firefighter who was shot and injured is in critical condition, but is stable, according to the medical personnel at the hospital and the l. a county sheriff's office is investigating. right now. we're following developments you can see. the fire is burning. they say they have not been able to go inside
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yet, but we will be having updates throughout the evening and one coming up tonight at five. also tonight, an investigation is underway into the death of a san bernadino county sheriff's deputy who was killed following a pursuit. ah procession of law enforcement officers escorted the body of 43 year old sergeant dominick vacca last night from the hospital where he died. deputies say the shooting happened after they attempted to pull over a man who was riding a motorcycle with no license plate. the man got off the bike and ran away later, when sergeant back and other deputies found him. he started shooting at them. the deputy was hit by the gunfire. the suspect was shot and killed by other deputies at the scene to more bay area counties are moving in the right direction on the state's covid reopening plan. marin county is now the fourth of the bay area to move from the orange tear to the least restrictive yellow tear, and solano county is finally moving orange. this being starting tomorrow.
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to increase indoor capacity. the state is expected to do away with the on june 15th. that's just two weeks away in santa clara county. today is the deadline for employers to verify if their workers are vaccinated as part of a county health order, employees must fill out forms disclosing if they've been vaccinated. the reason for this workplace safety rules vary depending on who's received this shot. those not wanting to share if they've been vaccinated will be treated as though they have not been businesses that don't comply could face of $5000 fine per day. san francisco began holding high school graduation ceremonies today after more than a year of distance learning. the students were allowed to receive their diplomas in person with families in attendance. ktvu rob roth is here now with what the graduating seniors had to say all of it from johnny. it's certainly been a year like no other, but today in san francisco, the class
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was all together for the first and likely final time this year. 18 years from phillip and sala burton academic high school in san francisco were together again, finally, not on campus, but it keys are stadium where they received their high school diplomas after enduring a senior year spent largely at home, secluded from classmates because of covid. i'm glad to actually be walking stays in person, rather than on the camera in class. like i would say yes, i'm gonna graduate in a couple of years, i would always be like a big day is coming up. it's coming up, but now that it's here, it's like really exciting. these are among the approximately 4000 seniors graduating from san francisco public high schools this week happy for students and that after at least at the very end, they could come together one last time and be able to celebrate. be able to gradua significant in all this last year's graduatione this. those took place online.
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it wasn't until recently that san francisco public health officials gave the okay for outdoor ceremonies, but students have to sit at least six ft apart. no student can have more than four guests who must sit in pods and the venues are all disinfected between ceremonies before burdens. graduation tuesday, lowell high school had its ceremony. very happy, then. ah venmo wild ride, especially this year, especially this year because some high schools only allowed seniors to attend classes in person for just 3 to 5 days over a two week period on lee about 15. percent of students actually came in. but on this graduation day, parents seemed happy and relieved and never definitely pluses and minuses to this whole past 15 months, but i'm so glad that she made it to this day, some students say for all the disappointments over the year, they did learn to persevere. we've been mentally tougher because we have to push ourselves a lot more. we really learned the power of communication. i think with this class since and it's t
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certain the class of 2022 won't have to go through all this. the school district announced full in person learning beginning this fall. jenna rob roth from san francisco. that's wonderful to see those students and their families enjoying the work after a really tough year. thanks so much. well, the pandemic has no doubt been difficult for so many kids and teenagers at ucsf has just finished up a study comparing suicide rates among adults and children don't. the pandemic, and the numbers here are eye opening in 20 23,008 adults took their own lives here in california. that's at 11% drop from the year before. now, when it came to people under the age of 18. therea 24% increase fromn
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emergency care physician at ucsf who was part of this study. dr. noble good to have you on here. obviously the findings here are are deeply troubling. what do you believe? we're the key factors that led to this increase in suicides we saw here in california among young people. right. that's it. thank you for having me this. it's a great question. it's really the discrepancy here. we know that covid has been very stressful year for all people in california, but the fact that adults who were more likely to become sick from covid lose their jobs have economic and security. the fact that their suicide rates actually decreased. the suicide rates among ls and increase really is, is alarming and eye catching, and the thing that is unique to adolescence is that they have endured the longest period of social isolation of any demographic group in california. so. they have been out of school, which is their
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primary source of socialization for 15 months, which is an incredibly long time that's longer than nursing home nursing homes were closed. that's longer than people have been out of the workforce, and we're really worried that this is this has had serious repercussions for kids. mental health in in the ucsf emergency department, we saw a 66% increase in the number of kids coming in with suicidal ideation. last year. a doubling of kids requiring hospitalization for eating disorders. and now we see this very significant increase in actual completed suicides last year beat beyond just the fact that you have so many young people who are doing virtual learning you you have the issues of social isolation. is there any any sort of commonality that we confined here? any other? way to look at which young people might be most at risk for potentially having suicidal thoughts or or
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committing suicide. it's you know, it's hard to know when the kids were kept in isolation, so the other big piece of the puzzle here is that kids have had reduced access to mental health services, so it's likely not just the social isolation of being out of school. the schools have traditionally served as a significant reference point for mental health services. they screen kids in length. um, two services and that has been absent for the most part with the lack of in person schooling. so in order to really identify these kids, they need to get back to school. at least you know for socialization and check ins with trusted adults with teachers with coaches with counselors. and to really figure out who was suffering the most, and to get them the help that they need. all right. so what can be the takeaway from from these findings and there's you know, huge disparity that you found here, you know, in terms of suicides between young people and adults here, how could we use this data to address the problem and
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come up with some solutions? yeah. yeah two things. one is that when we draft are covid policies we have to consider the risks and benefits of all of those policies. so for kids, they have always been at a pretty low level risk for covid. in fact, just 23 of the 65,000 deaths from covid in the state of california are among people under the age of 18. so when you're not protecting the kids themselves from illness by closing down schools, but you are really increasing their risk of mental health. that's got to be part of the calculus when we come up with with our policies, such as closing down schools, our tolerance for perpetually close schools and then second going forward. we really need to make sure that kids have access to high quality mental health services. the first thing is to try to prevent. mental health problems to the greatest extent possible socializing. kids in school is
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a good step in the right direction started over the summer would be a great urgent step that we could take not waiting until the fall. but then, once kids are back, they really need to be screened and talked to about how they're doing with trusted adults and get them the care that they need. yeah, that is so important here, moving forward appreciate you coming on to discuss these findings. dr jean noble from ucsf. thanks for doing it. thanks for having me absolutely, and a reminder here for the audience, if you or anyone you know, is struggling with their mental health. there is help available, you can call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1 802 7382. 55 overwhelming feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. as i was listening to my co workers get gunned down. evita a worker describes the chaotic moments of last week's deadly shooting out of santa's a rail yard. the frantic text messages that he exchanged with his loved ones. also pride month
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when the shots were fired last week, he tells ktvu is amber lee about the frantic text that he sent to his family that morning. families he's devastated and my co workers i am forever ever altered. that really pisses me off. kirk better. lay says he's grappling with anger at the gunman and sorrow over the loss of his feet. ta co workers and friends for delay is a signal maintenance technician with the transit agency for 12 years, he says the shooting started in a room across the hall from him.
4:17 pm
i started hearing the pop pop pop for delay, says he and another co worker. barricaded the door in the room they were in and he texted his family said active shooter, a bunch of co workers of dead. he shows me the text messages they exchanged. he told them. he loves them in case he didn't survive overwhelming feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. as i was listening to my co workers get gunned down for delay says when he thought it was safe. he went to the room where the shooting started. the silence was deafening. it was incredibly quiet. no moans. there is no nobody talking. he says he was able to comfort a female employee who was with the men killed. she described the gunman targeting certain people. she looked up and she saw him looking at her. and then he went around and shot everybody again, skipping her. one of my co workers was still breathing, but he was he was
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gone. he is, there's nothing we could do for berta late tells me he didn't know the gunman was sam cassidy until it was all over on the sidewalk. i want to go wake him up and kill him again. just i was furious. i'm furious. that one guy one potion has been able to choose the life you, berta lay says he only knew cassidy casually and that he appeared to be an outsider, he says this mass shooting is a lesson. this is about mental illness and how we treat one another turtle. a tells me he's now hypervigilant and expects a long road to recovery. he had planned to retire in august and never imagined he would end his career. this way. amberleigh ktvu fox two news. today marks the beginning of pride month. pride month dates back to the stone wall in riots in new york city. back in 1969 police
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raided the landmark bar to enforce a law against selling alcohol to gay customers. now, more than 50 years later, pride is celebrated every june with events and parties, however, celebrations in many major cities this year are expected to be scaled back as states are still easing back with pandemic restrictions. the san francisco pride parade canceled once again this year, but organizer's aren't letting the months go by without some kind of celebrations. the city is coming up with a lineup of in person and virtual events, the san francisco giants are partnering up with san francisco pride to present the first ever pride movie nights at oracle park. 20,000 people will be invited to watch the movies on june 11th and june 12th and coming up tonight at five o'clock here on ktvu will have a look at the celebrations that are happening all around the bay area today to kick. golf, pride month and merryweather. the little he'd have been. we had, especially inland is will soon be coming to an end. in fact,
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temperatures start to trend down today and that that will will actually continue with that ideas we head into wednesday, thursday and friday, so no major heating are forecasting is that's the kind of weather headline over the next few days. here's a satellite that you can't check out looks like a summertime pattern or approaching summers. you can't see in the low clouds and fog still banked up near the immediate coastline. and getting ready to push back into the bay as we head into this evening. in fact, already some patches sneaking in to the golden gate bridge. we have a pretty good onshore breeze and you look at this. we're gonna bring down just because your idea that it is a cooler patterns, so we're gonna bring down the inland temperatures as we head into your wednesday forecast as far as the temperature change comparative compared to yesterday. at this time, most areas have a big minus sign in front of them. that means they're cooler, especially toward fairfield. 15 degrees cooler compared to this time yesterday, it is still warm and a few inland spots. today. this afternoon conquered currently checking in 90 degrees, san jose 72 in san francisco in the upper fifties. here's a live camera this afternoon looking out toward
4:21 pm
sfo, where you can see some low clouds and fog back in the picture. so this means we're gonna expect some more cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning, we'll check out some the current numbers out there once again the warm spot still in the eighties and san francisco if we showed you cooled off into the fifties, so the plan tomorrow morning, some cloud cover near the coast and near the bay first thing tomorrow more i mean, eventually clearing back to when near the immediate coastline and the warm spots tomorrow, maybe getting close to 90 degrees, but the warm spots essentially in the eighties for tomorrow afternoon as we head into your wednesday and cooler temperatures in our five day we'll have more on that coming up in just a few minutes. american given talk and things are really tough right now for a lot of people and i just want you know i'm here if you need me lessons in positivity we'll hear from the bay area teacher who's become a tiktok's sensation for his inspiring
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for a lot of people i just want, you know i'm here if you need me your grades like look at me when i'm saying this your grades, they do not matter to you when it comes to me, loving you. so if you have all zeros, i care about you just as much as if you have all force. okay and like your grades do not determine your value. when that negative self talk starts to appear, that's where you wanna be aware. are there because the next step is to challenge that self talk. think about andy spade educator has gone viral on tiktok's with videos of uplifting interactions with his students over the past year, donovan taylor hall teaches a course focused on social, emotional learning to middle schoolers at the impact academy. that's a charter school in hayward. i recently had a chance to talk with mr donovan as his kids call him about how his virtual classes during the pandemic helped inspire his students. to believe in
4:25 pm
themselves for me when we went online, i was like, all right, well, time to shine right relationships first, like how the kids are doing first. that was kind of like my thought process into this. i want to make the kids laugh. i want them to learn some skills that will help take care of themselves and teaching them things like gratitude over the during the pandemic was really important because. i think that it was really easy for a lot of people, including adults to really sink into the low place because things felt so negative and so rough for so long and so giving kids the opportunity to think about an express the things that they were grateful for, outside of themselves and within themselves gave them the capacity to feel hope into feel optimism and to be little like beacons of light and their communities and in their lives because for some of the kids. they were stepping up and being positive for the adults and their family and the adults in their lives. and i think that
4:26 pm
this this pandemic just really highlighted how important it is to really think about the whole development of kids. and i hope going back to school that we continue to think about their social emotional growth and how we can support kids to really helped them thrive not to just get through the system. to get good grades but to really thrive and haven't understanding of who they are. yeah. how do you know when you have have reached your students. how do you know when you've made a difference? well so one of the things that's really important to me is that i'm influencing them and not manipulating them. that's really important. there's a difference between them, and one of the biggest ways to know is. if they come to this like understanding on their own, and so they say something back to me, and i said to them, like six months ago, and i want to be like i told you that, but, you know, i don't say it because i'm like, no, they integrated it and they learned it and they dealt with it and so, creating systems where kids
4:27 pm
feel safe until trustworthy. kids are really open. they just shared with me how they felt and they've shared with me. how these skills have helped them. they really are honest about the tea back. they give. it's helped me really figure out what skills resonate with kids of that age. and what skills don't i wanted to also incorporate some other things? i was learning for myself as a young adult? he's i struggled a lot as a kid. with depression and with substance abuse to the point where i almost took my life when i was in college, and after that, i realized that i needed to learn. there are some things i just hadn't learned how to take care of myself how to love myself. build myself up, and so i started to apply that work with kids, and i realized pretty quickly that it was really beneficial, especially for middle schoolers at that age, and so one of my biggest goals is to help kill kids build self determination. and so for a lot of adults who watch the stuff they feel like really happy to see positive
4:28 pm
work happening with kids, but what i really want them to recognize that i'm teaching them fundamental skills. that can transform the way that they see themselves. they did they see the world the way they see their learning and their growth and that can really help them anchor themselves and who they are and to move throughout the world with a stronger connection to themselves. all right, so how did the tiktok's thing happened here? what you post you posted some of your interactions with your students. on tiktok's here and it just blows up. well, yeah, we're how surprised were you? well i mean, so i've always wanted to be a speaker for kids. that was really my goal. and so a lot of people will think that like i'm just a teacher or not just a teacher that i. them specifically a teacher. but my goal was always to bend to be a speaker. my dream is to have like a tv show for kids, because that's what i did theater in journalism when i was younger, so i've really been building this vision for a long time, and i was doing all these things to try to make it work and like nothing was spitting. but then my kids made me make a tiktok's because they're like you're so silly.
4:29 pm
you should put these videos on tiktok's and i did in the first, like you know, seven videos or eight videos or just me being obnoxious and the kids liked it. and then i realized that i had this really rare opportunity because people don't often get to see me working with kids, and i've said for years like if people could see that. that is, that is what this work is about. that is the goal. they will know that this work is important if they can see and hear what it sounds like. moving forward. mr donovan tells me that beyond his work in the classroom, he wants to continue spreading his message of positivity with the world trying to reach as many kids as he can through his online videos so you can check him out, of course on tiktok. coming up a dark moment in u. s history. hundreds of african americans killed and a thriving community wiped out up next. a live report from tulsa or president biden commemorated 100 years since the 1921 race massacre, how he's using the event to try to combat racial inequities.
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4:33 pm
with more on today's events. good evening, janna and people from across the country travel to this side and tulsa, the greenwood district, otherwise known as black wall street, so remember the massacre. that's it. place here 100 years ago, and while people i spoke to tell me, the country is still far from closing the racial wealth gap, they say the measures that the president took today at least help them move forward for much too long. history of what took place here was told in silence. cloaked in darkness. just because history is silent. it doesn't mean that it did not take place. it's a day of solemn remembrance for the hundreds of black lives loss and the tulsa race massacre 100 years ago. between may 31st on june 1st 1921, a white mob looted and burned homes and businesses in tulsa's greenwood district, known as black wall street, roughly 300 black community members were killed and thousands more were
4:34 pm
forced into internment camps. hear the screams have lived through the massacre every day. country may forget this history, but i cannot. president biden has long pledged to combat systemic racism. he's using today's events as a catalyst for change in underserved communities, with two new measures to help reduce the racial wealth gap, one of them would address in equity and home appraisals. the other would increase federal contracts with small disadvantaged businesses by 50% by 2026 investing $100 billion in minority businesses. i think it needs to be acknowledged that we have to do better in what we're doing far as supporting a group of people. president biden is also tapping vice president kamala harris selina pushed to protect voting rights as safe throughout the country try to impose new restrictions on voting. janna madeline rivera live for us tonight in tulsa, oklahoma.
4:35 pm
thank you. a task force held its inaugural meeting today in sacramento to study reparations for black people. gavin newsom attorney general rahm bonta and secretary of state shirley weber spoke at this meeting. the group is looking at the institution of slavery and its present day effects. the task force was created as a result of it. assembly bill authored by webber when she was in the assembly, california is the first state in the nation to pass a law to create this type of task force. we came to understand very clearly that california has the ability and the power to do it. and it's not us. then who we have waited for almost 40 years for the congress to basically passed hr 40, and we're still waiting for them to take seriously the development of a national task force. you know, as our country reckons with our painful legacy of racial injustice, california again is poised to lead the way lead the way towards a more equitable and inclusive future for all. the nine person task
4:36 pm
force will make recommendations to the state legislature. the look at how reparations should be awarded and who would be eligible. local leaders are working to provide a lifeline to parents of young children by calling for more state funding for diapers. this morning, east bay assembly member buffy wicks held a rally at bananas in oakland to support her $10 million budget proposal to ensure that communities across the state have a diaper bank program. wickes is pardoning with first five county commissions and supply bank dot or gta help low income families who are facing even more obstacles after this past year. so families are having to make tough choices, leaving the diapers on longer, leaving soiled diapers on longer. this has ah, terrible baby. the healh of the family. it is unconscionable a choice that lom families. diapers are the third highest expense for families on cow works. proposed
4:37 pm
legislation would expand the diaper bank program to families in need across 50 counties. drugmaker madonna has filed for full fda approval of its covid-19 vaccine for adults so far, all of the coronavirus vaccines being given out in the u. s are approved on lee for emergency use more than 124 million doses of the modern a vaccine have been administered here in the u. s full approval of the vaccine will be based on six months worth of trial data visor and its partner beyonce. act have also begun the process of getting fda approval for their vaccine. in new york, one of the last major covid restrictions has been lifted in what was once an epicenter of the pandemic, fox's jonathan serrie tells us that this comes as vaccination rates continue to climb and new cases are falling. almost 300 million doses of covid-19 vaccines have been administered in the u. s helping to push infection rates down significantly fewer than 6000 new cases reported monday
4:38 pm
with the daily average now well below 20,000 the progress, prompting more cities and states to drop restrictions, including new york, the former epicenter of the outbreak, where a curfew on bars and restaurants officially ended on tuesday at midnight. this is something we've all been waiting for. pushback covid to regain our freedom and then enjoy the summer of new york city. hospitalizations have also fallen to a new low. we're now averaging just over 3000 new covid related in missions a day down 10% since last week, and emergency rooms are reporting a significant slowdown in patients with coronavirus symptoms when we see somebody with respiratory symptoms now. covid isn't even number one on our list anymore. we're seeing way less admissions to hospitals right now. it's really, really encouraging. the positive trends had folks out in big numbers over the memorial day weekend with packed beaches on both coasts and in the air. the t s a reporting almost two million passengers a day, six times as many as last year with
4:39 pm
no major issues or outbreaks is air travel picks back up my first super fall, so it definitely feels like it's kind of getting getting back to normal. both definitely nice to see the world opening back up. another big reopening in the coming weeks. the white house with all employees scheduled to return in person by the end of july in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. up next here on the four help for the families of the nine victims in that deadly shooting at the v t, a rail yard how you can show your support up next in today's giving day drive and a very weather looks like we're talking about a bit of a cooling trend. with more low clouds and fog. we'll have more on your forecast coming up.
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try wejet with a money back guarantee. families of the nine people killed in the shooting at the
4:42 pm
vita railyard in san jose. we were are joined now by maria noel fernandez from working partnerships. yusa maria. thank you so much for joining us today. thank you for having me. and your group working partnerships is based right in silicon valley. can you talk a little bit about the role of your group in the community and also why you decided to partner with the union to try and help these victimsfamilies? absolutely we've been in the community for almost 27 years, and we're a community and public policy nonprofit that works very closely with the labor movement to support working families here in silicon valley. and when this tragedy happened just a few days ago, the south main labor council and the union that represents those be ta workers reached out to us and wanted us to step up. the resource is and support that we provide to working families here in san jose, and what has the response been so far? the response has been overwhelming, were very clear that no amount of
4:43 pm
financial support is going to bring back. these husbands and fathers and brothers to their families, but we know that they're deep needs of these families and folks that were affected by this crisis are needingoth in the moment and in long term, and so our hop and generous donations that we've received and will receive will help toc some of the burden that this tragedy has put upon these families, and it's really been so heartbreaking scene. the families there, um, seen the memorial that sanders, a city hall with people just coming by saying no. you know, i rode the vita. not everyone might be able to make a financial contribution in at this time. but are there other ways that you see that people can help? you know one thing that we've heard from our brothers and sisters that work at vita is that when you do see a bus driver when you see someone that has the vt, a uniform on let them know that
4:44 pm
you're with them that you support them that you're sorry for their loss. we know that right now the families and folks that were on the scene. we're gonna need a lot of support to get through the next weeks months years. and so if folks could even give $20 look that makes a difference, and so from $20 to thousands of dollars were really encouraging folks to give that financial support brought also that moral support when you see the tape workers out in the community serving us and, you know, sometimes we see differences between management and workers. but we really saw the vt. a management say they are suspending service. they're giving the workers time to heal to get counseling did that highs you what did you think about that kind of outpouring? you know, folks like the vita servants have carried us through the pandemic. essential workers that have really stepped up over the last year, particularly, and it was no surprise that we would see the kind of leadership from
4:45 pm
vita and the public servants to say, um we're standing in solidarity and every way possible that they can on do you know, i think the entire community is wrapping our arms around the workers, the families and really any victim of gun violence like this. and finally, maria, how long are you going to be collecting these donations? and then once you do get them, how are you going to go about just repeating them at this time we haven't sent and date but what we know is that there are some immediate needs of the families and. may be needing around funeral costs, flying family members in and so many other things, but we also know that folks have lost income and came for rent and paying for these that their children they have, so we will continue to raise funds. at this moment. we may be announcing an end date in the next few days. right now. the funds will go to the victims. if you donate online, our credit card processor pays our charges the 2.8% fee. but
4:46 pm
besides that all the money from individual donations will go to supporting those affected. andre will have an advisory board that will help us make sure that we're doing that in a way that really serves victims of these crimes. thank you so much, maria. no. well, fernandez from working partnerships. yusa thank you for joining us. thank you. and if you would like to help participate in this week's giving day drive by supporting working partnership, yusa for those families of the nine victims of the vt shooting, you can just scan the q r code right there on your screen to learn more. oh very weather after yesterday's heat temperatures will be coming down by just a few degrees. in fact, that cooling trend will continue as we head into what wednesday and beyond. with no major heat in our forecast, also not in our forecast. no rain falls or dry weather stretching. really? wouldn't it would it would not expect much rain this time of year, but it's really not going to show up in our forecast this week.
4:47 pm
in terms of the water supply. there's so many ways to co you e largest 48 reservoirs the statistics as you can see, coming up for capacity, average and last year capacities over 28 million acre feet and a graffiti is basically imagine a football field and covering that with a foot of water, and that's the unit of measurement. so there's a lot of numbers here. but as you can see, right now, we're just at 46% of capacities. there's not much weight in they're gonna be adding much more in the way of rain or snow pack into our water supply. so this is what we have, and we have to manage our way through with over the coming months. lots of fog, though just offshore, low clouds and fog banked up near the immediate coastline is becoming closer. pretty good, aren't you are a breeze and looks like already some patches heading back into san francisco san francisco bay already this afternoon as far as the temperature change compared to four o'clock yesterday, everybody has a minus sign in front of them, especially for the inland spots and up in the north bay, santa rosa and even
4:48 pm
fairfield down around 14 15 degrees. now it is still warm inland. still a few spots in the eighties to right around 90 degrees, but definitely cooler temperatures, coast side and right around the bay as we're looking at right now, looking out toward sf, more low clouds and fog here coming by the fog, kind of drifting over the hills and the clouds will gradually expand. so what happens? we typically talk about a shallow marine layer and we have the hot temperatures and lynn the cool temperatures near the coast. that marine layer will gradually deepen and that'll send in that cooler marine air. all the way the inland spots over the next few days, starting out tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies and areas of fog and know what big changes here temperatures most areas will be in the fifties. this a big area of high pressure we were talking about over the past couple days, it's beginning to lose its grip as his cooler weather feature moves in from the north and from the west. so with that al cooley trend with temperatures, not a huge drop off, but still steadily dropping off each and every day, especially as we head toward thursday and friday. now tomorrow, still a few small could be in the upper
4:49 pm
eighties for your wednesday afternoon. san francisco 61 santa rosa around 81 degrees and san jose in the upper seventies and look ahead another warm day inland. you could see what we do, though we shave off a few more degrees is we had a thursday and then the friday maybe a little bit of a bump by the weekend by saturday and looks like we're cool things down once again into into sunday. so if in terms of a fire danger, of course fire season a huge concern for us, at least that we're not talking about any extreme heat over the next five days, and that's a kind of a nice development a least if it's just a short about a time. yeah, we'll take a little break. thank you. coming up next here on the four a teenager versus a mama bear up next. see how this girl came to the rescue after the bear starteder her dogs and coming up tonight at policeo from last week's mass shooting at that vita facility. the sheriff will update us within the next hour and show us the video as officers real. lives
4:50 pm
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that have been hit hard by the pandemic. ktvu is deborah villalon tells us this memorial day weekend provided a healthy summer launch that they hope will last all season long. guys have fun out there. yeah, awesome, awesome. 89 degrees. the high and girder fell monday. perfect for a 10 mile float on the russian river. fortunately, got off to a great start. it seems like every place is packed. burke's canoes didn't open at all last summer, but on this holiday weekend rented about 100 boats a day collars are excited. she asked for you open and when we said yes, i could hear people in background applauding there. i'm so happy. it was a beautiful day. we totally loved being on the water. the san jose couple camped alongside the river all weekend feels like such a break. we laid out
4:53 pm
on the beach and looked at the stars last night. these are the stories and sites west sonoma county needs after some tough years for tourism, as if flood damage from winter storms wasn't enough in 2019. 2020 brought the pandemic and wildfire that caused almost total evacuation of the area. visitors were leery after that, but no more. everybody wants to get out and i don't like mono rios fire chief is glad despite the crowds, no rescues in the water or on the roads. he expects it will get even busier. did you see the crowds? they're coming right back. when you're a tourist destination is kind of hard to not, you know. shut it off. was like tahoe arena or somewhere you were a destination only johnson's beach, which is private, still has covid protocols. picnics 10 ft, apart inside designated circles and reservations required people here like the extra space i like like, more secluded, we could still have fun. just us without everybody, but it's cool the beaches phone
4:54 pm
and ask the river communities come roaring back. the biggest limitation is the lack of workers to staff jobs. to tell the truth. this has been the best may we've ever had. at fern grove cottages. all 18 units are booked solid on weekends and weekdays are picking up to and it's not just bay area folks coming to sleep under the redwoods this weekend, i had people from texas people from new york for everybody. i think it's pretty optimistic. yeah because they can see people still want to travel hopes are high for a strong summer at the russian river, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. fearless teenager is caught on video protecting a family dog from a bear. the mama bearard in bradbury, california yesterdaynd started . that's when the bear started swiping at one of those dogs and seconds later, a 17 year old runs out bravely bravely shoves the bear off the wall,
4:55 pm
grabs one of the other dogs and then runs back into the house for safety. amazingly, the team nature and those dogs are all doing. okay. democrats in texas temporarily block of voting rights bill i'm mike emanuel in washington with reaction from the state's new from crest i've been telling everyone, the secret to great teeth... is having healthy gums. keep yours healthy with new crest advanced gum restore. it's clinically proven to detoxify below the gum line, and it restores by helping heal gums in as little as seven days. because you can't have a healthy smile, without healthy gums. advanced gum restore from crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america.
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4:57 pm
dramatic walkout that killed a republican voting bill. democrats say that law was aimed at restricting voting by people of color. fox's mike emanuel tells us what's next in this political standoff. democrats used the last tool available to us. we denied them to corn that they need to pass this bill and we killed that bit tense moments between lawmakers in the state of texas latecrats made a drastic attempt to block the passage of an election bill
4:58 pm
backed by republicans. opponents of the measure say would make voting more difficult and disproportionately impact communities of color. republicans dispute those claims. if passed, the bill would eliminate dr. revoting enhance access for partisan poll watchers in place new requirements on casting a mail in ballot. we wanted to be sure we have full verification of mail in ballots and again, making sure that people who say they're going to vote and are voting or the people they say they are. this is not voter suppression. governor greg abbott reacted to the move by democrats toehold voting he is threatening to veto funding for the state legislature, writing quote, no pay for those who abandon their responsibilities. the bilby. debated in the lone star state follows the passage of election laws in florida, georgia and arizona. democrats vowed to fight on americans should all stand up and say enough is enough. we've been down this road before president biden opposes the texas election bill and is calling on
4:59 pm
congress to pass voting rights legislation in washington. mike emanuel fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now a shooting at a southern california fire station leaves a firefighter dead and another wounded about 10 miles away, the gunman's home burst into flames. all of this happening north of los angeles. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in again tonight for frank and we start tonight with that developing news just east of santa clarita. one firefighter was killed, another injured in a shooting at that southern california fires. station and as we mentioned, the suspected gunman is a fellow firefighter. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now live with an update on this deadly attack. janna heather, another workplace shooting here in california, according to officials, who gave an update late today the suspected gunman was found dead at his home near the fire station, and authorities say they believe he set his house on fire before
5:00 pm
apparently killing himself. los angeles county sheriff's deputies got the call just before 11 o'clock this morning about. gunshots at a small l. a county fire department station number 81 that's in agua dulce say that's about 45 miles north of los angeles, when deputies got to the station they say they found one man dead. they say he was a 44 year old firefighter engineer at that station, a second man of 54 year old captain was injured. he was taken to the hospital. investigators say the shooter was an off duty co worker, also a firefighter at the very same state. 81 about the time of the shooting. ah big fire broke out at a house about 10 miles east of the station. deputies say they found a body that they believe to be the suspect. it was outside the home in a pool with a gunshot wound. the fire chief spoke about the tragedy at a press conference late this afternoon. this morning when


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