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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 1, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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learning about a shooting by police that left one person dead. plus survivors speak out about that deadly mass shooting at the v t, a rail yard in san jose, how people are coming together to help each other and what you could do to help those impacted, plus studying and developing proposals for potential reparations for african americans, the new task force right here in california. the news at noon starts now. this'll is ktvu fox. two news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian be. i'm allie. rasmus infer mike mibach new at noon. police in san jose say they shot a man who they say pointed a gun at them at the scene of a crime investigation. the man's family wants answers. ktvu is james torres reports from san jose late monday night became chaotic and they normally quiet san jose neighborhood, two police officers showed up two tops drive near flicking your park to follow up on an investigation. the suspect that they were here investigating presented himself. there was a
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confrontation. there were some shots fired by one of our officers. those shots killed the suspect. police not saying why they were there investigating. they now accused the suspect of pointing a gun, forcing officers to shoot. we don't get shooting 1000 this area were really don't neighbors say they hate to see this happen near their homes, a police spokesman says evidence will be revealed in coming days proving the shooting was justified. after being presented with a deadly situation. the man died on the street outside his home while his family was inside. this wasn't a random shooting where you know, an officer approaches someone on the street. i mean, the officers were here for a very specific reason trying to accomplish a very specific mission, which i can't get into right now. family members distraught over the shooting holding onto the man's mother for comfort, they tow ktvu. they, too, are waiting for more information. police say the officers are seasoned and will take tks on administrative leave. family members of the suspects say they were not yet ready to speak on camera. but when i
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asked them about the investigation, all they could tell me was black lives matter, and they, too, are still waiting for details in san jose. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. we're hearing from evita employee who was at the rail yard when shots were fired last wednesday. told ktvu is amber lee about the frantic text he sent to his family that morning. families he's devastated and my co workers i am forever ever altered. that really pisses me off. kirk berta lay says he's grappling with anger at the gunman and sorrow over the loss of his feet. ta co workers and friends for delay is a signal maintenance technician with the transit agency for 12 years, he says the shooting started in a room across the hall from him. i started hearing the pop pop pop burger lay says he and another co worker. barricaded the door in the room they were in and he texted his family and i said active shooter, a bunch
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of co workers dead. he shows me the text messages they exchanged. he told them. he loves them in case he didn't survive overwhelming feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. as i was listening to my co workers get gunned down for delay says when he thought it was safe. he went to the room where the shooting started. the silence was deafening. it was incredibly quiet. no moans. there was no nobody talking. he says he was able to comfort a female employee who was with the men killed. she described the gunman targeting certain people. she looked up and she saw him looking at her. and then he went around and shot everybody again, skipping her. one of my co workers was still breathing, but he was he was gone is there was nothing we could do for berta late tells me he didn't know the gunman was sam cassidy until it was all over as he was leaving the
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scene and saw his body on the sidewalk. i want to go wake him up and kill him again. i was furious. i'm furious. that one guy one potion has been able to change my life. berta lay says he only knew cassidy casually and that he appeared to be an outsider, he says this mass shooting is a lesson. this is about mental illness and how we treat one another turtle. a tells me he's now hypervigilant and expects a long road to recovery. he had planned to retire in august and never imagined he would end his career. this way. amberleigh ktvu fox two news. so if you'd like to help the vita employees injured in the shooting and families of the victims, the community group working partnerships usa is collecting donations through its union community resource is program. we have a link for you at ktvu .com or disc in the q r code you see right now on your screen, it has been 100 years
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since the tulsa race massacre. president biden is meeting this afternoon with several people who survived that tragedy a century ago. about an hour from now, mr biden is expected to announce his steps. the. castration will take to address racial inequities in the u. s lauren blanchard reports from washington 100 years ago and told to oklahoma in a district dubbed black wall street. the u. s a one of its deadliest race massacres, an estimated 300 black americans were killed when a mob of white supremacists destroyed their homes and businesses over two days. there are few remaining survivors now. a century later, i have, 100 years of paint, remembers bosses. president biden proclaiming a day of remembrance for the centennial on may 31st the proclamation saying the administration is quote working to root out systemic racism from our laws, our policies and our hearts. i am 107 year old and have never been seen justice in tulsa on
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tuesday afternoon, president biden will announce more steps to close the racial inequity gap by tightening rules on housing discrimination, increasing federal contracts by 50% with disadvantaged businesses amounting to $100 billion over five years. providing more federal spending and its infrastructure plan still being negotiated with congress toward underserved communities. you can't cover over the blood and talk about reconciliation window has been no conciliation, some lawmakers say reparations are needed reparations is required today. today today they're survivors of the massacre were on capitol hill in may, asking lawmakers to support reparations. president biden has backed a study but not yet supported. cash payments. you give us a chance to beat the hold after all of the years. president biden is the first president to take part in events remembering the with the elderly survivors in washiton a task
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force is holding its first ever meeting right now in sacramento to study the issue of reparations for black people. governor newsome, attorney general rob bonta and secretary of state shirley weber are speaking at the meeting. the group is looking at the institution of slavery and its present day effects. the task force was created as a result of an assembly bill authored by webber when she was in the assembly. california is the first state in the nation to pass a law to create a task force like this. we came to understand very clearly that california has the ability and the power to do it. and it's not us. then who we have waited for almost 40 years for the congress to basically passed hr 40, and we're still waiting for them to take seriously the development of a national task force. you know, as our country reckons with our painful legacyy lead the way towards a more equitable and inclusive future. for all the nine person task
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force will make recommendations to the state legislature. they'll look at how reparations should be. boarded and who would be eligible. today's the deadline for employers in santa clara county to verify who among their workforce is vaccinated. ktvu is azenith smith tells us about the hefty fines for employers that don't comply and why somewhat, the. deadline pushed back. it's not a sunnyvale location. all 56 employees have filled out this county form disclosing if they've been vaccinated. we were ready to fill out this form. it was easy because our staff most of them had been vaccinated. so we thought of this war. with no problem. xanatos assistant store manager has the forms ready in case the county checks by june 1st as part of the county health order, officials are requiring businesses and government enemies to track and have on hand the vaccination status of all employees. the reason workplace safety rules very depending on who's received the shot. i think it's important for us to know who's been vaccinated. who hasn't
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those not wanting to share if they've been vaccinated? don't have to. they'll be treated as though they haven't businesses that don't comply could face of $5000 per day. fine i think with the county is doing i think it is unfair at this point, catherine summers is with the silicon valley chamber coalition and questions the mandate. the coalition sent out this letter last week asking the county to extend its deadline of june 15th to have more time to review it. no other counties air you know, having to go through this next step, and it's kind of you ask yourself why so far they haven't received a risk. sponsor no one from county public health was available to comment on a holiday regarding the june 1st deadline, the counties website does say so long as a business is making appropriate good faith efforts. the business will be considered in compliance with the requirement. employers have been under a lot of pressure in recent years, not to be. too um, prying into people's private lives. ah business
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expert from san jose state, says the mandate raises concerns over privacy and enforcement. he's not surprised if it's met with legal challenges. azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. still to come at noon, an explosion and fire in san jose what? we're learning about the disaster at an apartment building that left 14 people without a place to live, how people jumped in to help their neighbors escaped the flames. plus it looked more like a traditional holiday weekend. here in the bay area, we take a look at the crowds that gathered it teaches people looking for relief from the heat. and speaking of that hot weather, a slight cool down for much of the bay area today. ktvu meteorologists rosemary oroczo will have our rosemary oroczo will have our forecast coming up. need better sleep? try nature's bounty sleep 3 a unique tri layer supplement, that calms you helps you fall a sleep faster and stay a sleep longer. great sleep comes naturally with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. there's been a shooting at a los angeles county fire department station. the los angeles county sheriff's office says the shooting happened at fire station 81, which is about 45, miles north of los angeles, and the others will say area near santa clarita. no details yet about any injuries are being released at this time. ah, home about 10 miles away from the station is on fire, and there's a heavy police presence in the area, but it's unclear if those things are connected. authorities didn't immediately have more information. we'll continue to follow the law. this development and bring you updates throughout the show new at noon, solano counties finally been given the go ahead to shift from the restrictive
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red tier two orange until today, solano county had remained in the red here since march, 9th, the only bay area county still in the red tear, starting tomorrow. churches restaurants, gyms and movie theaters will be able to increase indoor capacity. marin county also moved from the orange tear to yellow. our state is expected to do away with this tear based system altogether on june 15 well hot weather around much of the bay area sent people to the coast looking to cool off at a beach ktvu christian captain has more from san francisco. memorial day, visitors made their way to san francisco's famous fisherman's worf to beat the heat. the weather's gorgeous today it's perfect. i mean, i don't think you get buried in sf in this zack tomorrow, saying he was looking for a fun place for the family this holiday weekend are coming up and saying was that so? just here for the weekend? my wife's on a baby shower, so i got the two kids with a day one of the big draws a long pier 39, the aquarium of the bait, visitors patiently waiting and sometimes long minds to enter. ah lot of those visitors from warmer
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parts of the bay area, looking for a cool place to enjoy memorial day. our demographics are changing a bit used to be mostly out of town tourists. now we have mostly locals. they're buying the tickets online memorial day weekend are in the year's first significant heat wave in san francisco's baker beach proved to be an irresistible draw for many agnosia, castro brought his family to the beach looking for a little relief will be 100 and three today, 103 man, so we had to get out. we gotta go to the coast. we're cool up the strong wind and 57 degree water may have been a little too cold for some. oh, my gosh. it was freezing to get out there, but i want to get the experience to go in the water so, but it was so cold. oh, my gosh. i don't know if i would do it again, and baker beach was busy throughout the day. it seems like every time somebody would wind up there day and leave, somebody would be ready to come and take their place at baker beach in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news. well, a little cooler today than we were. yesterday.
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people living inland rosemary oroczo are thankful for that change. i'm guessing. ah yes, the temperatures have dropped off by five even 10 degrees around the bay area. garcia hello to you. hello to all of you. we are waking up, or i should say into the afternoon it with mostly sunny skies away from the coastline. here's a look at the s f over. we do have blue skies overhead. you could see a little bit of patchy fog there behind the hill side. we are with the partly cloudy mostly cloudy skies along the coast and the onshore breezes back in with that temperatures around the band along the coast. cool to mild 55 degrees right now at half moon bay low sixties san francisco upper sixties reported in oakland. as you go in lindo, it's a warm 1 81 in concord in the north bay 78, santa rosa and far south bay right now, san jose, you're checking in at 76. here's a look. the 24 hour temperature change, and you could see from the coast and around the bay anywhere from 2 to 6 degrees cooler, but you go inland. more notable in some areas down by 10 degrees livermore down by nine and napa in down by nine
12:17 pm
in nevada. so for our coastline in our bas, temperatures will even be a little bit below average. for this time of year. you go inland. not quite is hot is yesterday when some areas picked out 100 degrees or so, but still going to be a little bit above the average in addition to the marine layer, deepening some the fog returning to the coastline, the onshore breezes back that also helps to cool things down. you know, this time of year's the coast that fills it first, then the bay then our inland cities began to fill it, and there's the reason why it just takes a little longer for that, too cool pacific air to work its way all the way inland. here's a view of storms wrecker, too, and here's the reason for the switch. we are watching a trough that's moving well above the pacific northwest and into canada, but still helping to sort of put a damper on that ridge of high pressure that was in control yesterday with that said, here's a look at the a fog forecast along the coast. line into the afternoon. doesn't really budge. there. we are entering into sunset. we've got mostly cloudy skies north
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bay down through the san mateo county coastline over towards the santa cruz. it looks like partly cloudy skies for you there into the afternoon, and it's already moving back into. areas of the north bay and eventually crossing into the east bay as well. when it comes to the temperatures s o just a tad above average in santa rosa. for today, we'll go 80 degrees, but take a look at san francisco. 60 degrees expected for you there upper sixties and oakland idiot livermore in san jose at 80 degrees, just a smidge above the seasonal norm. i'll have a better look at the afternoon highs for today and what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up in just a little bit. rosemary thank you. still to come? a new and pride month kicks off today across the bay area and beyond. take a look at how local cities plan to observe this month on the events
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their first trip in more than a year. ktvu is marie naylor tells us some travelers who decided to fly were surprised by what they found. this is what the roads looked like around the bay area this memorial day weekend. people want to get out for the summer and going to all the things they missed. welcome back to normal by first travel more than 37 million people to travel more than 50 miles fromus traveled memorial day weekend that number plummeted to 2.7
12:22 pm
million during the pandemic and was forecast to rebound. a 4.5 million travelers this year, so there's it's really great to get back into what i like to do, which is traveling in the motor on. memorial day weekend marks the first time the south bay resident has taken his rv out since 2019 for a trip to pine mountain lake. get an early start and come back either earlier late, so you don't get caught in traffic. as for those taking to the skies, air travel is also on the rise this holiday weekend compared to last year. the hardest thing was deciding whether or not to be vaccinated. i didn't want the vaccine, but i wanted to fly. dennis said jose airport expected 58,000 passengers between thursday and monday, which is six times the amount they saw last year, but only about half the amount of travelers seen on a normal memorial day weekend. some travelers said when they arrived at the airport, they were surprised by what they found. the airport wasn't as crowded as we thought. but the
12:23 pm
aarp the airlines pakistan, like sardines in the plane, so that was a little surprising, and whether headed to the beach on highway 17 or driving north y weekend, there were a lot of cars on the road, another sign normalcy. is returning maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news this june. 1st marks the beginning of pride month. pride month dates back to the stone wall in riots in new york city in 1969 police raid raided the now landmark bar to enforce the law against selling alcohol to get customers. no more than 50 years later, pride to celebrated every june with events and parties, but celebrations in many major cities this year are expected to be scaled back as states are still easing pandemic restrictions. your home. the city san francisco, kicking off pride month by lighting a pink triangle on twin peaks. it kicked off just a short time ago with a pink torch procession in oakland. the procession will make its way to twin peaks in san francisco for the formal lighting by san francisco mayor london breed. there are 2700 pink led lights
12:24 pm
that will shine bright during the month of june. pride flag raising ceremony was held in redwood city to kick off pride events in san mateo county. the county's flying a different flag from the traditional one. the progress pride flag includes black and brown stripes to represent marginalize lgbt q. communities of color back in the east bay, the city of san leandro also kicked off pride month with an event at city hall. the pride flag was raised just a few hours ago. san leandro was also displaying the progress plied progress. pride flag. during this event, the city council announced a community race and equity task force. law enforcement also announced the san leandro police department lgbt q liaison program. historically interactions between law enforcement and the lgbtq community have not always been positive crimes often go unreported. as a result, causing victimization to continue and cases go unsolved. stanley under police department recognizes this past and we're committed to developing a progressive new partnership.
12:25 pm
but the lgbt q community officials say san leandro has a lot to celebrate this pride month with its first openly gay vice mayor, police captain and school board president. the san francisco pride parade is canceled again this year, but pride organizer's aren't letting the month go by without some kind of celebrations. the city is coming up with a line of in person and virtual events. the san francisco giants are partnering up with san francisco pride to present the first ever pride movie nights at oracle park 20,000. people will be invited to watch the movies on june 11th and june 12th. organizers say they had to get creative during the pandemic. they're looking forward to the events returning back to normal in the future. it makes my heart hurt a little bit right. like we all miss that so much. this is the second year in a row that we haven't been able to experience the dykes on bikes with their giant roar of motorcycles going down san francisco. i do think i hope rather that folks will
12:26 pm
will. back in 2022 with a renewed sense of possibility and excitement and thoughtfulness and compassion for each other. the two movies that will be featured are in the heights and everybody's talking about jamie still to come at noon. fire danger concerns arising across the bay area with local fire officials have to say is we're heading into the summer months also, as the state begins to reopen, more covid restrictions are lifted. we'll take a look at the eviction moratorium and when it could soon be up for people that.
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shift the focus more on you. ask your doctor about ingrezza. it's simple. one pill, once-daily. #1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as $0 at at them. that happened on tops drive near flick flick, injure park when two police officers went to the scene to follow up on an investigation, police did not say what they were investigating, but they accuse the suspect of pointing a gun at them, forcing officers to shoot. the man later died, a police spokesman says evidence will be revealed in the coming days. police believe the shooting was justified. police say the two officers are seasoned veterans, and we'll take two leaves of. administrative two weeks of paid administrative leave. we're following a developing st county fire department says one of its firefighters was shot at
12:30 pm
a fire station and what they call a tragic incident, the los angeles county sheriff's office says the shooting happened at fire station 81 about 45 miles north of los angeles. and they always will say area near santa clarita. shots reported fired around 11 o'clock this morning. ah home about 10 minutes away from the station is on fire, and there's a heavy police presence. the area. it's not yet clear if the fire and the shooting are connected. san jose firefighters are trying to determine the causes of two overnight house fires. the most recent fire broke out about three o'clock this morning, not far from lincoln high school alert. neighbors say they saw smoke and flames from the back of a home on forced avenue and wabash avenue. was banging on their door and ring their doorbell and welcome up. got my house. firefighters were able to knock down the flames before they spread to other properties. no one was injured in what turned out to be a two alarm fire. san jose investigators also busy trying to figure out what set off an explosion and fire at an apartment building.
12:31 pm
this left seven adults and seven children without a home, flames and smoke were first reported at about nine o'clock last night, coming from a building on via monte drive near the almond express. sway. tenants say they heard the blast, then ran to save others. as i understand it, people heard explosions saw fire knocked on doors, and that's what alerted people to get out. the fire destroyed four apartments. three of them were occupied. everyone made it out safely. firefighters say the buildings were very close together and the alleyways were very narrow, and that made it even more difficult for crews to extinguish this fire. cal far firefighters have been busy dealing with a number of fires across the state. the fire known as the smalley fire started in madera county yesterday, which includes part of sierra national forest, and you sent yosemite national park. the fire has burned 45 acres it is 35% contained all mandatory evacuations in the area have been lifted. however, the area remains under another.
12:32 pm
actuacion warning in case things changed. the cause of the fire is still unknown. there are no reports of any injuries. the red cross is helping tenants in one antioch apartment, find new shelter, the grass fire a grass fire, fanned by high winds spread to two apartment buildings at hargrove and east 18th street yesterday evening for apartment buildings were burned out another four sustained water damage. luckily, no one was hurt. and in the santa cruz mountains, cal fire crews tackled a pair of wildfires during yesterday's heat. they both started in the area that was devastated by the seas. ew lightning complex fire last fall, ktvu is just a gary tells us the dry conditions and high temperatures added up to a busy day for firefighters. we always wanna prepare for that and make sure that we're ready to go. california wildfire cameras captured smoke early monday morning within the c z, you burn scar area in santa cruz county, seven acres of brush burning up a hillside near.
12:33 pm
find a great and haul roads on a day when temperatures were rising into the mid eighties with a minimal amount of rainfall that we got this winner. um the potential for continued. ah, fire hazards and those areas are very high, so unusual for getting in the late may for a small fire like that to occur. dr craig clemons heads san jose states fire research center, he says. this year, hillsides are browning months earlier and burn areas such as this easy you who are still capable of catching fire. experts believe cyclical droughts are becoming deeper, increasing fire danger toe a 12 months a year reality it's getting kinda concerning in the fact that. your season's starting earlier, and it's ending later, and it's becoming almost year round for parts of the st clements says people should take greater care during holidays and over the summer, regardless if the risk is low or high, fire officials say. three engines of water tender and ground crews responded to this small fire. they believe
12:34 pm
it started with garbage burning on a hillside, although ah, cause is still unknown. just be diligent. ah utilize common sense. we're hoping for a safe, ah, fire season. one firefighter suffered an ankle injury serious enough for him to have to be transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. but we don't have a condition update on his injury in the santa cruz mountains, jesse gary ktvu fox two news, a san bernadino county sheriff's deputy died following a pursuit. it happened yesterday afternoon. deputy say they were trying to pull over a motorcyclist who refused to stop. the unidentified man on the motorcycle did eventually get off the bike ran and then started shooting at deputy's 45 year old sergeant dominick baca was hit by gunfire and died at a hospital. the suspect was shot and killed by deputies at the scene. at this point, it's still unclear why deputies were trying to make the initial stop. here at home. the san francisco police officer who was attacked by a man near portsmouth square on friday, is now at home recovering from her injuries. police say this video
12:35 pm
shows 33 year old gerardo contreras, overpowering the female officer as she approaches him. investigators tell us the unidentified officer normally works with a partner, but she was working alone on this day because of a staffing shortage. quickly got on top of the officer and put himself in a position advantage. and at one point it looked like his hands were actually on her throat. montoya commended the people who rushed to help the officer contreras now faces charges of assault battery trying to disarm a police officer, resisting arrest and false imprisonment. he could also be charged with a hate crime. miami police continue their search for the three people who opened fire at a concert early sunday morning. at least two people were killed in the gunfire more than 20 others. injured three people who were hurt remaining critical condition today. police did follow up on a lead they got on monday. the vehicle, the gunman ran a white nissan pathfinder was found submerged in the canal near where the shooting took place. the car was reported stolen about two
12:36 pm
weeks ago. sunday shooting took place after midnight outside a banquet hall located in a strip mall outside of miami. police say some people in the crowd actually returned fire, creating more chaos. we will do everything everything we can and use every resource available to bring these people to justice acts of a few and our community and i see a few does not represent miami dade county. investigators believe this was not a random shooting, but that the victims were targeted. they believe the motive here is has to do with an ongoing feud between two rival groups. one woman is in critical condition after a wheel came off a car in smashed into her windshield on interstate 80. the chp says the woman was driving westbound yesterday when a well somehow came off a chevrolet tahoe near appian way and pinole, the wheel hit an audi on the eastbound side before bouncing back into the westbound lanes. that's where it crushed. the windshield of the woman's kia s e v e anyone who witnessed this
12:37 pm
crash and crash and what led up to it is asked to call the chp. ah year after oakland police used tear gas to break up a large crowd after a rally for george floyd. the department is saying some officers may face discipline. the marches organized by students at oakland tech high school and drew hundreds of protesters, the crowd faced off with officers in riot gear, two blocks from nopd headquarters. video shows a plastic water bottle landing near police before they tear gas and projectiles into the crowd. tosh sears was hit by a projectile and has since filed a lawsuit against opd and the alameda county sheriff's office was like turn into a shoot out or something like that. you know, it was just horrific. the department's policy bans indiscriminately firing tear gas and projectiles at crowds unless there's an imminent threat of physical harm, then deputy chief laurent armstrong, who's now the chief of opd, said officers had rocks and bottles thrown at them. armstrong said the incident is being reviewed by an outside investigator. and when the
12:38 pm
probe is complete, he will share the results publicly. police on the peninsula say at least two of the three burglaries that happened saturday night and sunday morning in hillsboro are linked a security camera at one of the homes record. the video of the thieves. investigators are not saying what was taken, but they are asking people who recognize the men in this video to give them a call. police say all three houses had alarm systems and that helped limit some of the losses now to the east bay, where oakland mayor libby chef today announced proposed changes to our city's housing codes to help make housing more affordable. air shaft said the changes would address the skyrocketing cost of building and increase housing options as well as affordability. the changes are part of a proposed ordinance that would update oakland zoning regulations. the changes would include allowing rvs and tiny homes on private property. mobile homes and manufactured homes would be allowed in all residential zoning district's are old codes and zoning laws. no longer are
12:39 pm
serving our need to accelerate housing production and to lower its cost, as well as to accommodate some different ways that people are choosing to live. the proposed ordinance will be presented tomorrow at the oakland planning commission meeting, the nationwide in california. eviction moratoriums are set to expire at the end of the month here and a recent report by the consumer financial protection bureau finds 11 million americans are behind on mortgage payments. another nine million can't pay their rent, experts warn of a wave of financial problems that could come in the next month once these protections expire. we have the addiction moratorium ending in june. we have the federal unemployment benefits that are set in the wide scale in september. we also have the end of four barons on student loans. more than $2 billion has been set aside here in california alone to help renters catch up on their payments. local leaders are working to provide a lifeline to parents of young children by
12:40 pm
calling for more state funding to help parents pay for diapers. this morning, east bay assembly member buffy wicks held a rally at the childcare nonprofit group bananas located in oakland. she's calling on lawmakers to support her $10 million budget proposal to ensure communities across the state have a diaper bank program. wickes is partnering with the first five county commission. and supply bank dot org's to help low income families who are facing even more financial obstacles. after this past year, so families are having to make tough choices, leaving the diapers on longer, leaving soiled diapers on longer. this has ah, terrible impact on the health of the baby, the health of the family. it is unconscionable to me that this is a choice that long come, families have to make unconscionable. diapers are the third highest expense for families who are on cal works. the proposed legislation would expand the diaper bank program to families in need across all 50, california counties still to come in here in san francisco mayor london greed
12:41 pm
lays out our budget proposal for the city. we'll take a closer look at what it includes, as the city tries to bounce back from the covid pandemic. also it's like cool down for most of us here in the bay area, including those in the south bay. ktvu meteorologist. rosemary oroczo is up next and rosemary oroczo is up next and she has is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit batteries and first aid kit are a good start years, which includes a large surplus city and community leaders joined the mayor this noon hour at the willy wu wong
12:44 pm
playground on sacramento street for the announcement, among other things in her budget, the mayor is proposing funding for additional police academy class is expanding crisis response teams and continuing the city's senior escort program. was also more funding plan for the city's homeless, housing and services, the mayor says due to the american rescue plan, the city does not have a crushing budget. what we do have, however, is an opportunity an opportunity to take all that we've lived through and all the lessons that we've learned and focus on what really matters. that's what this budget is about. it's about fulfilling the many promises we made delivering on fundamental change and lifting up our entire city. a cruiser. breaking down within the budget to learn more will bring that to you coming up on our next newscast at four o'clock. well, there are no more covid restrictions for the big apple new york city is following the national trends and dropping
12:45 pm
covid restrictions as its vaccination rate increases. jonathan serrie reports from atlanta. the city that never sleeps is back in business. new york, lifting the midnight curfew on bars and restaurants, one of the last major covid restrictions still in place in the former epicenter of the outbreak, more than 63% of american adults are now at least partially vaccinated and businesses say they're happy to open their doors again. we're closer than ever to giving covid the curtain hook. get out of here, covid. we're back. well, cases are down nation why they're still spiking in some area. is like washington state where they're up 73% leading to concerns about how to stop another nationwide search the equal employment opportunity commission says employers can require workers to get vaccinated before returning to the job, prompting complaints from some legal experts. i have been vaccinated. that was my choice. but no one should have to give up their right to
12:46 pm
privacy. but those concerns are not stopping folks from getting out and about the t s a reporting almost two million passengers a day over the holiday weekend. six times more than last year, but still 24% below pre pandemic levels. still it is a good indicator that americans are ready to turn the corner on covid can happening at you know, so until that day comes, we're gonna enjoy life the best weekend and it's the summer movie season heats up theater chains amc, cinemark and regal are all dropping their face mask requirements in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu fox two. two news more countries they're calling for answers into the origin of the coronavirus. british intelligence services are reportedly changing their assessment over the theory covid-19 leaked from a lab in china. report in the sunday times of london quotes british spies who now say the leak theory is feasible. the report comes as lawmakers in the united states continue to
12:47 pm
demand answers about the origins of covid our intelligence community. all the way back to 2010 had been identifying concerns that china had been working on manipulating viruses for biological weapons that could have grave impact a worldwide. the world health organization and china issued a report back in march, saying it was most likely the virus jumped into people from bats through another animal. the group now wants the u. s to share any intelligent it has about the origins of the coronavirus outbreak with the scientific community just a little more than 10 minutes before one o'clock and let's check in with rosemary oroczo for a look at our weather forecast rosemary outside in oakland, you can see the fog rolling in and san francisco is certainly feels cooler. yes. ah, and i think we are all fans of very mild, even cool weather at times and that's exactly what we're seeing. today temperatures falling back to near average even a little bit below for some of our coastline as well as our bayside communities. here's a view of sfo, and
12:48 pm
there's some of that cloud cover there on the back side, so the clouds returned late last night into early this morning. thea onshore breezes back as we know, especially this time of year. those two things combined. helped to cool things off. so the ridge of high pressure is, you know, pulling back just a little bit. do it to this system here. you can see well above the pacific northwest in the canada, but still it's enough. it's enough to help us out and there's a look at some of that cloud cover along the coastline. looks like mostly sunny over our north bay coast with that fog just hanging right offshore. meanwhile pacifica half moon bay partly sunny, partly cloudy for you there and then along the santa cruz sick coastline, we've got mostly sunny skies, santa cruz, capitola and farther south into monterey. the onshore breeze there, 23 mph reported in fairfield, coming in from the south napa at about 16 mph. so a nice little adjustment for the folks that had it too hot yesterday. livermore reporting a very weak onshore breeze at six. we have it coming in from the south at half moon bay at
12:49 pm
12 mph. i showed you in the last half hour. our temperatures are down by five even 10 degrees or so our inland cities from yesterday and the way it goes, had a typically this time of year is the year the cool or arrogance to the coast first, obviously, and then inside the bay, and then it takes an extra day or so before inland cities really begin to feel it, but in any event, not quite as hot as yesterday, 84 degrees right now in livermore 81 income. heard yesterday some of our inland east bay reached into the upper nineties. low 100 so better better day for you there if it was just too hot in the north bay that southwest in south flow, really helping things out here, 79 right now in nevada and around the bay upper sixties oakland low 60, san francisco 55 half moon bay, 59 mon tera along the peninsula will take a tour here of some of these numbers 78. over areas of menlo park and into the north bay 81 pen growth. wanna one still reported in some areas of pope valley so still very hot. the farther inland you go theater east bay, a hot one in brentwood, nearing 100
12:50 pm
degrees as well but close to the water 81, morada and 62 in alameda. the afternoon highs for today along the peninsula 76 in redwood city for the east bay shore, 73 hayward and for the inner east bay will go 92 in antioch in the north bay. 80. degrees expected for santa rosa. said. you're going to see the giants play a little bit later today is going to be breezy. it's going to be cool game time. 6 45 58 degrees and a west wind about 20 mph. so bring the extra layer. maybe even a blanket. if you are accustomed to doing that. here's a look at the extended forecast temperatures will continue to fall into our bay area wednesday. very comfortable weather across the bay area little cool along the coastline, though up slightly on thursday, back down on friday, and india bay area weekend upper fifties to about 60 degrees for pacifica, low seventies around the bay and me. eighties expected inland back to you. thanks, rosemary still to come at noon signs of the beginning of a recovery how the memorial day weekend showed that tourism is
12:51 pm
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one firefighter has been killed in a shooting at a fire station pictures up above from sky fox here, los angeles county sheriff's department says the shooting itself happened at fire station 81 about 45 miles north of los angeles. in the oval do say area near santa clarita. we are bringing in live pictures. now from up above you can see there is a pretty massive fire roaring right now the station itself is on fire. there's a very heavy police presence at this point. we don't know yet if the firefighter fatal shooting and this fire that we're seeing unfold at the fire station or connect, i'm sorry, this is ah, home that is on fire. i apologize. i'd like to clarify what i've been. well, what i've been saying here again, the firefighter who was killed that happened at a fire station itself. now i believe that this
12:55 pm
home yep, the home about 10 miles from the station is on fire so again, but a 10 mile distance, but at this point, authorities are working to learn if these two major incidents are connected again live pictures of this fire. it's so there's an awful lot of, you know, dry grass and brush and trees surrounding this area. not too much of a police presence from what we can tell. but again, it's very early in this developing news. we're working to learn more, and we'll get it to you as soon as possible here on the air and certainly a ktvu .com, the owner of a well known restaurant and bar in downtown san jose has resigned, admit accusations of sexual misconduct. ryan sommers is the owner of good karma, artisan ales and cafe and pizza flora, according to a report in santa's a spotlight. there were several incidents inside his apartment that sits right above the bar. summers posted an apology on social media. said he is looking at having former or existing staff take over ownership of the business. summers went on to say, quote my actions and grossman. misconduct in the past have hurt too many. my absolute apologies to all there is a
12:56 pm
sense of optimism among small business owners along the russian river who've been hit hard by the pandemic. katie's deborah villalon tells us this memorial day weekend gave them a healthy summer launch when they hope will last all season long guys are going out there lost 89 degrees. the high and girder fell monday, perfect for a 10 mile float on the russian river. when we got off to a great start, it seems like every place is packed. burke's canoes didn't open it all last summer, but on this holiday weekend rented about 100 boats a day collars are excited. she asked. are you open and when we said yes, i could hear people in background applauding. all right, so happy. it was a beautiful day. we totally loved being on the water. the san jose couple camped alongside the river all weekend feels like such a break. we laid out on the beach and looked at the stars last night. these are the stories and sites west sonoma county needs after some tough years for tourism. as if flood
12:57 pm
damage from winter storms wasn't enough in 2019 2020 brought the pandemic and wildfire that caused almost total evacuation of the area. visitors were leery after that, but no more. everybody wants to get out and i don't like mono rios fire chief is glad despite the crowds, no rescues in the water or on the roads he expects it will get even busier. did you see the crowds? they're coming right back. when you're a tourist destination is kind of hard not, you know, shut it off. was like tahoe arena or somewhere you were a destination only johnson's beach, which is private, still has covid protocols. picnics 10 ft, apart inside designated circles and reservations required people here like the extra space i liked, like more secluded, we could still have fun. just us without everybody, but it's cool the beaches phone and ask the river communities come roaring back. the biggest limitation is the lack of workers to staff jobs. to tell the truth. this has been the best may we've ever had. fern
12:58 pm
grove cottages. all 18 units are booked solid on weekends and weekdays are picking up to and it's not just bay area folks coming to sleep under the redwoods this weekend, i had people from texas people from new york for everybody. i think it's pretty optimistic. yeah because they can see people still want to travel hopes are high for a strong summer at the russian river, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. arrangements are being made to return a dog to his family after the family pet disappeared for more than a decade, animal control in stockton found a stray dog in late march. he was microchipped, so authorities were able to trace his owner's back to arkansas. that's 1600 miles away. no one knows how razzle the pup disappeared or ended up on the other side, the country but his owner is relieved that he's been found safe. wanna see the seas eyes. i just want to look in the knives and we'll see if he knows this so i could get emotional real quick. i just want to i just want him home. razzle is family hopes
12:59 pm
that after 10 years the dog's still remembers them. the family is encouraging pet owners to microchip their animals to the thinking. if they get lost, there's a chance they might find them again. the second season begins tonight for one of the most creative shows on television. lego masters with host will arnett kicks off here to the challenges are bigger and even more demanding. tonight's episode features a dozen teams building an entire parade with lego building blocks. winning team receives $100,000, the ultimate lego trophy and the title of lego master of the challenges for the brick builders. the season include an earthquake tower, a demolition derby and a lego fashion show. you could watch the lego masters right here with us. ktvu fox to it starts at eight o'clock tonight, some good inspiration for all those lego enthusiasts out there. of course, sir. well, we want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for the latest news and weather. be sure to download the ktvu app. we will see you again at four, dr oz. starts very shortly. mm hmm. is.
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after he was convicted ofmm. is. murdering his wife and unborn son, scott peterson's death penalty sentence was overturned. >> there was overwhelming evidence as to guilt. dr. oz: and a break in the devastating disappearance of three-year-old madeleine mccann. her parents have never stopped searching. the horrifying new suspect. >> he has a criminal history dating back to when he was a juvenile. dr. oz: coming up next. >> ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now, i am using the same science and medicine to take on true crime.


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