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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 31, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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tracked to turned it in. and that was it. keeping track of who's vaccinated and who was not tonight. the looming deadline for employers in the south bay. 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, by tomorrow, employers in santa clara county must be able to verify whom under workforces vaccinated against covid-19. hello again, everyone, i'm heather holmes and i'm julie julie haener companies and businesses that do not comply with the mandate could face ah, hefty fine. ktvu is as a smith here now, after talking with the business coalition requesting the deadline to be pushed back as nick. yesterday the silicon valley chamber coalition, which represents thousands of businesses, wants the county to extend the due date 15 more days to june 15th. the coalition says it's been fielding questions from business is about the process.
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it's not a sunnyvale location. all 56 employees have filled out this county form disclosing if they've been vaccinated. we were ready to fill out this form. it was easy because our staff most of them have been vaccinated. so we thought of this for me. no problem. xanatos assistant store manager has the forms ready in case the county checks by june 1st as part of the county health order, officials are requiring businesses and government enemies to track and have on hand. the vaccination status of all employees. the reason workplace safety rules vary, depending on who's received the shot. i think it's important for us to know who's been vaccinated. who hasn't those not wanting to share if they've been vaccinated? don't have to. they'll be treated as though they haven't businesses that don't comply could face of what the county is doing. i think it is unfair. at this point, catherine summers is with the silicon valley chamber coalition and questions the mandate. the coalition sent out this letter last week asking
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the county to extend its deadline of june 15th to have more time to review it. no other counties air you know, having to go through this next step, and it's kind of you ask yourself why so far they haven't received a receipt. wants no one from county public health was available to comment on a holiday regarding the june 1st deadline, the counties website does say so long as the business is making appropriate good faith efforts, the business will be considered in compliance with the requirement. and a business expert. i spoke to from san jose state tonight tells me the mandate does raise concerns over privacy and enforcement, and he would not be surprised if it has met with legal challenges. and as a some people are saying that this could trigger possibly a growing backlash among employers who say that this mandate will make them feel like vaccination. police. what are you hearing about that? yeah, that business coalition. i spoke to alluded to concerns about owners having asked about
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vaccination status and how it may affect hiring. some people may not want to work for a business in santa clara county. if they have to reveal if they've been vaccinated. julie azenith smith reporting live for us tonight. thank you. well, whether you're headed to the beach or the mountains on this memorial day holiday, you may have noticed a lot of work company out there on the roads. ncaa expected more than 37 million people to travel more than 50 miles from home over the three day weekend. that's up 60% from 2020, now last year, just 2.7 californians traveled on memorial day weekend, obviously given all the pandemic restrictions. that number, though, was forecast to rebound to 4.5 million travelers this year. it's really great to get back into what i like to do, which is traveling in a motel on get an early start and come back either earlier late, so you don't get caught in traffic. air travel is also on the rise this holiday weekend compared to last year, with close to two million people flying nationwide on friday alone.
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mineta san jose airport expected 58,000 passengers between thursday and today, which is six times the amount that they saw last year. but it's still only about half of a normal memorial day holiday weekend. and there is a sense of optimism among small businesses along the russian river that had been hit hard by the pandemic. ktvu used ever be alone tells us this memorial day weekend provided a healthy summer launch that they hope will last all season long. guys have fun out there. yeah, awesome, awesome. 89 degrees. the high and girder fell monday. perfect for a 10 mile float on the russian river fortune. we got off to a great start. it seems like every place is packed. burke's canoes didn't open at all last summer, but on this holiday weekend rented about 100 boats a day collars are excited. she asked for you open and when we said yes, i could hear people in background applauding there. i'm so happy. it was a beautiful day. we totally loved
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being on the water. the san jose couple camped alongside the river all weekend feels like such a break. we laid out on the beach and looked at the stars last night. these are the stories and sites west sonoma county needs after some tough years for tourism, as if flood damage from winter storms wasn't enough in 2019. 2020 brought the pandemic and wildfire that caused almost total evacuation of the area. visitors were leery after that, but no more. everybody wants to get out and i don't like mono rios fire chief is glad despite the crowds, no rescues in the water or on the roads he expects it will get even busier. did you see the crowds? they're coming right back when you're a tourist destination is kind of hard death. not, you know, shut it off. was like tahoe arena or somewhere you were a destination only johnson's beach, which is private, still has covid protocols. picnics 10 ft, apart inside designated circles and reservations required people here like the extra space. i
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liked, like more secluded, we could still have fun. just us without everybody, but it's cool the beaches phone and ask the river communities come roaring back. the biggest limitation is the lack of workers to staff jobs. to tell the truth. this has been the best may we've ever had. that fern grove cottages. all 18 units are booked solid on weekends and weekdays are picking up to and it's not just bay area folks coming to sleep under the redwoods this weekend, i had people from texas people from new york where everybody, i think it's pretty optimistic. yeah because they can see people still want to travel hopes are high for a strong summer at the russian river, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. in the east bay. there was a memorial day ceremony in antioch owes held there any on veterans memorial. it's miss landing ceremony began with the possession led by police that went to other memorials around the city. music and speeches praised the bravery of the nation's fallen heroes. we
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remember those who previously gave their lives to those who have fought and those who have fighting too. we admire your courage and appreciate your sacrifice. we salute you on, are you. and thank you. there was also a self guided tour today of annie ox veterans sites, including the any of world war, one memorial and the overview cemetery. first responders memorial, marin county veterans held it online memorial day ceremony earlier today to pay respects to those who served in the armed forces. and that ceremony included an honor guard the singing of the national anthem. brief presentation as well as the playing of taps here in the bay area. many people spent memorial day on board the uss hornet in alameda veterans of past wars came to remember those who fought and died serving our country. ktvu is rob ross spoke with those who experienced war and asked them what this day means to them.
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here on the deck of the uss hornet veterans and family of veterans were among the hundreds of people who came to remember those who went off to war and never came home. i was lucky turn simple. louis ross spend 17 years in the navy. there were people up there that died while i was up there. that's they died. i really don't want to talk about how they died. i was blown down the deck once myself, but i was like. the uss hornet, now permanently based in alameda, is itself a veteran having served in world war to korea and vietnam. for those who boarded this former aircraft carrier today was not merely part of a weekend of funds remembers to thank the veterans of the path and any future. thank you for being supporting our country. among those he came was former navy pilot dale bourbon of livermore wound up with 92 missions and. i was
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lucky i only got hit lightly once it allows us the opportunity to pause to remember the sacrifices not just of the soldiers, but perhaps even more of the family members who lost a father or mother or brother or a sister in his military career. navy chaplain pull sawyer has had to escort families is they received the bodies of loved ones brought home when you've been through something like that the impact. act even and me as an individual who didn't know them personally, you still feel that in the core of your being. but the people that died, you know, they gave everything they have. and those people deserve to be remembered. rob rock ktvu fox two news. coming
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up after the break tonight. evita employees speaking out about last week's deadly mass shooting at the rail yard there in san jose, as he recalls hearing the shots and the discovering the bodies of his co workers. the silence was deafening. it was incredible. quiet no moans. there is mass sha
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rail yard in san jose. and tonight we're hearing from an
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employee who was at the yard when those shots rang out, and he described his frantic text his family and then discovering his co workers dead are amberleigh talked with that man about the day that forever changed his life. families he's devastated and my co workers i am forever ever altered. that really pisses me off. kirk berta lay says he's grappling with anger at the gunman and sorrow over the loss of his feet. ta co workers and friends for delay is a signal maintenance technician with the transit agency for 12 years, he says the shooting started in a room across the hall from him. i started hearing the pop pop pop for delay, says he and another co worker. barricaded the door in the room they were in and he texted his family said active shooter, a bunch of co workers dead. he shows me the text messages they exchanged. he told them. he loves them in case he didn't survive. overwhelming feeling
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of helplessness and hopelessness. as i was listening to my co workers get gunned down for delay says when he thought it was safe. he went to the room where the shooting started. the silence was deafening. it was incredibly quiet. no moans. there was no nobody talking. he says he was able to comfort a female employee who was with the men killed. she described the gunman targeting certain people. she looked up and she saw him looking at her, and then he went around and shot everybody again, skipping her. one of my co workers was still breathing, but he was he was gone is there's nothing we could do for bertel a tells me he didn't know the gunman was sam cassidy until it was all over as he was leaving the scene and saw his body on the sidewalk. i want to go wake him up. kill him again. just i was furious. i'm furious
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that one guy one potion has been able to change my life. berta lay says he only knew cassidy casually and that he appeared to be an outsider, he says this mass shooting is a lesson. this is about mental illness. and how we treat one. another totally tells me he's now hypervigilant and expects a long road to recovery. he had planned to retire in august and never imagined he would end his career. this way. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news and if you'd like to help the victims of the shooting and their families, the community group working partnerships, yusa is now collecting donations through his union community resource is program and we put a link on our website ktvu. .com or you could just scan the code. you see right here on your screen asked for vt. a light rail service well that has been suspended until further notice, agency officials say bus bridges will continue to run along all light rail routes. today, busses ran on the less
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frequent sunday service schedule for memorial day. but so far there is no word yet on when regular service will resume. coming up too small. wild fires broke out today in the santa cruz mountains, as firefighters offer advice for this year's fire season. and we had some record heat in the central valley, sacramento tied a record of 106. we'll talk about our heat and the changes to come tomorrow, plus the marin county man now on his way to hawaii. it's expected to take him about 70 days. why he so it's another day. yeah- that's what most people think. but in business it's never just another day. has its biggest sale..y yoe the day you have a make or break presentation. and the day your team operates from across the country.
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but there's also the day you never see coming- the day when nothing goes right. see- that's the thing. you never know what the day might bring. so whether you do business on wall street or main street you have to be ready. with the power of the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. the freedom to control that network from anywhere. and advanced cybersecurity to help protect every device on it. all backed by a dedicated team 24/7. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
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oven fire in san jose. the fire broke out on via monte near mesa drive. that's the neighborhood south of blossom hill road and west of all,
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madden expressway. the spire was first reported at about 9 25 tonight and went to three alarms. witnesses say they heard explosions. firefighters tell us all four units in the building are destroyed, and three families have now been displaced. the cause is under investigation and in the santa cruz mountains, cal fire cruise tackled a pair of wildfires there. they both started in the area that was devastated by this easy you lining complex fire last fall. the grade fire started around nine this morning. they're china great road and north baton. oh truck trail and late this afternoon, a second fire broke out, burning about four acres near the hidden hammond truck trail a few miles to the south. ktvu is jesse gary tells us dry conditions and high temperatures added up to a busy day for firefighters. we always wanna prepare for that and make sure that we're ready to go. california wildfire cameras captured smoke early monday morning within the c z, you burn scar area in santa cruz
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county, seven acres of brush burning up a hillside near china great and haul roads on a day when temperatures were rising into the mid eighties with the minimum will amount of rainfall that we got this winner. um the potential for continued. ah fire hazards in those areas are very high. so unusual for getting in the late may for a small fire like that to occur. dr craig clemons heads san jose states fire research center, he says. this year, hillsides are browning months earlier and burn areas such as this easy you are still capable of catching fire experts believe cyclical droughts are becoming deeper. increasing fire danger toe a 12 months a year reality it's getting kind of concerning in the fact that fire seasons starting earlier, and it's ending later, and it's becoming almost year round for parts of the st clement's says people should take greater care during holidays and over the summer, regardless of the risk is low or high. fire officials say.
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three engines of water tender and ground crews responded to this small fire. they believe it started with garbage burning on a hillside, although ah, cause is still unknown. just be diligent. it utilize common sense. we're hoping for a safe fire season. one firefighter suffered an ankle injury serious enough for him to have to be transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. but we don't have a condition update on his injury in the santa cruz mountains, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. hope you had a nice memorial day weekend. weather was outstanding today and it's like i say a one and done that temperatures peaked got real hot, especially in lynn sacramental red bluff, reading 108 reading, 118 red bluff 106 in sacramento. but for us like 100, antioch, 100 livermore. those were our big numbers had a couple 10 two's one of threes up further north of santa rosa. but like 89 napa, so it was very warm. but it wasn't out of control, which is great, and
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it's a one and done deal. so it's not gonna be day to tomorrow or day three the next day of above average record near record heat, it's going to be much cooler tomorrow. 10 to 15 degrees cooler. no fog out there yet, but the father be back tomorrow morning, most likely and that'll cool things off. the winds are going the right way. that's what you look for. on dit is this is pretty unusual here. obviously the records in the valley this is may late. may i know, but you know 108 degrees. i can't remember. i'm sure there was a time but i can't remember a time in my tenure. current temperatures. you see the heat up north, and then you see that big ridge of high pressure, which is slowly weakening, and as it weekends, it's gonna let the onshore flowing. creases gonna let the fog increase and this whole week coming up? looks like kind of like this fog in the morning and kind of warm, too mild days. what's great, right? i mean, because fire danger is the thing. that's what we're going to talk in five water usage and fired danger all year until it rains again. and so we have a week
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coming up, which you'll see in the five day forecast, which is. not out of control in terms of heat and humidities. um so that's good. i'll say that coming up, so this is the forecast for my look at the fog back at the coast. you see the purples over 100. they're pushed well inland away from us. that's what the sea breeze does. it pushes all that heat back into the valley forecast ties tomorrow as much as 10 to 15. maybe more 20 degrees cooler, maybe in some places. so there's the five day forecast, you know. starting on tuesday, temperatures trend down in the hot spots are just in the upper eighties, which is pretty manageable. okay so that is the five day forecast your weekend shows up next weekend. i hope you did have a nice three day holiday. and remember those who served our country. it's very important. i'll see you back here in mourning. it is very important, bill. thank you. marin county man left this morning to try to become the first person to travel from california to hawaii alone on a kayak. cyril dara mose journey began just before five this morning. he's using a special kayak to travel 2400 nautical
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miles through the pacific to the hawaiian islands. dara mose says that he is taking on this challenge. toe live his fullest life. are you crazy? yeah well, it's a text a little bit of. ah craziness. i guess i wouldn't call it craziness. i think it's passion is, uh, passion and understanding my myself and my limits, and i'm pushing my own batteries, but i think i could do that. dara mo will be in open water for about 70 days, and you can follow along his journey with a live tracker on his kayak. a link to that is on our website ktvu dot com. yes, with him all the best. all right. another day, another fan incident to tell you about well, the very latest coming up next in sports. and as we head to the break, we want to leave you with this story of acute rescue in castro valley this morning it happened around 9 30 on pro kenyon and cold canyon roads as you can see. firefighters from
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alameda county station six c. were able to rescue at least four ducklings. aren't they cute? they're safe now. ktvu news at 11 will be right back. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right,
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and three more home runs has the giants back and first place in the nationally west as our servicemen and women were honored before the game at the ballpark today. ah 13,000 plus and johnny cueto pitched a great game strikes out the side in the fourth hosts a row ha swinging. take a seat, anthony bam boom and pitcher dylan bundy of no quito's seventeen's one run five strikeouts. he gets the win, and then. the giants hitters go to work over
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the next three innings. evan longoria launches 425 ft shot to left center off bundy his night of the year. that's a two run homer giants take the lead to the fifth. lamont wade jr connects for a solo home run into the arcade, his first as a member of the san francisco giants, and the lead is 3 to 1 and then in the sixth. they're not done yet. mauricio de bonne yesterday homered off clay. kershaw today he's going deep again his fourth of the season fan, by the way, makes a nice catch out there. giants win their fourth straight 6 to 1 as they leapfrogged the padres to take a half game lead in the national league west, a's up in the pacific northwest, with flags flying and mariners ballpark and after trailing 4 to 1, the a's tie it up with two runs in the eighth capper this sean murphy two out double just over kyle lewis's head. that's cores, matal seuin and
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we go to extra innings top of the 10th aramis garcia, a two out single toe left often began airing on second base. he comes in to score and the a's have a 5 to 4 lead, but the mariners tied up in the bottom half of the frame, and then this rare error by mad olsen on a j. p. crawford grounder. crawford would it up, it's second and tie. france advances to third still on, lee won out. an intentional walk, loads the bases and then tom murphy ends it right here with this sac fly off lou trevino. it isn't sexy, but it is a walk off. mariners handy a's their third straight loss 6 to 5 and 10 innings, but the a's are still a half a game up on the astros. nba playoffs after losing game one to memphis. the top seeded utah jazz have gotten things going with three straight wins, despite the raucous crowd in memphis. on hand for the upstart grizzlies. but there is
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a reason why utah is the number one seed. they have too much firepower. former grizzly mike conley, the sweet passed to rudy go bare for the slam go bare, finished with 17 grizzlies up by 10, but memphis cuts it down to two. but then conley clutched down the stretch as the jazz take it, 1 22 1 13 take a 31 syria's lead. they can wrap it up wednesday in salt lake city, and what is going on? on with nba fans these days, the latest incident when a fan ran on the court at the 70 sixers wizards game in washington, d. c happened with a minute left in the third. the fan was quickly tackled by security guard before being handcuffed and escorted out of the building. the wizards won the game, but the sixers to lead the syriza three games to one. so who knows what's going on with these guys? check this out tonight in slovenia, you 21 soccer are soccer goal of the night. we take you out on a
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high note, portugal's danny high note, portugal's danny mota. beautiful. for the donation. oh, i wish i could do more. it's just a bunch of old, out-of-date clothes. oh, i'm sure it's great. three weeks ago, our neighbors, the rands, lost their house and everything they own in a fire. fortunately, nobody was hurt. and fortunately, they're friends with wonder woman over here. i'm hardly wonder woman. she mobilized the community to donate clothes, furniture, appliances, all to help them start over in their new rental. which you found them. i'm no wonder woman. rand-aid was her idea. it wasn't my idea to call it "rand-aid." okay, fine. i'm wonder woman. - terrible tragedy. - they're our closest friends. - we know them. - uh, manny and their son reuben are tight. in fact, i put in one of their closets. not that it matters, but it was the only structure to survive the fire. por favor , don't even say that word! in my country it is considered very, very bad luck when your house burns down.


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