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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 31, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, take the savings challenge at or visit and xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes it easy to switch and save hundreds. marking the unofficial start to summer, and for many hard hit businesses. it's sparking a sense of optimism as they look to rebound from the pandemic. when we got off to a great start, and it seems like every place is packed as you see the crowds. they're coming right back. many people around the bay area spent today trying to find relief from the extreme
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heat. and that means injecting money back into the local economy. good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. it was a hot one around much of the bay area today, so let's get straight to our chief meteorologist bill martin. for a look at today's numbers, bill. yeah, you too. it was definitely hot out there. listen up in the central valley. we had two major records broken. i know it's not here but listen to these number. it's late may. reading, california 108 degrees broke a record does her heart records to get 108 degrees in red bluff broke a record those for may? i can't remember time. well obviously, records that we had this kind of heat in that northern valley this this early in the season around here, here are the numbers. we didn't see any records, but we did see temperatures. 100 antioch 100 livermore. the heat advisory was there but notice the temperatures sort of around the around the bank not. horribly horribly warm. i mean, like san francisco 68 degrees 73 sam matteo sandals. they was 85.
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that's pretty toasty. but most of the heat resided fairfield out towards davis and woodland in those areas, so it was much much warmer out there. the current temperatures kind of show you what's going on. the sea breeze is really kicked in. we've got temperatures around the bay in the seventies brentwood still in 85 degrees, so you can see those temperatures in the central valley slow. cool and they're going to continue to be slow to cool tomorrow. but around the babe, we've got a significant sea breeze and that sea breeze is going to usher in some fog and low clouds, probably by tomorrow morning and that will send temperatures for there, so you're going to get the bends. basically from today's he to tomorrow's warm temperatures tomorrow we're going to be a good 10 15 maybe 20 degrees coolerey were today around the bay. so other day was today shouldn't see one tomorrow. heat advisories beenas been dropped in the central central valley. but they did have to records. wanna wait and read, bluffing reading? okay fog's coming back. it's gonna
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cool down. this was a one and done by the way, right? so we're not seeing multiple days of tomorrow much cooler. i'll see you back here with that. yeah maybe no records in our area bill, but still some really impressive temperatures today. thanks so much. well, now we go to antioch, where a fire that started in dry grass. badly damaged an apartment building this evening. contra costa fire says the fire started on hargrove street near east 18th at about six tonight and eight unit apartment building was damaged as you see here in these pictures, and they say the wind drove that fire into a second building. the red cross is helping a number of residents who were displaced. fortunately, though, no one was hurt. in the santa cruz mountains. cal fire responded to a pair of small brushfires today, each fire burn less than 10 acres northwest of boulder creek. they both started inside the burn scar from that massive sees ew, complex fire that devastated the area from august through september of last year. this afternoon, cal fire posted pictures on twitter showing smoke from the most recent fire. it started near the hint. hammond truck trail around
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three this afternoon and burned about four acres. cal fire says it's not connected to an earl. your fire that broke out at about nine this morning. they're china grade road. that fire chart about seven acres of brush, even though the two fires air inside the area that burned last year during the massive sees ew fire. cal fire says the danger remains high. with a minimal amount of rainfall that we got this winner. um the potential for continued, uh, fire hazards in those areas are very high. cal fire says that the they believe this fire was started by garbage burning on a hillside. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with an ankle injury. bay area tourism battered this past year has had a healthy summer launch this memorial day holiday. rouz deborah villalon reports now from the russian river where visitors are the lifeblood of the tourist economy. because i'm going out there. yeah, awesome, awesome. 89 degrees. the high and girder fell monday.
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perfect for a 10 mile float on the russian river fortune. we got off to a great start. it seems like every place is packed. burke's canoes didn't open it all last summer, but on this holiday weekend rented about 100 boats a day collars are excited. she asked for you. and when we said yes, i could hear people in background applauding. i'm so happy. it was a beautiful day. we totally loved being on the water. the san jose couple camped alongside the river all weekend feels like such a break. we laid out on the beach and looked at the stars last night. these are the stories and sites west sonoma county needs after some tough years for tourism, as if flood damage from winter storms wasn't enough in 2019 2020 brought the pain. pandemic and wildfire that caused almost total evacuation of the area. visitors were leery after that, but no more. everybody wants to get out and i don't like mono rios fire chief is glad despite the crowds, no rescues in the
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water or on the roads he expects it will get even busier. did you see the crowds? they're coming right back. when you're a tourist destination is kind of hard to not, you know. shut it off. was like tahoe arena o somewhere you were a destination only johnson's beach, which is private, still has covid protocols. picnics 10 ft, apart inside designated circles and reservations required people here like the extra space i like, like, more secluded, we could still have fun. just us without everybody, but it's cool. the beeches phoned and asked the river communities come roaring back. the biggest limitation is the lack of workers to staff jobs. to tell the truth. this has been the best may we've ever had. at fern grove cottages. all 18 units are booked solid on weekends and weekdays are picking up to and it's not just bay area folks coming to sleep under the redwoods this weekend, i had people from texas people from new york where everybody, i think it's pretty optimistic. yeah because they can see people still want to travel hopes are high for a
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strong summer. the russian river deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. on this memorial day, beth friends and family of veterans came to the uss hornet in alameda to remember those who went off to war and never came home, the former aircraft carrier itself is a veteran, having served in world war to korea and vietnam. among those who visited the hornet today was navy captain paul sawyer, who is also a chaplain in his military career. captain sawyer had to escort families as they receive the bodies of loved ones as they were brought home, he said memorial. day is a time to pay respect to everyone impacted by war. it allows us the opportunity to pause to remember the sacrifices not just of the soldiers, but perhaps even more of the family members who lost a father or mother or brother or a sister. 400 people attended today's
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ceremony and wreath. toss aboard the hornet in southern california tonight. police there are investigating the theft of american flags stolen from the los angeles national cemetery. authorities said it at some point last night or early this morning, a suspect or suspects jump the fence broke in and then took several flags. one flag is about 25 ft by 30 ft and would usually take at least three people to carry. police are canvassing the area for surveil. it's footage in hopes of identifying those suspects. officials say they're astonished that someone would commit this type of crime, especially over the memorial day. holiday weekend. every single monument you see here is someone w know, spent some of their life in service to our countryo that we can enjoy everything we enjoy today. and tol hurt their final resting place is just to me a nun believable. los angeles police are asking
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anyone with information about those missing flags to give them a call now to the vt. a tragedy in san jose, the transit agency says light rail service has been suspended until further notice after last week's mass shooting the substitute bus bridges along the three main light rail lines will also be discontinued due to staffing limits starting tomorrow. geeta is asking the public for patients during this unprecedented circumstances. workers use this time to attend funerals, grieve and to support one another. in a statement, interim vita general manager evelyn tran elaborated on the decision to shut down light rail service for the time being. france said we will, marshal all the resource is we can to assist our people. through this. it will mean providing less service to the community. then we would wish but healing. our organization must be our first priority. and tonight we're hearing from evita employee who was at the yard. when the shots rang out. last week, he described his
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frantic text is family and the discovering his co workers dead new attend tonight, kate rouz amberleigh talked with the band about the day that forever changed his life. families he's devastated and my co workers i am forever ever altered. that really pisses me off. kirk brutal. a says he's grappling with anger at the gunman and sorrow over the loss of his feet. ta co workers and friends for delay is a signal maintenance technician with the transit agency for 12 years, he says the shooting started in a room across the hall from him. i started hearing the pop pop pop, berta lay says he and another co worker. barricaded the door in the room they were in and he texted his family said active shooter, a bunch of co workers of dead. he shows me the text messages they exchanged. he told them. he loves them in case he didn't survive overwhelming feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. as i was listening to my co
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workers get gunned down for delay says when he thought it was safe. he went to the room where the shooting started. the silence was deafening. it was incredibly quiet. no moans. there no nobody talking. he says he was able to comfort a female employee who was with the men killed. she described the gunman targeting certain people. she looked up and she saw him looking at her. and then he went around and shot everybody again, skipping her brutally describes the pain of seeing a bloody scene with the bodies of his co workers. one of my co workers, he was still breathing, but he was he was gone. he there was nothing we could do for berta late tells me he didn't know the gunman was sam cassidy until it was all over as he was leaving the scene and saw his body on the sidewalk. i want to go wake him up. kill him again. just i was furious. i'm furious that one
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guy. one person has been able to change my life, berta lay says he only knew cassidy casually and that he appeared to be an outsider, he says this mass shooting is a lesson. this is about mental illness and how we treat one another. how we act towards one another in the workplace. and myrtle, a tells our amberleigh that he's now hypervigilant and expects a long road to recovery. he says he's receiving counseling and relying on the help of family and friends. he also tells amber that he had planned to retire in august. now he just doesn't know if he'll ever be back to work. and if you would like to help the victims of the mass shooting in san jose and their families the community group working partnerships. yusa is collecting donations through its union community resource is program and we put a link on our website ktvu calm or you can just scan the code that you see right now on your screen still ahead tonight, a san francisco police officer on
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patrol alone is overpowered by a homeless man, so bystanders jump in to help. why that officer was without a partner and what we're learning about the suspect. such scary video. they're also tomorrow. the devil. line for companies and businesses in the south bay to record the vaccination status of their employees in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses and advanced cybersecurity
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naming coronavirus variants, a team of experts recommended using the letters of the greek alphabet to make it easier for non scientific audiences to identify them. the w. h o says it will also eliminate the stigma of using specific place names. the uk variant will be known now as alfa, the south african strain as beta and the brazilian mutation is gamma. the scientific names for the variance, though, will not change in santa clara county. tomorrow is the. deadline for employers to verify who among their workforce is vaccinated. and if they don't they could be subject to hefty fines. ktvu is as a smith is here and after talking with the business coalition that requested that the deadline be pushed back as napa. julie, the silicon valley chamber coalition, which represents thousands of businesses, once the county to extend the june 1st due date.
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they say the process has been rushed and unfair, especially. for small businesses. that sonata sunnyvale location. all 56 employees have filled out this county form disclosing if they've been vaccinated. we were ready to fill out this form. it was easy because our staff most of them have been vaccinated, so we thought of this form with no problem then. otto's assistant store manager has the forms ready in case the county checks by june 1st as part of the county health order, officials are requiring businesses and government enemies to track and have on hand. the vaccination status of all employees. the reason workplace safety rules vary, depending on who's received the shot. i think it's important for us to know who's been vaccinated, who hasn't those not wanting to share if they've been vaccinated? don't have to you they'll be treated as though they haven't business is that don't comply could face of $5000 per day. fine i think what the county is doing. i think it is unfair. at this
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point, catherine summers is with the silicon valley chamber coalition and questions the mandate. the coalition sent out this letter last week asking the county to extend its deadline of june 15th to have more time to review it. no other counties are, you know, having to go through this next step, and it's kind of you ask yourself why so far they haven't received a response. no. one from. county public health was available to comment on a holiday regarding the june 1st deadline. the counties website does say so long is a business is making appropriate good faith efforts, the business will be considered in compliance with the requirement. employers have been under a lot of pressure in recent years, not to be too prying into people's private lives. ah business expert from san jose state says the mandate raises concerns over privacy and enforcement. he's not surprised if it's met with legal challenges. and another question i heard from business
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owners. what will happen after the mask mandate is lifted. june 15th will vaccinated employees be able to take off their masks. and if so, won't that be an indicator of who's vaccinated and who's not julie? yeah good point. and it will be interesting to see what happens coming up. i mean, just ah, lot of changes coming our way. as a thank you. well tomorrow the state will be two weeks away from its reopening date. health officials say meeting that june. 15th goal will depend on plenty of vaccines and also low hospitalization rates now right now, the state has a 46 day supply of shots and just over 1300 people are hospitalized with covid. now the covid positivity rate is at a new low below 1% at just 10.7% on lee. five deaths were reported statewide as of yesterday. and only 644 new confirmed cases were new cases were confirmed more than 51% of californians are now fully vaccinated for
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the coronavirus. that's more than 17 million people close to 13% of californians aged 12 and older are partially vaccinated. that's more than four million people in all clinics have administered more than 37 million doses of the vaccine. this memorial day weekend, many people hit the road for a holiday getaway. for many, it was the first time in more than a year ktvu is marine naylor naylor tells us that some travelers who decided to fly were surprised by what they found. this is what the roads looked like around the bay area this memorial day weekend. people want to get out for the summer and going to all the things they missed. welcome back to normal by first travel of since covid tripoli expected more than 37 million people to travel more than 50 miles from home this memorial day weekend up 60% from 2020. in 2019 5.4 million californians traveled memorial day weekend that number plummeted to 2.7 million during the pandemic and was
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forecast to rebound. a 4.5 million travelers this year, so there's it's really great to get back into what i like to do, which is traveling in a motor on memorial day weekend marks the first time this south bay resident has taken his rv out since 2019 for a trip to pine mountain lake, get an early start and come back either earlier late, so you don't. get caught in traffic. as for those taking to the skies, air travel is also on the rise this holiday weekend compared to last year. the hardest thing was deciding whether or not to be vaccinated. i didn't want the vaccine, but i wanted to fly. mineta san jose airport expected 58,000 passengers between thursday and monday, which is six times the amount they saw last year, but only about half the amount of travelers seen on a normal memorial day. again, some travelers said when they arrived at the airport, they were surprised by what they found. the airport wasn't as crowded as we thought, but they air the airlines pakistan like
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sardines on the plane, so that was a little surprising, and whether headed to the beach on highway 17 or driving north on 101 this memorial day weekend, there were a lot of cars on the road, another sign normalcy. is returning maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. ah woman is in critical condition tonight after a wheel came off a car and smashed right into her windshield on interstate 80 this afternoon of the chp says the woman was driving westbound when a wheel somehow came off of a chevy tahoe near appian way in pinole at about 12 40 this afternoon that wheel hidden audi on the eastbound side before then bouncing back into the westbound lanes. where it crashed right through the windshield of the woman's kia suv. anyone who witnessed that crash is asked to give this each vehicle coming up after the break celebrating the final day of asian american pacific islander heritage month, and we're profiling. us navy lieutenant and former navy seal
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dr johnny kim as he talks about his work as a nasa astronaut, and what being a role model means to him. i hope that my story can show people that. we have control over our destiny. we may fail a lot along the way, but we do have control of how we
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-thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. we're hearing from a man whose accomplishments are truly out of this world. now he's a navy seal a doctor and also a nasa astronaut. ktvu greg lee introduces us to dr johnny kim and what kim says about being a role model for other asian americans. johnny a navy seal a doctor, you've accomplished so much in your life so far. can you talk about the opportunity to be a nasa astronaut now? yeah, it's. it's been an amazing opportunity one that i
10:25 pm
recognized is that must feel don't get a chance to do and what that makes me realize is that the position i have is one of huge privilege where i got to do. awesome things really fun and challenging things work with amazing people have the chance to contribute to space exploration and my. the part that i most passionate about his people feel to have an impact the next generation toe want to be the better version, the best versions of themselves. tell you talked about that impact. we are in the midst of a p i. heritage month and many people look up to you. and you've been a trailblazer in many ways. what does that mean to you? looking back on your life on being able to be that example? it's uh, you know, i think the first thing that i feel is very humble. i think a lot of ways just because. it's hard for me to imagine that i had this opportunity this
10:26 pm
privilege to be that kind of role model and drawn up ahead role models growing up. but i don't think i had role models that looked like myself and i know now that i'm in the position i am i understand how important representation and diversity is. for so many reasons on why it makes us stronger but also for planting the seeds for better tomorrow because when young children, not just children, really anyone when they're able to see people role models that they can identify with. whether that my, you know, race religion believes anything. it changes the game changes the rules of what they think is possible. it raises that glass ceiling, and it says, hey, if this person can do it, maybe i can, and i think when we think like that, when we remove obstacles and parameters, we. are capable of
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so many things. that's what i really am. uh that's what it means to me to have this opportunity. but you're the child of korean immigrants who came to the states so that you could live a better life and live the american dream. my parents did the same for me and thousands of immigrant stories like that. when you see kids who look like you who think i could be like him some day. what is your message to them? boundaries were meant to be broken. and uh people are born people in this world have. you know, people are born with different decks with different cards and some people happen to be come from places of privilege that some people don't and there's not a lot with that we can always do about our circumstances. but i hope that my story we have contl over our destiny. we may fail a
10:28 pm
lot along the way, but we do have control of how we play those cards with hard work. in a good support structure, and, most importantly, the attitude of they never give up attitude that you can accomplish so much more than you're capable that you think and you can see all of the reports and conversations that we've featured on ktvu dot com during asian american pacific islander heritage month at ktvu dot com slash a p i. still ahead tonight, a san francisco police officer attacked while trying to detain the homeless man in chinatown now hate crime charges have been filed against that suspect as we learn more about the frightening incident in the split second, you know, he just suddenly turned and violently attacked her without provocation. also ahead tonight, the giants paid tribute to the servicemen and women before their game with the angels
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a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit neighborhood early this morning. it happened shortly after one o'clock this morning in the excuse me. yeah what o'clock this morning in the area of west virginia and prevost streets. the victim was taken to a hospital where he later died. no suspects have been arrested in the shooting. and no word on a motive for this killing is the 17th homicide in san jose. this year. we have new involving a san francisco police officer that was caught on video crime reporter henry lee has more now on the suspect and the officer. she's highly his trade as anybody else, but a san francisco police officer found herself overpowered by a suspect identified as 33 year
10:32 pm
old gerardo contreras. things can go from ok to really bad. in a split second, it began innocently enough. i don't have nothing to be around. put your hands on top of your head. san francisco police union president tony montoya says the suspect initially obeys the officer. but without warning, he just suddenly turned and. violently attacked her without provocation. the officer ended up on her back as the £190 contreras straddles her. he quickly got on top of the officer and put himself in a position advantage. and at one point it looked like his hands were actually on her throat. bystanders rushed to help. i want to shake their hands. i want to commend them for their bravery and their actions, the officer regains control and backup arrives. the officer who was assigned to central station was taken by ambulance to the hospital. she was released that same day. she's in all right. marine um, she's got some scrapes, bruises, obviously sore from the incident, the police union says the officer typically works with a partner but was solo that evening
10:33 pm
because of a staffing shortage. and if this happens to a uniform. san francisco police officer. how should your average resident visitor tourist field? they should be concerned. less than two hours earlier, contreras was accused of damaging scooters. this is video of him being detained. the female officer who was asian, went to talk to contreras after witnesses said he was ranting at asian people. the head of the police union tells me he easily could have been planning that officer's funeral. the suspect was arrested on suspicion of assault. battery, resisting arrest, false imprisonment and trying to disarm the officer of a less lethal weapon. henry lee ktvu fox two news my year after oakland police used tear gas to try to disperse a large crowd following a rally for george floyd. the department says that some officers may face discipline that march was organized by students at oakland tech high and drew hundreds of protesters after the rally. there was still a large crowd left over and many of them faced off with officers in riot gear, too. two blocks
10:34 pm
from opening headquarters, and just as a kirby was set to go into effect, video shows a plastic water bottle landing near police before they launch tear gas and projectiles into the crowd. tosh sears was a struck by a projectile in the chaos that has since filed the lawsuit against opd and the alameda county sheriff's office, which was assisting. it's like it turn into a shoot out or something like that. you know who was just horrific. of the department's policy bans indiscriminately firing tear gas and projectiles at crowds unless there is an imminent physical threat of imminent threat of physical harm. then deputy chief laurent armstrong, who is now the chief said officers had rocks and bottles thrown at them, armstrong said the incident is being reviewed by an outside investigator. and when the probe is complete, he will share the results publicly. hillsboro police are searching for suspects in a string of three weekend burglaries. the thieves were caught on surveillance video at
10:35 pm
one of the burglaries. they happen between saturday night and sunday morning on barbara way darryl road in marlborough rode. at least two of the break ins are believed to be linked. police say home alarm systems in each house helped limit the losses, authorities say. in one case, suspects drove a compact suv, possibly ah mazda c. exp i've and in another case, the suspect vehicle is a purple compact car, possibly a toyota corolla of the owner of a well known restaurant and bar in downtown san jose, has resigned amid accusations of sexual assault. ryan sommers of good karma, artisan ales and cafe and pizza flora is the latest owner now to resign following reports of sexism, massage city and sexual assault in the craft beer industry. he says he's looking at having former or existing staff. take over the ownership of both of those establishments in a social media post summer said, quote my actions and gross misconduct in the past have hurt too many
10:36 pm
in my absolute apologies to all so ahead tonight. surveillance video released of the three suspects involved in a deadly florida shooting over the weekend that claimed the lives of two people and injured. at least 20. others tonight. investigators say they found the suspect vehicle plus marking 100 years since the deadly attack on an african american neighborhood in tulsa, oklahoma, known as the tulsa race massacre, the ceremonies held today and what's planned tomorrow our 24 hour he wave is fast coming to an end. we'll look at some of the te
10:37 pm
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attack on the black community will not give up. look about
10:39 pm
not surrender. keep hope alive, civil rights leaders and elected officials, including oakland congresswoman barbara lee, dedicated a prayer wall at the site as many as 300 residents were killed when a white mob attacked the affluent black neighborhood more than 1000, homes and businesses were looted and burned. this wall is not for us to remember the fight they fall. the role is to give us the courage to fight the fights. we still have to fight to deal with economic justice. to deal with voter suppression. congresswoman lee said. we must continue to speak the truth about this horrific event. president biden is set to visit tulsa tomorrow. today. he called on americans to help rebuild communities that have been affected by systemic racism. still no arrest tonight and that deadly mass shooting in florida over the weekend. officials say it was the result of an ongoing rivalry between two gangs and they're calling for an end to all the violence.
10:40 pm
fox's christina coleman has the latest now on the search. we will leave no stone unturned. we will leave nothing behind to bring these shooters to justice. the search is on for three suspects responsible for a mass shooting that left two dead and injured at least 20 people. it happened shortly after midnight during a saturday evening party at a banquet hall in south florida. dozens of people were gathered outside the venue when three gunmen and ski masks and hoodies jumped out of an suv and opened fire, sending a barrage of bullets randomly into the crowd. authorities will leave. the shooting was targeted, but it's unclear if the victims were specifically chosen. we have to be clear about what's happening in the miami dade county. these are acts of domestic terrorism, friends and family are now demanding answers so much it you must buy a grieving father of one of the victims broke down during monday's news conference. interrupting the
10:41 pm
miami dade police director authorities are asking for the public's help in bringing the shooters to justice, offering a $130,000 reward for information. miami dade police released new surveillance video of the suspected gunman on monday. it shows three men getting out of a white nissan pathfinder in rushing off camera, then later running back to the car, then running away from the scene. this was the second mass shooting in the miami area over the weekend. i drive by shooting link friday left one person dead and six others injured. christina coleman, ktvu fox two news and tonight. police say they found that suv scene in the surveillance video submerged in a canal. neighbors say that area is a notorious dumping ground. police say the nissan pathfinder had been stolen earlier this month. still ahead. tonight bay area residents flocked to the coast to beat the inland heat will show you some of the most popular spots also taking a live look now outside on this
10:42 pm
beautiful monday night is our natural air conditioning returns. we'll check back in with archie peter all just bill martin for details on today's high temperatu hey, ma memorial a
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
solemn ceremony. at arlington national cemetery. the
10:45 pm
president stood alongside vice president kamila harris for the traditional wreath laying at the cemetery's tomb of the unknown soldier. as part of the ceremony, president biden walked up to the reef and then stood before it in silent reflection. in his remarks that followed, the president called on americans to commemorate the country's fallen heroes by upholding what they died for. we owe them our full best efforts to perfect the union for which they died. may we now dedicate our souls that our work may prove worthy of the blood of our fallen. for this work. the work of democracy is the work of our time. and for all time, the president also remembered his late son beau, saying that he felt his presence near on this memorial day. beau biden was a veteran who served in iraq. he died of brain cancer six years ago. the interfaith center at the
10:46 pm
presidio held its annual memorial day service in san francisco. mm hmm. it took place at the san francisco national cemetery at the presidio. this service has taken place every memorial day for over 155 years. there were speeches, a bell ringing and also a wreath laying ceremony. you know, abraham lincoln said the same thing in the gettysburg address, but he said it people who have died of #### of the ground. it's for the survivors to make it meaningful to carry out a goal of fighting for your country, making the cut. you better 32,000 military veterans are buried at the san francisco national cemetery. well today's hot weather around much of the bay area sent people to the coast looking to try to cool off at a beach ktvu. christian captain has more now from san francisco. memorial day, visitors made their way to san francisco's to beat the
10:47 pm
heat. the weather's gorgeous today it's perfect. i mean, i don't think you get buried in sf in this zack tomorrow, saying he was looking for a fun place for the family this holiday weekend are coming up and saying was that so? just here for the weekend? my wife's on a baby shower, so i got the two kids with a day one of the big draws a long pier 39, the aquarium of the baby visitors patiently waiting and sometimes long minds to enter. ah lot of those visitors from warmer parts of the bay area, looking for a cool place to enjoy memorial day. our demographics are changing a bit used to be mostly out of town tourists. now we have mostly locals. they're buying the tickets online. memorial day weekend are in the year's first significant heat wave in san francisco's baker beach proved to be an irresistible draw for many agnosia, castro brought his family to the beach looking for a little relief. not be 103 today, 103 man, so we had to get out. we gotta go to the coast. we're cool up the strong wind and 57 degree water may
10:48 pm
have been a little too cold for some. oh, my gosh. it was freezing to get out there, but i want to get the experience to go in the water so, but it was so cold. oh, my gosh. i don't know if i would do it again, and baker beach was busy throughout the day. it seems like every time somebody would wind up there day and leave, somebody would be ready to come and take their place at baker beach in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. that was pretty hot today, but really the big he was in then here are the temperatures from around the area. 100 nanny, aka 100, your big numbers 100 livermore, but napa 89. that's reasonable. 85 sandra fell 91 in santa rosa, the big he was in the big valley where you had temperatures. it was 108 degrees and reading today that broke the old record 108 degrees and red bluff. same thing, a new record there today and again. it's late may these numbers 100, i can't remember. time we saw 108 degrees in the central valley in early may. i'm sure there has been a time
10:49 pm
but i can't remember in all the years i've been doing it, so we definitely had a hot one today boobs and one day he called. can't call he wave. i guess it was just one day and we're fortunate. it's just one day because first of all, we had a spare the air day today. right now, that's that won't go into that'll be down tomorrow. we had a heat advisory today that goes away. it's already gone. excessive heat warning has gone away as well. so as we go into the next few days. the cooling is going to help fire danger. a lot is going to help air quality. the winds are going the right way. so we're in a position where we've got a bit of a break. not typically, i bring this up because typically, these heat waves was this kind of heat record heat stuff like in the valley that last a couple days, right takes the wall for the fog to comebacks, usually two or three day event, and then we get into all sorts of issues with fire on. so we're in a situation where we're going right back to some cooling, so that is good, not much. cool breeze. cool milder. certainly so the current temperatures you can see the sea breeze right now you see
10:50 pm
where the sea breeze is not. it's still temperatures in the eighties up in the north part of the valley, a proud davis and woodland in those areas. big ridge of high pressure gets weakened a little tomorrow so the winds start to come onshore. a little more robustly fog returns. fog in the morning in san francisco, and open looks like this so low clouds should be back in the morning. that puts the kabash on all this heat that we've been experiencing. certainly today in temperatures tomorrow have the potential to be. 15 to 20 degrees cooler than they were today. so we were gonna get it. i mean, we went from 30 degrees cooler on saturday that it was today we're gonna go to probably 20 degrees cooler tomorrow. so we've been going back and forth. here's the forecast for tomorrow. the fog stays right. the coast, the reds and even the purples. one hundreds are still in the big valley. so were the beneficiaries. the significant sea breeze. that's why people love it here. that's where the beer is so great because, yeah, the valley can do that all
10:51 pm
summer long and we can continue with a nice sea breeze and not hardly notice that that was 108 in red bluff today. here in pacifica today, it sure didn't feel anywhere near 108 degrees. so there you go. there's the five day forecast fire danger takes a little bit of a break as we head into the end of this week. middle of the week. yep that's good news for all the fire crews here in the bay area, thanks so much built china's ruling communist party announcing today that it will ease birth limits to allow all couples to have three children instead of to china has enforced those strict birth limits since 1980 due to concerns that the country's population growth was getting out of control, but there are now new worries that the number of working age people is falling too fast, which is adding to the strains on the chinese economy. right now, china's population is around 1.4 billion. coming up a disturbing trend with fans during nba games. the latest incident happened tonight in washington, d. c. that story next in sports, then coming up
10:52 pm
on the 11 o'clock news tonight requiring workers to share their vaccination status with their employers. the deadline approaching tom hey, sandwich fan! new denny's melts belong in your hands. patty melt's a classic. big dipper, fantastic. nashville hot chicken: bombastic! four melts, grilled to please. and now you can join our team! apply at denny's today. in business, it's never just another day.
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day we remember all the men and women who sacrificed their lives in service to our country. we also honor this afternoon at the ballpark. the giants paid tribute to our servicemen and women, as is tradition on memorial day. good evening, everybody. the giants then turned to a familiar formula to keep right on winning, and that would be great starting pitching and the long ball and that's exactly what they did today. 13. 1001 144 on hand, including this little q t as
10:55 pm
the giants host of the angels, johnny cueto pitched a great game strikes out the side in the fourth 1st. it's hosting rohaas, and then it's anthony bim boom. and then it's pitcher dylan bundy had no chance. cueto seven innings, one run five strikeouts. he got the wind, and then the giants hitters go toe work over the next three innings. we talked about the long ball and we'll show you what we're talking about. evan longoria launches 1 400. 25 ft, his ninth of the year to two run homer giants up 2 to 1 and then in the fifth lamont wade jr. you haven't heard his name called a lot, but lately you have connects for the solo home run into the arcade, his first as a member of the giants, and the lead is 3 to 1 and then in the sixth, mauricio dubon yesterday it was clayton kershaw, who homered off of and today's going deep again his fourth of the season. not a fan made a nice will catch giants tack on a couple more in the seven day cruise to
10:56 pm
a 6 to 1 win their fourth straight as they leapfrogged the padres to take a half game lead in the national league west. all right, d a's they battled back from a deficit took the lead on lee to lose it in extra innings today in seattle, and, of course, flags flying at the mariners ballpark. after trailing 4 to 1, the a's tied it up with two runs in the eighth. and the capper was this sean murphy. two out double just over kyle lewis, his head that scores mad olsen and we go to extra innings top of the 10th now, aramis garcia, a two out single toe left olson, who began the inning on second base, he comes into score and the a's are up five before, but the mariners tie in the bottom half of the frame and then. a rare error by medals and on this jp crawford grounder. crawford will end up but second as thai france advances to third on the error still on, lee won out and
10:57 pm
intentional walk, loads the bases and then tom murphy wins it with this sac. fly off lou trevino. it's a walk off win for the mariners and the a's they lose their third straight finalist 65 10 innings, but the a's are still half game up on the houston astros. naomi osaka, she'd shocked the tennis world today by announcing that she is withdrawing from the french open one day after winning her opening round match. here's what happened. the world's second ranked player, skipped her press conference yesterday, which led to a $15,000 fine and threats of disqualification by the tennis federation if she refused to do future media availabilities, osaka says she's an introvert. she suffers from long bouts of depression and. that press conferences give her anxiety. so today osaka who's a four time grand slam winner, she said, rather than be a distraction, she was going to withdraw from the tournament and that she planned to take some time away from the
10:58 pm
court. stephan curry and others they weighed in, and he applauded a sock on twitter. he said. what she did was impressive for taking the high road when the quote powers that be don't protect their own. mba playoffs utah after losing game one to memphis, they have roared back with three straight wins. they are the top seed after all, and today, memphis fans out in full force for this one, the upstart grizzlies. memphis you know, they hung tough the entire game. grayson allen's three ties it at 46. but there's a reason why utah is the number one seed former grizzly mike conley, the sweet past the rudy go bare for the slam go bare, finished with 17 as the grizz. these go up by 10. memphis custom lead down to two, but conley was clutched down the stretch. jazz win 1 22 1 13 to take a 31 syria's lead and can wrap it up wednesday in salt lake city, and a lot of knucklehead fans these days way
10:59 pm
more than usual. it seems the latest incident when a fan ran on the court in the 76 years. wizards game in washington, d. c happened with one minute left in the third. the fan was quickly tackled by a security guard before being handcuffed and escorted out of the building. the wizards won the game, but the sixers still lead the serious 321. and yesterday in boston. there was another incident where brooklyn guard kyrie irving had a water bottle thrown his way. just missing his head. the fan was escorted out and handcuffed and charged with assault. so julian heather, i don't know what's going on out there. but nba playoffs we've had four really lousy fan incidents over the line. last week. they've got to clean that up and figure out what's going on. i will be back for more in 25 minutes, but now it is time for the 11 o'clock news. okay, we will see you in a bit. jason frank, you and next at 11. i just had each employee throughout the
11:00 pm
vaccination for him. and then i tracked to turned it in. and that was it. keeping track of who's vaccinated and who was not tonight. the looming deadline for employers in the south bay. 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now, by tomorrow, employers in santa clara county must be able to verify whom under workforces vaccinated against covid-19. hello again, everyone, i'm heather holmes and i'm julie julie haener companies and businesses that do not comply with the mandate could face ah, hefty fine. ktvu is as a smith here now, after talking with the business coalition requesting the deadline to be pushed back as nick. yesterday the silicon valley chamber coalition, which represents thousands of businesses, wants the county to extend the due date 15 more days to june 15th. the coalition says it's been fielding questions from business


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