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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  May 31, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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walter, you got a little bit of a breeze. 78 degrees pacific us up to 79. these were the highs from today or some of the highest from today and you can see 100 antioch 100 livermore so very, very warm to hot out there. but again, it's a one and done so that's really good news and that you mentioned fire. danger? yes. always high, no matter what's going on, but with this pattern really high, but because it's a one day deal, much less it's when you get those two and three day heat waves that you get those poor overnight recovery. temperatures of dew point get really it really dries things out and you get fired like that. you see on the second or third day of a heat with so we're only having one day so that's the good shot. so the good news when i come back, we'll look at all the pertinent information. the five day forecast. hope you have a good holiday day off. i'll see you back here a little bit. all right, bill. thank you will see in a bit well, he mentioned fires cal fire crews right now battling a pair of wildfires in the santa cruz mountains. they both started in the area that was devastated by the season. you lightning complex fire last year, the
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great fire started around nine o'clock this morning. they're china grade road in north you tano truck trail and just in the last two hours, we learned of another fire that has burned about four acres near the hint. hammond truck trail a few miles to the south. ktvu is jesse gary has more now from santa cruz county. cal fire officials say the second fire monday is on him. hammond road about 10 to 20 miles away from the first fire, they say it's only two acres. and although small as the other one is small, they say there's still significant and a reminder that although the seasons change the fire danger does not weigh, always wanna prepare for that, and make sure that we're ready to go. california wildfire cameras captured smoke early monday morning within this. easy, you burn scar area in santa cruz county, seven acres of brush burning up a hillside near china great and haul roads on a day when temperatures were rising into the mid eighties
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with a minimal amount of rainfall that we got this winner, um, the potential for continued, uh, fire hazards in those areas are very high, so unusual for getting in the late may for a small fire like that to occur. dr craig clemons heads san jose states fire research. center he says. this year hillsides are browning months earlier and burn areas such as this easy you are still capable of catching fire experts believe cyclical droughts are becoming deeper, increasing fire danger toe a 12 months a year reality it's getting kind of concerning in the fact that fire seasons starting earlier, and it's ending later, and it's becoming almost year round for parts of the st clements says people should take greater care during holidays and over the summer, regardless, if the risk is low or high fire officials say three engines of water tender and ground crews responded to this small fire. they believe it started with garbage burning on a hillside, although ah, cause is still unknown. just be
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diligent. ah utilize common sense. we're hoping for a safe of fire season, one firefighter suffered an ankle injury serious enough for him. they have to be transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital, but we don't have a condition update on his injury in the santa cruz mountains, jesse gary. ktvu fox two news. well today's hot weather across much of the bay area sent people to the coast looking to cool off at a beach gave his christian captain tonight has more from san francisco. memorial day, visitors made their way to san francisco's famous fisherman's worf to beat the heat. the weather's gorgeous today it's perfect. i mean, i don't think you get buried in sf in this zack tomorrow, saying he was looking for a fun place for the family this holiday weekend are coming up in san jose. so just here for the weekend, my wife's on a baby shower, so i got the two kids with a day one of the big draws a long pier 39, the aquarium of the baby visitors patiently waiting and sometimes long minds to enter. ah lot of those visitors from warmer
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parts of the bay area, looking for a cool place to enjoy memorial day. demographics are changing a bit used to be mostly out of town tourists. now we have mostly locals. they're buying the tickets online memorial day weekend are in the year's first significant heat wave in san francisco's baker beach proved to be an irresistible draw for many agnosia, castro brought his family to the beach looking for a little relief will be 100 and three today, 103 man, so we had to get out. we gotta go to the coast. we're cool up the strong wind and 57 degree water may have been a little too cold for some. oh, my gosh. it was freezing to get out there, but i want to get the experience to go in the water so, but it was so cold. oh, my gosh. i don't know if i would do it again, and baker beach was busy throughout the day. it seems like every time somebody would wind up there day and leave, somebody would be ready to come and take their place at baker beach in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news people across the bay area. taking time to honor the
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men and women who gave their lives in service to our country. the interfaith center at the presidio held its annual memorial day service at the san francisco national cemetery. this service has taken place every memorial day for over 155 years. there were speeches, a bell ringing and also a wreath laying ceremony. you know, abraham lincoln said the same thing in the gettysburg address, but he said it people who have died of #### of the ground. it's for the survivors to make it meaningful to carry out the goal. love fighting for your country, making the country better. 32,000 military veterans are buried at the san francisco national cemetery. we go to the east bay, where there was a memorial day ceremony in antioch. it was held at the nlf veterans memorial isthmus landing. the ceremony began
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with the procession led by police that went to other memorials all around the city. music and speeches praised the bravery of the nation's fallen heroes. we remember those who. justly gave their lives to those who have fought and those who have fighting to make me admire your courage and appreciate your sacrifice. we salute you on are you and thank you. there was also a self guided tour today of an ox veterans sites, which include the eniac world war, one memorial and the overview cemetery, first responders memorial. marin county veterans held it online memorialday ceremony this morning to pay respects to those who served in the armed forces. the ceremony included an honor guard the singing of the national anthem, wreath, presentation and the playing of taps now for the latest on the pandemic, the state says more than 51% of californians are now fully vaccinated for the coronavirus that is more than 17. million people close to 13% of californians age 12 and older
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are partially vaccinated. that's more than four million people. in all clinics have administered more than 37 million doses of vaccine tomorrow, the state will be two weeks away from the reopening date meeting. the june 15th goal is contingent on sufficient vaccine supply and hospitalization rates remaining low. currently the state has a 46 day supply of shots and just over 1300 people are hospitalized with covid. covid positivity rate is at a new low and just 0.7% on lee. five deaths were reported statewide as of yesterday, and there are only 644 new cases confirmed. disturbing video of the san francisco police officer being attacked and thrown to the ground by a homeless man coming up the new information on the officer's condition. also ahead tonight what we're learning about a sharp uptick in gun sales nationwide, and some protesters said it felt like a war zone coming up. why some of those demonstrators from last year's george boyd protests are
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demanding answers from police. and here's a look right now the roads on this memorial day holiday. this is interstate 80 in emeryville, looking toward berkeley. the commute there on the left heavy as you're going back towards the bay bridge. it's ah lot of people out there at this hour. take it easy will is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. for help creating an emergency plan, the day where everything goes right. or the one where nothing does. with comcast business
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit caught on video. our crime reporter henry lee has more now on the suspect, a homeless man and the officer's condition. she's highly his trade as anybody else, but a san francisco police officer found herself overpowered by a suspect identified as 33 year old gerardo contreras. things can go from ok to really bad. in a split second, it began innocently enough. i don't have nothing over there around. put your hands on top of your head, san francisco police union president tony montoya says the suspect initially obeys the
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officer. but without warning, he just suddenly turned and. violently attacked her without provocation. the officer ended up on her back as the £190 contreras straddles her. he quickly got on top of the officer and put himself in a position of advantage. and at one point it looked like his hands were actually on her throat. bystanders rushed to help. i want to shake their hands. i want to commend them for their bravery and their actions, the officer regains control and backup arrived. the officer who was assigned to central station was taken by ambulance to the hospital. she was released that same day. she's in all right. marine um, she's got some scrapes, bruises, obviously sore from the incident, the police union says the officer typically works with a partner but was solo that evening because of a staffing shortage. and if this happens to a uniform. san francisco police officer. how should your average resident visitor tourist field they should be concerned. less than two hours earlier, contreras was accused of damaging
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scooters. this is video of him being detained. the female officer who was asian, went to talk to contreras after witnesses said he was ranting at asian people. the head of the police union tells me he easily could have been planning that officer's funeral. the suspect was arrested on suspicion of assault battery resisting arrest, false imprisonment and trying to disarm the officer of a less lethal weapon. henry lee ktvu fox two news police in san jose, say a man was shot to death in the gardener neighborhood early this morning. it happened shortly after one this morning in the area of west virginia and prevost streets. victim was taken to a hospital where he later died. no suspects have been arrested and no word on a motive. the killing is the 17th homicide in san jose this year on the peninsula hillsboro police are searching for suspects in a string of three weekend burglaries. suspects were caught on surveillance video at one of the burglaries. they happen between saturday night and sunday morning on barbara way, darryl road and marble road. at least two of
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the break ins are believed to be linked. police say home alarm system dems in each house helped to limit the losses, authorities say. in one case, suspects drove a compact suv, possibly a mazda c x five. in another case, the suspect vehicle is a purple compact car, possibly a toyota corolla. gun sales in the u. s are on pace to hit record numbers this year, the fbi says about excuse me about 16 million background checks were conducted for gun purchases. in the first four months of 2021. that is a 31% increase compared to the same time period last year. retailers say they saw a rise in demand for guns after the pandemic started, and they're also noticing many first time gun owners. oh and these are the temple are the temperatures that we had today? it was warm out. there was hot, actually, depending where you were, but inland, toasty 100 degrees in antioch 100 degrees in livermore. the heat advisory definitely verified. it gets drop in the next few hours. the
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heat extreme heat warning in the central valley that verified we had 105 106 107 108 degrees in the central valley today, so that's where the real heat is. we're gonna cool off rapidly tomorrow. we're looking at temperatures dropping. good 15 to 20 degrees in some places is that sea breeze really kicks in. we don't you'll see it here. well you kind of do see their sound the base kind of ruffled up in just a little texture on the bay. that's an onshore wind, which is for this type of pattern usually indication of a break, and that's exactly what we're looking at is some kind of onshore flow. fog is creeping up the coast fog should be back. i suspect it'll be back tonight. i'm gonna be around tomorrow morning. so temperatures not just hit the coast in the bay, but even and fairfield and vallejo in areas like that are napa are really going to come down quite a bit. so a nice looking day tomorrow not as hot and again. i'm smiling because these air it's kind of fun. memorial day you got a nice hot day of result, the park out the beaches and you're not gonna have to deal with two or three days of this sweltering heat, so there is the wind speed or there are the wind speeds.
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those wind speeds are going the right they're going the right speed, but they're also in the right direction. right on. sure. i think i got one more to show you here. yeah so you see that westerly flow their point the other way, then we'd be looking at a real hot night tonight. concerns for fire, which we always are. but the fact that's going to cool off humidities you're gonna come up tonight's gonna be really helpful in terms of fire concerns and just everybody else's air conditioning bill pretty much. we're gonna cool off quick tomorrow. i'll have the details and i see back here. all right, bill. thank you. on this memorial day. police are investigating after american flags were stolen from the los angeles national cemetery. but the would he say that at some point last night or early this morning, a suspect or suspects jump. the fence broke in and took several flags. one flag is about 25 ft. by 30 ft and would usually take at least three people to carry. police are canvassing the area for surveillance footage in hopes of identifying the suspects. officials say they are astonished that someone would commit this type of crime, especially over the memorial day weekend. every single
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monument. you see here is someone who signed up or, you know, spent some of their life in service to our country so that we can enjoy everything we enjoy today, and tol hurt. their final resting place is just to me a nun believable. los angeles police are asking anyone with information about those missing flags to give them a call. yeah well protesters injured by tear gas used by oakland police last year. coming up there nearly your year long search for answers from the department and how the president and vice president honored fallen military on this memorial day. sa
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youth rally for george floyd and ahead of a city curfew. the top brass has remained quiet on why they resorted to that level of force. the new chief has not released a self assessment about the department's actions last year that injured dozens of protesters. okay to be investigative reporter. evan sernoffsky joins us now live and evan, you have some new information tonight from opd. that's right. shortly after our story posted on ktvu .com this afternoon, oakland police officials responded to our earlier request for comment. and for the first time they revealed that they've administered discipline in this case. it just went crazy. i
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feel like i wasn't no wars owners something, tosh sears was one of hundreds of demonstrators who took to the streets of oakland on june 1st to protest the police killing of george floyd. the march was organized by students at oakland technical high school. it was like almost like a fashionable it was. everybody was getting along. the children were out there with signs and it was just a good thing. the crowd faced off with officers in riot gear, two blocks from nopd headquarters. video shows a plastic bottle being thrown at police before they launched gas and projectiles. it was like it turn into a shoot out or something like that. you know who was just horrific series was struck by one of those projectiles in the chaos. he has since filed a lawsuit against the opd and the alameda county sheriff's office, which was assisting the department's policy bans indiscriminately firing tear gas and projectiles at crowds unless there's an
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imminent threat of physical harm, then deputy chief laurent armstrong, who's now the chief justified the incident. the next day, officers were still receiving rocks and bottles being thrown as well. last people preparing molotov cocktails to throw force the officers a ktvu investigation at the time. time didn't find any evidence to support armstrong's justification on lee that video of a plastic bottle being thrown what began as a controversy around crowd control tactics has now festered into an issue about police accountability in general activists say that if the opd a serious about reform, it needs to be more transparent. we continue to get lip service about reforms, bay area activist cat brooks is co founder of the anti police terror project, she said her teen daughter. was at the june 1st protest and doesn't buy the department's justification. i want to see the new chief laurent armstrong, who keeps saying that this is a new day inside of opd actually do some
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things that make it in today inside of opd in an interview with ktvu after he was sworn in as the new chief, armstrong said that june 1st incident was being reviewed by an outside investigator when that investigation is cleared, i'll be transparent with it, and i'll share it with the public that was almost four months ago. the oakland police departments deal has not provided the report. it was clear that there were no molotov cocktails on on june 1st. there's they've offered absolutely nothing to back that up. civil rights attorney rachel letterman represents sears and other co plaintiffs. it's clear that there was an overreaction based on the topic of people. coming out against racist police violence. ceres city will continue to press forward with his lawsuit, hoping it will compel police to act differently in the future. the best acknowledgement that they can give is to change all of this. now, other than saying
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they've administered discipline in this case, opd hasn't released any more information. the chief plans to address the issue later this week. reporting live evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news, right, evan. thank you. wait now dedicate our soul that our work may prove worthy of the blood of our fallen coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 tonight. the solemn memorial day ceremony today at the tomb of the unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. still ahead, the giants pay tribute to all servicemen and women on this memorial day before their game against the angels. that story a little later in sports and holiday travel boy, it appears to be back and. big way coming up a look at the huge jump in travelers
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a heat advisory at this hour with some inland east bay in north bailey regions reaching triple digits. the heat advisory expires at nine o'clock tonight. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin says temperatures are expected to come down to more seasonable levels tomorrow, cal fire crews had been busy handling a pair of wildfires in the santa cruz mountains, the most started in the area that was devastated by the ccu lightning complex fire last year. the great fire started early this morning around nine year. china great road in north baton. oh trump trail and just in the last few
6:27 pm
hours we learned of another fire that has burned about two acres near the hint. hammond truck trail a few miles to the south fair, the head of the san francisco police officers union, says the officer who was attacked by a homeless man in chinatown last friday, is at home recovering. that officer is said to have some scrapes and bruises in his obviously store from that incident, the union says the officer typically works with a partner but was working alone. that evening because of a staffing shortage. you're watching kate to be fox two news at 6 30 tonight and president biden today marking memorial day with a solemn ceremony at arlington national cemetery. the president stood alongside vice president kamila harris for the traditional wreath laying ceremony at the cemetery's tomb of the unknown soldier as part of that ceremony, he walked up to the reed and stood before it in silent reflection. in remarks that followed, he
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called on americans to commemorate the country's fallen heroes by upholding what they died for. we owe them our full best efforts to perfect the union for which they died. may we now dedicate our souls that our work may prove worthy of the blood of our fallen. for this work. the work of democracy is the work of our time. and for all time, the president also remembered his late son beau, saying he felt his presence near on memorial memorial day. joe biden was a veteran who served in iraq. he died of brain cancer six years ago. here in the bay area. many people spent memorial day on board the uss hornet in alameda veterans of past wars came to remember those who fought and died serving their country. gave his robber all spoke with those who experienced war on what this day means to that.
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here on the deck of the uss hornet veterans and family of veterans were among the hundreds of people who came to remember those who went off to war and never came home. i was lucky turn simple. louis ross spent 27 years in the navy. there were people up there that died while i was up there that zoe died. i really don't want to talk about how they died. i was blown down the deck once myself, but it was rocky, the uss hornet, now permanently based in alameda, is itself a veteran, having served in world war to korea and vietnam. for those who boarded this former aircraft carrier today was not merely part of a weekend of fun, so remember to thank the veterans of the path and any future. thank you for being supporting our country. among those he came was former navy pilot dale bourbon of livermore wound up with 92 missions. and
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i was lucky. i only got hit lightly once it allows us the opportunity to pause to remember the sacrifices not just of the soldiers, but perhaps even more of the family members who lost a father or mother or brother or a sister in his military career, navy chaplain paul sawyer has had to escort families is they received the bodies of loved ones brought home when you've been through something like that. the. impact even and me as an individual who didn't know them personally, you still feel that in the core of your being. but the people that died, you know, they gave everything they have. and those people deserve to be remember. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. uh
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members of travis air force base participated in a memorial day event and mayor island naval cemetery there in valet. oh there was a performance by the air force band and then a flyover that followed. this year's event is the 150th commemoration at mare island. or memorial day. this memorial day weekend, many people hit the road for a holiday getaway, some for the first time in more than a year. ktvu is marine naylor tells us that some travelers who decided to fly were surprised by what they found. this is what the roads looked like around the bay area this memorial day weekend. people want to get out for the summer and going to all the things they missed. welcome back to normal by first travel of since covid tripoli expected more than 37 million people to travel more than 50 miles from home this memorial day weekend up 60% from 2020. in 2019 5.4 million californians traveled
6:32 pm
memorial day weekend that number plummeted to 2.7 million during the pandemic and was forecast to rebound. a 4.5 million travelers this year, so there's it's really great to get back into what i like to do, which is traveling in a motor on memorial day weekend marks the first time this south bay resident has taken his rv out since 2019 for a trip to pine mountain lake, get an early start and come back either earlier late, so you don't. get caught in traffic. as for those taking to the skies, air travel is also on the rise this holiday weekend compared to last year. the hardest thing was deciding whether or not to be vaccinated. i didn't want the vaccine, but i wanted to fly. mineta san jose airport expected 58,000 passengers, which is six times the amount they saw last year, but only about half the amount of travelers seen on a normal memorial day. again, some travelers said when they arrived at the airport, they
6:33 pm
were surprised by what they found. the airport was in his crowded as we thought, but the aarp, the airlines pakistan like sardines on the plane, so that was a little surprising and weather headed to the beach on highway 17 or driving north on 101 this memorial day weekend, there were a lot of cars on the road, another sign normalcy. is returning maureen naylor, ktvu fox. two news. we'll the a rent a city council. tomorrow we'll look at bringing back the city's fourth of july parade, which like so many events was canceled last year due to the pandemic. while the state hasn't released any official guidance concerning parades, the city said that it expects outdoor events will be allowed by then. the parade there in arendelle usually tracks 2 to 3000 people. meantime danville fourth of july parade has been pushed back now to labo about when the state would reopen, which we now know is the 15th. the town and the qantas club of the san ramon valley say they just weren't able to properly
6:34 pm
prepare for july 4th. the parade routinely requires months of planning and coordination and draws about 40,000 people, so to make sure that everything is set to go, that parade will now take place on september 4th president biden is said to travel the tulsa tomorrow to mark the 1/100 anniversary of a dark chapter in american history. the tulsa race massacre left hundreds of people dead and ruined a thriving african america. in business center once known as the black wall street. fox news, ashley strohmeyer reports on the fight for reparations 100 years after the tragedy. country may forget this history, but i cannot tell us the oklahoma may 31st 1921 white mob descends on a major black neighborhood and an economic hub called greenwood following rumor reports of a black man assaulting a white woman, the deadly events that followed going down in history as the tulsa race massacre. still see black men seeing
6:35 pm
being shocked black bodies line in the street. i still smell smoke and see far over the span of 18 hours. that mom destroyed bring wood burning more than 1000 homes and businesses to the ground and murdering an estimated 300 people while taking thousands of black tolson's into custody. monday marks 100 years since the massacre, and still survivors are seeking justice and reparations from the city of tulsa. my family was driven out of, huh? we were left with nothing we will need references and down cut activists say the time for tulsa to repair the past and making men's this far over 200 years for reparations is like waiting three hours for burger at mcdonald's, meanwhile, leading up to the centennial committee members are paying tribute to the lives lost, and those forever changed. marching down a road that was once a path used by. black people to escape the mom the night of the
6:36 pm
massacre. the area of green would never fully recovered following the massacre, and no members of the mob wherever prosecuted. efforts until sits you uncover remains of master victims is still underway. ashley strohmeyer fox news. coming up a mass shooting plot planned for wal mart store thwarted by police in texas what investigators found when they searched the suspect's home. police are hunting down three suspects responsible for a mass shooting at a banquet hall in florida. i'm christi
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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plotting a mass shooting at a walmart coleman thomas blevins was taken into custody on friday about 70 miles northwest of san antonio. police say they intercepted a message that he was preparing to proceed with a mass shooting at a wal mart store. police also say they found guns ammunition concentrated t, thc and radical ideology paraphernalia inside his home. blevins has been charged with making a terrorist threat. police and self. lord are looking for the gunman who opened fire into a crowd over the weekend. at least two people there were killed and more than 20 were wounded boxes. christina coleman has the latest now on that investigation. we will leave no stone unturned. we will leave nothing behind to bring these shooters to justice. the search is on for three suspects responsible for a mass shooting
6:40 pm
that left two dead and injured at least 20 people. it happened shortly after midnight during a saturday evening party at a banquet hall in south florida. dozens of people were gathered outside the venue when three gunmen and ski masks and hoodies jumped out of an suv and opened fire. sending upper raja bullets randomly into the crowd. authorities will the shooting was targeted, but it's unclear if the victims were specifically chosen. we have to be clear about what's happening in the miami dade county. these are acts of domestic terrorism, friends and family are now demanding answers so much. you must buy a grieving father of one of the victims broke down during monday's news conference, interrupting the miami dade police director. authorities are asking for the public's help in bringing the shooters to justice, offering a $130,000 reward for information. miami dade police released new
6:41 pm
surveillance video of the suspected gunman on monday. it shows three men getting out of a white nissan pathfinder in rushing off camera, then later running back to the car, then running away from the scene. this was the second mass shooting in the miami area over the weekend. i drive by shooting link friday left one person dead and six others injured. christina coleman, ktvu fox two news. now to the bt a tragedy, bt a light rail service has been suspended until further notice after last week's mass shooting in san jose, agency officials say bus bridges will continue to run along all light rail routes. today, busses ran on the less frequent sunday service schedule for memorial day. there is no word yet when that service will resume a south bay church is showing its support for the families of the nine people killed in that san jose, mass shooting members of the baby a christian church in sunnyvale are creating care packages. they're filled with gift cards, blankets, stuffed animals and books on grief and
6:42 pm
trauma recovery. volunteers say they will continue to collect donations this week, and then they will donate everything to the vita so that it can distribute the items to the victimsfamilies next weekend. and temperatures out there really, really hot but a big change common that fog. i'll be back in the next 24 hours. so you know what that means. i'll have the forecast after the break. all right, let's go to ktvu jana katsuyama with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus heather. we have one man's very touching tribute to his late wife. the book, just published by 98 year old world war two veteran about the love of his life, plus, scientists are helping monarch butterflies returned to california how they're helping to give the butterfly's a new place to breed here in the golden state, those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu plus, but first after the break, headed to hawaii by kayak coming up the incredible journey this bay
6:43 pm
area man is attempting across the pacific and giving you another live look outside boy. what a beautiful picture from our roof camera pointed west over the oakland estuary. hope you are enjoying this. extended e
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history as the first person to travel the water from california to hu wan alone in a kayak gave these james story shows us why the kayaker is taking on this life risking journey. julie haener just before five. this morning, the journey began. i just love life. it's ah, i know it zooms like a
6:46 pm
silly slogan of moto. but for 12 years zero, de ramo followed that silly motto and learned what it took to become an expert kayaker. he will attempt to add a new record to his resume kayaking 2400 nautical miles through the pacific to hawaii alone. are you crazy? well, it's a text a little bit of uh, craziness. i guess i wouldn't call it craziness. i think it's passion is a passion and understanding my myself and my limits and i'm pushing my own batteries, but i think i could do that with a specialized kayaks. cyril says he's doing this because he sees it as an opportunity to live life to the fullest. some last minute packing risky, some final goodbye signal, and some kind of you only live once attitude that is becoming an. inspiration to his fellow kayakers. yeah, i mean, it's really uncharted territory for what he's doing, you know, there's people who have done it in a rowboat. we did it in a
6:47 pm
rowboat. but what he's doing in a kayak is a is a totally different level. melissa just after five this morning, cyril takes off from under the golden gate bridge. he'll be in open water for about 70 days, hoping to complete a journey never before taken on kayak, and i think i'm gonna learn so much in two months. i don't know what but feeling the oneness of the ocean on and, uh it's gonna be a blast. and you can follow along with this journey hour by hour. there's a live tracker on the kayak, and it'll give you updates on a website. there's a link to that on our website ktvu .com in marin county. i'm james flores ktvu, fox two news. well history is being made on mount everest. 44 year old jang hung became the very first blind asian climber to reach the top of mount everest. he becomes only the third blind climber ever to reach the world's highest peaks. he
6:48 pm
trained for five years for this moment, carrying £66 of bag £66 bags up the staircase of the hospital where he works. he says he still hopes to climb the highest peak on all. seven continents. incredible, all right, and these are the highest from today. they were toasted. they've come down quite a bit in the last few hours. we're getting a little bit of a sea breeze, especially out towards hayward, oakland. those numbers have really come down. it's still hot as heck inland, though, with numbers in the inland valleys well, over 100 degrees, you can kind of see the atmosphere. you see. let's think this so there's the high pressure in the air, sinking and warming but see that layer in here. that's that kind of smog, hazy kind of layer. that's that. spare the air alert that we had today was spare the air date. tomorrow should not be. we're going to see less of that sinking air and more of an onshore flow with better mixing, and there is the onshore flow right there. just like the arrow. i need to get the wind speeds, but the arrows represent wind going from ocean to land so on shore
6:49 pm
from the ocean to the land, that's what an onshore wind is. and as we go through tomorrow temperatures which will be significantly cooler than two they will seem really comfortable. these air the current temperatures, congress still still 94, but look at berkeley and oakland upper sixties so temperatures that's the sea breeze. so that's why you see, and we all show you in a few weeks or months. i'll show you the same map. we'll see reds and yellows all the way to the coast and we'll see it for more than a couple of days, so we're getting a kind of a break from this. this heat. it's not a heat wave because one day but we're getting a nice little break from it, and that is important. considering the fire danger that you get into when you get multiple days of heat, so it's warmer than yesterday, 10 degrees warmer and hayward and then that big ridge of high pressure going up over the top, and we're gonna get bumped by a little low, and that's why we cool off tomorrow. so it's gonna be nice state of melissa in the nice thing is, this is a one and done heat event, but we also
6:50 pm
have a situation where we're going to stay kind of mild right through this week. so again, fire danger kind of takes a back seat to some other stuff, which is good. there's the fog along the coast and again. i don't want to minimize fire. danger is just won't be as extreme as it was today, or as it can be, or as it will be theirs. the forecast size from all the sensor valley still hot, you're still going to see low one hundreds there, but for us closer to the bake closer to the onshore flow, you're gonna have 92 the antioch instead of 100 to 92 fairfield instead of 102, so very nice forecast. if you will. i keep messing with my phone because my app for the change the computer with this app, and it was well it throws up at i think i'm too cheap, cheap to pay for them. you gotta pay for it, but i keep getting out so i'll pay for the next time i will be doing but there's a five day forecast on what i'm talking about. is that period they're from. well, heck, from tuesday right through and then we'll pop in the weekend too, and you'll see what i'm talking about it. we've got basically temperatures that are
6:51 pm
going to stay on the mild side right through next weekend. so good news. they're good news all around. hope you're having a great memorial day. enjoy it. remember what it's all about? and most of us have family members who fought and some who didn't make it. and so this is that that day's meant to remember. all right, we'll see you back here. 10 11. yeah, that's a good message, bill. thank you. coming up. johnny cueto was dominant for the giants today, but would it be enough for a win the answer next in sports, and here's a look now at the prime time lineup right here on ktvu. fox two and eight o'clock tonight. it is hell's kitchen at nine. it's heartbroken that in 9 30 duncanville and then will be followed by the 10 and 11 o'clock news, julian i will be back for that hope to see that when it comes to flooring, i'm hard to please. so, i go to floor & decor where i find every imaginable tile, wood, laminate or stone without compromising my design. cause one aisle doesn't cut it. i need an entire store. explore floor & decor in person or online.
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day we remember all the men and women who sacrificed their lives in service to our country. we also honor the voice of vernell brooks moon as the giants paid tribute to our servicemen and women at the ball park in san francisco. good in everybody jason appelbaum with you. the giants then turned to a familiar formula to keep right on winning. great starting
6:55 pm
pitching and the home run is we take you out to the ball park in san francisco 13,144 on hand, including this little q t as the giants hosted the angels, johnny cueto pitched a great game. he strikes out the side in the fourth hosts a rohaas swinging anthony bam boom. take a seat and picture dylan bundy. no chance. cueto's seven innings, one run five strikeouts and picking up the win. then the giants hitters go toe work over the next three innings. evan longoria. he's been a revelation this year, 425 ft shot to left center off bundy, his ninth of the year. it's a two run homer and the giants take a to nothing lead 2 to 1 lead to the fifth lamont wade jr connects for a solo home run into the arcade, his first of the giant and the lead is 3 to 1. and then in the sixth, mauricio de bonnie homered off clayton kershaw yesterday and he's going deep again today. his full. worth of
6:56 pm
the season. fan makes a nice catch out there. the giants tack on a couple more in the seventh and cruise to a 61 win their fourth straight as they leapfrogged the padres to take a half game lead in the national league west. after battling back against the mariners, the a's they let it slip away in extra innings today up in seattle flags flying at mariners ballpark and after trailing 4 to 1, the ace tie it up with two runs in the eighth. there, capper this sean murphy be two out double just over kyle lewis, his head and that scores mad olsen and we go to extra innings top of the 10th aramis garcia, a two out single toe left. olson who began the inning on second base, he's going to come in to score and the a's they are up 5 to 4. but the mariners tie in the bottom of the frame and then a rare error by models and on this jp crawford grounder, crawford would end up at second and. hi. france would advance
6:57 pm
to third and still on, lee won out an intentional walk, loads the bases and then tom murphy wins it with this sac fly off lou trevino. it's not sexy, but it is a walk off. mariners hand the a's their third straight loss. it's 6 to 5 and 10 innings, eh? still a half game up, though, on the astros, naomi osaka, she shocked the tennis world today by withdrawing. from the french open after winning her first round match. why, while the world's second rig player she skipped her press conference yesterday, which led to a $15,000 fine and threats of disqualification by the tennis federation if she refused to do future media availabilities, osaka says she's an introvert. she suffers from long bouts of depression, and that press conferences giver anxiety. so today osaka four time grand slam winner said that rather than be a distraction, she would withdraw from the. tournament and that she planned
6:58 pm
to take some time away from the court. now stephan curry, he applied in osaka on twitter, calling what she said. impressive for taking the high road when the quote powers that be do not protect their own more fans more problems with the nba a in these playoffs for the third time in less than a week, we've had an ugly incident, the latest last night in boston when a fan threw a water bottle at brooklyn guard kyrie irving just missing his head following the celtics lost to the nets in game 4 21 year old cold, buckley was escorted out and then arrested and charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and check this out as we take you out more fan involvement on lee no harm done in this one right here, except to accept to a beer cup today versus the padres. cubs. chris buy it, brian hits a home run to right field. the fan of wrigley tries to catch it in wrigley tries to catch it in his beer, but he loses the hello, i'm dr. sheldon cooper.
6:59 pm
welcome to sheldon cooper presents: fun with flags. before we get started, i'd like to announce the winner of our design your own flag competition. but i can't. the only entry was from gameygamer75, and i know that was a jpeg of your buttocks. now this week we have a very special episode where we explore the flags of the popular entertainment franchise, star trek. and to help me, i'm pleased to introduce internet personality, former star of star trek: the next generation, and the only guy i know lucky enough to be immortalized in 1/16 scale-- set phasers to "fun"... ...for my friend, wil wheaton. hi, sheldon. thanks for having me. i'm happy to be here. cut. what's wrong? sorry, sheldon, you were brilliant as always. wil, that was a little wooden.
7:00 pm
wooden? don't worry, it wasn't terrible. just, this time, try to say it the way people sound. and action. my friend, wil wheaton. hi, sheldon. thanks for having me. i'm excited to be here. so, wil, what do you have for us first? well, this is an exciting one. this is the flag of the united federation of planets. now what's interesting about this flag... cut. what was wrong with that? it's called "fun with flags." they're not at half-mast, nobody died. let's try and keep it upbeat. um, no offense, but i've been acting since i was a kid. i think i can handle a web show without a lot of direction. sheldon: it's true. in 1982, wil played the voice of martin the mouse in the secret of nimh. you moved me. you'll have to forgive me. this is my first time directing, i just want it to be good. so do i. great. so, this time let's try more real boy, less pinocchio.


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