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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  May 31, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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crown state beach and alameda was busy brighten early this morning that people hoping to stay cooland many of those we talked with today said they hope the hot weather doesn't hoping it's only a couple days. i do like to, um get out in the sun and but when it's too hot, i like to just kind of stay inside and hang out, felt good in the morning, maybe want to get up and get outside. health experts also advised to watch out for signs of heat exhaustion. they recommend staying hydrated, wearing light, loose fitting clothes and staying in the shade or wearing sunscreen if you are out in the sun, let's check in now with our chief meteorologist, bill martin, for an early look at the conditions are hot. one bill. itwas and it is hot up in the reading area around red bluff in the north valley. they're looking at potentially 108 degrees, which was set a record and reading. there's a couple spots in the valley that could set records and you walked in. has already reached 100 degrees mountain vi3 degrees,
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where you are alive. cameron on the estuary shows a little bit of wind and that's what's changing around and here's the good news with this heat. it's a way of heat 90 heat way because it's a one day deal. this thing is going to be cool down tomorrow by a good 15 to 20 degrees, so it's up real quick and down real quick, which is really, really good news for all of us in terms of fire concerns, and what have you so sarah sisko airport? you see it there? not much going on, and there's no fog there yet, but i am seeing fog creeping up the coast and that's what it does. is it creeps up the coast? it'll put the kabash on. this heat advisory that is slated to be dropped at about nine o'clock anywhere that's in yellow in an excessive heat, warning that will stay up until tonight at nine o'clock as well, but a significant cool down under way. haven't seen any records yet. in our area. the big numbers are up in the central valley. but definitely the hottest day we have seen since last october temperatures as we head into tomorrow, significantly cooler fire danger significantly less so
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some good news there. i'll see you back here with all the weather stuff you need in a few minutes. definitely good news. thanks so much bill wolf for the second time today, cal fire is racing to put out a fire in the santa cruz mountains just over an hour ago. they tweeted pictures from a smoke up smoke rather from a two acre fire near the hit him and truck trail. this is within the season, you lightning complex burn area for last fall. they say, though, that it is not connected to another fire there this morning near china great road about fire started around nine this morning, and it burned about seven acres as kate to be self. the reporter jesse gary tells us this. fire two is in the same area devastated by this easy lightning complex fire last year. cal fire officials say the second fire monday is on him. hammond road about 10 to 20 miles away from the first fire, they say it's only two acres. and although small as the other one is small, they say there's still significant and a reminder that although the seasons change the fire
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danger does not weigh, always wanna prepare for that and make sure that we're ready to go. california wildfire cameras captured smoke early monday morning within the c z, you burn scar area in santa cruz county, seven acres of brush burning up a hillside near china great and haul roads. on a day when temperatures were rising into the mid eighties with a minimal amount of rainfall that we got this winner. um the potential for continued ah. fire hazards in those areas are very high, so unusual for getting in the late may for a small fire like that to occur. dr craig clemons heads san jose states fire research center, he says. this year hillsides are browning months earlier and burn areas such as this easy you are still capable of catching fire experts believe cyclical droughts are becoming deeper, increasing fire danger toe a 12 months a year reality it's getting kinda concerning in the fact that. your season's
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starting earlier, and it's ending later, and it's becoming almost year round for parts of the st clements says people should take greater care during holidays and over the summer, regardless if the risk is low or high, fire officials say. three engines of water tender and ground crews responded to this small fire. they believe it started with garbage burning on a hillside, although ah, cause is still unknown. just be diligent, utilize common sense. we're hoping for a safe fire season one firefighters suffered an ankle injury serious enough for him to have to be transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. but we don't have a condition update on his injury in the santa cruz mountains, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. high temps around the bay area met. there were a lot of people heading to san francisco to try to cool off. of course, the beaches were one of the top draws. ktvu christian captain joins us now live from baker beach in san francisco and christian. a lot of people are looking for ways
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to cool off on this memorial day. yeah, you got that right, julia. lot of people. as a matter fact i was out here just yesterday with my family, just looking to hang out at the beach, and i thought there were a lot of people out. then today, i would estimate that's probably twice as many people out today as yesterday. a lot of people try get away from the inland heat and cool off and the waters of the pacific ocean or elsewhere in san francisco memorial day, visitors made their way to san francisco's famous fisherman's worf to beat the heat. the weather's gorgeous today it's perfect. i mean, i don't think you get buried in sf in this zack tomorrow, saying he was looking for a fun place for the family this holiday weekend. we're coming up in san jose. so just here for the weekend, my wife's on a baby shower, so i got the two kids with a day one of the big draws a long pier 39. the aquarium of the bay. visitors patiently waiting and sometimes long minds to enter. ah lot of those visitors from warmer parts of the bay area looking for a cool place to enjoy memorial day. our demographics are changing a bit used to be mostly out of town tourists.
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now we have mostly locals. they're buying the tickets online memorial day weekend are in the year's first significant heat wave in san francisco's baker beach proved to be an irresistible draw for many agnosia, castro brought his family to the. each looking for a little relief will be 100 and three today, 103 man, so we had to get out. we gotta go to the coast somewhere. cool up the strong wind and 57 degree water may have been a little too cold for some. oh my gosh. it was freezing to get out there. but i wanted to get the experience to go in the water so, but it was so cold. my gosh, i don't know if i would do to get and even at this hour after five o'clock when you th o f people's day would be winding down, there are still a lot of way out to the beach here. it seems like every time somebody leaves, somebody comes back on in to take their spot if you feel like you want to come on down to the beach, obviously, there's still room out here. people are still out here. but just remember, parking is
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limited. so i don't know exactly how much parking is, but the parking lot where we're parked right now was pretty full throughout the day. guys for now reporting live in baker beach in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news and what a beautiful shot there behind you, the beach the lot. people out there in the bridge in the distance there gorgeous shot of san francisco christian. thank you. and if you want, help beating the heat, be sure to download the ktvu weather out there. you could look at current heat maps for your neighborhood and find out where you could go to cool off. it is free in the app store. well one year after oakland police used tear gas to break up a large crowd ahead of a citywide curfew, the top brass remained mom on why the department resorted that to that level of force, vowing a new era of transparency. new chief has not released a self assessment about the department's actions last year that injured dozens of protesters. ktvu used investigative reporter evan sernoffsky spoke to some who were in that crowd on that day and also has a response
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tonight from opd. that's right shortly after our story posted this afternoon on ktvu .com. oakland police officials responded to our request for comment, and they told us that some of those officers have been disciplined. now we're still waiting to learn more. for information. it just went crazy. i feel like i wasn't no wars owners. it's okay, pops. sears was one of hundreds of demonstrators who took to the streets of oakland on june 1st to protest the police killing of george floyd. the march was organized by students at oakland technical high school. it was like almost like a fashionable it was. everybody was getting along. the children were out there with signs and it was just a good thing. the crowd faced off with officers in riot gear, two blocks from nopd headquarters. video shows a plastic bottle being thrown at police before they launched gas and projectiles was like turn into a shoot out or something like that. you know
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who was just horrific series was struck by one of those projectiles in the chaos. he has since filed a lawsuit against the opd and the alameda county sheriff's office, which was assisting the department's policy bans indiscriminately firing tear gas and projectiles at crowds unless there's an imminent threat of physical harm, then deputy chief laurent armstrong, who's now the chief justified the incident. the next day, officers were still receiving rocks and bottles being thrown as well. last people preparing molotov cocktails sutro force the officers a ktvu investigation at the time. time didn't find any evidence to support armstrong's justification on lee that video of a plastic bottle being thrown what began as a controversy around crowd control tactics has now festered into an issue about police accountability in general activists say that if the opd a serious about reform, it needs to be more transparent. we continue to get lip service about reforms. bay area activist cat brooks is co
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founder of the anti police terror project. she said her teen daughter was at the june 1st protest and doesn't buy the department's justification. i want to see the new chief laurent armstrong, who keeps saying that this is a new day inside of opd actually do some things that make it a new day inside of opd in an interview with ktvu after he was sworn in as the new chief, armstrong said the june 1st incident was being reviewed by an outside investigator. i would have investigation is cleared. i'll be transparent with it, and i'll share it with the public. that was almost four months ago, the oakland police department still has not provided the report. it's clear that there were no molotov cocktails on on june 1st. there's they've offered absolutely nothing to back that up. civil rights attorney rachel letterman represents sears and other co plaintiffs. it's clear that there was an overreaction based on the topic of people. coming out against racist police violence. ceres city will continue to press
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forward with his lawsuit, hoping it will compel police to act differently in the future. the best acknowledgement that they can give is to change all of this. and again after our story posted online, oakland police responded to our request for comment. they said they'll have more information later this week reporting live evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news and evan, i remember that gathering. it was more than 1000. people. did the demonstrator that you spoke with. remember hearing opd, calling it an unlawful assembly and ordering everyone to disperse. and if so, why many of the demonstrators decided to stay right? well that's true. some of them did recall that dispersal order. but if you look at the open seas policy on using tear gas, simply ordering a crowd to disperse doesn't necessarily justify using that
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level of force. also if there's young people or elderly in the crowd. certainly of concern and this was, you know, part of a group of high school marchers, a lot of them teenagers, so there's a lot of questions about whether this tear gassing and shooting projectiles was within oh pd's own policy. that's something that the chief chief plans to address this week. yeah, and i remember armstrong, saying that his daughter was actually at that rally. all right, evan sernoffsky really appreciate it. thank you have it. if this happens to a uniformed san francisco police officer, how should your average resident visitor tourist field they should be concerned? it happened in just seconds. the homeless man violently attacks, a san francisco police officer, eventually sending her to the hospital. what we've learned about the suspect and the officer coming up tonight at 5 30. it is a weekend of barbecues and beach days, and sometimes it is easy to forget that. true meaning of memorial
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day. we'll have died. you know, they gave everything they have on those people deserve to be remembered coming up next. the bay area, remembers those who gave everything for the country at.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
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because that's power down time. sacrifices that americans have made to protect our country and freedoms. the ceremony took place at mare island n sam cemetery there in valeo. there wa color guard, a musical performance by the air force band and also an air force fly over there. also speeches focused on those who
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died serving the country. let us always remember and respect our fallen warriors by living up to the ideals they died defending. and it is our charge to preserve liberty to advance justice and to sow the seeds of peace with honor and courage and devotion worthy of our fallen heroes. now the newly restored mayor, i want a naval cemetery where today ceremony took place is where nearly 1000 military veterans are buried. a memorial day ceremony in antioch today was held at the antioch veterans memorial. it smith's land. ending the ceremony began wr memorials arod the city. music and speeches praised the bravery of the nation's fallen heroes. way. remember those who courageously gave their lives to those who have fought and those who have fighting to me, admire your courage and appreciate your
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sacrifice. we salute you on are you and thank you. there was also a self guided tour today of an ox veteran sites, including the antioch world war one. real and the ope you cemetery first responders memorial. many people spent memorial day on board the uss hornet in alameda veterans of past wars. all came to remember those who fought and died serving the country. katie's rob brought spoke with those who experienced war on what this day means to them. here on the deck of the uss hornet veterans and family of veterans were among the hundreds of people who came to remember those who went off to war and never came home. i was lucky turn simple. louis ross spend 17 years in the navy. there were people up there of that died while i was up there that zoe died. i've really don't want to talk about how they died. i was blown down the deck once myself, but i was like.
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the uss hornet, now permanently based in alameda is itself a veteran having served in world war to korea and vietnam. for those who boarded this former aircraft carrier today was not merely part of a weekend of funds remembers to thank the veterans of the path and any future. thank you for being supporting our country. among those he came was former navy pilot dale bourbon of livermore wound up with 92 missions and. i was lucky i only drive hit lightly once it allows us the opportunity to pause to remember the sacrifices not just of the soldiers, but perhaps even more of the family members who lost a father or ah mother or brother or a sister in his military career, navy chaplain paul sawyer has had to escort families is they received the bodies of loved ones brought home when you've been through something like that, the impact. act even and
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me as an individual who didn't know them. personally you still feel that in the core of your being. the people that died. you know, they gave everything they have on those people deserve to be remembered. marin county veterans held an online memorial day ceremony this morning to pay respect to those who served in the armed forces. the ceremony included an honor guard, the singing of the national anthem and a wreaths, presentation and the playing of taps. all right. it was a hot one to fall. we had numbers in the bay area. they got up to 99 100 degrees. these are some of the current temperatures. you'll see the north. they got some pretty significant numbers or have
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them right now. 103 and cloverdale. that's certainly the hot spot, one of three and pope valley napa just 87 so certain there's a little bit of a sea breeze and like i said before, this is a one and done so we typically you get a heat wave like this. it's not away because one day but using it come in threes, sort of my experience. this is going to be a one day deal, which is perfect is gonna cool off a bunch as we head into tomorrow in the next couple of days there some more current high temperatures again like dublin 90 degrees. that's not amazing. how about alameda at 70? that's pleasant, so a nice sea breeze blowing in alameda and oakland, one that creates a 101 no. one in pleasanton. i don't suspect we're going to see any records today. but except up in the central valley who have misstepped let me go back and pick. i think this is the peninsula when he hit that there it is. so yeah, you could see the sea breeze foster city 76. res 87. it's stanford. so it's really this is really all about are mostly about those inland valleys where i said earlier, red bluffs reading those guys are looking at buck six buck a record potential. same with sacramento. merry
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fill in those areas. so you see the air quality. not so great right now. that's because all the junks kind of skin squished down by that high pressure, but. august creeping up the coast, the sea breeze has already going it's going to cool tomorrow by as much as 15 degrees, maybe more in many places, so one and done, that's a good way to do it. i'll be back here. we'll look at the forecast ties as we head into tuesday and beyond. yeah, one day of this really hot weather is nice. i don't know if i can handle much more than that. thanks so much bill. appreciate it. well, covid cases they continue to drop in businesses continue to reopen and the country continues to see a spike in crime. the question now is all of it connects. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation. the day where everything goes right.
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are now fully vaccinated for the coronavirus. that's more than 17 million people close to 13% of californians age 12 and older are now partially vaccinated. that's more than four million people. in all california clinics have
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administered more than 37 million doses of the vaccine. well, tomorrow the state will be just two weeks away from the reopening date meeting. the june 15 goal is contingent, though on sufficient vaccine supply and hospitalization rates remaining low. so currently the state has a 46 day supply of shots and just over 1300 people hospitalized with covid. the covid positivity rate is now at a new low below 1% and just at just 10.7% on the five deaths were reported statewide yesterday and only 644 confirmed new cases. the uptick in covid vaccinations is fueling a rise in tourism as well as crime. so major u. s cities reported a rise in the number of violent incident. it's box news, david lee miller tells us those numbers are leading to questions about how to maintain law and order in a post covid world. more than half of all americans are now at least partially vaccinated in big cities are opening their doors once again as the busy summer
5:25 pm
tourism season gets underway, but the re openings are also being accompanied by a rise in crime. here in new york, the former epicenter of the outbreak, there's been a sharp increase in murders, shootings, auto thefts and hate crimes, prompting concerns that the surge could become an obstacle to reviving the tourism industry. crime crime crime. all these people who are running for mayor. my two cents to new yorkers, you're going to pick a new york a new mayor, a mayor who can deal with crime. realistically there have also been a number of widely reported crimes involving tourists. the visitors to the city say the n y p d is out in force, and they're not afraid. that's a heavy police presence. everyone it's just like anywhere else use common sense. we felt really safe here, and it's been a lot of fun. other cities hoping to attract tourists are also reporting a surge in crime, including chicago, atlanta and los angeles. some experts say it is the inevitable result of re openings and more needs to be done to rebuild trust. after a
5:26 pm
year of police enforcing covid restrictions there weiss's yeah. between law abiding citizens and police supporters are broken nationwide, the homicide rate increased by about 24% during the first three months of this year. in new york. david lee miller, fox news, although vaccine rates are on the rise they very greatly by age group the cdc shows about 32% of those in the 18 to 24 year old age group have had all of their shots. the number goes up in the 42 49 age group to about 48. it's even higher in the 50 to 64 year old group at 59% the highest rate of vaccines is among those 65 to 74 years old at 76. some very disturbing video. a homeless man takes down a san francisco police officer with his hands around her neck. coming up new information about this attack.
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plus, people want to get out for the summer and going to all the things they missed for. ah year if this weekend was any indication, people in the bay area are ready to travel. a look at the projected numbers that show a dramatic bounce back from last year, and he was off before the sun came up on a 70 day journey from marin county. to hawaii and all he has. well just that kayak. they're here. what drives this man to complete this daring frans
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caught on video. our crime reporter henry lee is here now, with more on the suspect and how that officer is doing, henry. well, julie, that confrontation sent the officer to the hospital after she was suddenly attacked by a homeless man in chinatown. she's highly his trade as anybody else but a san francisco police officer found herself overpowered by a suspect identified as 33 year old gerardo contreras. things can go from ok to really bad. in a split second, it began innocently enough. i don't have nothing over there around. put your hands over your head, san francisco police union president tony montoya says the suspect initially obeys the officer. but without warning, he just suddenly turned and. violently attacked her without provocation. the officer ended up on her back as the £190 contreras straddles her. he quickly got on top of the officer and put himself in a
5:31 pm
position of advantage. and at one point it looked like his hands were actually on her throat. bystanders rushed to help. i want to shake their hands. i want to commend them for their bravery and their actions, the officer regains control and backup arrived. the officer who was assigned to central station was taken by ambulance to the hospital. she was released that same day. she's in all right. marine um, she's got some scrapes, bruises, obviously sore from the incident, the police union says the officer typically works with a partner but was solo that evening because of a staffing shortage. and if this happens to a uniform, san francisco police officer how should your average resident visitor tourist field they should be concerned. less than two hours earlier, contreras was accused of damaging scooters and this is video of him being detained. the female officer who was asian, went to talk to contreras after witnesses said he was ranting at asian people. now the head of the police union tells me he easily could have been planning that officer's funeral. now
5:32 pm
that suspect. has been broke on suspicion of assault battery, resisting arrest, false imprisonment and trying to disarm that officer of a less lethal weapon reporting live. henry lee ktvu fox studios. yeah, just like the gentleman said in your piece there if he did that to a police officer, just imagine what he could have done to a average citizen. henry in your story. you mentioned the staffing shortage that that was the reason she was working alone. because of what happened. are there any changes being made? not that i know if i know that staffing shortages and staffing levels are constantly in flux, but we don't know if that was a specific ship the day or usually again, they pair up day or night. all right. henry lee reporting live for us tonight, henry. thank you. the interfaith center at the presidio held its annual memorial day service at the san francisco national cemetery. the service has taken place every memorial day for more
5:33 pm
than 155 years. there were speeches, a bell ringing and also a wreath laying ceremony. you know, abraham lincoln said the same thing in the gettysburg address. but he said it people who have who have died of #### of the ground. it's for the survivors to make it meaningful to carry out the goal of fighting for your country, making the country better. 32,000 military veterans are buried at the national city at the san francisco national cemetery there well this memorial day weekend, many people hit the road for a holiday getaway, some for the first time in more than a year. as ktvu marine naylor reports some travelers who decided to fly were surprised by what they found. this is what the roads looked like around the bay area this memorial day weekend. people want to get out for the summer and going to all the things they missed. welcome back to normal by first travel of since covid tripoli expected more
5:34 pm
than 37 million people to travel more than 50 miles from home this memorial day weekend up 60% from 2020. in 2019 5.4 million californians traveled memorial day weekend that number plummeted to 2.7 million during the pandemic and was forecast to rebound. a 4.5 million travelers this year, so there's it's really great to get back into what i like to do, which is traveling in the motor on memorial day weekend marks the first time this south bay resident has taken his rv out since 2019 for a trip to pine mountain lake, get an early start and come back either earlier late, so you don't. get caught in traffic. as for those taking to the skies, air travel is also on the rise this holiday weekend compared to last year. the hardest thing was deciding whether or not to be vaccinated. i didn't want the vaccine, but i wanted to fly. mineta san jose airport expected 58,000 passengers
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between thursday and monday, which is six times the amount they saw last year, but only about half the amount of travelers seen on a normal memorial day. again, some travelers said when they arrived at the airport, they were surprised by what they found. the airport wasn't as crowded as we thought, but they air the airlines pakistan like sardines on the plane, so that was a little surprising and whether headed to the beach on highway 17 or driving north on 101 this memorial day weekend, there were a lot of cars on the road, another sign normalcy. is returning maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news on this memorial day. police are investigating after american flags were stolen from the los angeles national cemetery at the word, he said. at some point last night or early this morning, a suspect or suspects jump the fence broke in and took several flags. one flag is about 25 ft by 30 ft and would usually take at least three people to carry.
5:36 pm
police are canvassing the area for surveillance footage in hopes of idea. defying the suspects, officials say they're astonished that someone would commit this type of crime a specially over the memorial day weekend. every single monument you see here is someone who signed up or, you know, spent some of their life in service to our country so that we can enjoy everything we enjoy today, and tol hurt their final resting place is just to me a nun believable. los angeles police are asking anyone with information about the missing flags to give them a call president biden today march memorial day with a solemn ceremony there at arlington national cemetery. the president stood alongside vice president kamila harris for the traditional wreath laying at the sarah cemetery's tomb of the unknown soldier. as part of the ceremony, president biden
5:37 pm
walked up to the wreath and stood before it in silent reflection in remarks that he followed the president called on americans to commemorate the country's fallen heroes by upholding what they died for. we owe them our full best efforts to perfect the union for which they died. may we now dedicate our souls that our work may prove worthy of the blood of our fallen. for this work. the work of democracy is the work of our time. and for all time, the president also remembered his late son beau, saying he felt his presence near on this memorial day. beau biden was a veteran who served in iraq. he died of brain cancer six years ago. marking 100 years since the tulsa race massacre here with oakland congresswoman barbara lee said about the ceremony coming up next and all it took was about 10. seconds for three masked
5:38 pm
gunmen to jump out of that car opened fire on a crowd and then get back in the car and drive away tonight. the manhunt continues after two people were killed and another day, another chance. it could be the day you break the sales record, or the day there's appointments nonstop. with comcast business, you get the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses, and you can get the advanced cybersecurity solutions you need with comcast business securityedge. every day in business is a big day.
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. get started with a great offer, and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus, for a limited time,ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today.
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that city's deadly race massacre, civil rights leaders and elected officials including oakland congresswoman barbara lee took part in the dedication of a prayer wall at the side of the church that survived the riot as many as 300 residents were killed when a white mob attacked the a fluent black section of the town of green wood on this day in 1921, more than 1000, homes and businesses were burned. deluded so we're here to remember to mourn to rebuild equitably and for people we heard about repairing
5:41 pm
the breach. the word repair is connected to reparations, congresswoman barbara lee posted photos of the event as well and said quote we must continue to speak the truth about this horrific event and the legacy of systemic racism in our country. a candlelight vigil is separate tonight there in downtown till. so still no arrests in the deadly mass shooting in florida over the weekend. officials say it was the result of an ongoing rivalry between two gangs and they're calling on the violence to end box news. christina coleman has the latest now on the search. we will leave no stone unturned. we will leave nothing behind to bring these shooters to justice. the search is on for three suspects responsible for a mass shooting that left two dead and injured at least 20 people. it happened shortly after midnight during a saturday evening party at a banquet hall in south florida. dozens of people were gathered outside the venue when three gunmen and ski masks and hoodies jumped out of an suv
5:42 pm
and opened fire, sending up a roger bullets randomly into the crowd. authorities will the shooting was targeted, but it's unclear if the victims were specifically chosen. we have to be clear about what's happening in the miami dade county. these are acts of domestic terrorism. friends and family are now demanding answers. you all kill my kid, you must buy a grieving father of one of the victims broke down during monday's news conference, interrupting the miami dade police director. authorities are asking for the public's help in bringing the shooters to justice, offering a $130,000 reward for information. miami dade police released new surveillance video of the suspected gunman on monday. it shows three men getting out of a white nissan pathfinder and rushing off camera, then later running back to the car, then running away from the scene. this was the second mass shooting in the miami area over the weekend, a drive by shooting late friday left one
5:43 pm
person dead and six others injured. christina coleman, fox news. yeah well, just after five this morning, a bay area van took off in a special kayak under the golden gate bridge, his destination hawaii, and i think i'm gonna learn so much in two months. i don't know what but feeling the oneness of the ocean on. uh it's gonna be a blast. we were there as he heads out on it. history making 70 day journey alone across the pacific ocean and a hot one. today, temperatures got easily into the upper nineties low 100. it's gonna cool down this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more.
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put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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jang han became the first blind asian climber to reach the top of mount everest. he becomes only the third blind climber ever to reach the world's
5:46 pm
highest peak. he trained for five years for this moment, five years carrying £66 bags up the staircase of the hospital where he works. he says he still hopes to climb the highest peak on all seven continents. wow that is an incredible story, well, a direct flight to hawaii. it will take you about five hours. but a man from marin county is now on a journey that will take him more than two months. that's because he is making that journey in a kayak. ktvu is james tourist tells us why he is taking on this incredible journey. get it just before five this morning, the journey began. i just love life. it's ah, i know it zooms like a silly slogan of moto. but for 12 years zero, de ramo followed that silly motto and learned what it took to become an expert kayaker. he will attempt to add a new record nautical miles through the pacific to hawaii alone. are you crazy? well, it's a text a little bit
5:47 pm
of uh, craziness. i guess i wouldn't call it craziness. i think it's passion. is a passion and understanding my myself and my limits and i'm pushing my own batteries, but i think i could do that with a specialized kayaks. cyril says he's doing this because he sees it as an opportunity to live life to the fullest. some last minute packing risky some final goodbye signal, and some kind of you on lee live once attitude that is becoming an. inspiration to his fellow kayakers. yeah, i mean, it's really uncharted territory for what he's doing, you know, there's people who have done it in a rowboat. we did it in a rowboat, but what he's doing in a kayak is that is a totally different level. melissa just after five this morning, cyril takes off from under the golden gate bridge. he'll be in open water for about 70 days, hoping to complete a journey never before taken on kayak, and i think i'm gonna learn so much
5:48 pm
in two months. i don't know what but feeling the oneness of the ocean on and, uh it's gonna be a blast. and you can follow along with this journey hour by hour. there's a live tracker on the kayak, and it'll give you updates on a website. there's a link to that on our website ktvu .com in marin county. i'm james flores ktvu. fox two news, just like in the atmosphere, the ocean has currents and rotations and thieves, kayakers. when they do these events they plan on those because the japan current that runs down our coast and back out. words. why so they take advantage of all of that, so it's serve an interesting kind of weather related. i guess here the high temperatures from today 100 anya 100, livermore, 96. morgan. he'll look at san francisco just 68 degrees, so it just depended where you were mad. but you get in line. it was baking and it really hot, really, really hot in up in the
5:49 pm
red bluff area, and those in those spots. air quality. not so great it is. you'd expect it was a spare the air date today, um, tomorrow not seeing a spare the air day. is going to cool off a lot. we're going to see these whisk. we're already seeing these winds. you know, it's how they just kind of going the right way. they're going on shore. it's not significantly robust wins, but it's enough wind that we're going to be much cooler air quality is going to get much better. so livermore 13 mile an hour winds right now it's all going the right way current temperatures and you can kind of see a sea breeze, right. just look into the green. i mean, that's how i right. you're looking at temperatures, but the ice storm map. you can see where the cool air is in the coast. today, there was easily a 40 degree spread from coast to inland today and so that zotti a typical, but it's what can happen in the bay area. that is, in fact, what did happen today? it's 13 degrees warmer in here than it was yesterday. big ridge of high pressure over the top of us and it just sits there, and that's what it's going to do. we got a little tweet gonna come by and that's what cools us off. so.
5:50 pm
we're going to drop temperature significantly as this ridge gets pushed down and weekend and as it weekends we start to cool a little bit. and as we cool, we're going to see temperatures go from the low one hundreds to the eighties and low to mid nineties and the warm spots five. working its way back up the coast to the model kind of shows you this set up here. you see the fog now, tomorrow morning, and then you see. anyone do that? but anyway, you see the fog burned back to the coast in temperatures tomorrow. significantly cooler. check him out. 92 in fairfield. that's 12. degrees cooler. you know, annie, a good 10 degrees cooler as we go through tomorrow, you'll notice a significant different attempt difference in temperatures, which is great because you get a bunch of days and roll like of this kind of heat and you start worrying about. obviously we were about fire danger, but it's multiple days. so when you get these warm days, warm nights for a few days and rode that you start seeing the fire's really take off so good news heat wave if it was a wave is ending and
5:51 pm
look it tomorrow 94 degrees. i'll see you back here a little bit with updates. all right, bill. thank you. well tomorrow the arrendel city council will discuss bringing back the city's fourth of july parade. like so many other events during the pandemic, the city celebration was. canceled last year. the state has not released any official guidance yet concerning july 4th parades, city officials say they expect outdoor events, though, could be allowed by then. the parade in aranda usually attracts to tow 3000 people. dan bills, fourth of july parade has been pushed back toe labor day weekend. although california is said to fully reopened. june 15th will danville officials and the qantas club of the san ramon valley say they have had enough time to properly prepare. for the fourth of july. the danville parade routinely draws about 40,000 people and requires months of planning and coordination. organizer's also need time to secure sponsors. this year celebration is now set for september. 4th. well, for the first time ever, the olympic club in san francisco
5:52 pm
will host a women's major championship coming up next. a look at how a new tradition will be created this week and coming up on the news at six police in texas. the ward a mass shooting plot planned at a wal mart store what investigators found in the suspect's home. also ahead to east bay communities working on fourth of july festivities. what's
5:53 pm
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you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together. this comes after the 23 year old was spine $15,000 yesterday for not speaking to the media after our first round victory, osaka who is ranked number two in the world, says she's been battling anxiety and depression
5:55 pm
and didn't want to harm her mental health by speaking with the media, she says she is not a natural public speaker and often feels overwhelmed with huge waves of anxiety before speaking with reporters, while the best golfers in the world are once again coming back to san francis disco olympic club is playing host to the u. s women's open this week. getting his joe fonzi shows us this historic course will be part of history. what's again. the olympic club has no shortage of dramatic golf history country club in san francisco with more than 15,000 jamming around for the last act of the u. s open, it's famously hosted five men's us opens as the open god king of the united states, jack flex 1955 playoff upset of ben hogan delete parts from all of 50 ft. wow billy casper's playoff win over arnold palmer. seven years later, another birdie putt in more recent times there was scott simpson in 1987 leigh
5:56 pm
johnson in 98 on and web simpson in 2012. this week olympic club will make history when it hosts the women's u. s. open for the first time, the significance not lost on two of the club's members. i'm hoping that it'll be continue to be a pivotal moment for the women's game. i think the u. s. j has done a phenomenal job of really pushing forward, you know, choosing venues that have been iconic on the men's side. i think the women air gonna be thrilled to come here. i think we're going tol identify. really a terrific champion who can make a lot of different shots out here. one strategy every player this week we'll have to address if she strays from the fairway is a way to get out of the rough, which typical of an open has been allowed to grow much taller than usual. the direction of the grain is incredibly
5:57 pm
important, you know, kind of tells you what type of shot you need to hit, especially around the green surrounds. they're going to find some pretty thick, some really nasty lies. so, you know, club selection and. slap shot selection are really important. pretty happy with that two very happy. marissa mar and pat cornett both demonstrate the evolution of not just women's golf but golf at the olympic club. this was an all male club until. with the threat of a pending lawsuit. the members voted to admit women in 1990 31 years later, young women are integral part of the club's existence and growth. i think the women's game is going from strength to strength internationally is some amazing talent from all over the world now, and it's gonna be great to see those the women taking on this set such a demanding golf course. well i think it's a huge honor for the club to hold its first u. s women's open, i think, given the clubs rich history on dfi chirp, lanza's well, i think it
5:58 pm
only serves to enhance our reputation is one of the finest major championship venues in the world. actually it's a trend that we want to be a part of that. we want to be in the forefront of moving this game forward, particularly on the women's side. i think it's incredible golf values tradition as much as any sport this week at olympic club, a new tradition. will be established in san francisco joe fonzi ktvu fox two. this is ktvu fox two news at six bay area is in the grips of a holiday heat way, with some areas reaching triple digits and that is raising concerns about fire danger. it's getting kind of concerning than the fact that fire seasons starting earlier, good evening, everyone i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. it may still say spring on the calendar, but it feels like mid to late summer out there in several parts of the bay area, some of the inland areas of the east and north bay reached triple digits today.
5:59 pm
here's a live look now bound together blow and contra costa county, where heat advisory is still in effect. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin here now with a look at some of these unseasonably high. temperatures bill. yeah, juliette's as hot as it's been, really since last october, so this is really our hottest day of the season so far, pretty much by far not looking at any records right now, except up in the central valley where they're going to 105 108 degrees, the heat advisory will get dropped here around nine o'clock, and then that red area on this map represents the excessive heat warning. which is a big deal to and that that's just sweltering heat. that's the one oh, five in the one. oh sixes, but the beauty of this thing is it's a one and done which is not. it's sort of a typical for it for a heat up like this. some current temperatures you're looking at here, the mean one and done is typically you'll get three days of this kind of heat. maybe 2.5 in the fog comes into breaks it. we've already had fought coming up the coast and with that in mind, we're going to see temperatures drop down pretty rapidly tomorrow. so that means
6:00 pm
temperatures tomorrow could be as much as 20 degrees cooler easily than they were today. you see right now in power, walter, you got a little bit of a breeze. 78 degrees pacific us up to 79. these were the highs from today or some of the highest from today and you can see 100 antioch 100 livermore so very, very warm to hot out there. but again, it's a one and done so that's really good news and that you mentioned fire. danger? yes. always high, no matter what's going on, but with this pattern really high, but because it's a one day deal, much less it's when you get those two and three day heat waves that you get those poor overnight recovery. temperatures of dew point get really it really dries things out and you get fired like that. you see on the second or third day of a heat with so we're only having one day so that's the good shot. so the good news when i come back, we'll look at all the pertinent information. the five day forecast. hope you have a good holiday day off. i'll see you back here a little bit. all right, bill. thank you will see in a bit well, he mentioned fires cal fire crews right now battling a pair of wildfires in the santa cruz mountains. they both started in the area that was devastated by
6:01 pm
the season. you lightning complex fire last year,


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