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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  May 31, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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this is the and welcome to the four. i'm jana katsuyama in for alex and heather. firefighters have been on high alert this memorial day holiday because of the excessive heat. cal fire responded to a fire in the santa cruz mountains, where the sea's ew fire burned last year and just in the past few minutes we got word of another fire burning in the same area. there was also a fire on escalon drive in mill valley in the north bay, which briefly prompted a shelter in place order. both of those fires are contained for more now, on today's conditions, let's go toe ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo so much heat right now early in the season, and obviously we saw from this. smoke the fire danger. you're ryan china, very hot inland and a little breezy and some areas and, of course very dry with this type of weather that is creating that heightened fire danger in many areas that in
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addition to as we all know, our rainfall season, not too good at all. given you a live look here on all the blue sky and the sun shine over the bay area and a look at some of the temperatures. notably hot for our inland communities today, 100 degrees right now in brentwood, as well as walnut creek in the north bay. we have 90 degrees novato upper eighties and santa rosa, but not everybody. under this heat. we've got 71 in oakland, 65 san francisco and you go closer to the coast 57 degrees so anywhere from. 2 to 10 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday, well above average, especially far inland cities, and it's our inland cities that are under the heat advisory. until nine o'clock this evening. you could see away from the water. we've got far inland areas across the entire north bay, as well as the inner east bay away from the shoreline there, a nexus of heat warning is for the solano county area. stretches in towards theus, sacramento, san joaquin valley that also goes until nine o'clock this evening, so very hot, very dry, breezy and some areas. i'll have a better look
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at the current conditions and what we can expect for you. bay area tuesday coming up. rosemary thank you. the hot temperatures around the bay area have sent people to the coast looking to cool off at a beach ktvu is christien kafton joins us now live from baker beach in san francisco and christian with california on the verge of reopening. it must feel pretty different out there compared to last memorial day. yeah, sure. doesn't jenna actually, i was out here yesterday on my day off, just enjoying a day at the beach and i thought was pretty crowded yesterday. but take a look at it today. easily twice as many people out here today, as there were yesterday, many of those folks, as you said, from the inland areas, trying to get a little relief from that inland heat and cool off in the waters of the pacific. memorial day weekend are in the year's first significant heat wave in san francisco's baker beach proved to be an irresistible draw for many agnosia castro brought his family to the beach looking for a little relief 103 today 103 man, so we had to get out. we gotta go to the coast the strong
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wind and 57 degree water may have been a little too cold for some. oh my gosh. it was freezing to get out there, but i want to get the experience to go in the water so, but it was so cold. my gosh, i don't know if i would do it again. san francisco's beaches weren't the only draw. memorial day visitors made their way to san francisco's famous fisherman's worf to beat the heat. the weather's gorgeous today it's perfect. i mean, i don't think you get buried in sf in this zack tomorrow, saying he was looking for a fun place for the family this holiday. weekend are coming up and saying those that so just here for the weekend my wife's on a baby shower, so i got the two kids with a day one of the big draws a long pier 39, the aquarium of the bay. visitors patiently waiting and sometimes long minds to enter. ah lot of those visitors from warmer parts of the bay area looking for a cool place to enjoy memorial day. demographics are changing a bit have mostly locals. they're buying the tickets online. something else
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and back here in baker beach visitors continuing to show it throughout the day as people leave more people just kind of take their places and infill, the beach more crowded now than when we first arrived here at around noon or one. just remember, though, if you are planning on coming out to the beach, if you see this, and you suddenly decide that you're gonna head on out here, parking is limited. we're live baker beach in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news. thanks so much christian. it certainly looks crowded out there. i can't hell, stay cool and hydrated out there. well high heat and low humidity is at least partially to blame for a wildfire burning in the santa cruz mountains. the grade fire started around nine o'clock this morning near china grade road and north baton. oh truck trail. it is in the same area that was devastated by the seas. ew lightning complex fire! remember burn from august through september last year. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary is live in santa cruz county. now with the latest and jesse what can you tell us
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about that second? fire that you saw flaring up, cal fire officials tell me this second fire! is there him hammond road about 10 to 20 miles from the first fire. it's small, about two acres. and although both of these smyers fires were small, they say they are important reminders that the seasons may change the fire. danger does not. weigh. always wanna prepare for that and make sure that we're ready to go telephone when you're wildfire cameras captured smoke early monday morning within the c z, you burn scar area in santa cruz county, seven acres of brush burning up a hillside near china great and haul roads on a day when temperatures were rising into the mid eighties with a minimal amount of rainfall that we got this winner. um the potential for continued ah. fire hazards in those areas are very high, so unusual for getting in the late
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may for a small fire like that to occur. dr. craig clemons heads san jose states fire research center, he says. this year hillsides are browning months earlier and burn areas such as this easy you are still capable of catching fire experts believe cyclical droughts are becoming deeper, increasing fire danger. 12 months a year reality it's getting kind of concerning in the fact that fire seasons starting earlier, and it's ending later, and it's becoming almost year round for parts of the st clements says people should take greater care during holidays and over the summer, regardless if the risk is low or high, fire officials say three engines of water tender and ground crews responded to this small fire. they believe it started with garbage burning on a hillside, although ah, cause is still unknown. just be diligent. ah, utilized calm. sense we're hoping for a safe. r suffered an ankle injury
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serious enough for him to have to be transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance, but we don't have an update on his condition. cal fire says they'reire to make sure it doesn't flare up again. we'll try to get an update on this second fire near him. hammond road about 10 to 20 miles from the first fire. it's a lot smaller, totally two acres, but it's just touching off now, and this is really the heat of the day. it's really pretty warm out here towards the summit, so we're gonna keep an eye on that for you to have it up. they're coming in the next hour. we're live on the summit here in santa clara county. just gary ktvu. fox two news. we'll head back to you. thanks jerry was just and we certainly know with those winds that the situation would change on a dime. so appreciate your keeping an eye on that. thank you. ah memorial day ceremony in antioch today paid tribute to u. s service members who gave their lives. serving the smith's landing. the ceremony began with he city music
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and speeches praised t bravery of the nation's fallen heroes. way remember those who previously gave their lives to those who have fought and those who have fighting to admire your courage and appreciate your sacrifice, we salute you, honor you and thank you. memorial day ceremony is an annual event in antioch, now to the vita tragedy in san jose, vt. a light rail service has been suspended until further notice after last week's mass shooting, agency officials say bus bridges will continue to run along all light rail routes today, busses ran on the less frequent sunday service schedule for memorial day, a south bay church is showing its support for the families of the nine people killed in the v to shooting members of the bay area. packages filled with gift cards, blankets, stuffed animals and books on grief and trauma recovery. the organizer and
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volunteers say they're happy to do whatever they can to help people suffering from the tragedy. i personally have a history struggling with ptsd and trauma, and i know how intense that can be. and one of the things that really makes a difference is the support you receive after experiencing a trauma. church volunteers say they will continue to collect donations this week, and everything will be taken to the v today so it can distribute items to the victim's families. next weekend. police in florida released new surveillance video today from the deadly mass shooting at a banquet hall in miami dade county. the video shows an suv pulling up to the building just after midnight sunday with three people with guns getting out of the vehicle. police say the shooting left two people dead and 21 people wounded earlier. today. the father of one of the victims interrupted a news conference with a message to the people responsible. so my kid. you
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must find an emotional outpouring. they're three of the injured are in critical condition. police say the hall had been rented out. for a concert. so far, police have not made any arrests. and there's no word on a motive for the shooting, but it wasn't meant to be lonely. passed away before i could finish a touching tribute to his late wife. the book just published by a 98 year old world war, two veterans about the love of his life and three burglaries in the peninsula community over the weekend, police say two of them have something in common. in business, it's never just another day. it's the big sale, or the big presentation.
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heritage month wraps up today and all month we've been honored to bring you profiles of local asian americans who are making great contributions
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to their communities. today, we want to tell you about bloom, or he is 98 years old and just published his first book. he's a third generation chinese american. ah world war two veteran. and someone who overcame a lot of challenges in his life. there are countless stories you can tell. but as our claudine wong discovered there is just one very important part of his life that lou really wants to talk about. lou moore will tell you he always imagined that after finishing his book, he would sit with his wife, nellie, and read about their love story together. well it wasn't meant to be lonely, passed away before i could finish and so surrounded by pictures of the woman he has loved for three quarters of a century. he finished their story in his book, eternal love. because nellie. it was my life. um we will both approaching 98 years
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old and i thought i should write about nellie, then that the world i fel knowing his boos through their lives and through history. born in san francisco, raised in brooklyn, lou served in world war two. nelly and her family survived life in a japanese internment camp and the fact that was she was of japanese. he's the second generation and i was a chinese third generation and shortly after the war, it was amazing that we saw each other and fell in love without too many words for them. was out the typical culture. liu remembers the first time he saw nellie. it was 1946 and she was performing in a chorus line, and i couldn't let my eyes over. for what reason? i don't know. and i did not see her again until
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julia 1 1946. when she was having a cup of coffee of hanson's drugstore once in that, he asked her if you could sit down, she said, yes, the next day, he says he kissed her 10. days later, they married. and when i asked her to marry mane. just as. i want to be your wife, which airs in each other. um with the voted asia to a depth. but i don't think any couple has ever experienced. then on lifetime. we were married for 74 years in his book, eternal love, lou talks about their friendship with actor ernest borgnine, their careers and struggles, but everything comes back to nellie and their love. she died october 18 2020, and
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it brought tears to both of our eyes. as he remembered that last day. rushed a little bird and i touched her off and still felt soft and tender. and when i bend over the scissor. i will shock. i saw tears in her eyes and i scream. she's not dead. she's not dead. she's not dead. she's alive. just trying. but the this that was with me. so this is born. those are not her tear. this was your cheers, your cheers have touched on the face. his book is a tribute and in its pages, he is with his nellie again. as you have notede
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day i would really shocked mr for heaven's, and we will be. together together together again. to hug and go home. and you too you the second phase of eternal blue will tell you their love story is just beginning. flooding walling ktvu, fox two news. lou moore says he is thrilled by the response he's received to his book, and he says he's very grateful to the group of people who came together to get it published. tomorrow marks 75 years since the more sat down. for that very first cup of coffee. i have seen that story three times, john and it makes me tear up every single time so special outside the doors of this afternoon. ah, warm one, especially inland along the coast in around the bay. was very comfortable today in most
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areas, but you go inland and it was baking in the low one hundreds. in some areas. here's a look at sfo where we have blue skies overhead. a lot of sunshine from the coast around the bay and inland. advisory as we touched on at the top of the hour is far inland cities where again we are seeing some very, very hot temps. take a look at those numbers 97 degrees right now in livermore, 100 reported in brentwood in in the north bay 90 degrees over nevada, you get around the bay 71 in oakland, 68. san francisco, a beautiful day out there. 57 at half moon bay, and for those that liked the heat, well, 100 degrees in brentwood is your cup of tea 93 right now reported in dublin, 94 in danville, 99 in clayton. so the heat advisory will go until nine o'clock this evening. you can see where we are warmer today, even areas near a palo alto up, but just a couple degrees oakland up by one. sfo. hayward up by nine early on right around lunch time. some of our inland cities where 15 to 20 degrees warmer than where
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they sat on the lunch hour. the day before, so definitely felt the difference today. here's a look at the future cast. here's one sign that two things are going to begin to cool down for you. bay area tuesday. fog along the coastline trying to enter into the bay, so we'll start it with the fog tomorrow morning and then for the afternoon. partly cloudy to partly sunny for the coast and mostly clear for the rest of us temperatures outside tomorrow morning 53 in san francisco, 56 conquered 54 in napa and the afternoon highs for tomorrow still above average, but coming down 84 expected for sale rosa sixties in san francisco, low seventies and liver more low nineties expected over anxious a low nineties and livermore in 81 for san jose. when i come back, i'll have a better look at the afternoon highs for tomorrow. what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up. good. thank you, rosemary on the peninsula hillsboro police are searching for suspects in three weekend burglaries. a surveillance camera took video of the suspect that one of the crime scenes the burglaries happened
4:20 pm
between saturday night and sunday morning. on barbara way darryl road and marlborough rode. at least two of the break ins are believed to be connected, police say home alarm systems in each house helped to limit the losses, authorities say. in one case the suspects were seen in a compact suv, possibly a mazda. see x five. in another case, the suspect's vehicle appeared to be a purple compact car, possibly a toyota corolla. tomorrow the arena city council will discuss bringing back the city's fourth of july parade. like so many events during the pandemic, the city celebration was canceled. dude last year due to the pandemic, and the state has not released any official guidance yet concerning july 4th parades, city officials say they do expect outdoor events could be allowed by then. the parade in aranda usually tracks 2 to 3000 people and daniel's fourth of july parade has been pushed back to labor day weekend, although california set to fully reopened june 15th, danville officials and the
4:21 pm
colonies club of the san ramon valley say they have not had enough tly prepare for the fourth of july. requires months of planning and coordination organizer'sis now set for sex. timber forth. well, coming up a risky journey across the pacific, and it all started early this morning. up next, a marine man's attempt to kayak from the bay area to hawaii alone. are you crazy? well it's a text a little bit of ah, craziness. i guess i wouldn't call it craziness. i think it's passion.
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new from crest i've been telling everyone, the secret to great teeth...
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is having healthy gums. keep yours healthy with new crest advanced gum restore. it's clinically proven to detoxify below the gum line, and it restores by helping heal gums in as little as seven days. because you can't have a healthy smile, without healthy gums. advanced gum restore from crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. left this morning trying to become the first person to travel from california to hawaii alone on a kayak. ktvu is james torres reports on why
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the kayaker is taking on such a risky journey. you won't get it just before five. this morning, the journey began. i just love life. it's ah, i know it zooms like a silly slogan of moto. but for 12 years zero, de ramo followed that silly motto and learned what it took to become an expert kayaker. he will attempt to add a new record to his resume kayaking 2400 nautical miles through the pacific to hawaii alone. are you crazy? well, it's a text a little bit of uh, craziness. i guess i wouldn't call it craziness. i think it's passion is a passion and understanding my myself and my limits and i'm pushing my own batteries, but i think i could do that with a specialized kayaks. cyril says he's doing this because he sees it as an opportunity to live life to the fullest. some last minute packing risky some final
4:25 pm
goodbye signal and some kind of you only live once attitude that is becoming an. inspiration to his fellow kayakers. yeah, i mean, it's really uncharted territory for what he's doing you know, there's people who've done it in a rowboat. we did it in a rowboat, but what he's doing in a kayak is that is a totally different level. just after five this morning, cyril takes off from under the golden gate bridge. he'll be in open water for about 70 days, hoping to complete a journey never before taken. on kayak, and i think i'm gonna learn so much in two months. i don't know what but feeling the oneness of the ocean on guard. it's gonna be a blast and you can follow along with this journey. hour by hour. there's a live tracker on the kayak, and it'll give you updates on a website. there's a link to that on our website ktvu calm in marin county. i'm james flores ktvu. fox two news, americans pause to
4:26 pm
remember those who lost their lives in service to country. i'm kevin corke int's coming right up and symptoms of covid-19 that can last for months up next, a conversation about post covid brain disorders and how to manage them.
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reports, president biden spoke with service members saying, we
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owe a debt to the fallen that we can never repay. yeah. president biden marking memorial day by reminding americans on lee. a few are called on to make the ultimate sacrifice. but we're all called upon to make our nation free and fair days. remember their sacrifice remind ourselves of our duty to their memory. the future they fought for. we owe the honor dead and debt we can never fully repay the president along with the first lady, the vice president and the second gentleman, laying a wreath and arlington national cemetery president saying this day is and always will be bitter, sweet to those who lost a loved one defending our freedom always feel both close to me and memorial day. i know exactly where i need to be right. here honoring our fallen heroes. americans turning out
4:30 pm
in larger numbers this year to honor the fallen across the country as vaccination rates climb and coronavirus cases continue to drop in new york city veterans and active service members honor the fallen at the intrepid museum. while ceremonies at the vietnam veterans memorial here in washington honored those who the nation once thought they forgot. memorial day is observed on the final monday and may every year honoring those who lost their lives in service to their country in washington. i'm kevin pork. fox news, the interfaith center at the presidio held its annual memorial day service. it took place at the san francisco national cemetery at the presidio. this service has taken place every memorial day for more than 155 years. there
4:31 pm
were speeches, a bell ringing and also a wreath laying ceremony. you know, abraham lincoln said the same thing in the gettysburg address. but he said it people who have who have died of #### of the ground. it's for the survivors to make it meaningful to carry out the goal of fighting for your country, making the country better. there are 32,000 military veterans buried at the san francisco national cemetery. marin county veterans held in online memorial day ceremony this morning to pay respects to those who served in the armed forces. the ceremony included an honor guard the singing of the national anthem, a reef presentation and the plane of taps. come now to the coronavirus. scientists are still studying the long term effects of covid-19. and now more studies suggest that some symptoms could linger for months. even after recovery among those so called long holler symptoms is brain fog and joining us to talk about
4:32 pm
that and other post covid brain disorders is dr paul collusion. he's a neurosurgeon from southern california and dr close ian. thank you for joining us on this holiday weekend. thank you so much. and thank you to our veterans. absolutely and we hear about in the case of covid-19 people getting this disease and recovering but some indian up having continued health problems, can you first of all, tell us what is brain fog? and how common is it among people who've had covid-19. sure i've been seeing this quite often nowadays. and brain fog is really a constellation of neurological changes that patients who had covid are going through. and this would include cognitive slowing trouble finding the right words even trouble with motor activities like walking and running appropriately and ah, lot of people think this is really due to these covid particles entering the brain and causing these subtle neurological changes that we're
4:33 pm
seeing in patients. and what else are you learning about the impact of covid-19? i know we're just a year into this pandemic pandemic. but what is the science? one of the studies showing about the impact on the brain and the body? significant findings that like i said, these covid particles are able to enter the brain structure and alter these aspects to the brain. we're seeing what we're now calling post covid stress disorder kind of like a post traumatic stress disorder. but now it's post covid stress disorder. just imagine. patients having coben what they're going through being isolated from everyone imagine caring for a family member at home. who s covid and actually imagine. not being able to see family members who are dying in the hospital. how traumatic that could be for some of us, it's just crazy to see that and i've had the privilege of talking to a lot of my patients about some of these struggles
4:34 pm
and these linger on and on and on because it's such a such a strong impact on your mind. your body your soul. and you mentioned this sort of ah, post traumatic stress disorder. ptsd as a result of covid. we've certainly heard and i've known personally, these families that have had to, um, call that's the only way that they can reach out and connect with people who were in the hospital. what are some things? what advice do you have for people who are going through this very difficult time to help them get through it. yeah, they need support. we need to help our fellow men and women get through this time we're going to get through it. and what i always tell them is stay strong. get appropriate sleep. get about six hours of uninterrupted sleep tonight. that's crucial. that sleep allows your body to heal, feeding a balanced meal. regular exercise. believe it or not, a lot of studies have shown regular exercise helps.
4:35 pm
heal. the body helps that heart pumps stronger toe all aspects of our body, which which will, fortunately allow our our brain and our body t o #### during this very difficult time, i would say also cognitive stimulation. i'm a writer. i like poetry. i think that's helped me de stress, and i think that would be very crucial for people who have been in social social isolation from covid. and finally dr for somebody who may have had covid-19 and are maybe feeling like they are fatigued. feeling that they might have this brain fog? what do you advise for them? what should they do? once again, i think regular exercise is critical. i think getting the appropriate amount of sleep and also just cognitive stimulation. and like i said, i think, um, getting back into the groove of being social were social creatures. we need to interact with other human beings, even pets, even having
4:36 pm
a pet and spending time with your pet. all that is just so valuable. but especially writing and communicating. i think it is invaluable in helping us #### through this very difficult time, and we will survive this. and is that something where they should be going back and checking with their primary care doctor or with other specialists? absolutely i would stay in very close contact with your primary care, doctor. your primary doctor will then refer you either to a neurologist or a neurosurgeon like myself. who can then give you the more specialized bits of advice that you may or may not need all rights doctor callisto and thank you so much for joining us today. thank you. coming up explaining culture through reading and food up next to look at a list of books that are celebrating a t i heritage. it's a hot one or inland cities in the upper nineties to low
4:37 pm
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batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit pacific islander heritage month. we're looking at ways to share some cultural traditions with younger children reading partners, a nonprofit focusing on early literacy has created a list of children's books celebrating different traditions and foods. joining us now is clarence say, with reading partners who curated this list. clearance. thanks so much for joining us. i'm really excited to talk to you about this. yeah, i'm very excited to you. thanks for having me. so first of all i want to ask you. why did you decide to do this? a p i reading project. sure. so as you may know, the month of may is asian, american pacific islander and native hawaiian or a p i n h heritage month, so we
4:40 pm
created this children's book list in collaboration with panda express and the panda cub club. basically the highlight stories from this very diverse community, which you know is full of distinct cultures, traditions and histories that we would just really love to share and talk about with you all today. and what were the criteria that you used? how are you able to go about and one find these books and then to kind of parrot down into this list? of course. yeah i mean, definitely right now, in the shadow of the recent rise in eight anti asian hate crimes in the united states, we strongly do believe that it is very important now more than ever to share. always about the a p a and h experience because you know these stories, although they're very unique were also there, you know, you know bertha, right? so they talk about things that are important in terms of culture, right things like food, family history and language. no to our shared identity as americans. so i'm kind of curating this book less we want to look for books that were not only about the asian american experience but also books that were written by asian american
4:41 pm
authors. and that kind of had this theme right specifically that we kind of looking forward was food. the theme of food throughout this entire list of books help he chose. and having a son. i know that food is very. very young. let's talk about some of the books. one of them is cora cooks talk a little bit about the books and what it was that really engaged you as you were choosing each of them. sure so i'm really kind of going back to what i said earlier. i'm talking about, like the theme of food in these books, so in many asian languages, right? have you eaten yet is a very common greeting. so food really is the common thread that runs through this entire book list. so we have stories like you said about cork. expensive which is about the filipino dispensed it. we have books about dim sum. we have books about keeping bob perotti dumpling soup as well as instant ramen and really in terms of thinking about this book and kind of talking about these books. we want to think about these common themes,
4:42 pm
right family and food and how these things can bring us together and help us understand our culture and heritage. little bit more as about as um, offer up windows for others who maybe don't know as much to be able to come. i have talked about this. these things and kind of be able toe. have a discussion about these very fun and accessible way. and when you talk about asian american pacific islander that spans a wide range of different countries, different cultures, how many are represented on your list? 100% and i think in this specific list, there's only six books from this list. so each book does kind of focus in on maybe one family or one specific experience, and we do want to recognize that there are. very many different cultures within the fbi and each community, so definitely this is kind of more business starting point in terms of like taking a look at this list. take a look at the books that you really enjoy. which ones do you relate to? which ones would you like to share? but also, if you don't find the books that you're looking for, i'd encourage you definitely to continue looking right. look
4:43 pm
for other books. that kind of talk about your experience as well as experience that you're interested in in kind of reading about right. and if your experiences aren't being to share or they're not out there yet. i definitely tell your story, right? 100% think about how are you telling your story with your kids? how are you telling stories to other individuals? how is it that you're sharing your own experiences that such a beautiful idea and i have to ask you did you try the food that's shown in each of the books that you featured? i definitely have tried. i mean, a version of each food that that is a featured in the book and my family personally, so my both my parents are from the philippines, so the core cook sponsored book you had. talked about sunset a and like lumpy at which are kind of foods that i grew up, so i think for me in particular i when i saw that in the book, you know it kind of brought, you know memories of back when i was growing up such a wonderful thing, and that is one of the beauties of literature. is that human connection in that ability to
4:44 pm
experience other people's cultures and other people's traditions? so thank you so much for sharing your time with us on this holiday and for joining us and telling us about all of these wonderful books that people can enjoy. yeah thank you so much for having me and if anybody's interested in things look at this book, less right. it is available on the panda cub club .com as well as we think partners that work. that's wonderful. thank you so much clearance say, and we also have more on the book titles celebrating a p i culture on arab website as well. just look under the web links section, you could go to ktvu .com. oh the unofficial start of summer really filling like it inland. we have temperatures of ranging from the low nineties to low one hundreds this afternoon. meanwhile, around the band along the coast. it's a mild one even cool over some sections of the coastline will take a look at the numbers and just mama. let's take a look at sfo where we do have plenty of sunshine from the coast around the bay and inland just a
4:45 pm
little bit of patchy fog along the coastline. i do see more returning, though, is to get into your bay area tuesday. here's a look at the temperatures right now, anywhere from upper fifties to half moon bay to upper nineties and livermore. 100 degrees right now in brentwood, so it definitely looks like a summertime spread where we have temperatures that spanned 40 even 45 degrees or so from one end of the bay to the other. here's a look at what's happening in the north bay 90 degrees in novato, 88 reported in one section of napa 80 degrees american canyon, and then you head west in a 67 degrees right now, but diego bay in the east bay. this is where we have some of her hotter numbers close by the water. we have alameda sitting at 71. we have brentwood at 104 clayton right now 97 degrees today is going to be the hottest state temperatures are peaking already beginning to see a shift, and there's a look at the onshore breeze through fairfield gusting to 22 mph. so once we got. onshore breeze that begins to flow through the delta really be against you help the inner inland cities out and i expect that to continue into your bay area
4:46 pm
tuesday, as well as the fog returning, so the marine layer influence also going to help out a bit along the coastline you could see. tomorrow morning we start out with mostly cloudy skies partly cloudy inside the bay and then it's beginning to the afternoon will remain partly sunny to partly cloudy along the coastline are basic communities are inland cities will remain. but mostly sunny skies s o as we get into your bay area tuesday, of course, the marine layer influencing the coast first, the baby receive that next are inland cities get it last 53 degrees tomorrow morning in san rafael. we have to be six in hayward and low sixties to start your day in antioch. me waller afternoon highs will be dropping off all the remaining warm even above average, far inland cities 91 for livermore tomorrow in the north bay 84 expected over santa rosa. along the peninsula will go 78 for san matteo. there's a look at your extended forecast temperatures continuing to fall into wednesday, holding steady for the most part, thursday, , saturday even into your weekend, upper fifties low
4:47 pm
sixties along the coast of seventies around the bay and mid eighties expected inland back to you. thanks rosemary. a lot of golfers will be looking at your forecast. that's because this week the bay area will be the epicenter of an international sporting event when the women's u. s. open begins on thursday, ktvu joe fonzi has a preview of the tournament. the olympic club has no shortage of dramatic golf history have been country club in san francisco with more than 15,000 jamming around for the last act of the u. s open. it's famously hosted five men's us opens as the open god king of the united states, jack flex 1955 playoff upset of ben hogan. lead pots from all of 50 ft. wow billy casper's playoff win over arnold palmer 11 years later, another birdie putt in more recent times, there was scott simpson in 1987 johnson in 98. webb simpson in
4:48 pm
2012. this week olympic club will make history when it hosts the women's u. s. open for the first time, the significance not lost on two of the club's members. i'm hoping that it'll be, um, continue to be a pivotal moment for the women's game. i think the us jane has done a phenomenal job of really pushing forward, you know, choosing venues that have been iconic on the men's side. i think the women air gonna be thrilled to come here. i think we're going tol identify. really a terrific champion who can make a lot of different shots out here. one strategy every player this week. we'll have to address if she strays from the fairway is a way to get out of the rough, which typical of an open has been allowed to grow much taller than usual. the direction of the grain is incredibly important, you know, kind of tells you what type of shot you need to hit, especially around
4:49 pm
the green surrounds. we're gonna find some pretty thick, some really nasty lies. so, you know, club selection and slap. shot selection are really important. pretty. happy with that to one very happy, marissa mar and pat cornett both demonstrate the evolution of not just women's golf but golf at the olympic club. this was an all male club until with the threat of a pending lawsuit. the members voted to admit women in 1990 31. years later, young. women are integral part of the club's existence and growth. i think the women's game is going from strength to strength internationally. this amazing talent from all over the world now, and it's gonna be great to see those the women taking on this such a demanding golf course. well i think it's a huge honor for the club to hold its first u. s women's open, i think, given the clubs rich history on d feature plans as well, i think it only seven to enhance our reputation is
4:50 pm
one of the finest major championship venues in the world, actually, to trend that we want to be a part of that we want to be in the forefront of moving this game forward, particularly on the women's side. i think it's incredible golf values tradition as much as any sport this week at olympic club, a new tradition will be established in san francisco, joe fonzi ktvu fox two. on coming up a stunning announcement today by the number two ranked player in women's tennis now me, osaka. find out why she's dropping ♪ ♪ look, if your wireless carrier was a guy you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. noxfinity
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4:53 pm
the media, she says she's quote, not a natural public speaker and often feels overwhelmed with huge waves of anxiety before speaking with the press, china's ruling communist party and out today it will ease birth limits to allow couples to have three children instead of to china has enforced strict birth limits since 1980 due to concerns that the country's population growth was getting out of control, but there are now new worries. the number of workingage people is falling too fast, which is adding two strains on the chinese economy. right now, china's population is around 1.4 billion people. today. hundreds gathered in tulsa, oklahoma, to mark 100 years since the city's race massacreve up about not surrender. keep hope alive. civil rights leaders and elected officials, including oakland congresswoman barbara lee took part in the dedication of a prayer wall at the site,
4:54 pm
as many as 300 residents were killed when a white mob attacked the affluent black section of town on this day in 1921, more than 1000, homes and businesses were burned and looted. this wall is not for us to remember the fight they fall. the role is to give us the courage to fight the fights. we still have the fight to deal with economic justice to deal with voter suppression. congresswoman barbara lee of oakland posted photos of the event and said quote we must continue to speak the truth about this horrific event and the legacy of systemic racism in our country. ah candlelight vigil is set for tonight in downtown tulsa. president joe biden is scheduled to visit the city tomorrow. crime miss sergent as the country reopensed lockdowns, i'm david lee miller in new
4:55 pm
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record numbers this year, the fbi says about 16 million background checks were conducted for firearm purchases in just the first four months of 2021. that's a 31% increase compared to the same period last year. retailers are reporting an uptick in demand for guns since the pandemic began, and they're seeing many first time gun owners the up taking covid vaccinations is fueling a big rise in tourism. as well as crime. the major cities have reported an uptick in violent incidents as fox's david leave reports. david lee miller reports. it's leading to questions about how to maintain law and order in a post covid world. more than half of all americans are now at least partially vaccinated in big cities are opening, but the re openings are also
4:58 pm
being accompanied by a rise in crime epicenter of the outbreak, there's been a sharp increase in murders, shootings, auto thefts and hate crimes, prompting concerns that the surge could become an obstacle to reviving the tourism industry. crime crime crime. all these people who are running for mayor. my two cents to new yorkers, you're going to pick a new york a new mayor, a mayor who can deal with crime. realistically there have also been a number of widely reported crimes involving tourists. the visitors to the city say the n y p d is out in force, and they're not afraid. that's a heavy police presence. everyone it's just like anywhere else use common sense. we felt really safe here, and it's been a lot of fun. other cities hoping to attract tourists are also reporting a surge in crime, including chicago, atlanta and los angeles. some experts say it is the inevitable result of re openings and more needs to be done to rebuild trust. after a year of police enforcing covid
4:59 pm
restrictions there weiss's yeah. between law abiding citizens and police supporters are broken nationwide, the homicide rate increased by ab in new york. david lee miller, fox news, ktvu, fox two news at five starts now, whether the beautiful the wind died down, there's no reason not to be out here. as always, though, it depends on who you ask. some people love the heat, while others will do anything to avoid it. whether you were in the east bay or san francisco, there are a lot of people spending this holiday outside. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener. the n officials started summer, combined with easing of many covid restrictions, had a lot of people thinking about heading outdoors reopened six flags hurricane harbor water park in concord, crown state beach and alameda was busy brighten early this
5:00 pm
morning that people hoping to stay cooland many of those we talked with today said they hope the hot weather doesn't hoping it's only a couple days. i do like to, um get out in the sun and but when it's too hot, i like to just kind of stay inside and hang out, felt good in the morning, maybe want to get up and get outside. health experts also advised to watch out for signs of heat exhaustion. they recommend staying hydrated, wearing light, loose fitting clothes and staying in the shade or wearing sunscreen if you are out in the sun, let's check in now with our chief meteorologist, bill martin, for an early look at the conditions are hot. one bill. itwas and it is hot up in the reading area around red bluff in the north valley. they're looking at potentially 108 degrees, which was set a record and reading. there's a couple spots in the valley that could set records and you walked in. has already reached 100 degrees mountain vi3 degrees, where you are alive. cameron on
5:01 pm
the estuary shows a little bit of wd


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