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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 31, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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what you could do to cool down on this memorial day. plus honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice the events being held nationwide and here at home in the bay area marking the memorial day holiday. plus a san francisco police officer violently attacked how bystanders came to help the news at noon starts. now this is ktvu fox. two news that new good afternoon i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm mike mibach. a heat advisory is now in effect for some parts of the bay area. meteorologist rosemary oroczo joins us this afternoon live and yes, i understand. it's gonna be hot rosemary for many, but is this kind of just a one day the vent or we're going to see this for a couple days here? yes, temperatures peaked today. and we'll begin to fall tomorrow. and when we say peak, we're talking about low one hundreds for some spots. good morning or good afternoon. i should say if we as we cross over into the noon hour, my casio to all of you here is a look over the east bay where the east bay included in that advisory that goes until nine o'clock this
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evening and temperatures over walnut creek already near 90 degrees, 89 reported there won't a creek. livermore 94 as we get into the north bay 85 right now in santa rosa, but not noticed, not everybody hot. we've got low seventies and oakland 60 degrees reported in san francisco and upper fifties over half moon bay when you take a look, the 24 hour temperature change livermore up by 18 fair filled up by 13 santa rosa up by 11 even around the bay. age of his former and hayward right now. five sfo so everybody's warmer, but it is our inland cities included in that advisory starts at this hour will go until nine o'clock this evening for inland east bay in the north bay. further details on this, and the temperature is expected for today before we begin to cool down tomorrow, coming up in just a bit. it's rosemary mentioned. heat advisory is in effect in several parts of the bay area, including solano county, where temperatures are expected to be between the mid nineties. possibly 100 degrees. katie's candese charles joins us live now with some ways
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people are trying to keep cool amid all this heat high candese charles fun in the sun is commonplace on memorial day exposure to excessive heat could be dangerous. so folk today you'll want to take extra precautions. officials urge people to stay hydrated where light loose fitting clothes and stay in shaded or air conditioned places. if possible, check up on relatives and neighbors. and please don't leave children pets in unattended vehicles, symptoms of heat exhaustion. heat stroke include flushed skin, rapid breathing headaches and confusion. anyone overcome by heat should be moved to a cool place. so finding a cool place to enjoy the holiday. it's best whether that's enjoying air conditioning in the movie theater or one of the area's many museums, trying out the slip and slide at the recently reopened hurricane harbor or heading to a park. each for barbecue. staying cool while you keep what you keep cool. it's from giving. thanks cool will keep you safe from the heat, both covered restrictions limiting many of these attractions to 25% capacity.
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these activities may fill up fast, folks, so please, please plan to hit the beach and alameda is already busy with folks hoping to stay cool through this heat advisory. i'm hoping it's only a couple of days. i do like toe get out in the sun and but when it's too hot, i like to just kind of stay inside and hang out. so good in the morning. maybe want to get up and get outside? again the seas adviser is expected to last until nine tonight for now, reporting live from candese charles. ktvu fox two news. thank goodness of one and done candese charles day. it is a time for all of us to remember and reflect and appreciate the sacrifice of the men and women who died fighting for freedom. just this morning, president, biden said this day takes on a very personal role for the families of the fallen. kevin corke has the story. a day of honor and remembrance for those who lost their lives to protect our freedom in his first memorial day as commander in chief president, joe biden
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said, it's a very difficult day for all of us. but especially so, for the families of those we honor. you must remember the price that was paid. for our liberties and west. remember the debt? well, those who have paid it. the families left behind memorial day is observed every year on the last monday of may and commemorates the lives of those who died in u. s military service. this morning's activities kicking off with the remembrance ceremony at the world war two memorial. then the president joined by the first lady, the vice president and the second gentleman at arlington national cemetery, laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the president addressing an audience at the cemetery, saying the sacrifices of those who died can never be for gotten for while we stand amid monuments of stone must never forget that each of these markersington and
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far beyond represent a precious life. it'll come as no surprise that there are a number of events around the city here in the nation's capital today, including. events at the vietnam veterans memorial and the navy memorial as well as we all mark tamayo morial day 2021 in washington. i'm kevin corke ktvu fox two news, the interfaith center at the presidio is holding a memorial. day service in san francisco, the service is taking place at the historic post chapel right next to the san francisco national senate. harry. there was also a wreath. wayne ceremony. 32,000 service members are buried there at the national cemetery. we have disturbing video of a man attacking a san francisco police officer grabbing her hair, pinning her to the ground. the violent assault happened in san francisco's chinatown near
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clay and kerney street. four we shared the video will warn. what you're about to see can be difficult to watch that having been said ktvu is azenith smith spoke with people who saw the attack and rushed to help the officer. i'm gonna stop. turn around that voice telling the man a turnaround belongs to a san francisco police officer she's seen in the video carrying a less lethal beanbag shotgun. as she tells the shirtless man to put his hands on his head. i don't have any weapons video was taken outside the orangey lounge in san francisco's chinatown last friday night, just before seven. the man initially appears compliant, then becomes suddenly violent scene, pushing her grabbing her face covering and uniform. she fights back both of the landing on the ground him on top of her. what happened next? she tells dispatch. he's resisting arrest, he seems shoving her face to the ground. a witness comes by and tries to get him off for more people try to stop it. she
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ultimately pins him to the ground as officers arrived and place him into custody. this video shows the officers assisting the female cop tour feet, even though he dropped her onto the floor. i'm i'm having that she wasn't like current majorly or injured just because you know, like it could have been a lot worse. can funk saw the police officer after the attack. he also says he saw the homeless man two hours before, and portsmouth square officers told him to leave after teens reported he was damaging scooters. there's also like to knit teenagers that came up to them and said, hey, i don't feel safe because. there is a suspicious guy hanging out around our scooters. funk says the man appeared to have been drinking. many people have seen him and he's. being kind of ah, fixture. you know, here in sam cisco chinatown community activists, max leong says the man is known in the community and stays at portsmouth square, he says the man appears to have mental
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health issues. it just speaks to the fact that there needs to be. more services provided, you know. for um, the mentally ill. azenith smith ktvuws, vt. a lige has been suspended until further notice following last week's mass shooting at evita yard in san jose, agency officials say bus bridges will continue to run along all light rail routes. today, busses will run on the less frequent sunday service schedule because it is memorial day. south bay church is showing its support for the families of the nine people killed in that shooting last week. members air creating care packages filled with gift cards, blankets, stuffed animals and books on grief and trauma recovery, the organizer in volunteers say they're happy to do whatever they can to help anyone who's suffering. i personally have a history struggling with ptsd and trauma, and i know how intense that can be. and one of the things that really makes a difference is the support you receive after experiencing a trauma. church volunteers say
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they'll continue to collect donations this week and give them to the v e t a to be distributed to the victim's families next weekend. still to come this new time, it's quite the adventure but also a risky journey where one man from marin county is going as he embarks on a 2000 plus mile trip, plus as more americans get vaccinated, tourism is returning to big cities, and so too is crying. i'm david lee miller in new york. the details
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trying to become the first person to travel from california to hawaii alone on a kayak. ktvu james tourist reports on why the kayaker is taking on this life risking journey. you can't just before five this morning, the journey began. i just love life. it's ah, i know. it's seems like a silly slogan of moto. but for 12 years, ciro de ramo followed that silly motto and learned what it took to become an expert kayaker. he will attempt to add a new record to his resume kayaking 2400 nautical miles through the pacific to hawaii alone. are you crazy? well it's a text a little bit of ah ah! craziness i guess i wouldn't call it craziness. i think it's passion is a passion and understanding my myself and my limits and i'm pushing my
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own boundaries. but i think i could do that with a specialized kayak. cyril says he's doing this because he sees it as an opportunity to live life to the fullest. some last minute packing like a whiskey. some final goodbye signal and some kind of you only live once attitude that is becoming an inspiration to us. fellow kayakers. yeah, i mean, it's really uncharted territory for what he's doing. you know, there's people who have done it in a rowboat. we did it in a rowboat. but what he's doing in a kayak is that is a totally different level. melissa just after five this morning, cyril takes off from under the golden gate bridge. he'll be in open water for about 70 days, hoping to complete a journey never before taken on kayak, and i think i'm gonna learn so much in two months. i don't know what but feeling the oneness of the ocean on and, uh it's gonna be a blast. and you can follow
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along with this journey hour by hour. there's a live tracker on the kayak, and it'll give you updates on a website. there's a link to that on our website ktvu in marin county. i'm james flores ktvu. fox two news, little bit of heat this noontime in marin county. but, boy if we went maybe 40 miles inland from there, that's where we find the real heat. rosemary it is baking out there, gosta. hello to you, mike. and for all of you enjoying the day off. yes, it's a warm one. especially inland. everybody's a little bit warmer today. but it czar inland cities that experiencing that advisory that's in place alive. look they're over sfo, where sfo mostly blue skies here, it is a spare the air day and the winds are generally light and coming in from the north and the northeast fairfield reporting a northeast breeze at eight. mph, oakland, it's northwest at about 14 mph so, but you take a look at these arrows here. so we have that dry air in place and that dry air that tends to
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warm things up. that's what we will have for your afternoon today. mount diablo reporting a southeasterly breeze and relative humidity is about 28% mount diablo right now. 81 degrees. meanwhile oakland north and in the hills, we've got relative humidity at 40% and you could see up over the hills a little bit of an onshore breeze and that's helping things out right about there, in any event to take a look at these numbers here is we get into the afternoon take a bit of a tour because as we've been talking about this hour, not everybody scorching hot. we have 57 degrees at half moon bay low sixties reported in san francisco and around the bay very comfortable. 72 hayward. 75 palo alto. as we take a look along the peninsula, we do have some warm spots here. stanford reporting 84 degrees with altos hills reporting 87 shifting to the inner east bay some of our hotter spots out this time 95 brentwood, 92. dublin, 92 danville, keeping in mind that we could see anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees of warming by the end of the afternoon, so we're talking about. triple
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digit heat on the way for the second part of the day for those inland spots, and then into the north bay. we go where we have 85 degrees pen growth right now, as well sent out some o to the north. we've got one. oh two reported at least in one area of pope valley. the forecast calls for mild conditions along the coast. warm around the bay and very, very hot inland. we're looking at 70 degrees this afternoon for santa cruz will go 66 for ocean beach. then you come around around the bay area. we've got 85 san matteo 86 fremont, our inner east bay looking at 98 in walnut creek, 94 over santa rosa. i think livermore. going to hit 100 degrees, perhaps even 102 in some spots. here's a look at your extended forecast, though notice temperatures take a drop on tuesday. we're talking about a 10 degree drop, which is still very, very warm inland, but much better than today seventies around the base sixties along the coastline and then temperatures continuing to cool wednesday before we're holding steady thursday into
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friday, so today is definitely the hottest day just to remind her. stay hydrated the sun block. keep an eye on your children as well as your pets because for some of our inland cities, it's a scorcher. i'll have better details on what you can expect it for the rest of the week, including the bay area weekend coming up in just a little bit. rosemary thank you, the north beach farmers market in san francisco open for the season this weekend, and it's new, larger location. the new spaces located on greenwich street, right next to the joe dimaggio playground supporters donated more than $5000 to help get this market set up in its new spot. the new spot allows for nearly twice the number of produce and kraft food vendors. we've got everything we've got produce. we've got some really amazing kraft food vendors, really everything from around the bay area we've got farms is close is as five miles away. they're doing production here in the city, and then we've got farms. you know, 100 miles away. they're coming in a couple hours. chef and bay area icon martin yan, the host of yan can cook helped kick off the new farmer's market season. the north beach farmers market now open every saturday morning
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until november. still to come a new we are just weeks away here from the states targeted a reopening date of june 5th. teams, but one bay area county i mean it's been stuck in the more restrictive red here for months now how solano county hopes to reopen more businesses later this week.
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scenic coastal highways... there' so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. mob of white people overran, it tells the neighborhood often called the black wall street.
12:21 pm
ah thriving community financial center for african americans, members of the mob said they were seeking justice after rumors that a black man assaulted a white woman. the crowd killed some 300 people and destroyed more than 1000 homes and businesses. the neighborhood never recovered. no members of the mob wherever prosecuted. ah memorial day weekend tribute honoring americans veterans in the skies took flight above northern caliph or. yeah, i 19 vintage aircraft flew across the bay area and beyond the pilots were members of memorial squadron usa, a nonprofit group that honors members of the u. s military memorial day is just it's a matter of remembrance and respect. um there's almost no one who doesn't have their life touched by a veteran on duh. you thankful for the ones to come back and you remember the ones that don't. the planes took off from livermore's airport. and flew as far away
12:22 pm
as sacramento. members of travis air force base participated in this memorial day event in mare island naval cemetery in vallejo air force band and fly over the followed. this year's event is the 150th commemoration at mare island for memorial day cities across the united states are preparing for the summer season and a boost in tourism. but as david lee miller reports. couple issues could derail america's recovery from the pandemic. almost 300 million doses of covid-19 vaccines have been administered in the u. s setting the stage for a busy summer as vacation destinations. get back to business. but here in new york, the former epicenter of the outbreak, a spike in crime is threatening to derail the recovery. compared with last year. murderers up 23% and shootings up 80% mayor bill de blasio acknowledges crime has been a challenge but claims the situation will stabilize when the city bully reopens. recovery equals safety. safety equals recovery. you seymour more activity in the city that's going to help our police.
12:23 pm
that's going to help our cure violence movement. i know the big concern the city's reopen. well folks who haven't been vaccinated follow cdc guidelines on mask wearing. some lawmakers have proposed bills making mass mandates illegal. saying it should be an individual choice, not a law. you go and spend as much time outside as you want or don't in a restaurant or don't you know, grocery store or don't but that is your right to determine your risk and not the government's job to do it and his tourism picks up so just air travel with a t s expecting some two million passengers a day over the holiday weekend. most say they're happy to be back in the air and haven't seen any major issues related to covid restrictions travels coming back, which is great, but again, you have to be kind. you have to have respect for your fellow travelers. and here in new york city's times square despite the surgeon crime 200 businesses have reopened. 18 businesses have opened their doors for the
12:24 pm
very first time in new york, david lee miller, ktvu fox two news. solano county is hoping to loosen its covid restrictions on wednesday, when the county is expected to shift from the more restrictive red tear to the orange tears. solano county has remained in the red deer since march 9th and is the only berry county still in that tear. the state is expected to do away with the color coded system altogether on june 15th free covid-19 vaccine and resource is fair took place and san francisco's mission district instead of the traditional carnival celebration. yes. oh, we're taking our vaccinations to the community trying to go on developing outreach plan to take vaccines to our people and not expecting them to come to these big big centers that are out of their way and our high barrier on difficult to access. the traditional carnival celebration with a parade in large crowds was canceled this year because of the pandemic. this weekend's event, however, did include community resource
12:25 pm
boots, entertainment and a john fair. the west contra costa unified school district may be heading toward fiscal insolvency. a new state report finds the district is facing an estimated $4 million budget shortfall in the next school year and an even bigger deficit the next year, it warns the state may have to step in to handle theist's money unless there are major cuts to employee salaries and benefits. those proposed budget cuts are raising concerns about the quality of education. california lawmakers are debating a plan to possibly reduce the number of out of state students enrolling in the uc system. this plan would gradually reduce the number of out of state students over 12 year span starting in the year. 2022 this would allow for more opportunities for california residents who attend uc schools out of state enrollment would be captain 10% of incoming freshmen by the year 2033. that would free up more than 4500 slots for california students. china's ruling communist party announced today. italy's birth limits to allow all couples to have three children instead of to china has enforced strict birth limits since 1980 due to
12:26 pm
concerns the country's population growth was getting out of control. there are now new worries the number of working age peoples falling too fast, which is adding to the strain on the chinese economy pn is it around 1.4 billion people. still to come at noon. tributes continue to pour in, but the victims killed in last week's mass shooting at the bt a rail yard the unique way people showed their messages of support for the victimsfamilies was honoring the men and women who have died serving our country. the other events being held across the bay area on this memorial day and temperatures hitting the 100 degree mark, possibly in some bay area cities. probably not. the city of san francisco has to give you that live picture of downtown, but it's still a pretty warm day. for the city, especially for that giants game, just about 40 minutes away. angels are in town to take on the giants were gonna check back in with rosemary was going to tell us when
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day due to the dangerous conditions caused by high temperatures and strong winds. are firefighters have been ready following a relatively dry season. our equipment had already switched over from what we would typically have for what weather months and the potential for water water rescues to our fire season equipment. local fire agencies
12:30 pm
preparing for a long, dangerous fire season following one of the driest winters we've had on record cal fire is reported significantly more fires this year already compared to the five year average cal fire in fact, in the scene of a fire in the santa cruz mountains, where the seas you lightning complex burned last year alert wildfire caught smoke coming up in the area near china grade road. at this point, the fire has burned about five acres. no word on any injuries or damage, but mike with these extremely high temperatures across the bay area, it's a real concern. as our meteorologist rosemary oroczo is here to bring us up to date on exactly what we're facing and where, yes, it's going to be a scorcher out there. we're going to break some records inland for today. i are infants, cities, definitely the hot spot around the bay and along the coastline. i'm not feeling the heat quite as much. let's take a look at what's happening outside our doors. we are enjoying the blue skies. here's a view over aquatic park along the east bay shore, where we have mostly sunny conditions knows a little bit of hayes out there this afternoon and today
12:31 pm
is a spare the air day onto the advisory that lasts until nine o'clock this evening. notice it is for our north bay locations away from the coastline for east bay locations as well. inland away from the water, and then we have this section right through solano county, stretching into the sand walking sacramento valley area for excessive heat and this issued by the national weather service out of sacramento also goes until this evening. originally it was slated until tomorrow evening. so that is some good news there. we do expect temperatures to begin to drop for your bay area tuesday. meanwhile for today, anywhere from 5 to 10 to 15 degrees above the seasonal average. even close to 20 for some of our inland cities in the inner east bay. we'll take a look at the current conditions. a lineup these afternoon highs for you and talk about that. cool down coming our way coming up. rosemary. thank you fulsome like cells and big crowds over the memorial day weekend family set up tables got there. grill's ready came prepared for the heat, many that were surprised by the extremely low water level at the lake. so
12:32 pm
load the boat ramps and granted. they were closed yesterday. or fourth time and never was like that low. no boats, no jet skis. now it's kind of it's gonna wear the lake's surface. is it about 397 ft. above sea level right now, that's compared to 465 ft. in an average year. there are memorial day ceremony is taking place around the bay area today to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. it was the annual ceremony and alameda this morning aboard the uss hornet. large crowd was in attendance to pay respects on this memorial day a day we do honor our fallen service members. it does not honor any specific presidents and heroes of our nation. it's not a happy thanksgiving. it's not a happy new year type of day. it's a remembrance day, and it's an aftermath. in case you weren't aware of the civil war that our
12:33 pm
nation fought many years ago. the ceremony also included a wreath being tossed into the bay to remember those who have died. marin county veterans held in online memorial day ceremony this morning to pay respects to those who served in the armed forces. the ceremony, including an honor guard, the singing of the national anthem, a wreath presentation and the plane of taps. oakland international airport is projecting increase in travelers by the end of the holiday weekend. from last thursday to tomorrow, the airport is expecting to serve 130,000 travelers. last year when it was still early on in the pandemic. the airport says it had 22,000 people come through over the holiday weekend before the pandemic, the airport saw 210,000 travelers back in 2019, the chp says, has been having a busy holiday weekend. so far the maximum enforcement period and later today began back at six p.m. on friday, chp has made more than 600 dy arrest until te still trying to identify the three gunmen who shot right
12:34 pm
into a crowd at a south florida love this morning. miami dade police released new surveillance video here of the three people getting out of the suv. they disappear and then return moments later before taking off. two people died. 21 others were injured after the gunmen jumped out of that suv and opened fire. this was early yesterday morning. police say, these types of extremely violent attacks were actually becoming more common in south florida. this type of gun violence has to stop every weekend. it's the same thing this is targeted. this is definitely not random. yesterday shooting follows another shooting just 13 miles away. that left one person dead and six others wounded. police are not saying if they know who was targeted or what the motive was. in either case, a san jose man is trying to send a message of support to the families of shooting victims. he was inspired by the shooting at the v t a maintenance yard on wednesday to let people send personal messages using a chalkboard. ktvu demagogues spoke with people in san francisco who took time to show their support. right in the
12:35 pm
middle of a gorgeous sunday afternoon in hayes valley. this dark square board showed up, but soon it became a collage of color and kindness. when tragedy happens, especially to the families involves, like it seems like everything changes for them. but the world kind of moves on. so this is just a small part that we can played it to remind them that we're way also have a heart for them and for what's going on, and we are not gonna forget philip about to turn. five, was one of the first to sign the board. his mom of local supporter of gun control, found herself explaining to him the tragedy of wednesday's mass shooting a few people at the park. we're aware that earlier in the day yet another shooting at a club in florida left two people dead and wounded more than 20. others it's endless. the number of people who lose their lives every year is in the tens of thousands. and if you compared with any other country, it's just preposterous. and i think that's the thing that's disturbing. because you know
12:36 pm
you don't want it to become like something that just happens and it seems so normal each time. i think people, um, are shocked, but it happens too much. and you kind of wonder what what? when is it gonna stop? some wrote messages calling for gun control, this man said at the end of the day, thoughts and prayers can only do so much unless we get legislation passed. i can, you know, stop these mass shootings. that's all we can do, and that's way feel powerless because it's so sad know so many people have lost so many lives. in san francisco, and that goss ktvu fox two news. san francisco police are searching for whoever is responsible for a shooting that injured two people. that happened just before five o'clock yesterday afternoon. your 22nd folsom street. one of the victims is reported to be in critical condition nowhere. dad on what led to the shooting. police have not given us information on any possible suspects, and police in santa
12:37 pm
clara say two people were injured in a weekend assault right near city hall. this attack was first reported shortly before three o'clock yesterday morning on warburton avenue. police said the two victims were taken to a hospital for treatment. so far there have been no arrests in this case, and there's no word yet on any possible motive. california is set to reopen on june 15th, but it may take more time for many small businesses to reopen as ktvu tom vacar reports. many small businesses in the state are just struggling to recover. re opening and recovery hopes notwithstanding, california small business community 4.1 million businesses and all continues to wrestle with lingering damage. while most have survived. others are still very much struggling to survive. the unofficial count is not yet fully known. it's likely that hundreds of thousands of businesses. and the jobs they supported, are gone forever. small business revenues in california continue to be down over 30% since the start of the
12:38 pm
pandemic and small business openings. since the start of the pandemic are down over 38% chances, bernick since last november, this small business recovery has flatlined even though. we've had these gradual re openings. the numbers for small, both small business revenues and small business openings haven't really improved. so that leaves many of california's two million plus still unemployed workers wanting to work in a bind. last week, california received 70,000 new unemployment claims well above other states per capita we have about 11.7. the nation's civilian labor force. last week we had over 15% of all the nation's unemployment shirts, plants. california did gain 100,000 jobs last month, has more counties when did the less restrictions but california's unemployment rate, which remains a very high 8.3.
12:39 pm
is exceeded on lee by hawaii's 8.5% that indicates that many workers laid off from small bu a major small business revival and rebound. tom vacar ktvu fox two news still to come in new 98 years old and just published his first book up next we'll take a look at what really. is a touching love story.
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died fighting for freedom. it was held at the antioch veterans memorial at smith's landing. the ceremony began what they police led processional to other memorials around the city. there is music and speeches to celebrate the lives of the nation's fallen heroes this memorial day. remember those who concretely could wait? remember those who previously gave their lives to those who have fought and those who have fighting to admire your courage and a priest? she ate your sacrifice. we salute you on are you and thank you. this is an annual event in the city of bonnie. any ock, which is home to many military veterans on this last day of asian american and pacific islander heritage month, we meet bloom or he's 98 years old, just published his first book. maura's a third
12:43 pm
generation chinese american and a world war two. veteran ktvu is claudine wong spoke with more about the love story behind his new book, lou moore will tell you he always imagined that after finishing his book, he would sit with his wife, nellie, and read about their love story together. well it wasn't meant to be lonely, passed away before i could finish. and so surrounded by pictures of the woman he has loved for three quarters of a century. he finished their story in his book, eternal love, because nellie. was my life, we will both approaching 98 years old and i thought. should write about nellie, then that the world i felt should know about knowing his book winds through their lives and through history. born in san francisco, raised in brooklyn,
12:44 pm
lou served in world war two nelly and her family survived life in a japanese internment camp on the fact that was she was of japanese descent. second generation. and i was a chinese third generation and shortly after the war, it was amazing that we saw each other and fell in love without too many words for them without the typical courtship. liu remembers the first time he saw nellie. it was 1946 and she was performing in a chorus line, and i couldn't let woz over. for what reason? i don't know. and i did not see her again until julia 1 1946 when she was having a cup of coffee at hanson's drugstore, watching that he asked her if you could sit down, she said, yes, the next day, he says he kissed her 10. days later, they
12:45 pm
married. and when i asked her to marry mane. just as. i want to be your wife, which cherishes each other and with devoted to each other to death. but i don't think any couple has ever experienced in our lifetime. we were married for 74 years in his book, eternal love. lou talks about their friendship with actor ernest borgnine, their careers and struggles, but everything comes back to nellie and their love. she died october 18 2020, and it brought tears to both of our eyes. as he remembered that last day rush to look but i touched off and still felt soft and tender. and when i bend
12:46 pm
over the hill, sir, i will shot i saw tears in her eyes. then a scream. she's not dead. she's not dead. she's not dead. she's alive. she's crying. but the this that was with me said this morning. those are not her tears, those are your cheers. your cheers have touched her face. his book is a tribute and in its pages, he is with his nellie again. and i always believe as you have noted. the one day i would really up mr for heaven's and we will be. do you hear the together together again to hug and so horrible of
12:47 pm
eternal yeah, lou will tell you their is just beginning. claudine wong ktvu fox two news. we're tells clothing that he's been thrilled by the responses received by about his book and by the group of people who came together to make sure it got published right back to rosemary. we go and i, but it's getting a little bit warmer every minute as we get through this afternoon. oh, yeah, especially our inland areas. we're talking about the nineties already, in some spots a gaussian, mike and. all of you out there giving a live. look here at the american flag as we take, of course, moments today to honor those who served in our nation and are no longer with us. so for that we are looking at a beautiful day over the bay area. not quite warm along the coastline. take a look at what's happening at half moon bay. 57 degrees reported their low sixties in san francisco. we have upper
12:48 pm
sixties too low seventies along the east bay shore, and then you go inland and things heat up quite a bit 94 right now in livermore in the north bay. we have 85 santa rosa and in the south bay 83 over san jose. showed you this in the last half hour, but take a look at how much warmer we are in our inland areas today half moon bay up by two degrees, but you have livermore up by 18. and then you have the north bay of santa rosa up by about 11 as well as the south bay over san jose and around the bay anywhere from 5 to 8 degrees of warming at this hour reported like sfo and hayward, the winds through oakland, a northwest breeze up 14 mph northeast in fairfield at eight. and in nevada, we have that east wind coming at about 12 mph as we get into the afternoon that ridge of high pressure will continue to strengthen over the bay area, but we see changes come our way is early as tomorrow and it has to do with this trough here that's developing out over the pacific. that will bring us ah, cool down. so temperatures will peak
12:49 pm
today with of course, our hottest spots inland. ranging from the a low nineties toe low one hundreds today likely to break a few records out there this afternoon. if you are going to see the giants play a game time one oh 5 65 degrees expected at oracle park warming into the upper sixties in that area for today, with the northwest breeze 10 to 15 mph. so so beautiful day at the park if you're going to see the giants play. upper sixties for downtown san francisco. today along the penninsula will go 8600 with city around the bay or east bay shore 80 degrees in hayward inland, napa 93 today are inland cities east bay livermore, looking at 102, as well as antioch, the extended forecast and noticeable drop in temperatures coming tomorrow. still going to be warm inland, but not nearly as hot. and then temperatures continue to cool wednesday, thursday friday, very comfortable weather in the forecast all the way through the weekend. low sixties at the coast seventy's around the bay loaded mid eighties expected inland back to you, rosemary frank, you still to come this noontime, a major sporting
12:50 pm
event featuring all women at into the bay area, we'll have a preview of the u. s open, headed to san francisco later headed to san francisco later this week. need better sleep? try nature's bounty sleep 3 a unique tri layer supplement, that calms you helps you fall a sleep faster and stay a sleep longer. great sleep comes naturally with sleep 3 only from nature's bounty
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to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. who died in the line of duty. they took off from a city just north of seattle this weekend for an event they're calling right across america motorcycle ride is in honor of police officer charlie cortez, who fell off a boat near seattle while on duty last november. his body has still not been found. i work down here in the bay e have to look out over this water every day. and every day i cry. i wonder where he's at. the motorcycle riders said
12:54 pm
they plan to travel more than 22,000 miles in this cross country tribute to the fallen officer. tennis star naomi osaka, says she is pulling out of the french open. the announcement comes after the 23 year old was fined $15,000 for not speaking to the media after a first round victory during the first of the tournament yesterday. the 23 year old has been battling anxiety and depression, said she didn't want to harm her mental health by speaking with the media. asac, who is ranked number two in the world, said she was not a natural public speaker and is often. overwhelmed with huge waves of anxiety before speaking to the media. just last week, a soccer was named the highest paid female athlete of 2020, surpassing serena williams. this week. the bay area will be the epicenter of an international sporting event when the women's u. s. open begins on thursday. ktvu joe fonzi has a preview of this tournament. the olympic club has no shortage of dramatic golf history have been country club in san francisco with more than 15,000 jamming around for the last act of the u. s open.
12:55 pm
it's famously hosted five men's us opens as the open god king of the united states, jack flex 1955 playoff upset of ben hogan. lead pots from all of 50 ft. wow billy casper's playoff win over arnold palmer 11 years later, another birdie putt in more recent times, there was scott simpson in 1987 leigh johnson in 98. webb simpson in 2012. this week olympic club will make history when it hosts the women's u. s. open for the first time, the significance not lost on two of the club's members. i'm hoping that it'll be continue to be a pivotal moment for the women's game. i think the u. s. she has done a phenomenal job of really pushing forward, you know, choosing venues that have been iconic on the men's side. i think the women air gonna be thrilled to come here. i think we're going tol identify.
12:56 pm
really a terrific champion who can make a lot of different shots out here. one strategy every player this week we'll have to address if she strays from the fairway is a way to get out of the rough, which typical of an open has been allowed to grow much taller than usual. the direction of the grain is incredibly important, you know, kind of tells you what type of shot you need to hit, especially around the green surrounds. they're going to find some pretty thick, some really nasty lies. so, you know, club selection and. shot selection are really important. pretty happy with that two very happy. marissa mar both demonstrate the evolution of nolub. this was an all male club until. with the threat of a pending lawsuit. the members voted to admit women in 1990 31 years later,
12:57 pm
young women are integral part of the club's existence and growth. i think the women's game is going from strength to strength internationally, is some amazing talent from all over the world now, and it's gonna be great to see those the women taking on this such a demanding golf course. well i think it's a huge honor for the club to hold its first u. s women's open, i think, given the clubs rich history on dfi chirp, lanza's well, i think it only serves to enhance our reputation is one of the finest major championship venues in the world. actually it's a trend that we want to be a part of that. we want to be in the forefront of moving this game forward, particularly on the women's side. i think it's incredible golf values tradition as much as any sport this week at olympic club, a new tradition. will be established in san francisco joe fonzi ktvu fox two. bharti's using the long holiday weekend to work on attract replacement project between the south hayward in union city stations. that part of track is shut down. bart is providing a free bus bridge between those
12:58 pm
stations. all day. writers though, should expect to add an extra 20 to 25 minutes to their travel times today because of this, volunteers in san francisco is set up the pink triangle lights on twin peaks, photos and video posted on social media show the installation. hundreds of special led lights will be illuminated for the entire month of june, which is pride month. the lights are replacing the usual large pink canvas on twin pigs for the second year in a row to allow for social distance seen once used the pink triangle in concentration camps to identify and shame gay people. but the pink triangles now embraced by the lgbtq community as a symbol of pride, strength and unity. the davis pride committee kicked off pride month a little early in yolo county. if you're in the area, you're going to see venmo crosswise around central park. davis pride. rainbow banners are also being put up throughout the town. great morning just to be able to kick start pride a little bit early. everything was interrupted last year with the pandemic, and so much of what we wanted to do last year with pride season was interrupted, but now we're
12:59 pm
kicking back into action with a pride season with a number of great events. and some of those events include a rainbow skate party, a craft in vintage market and a bike party ride. daniel's fourth of july parade has been pushed back to labor day weekend with california set to fully reopen from covid restrictions on june 15th, the town of danville and the qantas club of san ramon valley, so they weren't able to properly prepare in time for the fourth of july. the parade routinely draws some 40,000 people requires months of planning and coordination, organizes also need time to secure sponsors. so this year's fourth of july celebration is now set to happen. september 4th can't even think of fourth of july just yet, as we are just starting the unofficial guess the beginning of the summer season, so let's make sure it's a safe one. but also with fun. one thanks for watching everybody enjoy the rest of this memorial day out there. be sure to put on the sunscreen, though, as we are under a heat advisory for many parts of the bay area, lot of blue sky out there are next newscast is coming up in four dr oz starts now. coming up next --
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>> was faced down on the ground. >> you've seen the headline. >> his body was turning purple. >> now, hear the harrowing stories from the people that were there. >> this is really bad. >> i didn't think he was going to survive. >> it happened just like you see in the movies. we shocked him and his body jerked and then he came back to lifeful >> how doctor oz helped save a live and you can too. >> we are extremely grateful. >> coming up next -- ♪ dr. oz: i found myself in the right place at the right time a few days ago. after landing at new wash airport, i performed c. p.r. on a man named joe. he had collapsed at the baggage carousel. with the help of the


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