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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 30, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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step up mental health services in the city. hello again, everyone i'm julie julie haener. frank is off tonight. that officer is now recovering from that close call. ktvu is as a smith talked with witnesses about what happened, azenith smith. well, julie, several witnesses reported seeing the man aggressive and yelling. one witness said he blurted out chinese people don't belong here. that's when the police officer stepped in. and then it got violent. i'm gonna stop. turn around that voice telling the man a turnaround belongs to a san francisco police officer she's seen in the video carrying a less lethal beanbag shotgun. as she tells the shirtless man to put his hands on his head. i don't have any weapons video was taken outside the orangey lounge in san francisco's chinatown last friday night, just before seven. the man initially appears compliant, then becomes suddenly violent scene, pushing her grabbing her face covering and uniform. she
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fights back both in the landing on the ground him on top of her. what's next? she tells dispatch. he's resisting arrest, he seemed shoving her face to the ground. a witness comes by and tries to get him off for more people try to stop it. she ultimately pins him to the ground as officers arrived and place him into custody. this video shows the officers assisting the female cop tour feet, even though he dropped her onto the floor. i'm i'm having that she wasn't like current majorly or injured just because you know, like it could have been a lot worse. can funk saw the police officer after the attack. he also says he saw the homeless man two hours before, and portsmouth square officers told him to leave after teens reported he was damaging scooters. there was also like to knit teenagers that came up to them and said, hey, i don't feel safe because. there is a suspicious guy hanging out around our scooters. funk says the man appeared to
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have been drinking. many people have seen him and he's. being kind of ah, fixture. you know, here in sam cisco chinatown community activist maxime ong says the man is known in the community and stays at portsmouth square, he says the man appears to have mental health issues. it just speaks to the fact that there needs to be. um, or services provided you know for um, the mentally ill. and it's unknown how that officer is doing. we do know she's seen in the video walking back and forth, picking up her belongings. one witness said. she looked stressed from the whole ordeal. julie yeah, definitely scary and it happened so fast, and hopefully she is okay as it thank you to people were hospitalized today after being attacked on the grounds of santa clara city hall. that's according to the mercury news. the attack happened just before three o'clock this morning. investigators spent today scouring the scene for ever. ends. officials don't have any
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information about possible suspects or a motive. they're asking anyone who may have seen anything related to the assault to call santa clara police police in san francisco are investigating a shooting that injured two men, one critically. officers responded to a report of shots fired at about 4 50 this afternoon. there are 22nd and fulsome streets. when police arrived, they found one man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital. moments later, another the man walked into san francisco general hospital with a gunshot wound. police are now trying to determine if these two shootings are related. no one is in custody and no suspect information is available at this time. south bay church is pulling together donations to make care packages for the nine families who lost loved ones in the vt. a mass shooting in san jose last week. gift cards, blankets, stuffed animals and books on grief and trauma recovery are needed to help the bay area christian
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church, make those gift baskets organizers say they've already connected with the vita, who is welcoming the project. volunteers say they're happy to do what they can't help anyone suffering from the tragedy at the v t a. i personally have a history struggling with ptsd and trauma, and i know how intense that can be. and one of the things that really makes a difference is the support you receive after experiencing a trauma, church volunteers say they will collect what they can this week and then donate it to the vt. a next weekend. ah public chalkboard is in san francisco for anyone who wants to write a kind message, too. the family's grieving from that mass shooting in wednesday. ktvu is emma god. who wrote messages right in the middle of a gorgeous sunday afternoon and hayes valley. this dark square board showed up, but soon it became a collage of color and kindness. when tragedy happens, especially to the families
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involves like it seems like everything changes for them. but the world kind of moves on. so this is just. small part that we can play did to remind them that we're way also have a heart for them and for what's going on, and we are not gonna forget. philip about to turn five was one of the first to sign the board. his mom of local supporter of gun control, found herself explaining to him the tragedy of wednesday's mass shooting a few people at the park. we're aware that earlier in the day yet another shooting at a club in florida left two people dead and wounded more than 20. others it's endless. the number of. people who lose their lives every year is in the tens of thousands. and if you compared with any other country, it's just preposterous. i think that's the thing that's disturbing because you know you don't want it to become like something that just happens, and it seems so normal each time. i think, people, um, are shocked, but it happens too
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much, and you kind of wonder what what? when is it gonna stop? some wrote messages calling for gun control this. man side at the end of the day, thoughts and prayers can only do so much. let's begin. let's legislation passed. i can, you know, stop these mass shootings. that's all we can do. and that's way feel powerless because it's so sad. i know so many people have lost so many lives. in san francisco, and that goss ktvu fox two news. knew at 11 tonight, police in hillsboro are investigating three residential burglaries over the last two days. the most recent break in happened when the suspects broke two windows of a home on marble ro rode at 10 30 this morning. the other two burglaries happened between 9:30:10 p.m. last night on barbara way, and daryl rhodes. the suspects got away with some property from the barber away. break in. police say nothing was taken during the other two burglaries because the suspects set off alarms and left before we're
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stealing anything. police are looking into whether all of those burglaries could be connected on friday, the start of the long holiday weekend, the t s a reported its highest number of travelers since the pandemic began with more than 1.9 million people taking to the skies for the memorial day weekend last year. at this time, the t s a screen just 327,000 passengers at its checkpoints. guys are busy, but most americans are traveling by car over the long weekend, triple a estimates that 37 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home between may 27th and may 31st. that is an increase of 60% compared to memorial day last year, when the nation was in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. president biden praised members of the military and spoke about the anniversary of the death of his son, beau, who died of brain cancer on this day six years ago. no, but we served in the delaware army national guard. the president attended the memorial day observance at war memorial plaza in newcastle,
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delaware, the chief executive, thank members of the militaryesg families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. folks, you know, despite all the pain, i know the pride you feel. and the love one. on uh, that you lost and those who are still serving, pried into bravery in the service to our great american experiment. our military community is the solid spine of this country story, the spine of the nation, the president called for the country to come together on this day of remembrance tomorrow. memorial day is a federal holiday. that means all government offices, including the postal service in courts are closed. there's no delivery service by amazon, fedex or ups, banks and public schools are also closed, and there is no
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trading on the u. s stock markets tomorrow. out today 19 aircraft into the skies above the bay area for the memorial squadrons annual memorial. day commemoration flight. planes were honoring military veterans. they left the livermore airport this afternoon and flew information over six spots around the bay area, including the san francisco veteran's cemetery and the uss hornet in alameda. holiday flyovers air just one way the memorial squadron helps expose people to aviation. and while honoring veterans, and today, people who watch the flyover said events such as these air time to remember all who have served our country memorial day is just it's a matter of remembrance and respect. um there is almost no one who doesn't have their life touched by a veteran on duh, you thankful for the ones to come back and you remember the ones that don't many memorial day. events are planned for tomorrow,
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including an 11 a.m. remembrance ceremony aboard the u. says hornet in alameda. this memorial day weekend, the bay area is expected to see triple digit temperatures in many places. we're used to seeing those numbers in late summer, but at the end of may, it is a bit unusual. so what did people do today to try to stay cool ktvu is greg liggins has the details. with surging temperatures this memorial day weekend reopening of six flags hurricane harbor and conquered did not have come at a more opportune time yesterday, today and tomorrow, the entire world day weekend. we are essentially sold out or at capacity. as inland bay area temperatures begin to swell people are searching for ways to cool down and what better way than a lazy river ride or a slip and slide down. one of the many attractions been really hot. so where's that? try to go in the water slides. they seem really fun. been here before. they're really fun. we're here trying to refresh ourselves and try to
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stay cool. enjoying the end of schools and celebrating hot weather and covid restrictions limiting capacity to just 25% made it easy for the park to fill. look, the attraction sits within a large, peach colored swath of a heat advisory stretching from north of clear lake to gilroy in the south, beginning noon monday, high temperatures and the interior north and east bay are expected to climb well beyond 90, but in spots like walnut creek, it's already hot. well, 91 outside right now, it's what the temperature said. during excessive heat. officials urge people to stay hydrated where light loose fitting clothes and stay in shaded or air conditioned places if possible. some have found more flavorful ways to lick the heat. at least psychologically, that's at least my mind says i don't know what the science behind it, but, yeah. ah will feel good, and i think it's all of all in here. brothers taking the boat out. that's how they're gonna beat the heat. we thought we'd stop here and get some ice cream. another popular spot,
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the movie theater where you can get a combo of a c and entertainment. it's where we found this man out front, he says. when the sun is cooking outside, he avoids doing the same inside. especially like cooking on a day like this, you won't be standing in a hot kitchen, so i'll probably sit at home. maybe listen to some music or have a beer or something like that. you know. the heat advisory, which begins at noon monday, is scheduled to end at nine p.m. greg liggins ktvu fox two news. temperatures are going to heat up tomorrow that heat advisory in effects that starts tomorrow afternoon. i'll talk about that. we'll look at the five day forecast and let you know when the fog returns also ahead and popular northern california spot pack this memorial day weekend the visitors prepared for the warm weather, but there was one thing they were not ready for. also ahead tonight a deadly shooting in miami what we've learned about the shooting learned about the shooting outside a crowded banquet is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home,
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit a far and another violent weekend in america. police are now working to track down the gunman who carried out a mass shooting outside a crowded banquet hall early this morning in florida. at least two people are dead and another 20 injured after several suspects opened fire on a crowd in south florida boxing's phil keating
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is in miami, miami dade county with the very latest. manhunt is underway after a deadly shooting in florida. gunfire rang out early sunday morning outside of a banquet hall in miami dade county, where a release party for a local rapper was going on, police said. a small crowd was gathered outside the venue when three suspects drove up in a white suv and started shooting indiscriminately with assault rifles and handguns. unfortunately multiple people were shot. as of right now we have 20 to 25 victims at various hospitals around the community, as well as. two deceased victims on the scene. authorities believe the shooting was targeted. the miami dade police department is asking anyone with information about the suspects to come forward. a television personality from the area is also offering a $100,000 to help authorities arrest and convict those responsible for the shooting. this type of gun violence has to stop every weekend. it's the same thing this is targeted. this is definitely not random. um i've
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my condolences to the families and to the victim's parents of the wounded were distraught as they waited to hear updates of their loved ones. conditions angelica green says her 24 year old son was shot in the stomach but is in stable condition. they say the guys came with ski masks. pretty and just started shooting up the file, so i don't believe that there was anyone specifically targeted. mass shootings have skyrocketed in the united states ever since the nation started re opening, according to the gun violence archive in the first off 132 days of this year, there were more than 200 mass shootings in miami dade county. phil keating fox news now to the latest on the coronavirus and vaccination progress in california, nearly two thirds of eligible california residents have now received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. new figures show 51% are fully vaccinated. 12.8% are partially vaccinated,
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and the seven day positivity rate has dropped again. 2.8. percent in san francisco today of free covid-19 vaccine and resource is fair took place in the mission instead of the traditional carnival celebration. yes so we're taking our vaccinations to the community trying to go on developing outreach plan to take vaccines to our people and not expecting them to come to these big big centers that are out of their way and our high high barrier on difficult to access the traditional carnival celebration with a parade, dancers, food and huge crowd. was canceled this year because of the pandemic. this weekend's event, however, included community resource booths, entertainment, a job fair and plenty of vendors were crowds, people packed up and headed out to folsom lake on this memorial day weekend family set up tables got there. grill's ready and came prepared for the heat. but what they weren't ready for was the extremely low water level at the lake. it is so low that the boat ramps and granite bay we're closed today. this is
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my third or fourth time and never was like that low. no boats, no jet skis. now it's gonna it's gonna we're. the lake's surface is about 397 ft. above sea level compared with 465 ft in an average goodyear, then a lot of the reservoirs alot like orville, have it on good authority is about as low as it was in 77 actually remember that it lived up in that area, so the you know a lot of boat ramps aren't operating. the lakes aren't as their smaller right because they're down low into that little u shape, so that's something you might want to think about before you head up to even shot. starting shots is low, lois. well not as bad as orville. okay so this is the highest from today. we warmed up a bunch, but it wasn't off the charts. it was just like that 97 cognac. that's pretty high. but look at 80 and napa 84 in santa rosa. pretty manageable stuff tomorrow becomes a little less manageable. there's no fog at the golden gate bridge, and that tells you okay, high pressure is building in the fog's been pushed off the coast
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swept down to the south will be back looks mike mibach tomorrow night late, but it will be back. in the meantime, that low that's kind of been hanging out really the last few weeks and tweak and through is tweaking through the high is going to jump in. and so when the high jumps in, that's when you really warm up, and that's what's starting to happen right now, and that's why the heat advisory goes in effect tomorrow. excessive heat warning in parts of the bay area are not very probably be excessive heat warning up turns back avail fairfield and woodland and davis and sacramento, modesto and red bluff and reading 12 degrees warmer right now conquer. there's the big ridge of high pressure, so the thing didn't know what this is. it's a one day event. it's not like a bunch of days in a row of heat, so's we can often we've seen this. he had heat situations go for two or three days, right? this is a one day deal. so that's the good news. watch the heat up tomorrow. temperatures using colors reds. nineties purples one hundred's. there will be plenty of them at the coast. you get some relief. upper sixties low seventies san francisco tomorrow ends up in about 83 degrees for a daytime
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high. it's 70 degrees or near 70 degrees at lunch or 80 80 degrees for dates on my part of me, and then you get some more temperatures. you've got 101 livermore, one of three indian yack and then the five day forecast, so the plan is one done, which is good news, considering you know. you get a bunch of days we're gonna have elevated fire danger, but with that elevated fire danger only lasting a day. it's fairly manageable. looks like it's gonna cool off quickly after that, so i'll be back here tomorrow night. we'll are tomorrow afternoon. if you will, and then we'll go over that stuff and see how we fared. if we perhaps gonna records look at some of the big numbers. that's tomorrow. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. yeah, it was so much warmer today than yesterday and always love to see molly in the shot there. hello to molly. your cat. all right, bill. see you later. thank you. well, this holiday weekend is a big one, of course. travel we don't have any official numbers of how many people in the bay area took to the skies this holiday weekend, but we did speak with oakland international airport, and here's what they're projecting from may 27 to june 1st. the airport is expecting
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130,000 travelers last year when we were right in the middle of the pandemic, the airport only had 22,000 travelers over the holiday weekend pre pandemic. oakland's airport saw 210,000 travelers in 2019 and the chp says they've had a busy memorial day weekend. so far, their maximum and horsemen period began at six p.m. on friday. so far, they say they have made more than 600 d u i arrest statewide coming up at 11 30 on sports wrap more from the historic indianapolis 500, the giants don't let up on their rivals down in southern california, joe fonzi jason appelbaum will have all the highlights plus on lee two months to go until the tokyo olympics and pressure is mounting for japan to postpone them once again. in new york
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♪ committee kicked off the month a little early today. if you're in davis, you'll see rainbow crosswalks around central park davis pride. rainbow banners are also being put up throughout the town. great morning just to be able to kick start pride a little bit early. everything was interrupted last year with the pandemic and so much of what we wanted to do last year with pride season was interrupted, but now we're kicking back into action with a pride season with a number of great events, some. of those events included a rainbow skate party, a craft and vintage market and a bike party ride. you confined the schedule on
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davis pride dot org's well. japan is gearing up for the world's biggest sporting event of the year. the tokyo olympics are expected to kick off later this summer. but calls are growing for japan to delay or even cancel the games as another covid-19 surge takes hold on that country. box news alex hogan has the details on the ongoing debate. the olympic towards relay is winding its way through japan is the country prepares to host the 2020 tokyo olympics with less than two months to go before the opening ceremony, pressure is mounting for japan to postpone the games once again as it struggles to contain 1/4 wave of coronavirus infections. on friday, japan's prime minister extended a state of emergency in major cities until at least june 20th. signaling that he's determined to go ahead with the games in july. three concepts of highly contagious variant strains continue to change. the measures we take must be able to lead to a decrease in infections, so we are in need
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of more time than before government officials and olympic organizers have been steadfast and making the games happen. this despite overwhelming opposition among the japanese people with about 80% saying they do not want the olympic games to go ahead as planned. doctors, nurses and public health experts have been the most outspoken group against holding the tokyo games this summer community having a large scale event would pose an inevitable risk in terms of spreading infection. japan has one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the developed world with only about 5% of the population fully vaccinated. the u. s has issued a level four do not travel advisory to japan is the vaccine rollout lags and covid-19 cases continue to rise? i don't think they should still have olympics. people can't shouldn't be traveling there. that makes no sense to still have the olympic fans from abroad have already been banned from attending the olympics, but the decision on local fans has yet to be determined. officials say they will assess the situation after the state of emergency has been
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lifted in new york. alex hogan fox news. and that is our report. for now, thanks so much for joining us sports wrap with joe and jason's. next we'll have more from the historic indianapolis 500 also on the giants, not letting up on their rivals down in southern california again sports wrap is next. don't miss it. thanks for joining us tonight. one. day. sod
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guy. no the guys still got it still kicking the young guys, but you know what? teaching them a lhasa, one of india's oldest drivers, turns back the clock to join the elite group of four time indianapolis winners two of the giants, younger players get the better of clayton kershaw at san francisco takes three of four from l. a for the second straight game, the aids big hitters failed a hit against the other team from l. a. in a four game split at the coliseum. the lakers lose in the playoffs against chris paul in the sun's why the loss may turn out to be much more than a single game. plus we'll head out to the olympic club


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