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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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luke: hello? hello?! i-it's me -- luke! (doorknob rattling) (sighs) i think i locked myself in here! (pounding) (pattering) uh, i don't think i'm alone in here! (pounding resumes) hitting up. we could see a 32 re swing in just two days and some barrier counties. ah hate warning and a spare the erler will be in effect tomorrow. fire. danger also is inching up along with the temperatures if you spent today out ty outside any door, you know it's feeling like summer this three day
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delay weekend in may get even i'm frank somerville and i'm julie julie haener tomorrow. will be even hotter. so let's go straight to our chief meteorologist, bill martin. bill well, some places reach 100 degrees tomorrow. they will as a man that we got close today. we had a 97 degree reading in antioch. just three degrees off that 100 degree mark tomorrow we will see big, big numbers. we'll see lots of one no one's one or twos in the inland valleys. that heat advisory in effect for much of the bay area, the inland valleys haven't excessive heat warning, which is a big deal, and that's going to show temperatures over 102 103, maybe 105 degrees of one hot day and then we're going to get a break, so it's not multiple heat days in a row. these were the highs from today on day were significantly bumped up from yesterday. some of these numbers are 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the yesterday numbers tomorrow. we're going to come up in some cases, another 10 degrees possible. so if you look at this, the heat advisory for basically the entire that yellow area will cover the entire bay area, so all this will be under the heat
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advisory. and then you get inland. that's the excessive heat warning, and that's where the really damaging heat will be. that's we're going to see numbers over100 degrees and again. the upshot to this is. it's a one and done it looks like we're gonna get some fog back, and things are gonna cool rapidly on tuesday and wednesday, which is good because these things can last much longer. so here the current temperatures you can kind of see a sea breeze see the green, so there's your sea breeze and then as you go. look at the difference. 16 degrees warmer right now. in concord, 11 degrees warmer and fairfield 18 degrees warmer and livermore. tomorrow's could be hot, real hot. and then we get a break. my comeback will lay it all out, put a five day forecast in front and you can decide for yourself. i'll see you back here. all right, bill seen a bit? thank you. the excessive temperatures have prompted the air quality district to issue a spare the air alert for tomorrow. the he combined with elevated concentrations of exhaust is expected to contribute to the unhealthy air and for some people that can trigger asthma and cause throat irritation. and breathing problems and our coverage of this holiday weekend, he continues throughout the 10
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o'clock news. you can always find out what's heading our way. whether wise, just download our new zap. it is free homeless man who was caught on camera attacking the san francisco police off first officer grabbing her hair and then pinning her to the ground. the violent assault happened in san francisco in the chinatown area near a witness clay and kerney, where less. friday night. ktvu is asa smith is here now after talking to witnesses, well, frank, witnesses reported seeing the man yelling and threatening people. one witness told me at don't belong here when the police officer tried i'm gonna stop. tn around the man a turnaround belongs to a san francisco police officer she's seen in the video carrying a less lethal beanbag shotgun. as she tells the shirtless man to put his hands
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on his head. i don't know. the video was taken outside the orangey lounge in san francisco's chinatown last friday night. just before seven. the man initially appears compliant, then becomes suddenly violent scene, pushing her grabbing her face covering and uniform. she fights back both of the landing on the ground him on top of her. she tells dispatch. he's resisting arrest, he seemed shoving her face to the ground. a witness comes by and tries to get him off for more people try to stop it. she ultimately pins him to the ground as officers arrived and place him into custody. this video shows the officers assisting the female cop tour feet, even though he dropped her onto the floor. i'm i'm having that she wasn't like current majorly or injured just because you know, like it could have been a lot worse. can funk saw the police officer after the attack. he also says he saw the homeless man two hours before, and portsmouth square
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officers told him to leave after teens reported he was damaging scooters. there's also like to knit teenagers that came up to them and said, hey, i don't feel safe because. there is a suspicious guy hanging out around our scooters. funk says the man appeared to have been drinking. many people have seen him and he's. being kind of ah, fixture. you know, here in sam cisco chinatown community activist maxime ong says the man is known in the community and stays at portsmouth square, he says the man appears to have mental health issues. it just speaks to the fact that there needs to be. um, or services provided you know for um, the mentally ill. every reached down to san francisco police to see how that officers doing and what charges the man faces. we did not hear back, witnesses say. two ambulances were called, including one for her, frank as eventful life forced tonight as head thank you to people were
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also hospitalized today after being attacked on the grounds of santa clara sitting all. that's according to the mercury news. the attack happened just from 43 this morning. crime scene detectives spent the day looking for evidence in the area where the attack occurred, authorities said. they don't have any information about possible suspects or possible motive. they're asking anyone who may have seen anything related to what happened to give them a call new attend tonight, police in san francisco are investigating a shooting that injured two men, one critic. clea officers responded to a report of shots fired at about 4 50 this afternoon near 22nd and fulsome streets. when police arrived, they found one man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital. moments later, another man walked into san francisco general hospital with a gunshot wound. police are now working to try to figure out if these two shootings are related. no one
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is in custody, and no suspect information is available at this time at a san francisco park this evening. pull out enjoying the nice weather stumbled upon a public chalkboard. it was open for anyone to write a kind message for the families who are now grieving from that mass shooting at the v t, a building in san jose last wednesday. ktvu is emma goss's joins us now, after speaking with some of the people who wrote messages. emma julie within just one hour of putting that chalkboard in the middle of a hayes valley park. the whole board was covered with beautiful messages. some calling for healing others for gun control, right in the middle of a gorgeous sunday afternoon and hayes valley, this dark square board showed up, but soon it became a collage of color and kindness. when tragedy happens, especially to the families involves, like it seems like everything changes for them. but the world kind of moves on. so this is just a small part
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that we can played it to remind them that were we also have a heart for them. and for what going on, and we are not gonna forget. philip about to turn five, was one of the first to sign the board. his mom, a vocal supporter of gun control, found herself explaining to him the tragedy of wednesday's mass shooting a few people at the park. we're aware that earlier in the day yet another shooting at a club in florida left two people dead and wounded more than 20. others it's endless on the number of people who lose their lives every year is in the tens of thousands. and if you compared with any other country. it's just preposterous, and i think that's the thing that's disturbing because you know you don't want it to become like something that just happens and it seems so normal each time. i think, people um are shocked, but it happens too much, and you kind of wonder what what? when is it gonna stop? some wrote messages calling for gun control? this
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man said at the end of the day, thoughts and prayers can only do so much unless we get legislation passed. that can you know? stop these mass shootings? that's all we can do? and they're late. that's here. we feel a little powerless because it's so sad. i know so many people have lost so many lives. the chalkboard comes from a bay area nonprofit called social expressions, and it pops up in different bay area cities throughout the month, a couple of times offering the chance to share words of kindness with world julie emma goss reporting live for us tonight, emma. thank you. support continues to stream man for the victims of the vt. a mass shooting today, members of the south bay church spent their sunday comforting and comforting the victims families. ktvu is james taurus has more tonight from sunnyvale each sunday morning, the bay area christian church that's up chairs, benches and tents for its morning masses. it will be its first since wednesday's
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mass shooting. we pray for those who have died by violence throughout the world, and here in san jose, i know i personally have said quite a few tears, you know, watching the news and seeing the different family, each other stories and even just hearing some of the heros is, um nicole dona is a small group leader within the church. heartbroken by this week, police say a shooter killed nine of his co workers at the v t, a rail yard in san jose, wednesday mornings. still putting fathom the fact that my brother will be gone as told by this growing memorial at san jose city hall the community wants to show love. what would i do if i lost my wife, my son? somebody that tragic that quickly? this is what they're starting to do. collecting comforting donations to create care packages for the nine families affected anything from you. of cards, blankets, stuffed animals and books on grief and trauma recovery. i personally have a history struggling with ptsd and trauma, and i know how intense that can be. and one of the things that
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really makes a difference is the support you receive after experiencing a trauma. dona says she has already connected with evita, who was welcoming her project. the church says it's happy to do what it can to help anyone suffering from the tragedy at the v to move on, knowing they have a community behind them. when one part of us hurts. we all hurt church volunteers say whatever donations they collected this week, they'll organize and package them next weekend to get them prepared and delivered to vita in san jose. i'm james torres ktvu. fox two news and our coverage of the vt. shootings continues on our website ktvu dot com. you go find the latest developments right there on our home page, more and more people are taking to the skies and the roads traveling after more than a year for being stuck at home. so where the roads and airports crowded this big travel weekend, and how does it compare to past years? also things will get steamy tomorrow. as bill told us we could see triple digits. look at how people are trying
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to stake cool over the three day weekend and how president biden mark this memorial day and why the state is a diff the tea. a reported its higt
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number of travelers since the pandemic began with more than 1.9 million people taking to the skies for the memorial day weekend last year. this time the t s a screen just 327,000
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passengers at its checkpoints. guys are busy, but most americans are traveling by car over the long holiday weekend, triple a estimates more than 37 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home between may 27th and may 31st. that's an increase of 60% compared to memorial day last year when the nation was in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. the surgeon travel is a welcome relief for many businesses that have been struggling to stay afloat over the past year and a half after being closed for months and then dealing with capacity limits many business owners say they are thrilled to welcome back customers. we don't have any official numbers of how many people in the bay area took to the skies this holiday weekend, but we did speak with oakland international airport, and here's what they're projecting from may 27th 2 june first, the airport is expecting 130,000 travelers last year when we were neck deep in the pandemic, the airport only had 22,000 travelers over the holiday weekend. pre pandemic. oakland's airport saw 210,000
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travelers in 29. 18 the chp says they have had a busy memorial day weekend so far their maximum enforcement period began at six p.m. on friday. they made more than 600 dy arrest statewide, and it continues through tomorrow. triple digit heat for memorial day. we're used to seeing those numbers late in summer, but the end of may ktvu is greg ligon shows us what people did today to try to stay cool. with surging temperatures this memorial day weekend reopening of six flags hurricane harbor and conquered could not have come at a more opportune time yesterday, today and tomorrow, the entire world day weekend. we are essentially sold out or at capacity. as inland bay area temperatures begin to swell people are searching for ways to cool down and what better way than a lazy river ride or a slip and slide down. one of the many attractions been really hot, so excited. go in the water slides. they seem really
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fun. been here before. they're really fun. where here trying to refresh ourselves and try to stay cool, enjoying the end of schools and celebrating hot weather and covid restrictions limiting capacity to just 25% made it easy for the park to fill. look, the attraction sits within a large, peach colored swath of a heat advisory stretching from north of clear like to gilroy in the south, beginning noon monday, high temperatures and the interior north and east bay are expected to climb well beyond 90, but in spots like walnut creek, it's already hot. well 91 outside right now, it's what the temperature said. during excessive heat. officials urge people to stay hydrated where light loose fitting clothes and stay in shaded or air conditioned places if possible. some have found more flavorful ways to lick the heat. at least psychologically, that's at least my mind says i don't know what the science behind it, but, yeah. ah will feel good, and i think it's all of all in here. brothers taking the boat
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out. that's how they're gonna beat the heat. we thought we'd stop here and get some ice cream. another popular spot, the movie theater where you can get a combo of a c and entertainment. it's where we found this man out front. he says. when the sun is cooking outside, he avoids doing the same inside. especially like cooking on a day like this, you won't be standing in a hot kitchen, so i'll probably sit at home. maybe listen to some music or have a beer or something like that. you know. the heat advisory, which begins at noon monday, is scheduled to end at nine p.m. greg liggins, ktvu fox two news. all right. we're looking at those temperatures. now it did warm up significantly today. tomorrow's gonna warm up further. but today's numbers, you know, you forget that saturday wasn't all that warm, so sunday's temperatures in some cases eclipsed saturday's temperatures by 15 20 degrees in some cases tomorrow will warm up a little bit more seasonal highs from today and you get the you get the feeling. you see where the heat is really in the end of the valleys. tomorrow, of course,
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that he's going to extend itself to the bay and the coast, and we're going to see temperatures, not i don't suspect records, but certainly the warmest or hottest day for many cities that we've seen since october. late october of last year. there's no fog at the coast is pattern sort of limits that quite a bit, so you got clear skies outside right now over now, those will be in the mid upper fifties. you wake up mild and you end up really, really warm when you get into the afternoon hours of the story is, is all always with these high pressure centers with that look leaves, which was it was up there over the you know, friday saturday a bit as that thing leaves the high just balances right into just fills it up in the winds start to come more north northeast earlier north northwest and that gets here sinking. when they're sinks. it warms and that's what's happening. it's starting to happen now, and it will really happen in earnest tomorrow afternoon when that heat advisory goes into effect, current temperatures you see where the heat is. you could see you also see like some of the heat see up here up in here. that's where the air sinking aggressive, the highest built in more strongly up here, so the air sink seymour
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aggressively. it'll be down in our area in the next few hours in temperatures will warm into tomorrow afternoon around the bay. we're going to be plenty of nineties, mid nineties and then if you just skip south eastern north inland, a little bit winters davis back of ill fairfield, you're gonna find yourself into the triple digits. there's that big, broad ridge of high pressure. that's the weather story. it's a one and done which is good news fired. angel elevate the heat advisory is on, but it's not gonna be multiple days there doesn't appear to be appears to be one day tomorrow and then rapid cooling as we get into tuesday, so that's actually a bit of good news. but with that said, fire danger elevates. so we know keep me on high alert tomorrow and i'll be back here with the five day forecast and we'll we'll look at everything. back here. all right, bill seen a bit. firefighters in santa clara county put out an early morning grass fire that appears to be tied to a car crash. that fire started shortly after three this morning on highway nine in saratoga firefighters who arrived on the scene spotted a car 400 ft from the
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roadway that had slammed into a tree that was surrounded by vegetation. the driver is now being treated in the hospital for minor injuries. average of 22 veterans and active duty military day. take their own lives. a sobering fact this memorial day weekend coming up how thousands took to the roads to bring attention to the crisis. many of our american heroes are going through and still had a wild finish at the indianapolis 500, an historic day for the winner. the race highlights and results later in sports. also ahead tonight, a high flying honor in the skies above the bay area for the men and women who have died
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ military and spoke about the anniversary of the death of his
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son, beau, who died of brain cancer on this day. six years ago. both served in the delaware army national guard. the president attended the memorial day observance at war memorial plaza in newcastle, delaware, the chief executive, thank members of the military for their service and offered his condolences to grieving families who have lost loved ones in the line of duty. folks, you know, despite all the pain, i know the pride you feel. and the love one. and, uh, that you lost and those who are still serving, pried into bravery in the service to our great american experiment. our military community is the solid spine of this country story. the spine of the nation, the president called for the country to come together on this day of remembrance
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tomorrow. memorial day is a federal holiday. that means all government offices, including the postal service in courts are closed. there's no delivery service by amazon, fedex or ups, either. thanks and public schools also closed and there is no trading on the u. s stock markets tomorrow. today 19 aircraft took to the skies above the bay area for the memorial squadrons annual memorial day. commemoration flight. planes were honoring military bet trends. they left the livermore airport this afternoon and flew information over six spots around the bay area, including the san francisco veteran's cemetery and the uss hornet in alimony. data, holiday flyovers or just one way. the memorial squadron helps expose people to aviation will honoring veterans and today, people who watch the flyover said events such as these are a time to remember all who served our country memorial day is just it's a matter of remembrance and respect. um there is almost no
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one who doesn't have their life touched by a veteran on duh. you thankful for the ones to come back and you remember the ones that don't. many memorial day events are planned for tomorrow, including an 11 a.m. remembrance ceremony aboard the uss hornet in alameda biker is out in a show of support for our nation's veterans as they honored our troops this memorial day weekend, the annual rolling to remember ride shifted into high gear to call attention to critical issues facing veterans. box news, david spot reports now from washington. this is something riders from across the country look forward to each year earlier today at robert f. kennedy stadium in washington, d. c several 1000 riders left this area to tour our nation's capital to honor those who served and remember our veterans. specifically this group is here today at rfk stadium to remember those veterans who specifically died by suicide and vets, the organization running today's
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event, says around 22 veterans die each day by suicide. think about that number today is to bring awareness to that sad statistic. average of 22 veterans and active duty military at day take their own lives, and we feel that now that they're also missing in action, we feel that even though we're not going to get them back what we're trying to avoid others i got back from iraq in 2009 by 2010. i was divorced, medically retired from the military, and i was that guy with a shotgun in my mouth. a friend of mine caught me talked me off the wall sat there all day with me. i got help. that's what i want to spread the message that it's okay to get help for nearly three decades. the event was called rolling thunder. that group has since dissipated. now it's rolling to remember the event was supposed to kick off at the pentagon, but because of covid-19 pentagon officials did not allow a permit. that's why it left from rfk stadium. in
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washington, d. c david spun fox news for the july celebrated in september. at least that's what's going to happen in danville, the city's fourth of july parade has been pushed back to labor day weekend with california set to fully reopen from covid restrictions. june 15th, the town and the qantas club of san ramon valley were not able to properly prepare in time for the fourth of july there prayed routinely draws about 40,000 people and requires months of planning and coordination to make sure everything said to go, the parade will take place on september 4th, a traditional celebration in san francisco, changes. why this year's carnival look different than in years past the covid carnival next, a police manhunt is underway after three suspects jumped out of an suv in this parking lot and opened fire outside of a banquet hall. i'm phil keating with the latest on
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is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit
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another violent weekend in america. police are working to track down the gunmen who carried out a mass shooting outside a crowded banquet hall early this morning in florida. at least two people are dead and at least 20 more are injured after several shooters opened fire on a crowd in south florida fox news, phil keating is in miami dade county with the latest. manhunt is underway after a deadly shooting in florida. gunfire rang out early sunday morning outside of a banquet hall in miami dade county, where a release party for a local rapper was going on, police said. a small crowd was gathered outside the venue when three suspects drove up in a white suv and started shooting indiscriminately with assault rifles and handguns.
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unfortunately multiple people were shot. as of right now we have 20 to 25 victims at various hospitals around the community, as well as. two deceased victims on the scene. authorities believe the shooting was targeted. the miami dade police department is asking anyone with information about the suspects to come forward. a television personality from the area is also offering a $100,000 reward to help authorities arrest and convict those responsible for the shooting. this type of gun violence has to stop every weekend. it's the same thing. this is targeted. this is definitely not random. um i've my condolences to the families and. the victim's parents of the wounded were distraught as they waited to hear updates of their loved ones. conditions angelica green says her 24 year old son was shot in the stomach but is in stable condition. they say the guys came with ski masks pretty and just started shooting up the files, so i don't believe that there was anyone specifically targeted.
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mass shootings have skyrocketed in the united states ever since the nation's started re opening, according to the gun violence archive in the first off. 132 days of this year, there were more than 200 mass shootings in miami dade county. phil keating, fox news. benjamin netanyahu's time is the longest serving prime minister of israel may be drawing to a close right wing opponent, neftali bennett announced this evening that his party is forming a coalition with the centrist party and its leader, bennett said it will be a government of compromise. netanyahu called it a government of surrender and an address tonight, bennett told israelis he is joining the new government to prevent 1/5 round of elections and rescue the country from spin. netanyahu has served as prime minister. the last 12 years longer than any prime minister in israel's history. this memorial day weekend as the country honors its heroes, politicians are not taking a break from addressing
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president biden's proposed $6 trillion budget. box news, mark meredith tells us democrats say the spending that the president's plan calling for is necessary, but republicans say the plan could eventually leave the nation bankrupt. the white house is trying to whip up support for massive new spending and tax sites. this all comes after the president released his first ever budget on friday. he's calling for some $6 trillion in spending as democrats claim now's the time to spend big. you can't get something for nothing and in the near term, we know that we need to make major investments in our roads and bridges in our education in our health, we can't afford not to do these things. republicans argue the price tag alone could bankrupt the country. they point to rising inflate. and as a warning sign the economy may be in trouble under under biden's vision, he will see his greater command and control over the lives and livelihood of american citizens while completely ignoring how massive government spending will have on america's pain, mortar put
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food on their tables, gas in their cars and clothes on their backs. as for the president, he spend his holiday weekend in delaware in addition to marking the six year anniversary of his son bo's death, he urged the country to remember those americans who've paid. the ultimate sacrifice. i hope that the nation comes together. we're not democrats republicans today. we're americans or americans have given their life. the president's going to be speaking again on monday, he's gonna be delivering remarks on memorial day at arlington national cemetery, traveling with the president in wilmington, delaware. mark meredith. fox news. texas democrats walked out of the state house tonight to block passage of a restrictive voting bill. the democratic walkout came just before the midnight deadline to pass legislation. the bill would have made it harder to vote by mail empowered partisan poll watchers and made it easier to overturn election results. it was considered one of the most stringent voting bills in the
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nation. republican governor greg abbott swiftly said he would call a special session later this year to try to pass the voting bill again now that. latest on the coronavirus and vaccination progress in california. nearly two thirds of eligible california residents have now received at least one dose of the covid vaccine, new figures show 51% are fully vaccinated. 12.8% are partially vaccinated and the seven day positivity rate has dropped again. 2.8% in san francisco today, a free covid-19 vaccine and resource is fair to place in the mission instead of the traditional carnival celebration. yes so we're taking our vaccinations to the community trying to go on developing outreach plan to take vaccines to our people and not expecting them to come to these big big centers that are out of their way and our high barrier on difficult to access the traditional carnival celebration with a parade, dancers, food and huge crowds
10:36 pm
was canceled this year because of the pandemic. this weekend's event, however, included community resource booths. entertainment a job fair and plenty of vendor. there's a bittersweet accomplishment by a 98 year old bay area man. he was able to publish his first book, which is a love letter. to his long time white heat advisory for the bay area tomorrow. it's gonna verify we're gonna find numbers into the low one hundreds and our warmest inland valleys. i'll have the details when i return. also ahead tonight. small business is still reeling from kobe, and the struggle is real, coming up a deep dive into unemployment numbers and what it means for small business.
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is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit batteries and first aid kit are a good start for many small businesses. ktvu
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tom vacar has the latest numbers that show small businesses here in california are struggling to gain traction to recover. re opening and recovery hopes notwithstanding, california small business community 4.1 million businesses and all continues to wrestle with lingering damage. while most have survived. others are still very much struggling to survive. the unofficial count is not yet fully known. it's likely that hundreds of thousands of businesses and the jobs they supported are gone forever. small business revenues in california continue to be down over 30. since the start of the pandemic and small business openings since the start of the pandemic are down over 38% chances, bernick since last november, this small business recovery has flatlined even though. we've had these gradual re openings. the numbers for small, both small business revenues and small business
10:40 pm
openings haven't really improved. so that leaves many of california's two million plus still unemployed workers wanting to work in a bind. last week, california received 70,000 new unemployment claims well above other states per capita we have about 11.7. the nation's civilian labor force. last week we had over 15% of all the nation's unemployment insurance plants. california did gain 100,000 jobs last month, has more counties when did the less restrictions but california's unemployment rate, which remains a very high 8.3. has exceeded on lee by hawaii's 8.5% that indicates that many workers laid off from small businesses will remain unemployed without a major small business revival and rebound. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. he is 98 years old
10:41 pm
and just published his first book. it's a love story about his life and his beloved wife. be approaching 98 years old, and i thought i should write about knowing in the world i felt should know about nelly. ah the love story with a touching messages coming up next and take a look at this. a stunning sunset tonight was captured by our camera on sutro tower coming up, chief meteorologist bill martin's going to tell us that more hot weather is
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this month we have profiled some local asian americans and their contributions to their communities loom or is 98 years old and just published his
10:44 pm
first book, he is a third generation chinese american, ah world war two veteran who has faced a lot of challenges in his life. and while there are countless stories he can tell our claudine wong tells us, there is only one thing lou really wants to talk about. lou moore will tell you he always imagined that after finishing his book, he would sit with his wife, nellie, and read about their love story together. well, it wasn't meant to be lonely, passed away before i could finish and so surrounded by pictures of the woman he has loved for three quarters of a century. he finished their story in his book eternal love, because, nellie was my life, um, we will both approaching 98 years old and i thought. should write about nellie, then that's the world i felt should know about knowing his book winds
10:45 pm
through their lives and through history. born in san francisco, raised in brooklyn, lou served in world war two nelly and her family survived life in a japanese internment camp on the fact that was she was of japanese descent. second generation. and i was a chinese third generation and shortly after the war, it was amazing that we saw each other and fell in love without too many words for them without the typical courtship. liu remembers the first time he saw nellie. it was 1946 a chorus line, and i couldn't let woz over. and i did not see her again until julia 1 1946 when she was having a cup of coffee at hanson's drugstore, watching that he asked her if
10:46 pm
you could sit down, she said. yes the next day, he says he kissed her 10. days later, they married. and when i asked her. to marry may just does. i want to be your wife, which airs in each other, and we devoted each other to death. but i don't think any couple has ever experienced in our lifetime. we were married for 74 years in his book, eternal love, lou talks about their friendship with actor ernest borgnine, their careers and struggles, but everything comes back to nellie and their love. she died october 18 2020, and it brought tears to both of our eyes. as he remembered that last day rush to look but i touched off
10:47 pm
and still felt soft and tender. and when i. bend over the hill, sir, i was shocked. i saw tears in her eyes. and i scream. she's not dead. she's not dead. she's not dead. she's alive. she's crying. but the this that was with me said this morning those are not her tear. this was your cheers. your cheers have touched on face book is a tribute and in its pages, he is with his nellie again, and i always believe yeah. as you have noted that one day i would really chuffed to heavens and we will be. you hear the together together again to hug
10:48 pm
and so horrible and tell the second phase. of turning yeah, blue will tell you their love story is just beginning. claudine wong ktvu fox two news. mm hmm. and more tells claudine. he has been thrilled by the response that he's received about his book and by the group of people who came together to get it. published and june 1st by the way, this tuesday marks 75 years since the more sat down for their first cup of coffee. oh no, that was a beautiful story, and we'll certainly clouding a great job she did on that. okay, i'll follow that. that's a tough one. okay, so the high pressure is building in the winds are going to start coming a little bit more northerly as they come around this high and they'll start to sink. that's what's happening now. that's why tomorrow is going to be such a very warm to hot day. we've got temperatures in the
10:49 pm
inland valleys already experiencing some subsidence or sinking. you can kind of see this area of warmth in here and so that whole area is going to extend down into here is we go into the morning hours and in towards the coast as well. it's 60 degrees warmer and conquer than it was last night. this time, there's the broad ridge of high pressure. i think you could probably see it here, just going up over the top of the high centered here in these winds, surface winds are gonna start doing that, and that's can be. it is a high fire danger pattern, except we're not seeing the robust wins and fortunately for us, it's a one and done kind of deal. it's not multiple days of this, which was we've seen that and we will see that that's you know. but we don't have the diablo wins or the offshore winds that could make this exacerbate this situation. we do have a little bit of wind, but we're not expecting expecting any kind of wind advisories or any high elevation wins. they're gonna shoot could cause a problem. but without said, it's hot tomorrow. it's dry tomorrow. the fuels are dry the soils or dry because of the drought situation rin, so it's not hard to start a fire. it would be
10:50 pm
hard for one to blow up because we don't have the big wins, but it would be hard. we'll have a couple of small brushfires tomorrow. imagine just by virtue of the and how warm it will be in the morning hours, but it's only one day, okay? and then that heat advisory goes into effect tomorrow around noon for most of us in stays in effect through the rest of the day. the forecast highs tomorrow. so you see the 102 and fairfield the one oh, three out in antioch. it's when you start to go east and north of those points, you're going to find temperatures into the red red bluff. marysville chico, those numbers would be one of 51 of four. maybe even more. that's an excessive heat warning in those areas, so the five day forecast asked. you look at it is kind of unusual because usually we get these heat heat ups like this, and they last couple days, but this this bad boy is gonna drop off quick when you see fog return to the clothes quickly in tuesday's gonna be significantly significantly cooler so that zahovic fel situation because i would hate to see a couple of days the heat with a little bit of wind, and that's not the case so again got to spare their day tomorrow. a heat advisory
10:51 pm
tomorrow it's excessive heat warning in the big valley, and it's a one day deal tuesday should cool off. i'll see you back here at 11. all right. we will see them. bill thank you. if you spent this memorial day weekend camping, you were in good company campgrounds of america, says 18 million families from around the country went camping over the weekend reservations for many campsites have been booked a year in advance. if you didn't pitch a tent this weekend, there's still plenty of time to do so. experts say some four million americans will try camping for a first time this summer. coming up in sports. who says the giants can't beat the dodgers? highlights from the serious finale next in sports, then on the 11 o'clock news. it's an olbate should thes beheld this summer? the battle
10:52 pm
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in sports. what a difference a week makes. last sunday, the giants were lamenting their inability to beat the dodgers on the wrong end of a three game sweep at home. one week later, the giants have their third straight win over l. a after a four game syriza giant fans at dodger stadium already happy with the way the first inning was going one ron was already in when marie so duvan came to the plate with donovan solano on the basis, dubon lifts a clayton kershaw pitch high and deep down the left field line. the ball drinks off the foul pole for a two run homer. do bond waits to see the outcome before he runs the bases that giants put three on the board against kershaw. then in the third, austin, slater added on he times a curse, job breaking pitch and rides it the other way for his seventh homer of the year. the giants in front four nothing. kevin gossman dominating this matchup of the two teams. aces had been in the fourth. no one expected this gossman lines of kershaw pitch in the left for a hit to
10:55 pm
drive and do bond. take a picture of that one. it's the first major league r b i for god's men left the game after six shutout innings, but after the bullpen held on for a 5 to 4 win, gossman is now six and go with the 1.4 e r. a no ticket necessary for some a's fans and plenty of leftovers to scavenge. what's the game's over asian angels wrapping up before game set in oakland scoreless game is scoreless. no more in the second inning. that's jared washed lining one over the fence and right center of cool urban number 12 on the air for walls. the angels on the way to a big inning runners at 2nd and 3rd for david fletcher. it's a soft liner down the left field line. both runs score. fletcher goes to second with a double. the angels added one more in the inning, and that was all they needed. they make the run standard for afforded to women. a split of the syriza the aids had to seattle tomorrow, seagulls will have the stadium to themselves with no people there again until june 8th from tom brady. phil mickelson to
10:56 pm
the winner of today's indy 500. this is becoming the year of the old guy in sports. this year's race looked a lot more like the races of old with better than 135,000 fans there in person for india's 105th running very good race came down to the final few laps 46 year old a leo castro neves and 24 year old alex below battle to the end castro neves, passing pelo with 30 laps to go, still plenty of racing left as they finished in the middle. of lapped cars and castro neves makes history that driver known as spider man did his traditional victor routine, much the enjoyment of the fans. the usual indy kissing of the bricks and the milk bath, and here's the additional history maker castro. neves joins a j. foyt al unser sr and rick mirrors as indies on lee, four time winners mirrors the most recent got his 4th 30 years ago in 1991. a possible serious changing event in game four of the lakers and son series.
10:57 pm
anthony davis goes down awkwardly on this play in the first half. he did not return. davis scored 34 points in both of ella's wins in this series, but had just six today. chris paul been there a few times. paul with the drive pull up for two of his 18. the sun's extending a four point halftime lead to 14. the lakers need to stop here, but jake crowder hits a dagger. three from the corner. phoenix evens the syriza two games, each with the one 192 win. no word your don davis status for game five on tuesday in phoenix, luca don cheech and dallas at home against the clippers, trying to make a stranglehold statement in that syria's lethargic at the start of the seriesul george knocks down three of his 20 points. george scored 18 of them in the first half is the clippers ran to a 16 point lead, and all their lead did was grow. kawai leonard makes it look easy. three of his 29 the clippers roll one of six anyone that serious even now, two games each game five wednesday back in l. a and today's other
10:58 pm
to syria's atlanta is up on the knicks. 3 to 1 after 1 13 96 when kyrie irving's 39 points and 11 rebounds, let brooklyn to a lopsided one over the celtics. the nets in front 3 to 1 in that syriza and we'll leave you with this indiana state against dallas baptist, joshua or dot of indiana state with the foul ball down the right field line cold war of dallas back just heads toward the ball takes advantage of a very short fence down the line. more would not be able to do that with a fence that was any taller. dallas baptists the patriots as i'm sure everybody knows was a 12 to 8 winner. that's something you wouldn't be able to do in a major league park with a much higher fence, you run headfirst into the fence, but it worked there. that was a great catch. so focused. you talk a little bit about the historical significance of relevance of the indy 500 today. what a race well, you know it's funny because a little castor never said, and he kind of brought this up. he said. okay. we had tom brady in the super bowl. we
10:59 pm
had phil mickelson, a 50 year old, the oldest guy to ever win a major on the golf tour in the pj last week. maybe this is the year of the quote old guy and sports. i'm not calling a 46 year 50 year old person an old person that but it's fun to see those veteran guys. let's call them veterans winning those events these last couple of weeks and the crowd. i think i heard like an estimated 104. 1000 people on hand to watch like india. bold it feels good, doesn't it? it does feel very good. all right, joe, thanks so much and coming up next at 11 right there. i'm gonna stop san francisco police officer is brutally attacked by a homeless man. the assault caught on camera, you can see the suspect grabbing the officers hair and then pinning her to the ground as she struggles to get back on her feet. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu fox two starts now. the incident has some people
11:00 pm
calling on local leaders to step up mental health services in the city. hello again, everyone i'm julie julie haener. frank is off tonight. that officer is now recovering from that close call. ktvu is as a smith talked with witnesses about what happened, azenith smith. well, julie, several witnesses reported seeing the man aggressive and yelling. one witness said he blurted out chinese people don't belong here. that's when the police officer stepped in. and then it got violent. i'm gonna stop. turn around that voice telling the man a turnaround belongs to a san francisco police officer she's seen in the video carrying a less lethal beanbag shotgun. as she tells the shirtless man to put his hands on his head. i don't have any weapons video was taken outside the orangey lounge in san francisco's chinatown last friday night, just before seven. the man initially appears compliant, then becomes suddenly violent scene, pushing her grabbing her face covering and uni


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