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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 5, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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witnesses and city leaders say about this attack, plus more water restrictions for residents of one bay area county, but people are being told to do to help save water during the drought, then is the recall effort heats up. several republicans look to unseat governor gavin newsom. we'll have the latest as they hit the campaign trail. the news at noon starts now. this'll is ktvu fox. two news that new good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach san francisco police have arrested a suspect in a double stabbing that injured two asian women. this happened in the downtown area right near fourth and market and is the latest violent crime in the city where the victims are of asian descent. ktvu elissa harrington has more on the investigation. two women stabbed at a bus stop in downtown san francisco, one of those victims and 85 year old grandmother, this happened on fourth and market street
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tuesday afternoon. it's disgusting. it's just the most sickening thing possible people waiting for the bus. older women. clearly it is asian people who are being targeted. this is a pattern on has to be stopped. supervisor matt haney represents district six, which includes the area where the attack took. likes, he said. asian elders have been attacked over and over again. he's reached out to city agencies and officials to try to put a stop to this. he's also been in touch with the victimsfamilies. they are out of surgery by their families or with them at the hospital, and i'm trying to make sure we do everything we can to support them on their healing. police were first called to the scene tuesday just before five p.m. witnesses saw a man carrying a knife and he stabbed the two women on immunity platform. they were waiting for a bus. ah photo helped lead police to the suspect. he was arrested a couple hours later on eddy street. police have not yet said if they plan to treat this as a hate crime district
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attorney chase a brooding tweeted, saying he was heartbroken. he also wrote, we will not tolerate brutal attacks like this. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. investigation is underway to determine how the fire started at a popular record store on the peninsula. the fire started right around four o'clock this morning at the record man store on el camino real near jefferson avenue. the fire started outside the store, then spread inside. no one was in the building at the time. no one was hurt. the store owner says there is some stroke damage to some of his historic and valuable records, but says they may be salvageable. he's extensive and none nearest bears. i thought it might be. we'll deal with it. whatever it takes, you know we've been here 32 years. we're not. we're not giving up. in fact, anymore to close. investig the record store when the fire started. no one's been arrested
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minutes earlier outside another business there on el camino investigators are looking into whether the two fires may be connected. now that reservoirs are at historically low levels. marin county's largest water district, is asking their customers to reduce water used by 20. interviews allie rasmus joins us live this afternoon with what people just really can't do anymore. well least, i guess, for the next six months at least alley, that's right. mike. the marine municipal water district is calling on all its residential and business customers to cut their water use by 20% the district voted vienna's mew nan imus lee to approve new restrictions at their meeting yesterday, so effective immediately, customers of the marine municipal water district should start limiting spray sprinkler use to just two days a week drip irrigation spring. colors could be run just three days a week. people are also being asked to cover their pools and spas to prevent evaporation when they're not in use, and that's in addition to drought restrictions announcement last month, which includes ah, ban on washing cars at home, washing driveways and using
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water hoses without a nozzle. the district provides water to 190,000 residents in southern and central marin county water levels, and it's seven reservoirs are at their lowest point in 40 years with only half of the normal water supply for this time of year. 2020 was the second driest year in 90 years, so our rainfall levels or even lower than they were in the draught of the 19 seventies, so we are on track to become a drought of record even simple changes to your daily routine can make a difference. shorter showers, doing dishes and laundry only when you have full loads. sticking a bucket in the shower while you wait for the water to heat up, and then we using that water for irrigation. i'm reallye of fires, and i understand we using recycled water. when you wash your car instead of at home, take it to a car wash it, recycles it and doing the best i can to help with saving
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water. think it would be useful if we start conserving water now and a bigger way than just voluntary. representatives with marin water district say the best way to reduce water uses by installing drought tolerant landscaping and fixing any plumbing leaks. the water district has a separate set of restrictions for businesses. for example, restaurants must only served water upon request construction sites and mediums can only be watered with gray recycled water, not drinkable water. reporting live, allie rasmus ktvu fox. two news. and here we are. may 5th we have a long road ahead alley. thank you. president by this set an ambitious new vaccine goal and we're learning more about is about how he's trying to get it easier to get americans vaccinated. jonathan syria brings us the latest now from atlanta. our goal by july, 4th is to have 70% of adult
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americans. at least one shot president biden moving the goal post says the biggest vaccination effort in american history expands, the president says he'd like to see 160 million americans fully vaccinated by the fourth of july, and now the white house is shifting its distribution strategy, delivering fewer doses to states where demand has flattened out. most health experts say the president's goal is achievable if he can get young people to see i know we need more young people to be vaccinated. we're seeing a rise in cases among these younger people right now, especially from indoor sports. covid-19 vaccination information. another big part of the strategy will be outreach and communities where there's still skepticism about the vaccines. in some cities, experts are going door to door to answer questions and urge folks to get their shots. obviously, cem. vaccine hesitancy going on, and you know when they know the fax. i think it'll help get them out. but it's vaccination rates increase there's growing confusion about mask wearing
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and social distancing president biden still wearing his mask in public, even though cdc guidelines say it's safe to take it off. if you and those around you are fully vaccinated, drawing criticism from some doctors who say it sends mixed signals if you're fully vaccinated in your around, other people are vaccinated. whether that's party or a cruise ship. you don't need to wear a mask. you just really don't and fizer says in september it expects to ask the fda for approval for its vaccine in children as young as two in atlanta. jonathan serrie ktvu fox two news, john cox, one of the republican candidates for governor in the recall election is in the bay area right now, his so called meet the beast bus tour, made a stop in san francisco this morning. right there on treasure island. he received some attention and his campaign. event just yesterday, deciding to stand next to a £1000 bear. that was at a news conference in sacramento. cox is also said to make a campaign stop today in fremont ktvu political reporter greg lied as
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look at how governor newsome is pushing back against the recall effort. the recall campaign against governor newsome took a new turn one of the gop challengers, john cox, appeared in sacramento with a live £1000 bear to launch his quote. meet the beast bus tour. what's happened to this wonderful, beautiful state politics happen? we chose. beauty over brains. we chose connected and pretty over accomplished and results. his second stuff. the french laundry in yonville businessman hoping to play off the governor's infamous night out during the pandemic a night the effort and an apology from newsome. cox lost the newsome by a historic margin in 2018. his campaign rebranding includes a $5 million ad buy. we need big, beastly changes in sacramento. i'll make him recall the beauty.
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now i enter a different kind of race. arguably my most important one yet. just save california. caitlyn jenner, another gop gubernatorial hopeful, also launched a new ad, generous facing backlash of her own from the lgbtq community. after she told tmz she opposes transgender girls competing in girls sports. we are a no on the recall. it is a waste of time. it is a waste of money. it's divisive at one of his first events directly responding to the recall governor news and picked up the endorsement of two major unions to california professor fema firefighters and international association of firefighters when asked about specific opponents, governor newsome instead talked about the economy or the state's covid response, making it clear he wants that to be the focus, moving forward. greg lee ktvu fox two news. san francisco becomes the first county in the bay area to move into the state least restrictive yellow tear.
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what this means for businesses and the big changes that are coming for mass guidelines, plus. former president trump's facebook ban has been upheld for now i'm lauren blanchard in washington with the company's oversight board says about their decision coming up. and cooler weather on the coast, thanks to this blanket of fog, but they're still warm weather to be found inland. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo has your full forecast.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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police officer in italy. a jury's deliberating the fates of 21 year old finnigan, elder of san francisco and 20 year old christian and tali, your earth of mill valley. they were on vacation in rome two years ago, prosecutors argue, elder stab the plainclothes officer 11 times with a knife and natali north helped him hide the weapon, the to claim they were defending themselves during a drug deal gone bad. if found guilty, they could face life in prison. the judge has indicated the verdicts could come, possibly today or tomorrow. former president donald trump will not be allowed to return to facebook, at least not for now, as lauren blanchard reports. facebook'sida platform. some board members that also had criticism for facebook. facebook's oversight
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board, deciding to uphold the ban on former president trump from facebook and instagram, but there's a catch. the board says facebook did not follow its own policies. quote it is not permissible for facebook to keep a user off the platform for an undefined period with no criteria for when or whether the account will be restored. essentially the board kicked the issue back and said the company has six months to figure out a clear policy. it must either restore mr trump's account, finding that the period of suspension has met its purpose. make the suspension permanent. or suspend the account for a determine it period of time, theo can't have been frozen since the day after the january 6th attack on the capitol, the board found quote in maintaining an unfounded narrative of electoral fraud and persistent calls to action mr trump created on environment where a serious risk of violence was possible. the
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currently 20 member board chosen by facebook is meant to rule independently following the decision, facebook responded quote while these recommendation. these are not binding. we actively sought the board's views on our policies around political figures and will carefully review its recommendations. it's a sad day for america. it's a sad day for facebook, republicans and democrats say the social media giant needs outside regulation. they've gotten too big. it's time that they be broken up. they have had a business model that is a business model big built on making money on misrepresentations. well former president trump remains banned from facebook for now he continues to be permanently banned from twitter in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. it's pretty good looking spring day out there as we check in with meteorologist mark tamayo. and for some cities here, you know a little bit cooler compared to last couple days. yeah, that's there are overall thinking of biking gaussian fogs back coast side, so if you're away from the coast, it's still fairly
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warm day but near the bay and also especially for the beach is definitely noticed that cool down for today and everybody gets the cool down as we head into what your thursday but meantime, backyard, whether lots of sunshine here but the overall trend as we take this into what? your thursday we're cooling things off and then looks like thursday and friday, the two coolest days the week and there we will warm up those temperatures as we head into the weekend. here's a sad the light yesterday, this time member we had lots of clear skies up and down our coastline, but. there's that fog bank hanging out just offshore is becoming closer. so definitely cool down out toward the coastline for half moon bay pacifica, san francisco's ocean beach up in the marin headlands as well, that's having a big impact on temperature of san francisco right now on lee 59 degrees yesterday, san francisco for a high close to 70. it is currently 85 livermore and conquered right now checking in 84 degrees. here's our live cameras you can see looking at above san francisco. we are still in the clear looking out toward downtown but different story out too. or the immediate
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coastline. these air somebody the brother projected lows from this morning, but basically the same deal as we head into a tomorrow morning as well. so shown you buy the forecast for your thursday. as we kind of skipped ahead here, but we're showing you what temperatures most areas will be cool or no eighties. in fact, that should be updated to show you the seventies as we head into your forecast for tomorrow, so every five pressure is moving out of town gradually received the said this system with a cooler patterns set up for today, so foggy coast cooler around the bay and warm the hot inland still temperatures today in the upper eighties close to 90 degrees, and today one of the warmer days of the week you could see 92 fairfield, antioch 90 julie haener. 73 oakland, 68, santa rosa and the lower eighties and san francisco 63 degrees, so definitely some fog a factor right near the media coastline, the shallow marine layer today well, actually deep in a bit, and that will lead to more significant cooling as we head into the weekend. in fact, here is the plan here coming up for your thursday we're going
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to cool things off tomorrow. not too much change into your friday fact, maybe some drizzle over the next couple of mornings and then into the weekend. we're gonna warm things back up by saturday, the warm spots back up into a lease. the mid possibly the upper eighties, and we better organized forecast for that, for all the bums out there on sunday, looks like it's a pretty nice one as well with some clearing skies and some afternoon sunshine by sunday. thank you more still to come. it means more demand, low supply and on the brink of a severe shortage will take a look at the challenges when it comes to the blood supply at
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on mew knee. this woman was riding a five fulton bust last sunday afternoon when a teen or young man set her hair on fire. the attacker and two friends then jumped off the bus at mccallister. other passengers helped the woman and left before police arrived. mexican authorities saying international company will investigate the deadly crash of a metro train in mexico city surveillance camera caught the moment a support structure collapse send in to train cars crashing into the busy roadway below. at least 24. people have died in the incident. the collapse happened on the newest transit line in mexico city, but officials say that line has raised safety concerns in the past. the city's former mayor, who. approved the construction says he will cooperate with the investigation. e blend
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disposition on my part is to be in full condition to cooperate to collaborate and whatever is necessary whatever is required of me. mexico city's current mayor, says an international company that is certified in subway and structural matters will carry out an investigation to determine the exact cause of that crash here in the bay area by area residents voted to pay for bart's safety upgrades for nearly 20 years in 2004 voters passed a $1.3 billion earthquake retrofit plan that allowed bar to complete 35 major retrofit projects. eight of them involved elevated structures throughout the system. then in 2006. seen voters also approved measure r r. $2 billion worth of work that includes rebuilding tracks, but of course, it also looks at the structural integrity of all the elevated lines and all the piers that hold those lines up. each one of those is numbered. each one of those is catalog.
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they're inspected. we know exactly what's going on with every single one of those parts. mossman, jim ellison went on to say that all of the new construction over the past few years has involved state of the art technology. india's foreign minister pulled out a face to face meetings at an international economic conference in london today due to possible exposure to the coronavirus. india now accounts for half of all of the world's covid cases. daily infections in india exceeded 300,000 today for the 14th straight day. the head advisor says his company is donating more than $70 million in medicine and other supplies. we are mobilizing the largest humanitarian relief effort in our company's history, provide urgent and immediate support the patient's been treated in public hospital. the united states and other countries. they're sending aid, including several flights of equipment that left from travis air force base last week. one
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of those planes just landed in new delhi a few hours ago. bay area blood banks, a demand for blood has rebounded to pre pandemic levels but not supply as ktvu deborah villalon reports. they are encouraging people to donate now. e was never a blood donor until i became a blood recipient. emily peters has donated blood at a dozen times and says she needs 20 more to be even in childbirth, with no hint of complications. emily suddenly hemorrhaged and i delivered lucy and i passed out and i basically bled to death 15 minutes after lucy was born, but blood arrived. cooler after cooler 32 units over six hours, all the blood in her body nine times over until emily was stable and came to it was in that moment my doctor came in, and she was crying. and she said, you know, here's what happened. you had to receive all this blood, and that's why
12:25 pm
blood banks are eager for community drives to come back. this one in fairfield filled all 32 slots. set up at the chamber of commerce and offering restaurant gift cards to donors. i haven't donated for a few years, so it's nice to get back in here and donate again. i thought it be great to come in and save a few lives. every donation can save three lives with platelets, plasma or red blood cells. normally san francisco's by talent might collect 40 boxes a day lately. it's half that, you know people already getting a quick little shot to get the covid vaccines. the nonprofit wants newly vaccinated people to know there. no waiting period to donate blood on the bigger the crowd, the better with schools being out with businesses not having employees at their locations, you know they're unable to hold blood drives. emily and lucy left the hospital fully recovered. a little girl who might never have known her mom. it's so scary to think how close i came
12:26 pm
to think that my husband would have been raising my daughter on his own, if not for readily available blood and in time. emily got to meet her 32 bay area donors in person to say thank you to somebody who saved your life and that they didn't even know that they did it. right deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. there are signs that ferry service to angel island may continue. after all. the blue and gold fleet currently runs the ferry, but it planned to end the route because of declining sales. but according to the chronicle, the golden gate bridge district is now in discussions with the state parks department to take over the service of bridge, district spokesperson says an agreement could come within the next few weeks. well to come at noon. trials continue for the youngest age group when it comes to the covid-19 vaccine will talk with the parents of two very young children taking part in the study at stanford, also a mother just heartbroken after the loss of her son, who died in police custody and alameda last month. she gives
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i'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. authorization for children between the ages of two and 11. katie's jana katsuyama spoke with a family and a doctor. a
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doctor. it's stanford taking part in these early trials. okay at eight months old baby. sauron is one of the youngest people in fighters covid-19 clinical trials. his older brother, three year old andl was the first child to get the shot at stanford, which is participating in the study, the two children got their first fizer vaccine shots in mid april and this month will get their second doses on bill and his brother sword and only got 1/10 of other those their parents, xena and oughta via said the two boys didn't have any major side effects. little baby. it's sort and didn't really have any reaction at all. and the andal just had a sore arm and little fatigue the day after, and it all got resolved, the palo alto parents said. they weighed the benefits and the risks, xena said after seeing the vaccine success for adult, she felt it was worth having her children vaccinated. these coronavirus we know that 10 15% off, kids will have known long term side effects on
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a conference call tuesday, five years ceo told investors they might be able to apply for emergency use authorization for children to an older by this fall, we expect to have definite $3 and submit foreign anyway. for two cohorts, including children, 2 to 5 years off aids and 5 to 11 years fades in september. phase three trials for ages five and up, are ready to begin in the next few weeks. and although covid-19 has not been a severe and children, it's still a big concern for their health and the entire u. s population, according to stanford infectious diseases expert dr yvonne maldonado, who's helping to conduct the fizer trial. people under 18, or 85 million% individuals and about 20 to 25% of the u. s. populations so it is really a good group of people to include in vaccination efforts, she says. the child vaccine trials used the same safety protocols as adult trials actually, look at what's called immuno bridging, which is to look at the immune
12:32 pm
responses of the children. to see if their equivalent or better than those in adults participating in the trial often opens up up access to medicines that are not yet available on this is the reason why they send up for it. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. san francisco is now the only bay area county and that yellow tear and with that things are changing in the city. ktvu christian captain explains how the city is updating its guidelines when it comes to wearing masks out in public. in just a matter of days, one of the most visible signs of the pandemic will start to fade as the city loosened its requirements for facial coverings in most settings, vaccinated people outdoors do not need to wear masks, so it is fantastic news. it is such an encouragement. i hope to people to go out and get vaccine if they haven't already because it really opens up the way that we can interact and walk around this city. the order also allowing for some limited indoor interactions as well without masks. so for
12:33 pm
indoors mass are still required, except in certain specific situations, and that includes small groups of people that are meeting where everyone is fully vaccinated following a continuing downward trend in san francisco's covid rates, the governor's office officially bump the city to the least restrictive yellow tear. it is really a big deal, and it is so exciting that we are in yellow tear. it has been such a long time coming. the move means restaurants, movie theaters, offices and jim's cannot open to 50% capacity, we can go back to indoor roller skating. we can go back to the ice skating. we could go toe arcades, we can go to our favorite indoor bars that didn't make not have had outdoor seating, then blinding from san francisco's bar owners alliance says the move is critical to saving hundreds of small businesses around the city. if you combined 25% indoors without food with our ability to serve outside without food, it gives us a
12:34 pm
much needed lifeline. that's all. so symbolically, i think it shows that we're headed in the right direction. and remember there is no green tear. instead the state is looking to remove the color coded tier system entirely on june 15th the target date the governor set for a full statewide reopening christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. school administrators at las lomas high school in walnut creek report no new cases of covid there and more than a week after an outbreak last month, the school says the outbreak started in the last two weeks of april. there were 21 confirmed cases and more than 100 students were in quarantine, the district superintendent says the outbreak stem from an off campus event and that there does not appear to have been any on campus transmission. distance learning will continue this week in vallejo high school after there were two positive covid-19 tests there. a district spokesman says the decision was made last week to close the campus for a week out of an abundance of caution. the
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district says the campus is being thoroughly clean while students are away. the positive tests com san jose police are looking for the driver and a deadly hit and run accident. officers say a man was riding on electric unit cycle right down kuester road near meridian avenue last night when he fell off and was immediately hit by that vehicle. the accident happened just before 10 o'clock, and the victim was pronounced dead there at the scene. so far, his identity has not been released, and officials are asking for anyone with information about the crash with a car involved to contact police. a santa's a family is holding a funeral service tomorrow for two of their loved ones, a brother insists. who died in a car crash last week. this is the very difficult time for me because i lost my two children. 25 year old precious nevis and her 22 year old brother philip were driving home from work last wednesday when their car was hit by a white honda, the driver of the honda at the time
12:36 pm
was being pursued by police instead of stopping. he ran a red light and hit the siblings vehicle. precious boyfriend says he's devastated, but he is leaning on his faith on his friends and family to help him cope. whenever you guys have the chance. hug your loved ones tied and tell him you love him before it's too late, because you know we can't anymore. honda driver 18 year old robert garcia broke his back but is out of the hospital and now in jail yesterday, his bail was set at $1.5 million. he is charged with two counts of murder. we're hearing from the heartbroken mother of a man who died while being detained by police in the city of alameda. ktvu henry lee tells us mario gonzales. his mother wants people to know more about her son, and now he'd been struggling during the pandemic. you know what? cleaning no guy? his sweet, sweet guy. this is
12:37 pm
how it is thorough knowledge, wants her son, mario gonzalez to be remembered the oldest of four s and upbeat. a devoted caregiver for a brother with autism. the father of a four year old son, mario jr. he was a lovely boy human, but now she only has memories of her son. nom broke because i feel feel the pain tomorrow. last month, the 26 year old gonzalez died. being restrained on the ground by alameda police. three officers are now on paid leave while their actions are being investigated. our analysis heart is broken. i need him. i need his company. i need to hear what you say. mommy don't worry about it. i'm great here with you. she feels a full range of emotions but says she has to check herself. i want to cry. i wanna scream. i wanna wanna heat there when i do a lot of stuff, but i'm not going to do that because. no, mario here like that. our knowledge says she has no ill will against the neighbors who called police. they said gonzales was possibly under the
12:38 pm
influence and out of place in a small park near south shore center, one man told the dispatcher doing anything wrong, just scaring my life but are now is angry at the police. she and her family believe officers murdered him. then or what? their way to kill him like that. he was five guy, and then they put him on the ground. it is with the suffocating, she says she wants the world to know the mario she knew at age 12 gonzalez became the man of the house after his parents separated. he deferred plans to go to college and began working to help his mom pay the rent. he sold car parts at autozone. he worked in construction. he helped his mom in the cafe at a gas station. he also became full time caregiver for his brother, efrain, who has autism and is nonverbal know anybody can take care of the special people, some you have something in here and then my son home but most recently lost his job at an italian restaurant, which shut down because of the pandemic. since then, he had no luck finding a job. he became anxious and depressed and took
12:39 pm
medication. he gained weight. our analysis struggling to make sense of it all is that it was, you know is right now my situation is confused. i'm confused, complete the conference a few terrible the weekends always died, was supposed to be a joyous one for him and his siblings. they were set to celebrate their mother's birthday and that of a framed the brother with autism. henry lee ktvu. fox two news, derek showman's attorney has filed a motion for a new trial. the motion filed yesterday says the courts failure to sequester the jurors or admonished them to avoid all media subjected them not only to prejudicial publicity, but also to jury, intimidation or potential fear of retribution. the motion also says the judge should have granted a change of venue request showman was found guilty on all counts for the murder of george floyd. the owner of a gas station and conquered is now dealing with a large clean up after a car slammed right into a gas pump. starting a fire. this happened 5 30 last night at the arco
12:40 pm
station on willow pass road right near farm bureau road. the suv involved in the incident was quickly engulfed in flames. i see this car just driving straight through and just slam into the pump and that unusual athletic they actually hit me, but in reality, they just went to the pumpkin. the punches went up in flames right away. and so i just got super hot and they're about to start running all over the place. two people in the vehicle were taken to the hospital there. conditions have not been released the investigation into what caused the suv to crash is still under way. voters in the town of windsor choosing a new city council member, as the mayor, there is facing sexual assault allegations. all five candidates and this vote by mail special election are calling on the mayor dominic for poli to resign. as many as seven women have now accused for poli of sexual assault. he has denied the allegations and refused to resign. the council seat opened up after for poli was elected mayor last november, ballots had to be turned in by
12:41 pm
eight o'clock last night. the results of the special election should be available early next week still become his new time. severe weather in the southern part of the country. a closer look at the damage and where those storms are headed. next no storms to talk about right here in the bay area's we give you a live look outside. pretty nice spring day, little cooler. compared to yesterday out there on the coast but still warm inland. we'll check back in with mark tamayo, who's got some change is headed our way and a peak of that now it. is a r
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gavin newsom is emergency powers during the coronavirus pandemic, three appeals court judges in sacramento overturned a lower court that said newsome overstepped his authority. this case resulted from a lawsuit brought by two republican state legislators. they claim governor newsome's emergency orders amounted to one man rule. the appeals court says the governor acted within the broad emergency authority granted him in times of prices to legislators say they'll appeal to the state supreme court. a brush fire burned three acres along the side of interstate 80 in solano county. fire started yesterday afternoon near the town of cordelia. thick smoke from the fire force the chp to shut down the freeway between american canyon road and red top road for about an hour. no injuries were reported. one car was damaged. heavy rain, strong gusty winds and tornadoes. many communities across the southern part of the country and cleanup is currently underway. jonathan hunt shows us the devastation.
12:45 pm
you could see all the all the debris that thems that came in the house. it's a similar scene across the south communities are cleaning up debris after severe storms moved through the region, heavy rain and high winds carving a path of destruction from texas to virginia. in birmingham, alabama, heavy downpour dropped roughly half of foot of rain before moving east residents words to stay home as floodwaters and debris covered roads in homewood, alabama, a fire department rescue team paddled through the parking lot of an apartment building to reach people trapped on the first floor. we have a strong current coming through the parking lot and the only path that they would have out of their apartment would be through that current strong winds and heavy rain also. their way through jackson, mississippi. on tuesday. the storm, leaving behind a trail of tree branches and leaves on
12:46 pm
in texas, people are recovering from a serious of tornadoes earlier this week, the national weather service confirmed five tornadoes touched down in the northern part of the state monday night. two of them carried estimated winds of 130 mph. houses some mobile homes that are completely upside down houses with no roofs on him at all, just just demolished. the national weather service says this line of storms is expected to weaken as it moves towards the east coast. jonathan hunt, ktvu fox two news. well, not a breeze to be found here in the east be where i am, but mark tamayo cuts a pretty decent wind up in the north bay, don't you? yeah, a little bit of a breeze here. on fact, i'll just step out of the way gossip. see the long we mowed over over the weekend, and they did some breaking and you could see the tree moving around a bit as well. so mark that's the
12:47 pm
backyard backyard weather report for you this afternoon and we are expecting the winds to pick up across the region and later on today, the wind is also linked up with the fog. i believe we have a live camera showing you. be a fog from our san francisco camera and the fog. definitely making a comeback is about 150 miles out to our west yesterday, drifting closer to our coastline. so where it's foggy as you know it, zz forecast. it's a lot cooler, and that's the reality for the coastal spots for today, even right around the bay. everybody will notice that cool down as we head into your forecast tomorrow. take a look at the maps right now is you can't see you heard about cross all the severe weather across parts of the south right now. looks like we have some showers and thunderstorms moving into portions of florida approaching georgia. maybe later on today for us, though you could see actually a system offshore, but unfortunately no what? no hopes of rainfall for us here in the bay area's who put this an emotion. we're looking long range and has been such a disappointing rainfall season and all we can show you here is maybe point out. two up along
12:48 pm
the north coast over over the next few days and into a next week. for today, though, we'll call it a warm wednesday. coastal spots early, cooling off the quite a bit another warm day inland, upper eighties too, right around 90 degrees. here's a satellite where you can't see the fog hanging out near the immediate coastline. so this almost looks like a summertime weather pattern as we head into june or july. of course, it's may and this is this what we have for today, so cloudy toward half moon bay pacifica, san francisco's ocean beach out toward the marin headlands and current numbers where it's sunny, it's fairly warm. in fact, it's hot out toward fairfield right now, already 90 degrees lots of eighties well inland and a bit cooler out toward oakland out towards san francisco and sfo. not too foggy camera just a few miles away about toward the coast. we're showing you more such over downtown san francisco and looking out toward the east bay hills. so this hot weather pattern is kind of moving out of town. so today we begin to cool things off near the immediate coastline but still warm the hot inland this onshore flow
12:49 pm
increases that'll kind of link up with deeper marine layer and that will lead to the cool down as we head into with thursday for this afternoon, lower nineties for the hot spots, san jose will go 82 degrees. oakland 68 santa rosa 82 in san francisco and forecast i've 63 degrees. look ahead a bit cooler as we head into your thursday and friday. what about the weekend? i'm gonna warm things back up by saturday, with the temperatures kind of holding steady as we had in the sunday of course, a very important day. for all the moms out there looks like well blocks of sunshine here in the bay area, mark. thank you. faculty at mills college in oakland have approved a motion of no confidence in the school's administration. in another show of resistance to closing that school on monday. 73% of the voting faculty passed the motion against the provost, president and executive committee of the board of trustees. most college announced in march it would likely hand out its final degrees in 2023 pellet on is recalling its treadmills over safety concerns after the death
12:50 pm
of a child and dozens of others reporting injuries. the company initially denied it was at fault. della donne is recalling its tread and tread plus treadmills. the company has agreed to give full refunds for the $4300 machines and. this comes after the company spent weeks fighting a potential recall calling the warnings misleading. you think of the mile celebrations are expected across the bay area today, but due to the pandemic, it won't likely be what we've seen in the past. so the extra precautions being taken in the south bay especially to make sure things don't get out of sure things don't get out of control. after my car accident, sure thi wondered what my of was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, our r inry a attneysys wk hahard i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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moms know best. that's why they trust crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america.
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day. mayo. the department says it will have extra officers out patrolling the downtown area tonight. police say that drivers can also expect traffic diversions it downtown and much of the city. as they're trying to reduce gridlock along major
12:54 pm
roadways. typically sick of the maya draws large crowds in san jose, and police are asking everyone to celebrate safely and responsibly. cinco de mayo celebrates the date of the mexican army's 18 62 victory over france at the battle of puebla during the franco mexican war. san matteo county officials said they hoped that some steep new fines will send a message about the use of illegal fireworks. at the meeting yesterday, the board of supervisors unanimously agreed to increase fines for violating county fireworks ordinances from 100 to $1000 to board said the fines that had been in place for 35 years needed to be updated due to heightened fire, danger safety issues and the upcoming fourth of july holiday. any bay area businesses. specifically restaurants are looking forward to a rebound in business. but many restaurant owners say they are having some trouble hiring ktvu jesse gary reports on the challenges. restaurants are coming across finding more employees. we're not seeing you know, as many folks applying for those jobs, but it hasn't
12:55 pm
been easy and it's definitely i know there's a huge shortage of a little bit more senior chefs. this is the reality facing restaurant tours on a mission to find help job openings, filling pages and pages on some employment websites is good time to get into the company that you'd like to get into on that you expect is. going to do well in the recovery day with joel ashley. is getting put through the paces as part of training. he's one of the few new hires rock bottom brewery manager nick forbes could snag it is a challenge finding people at the time, but we've been doing pretty good, and we're just looking for more and more people all the time. the other industry search is for federal dollars as part of the newly implemented restaurant revitalization fund upwards of $30 billion targeted to help owners rebound from closed doors and half empty dining rooms. how much of a lifeline is it to have this program? it's critical. i've been
12:56 pm
personally very to san francisco haunts she spentml inclusion in a 21 day preferential period for women and minority owners. will help reverse red ink on her books, these air grants and if you get it, it's a much broader, acceptable set of uses this revitalization fund can be important to those restaurants were able to get money from it. restaurant industry losses are estimated at well over $100 billion and the relief fund just $30 billion, meaning some could be left out unless congress reauthorizes more money in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news rouz three biggest bay area airports. air traffic is up since the first of the year. officials out at mineta san jose international report having more passengers pass through the terminals in march compared to any time since the start of the pandemic. oakland international says it had nearly 200,000 more passengers last month compared
12:57 pm
to the month of january, and san francisco international says it had twice as many passengers in april compared to january. over all the numbers, though, are still lower than before the pandemic. different type of covid vaccination clinic now open and venetia, you'll get a shot and also some pizza organizers say the offers a way to get more young people vaccinated people ages 18 to 49 account for 55% of all confirmed covid cases in solano county, which is the only berry account is still in the red tear. the clinic is that the british, a senior center, it's administering the visor vaccine and offering gift cards for pizza. today two people 16 to 24 years old. let's welcome for those that are 16 24. come down and get your vaccine. you're signed up to get a $25 pizza gift card from one of our. five pizzerias hearing venetia. vaccination clinic is open at the finish a senior center on east l street until two o'clock this afternoon, the seattle mariners became the first team
12:58 pm
in major league baseball to offer covid vaccines to fans at home games. he made it easy to do so vaccines were offered on a walk up basis of three locations in t mobile park can forgive it, a choice of the single dose johnson and johnson vaccine or a first dose of the modern a vaccine. there's it took them a during a shot will be able to schedule their second dose at one of seattle's community vaccination sites around that city. san francisco 49ers in santa clara county held a special ceremony to celebrate fully vaccinated more than 68,000 people out at levi stadium. that is enough to fill the entire stadium. susan john borough of mountain view, had the official 68,500 does she got to hang out with salad? oh, sam and sounded stadiums foghorn general manager john lynched offered his thanks. all the staff, the county volunteers, the county officials that were responsible for allowing this to go down and making this such a success and everyone in the community who took advantage of it. i
12:59 pm
congratulate you. i thank you. nearly 10% of all santa clara county residents who have been vaccinated in the county received their shots right there. at levi stadium, the monterey bay aquarium. well welcome back guests buy your tickets online right now, but you will have to pick a specific dane. time from the 15 through the 31st. the aquarium will be open monday through thursday through monday and starting june 1st. it'll be open seven days a week. the aquarium is currently open to members only. san francisco firefighters rescued an owl that was stuck in a tree with its wing caught in some twine. the great horned owl was being attacked by crows yesterday. mclaren park it's otherwise. okay the al was taken to the peninsula humane society treatment mike firefighters, they do everything they do it all, especially there in san francisco. good group. they're good group everywhere and thank you for what you guys and women do. all right, coming up next, dr oz, we'll see you back here for our next news. gassed at
1:00 pm
four o'clock. enjoy the afternoon, everyone. now that ie dropping, vaccination rates aree rising and outdoor masks are coming off. is this the end of the pandemic? i am sitting down with the director of the cdc dr. rochelle walensky to bring you an insiders take on the future of covid-19. >> we've used the pandemic as a way to get closer. dr. oz: wayne brady on the unusual way he coped during quarantine. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ ♪ dr. oz: is this the end of the pandemic? it's the question a lot of you are asking now that infection rates are dropping. vaccination rates are on the rise, and masks are coming off. it feels like americans are ready to move on, but is it done with us?


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