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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 23, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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what we're learning about this investigation as employees are told to shelter in place. also new information on the mass shooting at a supermarket in boulder, colorado, how people are paying respects to the 10 people killed and the latest on the suspect, who is now charged with 10 counts of murder. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox. two news that new and good afternoon everyone i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian will begin with the latest on breaking news unfolding in yonville, where the veterans home campus has been shut down, and employees have either been told to evacuate or shelter in place we see from up above sky fox giving us a good look at all the law enforcement there at the scene. ktvu tom baker has been live on the ground all morning and is live now, tom to bring us the latest. well, the napa sheriff's office has just said that the police activity here has concluded. which is to
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say they're not. they're leaving rather than you know coming, which they've been doing all morning. you just see some right here. here's this truck. he was just turned around, so they're not letting anybody back in just yet. and the reason they're not letting anybody back in is because of the concern that there's still something that they need to clear before they let people back in now, let me go through what happened today. 7 30 this morning 911 calls from the california veterans home in napa valley, john phil reports of a possible shooter, perhaps a woman and that led to a total lockdown, which has taken place all morning long. there was a massive chp police swat teams, local police agencies response, including many fire units, i personally have counted more than 40 units, including a couple of armored units, a massive search one on all morning long, with many units leaving about 11 a.m. this morning, but the last of them seeming to be leaving now. best
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we know no sub suspect was found, but we did speak to the husband of one of the veterans, home workers and two volunteers. see what's he wouldn't same thing happen to go three years ago? she was thinks it was working thing. same scenario, have you talked to her since in? yeah they were able to us on the same building where the woman was walking around, and she called me less 9 45. they were able to move her to a different building. hmm just to be saved, but it's just a shame because this is such a wonderful facility and my wife and i have been volunteering here for years. we've gotten to know some of the staff. so you know, i feel really saddened by what might be going on again today. well, i think this has been such a traumatic experience three years ago. they don't need to go through this again. thank god you're on. of course, this is very much reminiscent of what happened three years ago when there were multiple murders up here in
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much the very same scenario that certainly explains part of the massive response. the other thing is just the horrific shooting in colorado. that took place. you know, just almost a day ago, and that was a very, very bad situation and made i think the tensions here a lot higher. as far as we know. nobody has been found yet. they continue this. search at some level, but at this point in time, the police activity is mostly cleared, but people are still not being let back in. that is the situation here. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news, all right, tom. thank you. the names of the 10 people who were shot and killed at that supermarket in boulder, colorado, have now been released at a news conference just this morning that we carried live for you on mornings on two. police also identified the suspected gunman and the 21 year old is now charged with 10 counts of murder. ktvu is james tourists has the story. 10 lives lost 10, friends, neighbors, sisters,
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brothers parents, colleagues, elected leaders from several levels offer their condolences and shared heartbreak this morning from the boulder police department. it's where the city's police chief read off the names of the 10 killed and a grocery store rampage, denny strong, 20 years old nevin students key 23 ricky odds 25 alona bar con of the yak 49 suzanne fountain, 59 terry liker 51. officer eric talley 51 kevin mahoney 61. and murray 62. jody waters, 65 flags barely risen from half staff from a mass shooting a week ago in atlanta. there a gunman shot and killed eight people,
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including six asian women, president joe biden, saying this morning new legislation like a ban on assault weapons and increased background checks are needed. i don't need to wait another minute, let alone an hour. to take common sense steps. i'll save the lives in the future and the urge my colleagues in the house and senate to act. we can ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines, the community and bolder morning and honoring those lost a patrol car place behind elected leaders to remember officer eric tally a member of the department for about 11 years, this officer had seven children ages 5 18. i just had that officers pull family in my office two weeks ago to give him an award. police now investigating the suspect, 21 year old amant elissa, still recovering from the hospital after receiving a gunshot wound to the leg, he'll face 10 counts of first degree murder
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and be booked into the boulder county jail after he's cleared by doctors. i promise you that all of us here worked tirelessly to support you and help you through this process and also to make sure that the killer is held. absolutely and fully accountable for what he did. police have not confirmed if the person seen walking with officers outside the grocery store. what they bloody leg and shirtless is elicit. but they say booking photo will be released once he's in jail, prosecutors say an investigation can last longer than a year. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. california governor gavin newsom offering his condolences to the victims in colorado, writing in a tweet to mass shootings in one week, at least 10 dead in boulder. our hearts ache for all those impacted. we need to come to terms with our gun safety laws in this country every day, more lives are lost to senseless violence. we need national common sense gun laws now, san
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francisco has entered the less restrictive orange tear. santa clara and marin counties are expected to enter the orange tears well, today. san francisco mayor london bridge just talked about the milestone and update that ended moments ago, the mayor talked about how once in the orange tear offices can reopen at 25% capacity. working from home is boring. i want to be around people i want to go hang out with friends after work at restaurants and bars. i want to see the city jumping again. and so san francisco is going to come alive. mayor breed also talked about vaccination rates in the city and county of san francisco, saying 80% of san francisco residents age of 65 up have already received their first dose of the covid vaccine. ktvu allie rasmus live now working for mom. still to explain what this means alley for people and businesses in the city. will santa clara and marin counties are expected to be officially placed in that orange here today and what it means is that more services and activities can either expand or reopened for the first time in
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several months from recreational activities to schools to businesses? jeremy corbyn cafe and san jose was busy this morning, serving up sizzling meals to the breakfast crowd. customers are already allowed to sit indoors. but now the senate claire is in the orange here. they could bring more diners inside up to 50% capacity. a big relief again, right hire more people see more people come in and get back to normal life. oh my god, we're all excited. we need that human contact. we need that socializing. i just love that excitement of everyone getting out there. i do. so you know, everyone stays safe. you know, we use our mass other businesses that can expand include bars that don't also serve food. they can reopen outdoors for the first time in months, wineries and jim's can open up to 25% capacity stadiums. 20% theme parks at 15, along with restaurants, theaters. museums can also expand their indoor seating to 50% according to marin county's public health officer. marin county's schools, which are now
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all offering, some sort of in person learning already they can get. closer now to full time now that we're able to actually moved to three ft distance between students that's allowing us potentially to actually have schools fully reopened five days a week to full person learning, you know, in person before the end of the school year, another piece of almost see that we might start seeing, you know, coming back into our lives. and just within the last minute that that story aired. we did get confirmation that santa clara and marin county are officially also in the orange tear. sama. tail county is the only other bay area county already in that tear up prior to today, but wouldn't point out that health officials and all these counties more that even though these rules are being gradually relaxed, they do want people to maintain their vigilance against the virus. pandemic is not over yet, so they're urging people to keep up those social distancing efforts and always where a mask reporting live allie rasmus ktvu, fox two news. good news here at home, but
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ellie a lot of people, fearing that fourth wave we see unfolding other parts of the world. thank you still to come in new in a big announcement from oakland mayor libby shaft, the new program she introduced just today that would lead to monthly payments or hundreds of families in the city of oakland. plus, the feds say there could be problems with the data from astrazeneca's clinical trials of a vaccine awaiting approval here in the u. s i'm jonathan syrian atlanta. i'll have details coming up. and on this tuesday afternoon, the sun is out with warmer weather across much of the bay area's we give you that live look at downtown san francisco. we're going to check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo is gonna have your forecast
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its large scale us trial reporter jonathan serrie has the story from atlanta. there are now more than 81 million americans with at least one dose of covid-19 vaccine, almost one out of every three adults, and the program is still expanding. on monday, astrazeneca announced their vaccine candidate prevented serious infection. 79% of the time in large scale us trials, but hopes for a quick emergency approval faded after officials claim the company submitted outdated information to the feds. i couldn't tell you you
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can rest assured that the fda will put a great deal of scrutiny and every aspect of these data as vaccinations ramp up, we're seeing an increase in the number of new cases with the seven day average, ticking up slightly on tuesday to 54,000 health officials are blaming a combination of fast spreading new strains and the lifting of emergency covid rules. and now some cities and states are considering pausing. they're re opening. it's time to reassess for sure that would be my strong view. while we see what happens with these variants, the focus now is getting as many people vaccinated as possible, and some employers are offering big incentives. one wall street ceo giving $500 bonuses while others are giving customers a reason to get the jab, including crispy cream. which will offer a free doughnut for every customer with a vaccination car. the vaccination is a reward all by itself. that is the reward and staying alive. but that don't know there's just like a little pat on the bag. astrazeneca
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says it's working with an independent review board to validate their data, and the company plans to issue preliminary results from that within 48 hours in atlanta child in serie ktvu fox two news here at home, oakland may soon be the largest city to offer a guarantee. income program in the country, oakland mayor libby schaaf announced today a pilot universal income program, which will distribute $500 a month to 600, oakland family's one of the first guaranteed income programs in the country, was in stockton two years ago. former stockton mayor michael tubbs attended mayor shops announcement. mayor schaaf says that universal basic income payments with no strings attached could help lift people out of poverty and help address income inequality. our vision is an oakland that has closed the racial wealth gap and we're all families thrive. and we believe that guaranteed income. is the most transformative policy that can achieve this vision and whose
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time has come. their shop said the program is privately funded. san francisco is considering a similar program was jacking with rosemary that forecast. my guess is you've already been outside rosemary. you've enjoyed some of the sunshine out there. oh, yeah, it's a gorgeous one out there. mike gasia mikaelian cher's a several degrees above where we were yesterday at this hour and we are expected to be a several degrees above the seasonal average. for many as we get into the second part of the afternoon, how about a live look at what is happening over sfo? plenty of blue sky here. lot of loose gotta go around if it's breezy outside your door. well you're not alone, in addition to the unseasonably warm weather, it's a breezy won around the bay area. it's a windy one in our hills, perhaps along the coastline as well. let's check the numbers. first we have 62 degrees at this hour in santa rosa, 57. san francisco, mid sixties oakland, 60 degrees livermore and 62 with sunny skies over san jose san jose. five degrees warmer right now that yesterday at
12:17 pm
this time by 10 degrees in oakland over areas of the north bay napa, you are six degrees warmer. let's take a look at some of those winds out there in the north bay. send russell reporting a wind gust to 24 closer through the delta into fairfield, travis air force base reporting 35 mile per hour. wind gusts concrete 37 so breezy conditions, gusty conditions and even stronger in our hills. mount diablo reporting 45 mph in the north bay middle peak reporting. 35 mph oakland north reporting 34 no winded wind. sorry, but definitely has some wind out there. this is expected to last for too much for the entire day. there is a wind advisory for the sacramento valley area, and it does stretch in through areas of the delta and the car keenest straight and includes areas like polio and fair filled so that going on until about eight o'clock this evening outside of that, it's a dry day. with those winds coming in from the north and northeast at times and driving our temperatures up. the winds
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will be with us is if we get into the evening hours, even some shade of orange over the higher elevations. and then as we get into your wednesday morning, it does begin to back off. so again the wind advisory for portions of the delta the car kina straight till eight o'clock this evening for the rest of us, we can expect the breezy conditions to last us. well dying it down tomorrow. our afternoon highs coming up 72 the afternoon high for santa rosa today. 66 in san francisco upper sixties and oakland, livermore and san jose. for some. this is a good 5 to 60, even 8 degrees jump. over yesterday's highs yesterday. san francisco only in the upper fifties, so filling a notable change for you there in the north face 71 for napa this afternoon for the inner east based 70 degrees in antioch and around the bay upper sixties to about 70 70 for redwood city along the peninsula. temperatures will be similar, perhaps even slightly warmer. tomorrow we begin to cool down, but it doesn't last temperatures are back up in time for the weekend. better details on this coming up in just a little bit. rosemary
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city soon thank you still become this noontime addressing the digital divide the proposal to fund
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are.
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try ktvu is deborah villalon as the warnings, though, from the health officials as airports across the country are starting to see more people who want to get away. you're commanded to immediately and peacefully.
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disperse spring break chaos brought a state of emergency to miami beach and a state of alarm at the centers for disease control. we are a critical point in this pandemic. ah, fork in the road where we as a country must decide which path we are going to taste bring break just adding to a new high in air travel sunday set a pandemic record at u. s airports. what and a half million people and it's been at least a million every day for almost two weeks. vacations long delayed to mexico and hawaii, especially are boosting sfo numbers to just over 21,000 travelers. on friday, 20,000 was the previous record last summer. we've been vaccinated. we did all the precautions and we feel very comfortable that was glad we're glad we went on the trip. it was worth going. i was really was going to see the whales. i mean, they were fabulous. and i had a client who just got vaccinated and was
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cleared to travel. and it's like where can i go in the next six days, travel advisers are swamped with enquiries, especially as more people are vaccinated. many are making plans for may and beyond. after hearing the president say america would have enough vaccine for everyone. by then. my phone started ringing the next day because people were ready. to start traveling this summer, not waiting for anything close to herd immunity despite warnings about a potential third wave that if you don't take the right actions now we will have another avoidable, serge just as we're seeing in europe right now, but many travelers say life won't wait. this couple is arriving in the bay area to plan their daughter's wedding way, understand the risks and that's why we got the vaccine. but we're pretty comfortable now. fine it's a personal and collective risk. people will decide for themselves, but it seems getaways have never met more sent me a message that they were the happiest they've never been in 25 years. just
12:24 pm
because of this pent up demand being trapped inside for a year. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news a lawsuit against the san francisco unified school district, calling on the district to reopen all schools is moving forward in the courtroom yesterday. the city attorney said that while the school district maybe taking some positive steps with elementary school students, there are no plans for middle or high schoolers to return to class. school district argues that it's working as quickly as they can. the judge assigned to the case said he could issue a ruling, possibly by the end of this week. a southern california lawmaker is introducing a bill meant to help bridge the digital divide. the broadband for all bond active 2022 would help provide more high speed internet access across the state by providing $10 billion to fund broadband infrastructure. california state superintendent of public instruction tony thurman joined lawmakers in supporting the bill today, he added. the bridging the gap will also provide students with much needed mental health resource is we know that our students
12:25 pm
have been impacted by this broad by this by this pandemic in ways that have accelerated their depression, mental health challenges and in many ways, the only way you can connect with your mental health and support team is by having a computer and reliable internet. assembly member al mar souci is behind the latest version of the bill. he says the fund will prioritize underserved low income and rural communities. the measure goes to voters next november in the general election. some changes are coming to the u. s. postal service to help that struggling agency saved money and battled postmaster general lewis to joy this morning announced a 10 year plan for the post office. it includes longer delivery plans, higher prices and cuts to post office hours to joy says the plan seeks to make the post office more competitive and modern. this is an optimistic growth orient approach to our future. that will ensure all places a vital part of the nation's critical infrastructure for years to come. result for the public is
12:26 pm
a modern postal service, which has greater ability to meet the needs of our residential and business customers and too quickly adapted changes in the marketplace. name americans, did you? i was appointed by former president donald trump. last month, president biden nominated three people to fill vacancies on the postal service board of governors. ah move some lawmakers say could lead to do joyce ouster still become his noontime law enforcement agencies responding to the veterans home in yonville. what we're learning about the investigation there at that very large campus, plus, ah colorado community grieves after a mass shooting at a local grocery store on jeff paul in boulder, colorado. all the details coming
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the police activity has concluded at the veterans on campus where a search was underway this morning for an armed woman. there was still a large police presence that what that campus authorities have not yet said if the armed woman has been found this morning, employees were either evacuated from buildings or told to shelter in place. the chp in napa county sheriff's department responded to a report around eight o'clock this morning of a woman with a shotgun. now there are no reports of any shots were fired. there are also no reports that anyone was injured, but it's just a shame because this is
12:30 pm
such a wonderful facility and my wife and i have been volunteering here for years. we've gotten to know some of the staff, so you know, i feel very saddened by what might be going on again today. well i think this has been such a traumatic experience three years ago. they don't need to go through. this again. three years ago, you'll remember a veteran shot and killed three staff members who were mental health workers at the veterans home. the shooter in that case, identified as 36 year old albert wong of sacramento, was found dead along with the three female victims. president biden was briefed this morning by attorney general merrick garland on the mass shooting at the grocery store in boulder, colorado. the president spoke this morning about gun violence around the country, and he is calling on congress to pass an assault weapons ban. i don't need to wait another minute, let alone an hour to take common sense steps. oh save the lives in the future and the urge my colleagues in the house and senate to act we can ban
12:31 pm
assault weapons and high capacity magazines in this country. once again, i got that done when i was a senator. it passed. it was law for the longest time, and it brought down these mass killings believes in boulder now releasing new information about yesterday's shooting, including the names of the 10 victims and the 21 year old suspect, reporter jeff paul as the latest from bowler. our hearts ache for those who lost their lives for their families. a gunman opening fire on a boulder colorado grocery store monday, killing at least 10 people. authorities took a loan suspect into custody. he has been charged with 10 counts of murder in the first degree, and will she be shortly transported the boulder county jail. the first shots rang out yesterday afternoon when the retail area was full of shoppers. witnesses say they didn't know what was happening at first, but then realized the sounds were gunfire. people ran to take shelter in nearby shops, while
12:32 pm
some fled through the back and jumped off the loading dock. don't know what to do when it just grab my phone, start dying dining 911 shots were. being closer into my manager said. let's go. let's go. i was standing at the back. and the first thing i saw is people running towards like the main like entrance like down the aisles. one of the people who died has been identified. his officer eric telly of father of seven. authorities say he was the first to arrive on scene after responding to a call of shots fired. procession for tally was held monday night, where dozens of police and emergency vehicles escorted the ambulance as it carried him away. he was by all accounts, one of the outstanding officers of the boulder police department and his life was cut far too short. monday's mass shooting is this second toe happen in the u. s and less than a week last tuesday, eight people were killed during shootings at atlanta area spaz. authorities say the investigation into monday's mass shooting could take several days in boulder,
12:33 pm
colorado, jeff paul ktvu, fox two news. the mass shooting in boulder has given today's previously scheduled senate judiciary committee hearing on gun violence, some added urgency, lauren blanchard reports from washington d c with the latest developments. tragic. it's absolutely tragic. it's tried it ah grocery store shooting in boulder, colorado on monday kills at least 10, including a police officer one week ago at round atlanta. spot shootings killed 86 were asian women to mass shootings in less than one week. now congress is again taking up the issue of gun control. we've seen too many desperate trips to the emergency room. too many funerals, too many families and communities have been scarred forever by gun violence. we've come to accept it as part of american life. the senate judiciary committee holding a hearing on the constitutional and common sense steps to reduce gun violence, the chairman of the committee says americans in both parties can
12:34 pm
agree. the number of gun deaths are too high. republicans now in the minority in congress, and without the white house have long been protective of second amendment rights. earlier in the month, the house passed two bills. the bipartisan background checks act and the enhanced background checks act of 2021, but their fates are less certain. in the 50 50 split senate, where they need at least 60 votes. the two background check bills recently passed by the house passed on votes that were first chili party line. that is not a good sign. president biden has been briefed on the shooting in colorado. his team says gun reform is needed now that regular sentiment of hearts and prayers are not enough. we need action on this in the country, the senate judiciary committee says. this first hearing will be part of a syriza to come up with proposals to help reduce gun violence in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. and supporters of gun
12:35 pm
control or making a new effort to force the gun industry to comply with california law that requires all bullet casings to be individually identified. this law requires gun manufacturers to use micro stamping technology on new types of handguns introduced in california. the goal is to be able to link bullet casings to the guns that fired them, according to the mercury news to get around this law, gun makers have not introduced new gun models in california since the law passed in 2007, a newly proposed bill would expand the law to include guns used by law enforcement, which are currently exempt. the three men charged in last month's attack on an asian american man in a san francisco laundromat, have pleaded not guilty. jason orosco, calvin bushell and nola wide. bashir's were in court yesterday to face charges of robbery, kidnapping, elder abuse and i d theft security video here shows the 67 year old man sitting inside the fashion laundrette in the city's nominal neighborhood. that's right became the target of what prosecutors are calling an unprovoked attack. what is
12:36 pm
really shocking is that. there are people in this world who will pray on ah person's vulnerabilities prey on the lack of, you know, situational awareness. maybe. the three of also been charged with breaking into seven cars just before this attack at the laundromat and such attacks on asian americans and many people asking how they can help ktvu azenith smith shows us how everyday citizens are stepping up to help support their communities. grief over the shooting of three spots in the atlanta area and anger over the assault on asian americans in the bay area, prompting people to take action on next door. san francisco resident dave rogers offered to walk in asian elder to an appointment. i don't want somebody my neighborhood down the street, you know that they can't walk to the corner store can't go to the doctor's appointment to run an errand by the grocery store, because if you're doing their house that's ridiculous. rogers
12:37 pm
has a message. we have each other's backs. he's not alone. monday marked the first day for citizen patrols an extra set of eyes in san jose japantown. this couple, the first to volunteer. it was very important for us and for our organization to also. have some sort of positive action. the fact that it's needed right now is quite sad. their presence felt as seniors picked up lunches at the local senior center, the seniors that we did come into contact with. they were we got it on elbow bump here saying thank you, um, another senior was very surprised that we were out there so soon, not just a deterrent for crime, but peace of mind for those stressed, some of them have expressed, you know. that they're they're feeling a little scared, little concerned. another state who's a resident is passing out alarms to elders in san jose, oakland and san francisco chinatowns and offering free
12:38 pm
marketing to asian owned businesses like san jose, tropical fruits hit with vandalism. this hits home to me, you know, this is who we are, you know, as i want to support my people in my community. stop that. a p i hate says it has received hundreds of thousands in donations, the nonprofit says. on donations, foot patrols and supporting asian businesses are key to stopping hate the single best thing to do intervene and speak out. if you don't your silence is being complicity. your lack of action has been complicity. azenith smith ktvu fox two news, another bay area county is expanding vaccine eligibility now for anyone ages 50 and up. ktvu cristina rendon shows us what's changing in contra costa county vaccine eligibility is expanding for those who live or work in contra costa county, anyone 50 and older can now sign up for an appointment, regardless of whether they have an underlying health condition. the most encouraging thing is that
12:39 pm
there's always been people that want to get the vaccine chair of the county board of supervisors, dianne berger says the county is able to open up the vaccine to people 50 plus without health qualifiers, thanks to an increase in vaccine supply from the rural government under a vaccine equity program for federally qualified health centers. contra costa got 14,000 doses from the federal government last week. it also expanded eligibility to people ages, 16 to 64 with underlying health conditions were working with what we have, and since we had more doses, we've been able to put more vaccinations out in solano county. there's a shortage solano expanded eligibility to people ages, 15 older last week, but said monday it is pausing the scheduling of first dose appointments. you do a steep decline in vaccine supply from the state officials are urging the state to send more doses after reporting a 60% drop in vaccine allocations in the last two weeks, while contra costa sees more vaccines. it too, says supply has been unpredictable. we really are
12:40 pm
having a hard time pinpointing what we're going to have, but as soon as we get it, we're jabbing people, not ours. so far 36% of people ages 16 and older have been partially vaccinated in contra costa, the majority our seniors. 20% of people have been fully vaccinated, putting, the county passed half a million doses administered. we're getting one step closer to having things open up. where one step closer to having things be safer carry officials are encouraging people to sign up to get vaccinated as soon as they become eligible and not to wait. they also say they're looking forward to the day that eligibility goes out the window and everyone has access to the vaccine. received a weird own. ktvu fox two news. the mass vaccination side out of the oakland coliseum, is switching to the johnson and johnson vaccine. come monday. the governor's office of emergency services has been running this site along with fema since february, 16th, the spokesperson says the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine will be administered for two
12:41 pm
weeks until this site is shut down. for now, the call cm has only been given out second doses of the fizer vaccine. still to come at noon. the final jurors been seated in the trial against the former minneapolis police officer in george floyd's death when opening statements are expected to get under way, then have you been outside yet? we'll take a look at the gorgeous oakland estuary, nothing but bright blue sky up above, but there's a lot of breeze blowing likely where you are. ktvu meteorologist. rosemary oroczo has your full. forecast up has your full. forecast up next. so you just scored amazing savings at ross? mmm-hmm. on brands that take you from me time... go time... no time. hi. get the best bargains ever on looks that work anywhere... ross. yes for less!
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border, democratic congressman henry quay are of texas released photos showing immigrant children packed into holding areas. this isn't donna, texas at a temporary processing center, the congressman said. he released these photos in part because the media has been kept from going inside the facility later this week, a group of government officials will see up close the reasons for the surge of migrants going to the us mexico border. the officials will go to mexico and ramallah to meet with local officials about creating an effective and humane plan to manage migration. now democrats blame the trump administration on this, but former president trump is pushing back. systems were taking care of themselves. we had great people there. a lot of those people were removed. the policies were
12:45 pm
removed. we gotta treat this issue in a way that is reflective of our values as americans and do it in a way that it's fair and it is humane. joe biden administration has placed thousands of radio ads and hundreds of social media posed to get the word out that the border is not open. but critics say that message is not getting through a jury's been seated for the trial of a former minneapolis police officer responsible for the death of george floyd. erik chopin is charged with murder and manslaughter. the 15th and final member of the jury was chosen today after a two week process. there will be 12 jurors and two alternates. the 15th person will be dismissed when the trial begins if the rest of the jury remains intact, opening statements set for this coming monday, march 29th. three people have been killed and two chp officers have been critically injured after a crash on i five just northwest of lodi in san joaquin county. chp officers were stopping to help the big rig that broke down when another car hit their patrol car. three people in
12:46 pm
that oncoming car died and the two chp officers were airlifted to the hospital. firefighters are still an apartment complex in antioch, where fire trap two elderly people in their apartment. heavy flames and smoke coming from the unit when firefighters arrived at this complex on gentry town drive about eight o'clock this morning. two people were moved from the apartment. they were taken to the hospital. we don't yet know their conditions. the dog was also found in the apartment. the dog did not survive. the cause of the fire is being investigated. cal fire investigators have just released the cause of the deadly dog fire and shasta county thus fall, the agency says its investigation determined the fire was caused by a pine tree that fell onto pg any power lines. those lines located west of reading the dog fire, you remember killed four people destroyed more than 200. buildings and burn some 56,000 acres. cal fire says it sent its findings to the shasta county district attorney's office for review and because we really did not have a great,
12:47 pm
huge winner here, there's always that chance. rosemary of wildfire season starting earlier and earlier here in the bay area and across northern california, you're right. always a big concern were only 35 to 45% of normal here in the bay area when it comes to rainfall for the season. we know the snowpack is suffering in the sierras. well, we're not going to see any rain. in fact, we're seeing a notable warm up over the bay area today and we are expected to remain dry through the week. here's a look over san francisco. we have our springtime pattern kind of setting up for us, and that is bringing us a north northeast flow that is bringing wind to the bay area. no advisories for our area, although there is some for the sacramento valley area, and it does stretch through the delta and the car keenness straight. let's talk about the pattern here in place. noticed the high pressure there off the coastline that clockwise circulation indicating that ridge there, and it's deflecting any storms from coming our way. sort of typical for what we see this time of year is the storm start to move up, and then they move over and
12:48 pm
they moved this direction and the pressure grady in between that ridge off the west coast and the trough to the east of us creased that pressure grady in that's what brings us our wind. so right now we have hayward reporting a wind gust of 30. we have livermore reporting a wind gust to 26. we have sound jose reporting. in just 33 half moon bay, 24, a little breezy around the bay area, especially along the coast in and take a look at what is happening in our hills. mount st helene a east reporting 41 mph middle pick reporting 35 monte cavallo reporting. 49 oakland north reporting 34, so it is a dry one out there a warm one. and yes, sunny skies going to continue is well for your afternoon today. temperatures are expected to range from the mid sixties to perhaps mid seventies. right now. we have upper fifties san francisco low sixties and walnut creek in the north base. 63 napa 62 in san jose. but since the time has changed, will now have several more hours of a sun lights and doesn't even set until about 7 15 7 20, depending on where you
12:49 pm
live for today. here's a look at the afternoon highs a comparison from yesterday and today, san francisco topped out of 58 yesterday expected to go. it's about 66 for the downtown area. meanwhile upper sixties for oakland and livermore, few degrees a warmer than yesterday and napa beautiful 70. to expected for you make the 71 72 for santa rosa. we'll go upper sixties to about 70 degrees for the peninsula 70 in redwood city, 68 from mountain view and for the east based 68 over livermore upper sixties for san jose, as well as morgan hill. your extended forecast there temperatures very similar. tomorrow we do see a just a tad bit of cool and getting into thursday still above average for this time of year and then we're back up in time for your weekend mid to upper seventies in the forecast by sunday. nearing 80 degrees for some of our warmer locations back to you. it's a good looking sunday. right there. i rosemary oroczo. asian for the first time since it opened three years ago since then, writers had to use call buttons to speak with someone at the
12:50 pm
nearby control center. but the agency says, based on customer feedback here, passengers want someone at the station to answer questions and also to direct their complaints. fema at the station was new to this county and this particular area folks were unsure about how often to use the system. how to purchase your ticket and to have someone on site who could guide them through that process was actually something that we found to be a positive customer service experience. and this comes just is barred adjusted its weekday and weekend schedules to accommodate an increase in ridership still to come in here. hello cious find the valley transportation authority tragedies that prompted the investigation and how much money that agency now has to pay. then there's still time to win your share of the $250,000 being given away in the fox super six mask. singer sweeps sweepstakes. play for free. just download the fox super six app and watch the best singer wednesdays at eight o'clock right
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co training and education. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary says. this comes after a long time, vt. a bus driver recently passed away. cal osha is finding vita over $16,000 for failing to maintain its injury and illness prevention program. these transportation authorities have a role and educating. and, um, enforcing that their own employees are upholding the public health precautions. a five month investigation started after vt a bus driver, audrey lopez, contracted covid-19 in august. the virus killed her. two months later, the union head representing vita driver says she would only go from home to work and back. state health
12:55 pm
inspectors say vita management did not require and ensure the use of face coverings at all times, and the authority did not provide effective training and instruction to employees on how the coronavirus spreads and measures to keep from becoming infected. the tea is in the process of appealing the citations issued by cal osha. beaches confident in the comprehensive actions. it is taken to date to keep its employees and customers safe, spokesman ken blackstone says. since march of 2020 vita has recorded 198 covid infections among staffers. all have returned to work except the lopez and 21 year. veteran mechanic. john finished her. he died due to covid-19 in february. whole point of these regulatory authorities is to keep employees safe losing members of our work family to this pandemic has been extremely difficult. we remain committed to maintaining our vigilance and doing all we can
12:56 pm
to slow the spread of this virus. how and where the two vita employees who died became infected has not been released, experts say it's important for companies and agencies to mitigate factors that could lead to infection as employees spend one third of their day at work in san jose, jesse gary. ktvu fox two news. meanwhile they're more problems for people trying to file for state unemployment benefits or check the status of their benefits. as they contacted the tt's website. they were getting error messages preventing claims for being processed over the weekend. 80 the officials say their i t team worked on the problem to fix it, and until it's fixed, there will still be times when that website will not be working. if you expect to get a stimulus check, but haven't yet it may come this week, the white house says as early as tomorrow, the next round of payments will arrive through direct deposit and through the mail, but half of the people eligible for the stimulus checks already received them. and you contract the status of your stimulus
12:57 pm
check at i rs dot gov's rent control efforts in mountain view could soon be expanded to also include mobile homes, according to the bay area news group. the city council agreed that mobile home should be couldn't cover during a recent goal setting meeting. about 1100 people live in the city. six mobile home parks, many of complained about rent increases over recent years. the city council hopes to approve these changes later in the year after discussions that could begin in august. san francisco's golden gate theater and the orpheum theater will soon have a new owner. the theaters are located on market street and the new owner will be ambassador theater group. this is the same british company that runs the current theater on geary street. the deal finalizing the new ownership is expected to be completed by the end of the month. movie theaters across the country are starting to reopen, and that means movie studios may soon released some major movies in los angeles and new york. several movie theater chains are indeed reopening. covid-19 rules are in place, including at amc, which has
12:58 pm
reopened almost all of its movie theaters nationwide, including right here in the bay area. these openings air just in time for the blockbuster summer season. you don't have to choose. a lot of people are looking at a seven, which is the day that black widow the next big marvel studios movie opens on so far as of this moment, disney is saying that that film is only going to be in theaters. if disney makes that call, then we may see a lot of the other studios. follow suit throughout the summer. he's gonna be different. another major film coming out in may is a new ryan reynolds film called free guy. the ss jeremiah o'brien returned to fisherman's work in san francisco today, the historic world war. two liberty ship narrowly avoided going up in flames during a huge warehouse fire appear 45 during last year's memorial day weekend. the ship is both the museum and a national historic landmark. it's been doctored and nearby pier undergoing repairs for the past nine months, but now it is back. at its longtime home there on pier 45, the nation's
12:59 pm
top infectious disease expert, dr anthony fauci has inspired a new children's book. the book is called dr fauci. how a boy from brooklyn became america's doctor, the author kate master covers dr anthony fauci is journey through medical school and his work with seven u. s presidents. the book goes on sale at the end of june. prince harry has a new job as chief impact officer at a san francisco based startup. the wall street journal first reported that he is joining company called better up. the company offers personal and business coaching, development and mental health awareness. prince harry and his family now live in southern california after leaving the daily responsibility of the british royal family, can't wait to listen in on that offices next june meeting. all right, thanks for joining us here on our news is always on ktvu .com and, of course the ktvu news up weather wise, we have recovered as well. we'll leave you with this beautiful, bright blue sky over the east bay. remember it's a little bit windy out there. keep that in mind. stay with us here. you'll see dr oz up next.
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