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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 17, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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atlanta. that story ahead. what's getting back to some normalcy in one bay area county, the businesses that are reopening today in san mateo county as it officially enters the orange here today, one year after the bay area went into lockdown, then san jose has a new police chief. what we're learning about his background and how he plans to serve the bears biggest city. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu. fox. two news that new. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian mike mibach. we continue to follow the latest developments out of the state of georgia. eight people are dead. one man is in custody following a serious of shootings at massage parlors in and around the city of atlanta. and within the last hour here, the sheriff's department they're announcing the suspect is being charged with four counts of murder and one count of assault. steve harrigan as the latest on the investigation underway. yeah. yesterday was a tragic day.
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across our state. it started on tuesday night at a massage parlor in acworth, georgia, a suburb about 30 miles north of atlanta. five people were shot for fatally about one hour later, three women found dead of gunshot wounds at another massage parlor in atlanta and just across the street. another woman fatally shot at yet a different massage parlor later tuesday night, police arresting a 21 year old robert aaron, long, saying he is the sole suspect in all three shootings. he has. some some issues, potentially sexual addiction and may have frequent some of these places in the past, the south korean government has confirmed at least four of the victims were of korean descent and could possibly have been korean citizens hate crimes against asian americans are on the rise across the country, shooting up 150% in 2020, but it's still not clear what prompted the shootings on tuesday. like in america or
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anything, and i want to offer our deepest condolences for the families and friends. lucy died. investigation is now ramping up the fbi's on the scene, helping local and state law enforcement agencies determine exactly what led to the shootings, while family members of the victims say they are still in shock, telling all the family to pray for him because we know we know he will be okay, but we just. tell him, the white house says president biden was briefed overnight and is in contact with georgia officials in atlanta. steve harrigan, ktvu fox two news. asian american lawmakers and other leaders right here in california are now asking governor newsome to appoint a new attorney general from their community virtual news conference late this morning began with a moment of silence for those killed in georgia last night. those in attendance want the governor to appoint a new attorney general who will make the crackdown on anti agent violence a top
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priority. and they say that person should be asian american. california deserves to have a top cop who understands our communities, our diversity and that has experience in building community based solutions. the target hate. we know so many of our a p i victims of these acts and so many members in our immigrant communities are afraid to work with law enforcement have discussion with state treasurer of fiona ma said that she supports east bay assemblyman rob bonta for the job. governor newsome has said that he will not replace attorney general javier becerra until the sierra is officially confirmed as health and human services secretary. it's been one year now since the bay area was told to shelter in place. now businesses in san mateo county are reopening under the state's orange here. indoor gyms and fitness centers in san mateo county cannot operate a 25% capacity inside houses of worship, movie theaters and museums can open it. 50% capacity bars conserve drinks
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without food, but only outside shopping malls and other stores and san mateo county can completely reopen health officials and moran in san francisco counties predict that by next tuesday, they may move into the orange tear with expanded serve. this is for business is one week from today. after a year of virtual learning. another school district is now preparing to welcome students back to campus. ktvu elissa harrington tells us which district and how soon the children there may be back in class. the mount diablo unified school district, which serves schools in contra costa county, is preparing to reopen for hybrid learning. the district and teachers union reached a tentative agreement tuesday night. it would allow pre k through second graders to return on a hybrid schedule. starting march 25th. the older grades would return a few days later on march 29th. the board of trustees voted unanimously to approve this timeline. the next step is for members of the teachers union. the mta tableau education association to vote
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the most important thing is, the district has taken important steps to keep our community safe. and we really, really appreciate that and the day president anita johnson spoke with me via zoom, she said. there were big concerns about the real risk of opening classrooms during the pandemic. i think any agreement any compromise is something that nobody likes. but everybody can can live with. and i think that this is something that will see us through the end of this year on will help us to welcome our students back into our classrooms. board president cherie's con declined an interview but sent me a statement with some information. part of it reads. mount diablo has 13,000 students who requested in person hybrid for this spring for academic help and enrichment, as well as for social, emotional learning and connection. families can also continue to keep kids at home for distance learning if they choose to mount diablo unified school district includes schools. in pleasant hill conquered clayton martinez, pittsburgh bay point pacheco and parts of walnut creek in
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lafayette. if the union votes yes. on this deal, it will be ratified at a special meeting friday. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. education officials say dramatic progress is being made to reopen schools statewide. the superintendent of public instruction, held a briefing this morning from the california school for the deaf in riverside, tony thurman said big part of reopening will be rapid testing. he pointed to two bay area schools specifically that serve students who are hearing and visually impaired. looks. we also served the california school for the deaf in fremont and the california school for the blind in fremont. our schools have residential components. they allow students to come from many counties in the state, and so for us, it is important for us to have access to rapid covid testing. thurman said that the state is offering schools access to a covid test, which provides results in 15 minutes at about $5 a test. no, the berries biggest city, san
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jose has a new police chief, and he spoke about his role in how he plans to lead the department. just this morning. we'll bring in ktvu sally rasmus reporting live for you listened in on the briefing and learned what the chief is outlining as his top priorities. hi garcia. well, incoming san jose police chief, anthony mada had his first public addresses. morning and he talked about the importance of strengthening ties with the community. i look forward to continue building the relationships i have already established with many of you. i am also excited about the new partnership that are to come anthony fauci new police chief is a 25 year veteran of the department. he previously served as deputy chief. he has a support an endorsement of the san jose chapter of the naacp mata and his daughter participated in the black lives matter. marches in san jose last year. i stand before you today, not as a person with all the answers solutions. but as a person who is fully committed to working with you on finding
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solutions, there were strong hints of police reform in mata and mayor sam accardo speech at the briefing this morning. however they didn't go into detail about exactly what those reforms might look like. we've got a lot of difficult conversations ahead. and we know that change is always hard, and tony mart is the right chief to lead us through this period of transition. there were some concerns about motta applying for the top job back in 1999 is a young officer. he fired his weapon at a 48 year old unarmed man who died, the district attorney's office determined the shooting was justified, santa's, a city manager said in the statement. they found no violation of city policy and no reason to disqualify matter from applying for the chief's position. and now that he's been confirmed in his new role models first day on the job is sanders is police chief is this monday? reporting live? allie rasmus ktvu. fox. two news. lot on his plate for sure. allie. rasmus. thank you still become this noontime. it
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has been one year since the pandemic led to a lock down here in the bay area. health officers and leaders. look back at the changes. we have all gone through, and i've had to adjust to in the past year plus. the homeland security secretary testifies on capitol hill about the situation at the southern border on lauren blanchard in washington, plus more on legislation being proposed by a bipartisan group of lawmakers to protect the children coming across the border and changes come into our weather right here in the bay area's we give you a live look outside of downtown san francisco, the clouds air out their brain. is on the way we're gonna check in with meteorologist mark tamayo just see how much you
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family
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if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. of the coronavirus, each one, leaving an untold number of family members devastated as you look back on one year of the covid pandemic, ktvu is deborah villalon reports how four grown siblings are healing after losing both their parents to the coronavirus. we're trying to get back to some normalcy, a new normal for the children of gwen and keith robinson, who died 11 days apart is one minute they're here. one minute is gone. they're gone. we met two of the robinson siblings in july.
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ebony quarantine at her parents. phileo home, dylan, bringing her food and comfort, both stunned after saying goodbye to their mom on face time as she died. your dad was in the same hospital but expected to survive. ebony promised him she would like when to rest. never dreaming. she buried them both. there's no doubt in your mind that dad's gonna come home. i don't get it. it doesn't make sense. other than maybe his died from a broken heart. i think that my dad just. you know his soul wanted to be with her 62 year old gwen worked at the veterans home in yonville, beloved by residents and staff. a bench and plaque will be installed in her honor. he 61 drove trucks for the post office out of oakland's distribution center, an active social couple. their kids have heard from many people missing them. i would cry, but. it will bring a smile to my face and knowing how many people they
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touched and affected for the family. christmas was definitely the hardest time with memories of the past and their parents always in the center. it was so fun and vibrant when we was all together. it was always just kind of like atmosphere of okay, it's going down. let's party the annual tradition for mother and daughter hallmark movies. and i could not get through one christmas movie this year. not one because every time i would just want to turn and like, call her be like, oh, my mom would really love this one happening also missed her father's guidance as she moved into her own place, but she has his tool bag and their time together, just handed him a tool. and then we would just talk, you know, and that's what i really miss. lot about my dad is just he was my hero. often it's the little things well that safely and i wanted to know if you need anything voicemails forever saved could be. we're here. all right. i love you bye and visits with grandkids spur of the moment.
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my mom is like i got some snacks for the boys. let me come by what you guys doing? you know it was it was just always a blast to see them. they was always smiling by example. they helped their children go on without them up lift in each other when, well, when one of us is down, we could just reach out to each other. it will take a lifetime learning to live with the loss even as vaccines take hold and the pandemic fates for most people. and they're not affected by this at all, because it didn't affect them. it didn't hit close to home for them. but this is what we're left with. in polio. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. tonight ktvu is marking one year of the coronavirus pandemic here in the bay area. we do hope you join us for an extraordinary year. covid-19 stories tonight at seven p.m. on ktvu fox too, all right, let's turn to weather right now.
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here in the bay area and bring in meteorologist talk, mark tamayo. i'll and those clouds marked a rolling in. yeah, that's part of the biggest change today. biking gaussian rouz clouds kind of drifting over head over the past few hours, so we. we'll have more cloud cover throughout the afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy skies expected now all these clouds in advance of our next system as we take a look at the graphics for you rainfall we're talking about thursday rainfall about 2/10 of an inch to about an inch for the coastal hills. but most areas will pick up between about a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of rain winds gusty, not a major wind producer, but could be gusting over 30 miles an hour and we will continue to add to the snow pack in the sierra. we have a winter storm watch to talk about as far as the projected rainfall totals. here's one model showing you those numbers going up into your thursdays. you get the idea. we're not talking about humongous amounts, but we're also not talking about a few sprinkles. you can see these numbers. santa rosa 10.33 san francisco about a quarter of an inch and santa cruz mountains could be over a half an inch of
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rainfall. so at this point, we'll take what we can get in terms of the rainfall. here's a satellite right now is you can't see solid cloud cover over the bay area, so i've seen reports of mostly cloudy conditions and partly cloudy skies that green showing up on the radar, really not reaching the ground just yet in terms of terms of rainfall, there's a slight chance of a sprinkle, but things will actually developed as we head into your forecast for tomorrow because we had that big big circulation in the pacific, and that is drifting closer to our coastline. we'll check in on some the current numbers out there for 12 o'clock hour. santa rosa. pretty chilly 49 degrees lots of fifties for san francisco that hayward's and fremont san jose 52. here's a live camera looking out toward sfor east. have the overcast skies so we'll continue to a thinking up the cloud cover for today for your wednesday, but it is still for the most part of dry weather pattern. this front, though, approaches for today, so we'll have a little bit of a breeze kick up later on today, but the main action moves in for your thursday so
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rainfall developing tomorrow could be a steady rain and with the nature of this system, there's a chance we could have a thunderstorm set up across the region and that shower chance will last into friday, primarily for the morning hours. we start to keep that chance of an isolated shower in your friday forecast. here we go, though the rain returns as we head into thursday could have us in the steady downpours that times throughout the day. you could see things actually could redevelop in the santa cruz mountains in the south bay late thursday afternoon in the thursday evening friday, not alive shower coverage here, but there's still a slight chance of a leftover shower in your friday forecast clouds will clear out eventually we're talking about a little bit of a warmer and dry weekend highs this afternoon. close to least the mid to upper fifties. the warm spots close to 60 degrees and look ahead. your five day there we go without to rain cloud will take it as we head into your thursday just a slight chance of a shower in your friday and then more such shot should be a fairly nice weekend coming up and the next weather update. we'll talk more about the sierra because they
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will soon be talking about a winter storm warning will have all that in just a few minutes. not done yet. up in the mountains. all right, mark will see you soon. thank you still become his. meantime, the effort continues to recall california governor gavin newsom. we'll have the latest on the. deadline happening today.
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official says. were waugh in the room. do er. more and she too. co off. say. they young sub. via was low. in may. and a. and see. the cow event cry. and the sea was found. dead. in from a c. phone. gun. show. wound. the d. sen emp clothes toe one thous. p and is a sin. of co. in a judge has now disc. too. do in the trial. of a for. pa off. cha with kill. gio. flow. sir. of floor. fam. and to determine whether it affected their ability to serve on the jury, one of the dismissed juror said he had heard about the settlement and said it might be hard to be impartial. the second juror. all the settlement amount, shocking. the defense is requesting a delay in the trial, which the judge will rule on friday. president biden is now weighing in on the number of migrants approaching the us mexico border as republicans
12:23 pm
and some democrats have criticized the administration's immigration approach since biden took office, lauren blanchard brings us the latest from washington. there hasn't been a surge of migrants at the southwest border like this. for the last two years. the department of homeland security says the number of encounters at the border could hit a 20 year high secretary alejandro my orcas says the influx of unaccompanied child migrants has become a problem. fox confirmed an average of 565 per day, but they will not go back to trump era policies. the situation is undoubtedly difficult. we are working around the clock to manage it, and it will take time. president biden is under fire by republicans for relaxing immigration policies and giving mixed messages to migrants. on abc news. he tried to clear it up. i can say quite calmly, don't come when we're in the process of getting set up, and it's not gonna take a whole long time is to be able to apply for asylum in place, republicans say allowing minors to stay is only encouraging the
12:24 pm
dangerous journey. the biden administration has created chaos. where there was order buying has lost control of the u. s mexican border fema is opening new centers to hold the thousands of children and processing times have slowed. the republican rhetoric is irresponsible. and is designed to try to politicize an issue that we should tackle together as americans. a bipartisan group of senators introduced the responsibility for unaccompanied minors act to require health and human services. to quote keep track of unaccompanied minors in our country, protect them from trafficking and abuse and help ensure they appear for their immigration court proceedings. 40 republican senators say president biden's executive order to stop border well construction violates congress's power of the purse. they want the government accountability office to look into it in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news today. the u. s house of representatives is expected to authorize reauthorize the
12:25 pm
violence against women act. the original legislation was signed back in 1994. it was authored by then senator joe biden. the legislation provides double grants to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. the house passed an updated version of the legislation in 2019, but it died in the senate, which was then controlled by republicans. at a news conference this morning, texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee talked about one provision of this new bill, which would help victims of domestic violence. find housing. we want to make sure that if you are fleeing a domestic violence situation that you can be expedited into housing that did not happen before and we will look forward to working with housing and urban development agency under the leadership of our new secretary to ensure that we make this work if the legislation is approved in the house today, it then goes to the senate. food banks across the bay area saw an unprecedented demand for help
12:26 pm
over the past year but found a way to step up and help those most in need. food. bank of contra costa in solano is one of many that jump right into action since last march, the food bank has helped feed an average of 260,000 people a month. that is a monthly increase of about 100,000 people. the food bank also hosted up to 75 distribution sites each week. organizer's air still welcoming donations and volunteers to meet this ongoing demand. yeah still to come at noon. more people are deciding to take trips as the number of covid cases begins to decline. the warning, though, from officials for those applying to travel for spring break or the summer, plus, former president trump urges people to get a covid-19 vaccine as more states increase eligibility. i'm david lee miller in new york
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12:30 pm
age you, dr. sarah cody doesn't show it mast up and managing a slight laugh. when looking back on 2020. she is unapologetic in her belief the county's shelter in place order saved lives, then hindsight many of the decisions that we made i think we would make again and again and again. one year ago, cody was the first order limitations on indoor gatherings shortly there. after she and five other health officers issued the nation's first shelter and place health regulation. we're balancing the public health need to slow the spread of infection with a significant impact. we know these actions will have the response included protests and even death threats against cody and a handful of other public health officers. things have settled down a bit, which is which is nice. what hasn't eased is the white hot political divide. for weather. extreme measures were really needed to combat the virus in california that here hasn't
12:31 pm
just been worse than the disease, but it's made the disease worse, it could have been worse. had had the measures that were taken, not implemented. we may have seen a larger told in terms of harmony. does santa clara county climbs in the states covid to your rankings? cody says never again can race and income become factors in who gets sick and who is more likely to die from a disease? not something that all of us collectively need to stare down and i feel in many ways like i'm the doctor for everyone who lives in my county on but that that is my job to protect people and to take care of them. dr coady says the government, the private sector and community stakeholders need to join forces to accomplish that goal. she also says we need two vastly improve the health care infrastructure, the national level, the state level and, of course locally in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two
12:32 pm
news, san francisco's mayor, london breeders, also marking one year of covid shutdowns. she expressed deep, deep gratitude to the city's essential workers at dunkelberg san francisco general hospital this morning, she said that shutting down the city was one of the hardest things she's ever had to do with thousands of lives were likely saved. she also acknowledged the heavy toll of the coronavirus. so many people did lose their lives. there were people who did not make it through this pandemic. there were business is that have been around since before i was born. warned that did not make it through this pandemic. there were people who struggled because of the decision we had to make. we recognize our children have suffered. our seniors and isolation have suffered sitting here said the city will emerge stronger than before. san
12:33 pm
francisco is expected to move into the less restrictive orange here one week from today, and tonight is ktvu is marking one year of the coronavirus. endemic in the bay area. we do hope you join us for an extraordinary year. covid-19 stories that's tonight at seven. right here on ktvu fox, two former president donald trump is recommending americans get vaccinated against covid-19 as public health officials warn of vaccine hesitancy this coming as madonna now moves forward with testing its vaccine on children. david lee miller as the story. more than 110 million covid-19. vaccine doses have been administered in the u. s. ohio will join alaska and mississippi and opening up vaccinations to all adults later this month, while connecticut will allow anyone 16 and older to get a shot in early april last night, former president trump urged americans to get a vaccine when eligible. i would recommend it and i would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it. it's a great vaccine. it's a safe vaccine, and it's
12:34 pm
something that works. meanwhile, the u. s is one step closer to getting more kids back in school, moderna has begun studying its vaccine and children six months to 11 years old. the company plans to enroll more than 6700 participants in the u. s and canada. kids can be carriers. they could be asymptomatic carriers, they can transmit the infection on the debate continues over the safety of astrazeneca's vaccine amid concerns over blood clots. more than a dozen countries have temporarily halted use of the formula. the use medicine regulator urge countries to continue distribution, saying the benefits outweigh the risks in the u. k officials say enthusiasm for the vaccine remains strong with still saying that this good reason because the vaccine. keeps you safe and helps protect you. it helps you protect those around you. astrazeneca's shot has not yet been approved for use in the u. s in new york. david lee miller, ktvu fox two news. the
12:35 pm
bay area, seeing a noticeable uptick in travel now ktvu christian captain reports that people haven't traveled in a while, we'll likely see some differences. has vaccine continuesto roll out across the country. and here in the bay area travelers who have been cooped up for a year are ready to spread their wings. san francisco international airport is seeing an uptick in travel 3000 more passengers per day now than in january, the transportation security administration says it's part of a nationwide trend, so we know the spring break travel period is going to be busy. that's pent up demand. the t s a is saying travelers will notice changes when they go through the security. check everything from new touchless check in procedures. will mask requirement for all travelers. anyone who's in any part of the nation's transportation system, whether it's planes, airbus is't trains anything like that they need to wear their face covering, and it s a is advising travelers to learn about what to expect at their destination. the rules may be different quarantine rules.
12:36 pm
there may be other types of requirements. just go ahead and check those out prior to traveling. travelers also need to be aware that their trips could impact them when they return home. we want to help our families to work with us to keep everyone safe or into schools have issued guidelines strongly recommending students who traveled for spring break get tested for covid when they return and quarantine at home so that our middle school the kids, can actually if they need to quarantine because of covid reasons, they can live stream into their classrooms and in some of our elementary classrooms, that is also the case. superintendent of schools, dr caroline seaton says it's important for families to remember that this is an a solving process as we get new information from the health authorities and experts, epidemiologists and others, then we have to go in and modify what we share with families. and so it's just a process and ongoing process and in san francisco students will have to follow the city's
12:37 pm
travel guidelines and as the district prepares for the return to class students will be screened for symptoms or exposure to covid christien kafton ktvu, fox two news yes. today's the deadline for organizers of a recall effort against governor gavin newsom to submit this signatures they've collected to get the measure on the ballot and appearance at a school in alameda yesterday that we brought you live governor newsome for the first time publicly acknowledge that there will likely be a special recall election and about to defend himself. supporters of the recall criticized the governor's response to the pandemic restrictions california has in place not only lack of compelling justification, but appear to actively do be doing harm. they will do nothing to take my eye off the ball, which is getting our kids safely back into school, getting our businesses back on their feet. getting this economy moving again. election officials have until april 29 to verify the signatures on the recall petition, if the threshold of 1.5 million valid signatures has reached a special recall
12:38 pm
election would be scheduled for october. the fbi is now joining in on the investigation into the shooting rampage at three massage parlors in the atlanta area in a news conference earlier today, authorities announced the suspect told them the attacks were not racially motivated, but that he potentially has a sex addiction and wanted to eliminate the temptation. eight people were killed and another person was wounded in the shootings. most of the victims were asian women. atlanta's mayor says no matter what the motivation is for the attacks, the city will not tolerate any racial hate. we also know that this is an issue that's happening across the country. it is unacceptable. this hateful and it has to stop. through surveillance videos. authorities say they were able to identify and arrest 21 year old robert allen long. investigators say he may have gone to at least one of those three massage parlors. one man is now in custody for two violent attacks in the city
12:39 pm
of san francisco. a 64 year old man was stabbed at 16th and mission streets about 1 30 monday afternoon. the victim was stabbed right in the cheek, according to police. and then 30. minutes later, the second victim was assaulted while walking down market street in their second, a witness told police the market street victim was entered when the suspect ran right up and punched the man in the head. the victim fell to the ground and his head injuries. police say the suspect, then got onto a bus and drove off. investigators say surveillance, video and witness description showed the same suspect was responsible for both attacks. police say they arrested a 32 year old man for assault and battery, investigators say one of the victims is asian, but there is no evidence at this point. this was a hate crime. some of the challenges are. finding enough evidence to charge and arrest somebody for hate crime and then a zoo. the investigation moves forward. another challenge is gathering enough evidence to prosecute the suspect. police say the
12:40 pm
investigations of both attacks are still in the early stages, and also if anyone has information about these two cases, they're asked to call san francisco police. still to come at noon. the bay area housing market is still red hot, even during the pandemic by many real estate agents say they don't expect to cool down any time soon. ah cold down is happening and even rain is on its way when we look outside to the bay area, whether what a great wednesday we are all in right now, ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo join us in a minute. try to bring the sunshine as we look ahead to sunshine as we look ahead to your full forecast in a minute. this year... let's bring. on. spring. use your phone to grow a garden. rent tools from the world's biggest toolbox.
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response for a homicide in castro valley. deputies responded first to a shooting at about 5 15 last night on san miguel avenue near our lady of grace church in castro valley. deputies followed the suspect car from castro valley to rock ridge, where they found the car abandoned and that's where they set up a perimeter. investigators say the victim had been shot several times and died at the hospital. someone put up a single candle there at the scene of the shooting has already say they wrapped up their search and rock ridge without finding the attackers. police said. hey, we're investigating a shooting where police officers shot and killed a robbery suspect outside of a motel. police say the man in his early twenties was in a car with three other people that the car was linked to several
12:44 pm
recent robberies. the victims in most cases were older women who were alone, say authorities and we're leaving banks or a t ems. this particular vehicle was seen casing the area 24 hours ago, officer tried to make contact with and a grand from him. police say when the volvo drove away. it went to the motel six on industrial parkway after police box it in the driver. we're told ram the patrol car several times. that's when police opened fire. the police chief is not saying how many shots were fired, investigators removed evidence from the rooms with the suspects apparently stayed at this point. they're also looking at video from the officer's body cam and surveillance video from the motel itself. within the past hour, the san francisco district attorney's office announced. it is finally in a lawsuit against a web based company that provides cleaning and handyman services. the district attorney's says the new york company called handy illegally classifies its workers as independent contractors rather than employees. the d a says that
12:45 pm
classification deprives workers of protection such as the right to a minimum wage to benefits such as sick leave and unemployment assurance. our lawsuit in partnership with the los angeles d. a's office is seeking toehold handy accountable and to ensure that workers who are entitled to the protection of employees and the status that comes with that get those legal protections. lawsuit seeks restitution for workers and a halt to the illegal classification of employees as well. a civil penalties we have reached out to handy for its response to the lawsuit, but have not yet heard back from the company. california beat a nearly 18 year old record for home sales in a single month and it doesn't look like the market is about to slow down any time soon. gate abuse tom vacar as the numbers and the reasons behind the spike in sales, according to california real estate sales tracker and publisher first tuesday in round numbers, california rack up 439,000 home sales in 2020
12:46 pm
better than the booming sales of 2019 in 2021. is. we're seeing that again in the first couple of months of this year, north bay realtor kathy shatter says in marin county, the number of sales is up a whopping 50% over last year's big year, one of the best showings in the state, with many regions selling like hotcakes even before it hits the market. if there's any with of something coming on the market. you will be guaranteed 5 to 10 agents approaching you with clients as we near the end of the first quarter of 2021 for a state that pennant said was facing mass exodus. what's the hard numbers reality by region year over year january, bay area sales soared up nearly 32% central coast up almost 20, southern california up 13.5. central valley up almost 7% far northern california slightly down just 5.3% the inventory is
12:47 pm
the lowest we've seen. in years. fewer homes available for sale drives prices higher. many people are simply reluctant to move in a pandemic. another key factor the moratorium on foreclosures as well as the evictions from rented homes has kept an unknown number of homes off the market. the prices. are the highest we've seen and up until just a couple of weeks ago. the interest rates have been the lowest we've seen in a long time that's resulting in fast sails, multiple offers many all cash offers and offers above listing comfortably. expect get 5 to 10% more. and maybe more than that. most everything is in escrow within seven days, the whole thing could get a lot worse for buyers and sellers of letters get greedier with ever rising interest rates simply because they can tom vacar ktvu fox two
12:48 pm
news. oh i don't know. a minute ago. i said that mark tamayo would try to bring the sunshine at this point. it is your smiling face only that is brightening up that screen where you are in the north bay. oh, that's so nice of you, gasia mikaelian. yeah we are. i guess i were smiling about the cloud cover. why not? for today? the raindrops if you wanna get outside don't think these clouds will produce any rain before today so that you should be good to go if you want to go for a little bit of a hike or a bit of a walk this afternoon, not sonny, but still some drifting clouds visiting us this afternoon. tomorrow will be the day of a some rainfall and of course we also want the rain is well, we're playing catch up as we take a look at the graphics were showing your next system offshore here. rainfall expectations about 2/10 of an inch too most areas between about a quarter of an inch to a half an inch, but we could have the coastal hills maybe write about an inch winds around 25 to 40 miles an hour and the sierra we could definitely use some more snow in the mountains. remember it's great for the skiers and
12:49 pm
snowboarders but also really important for our eventual water supplies. so we're talking about the winter storm watch thursday afternoon through friday evening. snowfall could be around 6 to 18 inches, so we're not talking about jumbo amounts, but still nice little set up in the mountains now on the satellite right now, solid cloud cover overhead, so there's the chance you could have partly cloudy skies over your house right now, but still, the clouds will eventually went out throughout the afternoon hours. you'll notice a little bit of us, um green showing up on the radar. most of this is really not reaching the ground, but there's the chance we could have a sprinkler. you this afternoon, but the main event that moves in tomorrow that circulation in the pacific will drift closer to our coast light. let's check in on some the current numbers for the 12 o'clock our most areas in the fifties, santa rosa, one of the cooler neighborhoods checking in 49 napa right now, 51. here's our live camera looking out toward sfo this afternoon for your wednesday afternoon where we do have a solid cloud cover in place of mostly cloudy skies for your wednesday and
12:50 pm
here is the setup to syria. a high pressure is kind of keeping us dry. for today and then into the afternoon hours will continue to think about the cloud cover rain develops for your thursday could be a steady rain at times and then just a slight chance of a shower into your friday, but it will be cool and breezy as we wrap up the work week. here is the forecast model, keeping his drive for the most part today. here we go, though, into early thursday morning, rainfall develops and then we could have some often on rain and possibly a thunderstorm into what your thursday forecast and actually could redevelop later in the day thursday. into a thursday night friday that slight chance of a shower, but it is a fairly quiet forecast as we head into the weak and the clouds will clear out this weekend highs this afternoon, mostly in the fifties to the lower sixties and a look ahead. you could see that one rain cloud for your thursday a slight chance we might actually remove that chance for friday, and then we say hello to the weekend and we say hello to spring, the equinoxes early saturday morning, just after 2 30. we
12:51 pm
are expecting a warmer conditions into the weekend. you mark still become here at noon. it's been one year since the shelter in place order that led to so many, many millions of people losing their jobs nationwide. up next we take a look at the backlog in our state that still persists at the e d. d then the mass singer is teaming up with fox bets. super six sweepstakes to give away $250,000 this season. there are $20,000 in prizes up for grabs every week that a $100,000 prize for the finale to play for free by the way, just download the fox super six. app and watch the math six. app and watch the math singer when say that it's back, guys! check it out! what up, people? jack! what are you doing in my car? oh, just sharing my triple bonus jack combo... triple meat and cheese, secret sauce... go ahead, tell them how much it is... it's just $5.99! only at jack in the box. sorry, what were you going to say?
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good news friends, my triple bonus jack combo is back. the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love...
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plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines it's...a and more.git combo. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. backlog of about 100 million workers claims the latest report on the agency's online
12:55 pm
dashboard shows the unemployment benefit claims have taken more than 21 days for the e d d to process this report includes more than 933,000 initial unemployment claims, and almost 123,000 continuing claims. tdd as you know, has been under fire for delayed payments throughout the pandemic and payments to scammers that could reach a total of $31 billion. millions of californians were sent to work from home with very little notice last year, many of us are still at home. this created demand for places to get away from everyone else. it was working from home and doing distance learning. so john kim and in sang song created shed mania. they make small custom built sheds to give people a state of the art private office that could be used for work or let's be honest, just getting away. we want to give him up space that they can step away from their main house, have their own space and to use it as exactly what they wanted. i think it is one of the silver linings that allows me to spend more time with my family. i get
12:56 pm
to see my daughter grow up. where is before i was gone. you should cost about $120 a square foot. the builders say the most local governments don't require building permits for sheds no larger than 120 square feet that works out to just under $15,000 a shed. a new study suggests you do not need to be six ft. apart to stay safe inside a classroom, and researchers say they hope this new information helps get more students back on campus, marianne rafferty reports. a new study suggests a new policy for social distancing researchers with the infectious diseases society of america say as long as people are wearing facemasks, staying just three ft. apart is just a safe is six ft. researchers analyzed covid-19 infection rates among several schools in massachusetts and found no major differences between schools that required three ft of social distancing versus the standard six. the results are creating some optimism, i think
12:57 pm
we should trust and follow the. the results of the research. others note social distancing is only one part of controlling the spread. we need rigid implementation of ventilation systems to control infection. we need all school employees to be vaccinated. this study comes as the biden administration is calling on states to get kids back into classrooms by letting students that closer together in theory, more students will be allowed to return to in person learning, but it might not be that simple. you're going to increase the number of people in those confined spaces. therefore you will increase the risk teachers across the country are doing their part by lining up for vaccines. what they say is the key to getting life back to normal. e think it gives us some optimism that next year is going to be something reminiscent of before all this started. officials at the centers for disease control
12:58 pm
and prevention are examining the new studies claims as some schools in illinois and indiana are already implementing the three ft roll. marianne rafferty, fox news. after review of drive through or virtual commencement ceremonies in person. graduations are now on the horizon. the california department of health has just released new guidelines for commencement ceremonies, state officials say organizer's can start to plan for graduation events using the outdoor live events with assigned seats and controlled mixing guidelines in the department's blueprint for a safer economy. the guidelines take effect on april 1st. disneyland announced in official date on when it plans to reopen its parks after being closed now for more than a year. california adventure and disneyland park will reopen on april 30th. disney's grand californian hotel and spa will reopen on april 29th with limited capacity park capacity will be very limited with reservations will only be open to california residents. you're home outside lands is coming back that popular music
12:59 pm
festival that takes over parts of san francisco's golden gate park returns this summer from august 6 to the eighth grammy award winning singer liz oh, is one of the headliners. there's no word yet on what safety protocols might be in place during that three day concert typically draws more than 200,000 people to the park in the past. tickets for outside lands are on sale. right now, the cdc is urging people to skip parties and other gatherings on this st patrick's day. the agency warns that attending gatherings to celebrate st patrick's day will only increase your risk of getting and spreading the coronavirus course this is the second year in a row, the coronavirus has affected st patrick's day celebrations. last year's the pandemic was just taking hold. st patrick's day parades around the country were canceled and they've been canceled again this year. one of my first stories here a ktvu guys, yes. 16 years ago was st patrick's day in san francisco. garcia i started here at ktvu 16 years ago this month. how time flies, huh? when you're having fun when you're having fun, thanks for watching
1:00 pm
everybody. our next newscast is coming up at for more coverage online. always that ktvu .com have a great afternoon. dr. oz: coming up next, has the pandemic left you strapped for cash, our super star money summit is revealing five ways to increase your cash flow today. you can have money out there that is owed to you, you don't even know about it. then the hidden autoimmune pandemic, from joint pain to brain fog, to total exhaustion, how to tackle your mysterious symptoms and get healthy. ♪ ♪ dr. oz: cold hard cash, who needs more of it? for some, just this time last year cash flow was strong, it was good, right. others may have had a light breeze that blew in some pocket money every once in a


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