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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the state's color coded tier system. also a plan to get elementary school students back into the classroom five days a week in the city of berkeley. the decision though parents have to make. by thursday, plus another round of stimulus checks could be sent out soon, but congress faces one more hurdle before a massive government relief bill can head to president biden's desk. i'm work meredith in washington. i'll have the latest on what it means for you coming up. this is ktvu fox. two news that new. and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian and likely there is rain in your neighborhood or rain is on the way. let's bring in ktvu meteorologists rosemary oroczo for an update on where the rain stands now. resin eri? yes hello, garcia and mike and all of you out there. it's a cloudy one mixed in with a little bit of sunshine. and you're right, gaussian. there's some rain falling in some areas. started giving you a live look there
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across the bay and towards alcatraz. we've got gorgeous view over areas of the bay. we do have a mix of the cloud cover the sun. the possibility of thunderstorms. ah very active pattern out there. for some. it seems fairly quiet, though. i even people have people inside my house asking what happened to the rain. the rain is going to come in ways. it's the type of setup we're going to have. for the next couple of days. you can see where it is falling at this time, the north facing some light rain from areas it looks like a right near a sandra fell and then stretching up towards mount tam and over towards the coastline. and then if you go east we've got a little bit right over. perhaps santa rosa, maybe yonville area switching into the central bay. we've got some right off the coastline. a few sprinkles inside the bay and we're keeping our eye on. of course, this pink mix out here indicating we have a little bit of rain snow mix falling right over the mountain. hamilton area. let's go to the sierra, where we also have a mix of rain and snow looks like snow levels right around thirty five hundred two ft. to 4000 ft, and they are expected to remain between
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three and 4000 ft. as we roll through the next 24 to 36 hours or so, so the winter of storm warning for the west slope if you're traveling up 50 or 80, you're going to find this here. it starts right now, and we'll go all the way until tomorrow evening. there is also an advisory right over the lake tahoe area that starts at four o'clock this afternoon, and we'll go until tomorrow evening, so waves coming through. i will have a look at how much rainfall we have seen so far and how much i expect we'll get in the coming days coming up in just a little bit. right. see you soon. rosemary frank. you it is official alameda solano in santa cruz county is have all now moved into that less restrictive red tear. this means more schools can open up more businesses, including restaurants can open those doors for indoor activity. ktvu sally rasmus joins us live this afternoon and i know a lot of these counties were hoping to get the green light just a few hours ago, and here we are this afternoon, talking about this good news that they are indeed moving from that purple to red here. it is good news. it is
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official in order for counties to bump down from that most restrictive purple tear to the red tear. they need to have seven cases of covid, or fewer than seven cases of covid. for every 100,000 residents. alameda solano and santa cruz counties all made the cut. the sound and scent of a sizzling hot breakfast. it's something customers can now experience inside their favorite restaurant. now that alameda counties in the red tier restaurants have the green light to reopen indoor dining at 25% capacity, we're ready, ready and we can't wait to have you all back. indoor dining can start starting tomorrow at the egg shop in oakland's montclair village customers already there's nervousness, of course, because there's been a lot of changes that have happened, but this establishment has just been very good about keeping us safe. and so i would. i would say that i would be very happy to come here. it's nice to have the option to get inside. retailers museums, movie
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theaters, and jim's will also have more options. you're allowed to reopen with limited capacity once their counties in the red tear at the crew fit gym and montclair. they have a small footprint, so even with 10% capacity, they can't bring too many people indoors, but the owner says they'll make it work with this here. you know a lot of people like i said, have faith that you know, we'll get back to some normalcy and hopefully, things will start, you know, coming back together. shifting to the red here also paves the way for more public schools to reopen middle schools in the pleasant in, and piedmont school district's say they plan to reopen now that their counties in the red tere que through 12 schools in livermore have plans to reopen by the end of this month. reporting live allie rasmus ktvu, fox two news. and i know there are a lot of oakland a's fans happy too, because this means that some fans would be allowed to return for the regular season as long as they stay there in the red deer
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valley. thank you, berkeley elementary students will be returning to school for in person learning this month. families, though, can choose not to return to campus, according to the berkeley unified school district's plan, students can head back to their classrooms five days a week full time if they want to families, you have the option of continuing distance learning, they have to submit their decision to the school district by thursday, this planet's on lee for elementary schools. there is no plan yet for middle and high schools in the district. it's really important that we not forget our middle and high school students, elementary schools so important and it's also critically important for middle and high school students to have full time in person instruction. the plan calls for kindergarten through second grade students to return march 29th third through fifth graders would return on april 12th more than 1000 middle school students in the los altos school district or backed in person learning now, ktvu south bay reporter, jessica explains how that district is trying to phase in more students. we wouldn't just
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knew this day was coming, so we couldn't wait. diane for galley was one of a few 100 parents picking up their children from middle schools in los altos. her son had been learning virtually since last school year. monday marked the return to campus. so how was school today? it was great. i loved it. officials with this relatively small district say special education and elementary school students. safely returned from a covid-19 shut down last fall. they're sequential plan was always to have egan and block middle school students come back sometime before the start of spring. we decided that making the. the break at the semester made more sense for junior high schools because it was going to be disruptive and require schedule changes. everything was ready for them. they walked in. we started teaching in person. it was a wonderful experience, teachers union reps say spiking covid case counts pushed the initial return date from january to march. the advent of multiple covid vaccines with a percentage set
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aside for teachers has reassured educators it's safe for their return to classrooms. we've seen a lot of those kind of concerns start to weigh in a little bit right with our members, just given that our case numbers have dropped dramatically since then for this district. it's a happy return to long lines of vehicles inching along as 80% of parents here are choosing to send their children back to school. i wish we could have gone back sooner, but i'm just grateful we're back now. the best part for kids this day seeing their friends and teachers whom they hadn't seen since last school year. district officials say they're successful sequential approach to bringing back kids proves in person learning can resume safely in san jose, jesse gary. ktvu fox two news, state health officials say they surpassed their goal for vaccinating educators last week after setting a target number of 75,000 more than 200,000. people are actually vaccinated,
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according to the governor's office. those vaccinated included school staff and child care workers. 10% of the state's vaccine supply has been set aside for school staff governor newsome said to deliver his third state of the state address tonight, the governor's virtual speech will be made from 100 stadium in los angeles, one of the state's largest covid-19 vaccination sites. newsome says he's going to focus on his plans to reopen schools and businesses. one year after the first shutdown orders were issued. this year's address will reportedly be shorter compared to years past and will not lay out any new policy initiatives. house of representatives is gearing up for a final vote on the senate revised covid relief bill. if it passes, the bill will be president biden's first major piece of legislation to be signed into law. mark meredith in washington now to bring us the latest on where the bill stands. with just five days left before many pandemic assistance programs expire. house democrats are making a final push to pass a $1.9
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trillion covid relief bill. we promised to put money in the pockets of everyday americans. we've been struggling through the economic trauma of the pandemic mission accomplished, but the bill is not what house democrats approved 10 days ago. the senate made changes over the weekend, lowering the income cap on eligibility for stimulus checks from those making $100,000 a year to those earning 80,000. senators also scaled back the $400 unemployment benefit boost to a $300 weekly supplement. the majority of the country supports this bill. the majority of republicans across the country support this bill in package the bill does not raise the minimum wage, a longtime demand of progressive democrats, but the congressional progressive caucus says it still plans to support the relief bill, saying the senate's changes were quote relatively minor concessions. the american rescue plan also spends billions for vaccines and covid testing, plus money to help schools reopen. republicans though, are
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standing firm in opposition, insisting it's packed with non pandemic projects. we really need targeted relief. that's not what we saw in this $1.9 trillion package. my taxpayers who manage their finances quite well, we'll be the ones bailing out these poor blue states. democrats are planning a final vote on the house floor wednesday morning. it's unclear your win. president biden will sign it in washington. mark meredith ktvu fox two news still to come in noon, the master tenant of oakland's ghost ship warehouse where 36 people died in a fire has been sentenced the emotional messages from victims families and why they say the punishment is not enough. also there's still frustration over the rollout of the vaccine here in the bay area, we'll have the latest on the efforts, including the county that plans to opt out of the blue shield run program. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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now california phones offers free devices subway eat fresh. and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit the trial of former police officer derrick show. van who's accused of killing george floyd. the process was delayed yesterday because of a third degree murder charge that might be added to the second degree murder charges show band is facing a jury selection began this morning despite that pending charge. today's first juror described seeing the video of officers showdown with his neck on floyd's knee. and thinking that his actions were not fair. associated press says that juror has since been
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dismissed. opening statement set to start march 29th the ghost ship warehouse is master tenant was recently sentenced to 12 years for the oakland fire that killed 36. people as ktvu is brooks jarocz reports here. the sentencing came after families of many of those victims. addressed derek elmina directly and the court as well. arriving massless and running into court. derek elmina faced family after family, many of them begging the judge to reject the plea deal, the slocum family saying, you don't even comprehend the sorrow we feel the hold of family, saying this lenient slap on the wrist sentences vastly inappropriate. the ghost ship master tenant, pleading guilty in january. 2 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the three dozen killed in the oakland warehouse fire in 2016. colleen dolan, whose daughter was killed cursed elmina. i do not forgive you and i never will,
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she said. may you burn in the hellish nightmares you created. is that reaction went from indifference to, like rocking and looking down, and he almost looked like he was sobbing at a couple of times. that's how the courtroom sketch artist described it. but many families and the judge later thought l meant a was dozing off in court. even spilled a cup of coffee. i'll may not find asleep during the victim impact is insult to injury. and why have victim impact statements unless than defendant is listening, and it is important to the family that he hear what they have to say and what he's done. no menace attorney later read a letter for his client where he said, i am sorry. i am sick with shame. it is my fault. i did nothing to stop it. closing the emotional day, the judge sentenced don't manage to 12 years, but he won't spend any more time in
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jail and will finish out his sentence with an ankle monitor at home and he must pay $181,000 in restitution to the victims. families just never going to recover. he's going to have this, you know, in his nightmares in this conscience wherever he goes for the rest of his life. the victimsfamilies tell me this is not justice. and they believe l mnangagwa off easy. they also say that others responsible for the tragedy will never be held accountable. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news outside the bay area. some of us have rain. some of us rosemary still have sunshine, which is the case outside my little east bay window. yes this morning on my run, garcia a little bit of rain in just a few lie scattered showers, but we are seeing more so over areas of the north bay, in fact to the north bay, picking up some rainfall amounts that we can talk about more on that in just a moment. let's get a look at the sfo this afternoon where
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we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, temperatures are going to be on the cool side even throughout the afternoon fifties in the forecast for today, so it definitely feels more like winter out there. here's a look at some of the rainfall amounts thus far milled alley, even a little bit more than a third of an inch reported petaluma to 10th saint alina. almost quarter inch get over towards santa rosa almost 2/10 napa reporting about 5 107 and half moon bay. just a couple 107 inch in most areas in the central and south bay, only trace amounts or nothing to report just yet. here's a look at stormtrooper to again going back into the north bay. some of this not actually hitting the ground the darker greens for sure. but this. this is going to continue as we get into the afternoon. just ah, hueter, miss scatter shower expected. we know this is a very active pattern in the sense that we may have brief downpours due to the possibility maybe thunderstorms rolling through and we continue to talk about the lower snow levels with snow levels expected down to about 3000 ft.
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we've got a little bit of rain snow mix right over the diablo range at this hour. temperatures right now. 55 degrees in san francisco. we have 56 involvement creek in the south bay 57 over san jose. take a look at santa rosa. chilly one for you with this noon hour 49 degrees. the winds are a little breezy. we've got nevada reporting. 21 mph fairfield reporting 17 sustained in concord at about 13 mph and a little windy in our hills as well in the north bay middle peak reporting. 24 mph mount diablo reporting 23 so today tomorrow going to be similar where. we're going to just have the on and off possibility of that rain moving through. here's a look as we get into the evening hours. we're expecting another way. this could be more widespread 789 o'clock hour this evening that it pushes through. here's a look at tomorrow morning. we're mostly cloudy. a few scattered showers and it doesn't really go away. just keeps comin until about thursday morning. it looks like we will begin to dry out. it's far as rainfall amounts, holding onto the hope that we
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will see anywhere from half inch to an inch of rainfall for our urban areas. 1 to 2 inches will be a possibility for our higher elevations are bay area hills. ah, view of the action in high is expected for today. 56 for san francisco 56 conquered under a mix of mostly cloudy skies, maybe a little bit of sunshine, but not much. look at the extended forecast. not much change on wednesday. we do begin to a dry out and warm ups on thursday, with better weather coming friday saturday. right now. it looks like sunday, maybe another opportunity for the possibilities. some rain back to you. thank you lose mary still to come at noon boy, the fall up continues after pretty arian megan's bombshell interview with oprah winfrey. know. megan's father is coming to the royal family's defense, and we'll tell you how buckingham
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you think of the interview? britain's prince charles remaining silent tuesday, making his first public appearance following oprah's explosive interview with his son, prince harry, and wife meghan. the interview, sending shockwaves across the globe with a couple leveling bombshell accusations against the royal family. brett's getting a chance to watch the interview when it aired in the country monday night. some say they feel it was not only an attack on the royal family, but the country as well. think she's having? no although i'm gonna pop with royalty, she's not my puppet, my country and i don't like that, but we live in a free world only and while the royals remained tight lipped megan's father, thomas came to their defense during an interview on good morning britain. they get what we're with the top with this these stories with oprah marchal, who is a strange from his daughter, responding to harry and megan's claim that the family was concerned about the potential skin. tone of their children, saying he doesn't believe his daughter's allegations of
12:24 pm
racism within the royal family. i have great respect for the royals and. i don't think they're really sure world family are our racist at all. meanwhile some in the uk are standing by harry and meghan. hopefully that comes out and people start being a little bit my said to her and a bit more apologetic, while others say the situation may only get worse from here. the world family steps said in london, ryan chilcote ktvu. fox two news, the city of lafayette is now taken action to stop political protests and demonstrations on an overpass right above highway 24 just last night, the lafayette city council gave approval to ask caltrans and the highway patrol to move these protesters for the last seven months. supporters of former president donald trump have gathered twice a week on the overpass, waving banners in american flags. city leaders say the signs are a distraction for drivers and a public safety issue. addition to their
12:25 pm
banners and their flags. more people that came they were causing the road to become a single lane instead of a double lane. as part of the resolution, caltrans and highway patrol will enforce laws against putting up signs on state property, the childhood home in berkeley of vice president kamila harris may soon become a historic landmark. tonight, the berkeley city council will debate resolution to clarify eligibility for historic sites. vice president harris was born in oakland, but spent most of her childhood at home on bancroft way there in berkeley. now, if the resolution passes both the council and the landmarks preservation commission will then have to approve. move! ah landmark application today, california senator alex padilla is delivering his first official speech on the floor of the u. s. senate senator padilla will talk about his path to becoming a member of the senate. and california's first latino senator, governor newsome appointed padilla, who was california secretary of state
12:26 pm
to replace kamila harris when she became vice president. in a speech today, senator padilla will talk about the sacrifices he made and those made by his parents who came to this country from mexico. still to come. this noontime california looking for volunteers to help add vaccine sites across the state up next how you can apply and what could happen if you volunteer for at least four hours. also many bay area residents feeling a sigh of relief after the cdc releases new guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated. the response from one family after they were able to hug loved ones for the first time in months, and as we give you a live look outside pockets of rain pockets of sunshine across. much of the bay area. this is a live look at it. the lower issue are going through emeryville and berkeley. there, we're going to check back in with rosemary on just how much more rain.
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of lightning jensen rain chances of snow in this year. oh, that's actually happening right now. rosemary but little of everything, absolutely. as hello, michaela garcia. it's one of those. it's an active pattern, but there's still some people looking outside the window thinking. is it kind of
12:30 pm
rain or not? because we do see the clouds a little bit of drizzle falling over the central and south bay, but not much so far. we are giving you a nice look there across the oakland estuary towards san francisco, where plenty of overcast sky a little bit of sunshine poking through at times and the system that is currently offshore, just bringing us rounds of rain and you could see storms wrecker, too, for the most part thus far, the north bay benefiting more so and i showed you that with ease some of the rainfall amounts from the last 24 hours. and you can see here in the north bay. we do have widespread light, scattered showers reported, but you get into the central and south bay. not so much. we will continue with the good wave coming our way. it looks like by the evening hours that will last a few hours and then maurine the forecast for tomorrow into the sierra. we go where we have snow levels down to about 3000 ft. and you may have noticed over the diablo range. mount hamilton area little bit of rain snow mix that shade of pink, and that's what we're seeing here is well. there is advisory for travel if you are headed up along the west slope
12:31 pm
it started at this hour will continue all the way until wednesday evening. the winter storm warning for highway 50 as well as i 80 in the shade of purple is winter weather advisory for the lake tahoe area again, like tahoe also going to get some snow as the snow levels are down to about 3000 ft. and, like tahoe sits right about 6000 ft. so this system going to continue to bring us the scattered showers. the possibility of thunderstorms and the low snow. i'll have a look at how much rainfall i expect. we're going to get how much snow i expect the sierra will get and i'll get your extended forecast coming up, all right. see you soon. rosemary a couple more berry counties are no moving into that less restrictive red tear from the purple tear. this is all part of the state's reopening plan. the state health department did announce just late this morning that alameda and solano counties will move out of the purple tear that most restrictive category into the red tear. santa cruz county also moving into the red here. this is all because of a lower case and positive test rates beginning tomorrow. they're gonna be joining san francisco santa clara, sam matteo napa and
12:32 pm
marin county's being in the red deer doesn't allow for schools to open up some indoor dining and limited use of jim's movie theaters as well as museums now contra costa in sonoma counties of the last two bay area counties currently still in that more restrictive purple tear some people we're getting a taste of normalcy, the centers for disease control says people who are fully vaccinated can begin to do some mingling indoors without masks and without physical distancing. ktvu james tours reports. another piece of guidance has patients and medical experts talking grand parents and grandkids got to share moments with each other for the first time in a year. now i can see them and. get to see me and get to know me. it's part of the cdc is newest guidance for those who are now fully vaccinated. part of that guidance says this same population can forego testing or quarantine if they are exposed to an asymptomatic covid-19 case. i think we're all it is a good thing because it's keeping in line where
12:33 pm
science is going. nevertheless was a bit of a bold move and was interesting that the cdc made a statement on this dr peter chin hong is an infectious disease specialist from uc san francisco, he says. while it's a bold piece of guidance from the cdc, bold guidance is exactly what the world wants to hear. is completely appropriate and welcomed. in fact, if you just didn't say something both like this, i think people will be disillusioned and we'll get back to that whole. um um you know, aspect of pandemic resentment. for some, the idea of letting go precautions is an unusual one. you haven't even got to get to get used to it because you've been doing this for months and months wearing masks, but it's kind of relieving that you can possibly do that and kind of get back to normal. but the idea of a vaccine working the way experts had hoped is the most exciting day vaccine and we've actually all the data seems to show off. so that once you're vaccinated, you can't shouldn't it to other
12:34 pm
people while it's not guaranteed to prevent transmission, dr chin halling says evidence has prue of the vaccine does help prevent asymptomatic case is welcome news, considering asymptomatic patients typically transmit maura the virus, but some local governments are still taking it slow. the san francisco department of emergency management released this statement to ktvu saying, in part to date fewer than one in 10 san franciscans are fully vaccinated. therefore we recommend the vaccinate people continued to wear a mask over their nose and mouth when they're in public and to follow the other health precautions. when get gathering with unvaccinated people, some of whom may be at high risk of serious illness. cdc guidance does say if they fully vaccinated person starts to feel symptomatic, then a covid-19 test is advised. they have. to beyond the lookout for like, you know, maybe that cold is not a cold. maybe it's like a variant that has been described yet, and you should go and get tested. still this guidance is welcome news for
12:35 pm
all and a step in the right direction toward a sense of normalcy. i love you, too. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. meanwhile, the u. s. is no one pays to reach herd immunity by the summer estimates and model show about two million americans are getting vaccinated every day if this pace continues, or ramps up, 70% of the population should be fully vaccinated by the end of july, 85% by mid september. a major concern now is that if enough people choose not to get vaccinated, that could change things. in a poll last month, 38% of americans said they don't want the covid vaccine. the bay area's largest county is now opting out of the state's new blue shield vaccination program. santa clara county executive jeff smith says the county does not plan to sign the agreement with blue shield. now, he says the county already has its own vaccine appointment system that works better than the states. my turn system, smith added that blue shield would add another layer of bureaucracy with no apparent benefits. more
12:36 pm
and more people who were vaccinated at the oakland coliseum mass vaccination site last week did receive less than records. mended doses, the state health department tells ktvu that 6300 people are being notified. they received the fizer vaccine last sunday and monday. the lower dosage was all due to the design of certain syringes that did not push out all the vaccine, according to health officials. anyone who received the vaccine on those two days on lee need to make sure that they get that second dose. in order to be fully protected. people are lining up this noontime for covid vaccinations on the peninsula. a vaccine clinic is open on euclid avenue in east palo alto. san mateo county is running this clinic in partnership with the ravenswood family health center, the city these palo alto and y m c. a of silicon valley. it's open to eligible people 65 up essential workers in healthcare, food and agriculture, education, child and emergency responders. city officials are encouraging people to come out and get their shots and they're telling them they should trust that. vaccine when you put a shot in
12:37 pm
somebody's arms, you're trusting the people who are giving you that shot. and so they have people who are trusted intermediaries, church leaders, matriarchs people who are well known to give that message to say this is part of getting back to normal. this is some conspiracy. this is actually is going to be what it takes for us to be healthy, again. clinic will be open until seven p.m. another vaccine clinic will open in the area on saturday at the aneta harris community center in menlo park. several bay area lawmakers are now expressing their concern about the state's vaccination distribution plans. state health agencies recently announced that they plan to reserve 40% of california's vaccine supply for economically disadvantaged communities. but many lawmakers say they believe the hardest hit regions of the bay area will not get their fair share vaccines under this current program any time you do a statewide. formula. um you're gonna have some unintended kong consequences that you need toe work address, and that's what's
12:38 pm
happening in some of our communities we've had as high a rate as you know, 15% in a single census track testing positive for covid-19. and on any met metric that you use santa clara county has been profoundly hit by covid-19. both supervisors, chavez and state senator weiner say they've been in direct contact with governor newsome's office in there, now confident the state will soon make some changes in response to their concerns. volunteer opportunities that covid-19 vaccination sites are quickly starting to fill up. last week, the state launched the my turn. volunteer website so more medical staff and general support volunteers could sign up. the state is also providing vaccinations as a possible payment. two volunteers, general volunteers have to be 18 or older. have a government issued i d and go through training volunteers qualified for a shot after a four hour shift and approval from a clinic administrator. state says more sites will become available, but right now it's
12:39 pm
hard to find any openings at least right here in the bay area. happening today, a vote by san francisco supervisors on hazard pay for grocery store retail and pharmacy workers. if the board approved the proposal, employees of larger stores in corporations would get an extra $5 an hour. the proposal is sponsored by seven city supervisors, so it is expected to pass. there are already similar ordinances and effect in san mateo, santa clara and oakland. people moving out of the bay area this year appear to be turning more and more to the central valley, and it's becoming a hot housing market in turn. more people look for more space while having the freedom to work from home. thousands of families are avoiding the bay area's home prices and moving inland, according to the chronicle builders in places such as tracy leith rope and mountain house can't build fast enough as buyers clamor for bigger homes that about half the price. a new study finds their happiest place to live in the united states is right here in the bay area. fremont is at the top of the list of a report from wallet hub that looked at
12:40 pm
things like positive mental state health body, strong social connections, job satisfaction and financial well being. people in fremont have the lowest depression and divorce rate of any city on the list. berri cities ranked high and really nearly every category except for income versus cost of living. besides freeman, the other high ranking cities include san jose, santa rosa and san francisco. they all cracked the top 15 and rank very high for emotional and physical well being. don't to come at noon and incentives to stay home during spring break next what u. c davis is offering college students to help prevent the spread of covid-19 and the masked singer returns tomorrow. right here on ktvu, fox two, and you can win big with fox beds free to play super six sweepstakes. $20,000 in prizes up for grabs here every week with $100,000 prize for the finale, and there are multiple winners every week, so to play for free, download the fox super six app and watch the
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mask singer tomorrow night
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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oakland this morning, leaving 20 people without a place to go. this kicked up around just around 6 30 or so as you could see, in this video from citizen app. parts of the camp were fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived on scene, small living structures and at least one rv burned. no
12:44 pm
injuries were reported. the in camden does stretch several blocks on east 12 street, the flames could be seen by motorists. on nearby 8 80. the red cross is assisting with people who were displaced and also an investigation is now underway after a man in a motorized wheelchair was struck and killed in a mill break crosswalk. this happened around six o'clock this morning on north bound el camino real between hillcrest boulevard in metal glenn avenue, sama. tail county sheriff's department says it's not clear if the man was crossing with a green or red light. the driver who hit the man is cooperating with the investigation. we're learning more about a woman who's accused of spitting on a man of asian descent. in mountain view. the woman has been charged with a hate crime and could spend a year in jail. ktvu azenith smith spoke with the witness who reported it to police. when i saw her set into the food, i was really shocked. i mean, i just couldn't believe that this was something that was happening in our community. lunar moreau saw something she didn't like and said something.
12:45 pm
what she saw happened at your rig, a restaurant in downtown mountain view last month out of nowhere, she says, a woman spat toward an asian and then told them to go back to his country before calling him a racial slur. they don't deserve that they don't deserve to be treated that way. she snapped this photo of the incident. police identified the woman as 13 year old karen inman from greenbrae and marin county. she's the same woman in this surveillance video seen steal from in a grocery store, also on castro street that same day, a scarf, chips and spam. she's also seemed taking a buddha necklace, refusing to pay his office did not pursue shoplifting, but did pursuit hate crime at the rug runts? crime is not just against. i think that unfortunate gentlemen. it's also it really victimizes pr community, according to stop the ap. i hate project a truck's incidents of heat against a pr asian pacific islander community. out of 3000 cases
12:46 pm
reported nationwide since the start of the pandemic, 7% people respect or coughed upon were reading that so often that we actually created a special category 34 spitting and coughing. it seems like people are weaponizing the pandemic weaponizing coronavirus trying to reinfect asians. moreira works on the diversity team for a tech company, she said. 25 people witnessed it and didn't get involved. the least i could do is really just kind of stand up for this man. speak up. say something be active by standard because nobody in the united states or anywhere in the world deserves to be treated this way. and i think that if we continue to allow this type of behavior, that really will be no change. azenith smith ktvu fox two news. the pentagon is set to approve an extension of the national guard deployment of the u. s. capitol for about two more months. officials say the final details are still being worked out here. but the defense secretary lloyd austin, expected to give final approval
12:47 pm
and have guard troops continue to provide security in washington, d. c at the request of capitol police amid worries about continued threats. officials have been scrambling in recent days to determine if and really how to fill the request of more than 2000 guard forces as the original march 12th deadline for them to leave. washington is looming, right back to rosemary oroczo and rosemary. no, there's parts of the bay area getting some rain. others not. but do you think it'll intensify a little bit as we move on later today into the evening hours? yes i think we're going to get a pretty good wave that moves through tonight and then the scattered showers continuing tomorrow with the possibility of thunderstorms. this is also the type of pattern that brings us rainbow so it could be anyone of what you're going to see or perhaps a few things before all said and done giving you a look here at what is happening at sfo a beautiful view there, and that's a bush there on the bottom, the screen indicating that it's not too breezy, at least not for the time being, if you do get a thunderstorm overhead with the brief downpour, perhaps a little bit of hail. gusty
12:48 pm
conditions likely to come along with it. temperatures outside this hour 53 degrees right now. san francisco we have santa rosa. ah chilly 49 upper fifties and oakland mid fifties livermore in san jose, a 57. the pictures are within a few degrees of where we were yesterday, some a tad cooler, some a tad warmer, but we are below average for this time of year. here's looking storm tech, her to where it looks like the north base so far has been, of course, the most benefit. we got. scattered showers reported. it looks like along a highway, one of one from santa rosa down through petaluma. maybe nevado and then off to the east of yonville may have a few scattered showers falling some just south of the take obey, but areas near the central and south bay not so much. just a few hit or miss showers. report. so far had a little bit this morning in the east bay on my run, and that's really been about it. mostly cloudy but mainly dry. here's a look at the sierra where again we're looking at snow levels all the way down to 3000 ft at times, and that means we could see a little bit of snow in our hills as well. areas like mountie. ah, blow mount hamilton and
12:49 pm
farther south. here's a look at the storm and to give you an idea what's going on. you can see we're just saying waves moved through, so it's not a steady rain. we're not expecting ah, steady rain over the next 24 to 36 hours. it'll just be on and off again and the center of that storm. bringing in all that cold air is going to move right across california, and that is what will continue to bring us that risk of thunderstorms as we get into your bay area. wednesday as far as the future cash showing you the next way that we expect there's a look at this evening, perhaps around 78 o'clock coming down pretty good. and then as we get into tomorrow morning, the scattered showers continuing and is beginning to tomorrow afternoon. it just continues until about looks like wednesday night and early thursday, we begin to dry out as far as rainfall amounts, ah, half inch to an inch of rainfall, a hopefully see across our urban areas with more in our hills 1 to 2 inches possible. and as we know if we do have a thunderstorm that could bring the brief downpours and that could be a little bit
12:50 pm
more. the sierra we're talking about as well with advisories for travel going on until tomorrow evening, and we could see anywhere from a foot to even two ft. of snow is some of the higher elevations. this forecast model calling for kirkwood to receive 11 inches. sugar bowl to receive 14 inches, so that's good news. there is well. the temperature is a four today below average in the fifties along the peninsula 57, a redwood city for the east bay, 56 conquered and in the north bay, 54 over napa. your extended forecast there, so we'll kind of see a repeat on wednesday. we do dry out on thursday friday saturday, mostly sunny skies meant upper sixties in the forecast, we will introduce just a slight chance of scattered showers to return to the bay area on sunday. mike. all right, rosemary. thank you. u c. davis is now offering its students a little bit of cash to stay into town. come this spring break, university says it's worried about u c. davis students spreading covid-19 while they celebrate party and other cities during spring break,
12:51 pm
which does begin in just a couple weeks, u. c. davis created a special grand program that will pay them $75 simply to avoid traveling and remain on campus. many students said they actually plan to accept the offer is already something i was planning on doing and. the little extra incentive sort of nailed that down. i mean, just just think, think of other people. think of your family. think of your parents. your grand parents. you know, your actions are to keep them safe. u c. davis is limiting the spring break offered to the 1st 500 students who apply. the university is also working with local business leaders to create safe spring break events for college students that are close to the uc davis campus. coming up at noon. a busy barea street could soon get a name change. we'll have the latest on the debate on its current name and the controversy
12:52 pm
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council will vote today on whether or not they want to change the name of sir francis drake boulevard is a 40 mile plus roadway that rolls right through five different jurisdictions in the county. ktvu is robert roth has more on the story. shakespeare once asked, what's in a name well for marin county residents when it comes to sir francis drake boulevard, the answer is plenty. we wanna be. forward thinking that in that way don't want to offend people. racing history doesn't really accomplish that much. sir francis drake boulevard is a 43 mile road that cuts through five different marin jurisdictions. the fairfax town council voted last week to change the name of the section that runs through its community while the towns of ross and lark spur voted to keep the name sentence elmo in the county of marin, which controls most of it is set to vote
12:56 pm
tuesday having this sir francis drake. the name change. has been a really important vehicle toward getting more of our community members to stop and think about race and in equality and racism. the idea of renaming the boulevard has come from discussions about viewing key figures from the past. drake was the 16th century english explorer who landed in what is now marin county to repair his ship column. an adventurer you could call him emergency call him sort of an opportunist and dominican university. the assistant history professor jordan. lisa also adds slave trader. we did not one point that odd. drake himself was was sort of given command over 150 slaves. no new names have been put forth the native american coast. me walk tribe considered marie in their ancestral lands. the native community felt that. you know, this is a this is an opportunity to reconsider. what
12:57 pm
symbols we have in our in marin county. renaming will mean new addresses for fairfax businesses. it doesn't affect me that but you know what? i think it's i will still use my stationery. the mailman still knows the street if there is a way to compromise between you know, renaming everything to be fit the times or the keep the names so we could learn from them. marin county officials are hoping that any municipalities favoring a name change can agree on one replacement name to avoid any confusion. rob rock ktvu fox two news. after a year delay, the summer olympics will kick off in tokyo this summer, but fans from overseas will not be allowed. the japanese government is banding international visitors at stadiums and other venues due to the pandemic, officials say they're concerned about the new covid-19 variants and sluggish vaccination campaigns. they want to avoid large crowds. 2020 tokyo games and all set for july 23rd through august 8th three burial women are now
12:58 pm
preparing for some of the biggest challenges for the u. s space program that it has ever faced. kate rubins and napa is already in the final weeks of her six month tour of duty out there on the international space station, and she's in consideration to become the first woman to walk on the moon. reuben heads home on april 16th and megan mcarthur of mountain view will take her place onboard the space station. macarthur will be joined there at the space. station by nicole man of petaluma, who is scheduled to fly the first boeing starliner to the station later this year. former first lady michelle obama will be inducted into the national women's hall of fame on october 2nd the hall of fame, said. the former first lady was an advocate for health service members. higher education and girls. education aid. others will be inducted, including mathematician katherine johnson and soccer player mia hamm. the immersive van gogh exhibit is getting red to open in san francisco next week yesterday, organizer's offered some behind the scenes tours of the exhibition and includes 40
12:59 pm
protectors that digitally map animated versions of van gogh's artwork, immersive and go. opens thursday. march 18th. that s vien west. it runs through september six. california bagel scene, can you believe is apparently better than new york's this according to no less than the new york times, the best bagels in california are reportedly to be found in los angeles and the bay area, the time says west coast bakers are driving a great bagel boom, so quick, small list of some of the best bagel shops in california boy chick bagels in berkeley daily driver in san francisco. if you find herself in l, a, maybe check out bueller's bagels, maury that i love this name like yeasty boys. very interesting. i'm with you on that one. but you said earlier you're just like my son. you like butter on your bagel? i don't. i mean, i'm all about the cream cheese, but that's true. you like butter, butter and toasted 100% no cream cheese, no, my son. you got that? my daughter and i always looking. i'm like, okay, whatever. whatever makes you
1:00 pm
happy i'll do it. thanks for watching everyone. our next news guys is coming up that for dr as dr oz starts next next, c convicted murderer jodi arias c have killed her boyfriend in self-defense? we're revealing a new look at the infamous crime scene and footage of her shocking behavior. then a daughter's worst nightmare. >> how can a man that looks so happy with a family turn around and do what he has done. >> her d.n.a. proved her father is a serial killer. >> do you feel your father's darkness is inside of you? ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. jodi arias is a notorious convicted


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