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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 2, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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red tear. the excitement in san francisco and beyond as covid-19 cases continue to drop, plus the new plan to reopen classrooms across the state pushes forward we'll have the latest from the governor as he makes a stop in santa clara county today, and we continue to follow a developing story out of southern california. what we're learning about a crash that killed more than a dozen people. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox two. is that new and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach. i'm gasia mikaelian at least one bay area county can now relax restrictions on businesses, recreation, even schools. ktvu allie rasmus, following late developments that came just this morning. allie garcia, san francisco mayor london breed confirmed that her county is now officially in the states less restrictive red tear any minute now we're expecting officials in san clara and napa
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county to also get word that there counties have met the threshold to go into that tear less restrictive here. in fact, i think just seconds ago they updated on the web sites and now san francisco and napa and santa clara counties are all in the red tiered starting at midnight tonight. businesses can now relax some of their restrictions they can restaurants can do things like seat people indoors, a 25% capacity retail shopping centers can allow 50% capacity. museums and aquariums can reopen. so can movie theaters and fitness centers and jim's at 10% capacity. now pier 39 a short time ago, san francisco mayor of london, breed talked about what the transition to the red tear means for the city, she says 22% of san franciscans over the age of 16 have now been vaccinated against covid and that if san francisco stays on this track, the county could be in the orange here in just a couple weeks. we want to enjoy our city. but we also have to remember. we're still in the mist of a global pandemic. so
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that means that for example, when you're at a restaurant waiting for your table, keep your mask on when your waiter walks up to the table. put your mask on. when you go to the restroom. put your mask god. the de young museum in san francisco, is preparing to reopen to the general public this saturday for the first time in three months of special exhibit featuring artwork from alexander calder and public picasso will make its u. s debut at the museum this weekend. now shifting to the red here also paves the way for more public schools to reopen, especially middle and high schools in napa county. it's not an issue, according to the county's education superintendent. all of napa county's public schools have already been opened for in person instruction in some cases for months, however, public schools in san francisco and san jose remain closed. and it's not clear yet whether this shift to the red tear will move negotiations along to get those schools reopened in santa clara in san francisco counties reporting live allie rasmus ktvu, fox two news. right big
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news alley. thank you. gavin newsom in the south bay today, just one day after announcing an agreement with the state legislature to reopen schools for in person instructions. the governor is visiting baron park elementary school in palo alto would spent open since the fall using a hybrid model, and just a few minutes ago, the governor talked about efforts to safely reopen schools around the state. we are absolutely confident once these district's start to get back in the routine address some of the challenges and we were just talking to principal was making the point. the challenges of just how to pick up and drop off building trust, building routines, new routines with modification, then mortem or people feel more more comfortable to send their kids into the classroom for in person instruction. $6.5 billion agreement to reopen schools is being reviewed today at the capitol of the state legislator is expected to vote on the plan this coming
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thursday. governor newsome's visit does come as specifically the state assembly budget committee is reviewing that $6.6 billion plan as an incentive to reopen as many schools as they can by the end of this month. ktvu is james tourists as that part of the story. and there was no doubt in my mind that we need to reopen schools for all grades as quickly as possible, california's budget committee reviews senate bill 86. it's the governor's proposal to offer school district's a chunk of $6.6 billion to reopen by the end of march. some parents like the sound of that full time in person, education is safe. that's what the kids need. district's in the purple tier of the state's reopening system would need a plan to send students kindergarten, too. second grade back to school by march, 31st district in the red tear would need to send all elementary school students to school and one grade level in middle and high school. if they do they get a
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cut of the multibillion dollar package to pay for extra health related costs and any adjustments to help students falling behind. some lawmakers offered critiques. i think this bill is an important first step, but for me, i do still have concerns that particularly when it pertains. you are junior high middle school and high school students getting in the classroom. supporters of the bill say it spells out a phased re opening and as school district's biltmore confidence welcoming some students back, they'll be capable of welcoming more as time moves forward. another concern. the bill does not specify how many hours students would need to be in school for a school district to be considered reopened and receive funding. that's worrisome for some parents in san francisco, who are already frustrated in off, not knowing a plan for their own district. and if school is only half days or partial days, then it's going to be very disruptive for working parents for our parents that are a frontline and essential workers. governor
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newsome says he doesn't expect school district's to take advantage of the system by doing the bare minimum to receive funding. they all share one thing in common, and that's a commitment. do the right thing, but they're concerned their fear. they're apprehensive has gotten in that way, and that's what we hope we're clearing. and so i'm confident people won't be gaming the system like that. today's review of the bill was just a hearing. so no more action will happen until thursday. that's when the bill will come to the floor of the legislature for a full vote. governor newsome expects to sign it after that. i'm james tour as ktvu fox. two news, marvin is one of the many counties said to benefit from the governor's plan to reopen schools, the superintendent of schools tells the marine ij that the county could receive $11 million from governor. nuisance $2 billion statewide re opening and incentive fund. most marin schools are already open for at least part time in person learning the county's working to vaccinate teachers and reopen all schools by the spring, five high schools in marin county of returning to in person learning the tamil pious
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union high school district. welcome students back today after it take after it took several steps to help keep everyone safe. this includes adding air purifiers, one way pathways and improve ventilation in classrooms. almost 90% of students will be back on campus at least once a week. now johnson and johnson's covid-19 vaccine is being shipped in many states today, and as really, the increase in supply happens, it's leading some officials across the country to expand eligibility on who gets these doses, but the cdc is still out there on the forefront, warning about a potential surrogate. too many health restrictions get rolled back. jonathan serrie has the story. the nation's vaccine rollout is ramping up, the cdc says. more than 50 million people have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. some 25 million have been fully immunized millions of doses of johnson and johnson's vaccine are on their way to vaccination siteses could begin distribution as early as today. really going to
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try to spread the stack, saying again statewide, it's a small amount. it spread it to providers that haven't been able to be actively engaged in vaccination. state officials are expanding vaccine eligibility is supply increases, ohio will open up vaccinations to people 60 and older while new york as workers in the food service and hotel industries in florida people 50 and older who work in k through 12 schools, as well as law enforcement will be eligible on wednesday. we do believe that j and j is perfect. or law enforcement agencies. other workforce is because you have to worry about coming back and scheduling second appointment as the vaccine drive picks up, more states are easing restrictions, but public health officials urge caution. the u. s is still reporting more than 65,000 new cases per day. the cdc warns, rolling back too many health measures could result in 1/4 surge of infections. at this
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level of cases with variant spreading, we stand to completely lose the hard earned brown we have gave. dr anthony fauci says. the cdc will soon issue guidance on what fully vaccinated individuals can safely do in atlanta. jonathan serrie, ktvu fox two news. and right here in california officials say they do expect a shipment of about 385,000 johnson and johnson covid-19 vaccines by saturday. and now morning, investigators were at the scene of a deadly crash in southern california involving an suv and a semi truck. just a short time ago here, the chp held a news conference and said there were 25 people inside the suv when it crashed into a tractor trailer on state route 1 15, just about 10 miles north of the us mexico border in imperial county, about an hour and a half east of san diego, originally the hospital, it said there were 27 people
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inside the suv. the chp also just said that 13 people died, which is down from the original report of 15 originally said by the hospital. we know several other people have been taken to the hospital officials say the tractor trailer was full of gravel. this is a largely agricultural area. california highway patrol officer says the suv had stopped at an intersection and then drove directly into the path of the big rig. come this new time fbi director christopher wray being questioned on capitol hill will have the latest on the investigation into the january 6th attack on the u. s capitol, plus a big announcement surrounding dr seuss. why half a dozen of the company's popular books will no longer be published. also it's a pretty nice afternoon out there across much of the bay area's we give you a live look. get out across san francisco bay and into the city by the bay. there's some blues guys some clouds, though, depending on where you're at. we're gonna check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo for the forecast in your neighborhood. you have the
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for dust on my floors, i switch to sweeper. the heavy duty cloths reach deep in grooves to grab, trap and lock dust bunnies... no matter where they hide. no more heebie jeebies. phhhhew. glad i stopped cleaning and started swiffering. good news friends, my triple bonus jack combo is back. the triple meat and cheese you need... the secret sauce you love... plus curly fries and a drink. it's...a pretty legit combo. and it's just $5.99. only at jack in the box. senate judiciary committee this morning, specifically about the intelligence that had been gathered prior to the attack on the u. s capitol in january. 6
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ray bogen as the story. the information wr christopher wray took questions from lawmakers about what the fbi knew leading up to the january 6th capitol attack period, up leading up to january. 6 tracking large amount of information about large numbers of people coming to participate in protests and about the potential for violence. democratic chairman dick durbin expressed concern that domestic terrorism is a growing threat. for too long. our federal government has failed to address the growing terrorist menace in our own backyard. d c took a small step toward normalcy monday night when some fencing near the capital was modified to allow vehicle traffic, the acting house sergeant at arms, wrote a memo to all members demonstrations on march. 4th has declined. timothy blodgett wrote at this time. the u. s. capitol police has no indication that groups will travel to washington d c to
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protest or commit acts of violence. both blodgett and the acting u. s capitol, police chief say enhance security at the capitol is necessary because the threat remains. we know that members of the militia groups that were present. on january, 6 have stated their desires that they want to blow up the capitol and kill as many members as possible with the direct nexus to the state of the union. the state of the union is not scheduled yet, but house speaker nancy pelosi has said it will happen after they passed their coronavirus relief bill in washington. ray bogan, ktvu, fox two news. the san francisco 49ers. they're working on a plan to safely open levi stadium for fans for the new football season. this coming fall, the organization announced that they do have medical advisory committee that includes top public health officials in the bay area, including dr monica gandhi from ucsf. the advisory committee
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will be looking into public health considerations that will support the return to levi stadium. additional details about their work will be announced in the coming months. six dr seuss books will no longer be published because of what have been described as racist and insensitive images in them. dr seuss enterprises released a statement that says the books portray people in ways that are hurtful and wrong. the company went on to say the decision to cease publication and sale of the books was made last year after months of discussions so the following books will no longer be published. and to think i saw it on mulberry street. if i ran the zoo, scrambled eggs super begala god's pool on beyond zebra and the cats quiz er, meanwhile, schools, families and communities were all participating and read across america day today serves as an opportunity to celebrate the joy of reading and spread our thankfulness for literacy itself. the national education association is encouraging readers of all ages to explore books. learned from the worlds of others and about themselves.
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let's turn to rosemary oroczo and look at that forecast on a pretty good looking out tuesday afternoon out there, rosemary. fabulous one, michael. oh garcia have mostly blue skies around the bay area, and today feels ah lot like yesterday after a very chilly start, temperatures are already on the up and up giving you a live look. they're beautiful view of san francisco. you could see all that blue sky overhead and over to sfo where we have clear skies here as well. checking in on the temperature's right now san francisco coming in at 56 degrees on this lunch hour, 60% of rosa low sixties and oakland, 64 livermore as well. a san jose and the 24 hour temperature change shows you that well, we're within a few degrees of yesterday. sfl slightly warmer than yesterday. oakland slightly cooler napa, you are up by three. the winds generally light in the north bay. napa reporting five mph. we do have a bit of augusta over areas of nevada reporting 12 oakley reporting it onshore breeze at eight. and if we shift south, more of the same a hayward reporting ate half moon
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bay reporting five. we've got calm conditions over san jose in her heels, a bit of a breeze over the oakland hills reporting anywhere from 15 to 20 mph and into the north, but you could see middle peak reporting 16. so mostly sunny skies and star for today, dry conditions and a little bit for bree's, especially in our hills, but not too bad and temperatures a little bit above average for some giving you a look here at the pacific view and what you can expect a into the coming afternoon. just a few high clouds that you see from a system here that is off the coastline of southern california. this is going to make a path towards southern california the next 24 hours. and there are going to be scattered showers over areas from it looks like santa barbara all the way towards san diego for wednesday. if you do have travel plans and includes these areas, here's a look at the future cast getting into wednesday afternoon notice the shades of blue and green from around point conception all the way down. looks like baja california included there the system that is upstream you can
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see over the northwest. we that is going to drop in, but it takes until friday night saturday. here's a look at friday night. this will be our next opportunity, etc. some brain northern california all the way into the bay area, perhaps central coast, and then it moves through while we sleep there's look at saturday morning could wake up with a few scattered showers, and then it looks like it's out of there until the next chance. coming perhaps late in the weekend, maybe even monday. rainfall amounts could see half inch or so which is some good news. so the first weekend of march could be a little bit soggy. we'll be watching that for you. we know we could definitely use it. here's a look at the afternoon high street today 70 degrees in santa rosa. that's the seven degrees above the seasonal average upper sixties expected. san francisco oakland low seventies and livermore as well is a san jose and the afternoon highs around the region on the peninsula. we've got 60 in red with city in the north base. 70 degrees for you. sandra fell in the south face 72 over morgan hill, so just some beautiful weather and store in addition to that wet
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weather coming our way for the weekend temperatures will be dropping off. better details on your weekend and that wet weather coming our way in just a bit. rosemary pinky was still to come at noon. it's one of toyota's most popular vehicles. now an investigation is underway into nearly two million rev. force the complaint involving reports of engine fires and the
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was hit and killed, the csb says. just after five o'clock this morning, the person was walking in the lanes of traffice different vehicles. all three drivers did stop and are cooperating with this investigation. the siege peace as it does appear, the person was homeless. an investigation is also underway into a deadly crash in san jose. this happened on north wanna one right near the alum, rock avenue exit. chp says the crash involved four vehicles now when they arrived, one of the vehicles was fully engulfed in flames. a person was trapped inside. but officers despite their efforts were unable to rescue the person due to those flames. person was later pronounced dead. another person was transported to the hospital for injuries. police in concord have now identified a man who was shot and killed and found on a busy road. concord police say 26 year old robert courier was shot several times discovered on concord avenue near meridian park boulevard.
12:24 pm
police a courier was homeless bar police departments in the process of investigating and trying to get a better idea of what the circumstances were and what happens. conquers mayor says the police haven't said much about why career was shot shooting happened in the middle of the night with a few witnesses next week. jury selection will start in the murder trial of a former minneapolis police officer charged with killing george floyd derrick show band is facing charges of second degree murder and second degree manslaughter in the death of george floyd. lawyer hinted that will claim that floyd died because he had drugs in his system. meanwhile, prosecutors filed an appeal to reapply a third degree murder charge before the trial. this is our only chance today to reinstate that third degree murder charge. we can't fix it later on appeal. barricades are already in place around the courthouse where the trial will be held. the national guard and several police agencies will provide security today, the contra costa county board of supervisors has taken the first
12:25 pm
step to transform a dangerous alamo intersection into a round about the board is working on acquiring property right near danville boulevard and orchard court, just north of stone valley road. the intersection has had one of the highest accident rates in the county for the past five years. county officials say, creating traffic roundabouts will make the area safe for drivers, pedestrians as well. a cyclists repair work is currently underway on that one stretch of highway one of one near big sur 150 ft section of that highway along the rugged monterey coast. i should say did wash away during a winter rain storm back in january. caltrans now plans to work every day until early summer to remove a mountain of mud and rocks and debris and then rebuild the road. way this repair project has an estimated cost $11.5 million and caltrans hopes to reopen highway one there sometime in junenistratioe
12:26 pm
toyota rav four and the potential risk of its battery catching fire. investigation covers some 1.9 million vehicles between 2013 and 2018 model years there have been 11 complaints of fire's coming from the engine compartment. these rap force have not been recall, but it's a possibility, depending on the investigation still to come this noontime opening more businesses for indoor services across the bay area, the counties that are preparing to enter that red tear tomorrow is covid cases continue to decline right here in the bay area, plus. the pressure is building on new york governor andrew cuomo after a third woman accuses him of sexual harassment. i'm brian eunice in brooklyn, new york, i'll have that story claire. andl
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moved out of the state's most restrictive tear the purple tear into the less restrictive red tear. just a few minutes ago, san francisco mayor london breed and health director grand colfax were out at pier 39 to provide an update on covid-19 re openings in the city. mayor breed says places like museums and salons can reopen. an indoor dining can also be allowed at 25% capacity. what does the red tear mean for san francisco? the reds here means
12:30 pm
for san francisco that indoor dining can begin to resume at 25% it means that personal services can begin. that also means that places like our fairest will in golden gate park, the carousel here those things can open right now. san francisco is averaging 67 new cases of covid-19 a day that is down from 169 daily cases at the beginning of last month. gavin newsom in the south bay today, just one day after announcing that plan to reopen as many schools as possible by the end of this month by way of financial incentives, hey is visiting baron park elementary school in palo alto and talking about safely reopening as many schools as possible. we are absolutely confident once these district's start to get back in the routine address some of the challenges and we were just talking to principal was making the point. the challenges of just how to pick up and drop off building trust, building
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routines, new routines with modification, then mortem or people feel more more comfortable to send their kids into the classroom for in person instruction. the $6.5 billion agreement to reopen schools is being reviewed today by the assembly budget committee, the state legislature expected to vote on the plan on thursday. the speed in which school district's can bring students back for in person learning varies from district to district ktvu deborah villalon takes a look close look at how some school districts have resumed in person learning, but. others are still making plans. i really excited today because it was my first day back in person with students in a cohort model teachers from across marin county and i'm also really excited that thursday. i'm going to get my first vaccine. i'm excited for myself and my wife. welcoming progress as they help shape the return to school. we wildo o but kids thes
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and they will slip up. teachers want testing and group kept small to contain any outbreak, plus counseling and help for kids who've fallen behind and time for students to socialize in safely with their peers. they miss each other, just like we miss them. reunions happened monday in novato, as three high schools brought back ninth and 10th graders for the first time reconfigured rooms only two days a week, but i think the teachers are excited to be back. the parents are thrilled. the kids are thrilled so. so we didn't mean for everyone and it couldn't have happened soon enough. i expect classes to be a little bit different, but it should go, according to plan teachers, they're gonna get to know how the system's working half the class is at home getting the teacher's instruction on soon next monday, 11th and 12th graders returned elementary students have been back for months. there weren't a whole lot of pioneers before us, but we've learned a lot from them, and we're happy to
12:33 pm
share our experiences with anybody that wants to learn from us well. come for teachers, but no doubt some apprehension. so then there's teachers on that spectrum from feeling very comfortable being back to being very anxious. and so that's why we've been working so hard to make sure that we have all the safety precautions in place. we have been bargaining for safety. we have been bargaining for privatization. we've been bargaining for vaccines and teachers unions see promise in the legislature's plant, but question the rapid timeline. everything is moving in the right direction to be able to achieve what the governor has said. it's very likely we're going to get a lot more students back in person, but we also have many students that are making that decision of parents making that decision to stay home. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. the governor also announced a plan to get more teachers and other school workers vaccinated against covid-19. this thursday and friday will be designated exclusively as educator vaccination days at the mass vaccination side of the oakland coliseum and anna cal state los angeles. these doses are in
12:34 pm
addition to the 75,000 doses, the status setting aside every week at other locations for educators. senate clara counties created his own system for vaccinating educators, teachers and other school employees. can i sign up for vaccine shots at the county fairgrounds, which will offer 500 appointment today? the fairgrounds especially designated teacher line if there are enough doses that could expand to 2000 appointment today, soon the site had been limited to giving vaccines to first responders and berkeley. the head of the teachers union, is getting criticized because he sent his own child to an in person private preschool, while berkeley public schools remain closed video released by a group called gorilla mom's appears to show matt mayer, president of the berkeley federation of teachers, dropping off his two year old daughter at the private preschool, meyer says the small setting of that preschool is different from a large public school district later this month in person learning in the berkeley unified school district is scheduled to resume. there's more encouraging news to bring you about vaccine distribution. drugmaker merck
12:35 pm
says it's going to help johnson and johnson manufacturers covid-19 vaccine under a deal brokered by the whiteohnson. thl between the two competitors could double with johnson and johnson would produce on its own mark, of course, is one of the world's largest vaccine makers, but is not developed its own covid vaccine. california consumed received the first shipment of that johnson and johnson vaccine by saturday. some 385,000 doses are now on the way to our state. the biggest difference here with this vaccine is that it doesn't have to be kept it ultra cold temperatures and you only need one dose. some people don't say they're concerned that it's 85% effective while the other two vaccines are 95% effective. because we talked with said that may sound like a big difference, but said all three vaccines are effective where it counts most. this has been proven to be very safe and it decreases hospitalization and death by 100% 100% effectiveness against hospitalization and death, and
12:36 pm
that's the thing that we're trying to prevent the most is keeping our hospital's clear and making sure that people don't die. doctors agree. the best vaccine anyone can get is the one that is available to them first, because that's the one that will protect you as quickly as possible. a third woman has now come forward to accuse new york governor andrew cuomo of offensive behavior as brian dennis reports here. she has released a photo that she says captures the moment. mork calls for new york governor andrew cuomo to resign after accusations of sexual harassment from a third woman and a row provided this photo to the new york times both brooke and the time say this was the moment governor cuomo placed his hands on her face and ask to kiss her at a crowded wedding reception in september. 2019 she says it happened just after cuomo put his hand on her bare lower back when she removed it, she says he became aggressive and placed his hands on her cheeks. fox news has not independently confirmed this in for me. nation and we've reached out to
12:37 pm
rook and cuomo's office if these allegations are true, he would not be able to govern. it's as simple as that. the new allegations come after former aide charlotte bennett accused cuomo of making inappropriate remarks and another former aide accused him of unwanted kissing and touching. in a new statement. bennett says she rejects cuomo's apology, noting and on lee came after 24 hours of bipartisan backlash, writing in part, quote, these are not the actions of someone who simply feels this understood they are the actions of an individual who wields his power to avoid justice. meanwhile as new york attorney general leticia james wraps up her investigation, some democratic lawmakers air now joining their republican colleagues calling for cuomo to resign. the white house has not gone that far, but they're backing the investigation into cuomo's conduct. the president's view has been. consistent and clear that every woman coming forward should be treated with dignity and respect. the attorney general's office says a final report will be made public, but
12:38 pm
there is no word on when that will happen. in brooklyn, new york, brian yannas ktvu fox two news under the biden administration, dreamers across the country are once again applying for protected status under the daca program. ktvu cristina rendon explains how those who benefited under daca years ago are now trying to help others. may name daniel talks to ktvu by phone about his plans to apply for the daca program in the coming weeks. i'm hoping i get accepted because they would be life changing. he's requested we keep his identity private due to the current political climate. daniel is waiting on a consulate idea before he files daca paperwork, but he's already turning to groups like immigration helped out or gta guide him through the process. helps a lot of us that are have been situations where we don't have the money to apply for dakar stuff like that, you know, get consultation by a lawyer and all that stuff. immigration helped out organs, a nonprofit that provides free online services to immigrants who are applying for daca or
12:39 pm
renewing their application. they ensure all immigration forms and documents are ready for submission. what we're trying to do is help families bypassed the usual thousands of dollars they would otherwise have to paint attorney complete these processes. fernando or veena is a junior at harvard and co founder of the group made up of undergrad students, law students and attorneys since the biden administration announced plans to preserve daca immigration helped out orc has seen an increase in the number of people visiting their website. they helped 500 people in january alone. my mother is an immigrant herself from mexico, and so i remember she went through a very complicated naturalization process, just hearing stories from her, maybe want to get really involved with immigration related work. they know so many dreamers are counting on daca for their future like daniel, whose mother brought him to the u. s. when he was five. the bay area is the only home he knows. we're americans without documents, you know, and it sucks that we have to live in the shadows because a lot of us want to be a part of the community and feel. as american
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as anyone else, the group providing free services relies on donations. for more information about them. you can visit our website at ktvu. com cristina rendon ktvu fox two news. the city of san francisco says he will no longer do business with five executives and their companies, who are now implicated in an ongoing public corruption scandal. the executives are part of a. wider investigation into suspected bribery and fraud from the city's former public works director mohamed new room. the five executives link to the case will be prevented from receiving contracts or grants from the city while the investigation continues. san francisco restaurant and bar is now in a new fight to stay in business. last year, the owner of harry's bar located on fillmore, right near california, says he spent $30,000 on a par clips so that his business could serve customers outdoors during lockdown and that he can continue to make money. of the park lit removed by march 15th following complaints. on the
12:41 pm
restaurant's neighbor, owner charles johnson, hopes you can get an extension until san francisco restaurants can reopen for indoor dining at 50% capacity as of now, indoor dining can resume at 25. still to come at noon. we've had a few storms this year in the sierra. but what does it look like for our state's water supply up next? the latest results from today's snow survey. let's take you out to the oakland estuary. it's a warm day, but there are some gray skies out there for some of us ktvu meteorologists. rosemary oroczo has your full forecast coming up. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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jordan grew up in the segregated south and became an influential leader in the american civil rights movement and washington politics. he served as executive director of the united negro college fund and president of the national urban league. gordon was also a close adviser to several presidents, including former president bill clinton. jordan's daughter says he died last night surrounded by loved ones. vernon jordan was 85 years old weekend sideshow enforcement in san jose, resulted in four arrests. a handful of car is being impounded and dozens of spectators cited. ktvu azenith smith spoke with police about the challenges. they're facing. this'd is pretty much
12:45 pm
an ongoing thing every weekend. we respond dozens of san jose police officers breaking up this side show saturday just before midnight at feeling avenue and south seventh street car seemed racing by running red lights and driving erratically evading officers. moments prior cars, doing doughnuts and other dangerous maneuvers to the delight of hundreds of spectators. in the end, police impounded five cars arrested one person for reckless driving, and three other people for possessing weapons. they were handguns. there were some automatic canyons. i believe one of them was a ghost gun as well. which is hold. you know another rabbit hole. i don't wanna go down right now. police say the same group of cars performed similar stunts at the intersections of random in monterey and concourse and lundy video capturing a passenger's door wide open as the car swerves out of control. another car had people hang out of the windows. unfortunately
12:46 pm
you know, some of these side shows get really big, and it's not a situation where we can send two officers in there to handle it. we don't even have a task force or unit dedicated to this we have had incidents is like other neighborhoods. pretty other. beck is with the mount pleasant neighborhood association, she worry about pedestrians and drivers inadvertently caught in the middle san jose police understand the community is riled up and say they're making a dent. despite limited resource is we're glad for the results of this past weekend. that's great. um, but. obviously there needs to be a bigger plan. there needs to be bigger strategy. it's not just the san jose problem. you know these these groups are going from city to city from county to county. it's. you know, maybe one day agencies will get together. we'll come up with solutions. azenith smith ktvu. fox two news. the third snow back survey of the season was
12:47 pm
taken just this morning up in the sierra team from the california department of water resource is measured snow death and water content at philip station right off highway 50 snow death. it was at 56 inches. that's about 61% of its historical average. to date, the team says. these numbers or not. good in that the state is looking at another dry year. although we can't predict how much precipitation california will receive for the remainder of the year without any serious of storms, um, on the horizon, it's safe to say that will end this year dry. this year is no back supplies about one third of all of california's water, right. let's talk about when we're gonna be getting some rain because for anything at the beginning of march. yes and we do have the possibility of some rain coming our way. thankfully not a really big storm, but we will take what we can get. and it looks like. we may see a setup
12:48 pm
that could bring us some soggy weather as we get into it next week as well. let's take a look at what is happening outside our doors. at this hour. we do have mostly blue skies and we have temperatures well above average expected once again for today. ah, live look, there are over san francisco. temperatures are within a few degrees of where we were yesterday. so a sum of just a tad cooler, some a tad warmer. if we take a look at the pacific satellite view, you can see what's happening here along the west coast. we do have a just subtle changes coming our way you notice off the coastline of southern california. we do have that to counter clockwise motion going on that system there is expected to move across southern california tomorrow, and that will bring some rain to southern california for us today may send us a few high clouds into the afternoon. right now. it's about 500 miles off the southern california coastline there near point conception. here's a look at the future cast in again. i'll show you and we pointed this out in the last half hour, but for folks better may be headed to southern california from
12:49 pm
about santa barbara all the way into san diego that possibility some light rain coming in tomorrow for us. we are looking up stream at that next system that makes its move into northern california on friday now for us here in the bay area, it looks like friday night into saturday, and the timing is going to change. but again, the takeaway here is this will be our next opportunity at some rain. right now. it looks like by saturday morning. it's already moving out and we are left with dry conditions for most of saturday, right now, preliminary and numbers are showing perhaps half inch or less for this for this rainfall amount or this a storm and then as we get into sunday, right now, sunday looks dry. but look what it's coming down by about monday. this system may actually tap into some moisture and maybe the entire state of california gets a few scattered showers. and then as we get to do the tuesday wednesday time frame the time steve stamp here is tuesday night. we may have another one coming our way. so let's hope this all comes into fruition. and, of course, the for the most part, the california bay area rain means
12:50 pm
sierra snow, and as we know we need it. our rainfall amounts of for the entire season. looking like this 34% over san jose for the average 38 oakland 39% of average san francisco. and only 36% of average over santa rosa. meanwhile temperatures outside right now perhaps the story for today because another beautiful one. we have low sixties in the north bay of napa nevado at the inner east based 64 in livermore and around the bay upper fifties to low sixties 62. oakland 64 sfo. let's take a tour shall weighs 64 ingrown a park right now we have 65 for you andamerican canyon along the peninsula. upper 60 sent carlos is well, a stanford a beautiful 65 of palo alto and for the inner east bay right now, doubling mew. 67 65 reported in danville. afternoon highs for today. low sixties at the coast to low seventies inland low seventies expected for the inner east bay of livermore and in the north babel go 70 degrees napa as well as a santa rosa your extended forecast here showing
12:51 pm
you on lee minor changes coming our way on wednesday. we do get into a cooler pattern thursday into friday and in time for the weekend with that possibility, somewhat weather coming our way at least saturday morning, upper fifties to low sixties in the forecast for saturday and sunday. back to you. rosemary thank you. different story in the southeast part of the country. a state of emergency has been issued in kentucky following heavy rains and flooding. storms have left homes underwater in parts of central and eastern kentucky. the state's governor has activated the kentucky national guard. another state resource is to help with the response. high water for some evacuations, including a nursing home and left. many drivers also stranded out there in the waters. there is also serious flooding in tennessee in west virginia. dozens of people have had to be rescued from their vehicles there. still to come at noon, spreading joy during the pandemic. next have one bay area teenager is doing it. wait.e
12:52 pm
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workplace. state assemblyman bill quirk out of hayward says the bill is to prevent employers from using past evidence of marijuana used to discriminate against an employee supporters. the bill say current tests only show past consumption of marijuana, not whether a person is actively intoxicated with the drug. president biden is talking with senate democrats as he continues to push for that $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. the bill includes $1400 direct payments. for many americans, along with money for vaccines and testing, it does extend unemployment benefits and protections for those unable to pay their rent or mortgage. but the nonpartisan senate parliamentarian determined that a against budget reconciliation rules. so oncevon
12:56 pm
to send it to the want this bill on president biden's desk in less than two weeks before those emergency unemployment benefits run out. a new report finds that food prices around the world of climbed to the highest level they've been in more than six years. economists say the pandemic has driven up prices on everything from soybeans to sugar consumers here in the united states, air paying 3.7% more for food than we did one year ago. that figure is much higher in most other countries. this food inflation is raising new concerns about global hunger, even in wealthy nations. such as ours. nine months after going bankrupt specialties cafe and bakery is back in business. the owners reopen the mountain view location just yt year and d for bankruptcy after finanal bry the pandemic specialty is now plans to reopen additional locations and everywhere there is high demand. the pandemic. it has been hard for so many
12:57 pm
americans. so many people right here in the bay area. now one bay area teenager has found a way to try to make things better for others during this. very difficult time. ktvu is maureen naylor has more on the project that he has launched in the east back. you always want a pretty big triangle like many kids these days, get it in there much as i can. 13 year old jack carlisle misses his friends and needed something to do. he made actually several tree forts at our house. and then after that needed more projects, his one quarantine everything's kind of boring. but then, a few months ago from boredom, birth and idea for this. oakland eighth grader at edna brewer middle school. you're going to see how underneath it right here. you have this thing involving a and some rope swings because they're easy to build on their kind of enjoyable for anyone of like any age, jack decided to build swings for his community. he's already made 20 completely by myself. and put them up all
12:58 pm
over oakland. this is really fun. it's just really fun to get outside. didn't come to a swing everyday thing i like about these swings is that you know it's a little nerve racking to go to a regular playground where told the kids and you don't know anybody vaccine and masked whatever these things are great, because then you don't have to worry about taken socially. just don't swing. you just want to make other people's lives better if i could make five people's lives better. that's kind of all i want. just you know, you walk by go. oh, that's a cool thing. and the cool thing is kids air, not only finding the swings, but also a bit of peace during the pandemic. one swing at a time in oakland, maureen naylor, ktvu fox two news. green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers is helping many small businesses in his hometown of chico and really across butte county, the aaron rodgers small business covid-19 fund is providing a million dollars in grants to help 80 shops and
12:59 pm
restaurants that have been struggling during this pandemic. the fund was started early last month with the $500,000 donation from the quarterback t. the stanford women's basketball team has already won the pac 12 conference. little now, some of the individuals involved are being honored. the conference named cardinal coach tara vanderveer, coach of the year for the 16th time. she's won that title from the pac 12. season, she became the winningest coach in women's college basketball history. also three cardinal guards are on the 15 member all conference team. congratulations that basketball team i know their push to march madness begins. now i think staring that lady car no play on thursday in the pac 12 conference tournament, and there's been one number one seeds so they're going to play issue or usc. so good luck to them as they marched toward, hopefully a national championship. that would be fun to watch. thanks for watching everybody or next newscast is coming up at four. for coverage online always for you at ktvu
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.com and on the ktvu news at. u. hollywood, lady gaga's dog . u. walker is shot. two of her three french bulldogs stolen. the pandemic has given rise to violent attacks to steal them. dr. drew pin ski opens up about his lingering covid symptoms. the lessons he has learned that can help you. ♪ dr. oz: i became a doctor to help people heal. now i'm using the same science and medicine to take on true crime. shocking news out of hollywood


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